Going to the castle, going to the castle in the dream – Dalian leisure six-day tour

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[Day1] landing the first meal, the northeast barbecue walks up
    In fact, Dalian has always had a deep obsession. When I was young, I thought that only Hainan and Dalian Qingdao could see the sea, and I always wanted to go to Dalian. At that time, I had not seen the first sea in my life, so I really felt that the coastal city like Dalian should be beach, ocean, blue sky and white clouds. When I went out and went to many places, the different seas also saw a circle, and the obsession with Dalian was not so deep. On National Day, I want to go out for a few days, and go to Dalian with my boyfriend. Just in Dalian, there are still some small partners who are playing games.
    Then book your flight, book a hotel, and arrange your itinerary.
    There are too many people on the National Day trip. The flight around 8 pm is about 9 o’clock in Dalian. The hotel has booked the Dalian International Apartment Hotel in the first stop. It is near the Zhongshan Square in the city center. The environment is very good. Downstairs is a Rosen convenience store. Go back to the hotel and put your luggage and take a taxi to go out for food.
    At that time, I asked the good sisters who had studied in Dalian for four years. Which barbecue is good in Dalian, she snorted that the Northeast barbecue was not delicious, and then recommended Manzhao Xiaozhai.
    Because it is very late, so drop it, you and me. Man Ting Xiaozhai’s decoration is very characteristic. On each table, there is a banana leaf with green leaves and water drops. The baked food clerk directly puts on the banana leaf and looks particularly appetizing. Before the meal, I did my homework with the public comment. Many people recommended the raw beef. The first time I tried raw beef, the Korean sweet and spicy sauce was really amazing. The grilled bird shells were not seen in other places. The taste is crunchy; the drunk crab claws are numb and look very hard. In fact, the skin has already been crisped.
    The strong push is the chilled strawberry canned in its home. After eating the barbecue, the chilled strawberry is very greasy. The big bottle of the passion fruit is sour and sweet. The spicy pimp shrimp is also very good. The soft rotten entrance is instant. In short, there is no thunder in the whole store, and you will not be disappointed at any time~
     [Day2] Dalian First Station, Binhai Road
    After having a full night, I went back to the hotel and took a good sleep. I got up early the next day and went to taste the local local shop in Dalian.
    I ordered a large fresh meat bag and a white soup with shrimps. The buns are very large. The steamed buns are softer than the steamed food at home. The amount of meat is juicy, and I can’t bite the stuff with the outside market. The buns are definitely different. A bite is like eating an oversized dumpling, which is especially pleasant, and the chain stores are very easy to find. There are also a lot of locals who come to take away or dine in the morning.
    Today’s first stop, Binhai Road. Located on the southern coast of Dalian, Dalian Binhai Road is the best sightseeing road in Dalian. It is 32KM in length and starts from the Xinghai Bay Bridge and ends at Haizhiyun Park. It runs through 12 major attractions along the coastline and is beautiful along the way.Routes to Tiger Beach, North Bridge, Yanwo Ridge, Fujiazhuang, Xinghai Square, Xinghai Park, Yingbin Road, Haizhiyun Park, Bangzi Island, Shicai Scenic Area, Fisherman’s Wharf and other attractions. Generally it is reasonable to walk or cycle, prepare water and food, it is recommended to take a full tour on foot. The dining spots are concentrated in Tiger Beach, Fujiazhuang and Xinghai Park.
    It is very important to walk through the coastal road with a total length of more than 20 kilometers. There are not many people in the air. On the other side, the sea can be seen along the other side of the mountain. Many nearby residents will choose to go to the coastal road to run the dog in the morning. No physical strength can go to the next attraction to continue to take the ring bus 20 yuan / person, the starting point of the train station at the Zhongshan Square, booked near the Zhongshan Square, you can finish the ride directly back to the city, all the attractions along the Binhai Road The inside can be arbitrarily up and down any number of times, of course, after the terminal station – the train station will be re-charged.
    After breakfast, stroll to the Dalian Railway Station to take the ring bus to the scenic spots along the Binhai Road. It is worth noting that the weather forecast should be optimistic in advance. Although it is beautiful in the misty coastal boardwalk, I believe the weather is definitely better. Pretty. The sea without the sun is far from being covered by the fog. It’s not really cut, but it’s a bit more.
    The Yanwoling Wedding Theme Park has many pairs of small sculptures and buildings. It is very suitable for wedding photos. It feels good to go in and turn around. It is full of love and smell. When I passed the North Bridge, I saw a lot of classic windmills in my friends’ shots. Unfortunately, the weather was not very good, and the windmills were also greatly discounted.
    In the morning, I took a ring-route bus from Binhai Road to the back of the attraction, Fisherman’s Wharf. The concept of Fisherman’s Wharf originates from Europe and the United States, and represents a kind of European-style nostalgic leisure, a city-specific culture. There are many Russian buildings, cafes and small bars for photography. A small business district with a colorful house, with few tourists during the day, most of the shops are closed. Close to the pier, the motor sound of the fishing boat is accompanied by the salty water of the sea. It is quite nostalgic to go around. All kinds of small bars in the business district have not opened, and when the night comes, the night is drooping, and the fishermen drink a little drink, it should feel better.
     New seafood – the leader of the old-fashioned Dalian restaurant
    On October 2nd, after playing in the morning from Binhai Road, take the ring bus directly to Zhongshan Square. For lunch, Dalian Xinhaiwei was chosen. Xinhaiwei is a famous Dalian old restaurant in the local area. It is a sixty-seven-year old shop.
    When the taxi went, the driver was very surprised to ask me if you are a Dalian person, otherwise how would you know that this hotel 233 is now the Internet age. Their cherry meat is very good, the fire is well controlled, the hanging oyster sauce is not thin or thick, the overall taste is sour and sweet, it is very good. The fried shrimp is also recommended by the waiter. Personally, if you order the cherry meat, you don’t need to cook the fried shrimp. The taste is sweet and easy to repeat.
    The Huanghuayuwan soup is basically consumed by me alone. It can be handled without a little smell of fish. In addition, you must eat zucchini sea cucumber buns, and start to flow soup when you bite open, the skin is thin and stuffy, a lot of buns and a pinch of skin will break the soup and sprinkle the orz ~ inside the zucchini super large grain! And there are really big big sea cucumbers, super super super fresh! If you don’t order seafood, you will be less than one hundred, and it’s worth coming.
     Star Bay under the night
    I was idle at night and went to Star Bay to see the bridge across the sea. Dalian is a square city. There are countless squares of large and small, and Xinghai Square is said to be the most worthy square in recent years. In addition to seeing the cross-sea bridge, the square is surrounded by playgrounds and bungee jumping in the sea. b( ̄▽ ̄)d I heard that there are many seagulls on the beach that can feed, and I have not seen a seagull in a circle. Not very good-hearted… After meeting with friends in Xinghai Square, the group went to the Korean restaurant recommended by the public.
    Due to the geographical location of Dalian, there are a lot of foreign companies in the development zone. Jiang Hudong Baiding 678 barbecue, is said to be Jiang Hudong himself, thank you for the warm hospitality of the good friends black cat (ωゞ). Seasoned beef tongue seasoning five flowers are marinated for more than 12 hours, pure charcoal barbecue, fat and thin meat is baked and sizzling, so I still love the beef tongue forever. In the lettuce, the barbecue with the sauce must be added with garlic and green pepper rings. The layered taste is rich and icing on the cake. The extra dishes sent in the store are enough for a circle. The clerk will add a circle of chicken cakes, cheese, corn and spicy cabbage around the baking tray. The barbecue is greasy and it is very greasy to eat a few hot chicken cakes! Finally, the iron plate tofu and spicy fried squid can not be eaten, the taste of spicy fried squid and the net red turkey instant noodles are very similar, a bite is sweet and spicy, the second can not stand the fire. In addition, the Yanhai pot lid barbecue seems to be good, it is really too much to eat and add too far to give up, there will be a chance to taste it later.
    After dinner, I went to Dalian Donggang. Dalian Donggang Business District Music Fountain Square is the iconic square of Dalian City. It echoes the Dalian International Conference Center. It has an exotic modern building and a water city like Venice. It is recommended to go to the evening to watch it. There is nothing to look at during the day. An old driver rushed to the toilet and walked around the square to find the KFC. I won’t say it. Bicycles can be rented on the square, and a family of four of the four people of the two can enjoy the driving pleasure. The old driver brings me. Venice Water City can be used for boat trips. There are many small vendors on the banks of the open-air coffee shop ice cream. There will be a musical fountain at 8 o’clock in the evening. There are various boats, sea breeze and passenger lights. It’s just good to eat and eat after eating.
     [Day3] I heard that the kingdom and the golden pagoda are more suitable.
    On October 3, five people took the light rail from Dalian Railway Station to Jinshitan. When I saw the hotel, I chose the SOHO916 container hotel. The features are full and the courtyard is spacious enough. After several people arrive at the hotel, they can chat on the small balcony and eat Daoxiang Village. After the rest of the hotel is settled, go to the seafood hot pot stew, the location is very inconspicuous but the wine is not afraid of the alley. The proprietress is full of enthusiasm and introduces seafood that is freshly salvaged by her own fishing boat every day. Steamed seafood hodgepodge in the big iron pan, stewed with fish octopus or something. When the seafood is cooked, the seafood is eaten first. In the process of waiting for the stewed fish, the soup brought by the seafood will infiltrate into the fish soup. The salt is not added, and a fresh word is obtained. Finally, after eating the fish and then picking up some vegetables, the cabbage that absorbed the soup was very tasty. The corn pot was also wrapped around a circle of tortillas. Five people spent less than three hundred yuan = ̄ ω ̄ = good to eat Individual.
    After lunch, go to the Golden Pebble Beach and follow the way to the Discovery Kingdom along the Golden Pebble Beach. In the afternoon, the stone of the Pebble Beach was particularly beautiful and sleek under the sunlight and the waves, and finally understood why it was called the Golden Pebble Beach.
     Discover the kingdom, the world of big children
    Discovery Kingdom Theme Park is located on the Gold Coast of Dalian Shishitan Resort, with more than 20 high-level large and medium-sized entertainment projects.
    I have heard that the kingdom has always heard of it, and it feels more fun than Happy Valley! However, due to the schedule, this time it was not mainly a stimulating project to play a roller coaster. It was specially selected during the National Day to watch performances and watch fireworks. Five people strolled from Jinshitan in the afternoon and began to queue up at 3:30. You can get a free map at the Visitor Center on the left hand side of the ticket office after you come in. The entertainment project is a circular distribution with six theme parks, namely, crazy town, mysterious desert, metal factory, magic forest, legendary castle, wedding hall and so on. The left side of the United States sells snacks and gifts, the legendary castle is a primary entertainment facility, the magical forest and metal factory is the focus of outdoor stimulation equipment, the starting point of the float parade is the magic forest, starting around noon, pay attention to the broadcast. There are 3 free places to take pictures in the park, give a 3-inch photo, and wait for half an hour for the photo taking time. So how to plan the route to play first, what to watch, what needs to be planned, or it is easy to miss. During the National Day, the night time is from 4 pm to 9 pm. Tickets are available online in advance.
    The must-play items are the swinging big round hammer, the magical forest’s whirlwind love (starting at 9:30), the metal factory’s crazy cobra (starting at 10:00), the magical forest’s cannibal grass is also very fun, the space shuttle is similar to Beijing. Happy Valley Heaven and Earth, the mysterious desert recommended pirate ship, desert storm, go-kart. It is recommended that roller coasters and crazy cobras be chosen one by one because they have to line up. Crazy towns recommend flipping over the sea and colliding with the sea. Couples can take pictures or take a selfie. Children’s play area can also be selected. The wedding hall is also suitable for taking pictures.
    After we entered the park, the first went straight to the masked thief (the treacherous stunt performance), the fire-breathing, the flying car, and all kinds of stunt performances were really exciting and thrilling. The whole performance was about twenty minutes, and the actors were foreigners. . It was a surprise at night, because it was almost Halloween, so the festive atmosphere was quite strong, and there were evil pumpkin bat stickers everywhere. The light car parade performance, the middle road is quickly crowded by the pedestrians… The performance of various performances is very good, the stage effect is also praiseworthy, enough to return the fare. The most worth waiting for is the fireworks table at 9:00 in the evening.In the performance, large fireworks bloom across the castle in the night sky, especially special and particularly stunning, Disney is just that! Very recommended, have the opportunity to discover the night scene of the kingdom, more romantic than the day.
     Blowing cold wind to eat skewers
    Dalian in the evening of October is already very cold. We have been returning to the hotel from the discovery of the kingdom almost ten o’clock. Fortunately, SOHO container hotel yard provides self-service skewers, oven tables and powdered chili sauce are all available, Dalian temperature difference is very big, eat some skewers and drink hot plum wine, all warmed up ~ finally roasted incense The fish fillet is really too good for the wife, with the sweetness of the silky silk, it is softer than usual, and it is a bit of a sip of oil.
     [Day4] One Castle, the medieval retro feelings
    On the morning of October 4th, I went back to the city and went directly to the Dalian Castle Hotel, which was booked in advance. I can say that Dalian is the hotel that attracts me the most! It’s all about a castle! The design of the Castle Hotel in Dalian is based on the German White Swan Castle. A large castle is located on the hillside of the Lotus Hill in the seaside. The service quality and the living environment really make me feel very good value for a five-star hotel. Hilton Shangri-La in Guangcheng City is weak, and I really go out for a few streets. It’s really too beautiful! ! !
    The taxi bypassed a section of the winding road to the hotel, and the trip was slightly inconvenient. There were no convenience stores and other facilities around. Later, I went out to eat from the hotel and walked down the mountain for about ten minutes. The scenery along the way is the castle on the sea side. What kind of scenery can I pick? The hotel is booked from booking, plus the service fee tax is about two thousand. The Deluxe Sea View King Room has a slightly lower floor and no terrace. Premium Sea View King Room with terrace, floor is 12-20 floors, and not every room will have a terrace, so be sure to fill in the note request in the remarks request, so that the hotel front desk will try to follow the requirements. Handling, in fact, this is a matter of spelling people. (╯^╰) Since you have come here, why not spend a few hundred dollars to choose a noble sea view room? Fortunately, I have a terrace on the day of my stay. The monkey is happy! Pushing open the glass door and standing on the terrace overlooking the entire Dalian Star Bay, the sea breeze is too comfortable.
     The small island by the sea
    After a half day break at the hotel, walk to the foot of the mountain and the hotel is diagonally opposite the waiting point for the ring bus. Take the bus directly to Bang Bang Island. Located on the eastern section of Binhai Road in Dalian, Banglai Island is a national health resort, about 5KM southeast of Dalian. It is a scenic spot with mountain island beach as the main landscape. It is a pity that the island of Bang Bang is about to fall. The evening scenery is beautiful, the sky is a haze. Well, the sea is big, except that the wind is big, it’s not good to be blown into a dog’s foot! Cold to trembling and bought a sausage, I just want to say that the sausage of the day is the most delicious sausage in the world. Hahaha~
     The wind blows the moonlight, and at night, it is heavy makeup.
    The castle at night is different from the scenery during the day. How beautiful is it, standing on the terrace and watching the lively playground downstairs and the quiet ocean in the distance, the bridge, for a long time. If there is a song that can be described, then the first thing I think of is Eason Chan’s “Don’t Speak.” The dark sea is covered with white moonlight, and I stare at the starfish without knowing where to fly. Waiting until late at night, after 11:00, there are no tourists on the square, and the boiling playground has turned off the lights and is quiet.
     [Day5] Sea urchin dumplings that must be eaten in Dalian
    It’s a breeze and sunshine that wakes me up in the castle hotel in the morning! A blink of an eye is the blue sky and the blue sea, and it is difficult to change your mood. