Appreciate the ice and taste the snow, and play with the parents.

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Preview | Bring parents to the Northeast
    After being away from home for so many years, I have long been accustomed to the wandering life of a fixed place, and the reason why I can walk north and south unscrupulously and wander happily outside is because there is no fear in the heart – whether it is in Toka in Vladivostok Under the Neff Lighthouse, on the edge of the Iguazu Falls in Argentina, on the castle in Jodhpur, India, or in the Alhambra in Granada… I have a place to go back. That is the side of the parents.
    However, numbness is busy on the 3:1 line,
    Already indifferent in the space conversion of aircraft taking off and landing,
    Often socially exhausted by socializing on the social field.
    There have been disturbances, and the number of homes has become less and less.
    An all-in-one call is getting shorter and shorter.
    Even online chat is getting less and less worried.
    It’s called a distant place,
    The name that can’t go back is called hometown –
    Start to understand more deeply the meaning of these two lyrics,
    I also tried to make some changes myself.
    But you should only be able to comfort yourself:
    Still early, still early…
    Time is passing silently, and we are constantly harvesting as we grow up, and we are gradually losing something.
    A few days after the Spring Festival last year, I was still like a giant baby who was smothered by my parents. I just accidentally found the silky hair on my mother’s head and the slightly embarrassing back of my father’s walking. If you wake up, you will start to feel the ruthlessness of time and your own ignorance.
    Their young faces in memory have already wrinkled in the long river of time and are getting old. They grew up with me, and I hid aside as they stepped into the sunset.
    At that moment, I deeply regretted the indifference of my parents for these years, and also wanted to make up for these missing things. It’s really a blessing to walk alone in the rivers and lakes.
    But is it not a kind of happiness to be with my parents and share the beauty and touch of travel?
    So, when I left home, I said to my mother –
    Take a time this year, wait for your convenience, I will take you out for a turn!
    My mom was a little unexpected, and hurriedly returned to the sentence “Oh,” but I still noticed the fleeting smile on her face.
    The season is like a stream, and in a blink of an eye, in November, when I just returned to Shenzhen from Thailand, my mom’s text message came to me.
    Remember the appointment you left before?
    Telling the truth, my first thought at the time was: Is the old lady coming to marry again?
    A bad taste, she said to take them out to travel! ! !
    Hey, my son’s TaiTM is confusing!
    My mom is always waiting for the elderly at home, and it is rare to take time to relax in December. Just when my dad returned from Seoul, our three time finally got together!
    As for the question of “where to go”, the answer of the old couple is as I expected – whatever you want, you will!
    Thinking about it, it happened that a military song on TV was lighting me! For the ducks, the old man was a soldier when he was young, especially when he was in the forest. He used to talk to me in the past, and he remembered it. Whenever he mentioned things related to the Northeast, the father always stood up. Began and happy – although we are all northerners, he has always had a deep feeling for the Northeast, and wants to go back and have a look. Coincidentally, I just went to Heilongjiang in August this year, and I have a very good impression of Harbin in the northern city. My mother has never been to the northeast. Under the influence of my dad, I have been stalking the snowfields and the endless forests and grasses. For a long time, I want to see those places where my old mouth is frozen and thousands of miles are snowing.
    Me: Otherwise, let’s go to the Northeast and turn around?
    Parent: Very good.
     Central Avenue
     A family of three strolling in the central street, the temperature of minus 23 degrees is really refreshing! I was fascinated by the glare of the night, and I was amazed that the locals could wear so little.
     Ben’s virgin slipped to Yabuli and unlocked the new skill of skiing. It is worth noting that this is the first time there is no wrestling! I had a good time, until the old couple ran into the field and gave me a call back.
     Erlanghe Scenic Area
     In front of Lin Haixue and Russian-style cabins, I left a beautiful moment for my mom.
     Big Bald Mountain Scenic Area
     Dad’s body was squatting, and he climbed to the top of the mountain without any tiredness.
     We finally saw the wonders of splashing water into ice, and every time the scene changed, the people around me were cheering.
     The snowy little village has a fairy tale style under the sun, and the simple combination of red, white and blue is equally beautiful.
     Do not hesitate to endure the cold wind of the knife, and finally see the Tianchi on the beautiful Changbai Mountain.
     North slope of Changbai Mountain
     Parents’ revolutionary comrades.
     Mom and Dad photo honey facial expressions.
     North slope of Changbai Mountain
     Mom and Dad’s sweet love story.
     Oh, it’s not the opposite. In fact, we are a pair of long-lost Korean mothers and sons.
     Haze Island
     It is said that it is the second large-scale haze since the winter, so lucky to be met by us! The snow crystals are clear and the fog is sloppy. The small place is like a fairyland.
     Haze Island
     The mother couldn’t even appreciate the dreamy beauty of the hazy island. When she saw the snow fox, she couldn’t walk anymore.I found a relative.
     Puppet Manchurian Palace Museum
     The rich and beautiful of the Puppet Palace and the embarrassing stories behind it make the two old people who love to understand the history and humanities linger.
     Old chef’s house
     The food in the northeast is as warm and heroic as the people of the Northeast. It is mixed with the strengths of other cuisines. It is salty and sweet, with a wide range of materials, rich flavors and rich flavors. It is also the heart of the whole family.
    I may have done a lot of unreliable things this year, but traveling with my parents to the Northeast is definitely the coolest and most reliable decision!
    Eight days and seven nights of the song of ice and snow, happy and comfortable, this is a common memory of our family, making me extremely warm in this cold winter.
    The happy smile of my parents’ face made me feel like a spring breeze, and through the bit by bit on the road, I also faintly captured the vitality, self-confidence and style that I have not seen in them for a long time.
    As they get older, they need more than just physical care, but psychological care and companionship.
    Don’t always say that the Japanese leader is long. In fact, the future is not long. To be good at the moment, to cherish the eyes, some companions will never be too late.
    So, on the next trip, please bring your parents and set off in the distance!
     Route | This is really exciting
    For the first time, traveling with my parents, I can’t be as self-willed and compact as I used to travel alone. This time, we must ensure the pace of play, ensure the comfort of the elderly to the greatest extent, and take into account the convenience of transportation, per capita cost, etc. Factors, comprehensive consideration, I chose the way of chartered free travel.
    First of all, I have finalized several places that I must go to Harbin, Xuexiang and Changbai Mountain. After careful comparison, I chose a travel agency charter service with good sales and reputation. When I communicated online, the other party based on me. The approximate itinerary and the number of days of play gave suggestions for optimization. I also added a place like Zhongchengcun and Haze Island that I had not noticed before. It was very intimate; at the end, the other party decided according to the planned route and the number of days spent by the two parties. The calculation of the quotation by the number of passengers, the selection of models, etc., happens to be within the budget of my plan.
     Day1, arrived in Harbin, the trip begins
     Day2, Harbin – Yabuli – Erlang River
     Day3, Erlanghe – Yaxue Station – Xuexiang
     Day4, Xuexiang-Jingbo Lake- Erdaobaihe
     Day5, Erdaobaihe – Changbai Mountain North Slope Scenic Area – Erdaobaihe
     Day6, Erdaobaihe – Zhongcheng Village – Jilin
     Day7, Jilin – Wusong Island – Jilin – Changchun
     Day8, leaving Changchun, the end of the trip
    The whole process was very smooth, and I was free to play freely and freely. My parents were very satisfied. Facts have proved that the choice of the travel agency was absolutely correct, and it continued to surprise us on the road: the new vehicle, spacious and comfortable, the northeast small brother is skilled and the road is deep in the heart, that is, the driver is also a tour guide, and the service is warm. Along the way, I was taught how to eat good things in the Northeast. The key is still a slap in the face. The whole car is haha, leaving a lot of good memories for the trip. For other matters related to chartered vehicles, the Q&A section will be introduced in detail.
     Q&A | These things have a long snack
    ○ Going to the northeast to play in the winter, how about driving?
    ● From a safety point of view and comfort, I don’t recommend winter driving in the northeast.
    Due to weather, snow and other factors, road safety risks are high in parts of Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces. Most of the winter destinations are in the mountains. The roads with poor driving conditions are unpredictable in winter, even the veterans. More cautious, thin ice, not to mention foreign tourists who know nothing about the local situation.
    On the other hand, if foreign tourists choose to drive by themselves, it is very likely that they will not be able to master the overall itinerary, which will greatly reduce the travel experience. For example, there is about 4 roads from Yabuli to Erlanghe.0 km, but it is not surprising that the actual route will last for an hour and a half due to various speed limits, which are unpredictable for foreigners who are unfamiliar.
    ○ How about taking public transportation in the northeast in winter?
    ● If you want to consider public transportation, you can choose a variety of scenic through train routes, the price is transparent, preferential, and the service is relatively more reliable. However, the choice of public transportation must also have less favorable factors: First, it takes longer and requires more days for visitors to reserve. Second, the schedule is fixed, the interval is fixed, the journey is invisible, and there is no room for free adjustment. Third, it is necessary to take into account the possibility that the seat may be sold out.
    ○ Going to the northeast to play in the winter, what should you pay attention to when choosing a chartered car?
    ● Be sure to choose a travel agency with a word of mouth guarantee. It is recommended to look at the user evaluation. The quality is first. The problematic charter service is cheaper and not recommended. In case the unpleasant things affect the subsequent travel experience.
    In general, the travel agency’s charter service has the following in common:
    1. Charter service is divided into two types: chartered and line chartered (charter + accommodation + attractions / entertainment), the latter offer is definitely higher, but the various prices that travel agencies get through their own channels are definitely better than what you see on the market. There are a lot of discounts, this account counts itself;
    2. The itinerary is determined by yourself, so feel free to design your own personalized and distinctive itinerary. Of course, if you don’t have the idea, you can follow the arrangement of the travel agency. They usually have ready-made routes for reference.
    3. The travel agency finally gives a comprehensive quote through the driving route, the number of car days, the number of passengers, the selected model, the simple chartered car or the line chartered car. This price usually includes personal insurance, oil, parking, tolls, etc.;
    4. The driver’s accommodation is solved by the travel agency itself, but the driver’s catering needs to be handled by the chartered user, so everyone has to take the driver all the way to eat and drink, and people have enough energy to better serve you.
     The travel agency we chose this time is extremely reliable: online communication is timely, prompt and responsible, and I have answered my various consultations in the early stage, and I have perfected and optimized my route. The driver service is meticulous and meticulous. Small tour guides, everything in the travel is negotiating, and the schedule can be flexibly adjusted while ensuring that the basic travel framework remains the same (for example, we should go to Zhongcheng Village on the way to Changbai Mountain, and later because of the time relationship At the back); through the travel agency we also booked accommodation and attractions/entertainment projects all the way, the price is very favorable, and their communication with the driver is also seamless, which saves me and effort; the travel agency and the driver also give a series of extra Small gifts, warm baby, Martell ice lolly, candied haws, charging treasure, leggings suits, etc. can be described as intimate, courtesy and affectionate.
     In order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, I will not introduce this travel agency too much here, but friends in need can contact me by private letter or personally, I would be happy to recommend Kazakhstan.
    ○ Will the cold weather in the Arctic have an impact on the electronic devices that are commonly used by individuals?
    ● There will be some impact, but the problem is not very big. Taking Harbin’s minus 23 degrees of weather as an example, my personal domestic H brand Android phone is running normally (slower than usual), and the SLR camera is barely photographed outside (but it is said that battery consumption will accelerate, but I didn’t feel it), but a certain brand of mobile phone really has to be shut down automatically. The solution that can be tried is to warm the baby, put it in the pocket or plug in the mobile power.
    ○ Is the Northeastern is really fierce?
    ● No, I think it is warm and hospitable. The difference in regional culture has caused us to interpret the same behavior differently—the Northeast people are sincere, straightforward, and heroic, and the speech service is not obscured. Therefore, it may have formed a “fierce” impression in the hearts of southern tourists. Unnecessary troubles are not avoided. It is recommended to ask questions about prices and issues before buying items, restaurants, or snowmobiles. Northeasters also like polite and polite visitors. Of course, if you encounter accidents and difficulties, don’t hesitate to hurry to the northeast people around you, they will try their best to help you.
    ○ How do I prepare my luggage with my parents going to the Northeast in the winter?
    ● Be sure to prepare well in advance, prefer to take more, don’t take it less.
    1. Clothing: Armed, keep warm! Tops recommend jackets, down jackets, fleece shirts, bottoming underwear, trousers recommended outdoor pants, outdoor pants, warm pants, leggings, in addition to scarves, hats, gloves, masks, earmuffs and other auxiliary heating products can not less. Shoes must choose the kind of outdoor non-slip, hiking shoes may be the most ideal. If the elderly have joint disease or gout, wear a knee brace.
    2. Supplies: Old people need to drink hot water, must take a thermos cup; in order to avoid snow blindness, it is recommended to prepare sunglasses or ski goggles; northeast winter is relatively dry, you can take some moisturizing cream, lipstick, etc.; snow claws, this Can be bought in some scenic spots, put on the shoes, small things can play a great role, people will be particularly stable when walking; conditional can also bring a cane to facilitate mountain climbing; essential conventional drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, motion sickness drugs , cold medicines, stomach medicines, etc.; toiletries including towels, dental appliances, etc., as mentioned in my travel notes, many northeastern homestays do not provide these, it is best to bring their ownThe toilet paper also takes some; the last is the mobile power charging treasure that people love.
    ○ What should I pay attention to when using the camera under extreme cold conditions?
    ● If you have the condition, you can take a few spare batteries to prevent the camera from accelerating at low temperatures.
    In addition, it is important to note that the rapid changes in the heating and cooling environment may have an impact on the camera: when entering the room from outside, it is best to put the camera in the bag for a while, and wait until the camera and lens are completely restored to the room temperature. Use it again to avoid the infiltration of water vapor from the violent temperature difference into the camera, causing adverse effects (blurring the lens or directly damaging the camera’s precision components); from indoors to outdoors, there is generally no problem, but if there is water vapor If the cold turns into frost and condenses on the surface of the lens, do not rub it hard, because hard ice crystals are likely to damage the lens, and it can be removed with a slightly warmer place.
    ○ Taking pictures of parents in the snow and ice, what skills?
    ● Auntie, don’t toss the old people! Comfortable, happy, do what you can, don’t let the parents do this for the sake of the photo effect, the health is the first, it is really worthwhile to take care of the cold for the photo! However, parents can be advised to wear a little brighter, hats, masks, scarves, gloves or something can choose some cute, so the curve saves the country is very good, relying on dress to attract attention.
     Author | I hope to recruit you rare
    AllenL Allen, a writer, photographer, travels all over the country’s major travel destinations, and traveled in 16 countries across Asia and Europe, enjoying the “on the road” state, keen on deep experience and exploring the unknown. And record all the beauty and touch of the journey. Explore this fun and exciting world with an unconventional heart!
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    Weibo: Meng Uncle Allen
    Instagram: fantasy_allen
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     Text | Ice and snow can be built
     [1] Harabin Emma is too cold
    Flying to Shenzhen from Shenzhen in the big winter is a matter of great courage.
    After all, before I set off, I was still a teenager who was wearing a crotch vest and full of hops in the temperature of more than 20 degrees. What I was about to face was a North China Ice City with a temperature of only minus 20 degrees. Minutes can persuade me.
    The plane is about to land, still stupid, I suddenly found that the big thing is not good! The passengers in the cabin who often traveled to and from the two places were originally dressed like me, but in an instant they all took a thick piece of clothing from their handbag and put it on me. The script doesn’t say that everyone is changing clothes at the airport! ! !
    There is actually a feeling of being deceived and abandoned…
    Suddenly, I was also crying by myself. I didn’t have two pieces in my backpack. I could only look at the luggage rack above the seat in a daze.
    When I got off the plane, I took the suitcase and prepared the cabin door. The beautiful flight attendant sister suddenly asked with concern:
    You wear so little clothes! Be careful with the cold!
    I pretend to respond firmly: nothing! Firepower will change!
    Just when I was still calmly pressing, my feet went out, and the cold wind in the northeast came in…
    Miss flight attendant saw me suddenly stopped, reminding you that you still add a few clothes in the cabin… At the same time, the next few passengers waiting for the door to the door looked at me with a different look…
    Since I have been here, I can’t recognize it! Don’t bow your head, the crown will fall!
    Exhausted all his strength, pretending to say goodbye to the beautiful flight attendant sister, resolutely took his suitcase and walked out of the cabin door. Looking back at the scene at that time, it must be very strong~
    Believe me, the short 30 seconds of the corridor bridge, every second I feel like a year! I couldn’t care about anything in the back. I saw a middle-aged young man wearing a sweater in the channel carrying a suitcase and running crazy in the airport room…
    Fortunately, there is air conditioning in the airport, and it’s hard to escape…
    My parents’ flights almost landed at the same time as me (they came directly from their hometown), I added a few clothes to wait at the baggage carousel, I thought the two old people should not freeze.A little worried that they didn’t have enough clothes.
    The results proved that my fears were completely superfluous. After all, ginger is old and spicy. People are happy to come out from inside, wrapped up in a tight, real thing, nothing!
    My aging mother saw that my face was blue and my dress was thin. I asked with concern: Are you sure you are not wearing it?
    I shook my head in the air.
    Before I finished, the aging mother pulled out a thicker down jacket from the suitcase: put it on, don’t install it!
    At that time, my heart was completely collapsed under the enthusiasm of the old lady, and my mind began to automatically play the music of only the mother in the world.
    At this time, the chartered driver called and the people were already waiting outside the parking lot. Well, considering that it is important to meet the taxi driver, let the mother put the thick down jacket first, and then wear it if you can’t help it.
    The old lady is still not assured: Are you sure?
    Oh, it’s okay~
    When I finished, I took them to the door of the arrival hall. When I opened the thick curtain of the quilt and walked out of the glass door passage, the temperature of the falling cliffs made me completely messy…
    I returned to the hall: Mom, thick down jacket, let me put it on~
    My mom: Okay~
    So, please promise me, don’t be too stubborn in the winter to come to the Northeast? It’s absolutely correct to wear more and wear a good point, otherwise it will be beaten in minutes like me!
    After that, it was relatively smooth. It was smoothly connected with the chartered driver assigned by the travel agency. I didn’t expect the other person to be a younger brother than I was younger.
    I briefly introduced each other. He said that he would call him in the future, Xiao Ming…
    I think Xiao Ming sees me at first sight. I must think that I am a stupid southerner who has no travel experience and is here for the first time in the Northeast. Because normal people come here to wear very thick, and the parking lot is just a few steps. The road shook me back and shook it back, and I sat in a comfortable car, and the warm air came out to re-live. But what makes me reassured is that my parents are all right. The old couple are looking forward to each other and are very new to everything around them.
    We summed up the route, and if we had no problem, we immediately set off on the road, and everyone started to pick up on the road.
    Xiao Ming: Are you here for the first time in the Northeast?
    Me: No, several times, I have been to Harbin this summer, I have played a lot of places, I have gone…
    I think Xiao Ming’s remarks to me at the time were doubtful. Maybe he felt that I was trying to create a person who was knowledgeable and wanted to hang on me. So he was very perfunctory about my series of words, but he faintly returned. The sentence “Oh”, a pair of you said that you are awkward look.
    Until the following scene happened, my image in Xiaoming’s heart was completely changed.
    We temporarily decided to adjust the route. From going to the hotel first, we went to the restaurant to eat first. Xiaoming was a bit hesitant to go and it would be smoother. Because it is located in the central street, this area is a place that I often strolled during the summer in Harbin, so I was very familiar, I blurted out – no need to take a long road, before the left turn of McKale, go directly to that street. Next to the pedestrian street…
    From that moment on, Xiao Ming looked at me with enthusiasm, and I grew taller in his eyes.
    In the following journey, the admiration for me along the way was more like the continuous flow of water in the river, and the flooding of the Yellow River was out of control. (傲娇脸)
    I secretly thought: demo, people are mixed in the rivers and lakes, who still has two brushes ~ (proud face)
     Eat – old chef’s pot meat
    The northeastern monk is short and long, just after 18 o’clock, it looks like a strong night, and simply decides to eat something warmer.
    The first meal was set in the old chef’s house. The representative of the old-fashioned Northeastern restaurant in Harbin, the pot-packed meat here is said to be the ancestor of all the pot meat.
     Old chef’s house
    Going up the elevator to the 3rd floor is the old chef’s central street shop. The restaurant’s environment is very characteristic, combining Chinese traditional elements and European style. Fortunately, there were not many people who ate the number that night, and after about 10 minutes, we entered the meal under the guidance of the waiter.
    On both sides of the arcade, the nostalgic objects of the old northeast are displayed, and a retro atmosphere is permeated.
    The dining area on the other side is directly transformed into a green leather train carriage, which is quite chronological and adds elegance and fun.
    Self-brewed kvass, low-alcoholic beverages made from fermented bread, are actually popular in some places in China. The taste here is more refreshing, and there is a certain flavor in the cold weather. Gvas is actually a very healthy drink. Drinking less helps to appetite, spleen and lower blood pressure.
    Large peel, soft slippery cotton, full of weight.
    This time, I can finally make up for the regrets left in Harbin last time. I can taste this famous classic snack fried popsicle!
    The golden batter is very tempting and tempting. It is very soft and bite, and then you can touch the popsicles. The milk is rich and the entrance is instant. This alternating hot and cold taste is wonderful.
    Be sure to eat early, be careful with the popsicles! Haha!
    Parents can’t quite understand my fascination with fried popsicles at this time. The warm stomach soup is their favorite.
    Come to the old chef’s house, you must taste the pot of meat, and the color is enticing and fragrant!
    Take a bite, the outside is tender and tender, the sweet and sour salty scent bombards the taste buds, and the aftertaste is endless.
    Black pepper dish fish head, I did not expect it to be very amazing, the fish is fat, the meat is tender and tender, it is worth a try.
    A large plate of glutinous rice balls is not surprising, but it tastes really good. The crisp taste is downed by the flavors of different ingredients such as fried meat and pepper, and parents especially like it.
    Finally, there must be a hot sauerkraut dumpling. Well, this is the most comfortable enjoyment in the Northeast.
     Play – Central Street
    Next to the central street, there is no need to come back to the hotel and then come over. I simply changed the thick clothes in the car and took my parents to walk around the pedestrian street.
     Central Avenue
    Each city has its own unique landmark. In Harbin, Central Avenue is an absolute landmark. It can be said that less than the central street, it is equivalent to not coming to Harbin.
    Eating Maldil in the big winter is always a major feature of Harbin.
    Originally known as “China Street”, Central Avenue was built in 1900. It starts from the Songhua River Flood Control Memorial Tower in the north and Jingwei Street in the south. It is nearly 1,500 meters long. The whole street is full of rich European style and covers the essence of Western architectural art. Another characteristic of the main street is that the pavement is paved with square stone, which is expensive, plus the retro buildings on both sides and the boutique shops of the row. There is a nostalgic feeling on the walk.
    The beauty of the dazzling architecture that hangs around the streets, but it takes a few steps to be frozen into dogs in minutes! We ran to the side store and simply bought a vintage dog’s fur hat. He said that it was really big, and it was warmer when you put it on!
    We are all very puzzled. The little brothers and sisters who passed by can wear so little for the god horse! Some people even wear long pants and cotton slippers to go shopping!
    In an exotic atmosphere, my mom is very happy, take a photo and take a photo.
     Flood Control Memorial Tower
    We still squatted all the way to the cold wind, and finally went to the flood control memorial tower in Beitou.
    Located on the south bank of the Songhua River, the Flood Control Memorial Tower was designed by former Soviet designers and Chinese architects. It was built in 1958 to commemorate the Harbin citizens’ victory over the 1957 flood. The flood control tower at night is extremely beautiful in the dressing of laser lights, but we really don’t dare to stay too much, the river is colder! Immediately, the horse returned to the original road.
     Live – Harbin Bijia Hotel
    Around Wangzhongli, there is already a room around the central street that is hard to find, and the price has doubled. The travel companions must book the hotel in advance.
    In general, the hotel is convenient, comfortable and cost-effective. Although it has small problems such as poor sound insulation, breakfast, and hygienic conditions (there is grease in the room table), it is basically within acceptable limits. . But the less acceptable point is why the central air conditioner was broken in the middle of the night. Haha.
     Play – the old road outside China Baroque
    Before leaving Harbin, take a look at the road with my parents.
    Outside the old road is the historical old district of Harbin. The Baroque architecture built in the early 20th century can be seen everywhere. It preserves Harbin’s most original and full of fireworks flavor, and is also the disappearing old town scenery.
     Old Chinese Baroque
    The Harbin Municipal Government is vigorously protecting and repairing the old road outside the district. Many old streets are still unable to walk through, but the open area is much larger than when I came to the summer.
    The Harbin Municipal Government is vigorously protecting and repairing the old road outside the district. Many old streets are still unable to walk through, but the open area is much larger than when I came to the summer.
    The old and new buildings complement each other. This combination of Chinese elements and Baroque European style preserves the rustic vicissitudes of the old days and is dedicated to recreating the original folk customs of the old times. However, in winter, it is not as lively as the summer season. Many food stalls and craftsmen are not coming out.
    The scene at the end of the street will definitely remind you of your past memories and will give you the illusion of being in the old movie.
    The popular bowl of wine in the summer is now empty.
    Full of strong festive background, no one is arguing with us, taking a photo is uncomfortable.
    The huge murals on both sides of the big stage are especially sensational and one of the areas where tourists queue up for punching. Mom and Dad are very tacit, no need to say more, the two are opposite each other, the sweet sparks instantly collide in the air, and I can also feed a bowl of dog food.
     [二] Yabuli skiing really cool duck
    Harbin is of course good, but it is only the starting point of our trip. I really can’t be too close to this, so we set off early and started to go down to the next stop.
    Passing Yabuli, you must go to experience skiing, although I am also the first time, but I am fat, I am falling, I am fat, I am afraid of who is it! Although the old couple are also very chicken-frozen, considering their physical condition and lack of experience, they decided to cheer for me.
     Eat – Four-headed farmhouse iron pot stew
    At about noon, I smoothly entered the Yabuli boundary. Under the recommendation of Xiao Ming, we went to Qingshan Village to have lunch at a place called Sitoutou Farmhouse.
    Entering the hotel, the warmth and warmth brought by Shantou came oncoming, and it was called a comfortable. The hotel is full of colorful northeast elements, simple, generous and fascinating.
    There are some interesting things that have been found in the homes of the Northeast, and small things see big customs.
    The waiters are all dressed in red and green cotton jackets. They are very eye-catching, and they are also enthusiastic and eager to greet each other.
    This family must eat the northeast iron pot stew, we do not have to do it around a circle, the melon seeds will do, the waiter alone took all the work, it is also powerful.
    The chicken is stewed with mushrooms, and the various ingredients are topped with sauces. The aroma is overflowing and the population is watery.
    Put a cornmeal cake in a large pot and cover the pot for a while.
    When you open the lid again, a large pot of stew is ready! Eat iron pot stew on the picture of a lively atmosphere, a large pot of meat, vegetables, and coarse grains, the family is surrounded by eating thieves! The cornmeal cake is also really fragrant, soaked in the soup of stewed vegetables, and become the favorite of parents.
    Before leaving, the four hoes were not idle at all, and they began to make pancakes alive.
     Play – New Sports Ski Resort
    Before coming to Yabuli, I always mistakenly believe that Yabuli has only one ski resort. After the introduction, I know that Yabuli Resort has more than ten ski resorts.
    Every year from November to March is the best ski season in the Northeast, and the entire Yabuli enters the peak season.
    The distribution map of Yabuli Ski Resort is as above, from Yabuli official website.
    Among the many ski resorts in Yabuli, the Sunshine Resort and the New Sports Ski Resort are the most representative. The former is the largest, the latter is the second, but the price is more affordable, and the facilities and management level are also very competitive. . According to reports, the new sports committee ski resort (5S level) is the most cost-effective snow field in the same level, but also more popular with the general public.
    I chose a regular 2-hour ski package, including cable car tickets, skis (snowboards, ski boots and poles) for a total of $200. Ski caps, ski goggles, ski suits, etc. are available at an extra charge, but for beginners like me, these cool and handsome equipment are not available for the time being.
    Dressed up with equipment, excitedly ran to the outdoor ski resort to prepare for the joy, then realized that the skiers on the TV were cool and relaxed, and the appearance of the skiers was deceptive. It was really difficult to walk a few steps in Nima Snow.
    The new sports committee ski area covers the big pot helmet, two pot helmets and two snow mountains, with early, middle and high grade snow trails, but generally only open this one on the left side, mixed with junior and intermediate grades.
    There is no foundation for skiing weak chicken like me. Please ask the coach directly for guidance. Speaking about the price, the coach is also a sincere person, saying that it is too late for me to choose the standard of starting from 2 hours, 240 yuan, it is recommended to pay 100 yuan directly, he will bring me familiar with the equipment, warm up Learn some basic movements, then take me to the cable car up the mountain and go down from the intermediate snowy road to practice the school. I was moved by the coach’s sincere look, and I was simply OK.
    In addition, Yabuli has an unwritten rule, that is, the coach will charge a tip, my coach is very refreshing, and I mentioned this point when I open the door. In fact, I feel very good, avoid mentioning this at the end, paying everyone. unhappy.
    So the cost I paid to the coach is 100 yuan (guidance fee) + 50 yuan (tip) = 150 yuan.
    After studying in the snow field with the coach, I finally mastered some skills in braking and posture. The most anticipated part came, and the coach took me directly to the cable car and went to the mountain.
    I came to the middle of the mountain and looked at the snowy road that could not see the head. Come here, dry!
    The coach protects and guides the whole process in front of him. Once he looks at something that is out of control, he immediately stops in front of me and slows down. It is actually very safe. This experience is really exciting, but it must be acknowledged that skiing is also a very physical exercise.
    Halfway through the face, please ask the coach to take a few photos of my mobile phone. I wanted to leave a few handsome and mighty photos. The result is a look of embarrassment.
    Sure enough, as the coach said, waiting for us to come down from the mountains, the sun has already set, and there are fewer people in the snow.
    Say goodbye to the coach, I will let go of the slide in the next time, Xiao Ming enters the venue for friendship support and takes pictures of me.
    In the following time, I rushed to the cycle of sliding down and running, and I took time to practice. Inadvertently, I was already enthusiastic, and I was so happy that my mom and dad would enter me. Pulling away, I just reluctantly left haha. The first skiing did not wrestle in the whole game, and it was considered that I could brag about it in the future.
     [three] Erlang River experience forest life
    The same as Xuexiang, Erlanghe’s reputation can be much smaller than the “China Snow Township” known as the Shuangfeng Forest Farm, so it is more quiet and comfortable, there is no excessive commercial development, it is the experience of the old northeast forest farm A good place to live.
     Eat – Erlanghe Northeast Hotel
    Entering the Erlang River, in the early arrangement of Xiaoming, we dine at a hotel called Big Northeast.
     Erlanghe Scenic Area
    The small two-storey family hotel built by local people using their own houses integrates the functions of catering and accommodation. When there are enough people, they will also receive some group visitors to and from Erlang River.
    In fact, the main purpose of our visit here is to make dumplings by hand! Of course, we often eat dumplings at home, but in the northeast, we put up our own sleeves of sauerkraut dumplings in the northeast. It is definitely a local experience, and we can do it ourselves!
    The hotel will prepare the fillings, dough and necessary tools in advance, and people will come, probably at a rate of 50 yuan per person.
    Mom and Dad are definitely experts in making dumplings. They don’t talk about it. They put their hands together and quickly enter the state. A suede is a bag, and the division of labor is meticulous. This is a tacit understanding.
    After a while, the tray was filled with big dumplings of white fat and white fat.
    Waiting to cook the dumplings, we first eat some hot dishes to help, the hotel owner is also a hospitable enthusiasm, I heard that we are coming from afar, come up with their own good wine and hospitality, my dad is happy, my brother The two suddenly got on the drink.
    This dish is the first time I have eaten it. It is crispy and crisp, with a unique aftertaste. It has the effect of promoting digestion and strong strength.
    The classic representative of the Northeastern cuisine is Sanxian, and finally I can understand that I can’t eat the authentic taste in Shenzhen.
    The salty and fragrant is very clear, it is very good to eat these high-calorie foods in the cold weather.
    The meat section is crispy and tender, smooth and savory. Many people can’t tell the difference between the meat and the meat. The former is sweeter and the latter is salty. This is a place where the taste can be easily distinguished.
    The most anticipated is our own dumplings! Dumplings are on the wine, the more you eat, the more you eat!
     Live – Peas Farm
    The accommodation of Erlang River is much cheaper than that of Xuexiang. Most of them are farmhouses built by local people. The hot steamed bread is really as comfortable as at home.
     Erlanghe Scenic Area
    The pea farmhouse we stayed in was on the main road, and the location was convenient. The people who entered the house were warmed up instantly, and the items filled with the northeast features were very lively. More interestingly, each room has an interesting name, stewed with mushrooms, stewed chicken, stewed sauerkraut and more.
    The biggest feature is the hot head, bigThe more you sleep at night, the warmer it is, and it is good for the body of the elderly. However, as a family hotel, the Peas farmer must have some places to upgrade. For example, the keys to several room locks are all in the hands of the boss, and it is not convenient to go out and lock the door every time. In addition, there are common problems in the farmhouses in the northeast. There are no bath towels, no toiletries, no toilet papers – all of which require the guests to prepare themselves in advance.
    It is worth mentioning that the sticky bean bag for his breakfast is very good, soft and not greasy, the fragrance between the teeth, with the Xiaomi porridge to eat really comfortable.
     Play – two waves river scenic area horse-drawn sledge
    In my opinion, Erlang River is a simple village with simple folk customs. It is surrounded by simple, no shackles, quiet like never been disturbed. The red lanterns hanging high add a little to the night. Feminine and warm.
     Erlanghe Scenic Area
    The roads are all frozen, and you need to pay special attention to walk and walk carefully.
    In the forest farm, it is obvious that the temperature here is much lower than that of Harbin. Under the cold of more than 20 degrees, the barbecue is outside, this is not a skewer, it is lonely.
    In the morning, the whole family plans to take the time to experience the characteristic entertainment horse-drawn sledge in the northeast, 150 yuan a trip, the entire Erlang River strolls around to see the scenery, more affordable.
    Both my mom and I are fond of animals. I can’t help but see this little pony.
    The fluffy little hooves are so cute.
    With the consent of the groom, the mother and the pony together, this guy is not alive, but also loves to be close to people.
    The horse is also very happy to run, but the sledge sits a little bumpy, and it is sometimes difficult to hold the camera with the camera in his hand. Looking around, you can better understand the characteristics of the original ecology surrounded by the mountains of Erlang River.
    On the edge of the forest, the groom said that he could walk down the river on the ice and cross the river to see the forest. There are many cabins with local characteristics.
    The ice is really thick, so you can confidently cross the river.
    I walked quietly in the woods with the old man, and I didn’t have much to say, but I felt very comfortable. Yes, the time spent alone with my mom and dad is less and less.
    In the depths of the jungle, there are several slightly ruined wooden houses, uninhabited, and even more ruined in ice and snow.
    The original way back, the mother and the groom are waiting for us to go back on the river bank.
    There are a lot of renovated Russian-style cabins in the local area. The appearance of the foreign gas is mixed with Chinese elements, which is especially beautiful in the background of the mountains. The warm sun is shining, the sun is shining on the body, and the mother can finally take off the mask and leave this beautiful moment freely.
     [four] with the father through the snowfield
    In the middle of the journey from Erlanghe to Xuexiang, there is a scenic spot called Yaxue Station. There is a lot of ice and snow entertainment projects. When we look at the time, we decided to make a special trip here.
     Play – Big Bald Mountain Snowmobile
    AsThe highest peak in Heilongjiang Province, the Great Bald Mountain is a place where many tourists come to visit.
     Big Bald Mountain Scenic Area
    The tortuous wooden path leads to the depths of the jungle, with thick snow on both sides, and the infinite chill is a bit quiet.
    Sunlight is reflected and refracted through the snow layer, which is too strong for the human eye. Therefore, it is necessary to bring a pair of snow mirrors or sunglasses in the snow field. Dad felt that the sun was a little dazzling, and he put the sunglasses on him, and he was a lot more comfortable.
    Snow tanks are very slow, but what attracts us is definitely snowmobiles.
    From the foot of the mountain to the top of the Big Bald Mountain, you need to take the off-road jeep provided by the scenic spot and then transfer to the snowmobile. It takes about 90 minutes and costs 280 yuan per person.
    Snowmobiles are really exciting. Follow the driver’s speed in the snowfield, and go up and down. The snow flies on both sides of the road are usually flashing back. The snow splashing from the car is blowing on the face with cold wind, bringing little pain. Feeling, but immediately replaced by the freshness and pleasure brought by this thrilling journey. Along the way, young people can be heard excitedly, and the older visitors are quietly holding the driver and looking forward.
    Driving a motorcycle on the snow, very handsome.
    The motorbike took the passengers to the top of the Big Bald Mountain, and the last section of the summit required walking on their own.
    My mom was physically weak and worried about the road slipping and wrestling. She decided to wait here and let our two of them go to the top of the mountain to see.
    After about 10 minutes, the field of vision became wide, and it must have arrived at the top of the mountain.
    Between the mountains and the mountains, there is a silver-clad scenery of the North.
    There is a lot of flat on the top of the mountain, no trees, and the view is extremely wide, adding a bit of majesty and magnificence to the mountains. The top of the Big Bald Peak is famous for watching the sunrise and sunset. Of course, walking like this is enough for us.
    To my surprise, Dad’s physical strength is really awesome. I have never rested with me along the way. I haven’t seen the slightest breath on the top. I am no different from the young people, and I curiously look at the scenery in the mountains. However, when I took a photo with the “successful summit” wooden sign, I accidentally slipped a bit and could scare me. When people got up and patted the butt, it made me feel relieved. In some places on the top of the mountain, the snow is trampled by people. With a slightly sloped terrain, it is easy to make people slip on their feet, so it is better to pay more attention.
    It is easy to go down the mountain, but it is this snow slope. I would rather slow down and don’t have an accident. Of course, if you put your face down, then you will sit on the ground and slip through the snow.
    After reuniting with Xiao Ming, the boy was happy to see the thick snow. He was on the ground and refused to go.
    The snow that no one has stepped on in the woods is surprisingly thick. I don’t know how deep it can be without stepping on one foot. Xiaoming, who is sung in Huanhuan, is still relatively shallow in the snow he is in. The movements of the ghosts have been recorded by me and made into expression packs.
    In the deeper places, no one dares to try. If anyone falls, it will be a little difficult to get it.
     Play – Yaxue Station Shili Gallery
    We settled for lunch at the visitor center of the Axel Station. After a little rest, the mother still decided to rest, let me and my father and grandfather continue to toss and go to the Shili Gallery to take a look.
    Tickets for Shili Gallery are 140 yuan. This is a sightseeing spot with four cultural themes, including snow and ice, northeast folk customs, hiking adventures and northern hunting. It includes zoos, Muxueshan Village, Weihu Village and other places. It combines fun and diversity. .
    Compared to deer, robe, wild boar, these northeast animals, sled dogs are more interesting. After all, they are good at humanity and can interact.
    Do not change the nature of the second force, and instantly change from a well-behaved appearance to a “slightly slightly” funny look.
    Beautiful large ice hung.
    Mu Xueshan Village is a place where the original folk customs of the Northeast are displayed. The staff members smashed the drums and welcomed them at the door, and they were festive.
    The exhibition of the original village is preserved in the Folklore Museum.
    Old houses, chicken racks, kennels, sheep pens, horse stables… The scenes that are about to disappear in the forest farm have been preserved here.
    The neatly arranged pile of wood evokes the father’sThe lush years of the forest farm.
    Then walk up the hill and enter the outdoor hiking route. The red ropes hanging on the trees are particularly eye-catching in this snow and ice.
    The Manchu residents lived in the black waters of the Baishan Mountains in the northeast for a long time. The frequent hunting life made them believe in the mountain gods. There will be a grand scene of the mountain festivals.
    In the past, the story of Yang Zirong’s stalwart mountain carving was unknown. The Weihu Village here was built on the site of the early nest of the mountain eagle.
    The guardian will intercept the passing tourists in a cold, if you can’t remember the password, you have to be entangled. As for the customs clearance password, I believe everyone knows what is the second sentence of “Heavenly King”.
    Shili Gallery’s hiking and cross-country route is 12 kilometers long. It requires a certain amount of physical strength and equipment support. My father and I have done our best. After taking a small loop, we have retired. As a result, the exit was actually before the snowmobile. The place haha.
     [5] Shutan time in Xuexiang
    The famous Xuexiang, which has been on the cusp of the domestic tourism circle for two years, did make me worry a little before departure. However, as the most distinctive destination in the winter in the Northeast, I still set this place as a must, and I want my parents to take a good look at this snowy fairy tale world.
    The trip actually went down, but I felt that there was no exaggeration from the outside world. It was always a very enjoyable experience. However, I must also admit that the spending during the snow township is relatively more expensive. At present, all kinds of consumption choices in Xuexiang are widely used, and they are also clearly priced. You can make your own decisions according to your own needs.
    Xuexiang is actually a Shuangfeng Forest Farm. The unique terrain is the essence of the Japanese sea warm and humid airflow and the cold air of Lake Baikal. It has become the longest snow-covered zone in the Northeast, with its scenery and charm. People are stunned, and under the propaganda of the photography circle and TV media, they gradually have the name “China Snow Township”.
    Tickets for the Xuexiang Scenic Area are 120 yuan, and there is a bus ticket to and from the gate to the scenic spot. Therefore, tickets for the scenic spots should not be lost. You need to check when you take the bus. The schematic diagram of the scenic area is as above, and the copyright belongs to the original author.
    For free-ride tourists, the tourist trains from Xuexiang to all parts of the country are very convenient and a good choice.
    In addition to the travel range on the map, Xuexiang has also opened traffic routes to Dunhua, Changbai Mountain, Jingbo Lake, Erdaobaihe Town, Changbai Mountain Wanda Resort Hotel, etc., starting at 0900 and 1300 every day, the fares are 160 yuan, 200 yuan, 160 yuan, 160 yuan, 260 yuan, interested friends can consult in the Xuexiang Scenic Area Visitor Center.
    The bus will deliver all the passengers to the big stone monument in the scenic spot. It is the place where my mom took pictures and commemorated the place, and then everyone can move freely.
     Live – Yanjia Hotel
    The accommodation in Xuexiang in the peak season is rising, which is much higher than other scenic spots. It is recommended that you book in advance.
    Fortunately, this time we helped solve the accommodation through the chartered travel agency, so we got a more affordable price and it was very worry-free.
    Yanjia Hotel is conveniently located in a side street of Xueyun Street. The characteristics are still warm and hot, and the most direct way to experience the local customs and customs, and the conditions here are more perfect than the family hotels in Erlanghe.
    It is worth noting that the sound insulation effect of the room is general, and the second is that there are no toiletries, towels and toilet paper.
    It is a very happy thing to provide a simple breakfast and to eat home-cooked meals in the cold.
     Eat – Shanliren Inn Shabu-shabu
    Dinner is set in the Shanliren Inn near the Big Stone Monument, which features barbecue, shabu-shabu and northeastern home cooking.
    One day after running, my mom and dad are a little tired. Everyone is eating around the shabu-shabu to get rid of it, and the second is to warm up. Large and small plates are placed on the tabletop, making people appetite.
    But back to the shabu-shabu itself, now I think it tastes a bit general: the meat may not be too fresh, and the sauces are all made of homemade plastic pouches, which can’t be self-made. The key is that the sauce has some turbid sand. There is neither the scent of the oil dish nor the richness of the sauce dish, which is a bit of a failure.
    Therefore, this shabu-shabu is not recommended by individuals.
    There are many types of skewers here, what kind of meat, venison, and anything we have, we can’t wait to try it.
     Play – Xuexiang Theater Northeast two people turn
    Watching a hot and busy two-person turn is also a good way to relax at night.
    The Xuexiang Theater has 2-3 performances per night, and the ticket is 198 yuan. Tickets will be opened 15 minutes in advance, and photos can be taken during the performance.
    The Xuexiang Theater is still quite arrogant. The decoration style combines the most representative elements of the local area, and the sound effect in the venue is also good.
    As the music of the times screamed fiercely and the performance began, the host was a handsome Northeastern guy who was responsible for the whole show in tandem. From time to time, he also mobilized the audience on the court and occasionally sang a few popular songs.
    The first pair of actors took the stage, and the man’s performance of standing and drinking water was also a surprise.
    The main feature of the two-person turn is that the vocals are rough and witty, and often men and women perform together and interact with each other to form a comedy effect. The actress in the first pair is a good interpretation of the strength of the women in the Northeast. If they don’t agree, they will beat the actors. It’s really a real ear-slender, and some direct shoehorns are pumped up…
    The second pair of male actors, the main bitter drama, on the stage to complain about their hard work is difficult, the host assisted, called on the audience to applaud and support, and suddenly made some sadness in the theater. I feel that it is somewhat deliberate, too lyrical, and it is so close to half an hour that people feel not too comfortable.
    Then the actor staged a unique “strong man locks the man”, the wire around the neck makes people look like there is a dim pain – through such a self-abuse way to attract the eye, the individual also feels that it is not necessary.
    Then there was a blown balloon, which greatly tested the lungs of the actors. The audience in the audience was silent, thinking that the child was really enough.
    On the contrary, the second pair of actresses became the highlight of the whole performance. The description of what was meant by “closed-month shame” was extremely expecting. As a result, the style of contrasting contrast was so unbearable that it was exposed from time to time. The cute expression also makes people laugh.
    The third pair of actor, a chicken dance is very interesting, don’t miss it. Overall, the whole performance level is quite satisfactory. It can be said that it is very grounded, and it can be said to be quite vulgar. If you have seen a performance like “Liu Laogen’s Grand Stage” in Liaoning, the two people in Xuexiang can see it.
    In addition, the soundtrack of the whole performance was extremely fierce, my mother listened and said that there was a panic, my dad looked at it and fell asleep…
    The last thing to be reminded is that the two people in the Xuexiang Theater turned to the same performance in the dream home. I noticed at the time.The performance music of the two places is the same. Later, listening to the introduction of the netizens and judging the performances of the performances are basically the same, and the tickets for the dream homes are also 198 yuan – so the two people in these two places turn, if you decide to feel, choose One is fine.
     Play – China Snow Township
    The most beautiful time in Xuexiang is undoubtedly the night. Every family has a lot of lights, laughter and laughter everywhere. Under the rendering of colorful lights, this quiet little village is like a world in a fairy tale.
     Xueyun Street
    Xueyun Street is undoubtedly the most popular place, with a total length of nearly 500 meters. The shops on both sides are row upon row. There are also local people who are not afraid of the cold and are selling stalls, selling candied haws, frozen persimmons, frozen pears, Lei Feng hats, etc. The children were playing snow sledges happily on the street, and the tourists curiously looked around and looked at the scene in front of them.
    On the side of the big stone tablet, there will be a unified bonfire night time every night. Everyone dances around the circle and dances in the circle. The scene of the crowd in the snow and ice is also very intoxicating.
    However, the weather was too cold, and the bonfire party was a short-lived place. In less than a minute, the square that had just been smashing the drums was cold and clear.
    The boardwalk observation deck on the mountain is the best place to enjoy the night view of Xuexiang, whether it is near the big stone monument or several entrances of Xueyun Street.
    A country cottage is exceptionally enchanting under the illuminating light, and it is a beautiful place. This area is the best place to represent the charm of the snowy countryside.
     Xuexiang Dream Home
    Dream Home is the most prestigious attraction in the whole snow town. The layout here is more exquisite and elaborate. Many publicity videos of Xuexiang are taken here. Currently, it is also charged separately. Tickets are 198 yuan, but the actual experience of my trip. In fact, there are too many slots and it is not worth it.
    Cute snow mushroom. When we went there, it was not very good. The snow in the snow was limited, so the snow mushrooms we saw were more pocket-sized.
    Many people say that the observation deck in the back of the dream home is very good. I don’t think it is as good as the previous plank road. First, there are many trees covered and limited vision. Taking a panoramic view is a test of composition and lens. Second, all the nearby mountain roads are frozen, especially slippery, especially for the elderly. It is not recommended.
    There is a place in the dream home. The staff organizes the visitors to experience the “splashing water into ice”. The effect on the scene is quite good. Every time the ice falls, there is a burst of applause. But here is the charge, the impression is 98 yuan once, if you are purely looking at the excitement, next to a quiet melon to eat people.
    In fact, the trick of splashing ice, everyone try it, the success rate is very high. The key to “splashing water into ice” is to prepare hot water, preferably the one that has just been taken out of the thermos bottle. In addition, you must pay attention to the curved movement when splashing water, so that the water vapor (water mist) can be in the air. Spread as much as possible; finally, the action must be fast.
    As long as it can do the above, the success rate is very high.
    A snow sculpture square at the end of Xueyun Street, all replaced with the joyful shape of the 2019 Year of the Pig.
    On different nights, Xueyun Street in the daytime is more lively and busy.
    It should have been the best place to admire the snow mushrooms, and it was a pity that there was nothing on the bare wood branches.
    There are a lot of sled dogs on the street waiting to be sent. They are the main force of the “dog sledge”. My mom and I are both dog lovers. There are some big guys who have a distressed pain. I always have to feel comforted when I see it. Since they are often dealing with tourists, these sled dogs are generally more docile and know how close they are to people.
    The clever guy is sitting on the sledge tacitly, saving the frozen butt in the snow.
    In the snowy countryside during the day, don’t have a look. Go back to the boardwalk on the mountain and you will be able to find a picture that will make you feel.
    Looking at the whole village, the backlighting shot is more agile, without the enchanting and rich nighttime, the snowy town at this time is more refreshing, holy, quiet and serene, as if a worldly paradise.
     [six] big beauty and long white secrets
    Changbai Mountain is my most anticipated destination in this trip to the Northeast!
    People often describe the northeast as “White Mountain Black Water”, and Baishan refers to Changbai Mountain! HereIt is the ridge of the northeast, and it is a famous tourist attraction with such as “Shenshan, Shengshui, Qilin, Xianguo”, and from the various myths to the fascinating “Yunding Tiangong” written by Nanpai Shushu, it has been here for a long time. Has a strong appeal!
     Eat – Jingbo Lake Fisherman Farm House Lunch
    On the way through Jingbo Lake, I decided to take a rest for lunch. The big sister we met in the parking lot was very enthusiastic and insisted that we should go to the farmhouse of his home to eat. “The dishes in the house are not expensive.” It’s hard to be grateful, but we and the four of us followed.
     Jingbo Lake Scenic Area
    Close to a farmhouse on the edge of the lake, there are restaurants and accommodations, but recently it was the low season of Jingbo Lake, and there were few tourists. Arriving in the house, the old man at the house is helping to clean up the table. It seems that he has just received a group of guests and his business is good.
    The dishes are also fast, and a large pot of sauerkraut stewed noodles comes up first, sour and delicious, delicious.
    Songren soup, the father and mother prefer, the taste is light, it is said that eating often helps nourish the liver and kidney.
    The pork in his home is a must, especially delicious! Salty and spicy, although the oil is big, but it is not too greasy to eat, and it is impossible to stop eating and eating, and it is a common dish for dinner.
    Cold tofu, it is very warm to eat, and the sweetness of the bean is hidden in the smoothness. This farmhouse dish is really not expensive and tastes very good. If you have been in Jingbo Lake in the past, you can consider it and try it out here.
     Stay-Changbai Mountain Dynasty Holy Land Hot Spring Hotel
    Arrived in Erdaobaihe Town, in order to play Changbai Mountain in a more full-spirited state, we were extravagantly small and stayed at the local five-star hotel Dynasty Chaoyang Hot Spring Hotel! I have to say that the two-night stay experience is perfect, and it should be the best hotel in our trip, Top2.
    The location of the hotel is a bit remote, there is no commercial area around, but it is not a big deal for us.
     Erdaobaihe Town
    The rooms are fully furnished and well lit, revealing a luxurious atmosphere.
    There are all kinds of toiletries, and there are also supplies for hot springs. The most intimate thing is that there are crutches for the elderly! However, the design of the bathroom can continue to improve, making the exhaust system more powerful..
    The design of the lobby is calm and magnificent, and the details of the northeast elements are very eye-catching. The overall feeling is very good.
    Buffet breakfast is good value for money, Chinese and Western food with balanced nutrition, but also the authentic northeast flavor. A delicious and delicious meal will bring you a new day full of energy.
     Eat – Korean Palace Korean flavor
    There are also many special restaurants scattered in Erdaobaihe Town, which can be reached within 20 minutes by car from the hotel.
     Erdaobaihe Town
    A colorful landscape avenue in the central area of ​​the town is very beautiful, like a flashing star river that spreads far into the distance.
    I chose a Korean restaurant and wanted to try something different.
    The restaurant is full of Korean folk style dolls, cute and lively.
    There is also the style of the North Korean cabin in the private room. What is rare is that the bottom is the hot steamed bread. This meal seems to be very comfortable to eat.
    Self-made rice wine, refreshingThe mouth, sweet aftertaste, is the best rice wine we have ever drunk.
    In fact, the main restaurant in Goryeo Palace is dog meat, but this proposal was vetoed by me and my mom, so we ordered some other home cooking. Kimchi pork belly, meaty and not greasy, moderately hot and sour, very appetizing.
    Frying the cakes properly, soft and sweet, is a great staple snack.
    Iron plate beef tendon, the scent of hot steam is overflowing, the meat tendons are tenacious, and it is very enjoyable to eat.
    Korean kimchi cake, it’s been a long time since I have tasted such an authentic snack. I personally loved it that night.
    The stir-fry is so delicious that I am very curious about the food. The dried chili is so delicious that it is so delicious. The bright dried fish is the finishing touch, which greatly enriches the taste of the dishes and sublimates its freshness.
    Fried sand ginseng, the simple treatment to retain the original taste of the food to the greatest extent, helps the sand ginseng to play its role in supplementing the lungs and benefiting the stomach.
    Fried rice intestines, full of flavor, but the taste is slightly heavier.
    The bibimbap is generally good, but lacks the memory of the people. The stone pot bibimbap that I once had in Seoul has never been able to surpass it.
    The cold noodles are very authentic, sweet and sour, the noodles are lubricated and chewy, and the sip is very enjoyable.
    The spine pot of this family is oversized. It shocked us when we came up. There are so many things in it. The real weight shows the sincerity and duty of the store. Do not think that we can finish all the above food haha, really a little more, we packed a lot of back to the hotel to continue to solve, but also to continue to work overtime at night to Xiaoming to make up the body.
     Play – Ice and Snow Spa Experience
    The hotel offers a free spa experience, so don’t miss it.
    Pay attention to the opening hours of the hot springs, register with the room card, exchange for slippers, bracelets and other items, then you can enter and enjoy. According to the regulations, first take a shower, then wear your own swimsuit to enter the hot spring area experience.
    The hot springs here are indoors (including swimming pools) and outdoor areas. The most unique is the outdoor ice and snow hot springs.
    Close to the cold night of minus twenty degrees, I wrapped a bathrobe in the outside for a trot, the picture is really too beautiful to watch. Fortunately, I am not alone in the battle, and many tourists who are challenged by their own mentality are also like this. Everyone laughs and cheers each other.
    Jumping into the pool, people will come to life at once, and the experience of this two-day life is really cool! The hot springs in the Changbai Mountain area contain trace elements, which are used to soothe the cold.
    The temperature of several pools is slightly different, and I am not afraid of tossing and changing, but the process of alternating hot and cold is too sour!
    I stayed outside for half an hour. Later, I was afraid that the night was too cold. I was out of the pool and caught a cold. I woke up in a bathrobe and ran back to the indoor hot spring area. My aunt was too warm inside. The ice and snow hot springs were high, but Don’t let the old people enjoy the haha ​​experience.
     Play – Changbai Mountain North Slope Scenic Area
    Changbai Mountain is the boundary mountain between China and North Korea. The four slopes in the southeast and northwest have different scenery, but the east slope can’t go in the Korean territory. We can usually go to the north slope, the west slope and the south slope, and the south slope is usually in winter. Not open.
    Why choose the North Slope Scenic Area in the West Slope and the North Slope? Tianchi can be seen in both places, but the northern slope is the most developed and landscaped area, and is more suitable for winter sightseeing.
     North slope of Changbai Mountain
    On the way to the visitor center, small vendors nearby sell snow claws to prevent slipping when climbing. Mom and Dad prepared a pair, not expensive, 10 yuan a pair, and later found that this decision is really right, small things have great use, the whole process of playing the old two mouths is particularly stable.
    The North Slope Scenic Area is worthy of the Huimin season. Tickets are free. You only need to buy a bus ticket of 85 yuan. In addition, if you look at the Tianchi, you need to purchase the 80-yuan main peak ticket in the scenic area, so the north slope is playing. Only 165 yuan of transportation costs are required. Other notes about playing Changbai Mountain:
    1. Smoking is prohibited throughout the year, and it is not allowed to bring fire into the scenic spot;
    2. Changbai Mountain has a high altitude. Tourists with high blood pressure and heart disease should not climb mountains. Pay attention to cold and warmth;
    3. When visiting the Tianchi (summer), do not use an umbrella;
    4. Scenic bus vehicles cycle, generally need to wait in the car for about 20 minutes, be sure to carry your own belongings to avoid loss;
    5. In winter, the last bus time in the scenic area is 17 o’clock. Please arrange the itinerary accordingly..
    The road map of the north slope of the Changbai Mountain official website is for reference.
    After getting off the bus, the majestic scenery around it immediately shocked everyone.
    Taking this steep ridge and lush birch forest as the background, I took a photo with my mom and dad. The old couple also had a good understanding. They were all old-fashioned revolutionary cadres, laughing and dying.
    Near noon, the sun shines on the snowfield, and the snowmobile in the distance drives the tourists to the depths of the forest. When we got together, taking advantage of the good weather, we rushed to see if Tianchi got it.
    Unlike the coaches in the scenic spot, the Jeep off-road vehicles that head to the main peak Tianchi are generally able to sit on five passengers. The drivers were skilled and the mountain road was frightening, but the extremely sinister road was easily resolved by them like a juggling, leaving us in the car and looking at the edge of motion sickness haha.
    After almost half an hour, we finally came to the top of the main peak, looking at a lonely and desolate landscape, and I couldn’t help but imagine the tragic back of Zhang Qiling’s brother running alone to the bronze door.
    The cold wind whistling on the top of the mountain, you must be fully armed, otherwise it will be frozen into a dog in minutes! It is no exaggeration to say that the 30 minutes of Changbai Mountain Peak should be the worst weather condition in this trip. It is windy, dry, low temperature and glaring. It is not easy to see Tianchi! There are two plank roads leading to Tianchi, but the A line is in the closed state, and everyone can only walk along the B-line plank road.
    The desolate snow scene also sets off the greatness of Changbai Mountain.
    Finally, a look at the Tianchi really! The lake is completely frozen, and it is even more amazing and bleak. Dad finally saw this big pool of ice, and he smiled in the cold.
    My mom is also very happy. I have been waiting for the elderly at home for so long. I can see such a magnificent and incomparably open natural landscape, and my heart is extremely pleasant.
    Under my special arrangement, the two old couples were on both sides of the station, and the Tianchi was exposed in the middle, leaving this very memorable photo.
    Changbai Mountain is a dormant volcano. Tianchi is located at the top of the cone-shaped crater. It is the source of the Sanjiang River of Songhua River, Tumen River and Yalu River. It is also the deepest lake in China, and it is the highest volcano in the world at an altitude of 2150 meters. lake.
    Looking into the distance, the stretches of mountains are faintly visible like ink paintings.
    The best season to enjoy the Tianchi should be the midsummer, a clear and clear water, and if you meet the mountain fog, the fog is even more mysterious.
    Dad helped me to take a photo, at first I forgot to adjust the camera to self.In the dynamic mode, the old man endured a strong wind and a snot of a snot. I took a look after the hand. He might have changed the focal length by mistake. The whole screen is my big pie face… My dad asked me with full expectation: What?
    I quickly smiled back: Very good!
    Then set the camera to automatic mode and hand it over to Dad. I said that I just couldn’t stand, and I’ll have two more.
    The dad who was encouraged was enthusiastic, and I finally left a few good photos for me.
    Looking at the old couple was frozen enough, and the heart could not bear it, and quickly greeted them down the mountain, not tossing.
    The snow on the top of the mountain is very thick and a bit scary.
    Goodbye to Tianchi, I hope that one day I will see you in the summer.
    In the Yuehualin landscape belt, Lvyuantan is named after the Yuehua haze and the green water of the lake. The highest drop is 26 meters, but now it is still in the state of ice, only a small amount of water splashes, and the surrounding scenery is bleak. One, but also has the feeling of Qiu Lou Yu Yu.
    The mountain is warmer than the Tianchi area, and the sun is particularly comfortable on the body. Mom and Dad can open their photos. Lvyuantan has a blue-view restaurant, which offers a buffet of 60 yuan per person. Our lunch is solved there. Later, we found that there are actually many fast foods to choose from, and the prices are within a reasonable range. To take a break and eat, let’s take a look.
    It was not until three in the afternoon, and the light in the mountains was obviously dimmed. The staff said that if you continue to see the Changbai Mountain Waterfall, it will take 2 hours to walk back and forth. My dad and my mom may be a little tired. Let me set out to see if they are waiting for me at the nearby Hot Springs Square.
    However, according to my records, in fact, I only went back and forth for more than an hour, but it must be related to my own good strength and fast pace. The average person may still have to work hard.
    In fact, the fastest way to get to and from the waterfall is the snowmobile. The fare is about 50 yuan.
    In the hot spring plaza, the famous hot spring egg is a must-eat snack for many people, but I feel very normal when I look at it, and I am afraid that if I eat cold, I will not try to stop. In the impression, the egg is 10 yuan 3, the duck egg is 10 yuan 2, the corn 5 yuan 1 and the sausage is 5 yuan 1 .
    The hot spot that I saw earlier was the Julong Spring. Julongquan belongs to high-heat and volcanic self-overflowing hot springs. There are 47 springs in a radius of more than 1,000 square meters, and the water temperature is above 70 degrees Celsius. The spring water is simmering, the mist is lingering, and the heat flow is like a group of dragons spitting water.
    I continued to go up along the plank road alone, and the height of the ascent made me feel a little breathless, but the surrounding scenery and mysterious scenery made me gradually forget the exhaustion.
     Changbai Waterfall
    Finally arrived at the Great Falls Observation Deck, as expected, it is still under the turbulence, there is no ice. The Changbai Waterfall has a drop of 68 meters. It is the largest waterfall in the northeastern region. It is full of smog and fog, and it is quite spectacular.
    After the card is finished, I hurried back to find my father and mother.
    Returning to the hot spring plaza, I didn’t find the old couple’s mouth. I knew that the public exchange station at the bottom of the house was waiting for me. If you walk down, you probably need to walk for more than ten minutes. It happens that this snow slope directly reaches the bottom, and the price of the snow sledge is only 30 yuan. He does not hesitate to greet me: I want to sit down this duck!
    Snow sledges are also very exciting! The speed is speeding up, there will be violent bumps from time to time, the cold wind wrapped in the snow foam blowing to the face is called a sour, safely, the phone is closed, and the handles on both sides of the sledge are tightly closed. The blink of an eye is here. My mom saw me – hey, yes, fly down~
    When we arrived at the bottom of the valley, the sky was nearing the sunset, and we had to hurry up and take a round trip. The staff’s words are more reliable, and it takes an hour and a half to walk to walk.
    On both sides of the plank road are all towering trees, strolling among them, walking in a huge natural oxygen bar.
    Occasionally we can find the footprints of large animals on the snow, which is very interesting.
    In the dense jungle, take a commemorative photo for the two old people.
    When I was about halfway through, I started the rhythm of climbing the stairs. My mother couldn’t do it. I simply handed the task of the expedition to our grandfather again. She followed us with other tourists and waited for us.
    I don’t care, my father and I finally arrived at the end before sunset. The valley forest is also called the underground forest. It is the lowest elevation spot in Changbai Mountain. When the old Baishan Millennium Eruption (AD 946), the high-temperature and high-speed volcanic melt flow hit the valley with strong cutting force, eroding the steeper and deeper canyon terrain, the cliffs are magnificent and magnificent, and the giant raft is about three kilometers long. In the valley, plants have become dense forests over the years, forming the wonders of today’s valley forests.
    Returning with my father’s original road, I successfully picked up my mom, took the last bus bus, and returned to the visitor center at the door on time.
     Eat – rock barbecue
    On the Changbai Mountain, I ran for a day. I had to eat a big meal at night and I had to work hard. Xiaoming consulted some local friends and unanimously recommended this hotel called “Star Rock Grill” to try it. It is said to be a popular local red.
     Star Rock Grill (White River Commercial Street)
    Barbecue is the biggest feature, but the slate barbecue equipment is a bit simpler. Is there a special smoke exhaust system?
    Popularity, the waiter has some feeling of not taking care of it. Many customers are doing their own cooking, and the waiter takes a look.I will give you a special guide and tell everyone how to deal with it more delicious.
    Corn wine, the color is attractive, and the taste is mellow.
    Raw squeezed peach juice, a more common local juice drink, is highly recommended.
    Regarding what to eat, if you have difficulty choosing, you may want to try a meal according to the recommendation of the waiter. Pork meat, beef and other meat foods are processed in advance, marinated into a taste, the amount is solid, and eating is not bad.
    Sauerkraut is the key to the greasy, and it is an indispensable taste with barbecue. This wonderful combination is the most northeastern feature on the tip of the tongue.
    This dry seasoning is very good, its appearance is not good, but it can continue to improve the deliciousness of the barbecue.
    Affordable, the amount is real, not too amazing, but the overall is OK, it is worth a try. However, as I mentioned above, since there is no smoke-exhausting facility, the meal will be picked up by the smoke from time to time. This tastes not so much, but it also discounts the overall dining experience.
     [7] Exploring the Korean Folk Village
    From the Erdaobaihe River to Dunhua, the road suddenly encountered wind and snow, and the sky and snow made people learn the violent and rough winter in the northeast.
     Play – Zhongcheng Village Korean Folk Experience
    My parents were very interested in the Korean culture. I originally planned to take them to Hongqi Village to see them. However, after communicating with the travel agency, I feel that the current commercial atmosphere of Hongqi Village is a bit heavy. Under the recommendation of Xiao Ming, we changed to a more For the minority Korean village, Zhongcheng Village, the travel agency also arranged for us to arrange related visits.
    The small villages are extremely clean, the street planning is very flat, and there are less than a hundred families, and the snow is more secluded and quiet.
    There are brightly colored murals everywhere in the village, which are very Korean and very beautiful.
    Under the guidance of Xiao Ming, we came to the courtyard of a family, and the enthusiastic Korean big sister went out to meet and lead us into the house. As soon as the curtains came in, the warmth of the warmth came to the forefront, and the eyes were full of ornaments with rich Korean characteristics.
    Big sister prepared spicy cabbage and cake for us. This taste is absolutely authentic.
    The house of the Korean family is heated by a fire called “Wen Tingbang” (meaning Wenshiyu). It burns in the kitchen pot, and its hot air and smoke pass through the underarm passage to the outside, which is very suitable for cold winter and cool summer in Northeast China. The climate is also suitable for the Korean way of life.
    Small objects are very interesting, playful and cute, and reflect the rich and varied daily life of traditional Korean people.
    Of course, for me, nothing can be more attractive than the beautiful Korean costumes!
    Mom also put on, fresh and beautiful with the girl, a Korean singer looks like a haha!
    The two of the girls took a group photo, and the Korean big sister looked at the smile and opened the flowers. From time to time, she praised: Sister, you are really like our people! Don’t say that people’s clothes are very special when they are put on, and they have some different styles and charms.
    After chatting with the big sister to have a good chat, I realized that their family moved from North Korea more than 30 years ago. When they came to the neighborhood, they took root and slowly became a family and established a happy life.
    The elder sister was very warm and hospitable. Before she left, she sent a ginseng to Xiao Ming. He saw that he was as thin as a chicken, so that he could make up for it.
     Eat – rice village mixed restaurant
    After lunch, we will settle in the urban area of ​​Dunhua. Search online. It looks like the rice cake with rice is very good, and it is also a Korean character. Let’s taste it.
     Rice Village Bibimbap
    The store is small, the decoration is exquisite, and the popularity is overwhelming.
    Rice Village Bibimbap is a chain fast food brand that specializes in Korean cuisine. Bibimbap is the main ingredient, and there are also a small amount of other hot dishes, staple foods and soups.
    Looking at the table next door and drinking rice wine, I feel good, but fortunately we also ordered a bottle to taste, the taste is acceptable.
    Iron plate mushroom, beef, salty and spicy, suitable for dinner.
    The signature spicy chicken feet, very very spicy, I did not expect this Korean food to be so enthusiastic!
    Iron plate Mingtai fish, the taste is a bit awkward to eat, not very tasty, I feel that it is not very good.
    The main stone pot bibimbap, to tell the truth, I am a little disappointed, the ingredients are rich, but the taste is relatively simple, the quality of the hot sauce is generally felt, pure salty and spicy, but also the doubts of the lord, the lack of layers on the aftertaste, leading to the whole bowl of bibimbap It’s a bit monotonous and it’s not surprising. In addition, rice with bibimbap is not as good as other ordinary rice in his house. The casserole is very hard, but the soft part of the rice is a bit sticky, and it makes people feel very tangled. Overall, the taste is a relatively ordinary experience. I feel that there are too many unnecessary improvements, but it is better than clean and fast service. If you pass by, you can try it, but there is no need to come and taste it.
     [eight] Jilin Dream Fog Island
    Arrive in downtown Jilin, drive around and experience the retro and vitality of this northeastern old city.
    The biggest attraction in Jilin in the winter is the smog. The terrain is low and the river is surrounded by water. However, when the hot and cold air meets, it can form a large area of ​​trees and become one of the most representative natural scenery in the North.
     Stay – Jinmao Emerald Holiday Hotel
    Accommodation in Jilin is located in Jinmao Emerald Holiday Hotel, which is located near the bustling business district. The transportation is convenient, and the towering landmark buildings are very attractive in the local area.
    The decoration is warm, the equipment is novel, the accommodation experience is perfect, the sound insulation effect is first-class, and there is nothing wrong with the bottled drinking water. It should be the most cost-effective hotel.
    Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see the urban scenery of Jilin City. Although it is a cold-colored scene, the dimly lit lights in the house make a good reconciliation, which makes people feel comfortable.
    The bathroom is clean and tidy, and it feels very reassuring.
    The hotel’s service staff is professional and enthusiastic. In short, whether it is hardware or software, the performance of this hotel is beyond my expectations.
     Eat – old spring cake
    We are all big fish and we want to find something to eat at home.
    Laochangchun cake, in the northeast area of ​​the chain price of high-end chain restaurant, home cooking is not expensive, the weight is enough, has been recognized by the majority of Northeastern diners. Drive to the Wanda Center in the north of Jilin City, where the Laochang Spring Cake Branch is well received.
     Old spring cake
    The dining environment is much better than the one I used to eat in Harbin. It is simple, tidy and has no shortage of Northeastern features. It feels very comfortable.
    The waiter arranges the seat directly, very enthusiastic, and will give some pertinent suggestions when ordering.
    Both small dishes and soup porridge are eaten casually, but unfortunately, a large pot of porridge has not been replenished after we have finished drinking it. It is estimated that it is close to snoring.
    With the full set of spring cakes, we need extra points, we have not missed one, egg sauce and noodle sauce are very delicious.
    The most popular hot dish of Laochangchun cake is spicy pork! The tender pork loin, accompanied by the oily parsley, the taste is simply ecstasy, and the intimate thing is that this pepper is placed separately from the shredded pork, this rough dish is a lot more refined. The old Changchun cake in Harbin is also like this. It seems to be the traditional tradition of the hotel.
    Fish-flavored pork, less hot, more sweet and sour, more suitable for the taste of the Northeast.
    Stir-fried okra is an eye-opener, because I eat more iced okra in the south. I didn’t expect it to be fried. The taste is quite amazing.
    Individuals don’t recommend his family’s gluten, a bit oily, very thin, not too good to tear. It must be their main traditional spring cake, small fire, thin and not broken, fragrant and delicious, wrapped with spicy pork with the entrance, the delicious taste brought by ordinary food can also let you fly to heaven.
    Unexpectedly, the bacon is also superb, tender and incomparable, with endless aftertaste, and the faint charcoal atmosphere makes people very enjoyable.
     Play – Haze Island Han Han
    Appreciate the weather in the misty islands. Be sure to check the weather in advance. We must leave early on the day of departure. We will leave at 6 in the morning.
    In terms of location selection, everyone usually goes to Han Han or Zeng Tong Village. Compared with Zengtong Village, Zengtong Village has more original ecology and fewer tourists. It is not too contaminated with commercialization, but the facilities are not perfect, and the transportation is not convenient. Han Han is known as the “First Village of China’s Haze Wonderland”. “It is also one of the best places to watch the smog. It is mature and convenient, and it is only necessary to cross the iron bridge from Hanyu to Haze Island.” In order to ensure the comfort of parents travel, we still chose Han Wei, tickets 80 yuan, you can buy on the spot.
     Haze Island
    I haven’t crossed the bridge yet, and the landscape on the river bank has already surprised me. The crystal clear frost is under the rising warm sun, giving off a faint pink luster.
    Unlike the thick lines of other northeastern scenery, the smoky island’s charm is more feminine and dreamy. The Qiongzhi jade leaves on the banks of the river and the misty scenery brought by the fog on the island reflect each other, and people are convinced by the innocence and romance of nature.
    The contrast of warm and cold tones makes this smog like a coral in the deep sea.
    According to the local staff, our luck is really good. It is the second large-scale smog in the local area this year. The two sides of the river are full of fantastic scenery like “Thousands of Trees and Pear Blossoms”.
    The island has an authentic shaman cultural custom performance, which has become the focus of tourists.
    With the snow sculpture of God, I looked at everything around me with vigilance.
    At first I thought it was a big dog. If you don’t see it right, it’s a fox! This snow fox is called Dabai, and one of the snow animals arranged by the scenic spots to interact with the tourists is so cute that people can’t help but touch it.
    When the mother saw it, she couldn’t move completely.I like it very much, I am more than just seeing me! It is also a good thing to say that this white, but when someone wants to hug it, it becomes particularly docile.
    His eyes were still thinking that it was laughing.
    The waterfall on the island is not completely frozen. The rushing water is splashing, the water vapor is filled, the orange and the blue mist meet here, and the dream is generally unreal.
    Back on the snow, the little guy looked around curiously.
    The eyes are always cohesive, full of smiles, and make people happy.
    There are also a lot of ice and snow sports nearby for visitors to experience.
    Suddenly there was a bang in the sky, and the red and green team appeared on the snow. It turned out to be a singer performance in the folklore of the Northeast. It was very interesting.
    This uncle has become the focus of many tourists taking pictures. The appearance of the line is particularly sensational, and the shape is also in line with the public’s standard definition of the Northeastern Han.
    Although the smog is beautiful, it doesn’t last long. When we are going on the way home, the snow crystals on the river bank are obviously much less. The smog generally lasts for 2-3 hours, so if you want to appreciate its charm, you must make a reasonable schedule.
     Eat – Xijia De Dumplings
    I rushed back to the Jilin hotel from Han Wei, and I missed the hotel’s breakfast time perfectly, so I decided to eat Brunch warm body before leaving Jilin.
    Xijiade Dumplings, a well-known chain brand in the Northeast, is now growing in size and coverage.
    The kitchen workshop in clear glass allows customers to see the whole process of food production.
    All kinds of home-made side dishes are delicious, but the weight is more delicate.
    Dumplings definitely don’t say that the bags are smooth and chewy, and the fillings are very solid. The combination of vegetables and shrimps makes the fillings very delicious.
    The authentic prawns are very enjoyable to eat. Although this Xijiade is the same as the one I have been in Harbin, the service is a little bit unsatisfactory. I always feel that the manpower is not enough, but the quality of the food is absolutely guaranteed.
     [9] Changchun’s short stay
    Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province, is the terminus of our trip to the northeast. When I come here, it means that my parents’ travel is coming to an end.
    Unlike the sense of weight given by Jilin, Changchun seems to be more prosperous.
    The trams that travel through the city become a beautiful landscape.
     Play – Puppet Palace Museum
    The must-see place of Changchun is definitely the Puppet Manchurian Palace.
    This is the place where Pu Yi lived for 14 years as a pseudo-Manchurian emperor. The rich exhibits are the most important part of the visit. Through the stories behind these “historic witnesses”, people can get a deeper understanding of the last generation. The bleak years of the royal family.
     Puppet Manchurian Palace Museum
    Tickets are 80 yuan, you can enjoy certain discounts when you buy online.
    The museum can be divided into two parts: the inner court of Puyi’s daily life and the foreign courts that carry out political life. There are such attractions as Qixilou, Zhonghemen, Huaiyuanlou and Tongde Hall. The above picture is a recommended route given by the official website of the museum.
    The symbolic building of the Puppet Palace, Tongde Hall.
    In the Tongde Hall, you can feel the style of the fusion of Chinese and Western architecture.
    The whole palace is magnificent, butAccording to legend, Pu Yi almost never worked here because he suspected that the Japanese were heavily covered with eavesdropping equipment, so the empty building completely became a symbol.
    Western-style fountain, but the staff is also standing next to the “Do not invest, thank you for cooperation” sign.
    There is a treasure exhibition on the 2nd floor of Huaiyuan Building, mainly the items that Puyi carried when fleeing from the Forbidden City. There are also a few treasures that he received tribute during the Northeast, reflecting the personal taste of the last royal family compatible with Chinese and Western and the epitome of luxury life.
    The last empress of the empress, life is also full of tragic colors.
    In the 1st floor garage, the classic car of Pu Yi was displayed, very angry.send.
    Qinmin Building is the main office of Puyi. It is a two-story square building.
    A room in the Qinmin Building is said to have been held here for the third time.
    The corner restaurant is very worth seeing, and the exquisite decoration is enough to see people’s respect for Western culture.
    The cat in the courtyard is not afraid of people, and the body is quite fat. It is estimated that someone is secretly feeding.
    Pu Yi and his “post-squatting” dormitory, the Xixi Building, have traces of their daily life.
    Puyi’s hairdressing room is said to have been cut by the Japanese, and the broken hair is collected every time and the collection is marked by date to indicate the preciousness of the “emperor” hair.
    There is also a theme exhibition called “From Emperor to Citizen” in the museum, which is highly recommended! Combined with the life and rain of Pu Yi, the exhibition reproduces the unbearable memories of the turbulent era. As Premier Zhou Enlai once said, “We have transformed the last emperor, this is a miracle in the world.” Walk into Puyi and learn about his story so that we can get more inspiration.
     Eat – Xinjingji Old Soup Noodle
    I have been away from home for a week, and my father missed the thrill of eating noodles. He drove around the city in a circle and happened to meet the old soup noodles. Come and taste it.
    This hotel has a feeling of canteen, cold dishes can be platter, the weight is super large, and the price is extremely close to the people, so we can not help but feel the low price of Changchun!
    Large meat noodles, good taste, noodles, but the toppings are slightly oily and eaten a little more greasy.
     Stay – Jacques Town Holiday Inn
    The last night’s stay was set at the Holiday Inn Changchun Jac City Town.
    The decoration here is full of literary and artistic styles, quite interesting, European style is warm and elegant, even the father and mother look at it.
    This is the only hotel we have ever encountered to provide an air humidifier, a little rare. Of course, there are also some minor problems, such as sound insulation, and the lack of heating. This is a bit fatal in the Northeast. The hotel is only relying on geothermal heating, but the heat is limited. My room is a little colder, and the air conditioning in the room is Unable to open, the same as the display, the key is that after I reflected this problem with the hotel staff, the other party did not provide any constructive solutions.
    The colored tiles in the bathroom are very characteristic.
    Breakfast is also very rich, the northeast small stir-fry with Western-style light meals, everyone needs.
    In the hotel lobby, there is a Christmas-themed New Year dress, which is sure to be young.People’s love.
    Another point worthy of praise is that the snack bar in his hall is a free tasting, drinking water, apples and cookies can be eaten casually.
     Eat – Urach Banner Manchu Hot Pot
    The last reunion dinner must be lively, then nothing can be more happy than eating hot pot.
    The Urach Banner Manchu Hot Pot has a good reputation in the local area, and we come to taste it.
    The decoration of the hotel is elegant and elegant, and it has the characteristics of the Northeast.
    The private dining room is named after the Eight Banners. The dining utensils are not lacking in Manchu culture, which shows the degree of care of the restaurant.
    What’s even more embarrassing is that their family’s cold dishes, fruits, drinks, snacks, ice cream and ice cream are all free!
    There are three more designated beer drinks all day long without collecting money!
    The people of Changchun are too happy. If such a hotel is opened in other cities in the north, it will close down in three days!
    According to reports, the bottom of the broth is prepared according to the ancestral recipe, and it is really fresh.
    After Xiao Ming’s strict evaluation of the meat-professional household, the meat is absolutely real, and the fat beef and lamb are very tender.
    Whether it’s dishes, the environment or the service, the performance of this hotel is remarkable, and it also marks a perfect ending for our trip to the Northeast.
     [10] Say goodbye to Longjia Airport
    Xiao Ming sent us to the airport, so I didn’t go over and parted ways.
    The real driver, who brought us countless laughter and laughter along the way, parents especially like this Northeast guy.
     Changchun Longjia International Airport
    My parents will return to their hometown on a flight, and I will return to Shenzhen. Longjia Airport has witnessed our Yiyi farewell. Creating some wonderful memories with your family is so easy. Once upon a time, I thought that it was extremely unrealistic to take a parent to travel. I was worried about quarrels, worried about accidents, and worried that the differences in lifestyles would not make them happy, but looking back at the road, Despite the differences, more is the mutual understanding and cherishment between the family – I have the opportunity to enter their past, they have the opportunity to understand my present, we have walked together for a beautiful journey, and This will be a topic we can’t talk about for a long time.
    I am already thinking about taking a moment to take the old couple to go shopping in Xinmatai and let them experience the tropical style of Southeast Asia.
    Some things, once you decide to do it, you are half successful.
    I love the big mountain lake and the sea of ​​stars. I am obsessed with the colorful world of flowers and flowers, but my parents’ smile is also the most gorgeous scenery in the world. Poetry and the distant sky, with their companionship, the journey will be warmer and more reminiscent.
    It’s not too late to leave, don’t let excuses such as “waiting again” and “still early and early” become an eternal obstacle to bring your parents to the distance. 【END】

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