Changyou six parks in Changlong, happy three days and three nights

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    Regarding the tourism projects in the Pearl River Delta, it is necessary to mention the Chimelong Tourist Resort. This time, I met with a good friend and went to play Chimelong with a good time. So I arranged a three-day, three-night trip, whether it was a thrilling and joyous world, a cool summer paradise, or a close encounter with animals. The world of wildlife, the fascinating big circus, the amazing bird paradise, or the Zhuhai Ocean Kingdom, which is not enough to play and play, is so wonderful. The whole journey is endless and endless.
    According to my practice, before starting to travel, first come to a set of pictures to preview.
    The big parade in the ocean kingdom is very lively
    Miss Penguin dressed up, very cute~
    Missy rabbit girl~
    Changlong International Circus, the Queen dressed up
    The stage lighting effect is very praise, visual feast~
    Huge water curtain, dreamlike under the light map
    The syllabary of the water park, the whole audience, swinging together
    Whale Shark Museum in the Ocean Kingdom, Blue Deep Sea Legend~
    A penguin baby from Antarctica, is it only a cute and growing family? How is it so cute?
    Black swan in the bird park plays in the lake
    “Hundred Birds Flying Songs” performance
    Looking at me with a little hippo behind my mother’s PP
    Monkey mommy playing with a monkey in the water~
    Chiron Happy World’s International Stunt Theater, the real version of Hollywood~
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    DAY 1 Chimelong Happy World – Water Park
    DAY2 Chimelong Wildlife World – Flying Birds – Chimelong International Circus
    DAY3 Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
     About transportation
    Airport departure:
    Airport Express: Changlong Panda Hotel→Changlong Hotel→Baiyun Airport 05:45-20:00 (45 minutes)
    Taxi: Airport Expressway, South China Route to Panyu Avenue (about 60 minutes)
    Subway: Line 3 (Airport North Extension Line) – Sports Center – Transfer Line 3 (Panyu Square Line) – Hanxi Changlong Station – Changlong Shuttle Bus – to various scenic spots
    Departure from the High Speed ​​Rail Station:
    Guangzhou South Railway Station – Metro Line 7 – Hanxi Changlong Station – Changlong Shuttle Bus – to various scenic spots
    Departure from Guangzhou City:
    Subway Line 3 or Line 7 – Hanxi Changlong Station – Changlong Shuttle Bus – to various scenic spots
    Chimelong Shuttle Bus Route:
    Changlong Metro Plaza – South Gate of Changlong Wildlife World – Panda Hotel (stopped after 20:00) – Changlong International Circus (Changlong Happy World North Gate) – Changlong Hotel – Chimelong Wild South Gate of the Animal World (stopped after 19:30) – Changlong Metro Plaza
    In the Chimelong Resort, there is also a direct bus to Zhuhai Chimelong, which takes about 2 hours.
     Chimelong Happy World
    Chimelong Happy World is a super-large theme amusement park that combines riding and riding, stunt theater, parade performance, ecological leisure, special catering, theme store and comprehensive service. It is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou. The park is divided into 7 different experiences. Recreational facilities: Happy Town, Whirlwind Island, Scream Zone, Habib Children’s Kingdom, Rainbow Bay, Happy Water World, Phantom World.
    This is a happy kingdom. It can be felt from the moment you walk into the doorway. The colors are very rich and full of childlikeness, and it immediately attracts people’s eyes.
    The first thing to greet us is the two clowns who stepped on the stilts. They made a few funny movements or expressions from time to time. They made us laugh at once, which led us to take pictures. They took more pictures and cooperated with them. We put POSE.
    Then came to the scream zone, the first to try is the 10-ring roller coaster. It is said that the ten ring roller coasterThere are only two amusement parks in the country, and the Chimelong Happy World is one of them.
    The 10-ring roller coaster has a total length of 850 meters. It is super exciting to play. From the beginning to the end, the whole heart is hung, especially after a lot of circling in the air, and then rushing to the sky and then slamming down, accompanied by the surrounding. The screams coming from each other are very exciting. The rings are different, but they are full of surprises. Any pressure is released at this moment, and the recommended index is 5 stars.
    Rocket roller coaster, as the name suggests, this mountain bike is as fast as the rocket. Although it was not nearly 30 seconds before and after, but the whole process was still frightened, I couldn’t open my eyes at all. I felt that the whole person was tumbling in the air for a few laps, and quickly flew back to the other side. Saying that we can take pictures of us, the result is too fast to fully respond, but the “咻” is over.
    If you just feel that it is not exciting enough, then you must play a vertical roller coaster, not only the sky but also the water, 90 degrees vertical landing, in addition to screaming or screaming!
    Free fall, when you slowly roll up, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the park
    But you think it’s just like this. It’s wrong. The most exciting moment is to rise to 65 meters. When you are still immersed in the atmosphere of watching the scenery, the staff will not be able to prevent a rapid fall operation, and you are not surprised. Surprise, not irritating? It’s like falling from the sky.
    In the Chimelong Happy World, there are various performances, such as the International Stunt Theater, the Logging Performance Venue, the Joy Theater, the Garden Performance, and the Grand Parade.
    At 2 pm every day, the shocking island 2 was staged at the International Stunt Theater, which is the most missed show in the Happy World. The whole show featured a stunt show of real-life scenes in Hollywood, which brought together a variety of fighting, braking, and explosion scenes.
    The actors are all very high in value.Foreigners, handsome guys are very eye-catching. The main line of the story is about a safe, and the confrontation between justice and evil begins. The righteous side must find ways to protect the safe from being snatched by the bad guys, while the bad guys are trying to snatch the box.
    With the top special effects and the actors’ outstanding performances, a thrilling blockbuster is on the way. After a shootout, I will be single-handedly and single-handedly. After a while, the waterships will chase each other. After a while, the motorcycles will be picked up on the land. During the period, there will be various explosions and scenes full of smog and fire, and the audience will be seen. “The sigh of praise.”
    After watching the shocking island, you can watch the world parade almost at the same time.
    The big parade has a fairy-tale float and a younger brother and sister dressed up.
    With music, they danced and danced all the way, interacting with tourists from time to time.
    Everyone is filled with joyful atmosphere, and the crowds are holding pictures with their mobile phones and cameras, for fear of missing any wonderful moments.
    Charming costumes, beautiful music, elegant dances, and wonderful juggling will be filled with visitors.
    Chimelong play small TIPS:
    1. The park area is large, and women can prepare some sun protection products and wear casual shoes.
    2. There are dining spots and ice drinks in the park, and the average person is about 70.
    3, when playing facilities, do not wear slippers to play, or it may become flying shoes in the air ~
    4. The amusement rides in the park participate in the game according to their height and weight. Specifically, you can take a guide when you enter the park. Some projects must be more than 1.4 meters in height to play.
     Chimelong Water Park
    Guangzhou’s September is still very hot, so it is best to go to the water park. Soaking in the water, playing and playing, I feel that there are no troubles.
    The landscape is divided into five major areas: the Giant Wheel Central District, the Hot Wave Valley District, the Wonderful Parent-child Water District, the Family Fun Beach Area, and the Big Speaker Zone. There are 39 projects that can be played.
    Recommended tour route: Giant Bowl Beast – Giant Clam – Wonderful Parent-child Water City – Rock Giant Wheel – Drift River – Cobra Slide – Centrifugal Slide – Wave Pool – South Sea Beach – Super Big Horn – Merging Slide – Big Skateboard – Family Fun Road – water bar – water and electric syllables.You can have a good day in the garden!
    The Rock Giant is a new project launched in the park. It is also the world’s first erected slide. Looking at the appearance alone, it was shocked by the seven-wheeled and eight-slide-like slideway. The slide is made of green and purple. Orange is composed of three colors.
    There is also a fantastic lighting design in the slide, which turns into a few rounds through the entrance and then into the colorful pool.
    The latest water experience is naturally attracting a lot of people to queuing experience~ we are no exception!
    Cobra slides, suitable for parent-child projects, have a rainbow-like color, and look happy. Children can follow Dad than the mother to sit on the floating ring of the cobra from the platform, and then slide from the high point to the cobra’s tail by gravity, not too exciting, but can experience the fun on the water.
    The Python slide combines twisting, spiraling and vibration into one. It is also a super fun project. It is more fun to play with several good friends. It’s better to be happy than to be happy.
    Wonderful parent-child water city, there are many cute cartoon animals, here is the gathering place for children and parents.
    The park is also very intimate and specially prepared for life jackets worn by children. It is safe and secure~
    The lockers in the changing shower area are powdered, and the full girl’s heart.
    Wait until the evening, the wonderful start, because the hydro-electric show finally kicked off~
    The scene is bright, it is a big PARTY on the water, everyone is burning with the rhythm of the DJ.
    The atmosphere was very warm, and the show was one after another. The hot scene was maintained until the end of PARTY.
    Changlong Water Park Tour Small TIPS:
    1. The “E-Wallet” stored value wristband consumer service is provided in the park. Therefore, you need to bring cash and change, you can spend in the park, waterproof password wristband, personal password protection, no deposit required for recharge, the amount from 100 yuan to 500 yuan The balance can be completely refunded at the stored value counter, which is very convenient and safe. I feel that this service is very intimate.
    2, play with water to bring their own swimwear, swimming trunks, toiletries, of course, there are also shops selling swimwear and water supplies in the park,
    3, there are a variety of restaurants in the park, so playing a day is also Ok, the per capita meal is about 70 yuan.
    4, the park can not bring food and pets into
     Chimelong Wildlife World
    Chimelong Wildlife World, when you see where Dad went to the big movie, he was deeply planted, cleaning up elephant droppings, helping hippos to brush his teeth, and looking for food in the python nest. Every scene is still fresh. So come here we are full of excitement.
    The animal world is divided into two parts: the bus tour area and the walking tour. There are three ways to visit. One is to drive by car, the other is walking in the pedestrian area, and the third is to take the cable car for air tour.
    Let’s first take a tour from the self-driving area.
    As the country’s first “Walk with the Beast” self-driving car to watch the wildlife project, the Chimelong Wildlife Park opened an area of ​​nearly 1 million square meters of self-driving area in the park. It has built Australia’s forests, American jungles, Central Asian deserts, South Asian rainforests, and five major European mountain regions.
    Here, you can experience different styles from the five continents without going abroad, and see the world’s rare animals.
    In the American Jungle Station, you can see American ostriches, black-necked swan, red dragonfly and other animals. The picture above is a black-necked swan. It is black above the neck and white. It is very special. They are the most precious swan in the world. They are also called the top ten “love birds” of birds because of the black neck. The swan adheres to the principle of “one wife and one wife.”
    Entering the Asian forest, you enter an Asian elephant kingdom. Here you can experience the unique rainforest environment and watch the Asian elephants of the first level. Asian elephants are mainly distributed in Southeast Asia and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan. They can live for 60 years in the wild. Their IQ is very high and very smart. In addition to the Asian elephants, there is also a Malay 被 called the four.
    When you come to the wild, there are many ferocious animals, such as tigers, bears, and yellow wolves. They are all fierce animals, although they are not fenced, butDon’t worry at all, because the park spends a lot of thought on the design of the viewing position. The distance between the animals and the people is separated by a ditch. The beasts can’t jump, and the tourists will not be lowered because they are too far away. Experience.
    The king of the forest, the big tiger, looking at us with his tongue, has an inexplicable feeling.
    White Tiger, there are only more than 300 in the world, and the white tigers in the Chimelong Wildlife World account for 1/2 of the number, becoming the world’s largest breeding base for white tigers.
    When you come to the grassland area of ​​South Africa, you can see white rhinoceros, hippo, and antelope. Just photographed a small hippo and followed her mother to the shore, too cute, and the big hippo’s body shape is very different. It looked at us with a look of anger, and it was estimated that I was thinking of someone in a car.
    The hippo is a very large animal with an average weight of about 5,000 kg. It is about 90 kg of feed, 90 kg, and so heavy. If you have a hippo at home, you are afraid that you will have a poor mine.
    African cheetahs, their limbs are long and slender, their leg muscles are strong and strong, and they run very fast. They are the second largest hunter on the African grassland after the lion. In ancient Egypt, they were still pets in the nobles, and they were not ordinary tastes.
    The African lion is the king of the grassland. The male with long hair on the neck is not male.
    Giraffes are on the grasslands of East Africa. They have slender legs and big eyes. At first glance, they are the red face of the animal world. It is very elegant when walking.
    The wildebeest is the most savannah on the African savannah. They will migrate in groups during the dry season to record new sources of water. They are also the favorite taste of lions and crocodiles, and they are easy to eat, so when they migrate, they can be said to be in crisis.
    After the end of the self-driving area, we experienced a round of the gondola tour, and it was a different feeling. You can watch the animals underneath in the cable car 360 degrees, and pass through the air pandas and the air koala gardens. If you are lucky, you can see them in a thick and lovely posture.
    The cable car route starts from the Panda Paradise Station, all the way to the African Prairie Station, then to the Swan Lake Station, and finally back to the Panda Paradise Station.
    When I passed by Swan Lake, I took a lot of photos.
    Here is the place that is most suitable for their growth and reproduction, with a good living environment, so they will not fly away, they all inhabit here.
    Even the swan outside will fly over. Over time, Swan Lake has gathered more and more swan.
    After the end of the gondola, we went back to the Panda Paradise Station and went straight to the Panda Pavilion to see the giant panda.
    Panda Paradise is a Panda IP theme park based on the series of cartoons of “Daddy where to go 2 Panda triplet fairy tale big adventure”. Covering an area of ​​about 40,000 square meters, it is divided into two major areas: Panda Village and Meng Shuai Cool Park.
    There are giant pandas from the Wenchuan earthquake-stricken area, as well as the Guangzhou Asian Games special envoy – the Asian Games giant panda. There are a total of 14 cute and pitiful pandas living here, and they will also breed more pandas here. Pandas don’t like hot days. They generally like to live in a damp and cold environment. They often see them holding ice cubes in their sleep, which is really super cute.
    The Golden Monkey Kingdom, here is a national first-class protected animal known as the “Monkey Beauty”, the golden monkey, the black-crowned macaque (black pheasant), the silver-white gibbons (white pheasant), the spider monkey, the lion-tailed monkey, the yellow orangutan And other precious varieties.
    The good living environment in the park makes the monkeys carefree and play around all day.
    Look, there is a monkey in the water carrying a little monkey, the eyes of the little monkey are round and so cute.
    Listening to the staff said that this is just a monkey king. When you look at the temperament, it is really different. You sit on the side more steadily, unlike other monkeys who don’t jump and jump.
    Proboscis monkey with a long pointed nose. It was laughed at by its enchanting figure, and the whole one was lying on the beach and enjoying the sun.
    Chuanjinsi monkeys are national first-class protected animals. Their hairs are golden yellow and their values ​​are relatively high in monkeys. It was just in the afternoon, their family was resting in the pavilion in the afternoon.
    Chimelong Wildlife World Tour Small TIPS:
    1. Changlong Wildlife World South and North Gate Tourist Service Station has luggage storage service. Large baggage is 30 yuan/piece/day, and small baggage is 20 yuan/piece/day.
    2, Chimelong Wildlife World has two districts, pedestrian zone and self-driving zone, pedestrian zone: the main walking animal and animal show, self-driving zone: you can take a semi-open small train to watch animals, if you need to open your own car To visit the self-driving area, you need to add the cost of self-driving. The self-driving ticket is purchased at the entrance of the North Gate of the Changlong Wildlife World.
    3, food and beverages can not be brought into the park, the park has different characteristics of the theme restaurant, food takeaway points can choose.
     Chimelong Bird Park
    Chimelong Bird Park is a large park with the theme of watching birds. In the parks covering thousands of acres, there are all kinds of rare wetland birds. There are more than 300 kinds and nearly 10,000 rare birds. class.
    So walking into the bird park can learn more about the science of bird science, and it is a paradise that truly means “real bird watching.”
    Every day at 2 pm, there is a large-scale performance of “Hundred Birds Flying Songs” in the park.
    The stage is a green area surrounded by islands. The sky is full of smoke and scent. With the sound of ethereal music, a group of birds and elves are on the stage. They have slender necks and legs, and they walk gracefully and beautifully, walking through our eyes. They are flamingos and one of the protagonists on the stage. Their beautiful postures are more vibrant with green mountains and green waters~
    The shadows on the lake reflect their shadows – just like a painting.
    Then there was a group of black swans swimming in the lake, and another protagonist on the stage. They gestured leisurely from the lake, and the water rippled around the water.
    Suddenly, a group of yellow-billed scorpions smashed from the front and then flew back. It took a lot of thought to catch them.
    The red-crowned crane appeared gracefully, and the legendary crane, the red-crowned crane, is a large wader that lives in swamps or shallow waters and is often referred to as the “dessible god of the wetlands”. It has nothing to do with pine trees growing in the hills of the mountains. However, because the life of the red-crowned crane is 50 to 60 years, it is often painted together with pine trees as a symbol of longevity.
    In this bird feast, the carnivorous raptor African vultures are indispensable. The biggest feature is the swelling of the lower part of the neck, which is the throat sac. The staff said that it was used for courtship.
    The final and most beautiful part of the show. A small boat slowly appeared. The old man on the boat was sitting on a boat and a woman in a pink coat. The woman carried a basket with food for feeding swans.
    When she sprinkled the food to the swan, a group of swans also followed the boat.
    Then, a group of yellow billed owls flew over them, and the whole formed a harmonious picture of nature and nature with birds.
    After watching the performance, we came to the flower and bird world of the park, where we can see the green trees and red flowers on both sides of the road, and the various parrots inhabit the branches.
    They can be observed very close, sometimes they are playing and sometimes chasing.
    Sometimes I look at the tourists quietly. The picture of this parrot is very special, like two beards~
    A double-horned hornbill with a 30 cm long mouth that is eye-catching
    A parrot with a blush, or a parrot with a shy effect, is so cute.
    Flying Birds Park to play small TIPS:
    1. Only one person per ticket can be used in the park on the same day. There is no refund service for the ticket; children are less than 1 meter in height, and each child is entitled to a free child.
    2. You cannot bring pets or other animals into the park.
    3. There is a restaurant service in the park, which is free to choose.
    4, if you want to experience feeding animals, you can carry out in the animal feeding area, there are hippo, swan, parrot and other animals.
     Chimelong International Circus
    The Chimelong International Circus is a real-life circus stage that can accommodate nearly 8,000 people.Watch at the same time. The huge international performing arts team has more than 300 circus elites from more than 20 countries across Asia, Europe, America and Africa. In addition, there are more than 40 kinds of more than 500 rare animals and circus elites on the same stage.
    The whole process is composed of 17 programs: magic opening, light and shadow legend, vertical and horizontal space, magic messenger, circus Hollywood, dragon and tiger jump, fireworks allure, global speed, clown shooting, magic field fairyland, magic steamer, temple ceremonial, hobbit landing, fate The sky, through time and space, the guns hit the trapeze, and then continue the romance.
    Vertical and horizontal space: In the vertical and horizontal space, the transformed light and shadow are interlaced, and the bizarre light that flutters and flashes spreads the magic color to every corner.
    Magical Messenger: In the depths of the secluded jungle, speed and passion collide. After a magical phantom, the surrounding became boiling, and the magical messenger fluttered forward to welcome the Queen.
    The messengers rode their horses and immediately performed a superb dangerous equestrian event, which attracted the audience.
    Fate the sky: It is the sisters from Cuba who spend the time in the sky, descending gracefully with graceful dance and difficult movements. The picture is very beautiful~
    Circus Hollywood: The jokes who love mischief start a lively carnival around the “treasure chest”. The atmosphere of joy overflows every corner of the scene, and the hippo also goes to the stage to show off its appearance.
    Animals on the African grasslands also appeared in front of the stage.
    The clowns are surrounded by this treasure chest, and wonderful performances are being staged.
    Dragon Tug: The gorgeous adventures on the springboard have turned into screams, and the actors thrilled and swayed in the sky and landed, demonstrating a flying competition for the audience.
    Global Speed: It is also a performance that makes the audience scream. The performer rides a motorcycle on a suspended ball in a fancy cross. The picture above is one of the female performers. When I appeared, I was cheered by the audience~
    Clown Shooting: It’s a part of interacting with the audience. The clever movements of the clowns lead to a laugh in the audience. The atmosphere is very good.
    Also called a female audience to go forward to shoot, but often missed, and the clowns approached step by step, and even put the shot in front of the female audience, and finally was able to vote. The clown’s witty movements are so fun.
    Wonderland: Beautiful fairies sing songs from the sky, ballerinas dance in the night sky with gorgeous dances, a huge curtain of water falls, forming a dreamlike fairyland, colorful scenes lead to the forest Giraffes, zebras, antelopes, and camels come to help.
    The magic steamer should be one of the most thrilling shows in the whole game. The magic wheel keeps turning and the warrior performs the jump rope at high altitude. When you feel that it is already the thrilling extreme, there is a more thrilling scene, hanging the hearts of the audience. Woke up.
    Temple ceremonial: As if returning to the medieval scenes of Europe, in the melodious sound of piccolo, the knight appeared with a dignified lady.
    The flamingos followed, and they followed the carriage, a very magical picture.
    Knights riding white horses, isn’t this the best interpretation of Prince Charming?
    The final show was to renew the lead. All the actors were on the stage, singing and dancing, and an unparalleled visual feast ended. The various moments of the period are very memorable.
    Changlong International Circus Watch Small TIPS:
    1. How to choose a seat? What is a good position? Of course, VIP is the best, but not the ordinary seats of VIP.
    A. Sit by the middle VIP area. Since there is no way to sit on the VIP, it is necessary to sit on the VIP position, the better the middle. Because the actors in the stage performance are facing the VIP area, which is the central seating area of ​​the theater.
    B. Sitting high is better than sitting. The effect of sitting on the side is only normal, and when you watch the program, you can’t see it comprehensively, only see the back. Sitting high and leaning in the middle, although far from the stage, but more comprehensive viewing of the performance, and there is no need to raise the head when there is a high-altitude performance.
    C, the elderly and children are farther away from the stage. Old people and children may be scared by stunts such as fireworks, so it is better for them to stay away from the stage. Small handChildren should be farther away from the stage. They often see Mom and Dad holding their children out of the audience area, because not every child can receive strong lighting and sound effects. If you sit too close to the stage, you will only have parents.
    2. When watching, because there are many wonderful moments, I believe many people want to record it, but don’t use the flash when recording photos, because it may flash to the actors, many actions are very dangerous, avoid accidentally affecting An accident occurred at the actor.
     Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
    From the Changlong Resort in Guangzhou, there is a bus to the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai. It takes about 2 hours to drive. It is very convenient, so naturally the ocean kingdom is also played.
    The Ocean Kingdom is the world’s largest marine theme park. It is located in the Henglong International Ocean Resort in Hengqin, Zhuhai. It integrates rare marine animals and polar animals, wonderful amusement equipment and novel large-scale performing arts to create a theme park. Its content includes a variety of comprehensive entertainment such as top-level mobile games, rare animal exhibition halls, large-scale theater performances, catering, shopping and so on!
    The first to arrive at the gate is Ocean Street. The shape of the street is a devil fish. Its abdomen is a huge LED screen with a variety of marine life.
    The Ocean Kingdom is divided into polar expeditions, Heroes Island, Elephant Elephant Mountain, Hengqin Sea, Ocean Wonders, Ocean Street, Rainforest Flying, and Dolphin Bay.
    There are so many projects that can be played in the park, as well as various performances. It is not enough time to play during the day.
    Suggested garden route is: Ocean Street – Dolphin Bay – Rainforest Flying – Ocean Wonders – Hengqin Sea – Polar Adventure – Hero Island – Mount Elephant
    [Ocean Street] has a catering service, with a shopping store, you can buy specialties or souvenirs
    [Dolphin Bay] takes dolphins as the main element, covering rides, animal pavilions, science museums, performance theaters and catering services, with a focus on the performances of the Dolphin Theatre.
    [Rainforest Flying] With the theme of rainforest, there are also amusement facilities and animal pavilions and catering services.
    [Ocean Wonders] With the theme of the ocean, the focus is on the whale shark hall, which is more classic.
    [Hengqinhai] is located in the center of the scenic area and is a collection of performances. Jumping melody music fountain, ocean parade (good-looking), water flying show (exciting), ocean night light parade, and evening finale performance marine defense battle.
    [Polar Adventure] focuses on the Penguin Pavilion, the Polar Bear Pavilion, the White Whale Museum, and the performance of the Beluga Theatre.
    [Hero Island] has rides, catering services and shopping stores. It is a fairytale street.
    [Haixiang Mountain] There are seabirds in the world, and there are also rides. The focus is on the Sea Lion Theatre. Remember to watch.
    The weather on the day of the tour was very good, and the photos were all beautiful. The only drawback was that it was too dry.
    Because there are too many items to play, we choose the ones we are most interested in. The Penguin Pavilion, the Polar Bear Pavilion, and the Whale Shark Museum are sure to go, as well as sea lion performances, dolphin shows, white whale performances, water flying performances, ocean parades, and 5D castle theaters. These are the things we most want to go~
    The Penguin Pavilion felt a chill as soon as it came in. Because this is a group of elves from the South Pole. Here, there are five species of penguins, of which the emperor penguin is the largest in the penguin family. It is 1.2 meters tall and weighs 40 kilograms, like a child. Although they look awkward, they swim very fast.
    In the glass channel, we can clearly see the penguin swimming posture, the speed is really very fast
    Penguins are social animals, they stand in groups on the land, and some are directly squatting, enjoying the coolness of ice and snow.
    The penguins are not born or dressed in black and white tuxedos. The newly born little penguins usually have gray or brown fluff throughout their body. After undergoing hair change, they can “put on” the tuxedo, which also symbolizes their adulthood. Adult penguins will experience a change of hair every year, and they can’t swim in the water when they change their hair.
    The architecture of the Polar Expedition is very Nordic. At first glance, it looks a bit like a street in a foreign country.
    It is also very good to play water projects under the snowy mountains~
    There is also a thick layer of “snow” on the house. From here, you can walk to the Polar Bear Pavilion. The pavilion is also a refreshing feeling of ice and snow.
    In the summer, suddenly I walked into the ice and snow from the hot sun and experienced the coldness of the north and south poles. It felt so sour~
    The biggest attraction of the Polar Bear Museum is naturally the polar bear, which was originally only seen in the animal world.
    The polar bear is an animal of the genus Ursus, the world’s largest terrestrial carnivore, also known as the white bear.
    Polar bears have the same vision and hearing as humans, but their sense of smell is extremely sensitive, 7 times that of dogs; the fastest speed when running is 60km/h, which is 1.5 times that of the world’s 100m champion. It is also very fast in the water, as long as you focus on the target.
    Sometimes they look at us through the glass, sometimes they jump into the water and play, watching it white and white hair, I want to touch it.
    In addition to polar bears, there are snow wolves. Snow Wolf, also known as the Dream Wolf, has only 7821 people living in the world on the barren hills where Chinese people are extinct. This endangered snow wolf is white all over, with only the head and feet in a shallow ivory color.
    Snow fox can live on an ice sheet at minus 50 °C. In the summer, when food is abundant, snow fox stores some food in its nest. In the winter, when the food stored in the nest is exhausted, the snow fox will track the polar bears and pick up the leftovers left by the polar bears. So in the winter, there will always be two or three white foxes behind the polar bears.
    After a round trip in the Polar Bear Pavilion, it was cold and shivering. In addition to being really cold, it was also very good in visual effects. At first glance, it was the cold feeling of the ice hole.
    The Whale Shark Museum has 55 Guinness records. The most striking whale shark statue is 68 meters high. The Whale Shark Museum has a total construction area of ​​about 22,000 square meters. The Whale Shark Museum has a water body of 31,000 cubic meters. The Devil Fish is on display. There are more than 20,000 rare fish such as sharks and sea turtles.
    The design of the entire Whale Shark Pavilion is divided into two parts, shallow sea and deep sea. You can experience the wonderful fun from the shallow sea to the deep sea and the infinite charm brought by the beautiful sea world. I was curious about the underwater world since I was a child. It is another beautiful world. There are colorful corals, different kinds of fish, and various kinds of marine life. They swim in the blue sea and are free. .
    The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, but it is very gentle, does not attack humans, and sometimes plays with divers. There are fewer and fewer whale sharks now, because human fishing is one of the reasons for the decrease in their number. It is very painful to think about it~
    The little hippocampus is much smaller than the imagination. The most amazing thing is that the hippocampus breeds offspring by males rather than females~
    Corals are also a big attraction in the underwater world. These magical creatures are dressed up on the seabed, making the seabed more beautiful. Look at this little fish, which has a special pattern. It swims back and forth in the coral~
    These flower-like creatures are jellyfish. It is also like a transparent umbrella, shining in the water, floating and floating.
    The ocean parade is open every day at 2pm. Walk around the Hengqin Sea, so at this point in time, you must stay near the Hengqin Sea. This parade is more grand than the Chimelong Paradise, with the theme of the ocean.
    Huge floats, all kinds of shapes~ fully reflect the charm of the ocean theme~
    In addition to the floats, there is also a cast of actors, they are from different countries, their faces are filled with smiles, and they constantly interact with tourists, waving and paying tribute.
    Miss Butterfly, like a fairy in a flower, leaps over all the way.
    Wearing a white dress and wearing a crown, this scene reminds me of the princess in the movie Roman holiday. Is it a bit like the feeling of the goddess Hepburn?
    Miss Penguin Dress Up~
    At this moment, we all enjoy the atmosphere of this dance~
    The clown holding the balloon all the way, from time to time with balloons to make different shapes, give visitors ~
    The polar bear is jumping and jumping in the snow~
    COSPLAY is the little brother of the turtle, talking to the tourists about HI
    In Hengqinhai, there are also wonderful performances of the water trapeze. When you visit the park, you should keep an eye on the radio to not miss a wonderful performance.
    The performance was started by a jet ski airship~
    Every speed advance has stirred up a layer of waves~
    Then there was a thrilling scene, I saw them stepping on the water column and flying up.
    And constantly changing movements in the air, and turning over
    The sea lion show at the Sea Lion Theatre, they have made various actions and responses under the trainer’s password. It is very good. Isn’t this the classic action of street dance?
    Dolphin show, the dolphins are a talented performer, can perform many wonderful programs, such as drilling iron rings, playing basketball, “handshake” and “sing” with people, etc.
    During the performance process, there are lucky viewers who are called to interact with the dolphins.
    The luckiest thing is this little girl, who can sit on the boat and be taken by a dolphin.
    The White Whale Theatre is an all-weather constant temperature with approximately 4,000 seats. It is one of the largest and most advanced marine animal performance venues. Here, you can watch the cute beluga whales making jumps and 360-degree rotations in the water under the direction of moving music accompaniment and trainers. The body is beautiful like water ballet, and the beluga whale is in the whale kingdom. The best “mouth skills” experts can emit hundreds of sounds, and the sounds are very varied.
    The white whales always look like they are smiling, and they are very friendly at first glance.
    The White Whale Theatre also has a plot to interact with the audience~ Seeing the beauty will kiss you~ If you see the handsome guy, you will not kiss, but you have been shaking your head and laughing at the audience~
    The performance of the white whale is about 20 minutes, the whole process is very exciting, all kinds of skills are called people to applaud
    After watching the performance, the special neighborhoods in the park can also be strolled around. For example, Hero Island~ Hero Island is an emerging commercial street. The architecture here will make people think that they have entered a fairy tale world~
    The little brother dressed by the tiger interacts with the tourists from time to time.
    There are also beautiful women dressed as pink rabbits, they are a beautiful landscape on the street~
    Dessert-style lodge, which naturally sells desserts.
    The trip during the day is probably like this. Until the night falls, before the marine defense war has begun, we went to the 5D Castle Theater and felt the charm of 5D. I really recommend it, and I am really immersed.
    Seamlessly connected with the 5D movie is the evening parade of the oceanic clothing, which is also on the side of Hengqinhai. The floats at night are all with lights, very embarrassing.
    After the big parade, the thing to do is to find a good location, because the crowds of the marine defense battles can be described by people.
    The Marine Defence Warfare presented 150 drone performances, large fireworks displays, brilliant lasers and grand blasting scenes, fountain shows, difficult water flying performances, stunt motorboats and “whale sharks”. This is another visual feast for Chimelong. Every scene is a wonderful picture. The realistic sea and air battle won the audience’s exclamation and applause~
    The story is based on the ocean. The original prince and princess lived in peace. Suddenly, the invaders appeared and became lightning and thunder.
    The water trapeze, together with the whale shark king, will fight off the invaders to defend the ocean. So the most exciting thing is that the water trapeze is performing in the spark.
    In the end, they defeated the invaders, successfully defended the ocean, and set off fireworks in the sky to celebrate. After each firefly flies into the night sky, it blooms the most beautiful.
    Finally, a performance ended perfectly. This is definitely an unprecedented subversive show. No matter the plot or the special effects or the special effects, it is especially good. Together with the perfect performance of the actors, you can only use the perfect word. To describe it!
     About accommodation
     Chimelong Panda Hotel
    In the Chimelong Resort, it is the most cute hotel. Staying in Guangzhou for two nights is the Chimelong Panda Hotel. Let’s talk about the Panda Hotel first.
    Whether it is the exterior or the inside, the hotel is full of fairytale colors, just like living in a colorful castle.
    The hotel is full of elements of pandas and cartoons, and it is a time to return to childhood. There is also a quick check-out channel in the lobby, just drop the card into the small teapot and save a lot of waiting time.
    The rooms are divided into 4 major themes, which are cool theme, cute theme, handsome theme and prince theme. Some rooms also have a view of the fresh landscape and rare animals through floor-to-ceiling windows.
    The handsome room we stayed in was handsome when we entered the room~
    There is a panda element inside, and it is also equipped with a children’s bath.Gowns, slippers, towels, animal cartoon toiletries and children’s exclusive hangers, parent-child supplies, ubiquitous parent-child details, we also pretend to baby, recall happy childhood.
    The Panda Hotel had to mention breakfast, a lot of choices, the most lovely is the refreshment, as well as the various shapes of panda and chick mushrooms.
    The panda went early and couldn’t help but eat it~
    Cute chick shape~
    There are also children’s tableware, and we have a childish heart and a delicious breakfast.
     Zhuhai Chimelong Penguin Hotel
    The penguin hotel in Zhuhai is dominated by blue, which fits the elements of the ocean. The blue looks very clean and refreshing, and I feel good when I enter the hotel.
    The lobby is also a penguin element that can be seen everywhere.
    The rooms are divided into QQfamily smart theme rooms, polar rooms, temperate rooms, adventure rooms, and penguin family rooms. We stayed in a polar room.
    As soon as I entered the room, I felt like I was in the sea world. I also carefully prepared the fruit. It was so deep.
    There is also a children’s drawing book on the bed of the room, which introduces some of the little knowledge of the penguin in great detail.
    Toiletries are also elements of penguins
    Early the next morning, we went to the Emperor Penguin cafeteria for breakfast. Here we can watch the penguin while eating, really too much like it.
    The little penguin looked at us, we looked at it, it was so cute.
    There are too many choices for breakfast, and it really makes me the person who chooses the difficult disease to get sick immediately. I can’t wait to have a few stomachs, eat more.
    There are performances in the restaurant, and children can watch and interact in the past.
    After breakfast, I went to the store in the hotel and had a lot of cute dolls.
    Like the Panda Hotel, the Penguin Hotel also has a quick check-out channel, which can be put directly into the bucket.
     About catering
    Regarding the food and beverages of these days, we are all eating in various parks. The average per capita is 80 to 100. There are many choices – barbecued pork, sirloin, Hainanese chicken rice, pork ribs rice, fried rice, curry rice and so on. In addition to rice, there is also a face and powder. The most impressive thing is the restaurant in the wild animal world, because you can see the panda.
    The panda seen in the panda restaurant, sleeping and sleeping, drooling, so cute, hahaha
    The three-day trip is perfect, and a list of fees is attached for your reference:
    Chimelong Happy World Ticket: 200 yuan
    Changlong Water Park Tickets: 190 yuan
    Changlong International Circus: 340 yuan
    Chimelong Bird Park: 80 yuan
    Chimelong Wildlife World: 295 yuan
    Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Tickets: 245 yuan
    Chimelong Panda Hotel: 693 yuan / night
    Zhuhai Penguin Hotel: 639 yuan / night
    The per capita cost of each meal is 100, plus the other small expenses of 7788, which cost about 4,000 yuan.

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