Dream Back Yazhou | 5 days Sanya from west to east, 9 private niche destinations

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Dream back to Yazhou
    To love someone is like loving mountains and rivers and loving the motherland. It is natural, it is a reflection of the mirror, it is love and hate and can not be separated. – “To Youth”
    The film “To Youth” has been going on for a long time, but this line is still fresh in memory, because instead of loving a place and loving someone. After traveling for so many years, I have traveled so many cities and countries. There are always a few places where I will miss when I first leave, and sometimes I have to plan to go next time when I have not left. How can I spend it…
    This is not my first time in Sanya, it is the third time this year. Don’t ask me why I like Sanya so much. Actually, I don’t know. Just like I like him, I don’t know why I like it. I just like it…
    When it comes to Sanya, it seems to be a controversial seaside city. It has also been given a lot of labels, and it is difficult to describe it in one word. Simply to interpret it from a geographic perspective, she is an island located at the southern tip of China. With a unique climate, every winter, the wind blows from the north to the south from the mainland. Every summer, the wind blows from the ocean to the land from south to north.
    (ps: The following is the history of Sanya, if you are not interested, you can skip it.)
    If historically speaking, Sanya is young and old. Although Sanya is now a tourist destination, very few people know that the current Tianya Haijiao, for a long time in history, was once a terrible exile, and it is called the ghost gate. Because it is at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, it is far from the capital. From the beginning of Sui Emperor, this is the place where rogues are. The so-called Tiangao Emperor is far away, reaching the peak in the Tang and Song Dynasties and continuing to the middle of the Ming Dynasty. Most of the officials who were flown to the Sanya area were related to the major political events of the court at that time. Therefore, there are many senior officials in the history of Sanya. Nowadays, there are 12 eunuchs in the Tang Dynasty who have been investigated in the Sanya area. Two of them have died without a trip. Among the remaining 10 eunuchs, there are 3 prime ministers, 2 royal families, 1 foreign nephew, etc., prime minister, royal family, Or most of them are involved in the prime minister and the royal family. Most of the detained officials live in the current Sanya Yazhou, and it is the positive meaning and positive influence of these detained officials that have brought Sanya a unique historical culture.
    In the Song and Yuan Dynasties, Sanya became a place of refuge from the rogue land. After the Northern Song Dynasty occupied Hainan, the administrative division of Hainan was re-adjusted. Yazhou, which was originally located in the northeastern part of Hainan Island, was merged into Qiongzhou and will be located in Hainan. Zhenzhou, in the southern part of the island, was renamed Yazhou, and it was exclusively owned by Qiongnan. “Yaya” became the longest and most famous title in Sanya history. The battle between Song and Jin has been continuous for many years, and a large number of people of the Central Plains have moved southward, including many who have moved to Guangdong and even Hainan. Among them, the number of immigrants to Hainan reached more than 100,000, mainly including asylum-stricken people, maritime distressed businessmen, garrisons, rogue officials, Hui people who moved from the city, and foreign businessmen. Later, among these immigrants, there were also many settled in Yazhou (Jiyang Army), which is now Sanya, especially the garrison, the descendants of rogue officials, the distressed merchants at sea, and the ethnic minorities who moved in the war between neighboring cities. More.
    In this way, Sanya has become a multi-ethnic settlement from the refuge. During the Song Dynasty, the number of officials who were hoolished to this court was more than that of the Tang Dynasty. Among them, Zhao Ding and Hu Wei were among them. According to historical records, Hu Yu’s period in Sanya was the peak period of his poetry creation, and “the number of poems dozens of poems per day”. At the same time, Hu Wei also accepted the children of Lijia to enroll in school, doing everything he could to help the local people improve their farming techniques and advocate the construction of water conservancy to resist natural disasters. Therefore, the immigrants who came to Sanya in the Song and Yuan Dynasties, especially the rogue bureaucrats, had a profound influence on the development of Qiongnan culture. They played a demonstration role in the literary creation here and also left the development of the tourist resort here. Valuable heritage. The rogue officials praised the local scenery and accumulated a profound historical and cultural heritage for the various attractions. So far, some of these attractions developed to commemorate the predecessors are popular tourist destinations. During this period of immigration, not only the Han nationality, but also many people who talked about the nationality, so there is a situation in which the multi-ethnicity of Sanya coexists. Among them, the mainland brought by the immigrants from the south brought farming techniques and promotedThe agricultural economy; the famous families in the immigrants attach importance to cultural education, and also played a role in promoting the level of cultural education.
    Sanya has also become an international city from a multi-ethnic settlement. Today’s Sanya, with its unique natural environment and open and inclusive cultural atmosphere, has become a well-known tourist attraction, attracting many tourists from all over the country. There are also many “migrant birds” people, not only Chinese, but also Less foreigners, especially Russians…
     Ten reasons for hiding in nine places
    I have been here so many times, I have read some historical materials, and I have gone to many places. I gradually have a unique feeling and understanding of Sanya… It may be because of this that there will be some new discoveries every time. And harvest, then there are the following 9 places that I think deserve to be hidden in the small attractions! Directions from east to west, departure!
    This trip is as shown in the figure. It was originally 10 points. Because it was really curious about Atlantis, I went to look at it, but it didn’t appear in this travel book. It’s very famous, so I don’t need to describe it too much. .
    壹: Baoping Village
    Private reasons: It is like an ancient paradise, quietly singing the thousand-year history song.
    贰: Ancient City of Yazhou
    Private reasons: The first door of the motherland in southern Xinjiang, looking for monuments, listening to the long echoes of the years.
    叁: Sanya Yazhou Central Fishing Port
    Private reasons: Look at the 10,000 ships and enjoy the life of the city.
    肆: West Island Fishing Village
    Private reasons: This is a fishing village that has been hidden for nearly 500 years and has been rejected.
    Wu: Private beach
    Private reasons: This is definitely a huge surprise at the end of Sanya Bay Road.
    Lu: Fenghuang Linghai vows Mountain Scenic Area
    Private reasons: Take the cable car to the crystal palace of the commanding heights to enjoy the city view.
    柒: Valentine’s Bay
    Private reasons: a little-known bay in downtown, where you are left when you are young.
    捌: Daddy Island
    Private reasons: Feng Tangkou’s most beautiful beach in China, no need to line up.
    玖: Queens Bay
    Private reasons: a forgotten “back garden”, people are not good tickets.
    Nine of the nine private possessions, the tenth reason is the authentic local cuisine that I have privately possessed. Don’t introduce too much here, then I will re-write a meal after another stove.
     Three places of humanities and customs
    Now come to Sanya for tourism. Everyone has different memories and depictions of the scenery here. The beauty of Sanya always brings too many delusions and ambiguities to people, the blue sea, the beautiful sunset glow, the ethnic customs, each A delicious fruit and seafood… These are almost everyone thinks this is what Sanya is. So how many people know about the human history in Sanya?
     ※ China’s historical and cultural village – Baoping Village
    In Sanya, you can see the graceful coconut trees, the straight and tall betel nut trees. It is rare to see a thousand-year-old sour bean tree. When I first entered Baoping Village, I could see a sweet bean tree growing here for thousands of years, carrying the good wishes of the ancestors of the ancestors, and also blessing the prosperity of Baoping Village.
    Walking on the avenues of Yacheng, there is the illusion of walking in Southeast Asia, the blue sky and white clouds, the bougainvillea and some unknown flowers and trees can be seen everywhere. Baoping Village is located in the middle of such a small ocean building. There are hardly any tourists here, and only the locals live a life of peace and contentment day after day.
    Baoping Village was built in the Tang Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,100 years. The predecessor of Baoping Village is Bilan Village, which is the gateway to the border town and the coastal defense of Guya. Bilan Village has a long history and a long history. In the Tang Dynasty, Li Deyu was famous for his residence in Bilan. Later, because the Ningyuan River rushed to Bilan, the villagers moved to Lidi. After that, there were residents who moved constantly, gathered in Bilan Village, and then named “Baoping Village”. Perhaps the meaning of such a name is to protect the peace.
    The reason why I found it here is still found in the annals of history. Later, I asked my friends to inquire about it. Baoping Village has a long history and rich culture, and the ancient architecture should be a relatively complete village. The well-preserved ancient houses in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in the village are the most representative and concentrated ancient residential buildings in the ancient buildings of Yazhou.
    The sky in December in Sanya is still blue and deep, the white clouds are shining, and the sun is like a fire. Passing through the lane, turning left and right, you walked into the backyard of the villagers’ vestibules. There were few people, smelling the dogs, screaming, seeing the flowers in front of the house, the trees, the papaya, the carambola, Lotus mist, guava, figs… The floral fragrance is fragrant and refreshing, and the fresh vitality is dotted with a deep century-old house.
    Walking in the alleys of the village, you can see the blue brick gray tiles with historical scales, let people tell the distant era, when you are free to go around the small alleys, I saw the courtyard deeply planted, the new buds nestled Clean bricks and tiles, full of vitality.
    Outside the courtyard, the eyes can be stored for a hundred years of history. Wherever they go, they can touch the traces of time. Over the past 100 years, the stories of the courtyard houses have risen and fallen, and they continue to witness the future generations. Life, the unusual old house in the Ming and Qing Dynasties still plays the usual thing of rice and oil.
    Nowadays, a lot of new buildings have been built in the village. The tiles are bright and glaring, and the Roman columns support the luxurious and upscale facade. The old houses are gray and black, and the side is still sheltering from the wind and rain. The years are quiet. These old dwelling houses not only carry culture, they are a carrier of history and are reserved for future generations to interpret. Looking at these old houses feels more like a veteran of the vicissitudes of life, telling us about the long history of Baoping Village and the culture that once flourished.
    For the villagers here, the most common village here, it is these ancient dwellings that record and mark the history of the village construction in Baoping, witnessing the prosperity and prosperity of Yazhou and even Sanya, regardless of the economic and cultural development of Sanya. History, or the history of the revolutionary struggle in Yazhou, or the architectural art and historical value of these houses themselves.It shines through its unique brilliance.
    This traditional village not only has the “skins” of ancient buildings, but the villagers also adhere to the inheritance of the “soul” of the original culture. Without the existence of pseudo-culture and pseudo-folk, it is probably its charm.
     ※ The southernmost city of China – the ancient city of Yazhou
    Yacheng (Yazhou Ancient City), the southernmost ancient city in China. Its predecessor was a Guandi Temple. In history, after several large-scale expansions, it gradually became a solid city. During the Daoguang Period of the Qing Dynasty, the ancient city of Yazhou was the most prosperous and splendid.
    When the ancient city was in the Song Dynasty, there were only two doors, the East Gate and the West Gate. After the Daoguang Year, four doors were repaired. They are the four gates of Yangchunmen, Zhenhaimen, Wenmingmen and Ningxiumen.
    After several historical changes, the original appearance of the ancient city of Yazhou was seriously damaged. And because of years of disrepair, lost the glory of the past. After the repair, the current ancient city of Yazhou, the only existing ancient city gate, is the door of civilization, and is often referred to by many people as “the first gate of the motherland of southern Xinjiang”. Now the historical imprint of the ancient city of Yazhou is harder than the glory of the past. But still majestic.
    Looking back at the feelings of the deceased, such as Sifu, looking for the imprint of the legacy of the millennium, this ancient city of Yazhou, far away from the horizon, used the scenery to accept those who were frustrated in the power struggle between the ruling and the opposition, China. Historically, the famous Lu Duoxun, Zhao Ding, Hu Wei, Wang Shixi and others have left their footprints here. Stop in front of the door, I can’t help but feel a thousand!
    In the door of civilization, there is a place where the Situ Architects are very conspicuous. This is in recognition of the famous Ming Dynasty Lingnan Juju Zhongfang and his sons and their nephews. Zhong Fang, the official of the Sanpinhu Department, was born here, and the achievements of the three people also benefited from the highest school at that time, Yacheng Xuegong.
    Bypassing the Situ Archway is the Yacheng Palace. Yacheng Academy is also known as the “Confucius Temple”. It is the highest school in ancient Yazhou. It is the most southern Confucius Temple in China. It is called the “First Temple of the End of the World”. Founded in the Northern Song Dynasty (about 1044 AD), it has a history of more than 900 years. The two sides have their own monuments. “The civil and military officials have been dismantled here, and all of them reflect the reverence of the ancestors.
    It was Tucheng in the Song Dynasty. It was only after the Ming Dynasty. It was a brick wall. All Confucius Temples have a star-studded gate. This is no exception, because the Confucianism advocated by Confucius was regarded as a national school by the rulers of all ages. The argument. The Star Gate is a star, and it seems to be a bit like the meaning of Wenquxing.
    For thousands of years, this is the center of power. To put it bluntly, officials who have great powers are all working here, with a history of more than two thousand years. There are also many celebrity footprints and rich historical and cultural heritage. Some of these historical figures have important influences in the country and the world. In the deputy halls on both sides, we will see the statues of the very famous female hero, Mrs. Yu, and the textile innovator Huang Daopo!
    “The first person of the Chinese heroes” washes his wife, Ying Ying, is the Kaidao Yuanxun of Hainan, a household name. Before Mrs. Qi, Hainan Island was long and lonely in the South China Sea. The Central Plains imperial power was only a symbolic remote control, and it was called “beyond the county.” Until “Liang Datongchu”, Mrs. Qi, in the capacity of the leader of the South Vietnamese tribe, “requested the dynasty and set the cliff state”, thus ending the history of “long-term chaos, not one day to gather together.” During Hainan, Mrs. Qi not only set up Yazhou, but also restored contact with the Central Plains. She also settled the thief rebellion several times, made the people live and work in peace, and was deeply loved by the people. It became the national hero and spiritual leader of Hainan at that time. Washing his wife from the wind and the old to the ancient old man dedicated his life.
    At the end of the Song Dynasty, Huang Daopo lived in Shuinan Village of Yazhou for nearly 40 years. He spread textile technology to local Li people and promoted advanced textile tools, which was deeply admired by the people. During the later years, Huang Daopo spread the cotton planting technology and cotton textile technology of Yazhou to the whole country.
    Passing through a door is the Dacheng Hall. The Dacheng Hall is the main hall of the Confucius Temple. The temple is in the middle and south of the temple. The coordination of things is from Yan Yanhui, Zi Si and Zeng Zi, Mencius. The houses on both sides are the exhibition areas of famous celebrities in the past, the west side is the celebrity of the township, and the east side is the monk who is the true monk and the eunuch who has flown here. The five monks who failed in Dongdu’s defeat, the place where they lived was the Shuinan Village in Yacheng Town, and lived here for more than a year. Now I think that it was the typhoon more than 1200 years ago that contributed to the Jianzheng monk and This romance of Hainan Island.
    Going back is the last hall, Chongsheng. Here is the ancestral hall of the Confucius parents and ancestors. Since the place of worship is not open, only one side room on the right side is open to the public. It is a showroom of Confucius’s Holy Land. Here, I met an old man. I saw that he took all the holy maps very seriously. I must have been a historical and cultural fan.
    All the way to look at the past events recorded here, while feeling the glory of the past, red wall green tile, flying palace. If it weren’t for the noise of people coming and going, it would be as if you could hear the past that happened here.
    The leaves are Xiao Xiao, and the grass is separated. The sacred sea is a ruthless historical logic. Nowadays, the small cities that the ancestors worked hard for centuries seem to be abandoned by people and smashed in the storms of the years. The current ancient city of Yazhou may be inferior to the current prosperity of other ancient cities such as Shuhe Ancient City, or the majestic Pingyao Ancient City, but we should always believe that there is an ancient city with cultural accumulation and historical baptism. I will definitely find my soul and will take off again.
     ※ The southern port of Dagang is a ship-to-Yangzhou fishing port
    Strictly speaking, it is not like an attraction (it will soon be, because the Silk Road Tower should be ready to be released soon. It is still very much anticipated, after all, it is the highest viewing platform in the fishing port), which is a seafood market. There is no resistance to this kind of place. Just like I like the food market, maybe I am a person who loves life very much. There should be applause here! I remember when I first wrote the eighth seafood market in Xiamen, it was not like an attraction, but it was indeed the most Xiamen place, and it was also the place where I felt the most Sanya.
    Every fishing port has its history and its stories. Chengmai’s Dongshui Port records the scene of the east slope by boat; Haikou Dongzhai Port witnessed the great change of the Qiongbei earthquake; Wenchangpu Qiangang, watching the overseas Chinese walking away from home; Qionghai Tanmen Port, Tells the legend of the more road book. The Yazhou Central Fishing Port on the shore of Yazhou Bay is no exception. It is the youngest fishing port in Hainan and the largest fishing port in China’s southernmost tip. The locals are referred to as the Yazhou Fishing Port.
    When it comes to the Yazhou Central Fishing Port, I have to talk about Sanya Port. Once upon a time, Sanya Port was the most important port on the southern tip of Hainan Island. It was known as Linchuan Port in ancient times. It has been a famous salt fishing port since ancient times. It became an important trading port in the southern part of Qiongdao during the Song and Yuan Dynasties. It has frequent navigation trades; it became a tribute to overseas “fanguo” in the Ming Dynasty. After the ship was parked at the port, it also had a special port function. It became a port-for-transit port that accepted the tribute ship and escorted the tribute to Beijing. It witnessed the excitement of overseas tribute trade at Tianya. In the long years, Sanya Port silently shoulders the heavy responsibility of the water transportation hub in southern Hainan, without asking the West and accepting the vicissitudes of life. Later, there were more and more ships in Sanya Port, and the capacity of Sanya Port was limited. So there is the current central fishing port.
    The gates of the fishing port have not yet been seen on the road, and it is very shocking to see the countless fishing boats brushing on the shore. The next thing that comes out of the car is that people like to hate fish. It was a lively scene that passed through the building.
    On the edge of the dock, after a large ship docked, fresh fish were unloaded from the ship. A basket of blue-and-white crabs, safflower crabs, abalone, horseshoe snails, and bull’s-eye snails, fish are a wide variety: groupers, swordfish, octopus, fish, goldfish, sea wolf, Sea otters, golden carp, white mullet, etc., the owner of the ship has already classified the fish, and the fishermen on the shore have their own needs according to their own needs.
    In the fishing port, in addition to fishermen, fishermen and fishermen, many citizens and tourists come here to buy seafood. The most lively time of the day is after the morning and after 4 pm. Some ships return home every morning and start trading on the morning. Of course, some ships return in the afternoon, and there are a lot of transactions in the afternoon. The coastal streets are full of people. You talked about me in a word. Most of them came to the locals. Basically, there were no tourists involved. So when we took the camera and photographed, no one would interfere with our photo taking. No one had time to pay attention to us. Everyone is busy taking care of their own business or busy picking their favorite meals, busy bargaining, and some people are busy picking up the boats, adding supplies, busy checking the fishing nets, preparing for the next big harvest… It seems that everyone here seems to have three heads and six arms. This is the life, the life of the fishermen, and each boat is a small home.
    A city’s food culture can be seen from the vegetable market. Guangdong’s dried tangerine peel, ginger; Hubei’s sash, water chestnut; Chaoshan beef ball, no rice bran; Northeast girl fruit, Zhejiang’s Ziyun Ying… So Sanya is seafood. Every seafood that can be found everywhere is a delicious dish on the table. Here, the sound of selling, the bargaining, the discussion of what to eat at night, the voice of the fishermen pushing the goods… the noise of the city. This is the recipe for tasting a city’s fireworks and feeling the true meaning of life.
    The platform on the top of the building will provide a panoramic view of the busy scene. The coastline on both sides, the green sand of the trees, the yellow sea blue, the waves rolling up the white lines, slowly rushing to the land. From time to time, fishing boats entering and leaving the port are dotted around the sparkling sea, and the tropical fishing port is beautiful.
     ※ Nearby food and strategy
    I saw the sunbathing beach bikini and watching the city scenery. Now I am always resistant to such a vicissitudes of the ancient city.
