Can’t eat spicy, can also be happy in Changsha for a summer (going to eat card + )

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Star City Impression | This place is a bit hot
    These years ago, I passed through Changsha and said five or six times, but I have never had a chance to stop. In fact, I really want to take a good look at the city and observe people and things from my own perspective.
    Of course, to a large extent, it is also a temptation to escape the tip of the tongue. After all, as a country’s food city with very distinctive regional characteristics, Changsha has spread the Hunan cuisine to the north and south of the country.
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    The best way to remember a place is to remember the tastes that cannot be copied;
    The enjoyment of the taste buds is fleeting, but the embarrassment between them is also concluded.
    As a foodie, this is the creed that I have always admired…
    Friends invited Xiaoju Xingcheng, such a good opportunity to miss, the stomach of the avatar walking alone!
    I am a typical northerner. It is not a strong point to eat spicy food. However, whoever cares for the unfamiliar food of the goose, depends on the cold white and the ice drink!
    As a result, it was defeated in the era of smoking, and it was hot to doubt life.
    Friends jokingly – as you bear, do you want to challenge the lantern?
    Spicy, that’s really spicy, unforgettable…
    Therefore, my first impression of Changsha is the hotness in Hot! Spicy that will never be forgotten in a lifetime!
    Of course, spicy can not be a barrier to self-realization of a professional food, can not eat spicy, still can be a summer in Changsha Fun! In the four days, all kinds of shopping and eating, so the result of indulgence of self is that the weight is soaring 4 pounds. Dieting and fitness program? All avoiding haha!
    To sum up the meaning of the English word Hot is more popular, my second impression of Changsha is, hot!
    Going to the Orange Island, it’s like washing back to the free sauna; shuttle between the mountains of Yuelu, sweating back to dehydration.
    So that later, whenever I saw these photos of Changsha in the distance, this steaming city could still bring infinite enthusiasm like a small sun…
    The city of the stove, the name is well-deserved.
    In addition, Changsha, which I have in mind, has a heavy cultural heritage, so there will always be a sense of time. Grandfather Mao once “pointed to the mountains and spurred the words” in the Orange Island. There are too many historical and cultural celebrities here. There may be hidden stories in any of the inconspicuous corners.
    As a result, I took the subway from Changsha to the vicinity of the hotel. As soon as I got out of the station, the towering IFS immediately refreshed my understanding of Changsha. The stereotype in my mind was in sharp contrast with the modern scene.
    Changsha, it is so modern and prosperous!
    Later, I knew that Changsha IFS happened to be the tallest building in Hunan Province.
    After a few days of understanding, Changsha is a city that is full of ancient and modern, warm and happy. In addition to eating and drinking, all foreign tourists can find the most comfortable pastime here.
    麓 巍巍 巍巍, Xiangshui long; a city, thousands of styles.
    These are also my third impression of Changsha – the enthusiasm and enthusiasm in Hot.
    But to say that a city is hot and welcoming, in fact, in the end it is a person who describes life here.
    The straightforwardness of Changsha’s character is famous throughout the country, sometimes likePeppers are as hot as an acute one. They often can’t wait for a road and even a green light. A few waves of people come together and smashed the red light. Changsha people may be the southerners who are least like the southerners, but the point I like to deal with them is that they are often very smart, courageous, decisive, and responsible. It is simple and easy to get along with.
    And the Changsha dialect is particularly funny, even though the tricks are a bit big. The one or two Changsha words that Mangtai Taili Wang Han and He Wei often sneak out are always bright, but in reality, Changsha people inadvertently talked about “professionalism”, “just cooking” or even “brain shell”. At these times, some of the inexplicable cute spots can always hit my smile.
    Lotte, contentment, and entertaining spirit may also be common to all Changsha people. Perhaps it is influenced by the happy spirit of Hunan Satellite TV. The people here always feel happy. The square dance is not to be said. Even in the downtown area, street performances and art shows can be seen. Various forms and patterns are emerging one after another. The beggars who arrived did not seem to be so devoid of other places…
    Another thing that makes me feel interesting is that we generally think that in the city’s high-speed rail station, real estate and tourism advertisements should be more common. The result is that Changsha South Station – good guy, the style of painting makes me unprepared, overwhelming Is a marriage intermediary advertising haha!
    In the end, what Changsha people impressed me most was that at the crucial moment, no matter how old or young, men, women and children could stand up and help each other. I saw a man driving a motorcycle driving in the rain, the road slipping, and the road fell, together with The luggage that I carried was spilled into the ground. As a result, all the local pedestrians passing by did not say that they had to go to help pick up the cockroaches. Some even had no umbrellas and rushed under the roof of the sheltered rain to take the lead. This kind of picture makes me remember especially deep, and it makes me feel the cuteness and enthusiasm of Changsha people.
    National historical and cultural city, red city, the most happy city, the capital of food, the world media art capital…
    Aside from the auras that come with them, even if it is a short story, Changsha can’t be said in a few words, so I can only summarize it with the English word Hot. For me, Hot’s description also happens to be the most intuitive and relevant:
    Changsha = spicy + hot + passionate!
    Changsha has gone out of the great people who let us stand up in the mountains, but now the civilians here are casual, happy, simple, and natural. The atmosphere of the fireworks can also reveal the most relaxed attitude of life. These also make me admire, I will miss it occasionally.
     Lushan National Forest Park
    Can’t eat spicy, can also be happy in Changsha for a summer!
    This travel note should not be the best one I have ever written, but it is definitely the coolest and happiest piece to write!
    The whole article is in one go, and there are tables and tables!
    [Gourmet articles] The various styles of Changsha snack foods that have been experienced in the collection, let you know how terrible a delicious food is;
    [Attraction articles] Violently test the red landmarks in the city of Changsha, although the food is the main, but come, come by the way;
    [莽山篇] Use the weekend to return to nature, enjoy the scenery of Lushan, and by the way, discuss the tourism development (Cao) of Zhangzhou;
    [Raiders] A variety of information you need to know, as well as love from the warm man Tips!
     [Gourmet articles] Just the old days, spray the fragrance!
    The face of Yang Yuxing, the duck of Xu Changxing, the buns of Deyuan are really good.
    Hutchison’s powder, the face of the semi-Yating, the snack of the fire palace is spicy and spicy
    The old songs that have been circulating in Changsha for a long time, the old-fashioned foods involved in them are all local classics. If you are still in a foggy state after coming to Changsha, you can taste the taste of old Changsha with these tips.
    But, over time, people’s living habits and dietary preferences are constantly changing. Some new foods are gradually on the stage and popular, and the reputation of these net red restaurants is really good, and is popular with the public, challenging the traditional cuisine of old Changsha in the past. Authority.
    Old taste VS new experience? Who is awesome, who is a pit?
    The most taboo thing to eat in this matter is to talk about the paper, and come to the two in person, naturally seeing the difference.
    Of course, there are always some subjective elements on the brand of food – so the following introductions are all from a northern lineage, settled in the south, not very spicy, and recently called the uncle’s personal assessment in the dieting diet! After each part of the content, I will only sort out the star rating (five-star system) for each food I have personally experienced, but I will also recommend other related foods.
    First of all, we have to figure out the regional distribution of Changsha cuisine, which is conducive to planning the route and eating it all.
    1. The first place recommended by the individual is Dong Guashan, the local night shrine, the late night dining hall, metChangsha people generally recommend it here. “No nights, no Changsha”, if you have time, feel free to go.
    2. The second place is more famous. Taiping Old Street, where snacks are gathered, every night is crowded with people, but there are still many tourists.
    3. But what I recommend the most is the Pozi Street on the map. One of the four famous eating streets in China, the location is very convenient. It can be connected with Sanwang Street, Hisense Plaza, Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street and Yuefang Shopping Plaza. The streets and alleys are fragrant everywhere. If you just stroll through it, at least 70% of the food in Changsha will have a chance to taste.
    There are many famous Hunan food signs such as Xinhua Building, Fire Palace, Laojie Fish Mouth, Yang Yuxing, etc. Wenhua Friends, Luo Ji, Black Classic and other famous snack chains are also widely distributed in this area. More foods are waiting to be discovered, even Old Changsha are not necessarily all tried.
     1.1 Tea color
    Undoubtedly, as the hottest chain of drinks in Changsha, the popularity of the tea is really too high! The first place in the local absolute red drink, no one!
    Before coming to Changsha, I had already heard the name of Sexy Tea. The tourists on the Internet and the locals all tried to recommend it. I also suspected that they hired the water army to speculate.
    When I got to the scene, the long queues in front of each door shop explained everything, and the customers were willingly waiting, and the good word of mouth was really not blown out.
    The shop on the map is located in the middle of Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street. In fact, there are many shops in Changsha, and there are four or five branches in the pedestrian street entrance and Pozi Street. If you are too troublesome, you may want to change the regional test with less passenger flow. test.
    On the Jiefang West Road, the branch opposite IFS, there are often fewer customers, I usually buy it here.
    Some larger stores offer dine-in areas, and smaller outlets, like other street-drink shops, offer order-only and meal-taking counters.
    However, the decoration of the facade is still very style, exquisite and elegant. The combination of English elements and Chinese style is not inconsistent. Instead, it is a kind of literary temperament that is beautiful and refined. There is a sense of coolness in Sexy.
    Despite the good business, the waiters did not have any scorn, and every customer was very attentive. The smile on his face was very comfortable.
    It is worth mentioning that if you buy tea in any of the teas, you will get a loyalty card, a drink and a score for 1 cup, and you can get a drink for free in the city of Changsha.
    Vocal oolong
    Poetic name
    Slightly simple appearance but hidden in the unusual taste
    The fragrant milk cover has no sweet feeling.
    Instead, it’s a bit refreshing.
    After the tongue has been infiltrated by the milk foam
    The sweetness of oolong tea will follow
    That feeling is as beautiful as a breeze.
    Youlan Latte
    Absolute signboard
    The fragrant nuts open a pleasant taste bud
    Milk and tea tastes complement each other
    coffeeThe mellowness of the mellow
    Silky and fragrant rich taste for a long time
    Let the old lady’s heart sway
    In addition to the orchids and the sound of the oolong, the store also promoted a tea that is probably called “fireworks and cold”, which is also a fragrant type, and the other new product is called “fairy”. According to the introduction, it is mainly dragon fruit and Oranges are blended, but netizens evaluate them in general.
    Name: Tea color
    Address: Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street, Jiefang West Road, Pozi Street, Taiping Old Street
    Per capita: 15 yuan
    Environment: ★★★★☆
    Taste: ★★★★★
    Service: ★★★★★
     1.2 Black Classic
    Don’t eat stinky tofu in Changsha, ask yourself – is it white? Is life incomplete?
    The reputation of black classic Changsha stinky tofu, but the food has been passed down from mouth to mouth, although the current imitators or franchisees all over the country, but the most authentic taste, but also in Changsha.
    I have been on “Everyday”, and with this endorsement, I have to roll it in front of the TV screen of each store, and free advertising.
    There are a lot of people waiting in line, remember – first pay the money on the right side, then take the small ticket to the left to line up for food!
    The stinky tofu in the impression, it should be that people have not seen the true face of Lushan, they have been smoked to the side by the hot scent of the scent, but the authentic stinky tofu in Changsha is really not so violent, aggressive, just slight One point, more is the aroma of fried splashes, um, it’s really good!
    The staff moved the black stinky tofu and carefully poked a small hole in each piece to make it easier for the subsequent sauce to penetrate and make the tofu more delicious.
    Black caribou with a fascinating shine
    The moment at the entrance is crisp and crisp.
    Outside the tenderness of the tender taste
    Surrounded by chili sauce
    Also brought full happiness and contentment
    this moment
    Is the most enjoyment of “Xiang”
    In addition, the black classics also sell Changsha classic snacks represented by large sausages, pure meat, authentic, recommended one.
    Name: Black classic Changsha stinky tofu
    Address: Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street, Jiefang West Road, Pozi Street, Taiping Old Street
    Per capita: 10 yuan
    Environment: ★★★☆☆
    Taste: ★★★★☆
    Service: ★★★☆☆
     Wenheyou old Changsha stinky tofu
    Personally, Changsha’s stinky tofu market is basically in the state of black classics, Wenheyou and Luo X (“remember” and “home”).
    Speaking of taste alone, in fact, Wen and friends are comparable to black classics, and whether they like to be different from person to person.
    Generally speaking, the black classic is more crispy, while Wenhe’s stinky tofu is more spicy, and the radish is also placed in the small material.
    Bolognese stinky tofu – 10 yuan / serving
    Seafood stinky tofu – 20 yuan / serving
    However, compared to Wenhe’s big sausage, it is more famous, fresh and chewy, and the general store will sell it with stinky tofu, but like the picture above, sometimes it will be fried and stinky tofu. The two door shops are sold separately (Pozi Street).
     Wenheyou old Changsha big sausage
    This is the Wenhe and Laochang Changsha sausage on Taiping Old Street. It is the most well-known one in Changsha. It is the oldest brand, the most authentic, and the taste is guaranteed.
    However, according to netizens’ feedback, some people will feel a bit tired and have a little more fat.
     Luojia Stinky Tofu (Huangxing South Road)
    Continue to talk about stinky tofu, and finally say Luo X (“remember” and “home”), telling me that I have not understood the relationship between Luo Ji and Luo Jia until now. Do the two stinky tofu have some love and hate? Welcome friends from Changsha to answer questions, thank you.
    The two stinky tofus are also very popular. In recent years, they are very hot in Changsha. However, what I can’t accept is that the two stinky tofus basically put the mustard, and the taste smells a bit overwhelming.
     1.3 Yang Yuxing
    Yang Yuxing is a hundred-year-old brand of Changsha. The pasta here has long been loved by local people. It is famous for its famous reputation and excellent signboards, plus its own good pasta. It is natural to take time to try.
     This head office is located on the right side of the entrance to Sanwang Street.
    Since I specifically missed the meal, the number of diners dining in the lobby on the first floor is not too much. After the meal, I will find a table to sit down.
    However, it is a pity that the table was not cleaned. When I wanted to change to other places, I found that the tables around were similar.
     After the order is completed, the ticket must be handed over to the waiter in the hall who is responsible for serving the food. The remaining service is completely self-service, and the place to take the tableware is not too obvious.
    Although some psychological preparations are indeed not the peak of passenger flow, the dining atmosphere in this restaurant is really uncomfortable, and the staff’s service is hard to talk about, and some are cold.
    I ordered the chili pork noodles and waited for 20 minutes. I was speechless.
    Perhaps this is also a common problem of some old brands. It is famous, and some are old-fashioned and old-fashioned.
    Chili pork noodles
    Full weight
    A bowl of noodles is still quite amazing
    The toppings are not as hot as they are.
    Added rich flavor
    The heavy oil noodles exudes a strong salty smell
    It’s a pity that there is less enough to remember.
    Egg base smooth and smooth
    But it’s also a bit dry and stiff.
    Yang Yuxing’s best-selling noodle is the original soup beef noodles, which I just packaged for my friends.
    As a result, the waiter who took my small ticket forgot to forget, the kitchen was late to eat, and the other waiter insisted that I only ordered one face. Moreover, the staff at the single point was just right, no one docked. – All this is seamless, which made me quite embarrassed.
    Back to the food itself, the taste of the beef noodles is better than that of the beef. But the beef is also big enough, but it is also too big and hard. We are not eating too much.
    On the noodles, maybe I am still more inclined to practice in Shaanxi.
    Name: Yang Yuxing (Sanwang Street)
    Address: 1st Floor, Sanwang Lidu Building, Sanwang Street
    Per capita: 18 yuan
    Environment: ★★★☆☆
    Taste: ★★★☆☆
    Service: ★★☆☆☆
     1.4 Four sister rice noodles
    For breakfast in Changsha, picking up a powder is everyday.
    In fact, many of the small noodles in Changsha are very good. For example, the breakfast rice noodles provided by our hotel are also full of color and flavor.
     Sister’s Flour House
    However, in the area of ​​Pozi Street, the fame of the four sisters rice noodles (the traditional flour mill of the sister-in-law) is loud and sound. It is said that Zhang Yixing is the favorite and has become a net red snack shop.
    The location is very good, just near the Pozi Street arch.
     The diners who come to visit are endless, this will be more than 10 in the morning, and everyone still enjoys it in the restaurant.
     There was a busy scene in the restaurant, but the whole was relatively clean, but it was a bit sultry, and it was only ventilated by electric fans.
    Beef flour is a classic
    Large pieces of braised pork meat
    a slippery rice noodle
    a spoonful of hot old soup
    Plus the celery grain embellishment
    The most enjoyable affordable experience
    May be like this
    Name: Sisters Traditional Flour Museum
    Address: 1st Floor, Xingyue Building, 128 Pozi Street
    Per capita: 15 yuan
    Environment: ★★★☆☆
    Taste: ★★★★☆
    Service: ★★★★☆
     1.5 to the dumplings
     To the group of pot dumplings (Pozi Street)
     The group of pot dumplings next door to the Fire Palace is believed to be the old-fashioned snack bar where many tourists come to pull the grass.
    The restaurant is not big, the history and characteristics of the dumplings to the group are hanging on the surrounding walls. The environment is not satisfactory. After all, it is an old name, so the psychological expectation will not be too high.
    The aunt in front of the ordering table will greet the guests on their own initiative. Other services are also self-service. If you take the tableware and tableware, the aunt will also give you a hint.
    The selling of pot dumplings is not appetizing
    But don’t be fooled by appearance
    In fact, it is even plainr to eat.
    Slightly thicker cortex
    The filling of fresh meat is just salty
    Rough taste and lack of soup
    If there is no pepper and vinegar
    Such fried dumplings are really a bit difficult to swallow.
    Maybe the main pot dumplings have shocked my expectations for the food here.
    The liqueur is rushing to the egg, but it makes people taste it again and again.
    Egg flowers spread like silk
    The sweetness of the rice wine is refreshing and delicious.
    Such clever match
    Very suitable for dissolving greasy dumplings
    Name: Xiangqun Dumpling (Pozi Street)
    Address: 2 Sanwang Street
    Per capita: 13 yuan
    Environment: ★★★☆☆
    Taste: ★★☆☆☆
    Service: ★★★☆☆
     1.6 Liangji Honey Candy Oil 粑粑
    There are not many sweets in Changsha cuisine, and the status of the scorpion is naturally led by the syrup.
    Liangji, a street shop specializing in honey-sweetened sugar, will pass by on the way to Taiping Old Street. Luojia stinky tofu is next to it, but the facade is very inconspicuous. Speaking of sugar oil, this store is widely acclaimed in Taiping Street.
    Always curious about sugar oil
    What kind of magic can win the hearts of the people?
    The crispy skin shines with golden luster
    a bite crisp
    Full of soft mouth
    This familiar feeling
    Touching some memories of my hometown
    Like the northern fried sugar cake
    But it’s hollow
    In fact, the sugar oil here is not too sweet, but if you eat too much, it is easy to dry your mouth, or it is better to drink some water.
    As I said above, because this taste is too much like the northern sugar cake, the high heat hidden in the little things makes me afraid, so I did not have a strong interest in sugar oil in Changsha.
    If you have enough time, your favorite friends can also try the Ligong Temple sugar-stained oysters and the Jinji sugar-stained oysters shop. The two are famous in the full-length sand.
    Name: Liangji Honey Candy Oil
    Address: Taiping Street, Wuyi Avenue (close to Luoji stinky tofu)
    Per capita: 10 yuan
    Environment: ★★☆☆☆
    Taste: ★★★☆☆
    Service: ★★★★☆
     1.7 Mom Tea
     MAMACHA Mom Tea
    Also as a new net red, the popularity of mom tea in Changsha is comparable to that of tea.
    Compared with the tea color, the choice of the mother tea shop is more particular, the distribution is not wide, but each store is very beautiful, INS style, simple, with a sense of design, especially the flagship store of Jiefang West Road, Transparent glass creates a full Nordic styleNaturally, it has become the focus of past customers.
    On the picture is the Taiping Street branch. The 2nd floor was under renovation at the time, so only one floor of the sales counter was opened.
     At the same time, desserts, cookies and other snacks are available, but the online reviews are average.
    Hisense branch, right at the entrance of the shopping center, the facade of the bright hall makes people feel very comfortable, and has not yet tasted it, it has already felt cool.
    It is also worth mentioning that the mother tea has a special “tall” cup, which makes people feel very full, but the actual one quarter is empty, a bit sultry haha, this is also Many friends are criticized.
    Strawberry tea fruit
    High-profile pink appearance
    The scent of fruit reverberates in the smooth sand
    Small fruit granules trigger the pleasure of drinking iced drinks
    Just a fleeting taste is a bit single
    But still a good summer good
    Orange, orange, tea, fruit
    Bright colors, appetite
    But the taste is equally law-abiding
    Lack of impressive features
    Name: MAMACHA Mom Tea
    Address: Jiefang West Road, Hisense Square, Taiping Old Street
    Per capita: 26 yuan
    Environment: ★★★★★
    Taste: ★★★☆☆
    Service: ★★★★☆
     1.8 Smoking era
     Yanyan era (Wuyi Huafu shop)
    For the third consecutive year, the list of popular brands that must be eaten by the public has been ranked among the best in the Changsha Hunan cuisine industry.
    However, it is a bit of awkwardness. The plan that we originally planned to go is the Xenon lamp next to it. As a result, the house number was too exaggerated to change here.
    Although it is necessary to line up after arrival, the size of the diners is obviously not so terrible, so it is about 15 minutes later.
    Tea, drinks, fruits, etc. are all available, waiting guests are not particularly boring, more creative, the waiter will organize everyone to play WeChat jump game, if a certain score is reached (for example, the threshold of 200 points) It is very interesting to have a meal discount.
    Up and down two floors, the light is slightly dark, but the decorative style of the literary fan is very popular, especially the display of some small objects, exquisite, showing the degree of intention of the restaurant in creating an atmosphere.
    The service here is absolutely not to say, the staff who come and go are very kind, and the customers are waiting for God. As long as someone screams, someone will respond and try their best to solve the various needs of the guests. Customers will also be prompted to apply for a restaurant membership card to enjoy certain benefits.
    Another impressive point is that there is a waiter who is responsible for evaluating the research. Whenever a customer eats and is about to leave, a little brother smiles and joins in to ask questions about today’s meal, what is worthy of praise, and which ones are worthy of praise. Eating unhappy and so on.
    The feeling here is not too much to describe as “home away from home”, the ultimate service will naturally return to the trust and loyalty of customers.
    Casserole with crispy tofu
    No expectations of the dishes
    But it brings an unparalleled taste and enjoyment
    Spicy, but not spicy
    Wrapped with wonderful sauce
    The tender tofu really sang the protagonist
    Very laid out
    Preserved egg, pepper, eggplant
    An eye-opening creative Hunan cuisine
    a slightly rough preserved egg
    After being broken, it is blended with other ingredients in a soft and slippery state.
    The taste of the pepper is thus softened
    Eggplant is also softer and tenderer
    Rich layer of taste buds
    Make people want to stop
    Small fried yellow beef
    The signature house here
    The tender flesh is full of tenacity
    But the taste of the sandwich is somewhat elastic.
    The small fire below does not stop heating
    The strong spicy taste gradually deepens
    When people are confused
    I also learned a truth –
    Authentic Hunan cuisine has a hot soul
    Fried pork with pepper
    Another classic representative of Hunan cuisine
    Whether it is weight or color
    All pleasing to the eye
    Just the presence of pickles
    Let this be purely spicy
    A little more salty smell of salt
    Name: Xiaoyan Yellow Beef (Wuyi Huafu Store)
    Address: 1st Floor, Wuyi Huafu, No. 58 Dongpailou Street
    Per capita: 85 yuan
    Environment: ★★★★★
    Taste: ★★★★☆
    Service: ★★★★★
     Lantern Restaurant
    Overall, the reputation of the smoky era is worthy of the name.
    Many people like to compare the smoky era with the neon lights. Indeed, the two Hunan cuisine brands are widely acclaimed, and they are among the best representatives of the Changsha Hunan cuisine industry. They are worthy of recommendation.
     Moreover, the number of guests who come to the Xenon lamp experience is bustling, and the situation of queuing calls is often desperate.
    According to local friends, the dishes of the Xenon lamp are “no spicy and not happy”, and the degree of spicyness is higher than that of the smoking era.
    Therefore, if you want to taste Hunan cuisine, but you have already lost in the smog era, then whether you want to continue to go to the Xenon lamp is especially worth considering. Of course, if you want to challenge the limit, or if you have already reached the level of madman who is not poisoned, then I believe that going to the lantern will be a very correct choice.
     1.9 fee chef chili fried meat
    For many people, to a large extent, judging a Hunan restaurant is not good, mainly relying on a bowl of chili fried meat (or farmer fried meat).
    After 20 years of ingenuity, only a dish is a little better, and it is undoubtedly a realm to make it simple. Nowadays, Chef’s chili fried meat has almost become a signature dish in Hunan.
    It happened to be in the vicinity of Wanda Plaza in Kaifu District, and I was alone at lunch time to taste the experience.
    Although it is close to 14 o’clock, there are still a lot of people waiting in line, and it takes about 20 minutes to officially enter the store.
    The interior style of the restaurant is a bit indescribable, so let’s define it with a fresh country style, but it is very clean and the bright colors make you feel good.
    Service praise, treat each guest to be respectful, many parents with children, the waiter will send balloons, help bring children, just to let everyone have a good memory here.
     The fried pork is very fragrant and it is very tasty. This is the reason – 6 hours of fried, 300 days of grain, 20 years of skill.
    I remember that I only said that I wanted a bowl of rice. As a result, the waiter brought the rice cooker up, and I was really shocked. I thought so much, I couldn’t get it.
    However, according to his own performance, such concerns are a bit redundant.
    The hot rice is naturally full of sincerity, and the grainy northeast rice is very fragrant.
    Steamed egg
    Big bowl of Q bombs
    Genuine civilian food
    Maybe the natural ingredients
    Maybe a layer of shallow gravy enhances freshness
    The moment of the entrance is full of good taste
    Well-deserved chili fried meat
    Well-deserved signature dish
    Evenly fleshy fat and thin
    The fragrance is overflowing and not greasy
    Select the authentic Hunan Jianjiao
    Guaranteed spicyness without sacrificing
    The presence of white fungus makes the taste cool and crispy.
    Oily and fragrant
    Extremely down
    Three bowls of rice have been laid
    But the mood is as smooth as streaking at the beach
    For god horse
    For the god horse, let me eat such a delicious chili fried meat.
    What to do if you can’t eat it later! ! !
    Had to plan to write after the travel
    Fly to the Shenzhen branch and come back again.
    Name: Fei Chef’s Chili Fried Meat (Wanda Plaza)
    Address: 4th Floor, Wanda Plaza, 589 Xiangjiang Middle Road
    Per capita: 69 yuan
    Environment: ★★★★★
    Taste: ★★★★★
    Service: ★★★★★
     1.10 Walnut
    Don’t think that I am funny, even in the walnuts all over the country, have to comment?
    But the fact is that the food in the walnuts is really different. The food at the door of Changsha is very grounded. There are many Hunan dishes, the overall taste is acceptable, and friends who are not too noisy and too busy to pursue the environment and atmosphere. In fact, Walnut is really a wise and reliable choice.
