Cycling by car: Rizhao Wujiatai, swimming between the blue sky and the blue sea

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    Although Rizhao does not have as good tourism resources as Qingdao and Penglai, it is precisely because of this that the scenery here is more primitive, consumption is lower, and there is more fun for seaside vacation.
    There is also a particularly mature fishing house with complete facilities and high cost performance. Living in the fishing village of Wujiatai on the side of the fourth bathing beach, you can walk to the beautiful beach in a few minutes, strolling in the soft sand of the beach in the early morning and evening, the sea breeze, the ebb and flow, the feeling does not mention how great.
    Of course, the accommodation conditions of Yujiale are definitely not comparable to luxury hotels, and even there are certain gaps with ordinary hotels, but the basic facilities are complete, and the decoration and sanitation are gradually improving. The most important thing to do is to eat at the fishermen who are open to the locals. Especially the fresh and affordable fishermen’s seafood can be eaten with confidence. This cheap fisherman’s and fisherman’s seafood is more grounded and has a seaside holiday.
    This time I came to live in the Kaidong fishing house, which is also recommended by many friends who have been to Rizhao. The boss’s surname is very special. Kaidong fishing house conditions are very good, the living room is very spacious, the room conditions are also very good, although the facilities are relatively simple, but very clean, air conditioning, TV, separate toilet, 24-hour hot water, wireless WIFI, basically all rooms are two large beds It is especially suitable for a family of 3 or 4 trips.
    It is a pleasure to eat seafood at the fisherman’s house. Don’t worry about being dead and dead, don’t worry about being short and short, don’t worry about being slaughtered. Don’t worry about the value of money, the fisherman will recommend the most cost-effective seafood in the season, which is worth the money. Kaidong fisherman’s craftsmanship is really good. We have seen many tourists who have not lived here for a few days to eat, because his home is not only good to find, but the boss is real, the weight is good, the taste is good, the word of mouth is special. it is good.
     travel time
    Although every place has the best travel time, if you only want to enjoy the sunshine and the sea and swim, you can take it at any time in the summer and arrange it according to your own holiday. But if you want to experience more fun on the Rizhao waterfront, then you must arrange the specific time.
    If you go swimming in the sea, then July and August each year is of course the best time to go to the beach, but this is the summer season, which is the most popular season for seaside tourism. Even if you usually have less sunshine, this time is also saturated. The state, the price of eating, living, and traveling has risen all the time. Every time we travel is before mid-July, because from the end of July to the end of July, it is the most popular season for Rizhao tourism. At this time, there are a lot of tourists in Rizhao, especially on weekends. If you don’t book in advance, you can even stay in the house. Can’t find it.
    But if you want to eat seafood, then the best time is April and October every year, April pimp shrimp, prawns, scallops, octopus, October crab, octopus, this is the most delicious time. The arrival of the sea in July and August is not the most suitable time. This is the time when the fishing area is forbidden, that is, the time for fishing in the sea is forbidden, and the tourist season is high, so the prices of seafood are all rising, and many seafood are not the most. When it’s delicious. However, it is good to have a lot of seafood in Rizhao seawater. At this time, as long as it is a real fresh seafood that is eaten at the fisherman’s house, such as scallops, prawns, abalone, conch, golden shellfish, city scorpion, pimp shrimp, cuttlefish, octopus, etc. Wait, they are all very delicious.
    If you want to see the scenery and like photography, then you don’t need July and August. The autumn beach is the most beautiful, the autumn is high, the sky is blue, the scenery is especially beautiful, and it is very comfortable to play. There is a beautiful sunrise in the sunshine, the weather in the summer is not stable, there is almost no clear sunny day, and the cloudy weather is already a good weather. Therefore, it is better to watch the sunrise or fall. At this time, the autumn is very refreshing, and there are more opportunities to see the sunrise. In fact, the probability of seeing the sunrise in winter is the highest. The winter of sunshine is not cold. You can consider photography.
    To truly experience the sunshine of the sea, you should pay special attention to time. The best time to catch the sea is the first three days of the lunar calendar and the first three days of the fifteenth. This is the so-called big tide. At this time, the seawater retreats farther and faster than usual. This is more than the usual exit. In the best place to catch the sea, there are a lot of crabs that can’t be found in the usual shells.
    Avoiding the peak season, there are not so many tourists, and the seaside is quieter, so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery more enjoyably. This kind of trip is more interesting.
     Preparation before the trip
    The preparation for seaside travel and travel to the Mainland is not the same. There are a few points to pay special attention to. Even if you are not ready to go into the water, you will have a lot of fun when you are ready to play.