    There are three options for transportation to Yazhou:
    First, self-driving (most convenient);
    Second, the bus bus (the most time-consuming option, but the cheapest) can take 58 roads from downtown Sanya. You can choose the drop-off point in the middle, and the end point is the Yazhou central fishing port;
    The third is the moving car (more convenient). I really admire the motor train in Sanya. There are three moving stations in the urban area, not to mention the far away places. This is really convenient, especially for friends who don’t drive. Don’t be too friendly. If you choose high-speed rail, Sanya Station will arrive in about 20 minutes, and the airport station will arrive in about 10 minutes. You can choose according to the location of your hotel. In addition to the high-speed rail station, you need to take the bus to reach the ancient city of Yazhou, Baoping Village, and Yazhou Central Fishing Port.
    Time can be mastered by self-driving. If you take the high-speed train, I suggest that you eat lunch early, then set off and go to Yazhou to go to the ancient city of Yazhou, which is from the high-speed railway station.Very close, then take the bus or do a motorcycle to Baoping Village, it is not expensive, all the motorcycles here are basically uniform prices, you can also try to bargain. Then look at the time is almost 4:00 pm is the fishing port, because this time fishing port is the most lively time, the seafood here is really cheap. At the end of the day, you can take bus 58 to the high-speed rail station at the fishing port.
    By the way, the above three places are free to open to the outside world.
    Experience, here is the full day of the round-trip, and even half-day round-trip, so there is not much research on the time here, but I remember the deepest post-Aan powder, go to a roadside in Baoping Village. There is no name, not even a basic brand. It is a booth outside the home. All the people here are locals. I usually go to noon, then go to this house to eat a powder, but also when there is empty, because the powder is the breakfast here, usually around 11 o’clock, people will finish the booth.
    This family’s Houan powder does not have a high value, but the “inner” can really be used in all previous KO powder. 10 yuan is a small portion, a large portion of 15 dollars, although I am a girl, but every time I am a “boss, I want a big share.”
    The perfect match for eating powder is definitely the local bell pepper, but I still have to add some vinegar. The soup base of this family is the main factor that I think is different from other homes. The soup base is thick, the powder of the post-powder powder is very thin, very refreshing, the ingredients are very sufficient, and the most important thing is that the powder is different from other powders. The ingredients are basically the internal organs of the animal.
    As for dinner, I bought seafood at the fishing port and went back to my own or seafood store to process. If you don’t plan to buy seafood there, you can recommend yourself a good place to eat at night, which is a place I have hidden. Some locals in this place may not be able to find it.
    This is definitely one of the most special and most grounded food courts in downtown Sanya. No, it should not be a food court. It should be said to be a food stall. All the stalls here are the brothers and sisters of the Hui people, whether they are selling food or cooking food stalls… All the ingredients for making food are selected here, whether it is seafood or vegetables, side dishes.
    Such a food stall is absolutely unique in Sanya. I want to be sure that many people like this place, and Hu Xiao, a friend of three or five, sipping a big mouthful of wine… It’s very lively at night, basically it’s locals, and the taste of the food stalls is of course local Sanya. Taste. You may not know that Sanya natives are sour in the same seafood. Guess why it is sour?
    There is no location here, no name, a map attached, you can navigate the moon sea loft, turn into a hutong without street lights from Sanya Bay Road, you can see it when there is no moon sea loft.
     Two places to take a quiet place
    Many people say that Sanya has never wanted to go once, because there are too many people. The people in Dadonghai are like dumplings. The Coconut Dream Corridor is also a look, not to mention the popular scenic spot Wuzhizhou Island. The photos have to be lined up… I think the most important reason is because you didn’t go to the right place, it’s not the opposite. I’ve been there for three times. To be honest, I’ve never been to Wuzhizhou Island.
     ※ A fishing village like the paradise – Xidao Fishing Village
    This private place is a fishing village above the West Island. It has been hidden for nearly 500 years and has just been opened to the public. There may have been many people who have been to the West Island before, but the fishing village may not be so much involved.
    The environment in the fishing village of West Island is relatively small and fresh, and it is also the first beautiful fishing village in Sanya. It was closed in the past and was not open to visitors. Since the opening of this year, it has attracted many tourists and come here to experience the real fishing village life.
    The biggest feature of the West Island fishing village is that it is a row of old, ventilated and porous coral reefs. It has been through thousands of years of wind and rain, and it is still well preserved, although the wall has partially fallen off. But it just shows us a series of coral reefs that are densely arranged to show the sense of the times.
    The old house of coral reefs here seems to be the best preserved and largest village in Sanya, with about 130 or so. Walking in the lanes of the old houses, from time to time, the inhabitants of the ancestors lived here, although there were outsiders, but from their kind eyes they did not feel anything that disturbed their lives.
    There is another characteristic of the old house, that is, it is relatively low, so it can play a good role in resisting the typhoon. The old people living here sit in front of the old house and chat with the sky, watching the back of the tourists walking in front of them. From time to time, we also guide the direction for everyone.
    There is also a relatively well-preserved building in the fishing village, which was converted into a Wenchuang Pavilion. This is a century-old ancestral home of the island’s resident Wang Family. The whole building is built of coral reefs and a two-story building. It is more convenient to introduce the culture of the fishing village to the tourists who come to the “Wen Chuang Pavilion”.
    In addition to these old houses, there are more local people. The deepest memory is that I was wandering around in the alley. When I didn’t know where to go, the old man introduced me to this place and pointed out that I was going to West Island. The orientation of the female militia exhibition hall, the warm and hospitable fishermen made me feel warm.
    When it comes to the century-old coral houses in the fishing village of West Island, you have to tell the story of the female militia in the West Island, and the West Island Women’s Militia Exhibition Hall is the best place to learn about these historical stories. Of course, for a new generation of young people may not know much about this history, the older generation can be said to know or even know well, the popular national movie “Hai Xia” in the 1970s, the prototype of the characters in the movie It is the female militia on the West Island.
    Today, the West Island Women’s Militia Exhibition Hall is open to the public. People from the fishing village of West Island will basically look at this extraordinary historical story in the exhibition hall. On the wall of the exhibition hall, there will be a female militia training at the time. The old photos, the female militia of the island dedicated to the island, with the youth and life guarding the beautiful West Island, the glorious history of the West Island, there will always be a lot of these female militia.
    In the exhibition hall, you can also see many precious old objects, such as flashlights, shells and other items. One item reminds us that it was once a place full of fighting atmosphere, a place with a glorious history, and people will instantly Brought back to that period of time.
    Open a notebook that was used for recording in the past, and the lines in the words seem to tell the story of the extraordinary years, passed on from generation to generation, and ceased from generation to generation!
    Out of the corner of the memorial hall is the sea bookstore, which was converted from three abandoned fishing boats. There are various books in the study room for people to read. It is a long time to spend time reading on the boat. gosh…
    There are basically no tourists on the beaches of the fishing village. The color of the sea is very different from that of other places. It is more thorough, and the blue light of the sea is sparkling. In some people’s words, is this a little fake?