    Location can not be too good, close to IFS, must be online in advance, or the extent of the scene can be immediately urged to retreat.
    The literary and artistic style is full, the dress is very sensational, and the singer’s flicking sings make the beautiful and soft notes float in the air, adding a lot to the dining experience.
    Since the end of the World Cup was over, the finals were just around the corner and the football elements in the pub were all over.
     It is a good place to relax and have a casual date, as if you are in a dream.
    The second little brother who sang that night sang, singing and singing, and there was a taste.
    There will always be some surprises in the middle of the show. For example, the big birthday star will burst out on the big screen, and the pub will send out a big gift!
    Iced Perilla Peaches
    a few slices of basil leaves
    Delivering a hint of mint fragrance
    Let the sweet peaches cool and cool
    Can’t help but make people think
    Perilla peach ginger
    How much better
    Geely octopus cake
    Cute cartoon shape
    But the ketchup is too salty
    Destroyed the original taste of the food
    Hunan flower version of the five flowersSauerkraut
    The taste is not extraordinary
    Big bowl of organic cauliflower
    Inheriting the fine tradition of Changsha Hunan cuisine
    Bright color
    Meat parsley tender
    Preferred for dinner
    If you want to experience the local bar culture in Changsha, it is recommended to visit the Hualongchi Bar Street.
    Name: Walnut Music Tavern (Simenkou)
    Address: 248 Jiefang West Road (near IFS)
    Per capita: 85 yuan
    Environment: ★★★★★
    Taste: ★★★☆☆
    Service: ★★★★☆
     1.11 handsome biscotti
     Handsome Brother Biscuits (Denggao Road)
    From the Hunan University to Yuelu Mountain, I got a handsome guy on the Denggao Road.
    I went through the “every day” and since then, the fire has not been received, which has opened the way for the development of the net red snack bar.
    Although there are already big billboards and LOGOs, the environment of the stalls is a bit simplistic and somewhat miserable.
    The handsome guy of that year should have been upgraded to the boss. The little brother in front of him is not the “handsome guy” in the past. After he was busy with his own, he was ordering the bill and preparing the food himself. He was too busy.
    Net red three-in-one
    Its appearance is not good
    Loin + egg + sausage
    Are simple ingredients
    Let the lettuce make the soft cake more crisp
    Fortunately, the mix of cumin powder and sauce
    Let this ordinary food also reproduce extraordinary vitality
    Name: Handsome Brother Biscuits (Hu Dadian)
    Address: 42 Denggao Road, Dongfanghong Square
    Per capita: 8 yuan
    Environment: ★★☆☆☆
    Taste: ★★★☆☆
    Service: ★★★☆☆
     1.12 Centennial Park
     Old German Garden Buns
    The signing of Baiyin Deyuan in Changsha’s restaurant industry has been enduring for a long time, and may have formed an inextricable emotional connection with the lives of local people.
    The main store is located in Houjiatang. You need to take a subway to take a trip. The stalls on the left side are mainly for take-out. The restaurant on the right is mainly for rice noodles, rice, rice and other meals. Of course, you can order the buns and bring them to the restaurant.
    How many big buns do you know?
    Some fillings are really special. Generally, we recommend scallop bags, fresh meat bags, salted vegetables and so on.
     Selling is not bad, big, white, steaming hot air makes people appetite.
    Lotus yolk package
    The most surpriseful existence
    Sand-like lotus seed has a silky taste
    Sweet has not been exhausted
    Big egg yolk appears
    Can’t hit the sensitive tip of the tongue
    Even eating moon cakes
    Can’t compare this wonderful feeling
    Traditional old craftsmanship
    The filling is reasonable and elegant
    Meat is tight and full
    Centuries old shop with deep heart
    Fresh pork scallops – fresh and delicious
    Golden hook fresh meat package – salty and palatable
    Pleurotus eryngii meat bag – full of soup
    Mulled wine
    Digestive weapon
    Solve the good
    Name: Baiyian Deyuan (Houjiatang)
    Address: No. 98, Section 3, Furong Middle Road
    Per capita: 16 yuan
    Environment: ★★★☆☆
    Taste: ★★★★☆
    Service: ★★★★☆
     1.13 King Shrimp
    The final part of the food section is naturally left to the most representative food in Changsha – the taste of shrimp.
    As the street in the country and the food that everyone is talking about, Changsha crayfish has always been strong. Delicious shrimp meat, served with cold dishes, a few glasses of small wine, and the fairy goddess!
    Changsha’s famous restaurants include Wenhe You’s Sharon Shrimp Museum, Pan Kee Shrimp, and Steamed Shrimp, but local friends took us all the way to the Swordfish in Xiangjiang Century City.
    Shortly after the birth of this store, it was widely praised by local foodies. It was located on a street in the nightingale. It was not a dining peak but also very lively. There were several tables of guests outside, and the business of other food stalls around the market was obviously deserted. Some, contrasting, more to show that the quality of crayfish here is quite guaranteed.
    The indoor air conditioner is more attractive to us. Sitting down by the window, the waiter is very diligent and will introduce the characteristics of various crayfish.
    Secret brine shrimp
    Seductive hot body color
    Ecstasy curved posture
    Let me who do not like shrimp have appetite
    But people can’t stop
    Can’t stop
    And enjoy it
    Taste flower
    Slightly inferior
    Salty taste is somewhat single
    There is a little sand
    So the taste is rough
    Taste flower
    Slightly inferior
    Salty taste is somewhat single
    There is a little sand
    So the taste is rough
    The best sirloin
    Gorgeous taste feast
    Maybe there is sugar to join
    Let the spicy taste be soft and eternal
    Easy to peel
    Tight white meat is very attractive
    One bite is full of soup
    What’s rare is that the bottoming side dish is equally authentic.
    After all, eating shrimp is not my strength, so I eat and eat, and I play.
    Two people who were eating the opposite side of the shrimp, and cast a few chilling light on my side…
    Hot and sour
    Poor fire
    Kenting that loses too much water
    Weiruo wax
    Fried loofah
    Not working
    But thick thick juice
    Elegant and elegant
    Full of home taste
    Name: Bawang Shrimp (Xiangjiang Century City Store)
    Address: Building 28, Reconstruction Site, No. 10 Jinxia Resettlement Community, Xiangjiang North Road
    Per capita: 140 yuan
    Environment: ★★★★☆
    Taste: ★★★★☆
    Service: ★★★★★
     [Attraction] Through the ancient and modern, happy Star City
    Many cities have mountains and water, but Changsha compares BUG, ​​there are mountains and waters and a continent. Xiangjiang divides the city into two, the east coast is changing with each passing day, and the West Bank is elegant. In general, the tonality of visiting Changsha is more humanistic, but this does not mean that it will be very boring here.
    Whether you are on the banks of the Xiangjiang River in the breeze, or looking for the beauty of “Frost Red in February” on Yuelu Mountain, you can also pick the right day to watch the most gorgeous fireworks show in Du Fu Jiang Ge. Or follow the introduction of “National Treasures” in the provincial Bo to visit the world-famous Mawangdui Han Tomb, or simply cats in the old teahouse to listen to the old Changsha telling stories like the old nine-door… Of course, the summer is the most What makes people happy is nothing more than air-conditioned shopping malls. So, you can also find out about the Wharf International Centre or Hisense Plaza.
     2.1 Orange Island
    Orange Island
    Orange Island stretches for dozens of miles from north to south, surrounded by water, like a long island standing in the middle of Xiangjiang River. The Orange Island Park on the continent has become the best place for Changsha citizens to relax. Of course, the most distinctive feature on the continent is the artistic statue of the young Mao Grandpa. When you come to Changsha, you must make a special trip to see it.
    The visit to Orange Island is free. It is suitable for walking, but it takes three or four hours to complete the whole circle. It is more difficult to visit in the summer due to the hot weather. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy battery tickets at your discretion.
    I bought online the ticket package for the whole continent in advance, 80 yuan, and gave away the scenic battery ticket for free. It is also more cost-effective, and the small partners can also consider it. If you buy a battery ticket separately, it costs 20 yuan per person.
    Take the subway to the Orange Island Station. After exiting the station, you have already entered the scenic spot. It is located at the center of the north and south of Orange Island. It is the only entrance to the whole scenic spot. That is to say, you enter from here and finally come out from here.
    Go to the official ticket office of the scenic spot to exchange tickets, and follow the prompts to enter the queue to wait.
    Originally, the battery car of Orange Island should be very decent. As a result, you are so like this, Meng Meng!
    The battery ticket will be marked with the name of several docking stations. After arriving at the station, the driver will ask if he will get off the train; the train will be cycled, so you can take a ride and continue after you finish playing at a certain station.
    The road is flat and wide, the greening on both sides is very good, and there is a walking path along the river side for the public to use.
     Orange Island Head Monument
    From 1911 to 1925, Grandpa Mao studied and worked in Changsha. He experienced the glory days of the glory, and spent the youthful period of Fenghua Zhengmao and book business. Orange Island is the favorite activity place for Grandma Mao during his youth. In order to cherish the beauty of the people and inherit the revolutionary spirit, the Changsha government has established the artistic sculpture of the young Mao Grandpa in the head of the Orange.
    Although I have seen the video and audio of this sculpture in many places, I can understand the excitement of my heart when I witness it myself, so I can understand the joy and excitement of the older tourists who saw the sculpture.
    The representative symbol of this red city is, to a certain extent, the soul of the city of Changsha.
     Continue to pay tribute to young Mao’s grandfather from all angles.
     The south side of Wangjiang Pavilion is the southernmost point of Orange Island, where you can enjoy the Xiangjiang River with a unique panoramic view.
    Continue to take the battery car to the corresponding dock, the boat tour in the whole continent has many shifts a day, the last class is 1730, the time is about 50 minutes.
     Changsha Radio and Television Tower on Yuelu Mountain, an absolute landmark building.
    As the sunset fell a little bit, the heat of summer was gradually faded, and it was uncomfortable on the boat. The breeze was very pleasant.
     The swimmers in the river are admirable.
     Continue to pay tribute to Grandpa Mao from a farther perspective.
     The east bank of the Xiangjiang River is more modern, and the tall buildings are very stylish.
     The Du Fu Jiang Pavilion stands on the bank of the river and contrasts with the surrounding modern buildings. The picture of the integration of ancient and modern is also very harmonious.
     In the area of ​​Hisense Square, the IFS behind it is striking.
    The Orange Island Bridge, the first bridge across the Xiangjiang River in Changsha, greatly facilitates urban traffic and is historically commemorative.
     This neatly tall building is the Wanda Plaza in Kaifu District.
    When I returned to the cruise ship dock, the sky in the west was already dyed by the afterglow, and the dreamy red rose was very beautiful.
    It is said that in the days of Changsha, the sky of the sunset is very beautiful. If the friends can find a suitable place to enjoy the sunset, it will be a great experience.
     2.2 Yuelu Mountain
     yuelu Mountain
    Located on the west bank of Xiangjiang River, Yuelu Mountain is one of the four most popular scenic spots in China. It is not only the most concentrated area of ​​Huxiang culture, but also an important patriotic education base, including Yuelu Academy, Aiyue Pavilion, Lushan Temple, Yunxiao Palace and Xinmin Society. Old sites, Huangxing Tomb, Cai Yu Tomb and other attractions.
    There are two official gates in the scenic spot – Dongdaemun and Namdaemun.
    I personally recommend taking the bus to Hunan University, passing through the University Campus and Denggao Road, walking up the mountain from Namdaemun, arriving at the TV Tower and then taking the cable car and getting off at Dongdaemun, so that you can visit Love Night Pavilion and Yuelu Academy on the way to the mountain. Waiting for a few well-known attractions, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to take a ropeway to see the scenery of Changsha City when you go down the mountain, to save time and effort.
    The scenic spot is free, but the cable car ticket needs to be purchased at the ticket office of Namdaemun. The one-way one-way trip is 25 yuan. There is also a battery car for tourists to choose from, but I don’t think it is necessary, because if you just climb the mountain according to the classic route, you can save some points that are not of interest, and I can reach the TV tower in 40 minutes like me. The cable car station is gone.
     Yuelu Academy
    At the beginning of the mountain, I came to the Yuelu Academy, the best preserved ancient academy in China. Here, I need to purchase tickets separately to enter the exhibition.
     Love night pavilion
    Parking, sitting in love, maple, night
    Frosty leaves red in February flowers
    Du Mu’s beautiful poems of the past did not come to the creation of such an ancient and elegant pavilion. In fact, the verses were only used for reference when they were named, and it seems that they have little to do with Du Mu himself. The plaque after the renovation of the pavilion was personally inscribed by Grandpa Mao, which also made the name of Love Night Pavilion bigger and bigger.
    There is a mountain road that is very rugged, but it is relatively short. After this period, the road will become relatively flat.
    The ancient temple in the mountains, quiet and mysterious, the first scene of Hunan is still there.
     Tomb of Cai Wei
    Continue to go up the hill from the side gate of the ancient Shushan Temple. Follow the map guide to visit the Cai Yu Tomb and Huang Xing Tomb.
    After reaching the top of the mountain, a sightseeing promenade is particularly comfortable.
    In Yuelu Mountain, you must prepare for heatstroke prevention, and you should have enough drinking water.
    The view of the top of the observation deck is not too good, and the too hot weather makes everything in front of us seem like a layer of transpiration.
    A 15-minute walk along the Peak Road will take you to the TV Tower. There is a food street, mom’s tea and other snacks and cold drinks shops can be used as a resting place.
    Taking the cableway down the mountain makes people feel a lot faster, the speed is moderate, and the slight breeze makes people feel refreshed.
    During the descent, several panoramic views are not to be missed, and the beautiful scenery of Changsha City can be taken without any trees.
    Unexpectedly, there was a kind of slippery ropeway down the mountain, but I didn’t see anyone experience it. That kind of gameplay will be very exciting.
    The ropeway was very long, and it took nearly half an hour to get down. Follow the guide and walk out of the scenic spot. Looking back, Dongdaemun can be much more lavish than the South Gate.
     2.3 Hunan University
     Hunan University
    Hunan University is known as “the oldest institution of higher learning in China” and “the most poetic and picturesque university in China’s most beautiful universities”. It is a state-of-the-art, 211, 985 college. The open campus environment is very close to the people. If you climb Yuelu Mountain, it is recommended to go from here, follow the road, and kill two birds with one stone.
    Dongfanghong Square, built during the Cultural Revolution, is rare in domestic colleges and universities.square.
    Walk around the left side of the square and walk up the Denggao Road to reach the southern gate of Yuelu Mountain.
    Yes, the handsome guy is on the left hand side of the road.
     2.4 Du Fu Jiang Court
    Walking along the Xiangjiang River in the night, I came to the Du Fu Jiang Pavilion by mistake and hit the ground. The lights are shining and colorful.
    In fact, this is an antique building. It was built by the Changsha Municipal Government in 2002 in response to public opinion and commemorating Du Fu. It is just across the river from Orange Island and Yuelu Mountain.
    Another reason why Du Fu Jiangge has been known for nearly two years is that it is the best place to watch the Xiangjiang fireworks. Once the date of the fireworks show is confirmed, the viewing seats here will be sold at a price of 100 yuan per person. However, it is often difficult to get a ticket, and the entire scenic spot is full of people.
    Picking up a day, I returned to the Du Fu Jiang Ge, hoping to enter it and look up.
    Online shopping tickets will be cheaper, about 10 yuan.
    Du Fu lived in the cottages along the Xiangjiang River in his later years, and left more than 50 poems. Since then, he has had an indissoluble bond with this land, and his well-known spirit of worrying about the country and the people is interacting with the essence of Huxiang culture. shine.
    There are 6 floors in the impression, and the 3rd floor hall focuses on the life of Du Fu.The higher floors will briefly introduce the deeds of other historical celebrities such as Qu Yuan and Jia Yi through the exhibition form of the character story group.
     Above the Jiangge, you can appreciate the modern beauty of Changsha City from a higher angle.
     In the distance, it is the artistic statue of the young Mao Grandpa on the Orange Island.
     2.5 Taiping Old Street
     Taiping Street
    Taiping Old Street is famous for not only an ancient street that preserves the pattern of old Changsha streets, but as mentioned in my previous content, it is also a place for Changsha cuisine to gather, so it has a strong attraction for Chinese and foreign tourists. .
    The current old street is connected to Wuyi Avenue in the north and Jiefang Road in the south. The extremely convenient traffic location makes it always a lively scene. The entry of various commercial and cultural elements makes the old brands along the street reappear in the past. This area has become a showcase. The window of Changsha’s customs and traditional charm.
     Jia Yi’s house
    The former residence of Jia Yi, known as the source of Huxiang culture, is located on the south side of the pedestrian street and needs to be purchased separately.
    The original traces were once destroyed in the Wenxi fire, and now they are also reconstructed.
    In fact, in addition to eating and drinking in the pedestrian street, there are many old attractions like the former residence of Jia Yi. If you want to know more about the stories behind these places, you may want to find an official map to explore one by one.
     2.6 Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street
    Perhaps every city has a pedestrian street that can make residents proud.
    In Changsha, Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street played such a role.
    I can no longer be familiar with this street, because the hotel is nearby, and the subway is also coming here. The entrance and exit will be familiar to the surrounding terrain. Moreover, it is really convenient to collect shopping, dining and other functions.
    Apart from the bustling crowds and the colorful neon, this pedestrian street carries forward the characteristics of Changsha, that is, the spirit of entertainment and casualness – you can see all kinds of commercial and street performances, or similar. People directly put a variety of dogs in the most prosperous areas…
     2.7 Fire Palace
    The Fire Palace in Pozi Street is historically a religious venue for local residents to pray for sacrifices. However, the old-fashioned company of the same name has become an important place to experience folk culture and experience special cuisine in Changsha.
    As a bright business card in Changsha, foreign tourists will come to play a card.
    The reason why I don’t put the Fire Palace on the food section is that it’s enough to just have a card here. Anyone who has consulted the information and asked the locals, no one is recommended to come here to eat…
    Specifically, you know.
     During the World Cup, in order to attract popularity, it is said that the big screen on the stage will also broadcast the game, which is also very lively.
     2.8 Tianxin Court
    Tianxin Pavilion, the landmark building of ancient Changsha, is also a rebuilt building (burned during the Anti-Japanese War and rebuilt in 1983). It is relatively close to the Du Fu Jiang Pavilion. If you have plenty of time, it is recommended to take a look.
    Tianxin Park has been built around Tianxin Pavilion. It is a place where people from Changsha can relax and relax.
    From the park to enter the Tianxin Pavilion scenic spot, you need to check the ticket, the online purchase price is 30 yuan.
    Tianxing Pavilion, also known as the Tianxing Pavilion, is the place where the ancients worshipped the gods and observed the stars. It is located on the wall of the ancient Changsha Mountain, Longfu Mountain, and the auspiciousness of Xingwen Yunchanglong.
     Due to its high terrain, it has also been regarded as a military stronghold with important strategic significance in history.
    It is said that during his youth, Mao’s grandfather often came to Tianxin Pavilion to travel and climb high, and discussed with friends the truth of saving the country. There is also a special theme display in the scenic area for everyone to understand.
    At the high level of the attic, you can also look at the city scenery and feel the ambition of “a thousand miles and a view of the family”.
     Go out from the other side of the door and don’t go back.
     The Chongli Gate was built in 1946 to commemorate the death of the three anti-Japanese war in Changsha.
     From the scenic spot, I actually returned to the area of ​​Tianxin Park. Despite the hot weather in Changsha, it is rare to cool here.
     The best position of Tianxin Pavilion, from the main road of the park, can take a panoramic view from the angle of looking up.
     2.9 Duzheng Street
     On the west side of Tianxin Pavilion, there is a little-known Changsha Old Street, Duzheng Street.
    The antique style, the dazzling shops, compared to the crowded Taiping Old Street, such a leisurely and calm old street, makes people feel comfortable and appreciate the charm of old Changsha.
    This area is home to some local specialties, as well as some wenwan shops. There are also a lot of small shops that rent and sell Hanfu.
     2.10 Hunan Provincial Museum
     Hunan Provincial Museum
    The Hunan Provincial Museum is the first national first-class museum and the largest historical art museum in Hunan Province. It has a collection of 180,000 pieces and a world-famous “the eighth wonder of the world” Mawangdui Han Tomb. It is a peerless treasure and cultural treasure. Going here will make you feel a lot. If I don’t come to visit, I really feel sorry.
    At present, there are two basic exhibitions of Wangdui Han Tomb and “Hunan People-Sanxiang History and Culture” in Hunan Province. There will be temporary special exhibitions from time to time. The official announcement shall prevail. Closed on Mondays.
    Hunan Province official website:
    Hunan Boweixin Public Number: Hunan Provincial Museum
    1. Visit for free, it is best to make an online reservation in advance (official website or public number, after the success picture);
    2. On-site admission with the second-generation ID card;
    3. Allow to take pictures, but please turn off the flash when taking pictures, and love the cultural relics from you and me!
    After a rigorous security inspection process, I finally entered the first floor of the hall and was immediately shocked by the magnificent design here.
    Yes, after the black and red color is the place where the Han tomb is located, and the wife of Xin Chau is also behind. I don’t know the specific meaning of black and red, but I think it should also have the meaning of evil spirits.
    The Han Tomb is the climax of the whole visit. It is recommended that you follow the museum’s recommended route from top to bottom, so as to ensure the maximum experience, unless it is very time-consuming and too late to visit one by one, then go straight to the theme to go to the area. Let’s go.
    There is a souvenir shop next to the hall. It seems that the cultural and creative industry in Hunan Province is also booming.
    The museum currently has five floors. From bottom to top are the hall, Hunan Sanxiang historical and cultural exhibition, Mawangdui Han Tomb + special exhibition, restaurant, multi-function hall.
    In 2016, Mawangdui Han Tomb was named one of the world’s top ten ancient tomb treasures. The Han Dynasty cultural relics, Shang Zhou bronzes, Chu cultural relics, ancient ceramics, paintings and modern cultural relics unearthed here are the most distinctive.
    The cemetery of Kawaii is awkward.
    At present, three Han tombs have been unearthed: No. 1 tomb is Xin’s tomb, No. 2 tomb is Xin’s husband, Changsha’s Yuli Li Cang, and No. 3 is the tomb of their son.
    The No. 1 and No. 3 tombs are now more well preserved, and the unearthed cultural relics are also more academically valuable.
    There are a wide variety of items on display, from printed cotton robes, ceramic lacquerware to objects and utensils, etc., to restore all aspects of ancient life.
    What impresses me is nothing more than a pottery with different shapes. These are the maids.
    Musical work, the display here is very lively, with the focus of the lights, let the audience to browse separately, but the color of the lights is a bit weird, especially from this point of view is a little scary.
     Hahaha, I’m Groot! We Groot!
     Very beautiful porcelain, bright and intact.
    The key exhibits of Mawangdui Han Tomb are plain yarn robes, T-shaped enamel paintings, black painted enamels, and moiré lacquer enamels.
    The pattern on the black painted enamel is actually very similar to the decorative style of this box.
    The plain yarn is single, thin like a flap, light and foggy, and the side shows that the textile technology of the Western Han Dynasty has reached a very high level.
    During the visit, you will pass through a three-dimensional movie hall. Through a very cool animation form, you will be able to show you the astronomical records on the unearthed books in the Han Tomb. It is even more amazing. The results of these astrological deductions are different from today’s high-precision data. Very small, can not help but admire the inscrutable wisdom of the ancient Chinese.
    T-shaped paintings, especially worthy of careful explorationThe product, vivid and vivid representation of the ancient world view, especially the view of life and death.
    From the bottom to the top, the paintings are underground, human and heavenly scenes. Each pattern element is rich in meaning. It is recommended that you go to the exhibition hall next to the animation to show the animation, and the looping will let you know the back of these elements in 5 minutes. Connotation.
    As the visit progressed, we came to a huge space, which was actually the top of the No. 1 tomb.
    It happens that you are playing a light show here, don’t miss it, and the gorgeous effect will make you stunned.
    According to reports, the light show is played continuously on weekends, but there are only four or five games a day on weekdays.
    Influenced by the view of life and the cosmology at that time, Mawangdui Han Tomb was created into a space where the world, the underworld and the fairy world blend together. In fact, this is also the strong hope of the tomb master for eternal life and eternity.
    And this huge embarrassment can only be described as shocking and popular, which makes people open their eyes.
    As the elevator goes down a bit, the climax of the visit is coming, and Mrs. Xin is waiting for you…
    Female corpses are not allowed to take pictures. Please follow the rules of the museum carefully.
    How to say it, use the lyrics to describe it – just because you look at you more in the crowd, never forget your face…
    In fact, it was a little scary to me. I saw that the moment of Xin Chau felt like being shocked. The shock is still there.
    After all, this is a meeting that is two thousand years apart.
    Why can the body of Xinchao be preserved so far? Deep burial, sealing, anti-corrosion, this is the official preliminary statement, especially the anti-corrosion technology. It is said that when the female corpse was squirting gas, people did not collect it in time, and then found a colorless liquid in the coffin, but I don’t know the specific ingredients – the lack of these details makes Mrs. Xin Chad a mystery.
    The historical and cultural exhibitions of Sanxiang, from the “homeland”, “where I am from”, “dongting fish and rice township”, “life footprint”, “soul soul” five parts focus on the history and culture and customs of Hunan.
    The Shang Dynasty’s scorpion-shaped bronze statue is a bit stupid and cute.
     A large number of bronze displays in the Shang and Zhou dynasties.
    The objects of the Mawangdui Han tombs, in fact, all have a kind of sinister tone, but this one is not the same, they are particularly lively and lovely, and it is not too much to describe it with the “big collection of cute things.”
    Some are still very familiar, is it seen in Shaanxi Province?
     Erupted a bloody face.
     Laughing while watching, hip hop two?
     This, I have definitely seen it in the textbook or in Boli, Shaanxi Province!
     Hi, why?
     Hi, ostrich~
     Don’t run well, be careful, hammer me!
     People must say: Hey, this person looks very deceptive!
     The style of the paintings of the style!
     Celadon tiger, bigger than who looks at it!
    M: I heard that there are 1 single dog for every 3 people in the world!
    Woman: I am not!
    M: I am not!
    Men and women: That is the person who is watching us!
    On the south side of the museum is Changsha Martyrs Park, the largest park in Changsha.
    After entering the park, I feel solemn and solemn, and the trees are lush, but in fact, the area behind is quite casual. If you have enough time, you can play a card.
     2.11 Ferris wheel
    The Changsha Ferris wheel is 120 meters high. The point of comparison is that it is actually built on the roof. It takes about 20 minutes to play a circle. The fully enclosed space can enjoy the night view of Changsha. The ticket is about 60 yuan and can be purchased online.
    This picture was taken at the top of IFS in Changsha, Wharf.
    The specific location is near the Helong Stadium. If you are sure that you want to go to the Baiyin Deyuan to eat a big bag, you can go along with the road to get a Kaha.
     2.12 Xiangjiang Scenery Belt
     Changsha Xiangjiang Scenic Belt
    A green belt of more than 20 kilometers, in the form of a sightseeing corridor, will be the plaza, parks, bridges, monuments, etc. along the way – if you ask me where Changsha is best for trotting and walking, it must be the Xiangjiang scenery belt. The scenery is beautiful, full of positive and peaceful scenes, whether it is casual or sports and fitness is very suitable.
     This is the coastal scenery along the Du Fu Jiang Ge in the night, and the light on the opposite side of Orange Island is not as gorgeous as imagined.
     Whether it is ballroom dancing or square dance, there are rivers and lakes where there is dance.
     Haha, this is true of the country’s north and south.
     Occasionally, you can see the Jiangjing Cafe, which has a very high pressure. The vision is excellent, and the price is quite satisfactory.
    However, I personally feel that the beautiful place along the Xiangjiang River is on the north side, and the impression of the Fuyuan Road Bridge has passed. This piece of scenery is quite exciting.
     The beautiful rainbow arch bridge, the charming sky under the evening glow, the scenery in front of you is magnificent.
     Changsha Intercontinental Hotel is probably in a delta.
    I have always been very curious about what the blue-colored building is. Later I learned that the piece is the three-storey and one-story building complex, namely Changsha Museum, Changsha City Planning Exhibition Hall, Changsha Library and Changsha Concert Hall.
    It seems that I was misled by the name “Three Halls and One Hall”. I used to think that it was about Changsha’s historical museums, literature museums, etc. It was not very interesting. I didn’t expect to include several of the most heavyweights. Building, leaving the future with the opportunity to check in again.
     2.13 Wharf Changsha International Finance Center
    Finally, let’s talk about IFS. After all, IFS has a high frequency.
    The full name should be called the Wharf Changsha International Finance Center. Changsha people like to call it the IFC, IFS, or simply call Wharf – in short, you know that this area is opposite the pedestrian street of Huangxing South Road.
    It was officially opened in May this year, very young, but now it has become the most popular new landmark in Changsha.
    Changsha IFS is positioned as a large-scale urban complex integrating large-scale boutique shopping malls, high-end office buildings and international five-star hotels. It is close to Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street and Wuyi Avenue. It is located at the intersection of Changsha Metro Line 1 and Line 2, Wuyi Square Station. The most central location of Changsha, convenient transportation makes it a hot spot for customers to merge.
    Sturdy, big-named, the top of the mall’s giant sculpture art – SEEING / WATCHING, from the popular street brand KAWS design.
    Yes, these two goods look far like a pair of back-to-back bears.
    Close to the side of Wangfujing Department Store, there is a large hand-painted map of Changsha on the wall of the shopping mall. It feels like a little red wall. Many young people gather here to take pictures.
     Starbucks flagship store, the two-story space is tall, the entrance and exit are all handsome men and women.
     Don’t think that IFS is an office building and a shopping center. Its top floor is definitely a place to be missed.
     When you take the direct elevator to the top floor, you will find a strange and dreamy world as you take your footsteps.
     The fat rabbit paper is actually very big.
     A small creative fountain, all sorts of weird, let the past tourists can not help but can not help.
    It is not difficult to see from these whimsical designs that the style of Wharf is still very high, and it is dedicated to integrating art into business and creating a multi-dimensional experience for customers.
    The highlight is naturally the two KAWS sculptures. In fact, it is close to watching, a bit like the creatures in Cthulhu mythology.
    It is definitely not an easy task to take a photo with these two sculptures, because the people on the scene are often haha.
     From the top floor, overlook the entrance to Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street.
    In addition to the Wharf IFS, there are two more shopping destinations worth visiting.
    One is Hisense Plaza near Pozi Street, which is also a high-end shopping center in Changsha.
    The other one is Wanda Plaza, which is a little farther away. I feel that the brand here is not as good as the high-end of Wharf, but there are so many catering businesses that I have settled in. I want to go shopping and eat.
     [莽山篇] The misty southern Hunan jungle
    The part of the play in Lushan, Luzhou, is considered to be the travel of this travel.
    After eating and drinking in Changsha for a long time, there will always be some tired people in the happy days in the city. They simply set up with friends and went to Changzhou from Changsha to go back to Guangdong. I don’t want to go to the popular attractions like Xiaodongjiang and Gaojialing. I just want to breathe fresh air and invest in the embrace of nature. Then Lushan naturally becomes our most ideal goal.
    In fact, before the departure, I had an understanding of the free travel situation in the Zhangzhou area. I found that the practical information on the travel website was basically compromised by the local pick-up/driver in Zhangzhou. No one was spared, it was all advertising! So it is harder to find valuable information than to go to heaven.
    A bit puzzled, Zhangzhou’s tourism resources are quite rich, and it is also suitable for the development of free travel. As a result, how can the advertisements of team tours be so embarrassing, and the momentum is so fierce?
    When I got to the local area, I realized that there is a reason for everything – the good scenery of Lushan is good and the scenery is good, but it is unfortunately pulled back by the extremely imperfect scenic area operation and transportation facilities! It is no wonder that everyone who wants to come here to play is required to report to the group. This is because Zhangzhou is really unfriendly to free travellers, especially non-self-driving tourists.
     Lushan National Forest Park
    From Changsha South to the high-speed rail to the Luzhou West Railway Station, the journey takes about 70 minutes. Out of Zhangzhou West, it is a problem to continue to the attractions.
    If you are taking the bus, you need to transfer from the high-speed rail station to the Tianlong Bus Terminal, and then take the regular bus to the scenic spot of the mountainous area, which takes about 5 hours. Time cost is too high, but also needsTransit, we gave up this approach.
    As a result, unexpectedly, we were fortunate enough to take a drip ride and go directly from Luzhou West Station to our stay at the Lushan Forest Hot Spring Hotel. The whole journey took more than 2 hours, and the high-speed fee was only 130, which is very cost-effective. .
    On the way, the window opens to see the green, the sky is blue and washable, the environment in Zhangzhou is really good, the air is much fresher than Dachangsha, and occasionally you can see the windmill on the mountain. This is rare in South China.
    Check in the hotel, put down the luggage, take a rest after lunch, walk to the scenic spot from the hotel for more than ten minutes, the ticket office is on the map.
    Tickets can not be purchased online, only on-site ticket purchase, and small expensive, the scenic spot ticket is 100 yuan per person, the official bus is 53 yuan per person, if it is driving by car, then 60 yuan per car. First Blood!
    Due to the large scenic area and the very close traffic between the attractions, all the tickets are valid for two days.
    When I purchased the ticket, I kept bleeding in the heart. As a result, I bought a ticket and found that there was no decent commemorative ticket in the scenic spot. I directly returned a few VAT invoices. Double Kill!
    This is not over yet, the scenic spot staff told us that the bus is not scheduled to start, generally go to the dispatch center in advance to go! Success, the phone is written behind the invoice… Triple Kill!
    The official map of the scenic spot is as above. At present, the four major scenic spots of Jiangjunzhai, Tiantai Mountain, Monkey King Village, Xiangyue Peak and Zhujiang River Drifting Project have been opened.
    Since we only plan to spend a weekend in Zhangzhou, according to the remaining time, we have to decide to choose the famous Wangwangzhai and Tiantai Mountain to play, the other two simply give up.
    At about 3:30 in the afternoon, I officially entered the scenic spot. The plan is to go to Tiantai Mountain to watch the sunset. As a result, the old brother who is responsible for the bus dispatching at the scene, the attitude of an old cadre is very long. The general idea is that you will go a little too. It’s late, from here to Tiantai Mountain, you have to go for 50 minutes. You will stop there and stop playing when you get there. It will come back at 17:30, but we will get off work at 17:00! You want to take the bus to the Tiantai Mountain. It is impossible to watch the sunrise or sunset.
    Quadra Kill!
    Although he said it makes sense, the tone is always uncomfortable.
    Later, I followed the advice and decided to go to the nearby Monkey King Village in the afternoon.
    Big brother said at this time, then you walked over, and that walked more than 10 minutes, we didn’t send the bus.
    My heart is worried, I am thinking that this bus ticket is really worth too much. Tiantai Mountain really can only fight again the next day…
     Monkey king village
    Walk to the vicinity of the Monkey King Village and first come to the Lushan Natural Museum, which will systematically display the flora and fauna that Lushan has. It is mainly based on graphic introductions, and there are also some animal specimens. The most worthy of reading is the Laoshan iron head, which is called the giant panda in the snake kingdom. It is alive, but it is a big sleep.
     The Monkey King Village is a bit unrealistic. It is said that the natural monkey group has already moved away. There are two pitiful two in the cage of the scenic spot.
     Under the cable bridge, it is like the emerald green water, making people look happy.
    Along the boardwalk, all the way up, the mountains are clear, the water is shining, the rushing water flows down, and it becomes a gauzy waterfall.
    Jungle cover
    Flowing water
    In this dense forest of southern Hunan
    Feel the surround of negative oxygen ions
     Stop and go, you can reach the top of the Jiudianquan Waterfall in less than half an hour.
    There is a tea house opened by Yao’s sister. The people are very enthusiastic and they greet the tourists to drink tea for free. When everyone sees her kindness, they usually buy some fruits, cucumbers and drinks from her house, or simply order two bowls of jelly. Eat here.
    Sit down and chat, and Sister A will tell you about the advice of the scenic spot tour and your own home. It is very interesting.
     Lushan National Forest Park
    The next day, I finally got the bus to the Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area, which is the cliff stone scenic spot. This is the essence of the mountainous area.
    Climb the mountain from the parking lot and take about half an hour to reach the Wanshou Tower in the central area.
    According to the local tour guide, it is necessary to climb 900 steps to reach the top of the mountain.
     The mountain is high and the stone is strange, and the forest is quiet and strange. It is a mysterious cloud.
     We decided to go to the small Tiantai on the left and go through the Tiantai Temple.
     The quiet ancient temple, the mist of the mist adds a bit of mystery.
    It is also strange to say that in the morning when the sun is strong, there is a dense fog that cannot be scattered here. It is estimated to be related to altitude and terrain.
    Tourists from the jungle to the mist, giving people the illusion of stepping into the fairy palace.
    Arriving at the small rooftop viewing platform, the drizzle of the rain fell, but because of the high winds, it is not very suitable for umbrellas. Wearing raincoats is a more sensible choice.
    The most beautiful position of the small rooftop, Qifeng different stone, unlimited Linhai, but unfortunately two wires are in the middle of the field of vision, big scenery!
    This is not only our opinion. The first sentence of visitors who come here is to praise this magnificent and beautiful landscape. The second sentence begins with the planning and operation of the scenic area!
    The jungle is intertwined, and the cliffs are in danger. When the time is hidden, the wind blows away, and if it is a fairyland.
    Time conversion, do you think you have come to Zhangjiajie?
    The original road returned and began to climb the 900 steps. As the altitude rose, the Tiantai Temple that passed by appeared in front of you.
    This is a place to make a film. As a result, the trees in front of it are unrepaired, wasting this excellent perspective.
    Oh, it’s really anxious for this scenic spot, and it’s broken.
    Due to the construction of the scenic spot, the plank road on the side of Dongtianmen is completely closed.
    I bought the full price ticket, but I was watching the discounted scenery all the way.
     It’s hard to imagine climbing to the first danger in Central and South China. It’s easy to get on the top. It’s actually the upper area of ​​the small rooftop, so it’s always cloudy.
     Hey, I hope that Ganzhou can increase its efforts to improve the operation of the scenic spot and the transportation facilities, so that more free travellers can witness the beautiful scenery of Shanda.
    Near the Yishan Scenic Spot in Yizhang County, the meal is mainly based on the farmhouse music stalls, and some Chinese restaurants in the hotel can also be considered.
    The Lushan people near our hotel are actually quite good and recommend it to you.
     Steamed squid, the meat is delicious, the soup is delicious, and it is a clear stream in the spicy Hunan cuisine.
     Stir-fried leeks, the red appearance is a bit scary, and the seasoning is also a little lacking. Fortunately, the ingredients themselves are natural enough and delicious.
    Yaojia small fried bacon, spicy, enjoyable, do not know whether it is the reason for natural ingredients, the aftertaste is great, the weight is also real, easy to eat.
    The family of Lushan people are about 65 yuan.
    Our hotel package contained a full meal. After trying it, I felt that the food was good and the price was quite good, so I changed it to the hotel’s Chinese restaurant.have eaten. Below are a summary of the reviews at the hotel’s Chinese restaurant.
    Stir-fried pork with sour beans, appetizing, not greasy, but the fire is a little worse, all the sour taste is grabbed.
    Home-made vegetable soup, the ordinary taste is also nostalgic.
     Small fried chicken, good meat quality, no firewood, the steamed bread in the dish is a bright spot.
     Chili fried meat, here is a good rule, find better to eat or go to Changsha.
     Fern roots, Q bombs are tenacious, good dessert, but a little greasy.
    Deep-fried crispy tofu, the appearance is not amazing, but the taste is very amazing, the crispy peel under the skin is mixed with minced meat, bite down the mouth full of fragrance, a little mini fried eggplant meaning.
    I didn’t eat fishmeal in Zhangzhou. It’s a bit of a pity. I’ll find it later when I go to Xiaodongjiang.
     [Raiders] share some useful information
     A. Accommodation reference
    Name: Orange Hotel Collection (Changsha Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street)
    Address: No. 97 Jiefang West Road, Furong District, Changsha City
    The location of this orange hotel is very good, close to Changsha IFS, the surrounding Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street, Pozi Street, Wuyi Square and other business districts are also suitable for shopping and eating, with the help of the subway can be extended in all areas of the city; decoration is a petty business The simple design is quite detailed and humanized, especially the intelligent control of the electrical equipment in the room is very high. This is rarely seen in other hotel chains, such as the decorative lights in the room when the door is opened. Automatically lit, very young girl, to be honest, there is a little warmth to me haha; service bar, enter the hall to have a welcome, all the staff are very friendly; the room is very comfortable, clean and tidy, some interesting little things make accommodation It has also become quite interesting. It is surprising that the drinks in the small refrigerators are free of charge. Breakfast is also available. The staple food can be served in Western or Chinese style.
    However, occasionally, the water temperature is unstable when taking a bath, and it is easy to be disturbed by the lights of the TV and the set-top box when sleeping.
    Name: Lushan Forest Hot Spring Hotel
    Address: 800 meters from Lushan National Forest Park, Yizhang County, Zhangzhou City
    Lushan Forest Hot Spring Hotel is the highest-end hotel in the vicinity of Lushan Mountain Scenic Area. It is well-equipped, decorated with atmosphere, complete facilities and services. The hot spring park is very large, and it is more appropriate to use the hot spring park. The quality of the Chinese restaurant is guaranteed and charged. It is also reasonable; the key hotel is about 1KM from the scenic spot, which is very convenient for tourists who want to stay in Lushan. At that time, we booked a hotel package through online OTA, including one night accommodation + breakfast for two + dinner for two + unlimited hot springs, which is very cost-effective, very suitable for our needs, friends who need to be private.
    The only problem, the room soundproofing is not particularly good.
     B. Travel traffic
    【Changsha City】
    The preferred subway, currently there are two lines of No. 1 and No. 2 (receiving at Wuyi Square Station) in Changsha City, which can be purchased on-site or through the WeChat applet “Flasher Bee” to purchase tickets in advance. ).
    In areas without subway coverage, you can choose a bus or taxi.
    Changsha’s shared bicycles are also very popular, flexible and practical.
    First of all, I suggest that you travel by car. After all, the local transportation routes are limited and time-consuming.
    Secondly, you can try the tricks like us, surprisingly easy to use, and the driver masters who are met are good.
     C. Fees
    The transportation expenditure is subdivided by 930 yuan, and various discounts of 50 yuan have been deducted.
    The accommodation fee is 460 yuan, and has been deducted for various benefits and friends sponsored a total of 1010 yuan.
    The cost of eating and selling is 450 yuan, and all kinds of discounts and friend sponsorships have been deducted for a total of 830 yuan.
    The activity experience subtotal is 180 yuan, and all kinds of discounts and travel coupons have been deducted for a total of 115 yuan.
    In summary, the actual cost of this trip is about 2020 yuan.
     D. Trip combination
    ◆Wharfong Changsha IFS+ smoky era (or scorpion light) + walnut
    ◆ Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street + Chayan Yue Color +Black classic stinky tofu
    ◆Pozi Street + Sijie Rice Noodles + Fire Palace + Xiangqu Dumpling
    ◆Hisense Plaza + Mom Tea + Yang Yuxing
    ◆Tianxin Pavilion + Duzheng Street + Du Fu Jiang Ge + Xiangjiang Scenery Belt (Central)
    ◆ Taiping Old Street + Wenhe You Lao Changsha Big Sausage + Jia Yi Former Residence + Good Machine Honey Candy Oil
    ◆ Wanda Plaza + fee chef chili fried meat
    ◆Orange Island + Xiangjiang Cruise
    ◆Hunan University + handsome roast cake + Yuelu Mountain
    ◆Overlord Shrimp + Xiangjiang Scenery Belt (North)
    ◆Changsha Ferris Wheel + Centennial Garden
    ◆Hunan Provincial Museum + Changsha Martyrs Cemetery
     E. Travel advice
    1. In Changsha, you must take measures to prevent heatstroke and sun protection. Sunglasses, sun hats, sunscreens, etc. can be used. If you want to go to Orange Island and Yuelu Mountain, you must have enough drinking water;
    2. Some mountain roads in Yuelu Mountain are more rugged. There are moss on the stone road on the wall of Tianxin Pavilion. It may slip, so wearing shoes with comfortable feet in Changsha will not feel difficult to stroll around;
    3. There is nothing wrong with eating too much, but it is still a reminder to prepare some gastrointestinal drugs, especially children’s shoes that love to taste shrimp;
    4. Some popular restaurant restaurants are full of people, extremely hot, if you want to experience, it is best to make an appointment in advance or go to the past number;
    5. The weather on Lushan Mountain in Zhangzhou is changing very quickly. It is recommended to bring raincoats just in case;
    6. The last point is also the most important point – recommend Alipay or word of mouth with conscience, don’t say it directly!
    Finally, I wish you all a happy friend in Changsha and have a good time.
    If you are satisfied, you can collect or comment on this travelogue. If you want to pay attention to me, it will be even better. I will be happy to reward myself with a bowl of chili fried meat!
    [End of the text]
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