    1. Rizhao Sea has plenty of sunshine and strong radiation. Although it is not a sunny day, the sun is looming, but you can tanning you in one day. Be sure to prepare a sunscreen with a sun protection index of 30 or more. I will wipe it every morning at noon.
    2. The mosquitoes in the seaside wetlands are particularly numerous and particularly powerful. At the end of May, there were already many, and they were all speed-type players with strong explosive power. Basically, the process of blood-sucking was completed with a squat, and we suffered deeply. Mosquitoes such as mosquitoes and wind oils must be taken with anti-mosquito bites and bites. However, the beaches and reef areas may be because of living water and the wind is relatively large, so there are no mosquitoes, and there are few mosquitoes in the accommodation fishermen, and they also have electric mosquito coils. Don’t worry.
    3. If you go to the beach in the summer, you should prepare some medicines to prevent heatstroke. If you go fishing in the sea, you should prepare some medicines to prevent seasickness and vomiting. If you want to eat a lot of seafood, but you usually eat less, you should prepare some allergies. Medicines and medicines for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.
    4, the temperature difference between the beach and the morning is very big, like going to May and June, the sun is going to die, but wearing a coat in the morning and evening will feel a little cool, so short-sleeved pants, beach sandals, long-sleeved pants and other time Wear sneakers and sneakers to bring.
    5, Rizhao Yujiale does not provide towels and bath towels, these must be prepared by themselves, especially ready to swim in the water, swimwear, swimming caps, waterproof mirrors, nose clips, earplugs, bath towels, as much as possible, if necessary, Buy now, expensive and not necessarily easy to use. Slippers and beach shoes are not prepared, and the fishermen are prepared to have slippers and beach shoes.
    Rizhao has traveled 700 kilometers from Beijing in the past, and it has been more than 600 kilometers from the past. This is a short distance, but it is recommended that everyone drive by car. Nowadays, there are countless tourists driving from Shandong Province and Beijing, Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Even Shaanxi, Shanxi, Anhui and other places drive a lot. Rizhao has a beautiful beach of 60 kilometers from south to north, and it is most convenient to travel by sunshine. Of course, we are self-driving tour, Shandong Expressway is particularly developed, especially now the national ETC network, all the way to the highway does not need to stop.
    As a coastal city, Rizhao’s public transportation is also very convenient. Qingdao has Liuting International Airport, and Rizhao has Shanzihe International Airport, but there are fewer flights. It is also very convenient to arrive at Qingdao Liuting International Airport and take the airport bus to get sunshine.
    There are also railway stations in Rizhao. Currently, there are 6 cities in Jinan, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xinyang and Mudanjiang. Beijing can take the K51 direct sunshine, about 12 hours, sleep at noon on the night, it is very convenient. Other cities take the train to check on the Internet, and there is no direct train to the Jinan transfer, it is also very convenient.
    There are dozens of kilometers of gold coast in Rizhao. If you like to choose the unpopular attractions like us, although every bus can be reached, every bus has to wait for a bus, which is a waste of time and trouble. It is more convenient to play, otherwise it is impossible to visit as much as we do.
     Rizhao City
    Get up early and go straight to the sunshine, and enter the Rizhao urban area at high speed. I feel that every year I will feel some obvious changes in the sunshine. From a very simple coastal town, I have rapidly developed into a bustling coastal city in just a few years.
    The weather in Rizhao is as good as ever. As long as it does not rain, it is blue sky and white clouds. Now there are many sports-themed sculptures on the street, which fully demonstrates the urban elements of Rizhao’s “Water Sports Capital”.
     Seaside forest park
    Go straight to Wujiatai Village along Beihai Road, first go to the seaside forest park on the north side of the village. If you want to pay for the ticket, you are not recommended to go there. There is a recommendation for the free ticket, and it feels pretty.
    Now that the forest park has not allowed the self-driving car to enter, you can rent a tandem bicycle, but your bicycle can not be allowed to ride in. My balance car is still not in use, just enter it, this is still very good, because it is really too Big.
    Originally called Dashayu Forest Farm, it is a sand-proof forest planted along the seashore. Now the scale has developed quite large, and the forest is lush and covered with the sun. It has become one of the landmark spots of Rizhao. It can be regarded as the earliest attraction in the coastal area of ​​Rizhao.
    The biggest attraction in the forest park is the lotus flower. The best season for lotus bloom is August of each year. July is a bit early, but there are already many lotuses that have been quietly opened, although not many, but also very beautiful.
    White lotuses are the most, pink is still relatively small, but they are all very beautiful. In August, you can come to see the beautiful scenery of the lotus flowers here, it is still very charming.
     Fourth bathing beach
    Next to the forest is the sea. It used to be called the Dashayu Bathing Beach, which is the fourth bathing beach in Rizhao. However, after the forest park charges, the Dashayu bathing beach is divided into two parts. The part enclosed in the forest park is generally called the forest park bathing beach, and it becomes a toll-free bathing beach.
    Of course, because it is a scenic spot, the development and maintenance of the beach is earlier and better than the outside. Even in the tourist season, there are fewer people in the beach than the free beach next to it. There are hotels to stay in, there are better restaurants, although the consumption is very high, but relatively quiet, not bad money, then eating and living here is also a very good choice.
     Dashayu Beach
    Out of the South Gate of the Forest Park, you will come to the free Dashayu Beach, opposite to Wujiatai Village. Previously, you may feel that it is relatively primitive, but now it has changed its appearance. Now it is managed by the Sunshine Mountain Resort in Rizhao. It is still free of charge, like the third beach in Rizhao, but the management regulations and supporting facilities are gradually improved.
    Now, for the safety of the bathing area, there are also several watchtowers built here. When the time is allowed to go to the sea for bathing, there will be special people here to look after the supervision. When the time is not allowed to go to the sea to bathe, the big horn will repeatedly broadcast the warning not to go to sea. More standardized, security is more guaranteed.
    Although the bath is free, the service facilities next to it are all charged, and the price is quite high. Of course, living in the fishing village next to Wujiatai can save money. The fishing village is a few minutes away from here. You can change your swimsuit and come back. You can also choose to go back to the fisherman. If the whole family is to play, you can save the next seafood. Money?
    Of course, the beach here is as good as ever, and the cleaning is more clean after standard management. Now it is just the time of the low tide. You can see that the wet beach is the sea water retreating. The slope is quite gentle and extends to a few hundred meters in the sea. It is an excellent natural bathing place.
    The sand here is also very delicate. There are no reefs. There are no other impurities such as broken shells in the sand. It is very soft and comfortable. It runs barefoot on it. It is really one of the best beaches we have ever seen. The beach scenery in Sanya is particularly good, but the sand is not as fine as here.
    It is also a natural wedding photography base. In recent years, many props for shooting have been arranged one after another, which has added many romantic elements to the original natural beach.
    Many of them are not self-driving to Rizhao, but the main purpose of tourists living in Wujiatai Village is to take this beach and live in the fishing village next to the beach. It is especially convenient to go to the fishing village, eat seafood, swim, and catch up with the sea. Three days off, especially pleasant.
     Wujiatai Kaidong Fishing House
    This time I came to live in the Kaidong fishing house, which is also recommended by many friends who have been to Rizhao. The boss’s surname is very special. The biggest concern of my fisherman is the health problem, and the fisherman’s kitchen can reflect the health concept of the fisherman. It was a busy kitchen for a night, and it felt cleaner than my own kitchen. I was very satisfied.
    It is a pleasure to eat seafood at the fisherman’s house. Don’t worry about replenishing with death, don’t worry about shortness and shortness, and don’t worry about being slaughtered. Don’t worry about the value of money, the fisherman will recommend the most cost-effective seafood in the season, which is worth the money.
    However, the price of seafood is also rising. If you want to eat fresh seafood, you should not pay more attention to the price, especially if you don’t want to be fooled by the seafood shop outside, you can lie to the store with low prices. Those seafood stores have a rent season of two hundred thousand in two months. If you don’t kill you, they are all living Lei Feng.
    Rizhao is adjacent to the Yellow Sea in the east. It has a coastline of 100 kilometers and has a surface area of ​​more than 300,000 mu. It is an ideal natural fish farm. It is also a natural place for natural growth and artificial breeding of algae and shellfish. All kinds of seafood are fleshy and fat. Particularly delicious.
    Kaidong fishing house conditions are very good, the living room is very spacious, the room conditions are also very good, although the facilities are relatively simple, but very clean, air conditioning, TV, separate toilet, 24-hour hot water, wireless WIFI, basically all rooms are two large beds It is especially suitable for a family of 3 or 4 trips.
     Reef park catching the sea
    Come to Rizhao, you must come and experience the real sea catching. In addition to the Dashayu bathing place, there is a large reef in the vicinity of Wujiatai Village. When the tide is low, a huge reef area will be formed. It can be said that it is the best sunshine garden in the sunshine. The family took a small bucket, a small shovel, and picked up the shellfish in the reef area after the ebb tide. If you got a lot of luck, it would be great.
    Unlike the swimming in the sea, the swimming is only an activity that can only be played in the summer, but the sea can be free from the seasons, so you don’t have to go when the weather is hot. You can also come to the sea to eat seafood during the spring and autumn. Less, consumption is much cheaper than summer.
    For tourists, the significance of many places to catch up with the sea is far greater than the actual harvest, but in the sunshine, the harvest of the sea is very large. Of course, you must consult the owner of the fisherman. Many of them are fishermen and have a lot of experience. .
    For tourists, the sea is mainly for fun and experience the different experiences brought by the sea farming civilization, try the fishermen’s life of “should eat the sea by the sea” and enjoy the gift from the sea. Small net bags, small shovel, small shovel, kegs, gloves, sunhats, rain boots, and other easy-to-carry things are essential items for amateur seafarers.
    Wujiatai is next to this reef, but it is said that it is the largest and best free seafaring in Rizhao, and there is a Liujiawan sea park in the south of Rizhao, not only far from Rizhao city, but alsoCharges, there are no reefs, only tidal flats, so there is no need to go there.
    Next to the reef is the Dashayu Bathing Beach, standing on a high reef, and the entire bathing area can be seen at a glance. Here you can combine the sea and the swimming together, don’t mention how beautiful it is.
    It is best to catch the sea in the tides, because the tides are far and fast, and the shellfish movements are slow. When the seawater recedes, the shellfish are placed on the beach or mudflat. The tides are two days before and after the first two and sixteenth of each month of the lunar calendar.
    When catching the sea, it is best to scrape the southerly winds and the southwesterly winds, because the tides retreat with the wind more than when there is no wind. If you want to go out to catch the sea, you must remember to check the weather in advance, with cloudy weather, when the weather suddenly changes or the northwest wind of four to five grades is scraped for more than ten hours, then turn southerly, this weather is the best. season.
     World Sailing Base
    The World Sailing Base has been visited many times, but since the name is called the sailing championship base, I have seen many kinds of sailing boats carrying tourists to the sea, but I have never seen the scene of sailing training here. It is a pity. In the past two days, I heard other tourists say that there is sailing training every afternoon, so I will come to see it.
    The World Sailing Base is also free and open during the day.And the night view is very beautiful, it can be regarded as a representative attraction of sunshine. It is a pity that many tourists will ignore this place. I think the Wanpingkou Scenic Area is now charged. There is nothing to play in it. The beach is far from being as big as the big sand. It is completely impossible to go, but this World Sailing Base is really worth a look. .
    When we arrived at the base, the training had not yet begun. Today is not a weekend. There are not many tourists. The lagoon and the pier are very quiet. In fact, there are many cruise ships, sailboats and speedboats coming out from the seaport here. They are generally very busy.
    After a while, the calm lagoon began to be lively. It used to be the venue for the World Sailing Championships. It was hailed as the “first in Asia, the world’s leading” sailing venue. When you saw this scene, you know what it is.
    It is built according to the natural lagoon of Wanpingkou. It is connected to the sea and is a quiet harbor. Even if it is windy and windy outside, it is calm and calm. It is definitely a perfect place for competition and training.
    worldThe Sai Sai Base has hosted a number of major domestic and foreign events, especially since it is only 62 nautical miles from the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Competition. The environment and climate conditions are basically similar, and it is a blessing for sailors and enthusiasts.
     Wujiatai Kaidong Fishing House
    Back to the Kaidong fishing house, the boss recommended the abalone and prawns of Rizhao. They are also delicious and inexpensive. At this time, the meat is also very delicious. It is absolutely necessary to have a taste of Rizhao.
     Rizhao green tea
    Rizhao’s green tea is really good. Now Rizhao is one of the three major seaside green tea cities recognized by world tea scientists. The other two are Shizuoka, Japan and Baocheng, Korea. Rizhao green tea is known as “Chinese green tea upstart” because of its unique yellow and green color, rich chestnut fragrance, sweet aftertaste, thick leaves, high aroma and resistance to brewing.
    Let the boss take us to see the small tea gardens and half-hand workshops planted by the locals themselves, from tea picking to processing, and finally hand-cooking, all done by themselves. The tea is completely free of pesticides and the quality is very high. Now in the summer, summer tea is the least valuable, but the price is very cheap, it is good to buy some drinks.
    This is a few steps in the processing of tea. It is really amazing to see from the freshly picked fresh tea leaves that have been basically processed before the frying, and the smell of the tea.
    I bought some spring tea to give away, the price is not cheap, but the quality is really good.
    In fact, it is good to buy some summer tea and drink it yourself. It is mainly the tea of ​​this year’s new dish. It has just been hand-fried, and it tastes fresh and tastes good. It is good and cheap.
    Before leaving the sunshine, I went to drink a bowl of beef soup. The taste is very good, the amount is also very large, and the meat is also given a lot. The sunshine person is real.

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