    I stayed here for an afternoon. When I arrived at the dock, I saw a rainbow floating on the sea. I didn’t want to be lucky. The rainbow I saw at sea for the first time, although not very curved, was enough. The god of luck comes with this rainbow.
     ※ Surprise in Sanya Bay – Private Beach
    Are you on your way home? When the last light disappeared into the ground plane, the whole earth was shrouded in the afterglow of the setting sun, and the kindness contained the texture of the years. These beautiful scenery are not far away for us. Every sunrise is amazing, just wait for an early morning to go with it; every sunset is gentle, just wait a short distance to give it a wait.
    Someone got up early one day. I went to the beach in front of the hotel and walked back. I came back and saw that I woke up and said to me, “The weather is good today. I don’t know what happened today?” It was irrelevant. In a word, I didn’t expect the sunset to be really beautiful in the evening. Although I didn’t think Bali or Sabah was colorful, it was enough to satisfy me.
    In Sanya, apart from the road that appeared in “You Are the One”, I still like Sanya Bay Road. This road has a famous coconut dream corridor. In most people’s impressions, Coconut Dream Long The gallery may be such a short section, but it is not. The entire coastline along Sanya Bay Road is known as the Coconut Dream Corridor, but few people will actually go to the end of Sanya Bay Road. It may be because of this reason that there are very few people here. Basically, I come here to live in the surrounding hotels. There are many hotels here, and some hotels go out to the beach.
    The sand here is much thinner than the sand in the section of the coconut dream corridor in the city, and the sea is also clean. I think it is very suitable for watching the sunset. The sea is illuminated by the setting sun with golden luster, sparkling, warm colors, so that people will not feel consciously gentle. Walking barefoot on the sand and white waves, gently approaching the dusk and walking into the picture of the setting sun.By the way, you will have a panoramic view of the West Island in the evening.
    I remember a writer who said this sentence, “If you have seen it in the sunset, then there is nothing to be afraid of.” It may be that from that time I liked the sunset. Like the halo of the sunset, it is a gentle dim, when the sunset disappears, the evening glow is on the stage, with a fascinating trend, bid farewell to the white, gorgeous embellishment.
    I like the calmness and calm when the sun sets into the horizon.
    I like every scene under the reflection of the setting sun.
    I like the setting sun shining on the gentle sea.
    Awaken the softest movements in the depths of your heart.
     ※ Nearby food and strategy
    The transportation to the West Island is very convenient. The first thing to arrive is the West Island Pier: West Island, Xiaoqi Port, and then take the boat to the island. It takes about 15 minutes by boat to buy tickets online. Buses from Sanya, Dadonghai, Yalong Bay and Sanya Bay can be reached. Of course, you can also drive by car, take a taxi, and take a free bus to West Island at a designated location.
    If the time is still early after returning from West Island, you can go to the end of Sanya Bay Road, not far away.
    Regarding the food of the West Island, the things that have just arrived on the island are more expensive, and the price is twice as high as outside. Therefore, it is recommended to eat outside the island in the past, and then go back to the city to eat in the afternoon. If you want to buy a drink ice cream or something, you can go to the village to buy, the price of the village is more people, and the price is similar to the island.
    Because every time I come to Sanya, I basically live in the end of Sanya Bend Road, probably because I prefer quiet reasons. So I solved my lunch at the hotel.
    Sanya’s hotel has lived a lot, and was finally impressed by Sheraton’s service, so the two of them later lived here, and they were very satisfied with their Hainan cuisine. I heard that this chef is a local. There is no exaggerated pendulum, the real weight, the fair price.
    Three people can still be used, three people like their grouper, and coconut rice… Yes, don’t forget one person, one coconut, this is standard.
    In the evening, you can go to this mutton shop. Yes, it is a mutton shop. This is still a little different from the previously recommended Apo. The way the lamb is processed is different. Strictly speaking, this is a mutton hot pot, but it is not a hot pot in the traditional sense. This is a hot pot that only Hainan has.
    Sanya’s mutton shop is also a lot. The previous food articles recommended that the family should move now, and the distance is far, so the local cheaper recommended this home – Oriental salt mutton mutton shop. The store is also about 10 minutes from the city centre and can be found by navigation. Opposite the intersection of the farm road of Lizhigou Division, there is a place covered by a bougainvillea fence, and the flowers bloom brightly. The open space outside the restaurant is spacious and the parking is very convenient. More than 200 square meters of space, clean and tidy, surrounded by green plants into a large rectangle, here is a full-air dining, such a dining environment is a local dining habits in Sanya, blowing a cool natural wind, you can talk unscrupulously .
    Here, be sure to taste the famous salted mutton and lamb simmering stove (hot pot). Salted yam is not sold in all places, and the work is more complicated. The ewes choose the three-month-old Hainan black goat, which is mainly free-range, and the meat is fresh and tender. Remember, remember, remember, no smell, you can eat with skin. You can eat with a skin and you can eat it with your skin!
    At the beginning, I was worried that the taste would be too heavy to eat too much. After serving, add enough seasoning (chili, ginger, garlic, orange, vinegar, peanut butter), sour and sweet mixed, and eat fast. After eating a piece, I couldn’t stop it. Not only did I eat a lot of mutton, but I also drank a large bowl of mutton soup. This meal was full of praise. Especially the salted mutton sheep is a rare delicious. By the way, the salted mutton mutton is delicious without a seasoning.
     Two low-key romantic places
    In Sanya, many people have always been romantic cities, and the parks and bays with love themes are not a minority. Every year, many couples come to the city to take wedding photos and record their most beautiful and happiest moments…
     ※ Branded in the latitude of 18 degrees north latitude – Fenghuangling
    The most famous park in Sanya’s love-themed park should be the deer, which is a must-see for many people to Sanya. But who knows that there is also a love mountain, Fenghuangling, which can see the city from the wall next to the song of Luhuitou. This is a mountain with a view of the four major bays of the cliffs and the city of Sanya.
    The elevation of Fenghuangling is not high, but it is also the highest peak in Sanya. The most convenient way to reach the summit is to take the cable car here. The journey takes about 10 minutes. I think this is the most horrible cable car I have ever been. There is no exaggeration. When you go to the window, the window is open and you can enter the wind. The sea breeze on the mountainside is really big, and the cable car of the 8-seater is only sitting on the two thinners that we add up to 200 pounds, so I feel that I am shaking. Severe, there is a sense of motion sickness, my heart is terrified, and I keep looking back and seeing if it is coming to an end…
    After the cable car, you can see a huge stone monument on the side, engraved with “the vows of the sea”, engraved with a latitude of 18 degrees north, a symbol of the latitude of love. There are two routes to choose from here. You can go to the right side of the Jiuqu Bridge and then go to the Crystal Temple on the left. This is a complete look at your mood.
    The Jiuqu Bridge is a winding bridge that is placed between two peaks. You can see a tall and dense old banyan tree in a few steps. The people who came here on the banyan tree have many red ribbons. Most of them are praying for love forever. Many concentric locks were hung on the railings of the bridge, but after careful inspection, some of the concentric locks have been eroded, and then they have already opened. I don’t know how the pair of lovers are now?
    Standing on the Jiuqu Bridge, you can see the beautiful scenery of Sanya City. The landscape seen here is a landscape of mountains, cities, seas and bays. If it is not cloudy, I think it must be very spectacular and very beautiful. of. Fortunately, there are not many tourists here, and enjoy a rare quiet time.
    A famous love mountain, where there are stone monuments, moon springs, couple trees, Laifengtai, Crystal Temple and other symbols that symbolize love. Yuelaoquan, you can see through the Jiuqu Bridge. The fence in front of Laoquan has already been filled with the words of “the vows”.
    There are also a hundred birds facing the phoenix.Come to the instrument table, and the sculpture has a huge golden phoenix statue. There is a beautiful legend here. It is said that in ancient times, a colorful phoenix flew from Sanya Phoenix Town to here. The ancient language cloud “箫韶九成,凤凰来仪” Then the mountain was named Phoenix Mountain Ridge. It is also a viewing platform. It can be seen from the Nanshan Guanyin. Unfortunately, the weather is not good when we go.
    The Phoenix Ridge is basically walking on the redwood plank road. The wooden plank road is built around the mountain. You can take a circle to see the beautiful scenery of Sanya from different angles. The vegetation on the Fenghuang Ridge is dense, and it is located in the real tropical rain forest at 18 degrees north latitude. Walking on the wooden plank road, there are towering ancient trees everywhere, green, forgetting the troubles of work, breathing fresh air, very comfortable.
    On the way, it can be seen that “such as the movie theater”, two people from the meeting to the two feelings of love and then to love, always eager to be able to accompany each other, like a shadow, as the shadow of the cabinet is what this means. For example, there are twelve zodiac signs and ancient timekeeping tools in front of the theater. Both are elements of time, and they also symbolize the moment with the other half.
    Going forward is the “Love Flower Gallery”. Imagine if you are holding a wedding here, take the lover’s hand and walk under the flower gallery, join hands and walk through the flower gallery to reach the “Crystal Temple” and family and friends. Get up and witness this sacred moment… What a romantic thing.
    Most of the people who come here are coming to the crystal church, so it is said that it is a crystal church, because it is all made of glass, even all the decorations inside are white, in good weather. At that time, the sun is shining on it. It is a dazzling view. Here you can see most of the beauty of Sanya. There are mountains and seas. Is it really a vow to hold a wedding here?
     ※ A good place to watch the sunset – Valentine’s Bay
    After coming down from Fenghuangling, we drove the car directly here. In Lovers Bay, there are very few tourists involved here. When we arrived, we happened to have a couple here to take a wedding photo. Lovers Bay is very close to the deer and can be navigated. It is back-to-back with Xiaodonghai. This time, because of the time relationship, I can’t go to Xiaodonghai, so I will leave it to you next time.
    The beach here may not be as big as the Dadonghai, and the sand is not as fine as it is, but it has less environment than the Dadonghai people and can watch the sunset. Waiting for the sunset, it is a very subtle mood, watching the sky getting late, the sun is slowly converging, and the whole world is gradually calming down. Every time I go to see the sunset, it is a new experience, a new style.
    There is no moment to touch the soul as it does at sunset, when the dramatic colors slowly ooze out of the horizon, and the ordinary lanes on the weekdays become poetic. The classic scenes of romantic love movies are mostly at this moment.
    In the evening, there are still many fishermen who come out to fish in the sea, and the environment here is more harmonious, making it more artistic. In a good position, it can’t resist the weather. In fact, I am also grateful for the weather, so that I can see another color of the sea in Sanya. The color of the sea changes according to the color of the sky. Think about the color of the sea. I have seen a lot of colors, but these are not the key points. The point is that this person who has been with me has not changed…
    Sunrise and sunset,
    Winter is coming to spring for a year,
    Facing the pilgrimage,
    Pitching the world.
    At dusk, the sun sets, watching the egg yolk slowly “sink” into the sea floor, the orange sun is full of the sky, reflecting a dreamlike beauty on the sea. The empty sea, the distant sky, the thousands of clouds, the fiery sunset, think about how romantic it is.
    For bad weather, I can only renew this situation.
     ※ Nearby food and strategy
    Fenghuangling and Lover’s Bay are both in the city, not too close. If you go to Fenghuangling, you will be able to solve the problem very well. On the stone return journey, it is best to call it a drop when you are coming down soon. Because there are not many vehicles around, you may need to wait. Basically there is no taxi, and the same is true for Valentine’s Bay.
    Tickets: Adult tickets: 90 yuan / person, couples package: 168 yuan (both including cable car tickets), if you buy at the window, 106 people.
    It is also worth noting that if you want to collect tickets online, you must get an hour in advance. If you take the ticket in less than an hour, you will get it. It takes an hour. Although this is also a mountain, it is basically not that the locals do not know where the mountain road is, so they will not climb the mountain. If you are a walking enthusiast, you can go to Linchunling next door. It is a must-have, and it is free. There is also a commanding height to see the panoramic view of Sanya.
    The distance between the two attractions is relatively close, so I completely slept, so we took the time to eat breakfast at 10:40. As long as we took the things, we can eat them at noon, lazy, we will solve the lunch together. It is.
    Valentine’s Bay did not meet the sunset I was expecting, and I was greeted with a little bit of rain and the end of my journey to watch the sunset.
    This surrounding food, recommend the first market, more selective, reasonable price. At the end of the dinner, I can also go to the night market in the first market. It is still very interesting, very lively, and I can find a lot of small things. The first market now seems to be the place where many people come back to Sanya. Not only can seafood be chosen, but also fruits and other supplies.
    Although the first market is now regulating the storefront of the whole business, it still can’t stop the eating heart. There are still a lot of people who buy seafood, the bargaining in the market, the selling of the store’s exhibition business… it is very hot. There is an inexplicable like for such an environment, and it may be that this is what life should be. Visiting such a market is like watching an art exhibition. A bunch of colorful vegetables, fruits and seafood are better than any painting. Unlike the dullness of art exhibitions, the market is often full of vitality.
    It’s not the first time I’ve bought seafood, so I think it’s a bit of a pick for the selection. Of course, the live seafood that can be seen everywhere in the seaside city may be as simple as it is, but for weighing this, if I feel that there is too much water in the seafood. You can make a small hole under the bag so that you can not pay for a lot of water.
    Still skilled to give the buyer the seafood to buy, then choose to eat the taste to calculate the processing fee, and ended up holding the number plate to the seat waiting for the dish and then open. The simple steps, the familiar environment, and the coming again seem to feel more cordial.
    I won’t eat prawns, but I will eat big lobsters and sea scares. The taste of lobster is always the choice of garlic. Under the influence of someone, I am still not happy with garlic. I think it is the most troublesome to eat lobsters, especially the meat on the body. I eat it directly on the table. The shrimp meat wrapped in garlic is full of flavor and satisfaction.
    In order to satisfy the likes of salt and pepper, the shrimps have chosen the salt and pepper tastes decisively. I will not peel the skin when I eat the sea. Forgive me for losing calcium from a small age. I grew up and heard that I have eaten shrimp and calcium, so I cherish every time. The opportunity to eat shrimp, especially for such prawn, the skin is eaten together… Do you have the same as me?
    Spicy crabs are always essential, but I only like this one, especially the steamed crabs. It seems that all the ingredients of the pharmaceutical chili peppers will produce a special effect after the collision. The spicy taste is matched with the tender taste of crab meat, which is a perfect match. Delicious, don’t be greedy, especially girls, you know…
    A kind of seafood that has never been forgotten since I ate it. My love for the belt has far exceeded my original love for scallops. I don’t want too much meat, and the meat is not too satisfying. Plus the fans who have already tasted the taste of garlic, it is definitely a delicious taste to eat, this five-star recommendation.
    Mango snails, most of which have been eaten before are small, and later I feel that small eating is not fun; then when I go to buy, I specially choose some big ones, and I feel that the taste of the mango snails is worse. A little bit; the final choice of medium size, neither affecting the taste and not too small… Beautiful and kind, I have shared a little snail technique for you.
    The above is a food for two people, eating super satisfied, if you think that you are a little more or do not know how to match the choice, you can go to my home page to see the separate food articles.
    After eating seafood, I plan to buy a refreshing and fried ice and bring it back. I live near the end of Sanya Bay Road. Anything is better to eat, especially sweets such as Qingliang. For those of me who come to sleep in Sanya every day to eat and cool, they can only take it back when they come back every day.
    This shop can be seen from Lin Jie’s house and walked to the right hand side. The name is called Yaxiang Hainan. Other people gave me Amway, I was very satisfied once, and the cleansing and cooling of their home is different from that of sweet honey and Zheng Apo’s family. It is also different from the Qiongwei miscellaneous grain family. Actually, it is the best coconut milk that I have eaten in Sanya. Every time I eat it, I feel that this is not a dessert at all. It is a sweet porridge with so many ingredients, it is still full of hunger.For fried ice, I only like the taste of durian, although I don’t eat the fruit of durian myself. The first to eat this kind of fried ice is dedicated to Sanya, the taste is similar to ice cream, but it is smoother than ice cream, the smooth is the same with the shredded pork and the smell of peanuts… Imagine how much Is it delicious?
     Two places for a daze
    In the winter season, there will be a batch of “migrant birds” moving in Sanya. No matter which street you go to, you will hear all kinds of south-central north-tones… So far, the most lively time in Sanya, all the beaches are gathered. Visitors from all over the world, so I am more eager to find two quiet, suitable places to be dazed.
     ※ A little known mystery – the island
    A few days ago I saw a circle of friends saying that it is better to go to Southeast Asia to go to Southeast Asia, to the beaches of the sea, to eat seafood and coconuts, but in any case, it’s a good country. Compared to Sanya, it sounds high. More! So he thinks that he can’t play a high-level sense when he comes to Sanya? If you remove the aura of “going abroad,” what is the value of Sanya? Why can’t you play a sense of high level? If you are in Sanya, you only know how to punch the spots that have been blown up by others. So you can blame who can blame~
    You will feel that you have not played a sense of high quality, because you have not gone to the right place. I heard about Wuzhizhou Island, Nanwan Monkey Island, then do you know that there is still a small island called Dadao Island? Neighbor Island, neighbors of Nanwan Monkey Island, the same ticketing hall, the same starting point… but it is completely two worlds.
    This is the farthest place in the trip, and it went directly to Sanya to Lingshui. The island has never been open to the public. It should be open to the public this year. However, in order to protect the original ecology, the number of people going to the island every day is limited to 500. It is also the only service area and eating roommate on the island. For WiFi signals, other areas are signalless.
    The dull island is as good as a place to be in a daze, but the truth is that he does. The road to this place is steep and steep, built on the mountain, and repaired on the edge of the cliff. On the left hand side, there are small vegetation in the bushes to decorate the floating green, the right hand side waves beat the pale yellow reef, the crystal clear water shows a colorful blue, the mountain road twists and turns. The scenery on the road is so beautiful and magnificent, and people are more looking forward to seeing the island. In the distance, several green hills stretched out of the sea to outline the perfect line of the beach, that is, the island.
    After getting off the car, you will see it in two steps. Some people call it a colorful beach. At the entrance of the scenic spot, there will be a brief introduction of the staff here, and all the precautions here, and then you can enjoy this quiet time after registration. It consists of a blue moon and a white sandy beach. The coastline is 1.1 kilometers long. It is good to remember not to miss the last bus.
    There are many saying that this is the corner of heaven where God is left in the world. The island retains the original natural landscape to the utmost extent. The beach is quietly nestled against the vast blue sea, the rocks on the beach, and the coconut shadow. Stepping into the beach, we first went to the highest point here, you can see the whole picture of the island, but you need to climb a short mountain road. If you wear a long skirt, pay attention to it.
    Standing on the observation deck, watching the waves beat the reef and the beautiful scenery of the sea and the sky, listening to the sound of the waves, blowing the sea breeze… enjoy the quietness and romance in front of you without any worries.
    On the beach, there are wooden boats of different sizes, the same hanging swings in Bali, and a pink minibus… all the beaches are romantic. Here you don’t have to wait for various bump shapes, and you won’t be reminded.
    Nothing to stop here, you will find that there are no bustling crowds, no loud noises, no cumbersome daily ties. Only myself, then this rare opportunity to be dazed, I think you should not miss it, after all, being in a daze here is the most serious thing to do to stay in the island…
     ※ A piece of pure land forgotten – Queens Bay
    After the end of the trip to the island, I turned to Queens Bay near Wuzhizhou Island Pier. The locals are called Houhai Village or Tenghai Fishing Village. Before this, the fishing rafts were very interesting. Some locals came here, but now the fishing rafts are demolished. Even more people are not interested.
    Although Houhai Village is now a silent place, there are few places where tourists can ask for it, but when it comes to scenery, the location of the first sun-drenched spot in the Millennium Festival broadcast by CCTV in 2000 is here. Walking on this beautiful beach is like being in a rare hidden land in Sanya. There is a rare piece of pure land in Sanya.
    The location is also relatively easy to find, close to the Wuzhizhou Island terminal, you can drive to the Wuzhizhou Island pier gate, and then turn to the next tarmac road that is not too wide to go straight along the road to reach this piece beach. I think there are so many people going to Wuzhizhou Island every day, but they just pass by, don’t stop, so so many people have not found that in this ugly fishing village, hiding the back garden of Sanya, so it still keeps here. The original appearance.
    The pattern of Queen’s Bay is very small. Queen’s Bay is surrounded by mountains on three sides. It embraces the blue sea. There is no high-end place. A crystal clear and rich sea is the most valuable treasure. The sea is not deep, extending nearly 100 meters in the bay, and pulling up the trousers can go far, which is a good place for children to catch the water. Standing on the clean and delicate beach, there is a clear blue sea, and there are lush mountains in the back. There are no tourists in the ears, only the sound of the sea breeze and the tide.
    It can be said that this is a “clear stream” in Sanya. It is not like a tourist attraction, but it is like a coastal community full of tropical customs. If you are planning to live here, it may not be the expensive enjoyment of a five-star hotel, but a simple, clean, pure, original lifestyle. Various sports clubs such as surfing and snorkeling are mixed with small hotels, fishing boats and stalls. Whether it is a passenger or a fisherman living here, it is also a slow posture.
    In fact, it is also a good place to watch the sunset, but we have not caught up with the good weather. It was good in the morning and at noon, the sun was shining, but the afternoon sky changed, it was really a little tempered by the weather in Sanya. . Some have written a bay with three fewer people, or three bays where you can watch the sunset. I didn’t even see the sunset when I came here, but I didn’t feel depressed because there were almost no people on the whole beach. It was like a positive beach. I can enjoy the peace here, laugh indecently, run freely, no one appears, no one bother.
    The sky is getting darker and the wind is getting bigger and bigger. From the seaside to Houhai Village, the evening of Houhai Village is much better than the daytime. The fishing village in the evening seems to be full of vitality. The lights on both sides of the street are bright, and there are more pedestrians coming and going. Soliciting business, the fireworks are full of flavor.
     ※ Nearby food and strategy
    The best way to get to the island is to drive by yourself and locate the ticket office at the South Bay Monkey Island. If you take a taxi in downtown Sanya, it will be very expensive. If you have a taxi, you can rent a car for a day. If you don’t drive, you can’t do it. You can take the high-speed train to Lingshui Station, but I don’t think it is too convenient. You can buy tickets from the Internet, this will save you the time to buy tickets on the spot, you can enter the scenic area in two-dimensional code. To go to the island, you need to take the boat to the pier first, then take a section of the island and then take the sightseeing car in the scenic spot, and finally arrive at the island.
    If you go to Queens Bay, you can do it after you have finished your stay, because you are going back to the city to turn a small bend. You can locate Wuzhizhou Island Pier or Tenghai Fishing Village.
    If you are going to stay in the island in the morning, you can buy the package with the meal on the Internet, or you can bring some dry food, and see that the seafood meal in the package is not bad.
    Come back in the afternoon, you can go back to the city to solve it, or solve it in Tenghai Fishing Village. There are many choices, local specialties and other local cuisines. You can taste the local barbecue.
    We just found a barbecue in Tenghai fishing village, the taste is not bad, but the barbecue is really not full. Later, I went back to the hotel and looked at the restaurant. It happened to be a small hot pot, and decided to eat something decisively. For a long time, there is no spicy oil hot pot, let alone seafood, it is not too good.
    There are still many types of side dishes. All the seafood is live seafood. When we wait for the pot, we can see the conch on the plate. Another thing that was very unexpected was that I didn’t expect the hotel’s hot pot buffet to be very full. In my impression, the hotel’s hot pot buffet is less than that. After living in So many times, I was still eating the small hot pot of their home for the first time.
     a small collection of some dry goods
    In fact, the dry cargo strategy has already said a lot, and there is one more important one that has not been written. I am sure that many people are like me. I decided to go out to travel. After I determined my destination, I first determined the attractions. The first concern is that the transportation is not convenient, the accommodation is good, and then there is something delicious…
    I think the traffic in Sanya is the most convenient. There are all the flying ground in the sky, and even the airport has a separate high-speed rail station. If the ticket price you feel is a bit expensive, then you may wish to check out the Feihaikou. Under normal circumstances, the Feihaikou is cheaper. At Haikou Meilan Airport, you can also directly transfer the high-speed rail to Sanya. I think the two airports in Sanya and Haikou will turn to high-speed rail. It is the most convenient, but the rainbow bridge is the most strenuous!
    Regarding accommodation, many people have asked me if I have a homestay or hotel that I can recommend. In fact, this thing I think is different from person to person. Everyone has different standards and positioning. Some people like the hotel’s meticulous service. Some people like the homestay with a little affection. There is also the location of the hotel. Some people like to be in the downtown area. Some people like to be quiet, some people like to be close to the beach, some people like to be close to the market…
    If you like the excitement, you can choose to be near the Coconut Dream Corridor or near the Summer Department Store; if you want to stay in a quiet hotel by the sea, you can choose to be near Sanya Bay Airport or Yalong Bay and Haitang Bay, compared to Haitang Bay and Yalong Bay has less food and is far from the city. If it is not a pure sun vacation, there is no need to live there. If you can meet the demand for food and the needs of the scenic spot, it is more suitable to choose Sanya Bay!
    Every time I come to Sanya, I live here. I have learned a hotel so much… I have lived in Sheraton Sanya Bay three times in 18 years, so I am already familiar with it. Every time I make sure the shuttle is available, because their home is only 10 minutes away from the airport, and the plane is often seen flying in front of the hotel room.
    I like to live here because I like their meticulous service and convenience. If I want to say something, I think it should be his low-key! There is no grand decoration, some are just connotations and low-key, whether you can get it from the lobby or from the room.
    Although the lobby is simple and has only one decoration, it has a different meaning. The overall decoration of the room is also partial Chinese, simple and atmospheric. Careful to deal with every detail, because I have lived in more room types, so I know that all the room types in their home have separate balconies, some can see the sea, a little nice to see the plane fly over… all the bathrooms in the room are super Large, there is a bathtub, even the bathroom is equipped with a TV!
    The balcony of the room we stayed in this time was actually a bathtub. This is not too high-end. Imagine what it would be like to take a bath with the sound of the waves. I can’t help but feel unwell, and someone enjoys it once! From the balcony of the room you can see the West Island opposite, the location of the hotel goes out to the sea, like a private bath! When the weather is good, you can go out to the beach to see the sunset in the evening…
    The service and configuration of a five-star hotel seems to be never too picky, because they didn’t think of the details they thought of. The swimming pool is divided into adults and children, a variety of swimming equipment; children and adults have their own entertainment!
    Choose a comfortable hotel and your journey will be half full, and the other half will depend on your mentality!
    I don’t know how many times I will get involved in Sanya, but I believe that it will always give me some surprises every time I come! Goodbye, Sanya!

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