Cross-domain temperature travel, southerners’ experience of ice and snow

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    Children born in the South have always had a good expectation for ice and snow.
    Perhaps because the snow is pure and difficult to preserve, so precious, so longing,
    Or, it is easier to perceive the temperature in cold weather, and it is a kind of luxury and a kind of happiness to warm up with loved ones.
    In December, Guangzhou is still warm as summer, and the temperature of more than 20 degrees can’t keep me going for the winter.
    If I had to find a representative of ice and snow in China, the first thing I thought of was the “Ice City” Harbin and Xuexiang in the northeast. I packed up a simple and heavy bag and prepared for a 20-degree to minus 20 A leap in the journey.
     Preparation before the trip
    1, wearing.
    Tops: thermal underwear, fleece, fleece jacket, jacket, thick down jacket.
    Bottoms: velvet pants, thick cotton trousers, trousers, children in the South must wear two pants.
    Footwear: Snow boots, hiking shoes, it is best to be waterproof, non-slip, the sole should be thick, socks should wear thick, sweat-absorbent cashmere socks, towel socks.
    Accessories: Scarves, gloves, hats are a must, it is best to protect your ears, Lei Feng hat is a good choice. For those who are afraid of cold, it is best to bring a warm baby, and put a piece on the front and back.
    2, the network.
    In a big city like Harbin, the network is unimpeded, but because of the geographical location, the network is not too ideal, especially from Harbin to the road to Xuexiang, not to mention China Unicom and China Mobile, even the signal of China Telecom is very Weak, most of the time is only 3g, but the pubs in Xuexiang and the wifi of the hotel are very smooth, so you can use them with confidence.
    3, photographic equipment
    Camera: Nikon D800+ Nikon lens 20 1.8g
    Auxiliary equipment: portable tripod, shutter release, notebook, card reader, CF card, SD card, charger. Since there is heating in the northeastern interior, the lens is prone to fogging when it is cold or hot. Please prepare to wipe the mirror paper.
    Drone: Snow Township aerial photography must be reported, otherwise there will be guards to stop, if you want to take off, the consequences are at your own risk.
     Accommodation recommendation
    1. Dagongguan 1903 Hotel
    When you come to Harbin, you are absolutely not allowed to miss this 100-year-old online red hotel, the Grand Residence 1903 Hotel, which is a witness to the changes of the Harbin era. Today, this prestigious luxury hotel has been seen as a museum that brings together urban culture. Here is a central street, surrounded by European architecture, and the atmosphere is particularly good.
    2. Junyi Hotel
    Junyi Hotel, 100 meters away from the Central Avenue, is only a few steps away from the Grand Residence, where you can enjoy the most advanced service, not only a place to sleep, but also a feeling of home, hotel There is a smart coffee machine, air humidifier, etc., and the equipment is complete. It also sends a welcome fruit plate in the afternoon, which is very considerate.
    3, the first home in Xuexiang
    Due to geographical reasons, the accommodation conditions in Xuexiang are naturally better than those in big cities, but the rule is to have enough heating system. B&B is a good choice, cost-effective and worth the experience. Liu Mingwen Family Hotel (the first in Xuexiang) is adjacent to Xueyun Street. It is very convenient to go in and out. When we stayed, the four people 炕 360 yuan / room, these are the real price display in the foreground, may be pressed in the peak season Beds are available for a fee and it is recommended that you book in advance.
    DAY 1 Grand Residence 1903 Hotel – Central Avenue – Jiuri Fine Craft Beer Restaurant – Ma Duo Tavern
    DAY 2 Junyi Hotel – Four Seasons Light Food – Old House Coffee – Frederick German Pavilion
    DAY 3 Xuexiang – Liu Mingwen Family Hotel – Xueyun Street – Viewing Boardwalk
    DAY 4 Linzi Caotang – Horse Sledge Stack – Xuexiang Dabao Ski Resort
    DAY 5 return
     About transportation
    Traveling to Harbin, I prefer to drive by myself. This time, the car is Audi’s new car Q2L. The cool shape and powerful performance make it more prominent in the city. The high-face figure gets a lot of return rate in the traffic lights. Wrong, this is the personality of my heart.
    The Audi Q2L, the first model in the Audi Q series to be evenly named, perfectly explains what is fashion and redefines the driving experience of the SUV.
    The wide seats and panoramic sunroofs provide a higher level of comfort and a sense of space, and all the way to the bottom of the scene, to meet all our fantasies about self-driving.
    In this self-driving, the most surprising thing is the intelligent Q2L, progressive steering system, which maximizes the driving flexibility; the integrated prevention system, escorting with high technology; active lane protection system, When necessary, the steering wheel is reminded in the form of vibration; the adaptive cruise system can safely maintain the distance from the preceding vehicle; the intelligent parking system, the female driver no longer has to worry about the difficulty of parking.
    In the sunset, Q2L has a clear angle, with diamond cutting, polygonal single-frame grille with polygonal LED headlights, simple and stylish beauty, customizable C-pillar blade, more optional, and gorgeous body color, The rear roof and elegant interior of the sports car design exude an all-round temperament, which is an eclectic style that satisfies our pursuit of individuality.
     Hello, Harbin
    From Guangzhou to Harbin, I traveled from summer to winter. I was wearing a thin one. When I got off the plane, I couldn’t wait to go to the airport locker room to add clothes. In Guangzhou, where the seasons are not clear, I have been in the chilly area. Even though I put on the thickest down jacket in my house, I can’t stop the natural shrinkage of the whole body pores. I don’t feel the heating until I get to Audi. The warmth brought by the Northeasters.
    Harbin, perhaps the largest area in China’s map, does not have the silver makeup, it adds a bit of city charm. It was not until 4 pm, and the night had already arrived. When crossing the Yangmingtan Bridge, it was unconsciously attracted by the city where the lantern was first.
    The sky has turned from azure blue to black, and the Songhua River has also turned the bridge lights into yellow. We are standing on the colder streets, shaking our hands, and feeling the temperature of the city from the white smoke.
     The epitome of Harbin – Central Street
    If you only stay in Harbin for a day, my primary card is Central Avenue, which is the heart of Harbin’s culture and economy. Although it is only 1,400 meters in length, it is interspersed with Renaissance, Baroque, eclectic and modern styles. There are a total of 71 buildings, and you can walk around like you are in Europe. Here is the epitome of Harbin. People come and go, you can experience the excitement of this city. If you can hold a cup of coffee here, stand in front of the window sill and feel the afternoon sun, it is more enjoyable in the paradise.
    The smooth granite floor tiles have the contours of the years. This was designed and supervised by Russian engineer Komtrashock in 1924. It is 18 cm long and 10 cm long. It has been an unyielding mission for nearly a hundred years. It is a stepping stone for Harbin people. This street is a shortcut to the prosperous world.
    The origin of Central Avenue can be traced back to 1898. It was once called “China Street”. At that time, Harbin was carrying out large-scale urban construction, and the Middle East Railway Engineering Bureau pulled the wasteland along the river to the Chinese who lived in Harbin. The place where the Chinese gathered was not officially renamed Central Avenue until 1928.
    Soon after the formation of the main street, many foreigners entered the business and made it unprecedentedly prosperous. It is a rare commercial street in Harbin. The charm of the Central Avenue can also be experienced in the dining culture. Here, you can taste the foods with Harbin specialties, such as the colorful candied haws, popsicles, and Harbin sausages. Of course, for travelers, Some centuries-old restaurants are more attractive.
    The central street at midnight is in stark contrast to the bustling daylight, with bare trees on both sides, yellowed street lights, and snorting shops, making this empty street slightly depressed..
    The old building exudes eye-catching lighting, and the smooth ground is also mapped brilliantly. Perhaps everyone should be warming indoors at this time, and we enjoy the calmness of the cold wind on the street.
     Grand Residence 1903
    Located on the side of the central street, there is a legendary century-old building that attracts us not only because of its long history, but also in the space where ancient and luxurious coexist, exuding a charming aristocratic atmosphere. And a unique elevator in the country, which is hidden in the interior, adds a bit of mystery to the building. If I don’t say it, maybe everyone doesn’t know that it is a Russian aristocratic hotel – the 1903 Hotel of the Grand Residence. It is said that it is a bit inferior to the red card, and it is not too much to call the museum.
    The pale yellow exterior wall, exquisite window, dotted with the bustling central street, when passing by, no one is attracted by its elegant temperament. To stay in the Grand Residence is like going through a hundred years and returning to the old time to experience the life of a Russian aristocrat.
    Stepping into the lobby is like entering a magnificent palace. The yellow and white tones are just right, not bad, not exaggerated, and the golden walls are covered with a piece of gold foil, sharing a total of 85,000. This kind of noble but not a little shelf, and the warm hotel service makes you feel at ease, there is a sense of being at home.
    Dagongguan spent inadvertently thinking about the renovation, all-round restoration of the aristocratic living atmosphere from Russia, the red curtain highlighting the personality, Qatar royal custom furniture is more aristocratic.
    Although the Grand Residence has a reasonable location on the Central Street,However, it is heavy and not heavy, and there are only 45 matching rooms, which will maximize the comfort of staying. The luxury of the Grand Residence can be used in every room’s bathroom, the Duravit hand basin, the Hansgrohe bathroom, and the British sevenplus essential oil range of toiletries, every detail can not escape perfection.
    It is understood that there are only five elevators in the world with a history of hundreds of years, and China has two of them. One of them is located at the Peace Hotel in Shanghai. It is currently out of service and can only be used for viewing and movie props. The second is located here. Fortunately, the Grand Residence has undergone many renovations over the past 100 years, and this old elevator can still be preserved as it is, and it is still operating normally. Although the elevator “years” is large, under the control of non-intelligent control, the entrance and exit need to manually pull the gate, but the person who has been sitting is not difficult to find, it is very stable when rising, even better than the new elevator today, 6 layers 6 The station takes only one minute.
    The ancient iron fence and the magnificent staircase form a sharp contrast, but also a lot of historical sense of weight, in the process of lifting, this elevator is like a light machine, leading us back to the past glory. In fact, there is a love story hidden in this ancient elevator: during the Second World War, a pair of Jewish couples hurried into the hail of hotels in the heavy snow of Harbin, just in front of the iron fence elevator of the Grand Residence 1903. After acquaintance, after a cup of coffee, they determined that they were the ones who lived together for a lifetime. They witnessed the new ladder of life under the witness of the elevator, and they were the parents of the 12th Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
    Telling the history, in addition to the old elevators, there are oil paintings and antiques arranged around the hotel. It is understood that the entire hotel’s oil painting value is nearly 30 million yuan, all famous paintings, and the antiques hidden in the window are European collections of more than 100 years, each antique has its historical background and introduction.
    This German disc music box, produced in 1900, gently captains, the music that has never been erased, will take you back to the hundred years.
    The restaurant on the first floor of the hotel is classical and elegant, and a delicious Russian breakfast is the most beautiful start of the day.
     Jiuli Craft Beer Restaurant
    As the saying goes, “No wine is not a seat,” is the Northeastern people really not drinking? As the first dinner to visit Harbin, I was recommended by a local friend to come to Jiuli Brewery Restaurant. I heard that the name of the restaurant is beer, not liquor, wine, etc. For me, a Guangzhou The female man is the most excited. Drinking depends on people, and wine at work can be understood as entertainment, while clinking between friends is enjoyment.
    The store decorated with logs is particularly eye-catching under the dazzling lights. “Drinking the craft beer, eating the wine, and drinking it for a long time!” The more proud shop logo, this may represent the mind of the Northeast!
    Into this door, nothing is more important than drinking. The indoor heating is sufficient, we quickly take off the heavy coat, just like going back to the summer. The dry weather in the northeast is particularly thirsty. Perhaps only a big mouthful can resolve this feeling of sorrow. Not to mention, “the same boat together” immediately presented to the table, which is a combination of black, white and yellow craft beer. For those who don’t understand the inside, the easiest way to identify these three beers is to look at the colors, but as long as you are not a “cup” person, you will distinguish the taste in the taste, the dark beer is full. The taste of the yellow beer is smooth, the white beer is refreshing and sweet, most girls like white beer, and I prefer the most ordinary yellow beer. Beer is not easy to get on the head, and the long-term production is full of sincerity, giving people a desire to “get another cup”.
    Here is not only a good place to drink, but also a sacred place, recommend raw baked sausage, crispy skin added a lot of accessories, taste better, is the must-order dish here.
    In fact, many foods in the store are very European and American, spicy beef burritos, Australian crispy beef, American-style homemade fries, etc. In my opinion, these are good beer mate. Individuals were originally biased towards Cantonese cuisine, but in the face of such attractive European and American restaurants, they naturally could not resist the temptation.
    The flavored roast goose egg and the long-baked potato are the dishes that I think are quite special. The flavor is unique, and each mouth is fragrant. It is said that it will be open until after zero, so it is a good place to find a good nightclub in Harbin.
     Ma Du Bistro
    There are beer in the northeast, but there are crayfish in the central street! Located at No. 33, Xitoudao Street, Central Avenue, there is a net red restaurant specializing in crayfish. The decoration is unique. After entering the interior, you will find that it is like a treasure chest. It collects good things from all corners of the country. Oh, eye-catching Chinese knots, nostalgic TVs, cute puppets, and even bird cages. These elements are not uniform, but they are the most beautiful decorations in the tavern.
    The proprietress has been a host of the show. The people are sweet and versatile. The wall is covered with photos of her and the stars. The so-called book has its own gold house, and the pub owns Yan Ruyu. With the popularity of the proprietress and the reputation of the food, It can become a net red restaurant that the locals have to go to.
    How about brewing a craft beer and then a peach? Despite the sip of the water, the rich peach blossoms have filled the entire mouth, and there are countless times in the minds of the “Sansheng Sanshi Shili Peach Blossoms”.
    Blueberry melon, the most creative cold dish, a round of winter melon is dyed orange-red, I thought it was watermelon before I tasted it. After a bite, I found the melon that was iced with blueberry juice.
    If you haven’t eaten it, it is estimated that this dish is rice noodle? In fact, this is potato silk, up to 2 meters long, very test Kung Fu, is the technical life of the restaurant industry.
    Crayfish have spicy and steamed points. I like both flavors. If you have to choose one, then I will choose spicy. The crayfish in their homes are not heavy, and the spicyness is just right. I also don’t resist this kind of spicy from Guangzhou. The crayfish is big and full of flesh, and even if it is soaked in spicy sauce, it can’t cover the deliciousness of the shrimp.
    Drunken crab claws, a dish that people like very much, don’t look so thin with crab claws. In fact, the meat inside is very delicious. Because the shell is soft, it will squeeze out the tender meat inside.
     Junyi Hotel
    Every time I go out, I will choose several hotels to stay in. In my heart, the excellent hotel is like a landscape, which is the foothold of the journey memory. Also adjacent to the central street, only a few tens of meters away from the Grand Residence, there is a very modern hotel – Junyi Hotel, although there is no legendary history of the Grand Residence, but the service quality is not inferior to the Grand Residence, it is also pointed out that they The two are like twins, and most of the facilities are the same as the Grand Mansions, such as bedding, toiletries and toiletries.
    The baggage from the Grand Residence to the Junyi Hotel is a hotel service student who volunteers to help, very intimate.
    In the elegant lobby, although there is no luxury chandelier, the simplicity adds a bit of fashion, the color is unparalleled, the warm atmosphere makes people feel particularly warm, and the warmth is not only from the hotel’s heating system, but also Handed by the waiterHot towel coming. Every morning from 10am to 10pm, you can enjoy the hotel’s afternoon tea for only 68 yuan per person.
    The hotel provides us with a dedicated butler service. From the moment I stepped into the hotel, I felt that my “social status” had improved. After the waiter helped bring the luggage to our room, he introduced us to the various facilities and facilities of the room. Compared with the lover’s cold, this kind of warm service is more warm-hearted.
    At the moment when the door was opened, the heart was melted, the bed was covered with petals, and the lovely bath towel was used. The hotel really understood our girl’s heart. Each room is equipped with the world’s leading sleep expert mousse mattress, Accor bedding, 55-inch Samsung LCD TV hanging on the wall, Nestlé capsule coffee machine can freely adjust your favorite coffee.
    In the afternoon, the hotel sent a welcome fruit plate, a bunch of mini flowers is the most sincere greetings.
    Like the Grand Mansion, the bathroom equipment is very avant-garde, the world brand Duravit sanitary ware, Hansgrohe bathroom, automatic toilet, and the toiletries are still the British plant essential oil series SEVEN PLUS.
     Four seasons light food
    There is a kind of health called “four seasons light food”, which is a light and temperate restaurant with all the values ​​and fashion. It was founded in 2016. In the past two years, it has been the city of Fengmo. Currently there are about ten in Harbin. In addition to the dine-in, many stores can also place orders on the take-away platform.
    Why are the four seasons light food popular among urban people? Because it has its own unique health concept, in the impetuous society, only food can heal the mood. Here, there are 52 kinds of ingredients and 9 kinds of homemade low-calorie sauces. The fruits and vegetables are freshly purchased daily, including imports. New Zealand beef tenderloin, American Tyson chicken breast, deep sea fish and so on. The dishes are all made with Michelin low-temperature slow-cooking process, which preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients to the maximum, delicious and healthy.
    We came to the Four Seasons Light Eater in CapitaLand this time. The store has a large storefront and is managed by an open kitchen. The process is transparent and the diners are more assured.
    The Four Seasons Salad is the signature dish here. The soft chicken and the beef of the teeth are mixed with each other. The taste is outstanding, the nutrition is rich, and the dishes look more “sweet”. In fact, it is necessary to match the specific salad dressing to show its delicious taste. It is the finishing touch.
    Fara cakes come in a variety of flavors, and the individual prefers the taste of tuna, and the crispy skin is mixed with sweet tuna, which is unbeatable.
    Tyson chicken dated the sea fish super bowl, the color control is very strong, making people want to drop.
     Old House Boutique Coffee
    In the past days, I have had the habit of having a cup of coffee every day. This is not to give life a bloody meal, but a feeling, a kind of sustenance, which can make people feel calm and clear thinking. When I came to Harbin, I looked around for the shadow of the coffee shop. The most attractive thing was the old house coffee at No. 78, Corporate Street, Nangang District, Harbin.
    This is an old mansion standing in the middle of the city. It has a history of 110 years. Before it was founded as a coffee shop, many tourists visited it, and the descendants of this old house simply built the house into adult people. Cafe that we can visit. The mottled exterior tells the history of this old mansion, while the refined interior welcomes every visitor.
    Stepping into the cafe, the time to see the old wall clock on the wall stopped in 1962, it was really interesting to record the time with time, and the decoration inside the cafe was very European, and even had a mysterious color of the castle.
    It is said that the owner is a photography enthusiast, so the table is covered with ancient photographic equipment, and the scattered table surface exudes an ancient atmosphere.
    If the Dagongguan is a museum in the hotel industry, then the old bungalow boutique coffee is the exhibition hall of the restaurant industry. The old house was originally shouldered with the mission of carrying history. For example, this fireplace, after nearly a hundred years of use, has become a rare antique. At the same time, the owner is also aWith a collection of physical controls, the store can see a variety of tangible forms of collections, they are the most beautiful decoration here.
    Handmade boutique coffee is the trump card here, the clerk will show the cooking process on the spot, and it is also an initiative to pass on the coffee culture.
    The coffee produced in the old house can be described as both classic and innovative. For coffee control, there must be surprises when drinking.
    Heroes with beauty, coffee with desserts, red velvet cakes and flavors, carrot cheese cakes are suitable for foods that like sweets.
     Fort Worth German Pavilion
    Wine and stories are naturally important, but exquisite cuisine is more essential. For example, the Friedrich German Pavilion in Harbin, in addition to its rich exotic atmosphere, also has a German-style roast chicken, sausage, steak and beer. .
    The decoration of Frederick is relatively simple, but it is a good place to gather with friends and relatives.
    As a restaurant specializing in German cuisine, how can it be a lack of home-brewed beer? In Guangzhou, it was only used to drink at night, but in Harbin, drinking is no longer staying up late, and beer has become a part of people’s lives.
    German sausages, the amount of food is very sufficient, have not smelled the smell of oil from the sausage, gently bite down, crispy and elastic teeth, full-feeling.
    German-style roast pork knuckle is the signature dish of this restaurant. The crispy skin is wrapped with tender pork. The essence and the fragrant juice are gathered together to make people want to stop. I have already eaten half of it.
    Australian grain-fed sirloin steak is better than the early selection, better than the later cooking, with a special sauce taste better.
    German-style vanilla-roasted spring chicken, the fire is just right, like the scent of the skin, but the chicken inside is still tender and tasteful.
    Desserts must be there after the meal. This pastry, which is layered with layers of wood, is wearing makeup and really can’t bear to eat it.
     China Snow Township
    Harbin is a city where cold and warm coexist. The roughness of the northeastern people is temperature. The cold weather can’t cover their enthusiasm and hospitality. The big mouth is eating and the big mouth is drinking. Every day here is beautiful. Regaining our luggage, we have to set off a colder place to see the white snow. The Shuangfeng Forest Farm, known as the “China Snow Country”, will give you an extremely memorable winter experience, looking at the alternate skyline of white and blue. Inhale the fresh cold air into the nose while drinking hot tea, which will make you feel uncomfortable.
    More than 300 kilometers from Harbin to Xuexiang, at least 5 hours drive, stop at a service station in the middle, start as early as possible, and arrive at Xuexiang before 4 pm. You can choose to travel bus or chartered bus, the bus is generally 90, and the charter is 120, but Harbin Snow Road is very slippery, some places are frozen, the bus will be less secure, here is recommended Choose chartered. Snow Township does not allow foreign vehicles to enter. If you are driving, you need to stop at the mountain gate and then transfer to the shuttle bus to reach the core scenic spot of Xuexiang.
    As for the former “slaughter”, because the snow town is relatively remote, the materials will naturally be scarce, and it is also a standard tourist scenic spot. Only the snow season has a nutritious life for one year, so the price is higher than the city is understandable. The current snow towns are all clear prices. Of course, everyone’s spending power is limited. One person has 6 instant noodles, one bottle of mineral water, 60 yuan per person, and 150 yuan per person. I think these are within the limits I can accept.
    Here, I would like to remind you that the average temperature in Xuexiang is minus 20 degrees, and it is outdoor for a long time. You must bring more thick cotton coats. After all, this temperature is not small in our greenhouses in the south. Flowers can withstand.
    In the few days in the snow town, only half a day is fine, the rest of the time can not see the sun, surrounded by white, that kind of cold is not only the body feels, but more of a visual impact.
    “Snow Mushroom” is one of the unique signature scenery unique to Xuexiang. In every corner of Xuexiang, whether it is the roof or the undulating snow, there will be many round snowbags like glutinous rice bran. Looking from afar, it is like growing countless mushrooms in the snow. In the snow town, if you don’t go to see the cute snow mushroom, leave a unique photo of you next to the snow mushroom, then your trip to the snow town is like no soul.
    There is also a very busy commercial street in Xuexiang, Xueyun Street, which is more than 100 meters long. There are various wooden houses and shops in Xuexiang on both sides. It sells frozen persimmons, frozen pears, candied haws, sticky bean bags, etc. Wait, whether it is day or night, here are the tourists who come to the snow town to visit, here is not only the supporting business circle of Xuexiang, but the most beautiful scenery of Xuexiang.
    All restaurants and even the roadside snack bar are all priced, enough to put down the precaution before buying, such a pancake fruit price of 20, the amount is sufficient.
    Although the conditions in Xuexiang are very general, the choice of accommodation is quite a lot. From hotels, B&Bs to RVs, the location and date are different, and the prices are different, but it is necessary to book in advance because this place is in Where Dad Goes. After the broadcast, there are more and more people coming to travel. To truly appreciate the humanistic style of a place, staying at the B&B is a good choice. The inn stayed at this hotel is called Liu Mingwen Family Hotel (the first in Xuexiang), and sleeps in the legendary farmhouse.
    There is no palatial decoration, such a four-person 炕 also gives a sense of warmth, in the snow town, do not need beauty, just need to warm.
    The hotel has its own restaurant, and the indoor heating is sufficient. If you are afraid of cold, you can eat directly in it. It is recommended to order food in advance. If the dish is good, the boss will ask you to come out to eat. Because Xuexiang is cold enough, the freshness of the ingredients is very high, and the farmhouse dishes such as chicken and fish are very good. The proprietress is also a warm and hospitable person, who will help to book the chartered service, and she is also very trusting to the passengers. The facilities and facilities of the hotel can be lent to the guests, including skateboarding (25 for outside rent), large cotton quilts, cotton. Pants, Lei Feng hat, earmuffs, etc., more intimate is that there are some emergency medicines at the door. After all, there is no one on duty at night. These things may help people in need. The hotel also has its own commissary, which uses an unattended online payment model that you can take away when you buy it.
    Linzi Caotang is a favorite restaurant. Although it is not on the main street, it takes only 3 minutes to walk from Xuexiang Stone Tablet. Compared to the fun of Xueyun Street, it is a paradise, antique decoration, and love China. The yumi of the element can’t help but put on Hanfu and perform a drunken ancient style on the snow.
    In the ice and snow, the travel needs are perseverance. Whether it is a model or a photographer, everyone will say: It is too cold!
    The red Hanfu is outstanding, but the props are indispensable, which makes the lens feel stronger.
    It must be said that this belt is too suitable for taking pictures, all kinds of scenes are natural studios, and the white snow can be called a natural reflector, which is why portrait photography is so passionate on snow.
    After the photo is taken, we return to the Linzi Caotang for lunch. There is the most authentic northeastern cuisine. The blood sausage is a must-try. This sausage is different from most of the intestines. The casings are slaughtered pigs or The blood of the sheep is mixed with the pig (sheep) oil and onion, salt, ginger powder, pepper, etc., and then enema, and then made into a delicious blood sausage.
    In the evening, you can walk out of the hotel and linger on the streets of Xuexiang. The night view here is even more beautiful. The red lanterns make the whole street full of Chinese characteristics, and the overall a bit of foreign style, the collision of the two styles, people have a disorganized beauty.
    There is a free sightseeing trail in Xuexiang, which is from 7am to 9pm. Of course, I think the best time to enjoy is the night view of the lantern. From the entrance, there are two intersections at the corner, one to the snowy night view of the plank road, one to the Banglu Mountain, it is recommended that the latter go during the day, and the night is not suitable for climbing.
    I didn’t expect the snowy town at night to be so moving, just like entering a dream. The roofs covered with snow and the neat wooden fences blended with the colorful lights. This scene is like going through time and space to a fairy tale. I really thought about getting out of the seven dwarfs from the house.
    The lowest temperature in the winter in the snow town can reach a maximum of minus 38 degrees, especially at night, there is a feeling of being trapped in the refrigerator. When the air is blowing, even the glasses are frozen.
    The horse-drawn sledge is a characteristic means of transportation in Xuexiang. It rides on a sledge and walks between ice and snow, reflecting the magic and romance of the snow country. In the summer, horses are stocked, so they are more wild. Don’t be close to the horse, pay attention to safety.
    This shows that the whole round-trip is 2 kilometers, the speed is not too fast, the road is not bumpy, the retail price is 158 yuan / person.
    It is not difficult to mention the Xuexiang Dabao Ski Resort. The snow period lasts from the beginning of November to the middle of April of the second year. It is not only a holy place for skiing, but also a place to enjoy the beautiful scenery. In the process, you can see the scenery of Xuexiang.
    Dabao ski resort price is fair, skiing 180 yuan / person, skiing 50 yuan / person, ski instructor 200 yuan / person. If you are really afraid of falling, you can try the skis, you don’t need to move your head, and you don’t need to balance. You can just scream.
    “Either reading or traveling, there is always a body and soul on the road.” In the busy work, perhaps we can put down the pressure on the body, take advantage of the winter, and feel the feeling of lying in the soft snow. Kissing the slowly falling white snow, let the dull and depressed soul bloom in the pure white land of Xuexiang, here, only the people who want to accompany, the food that you want to eat, the scenery you want to see.

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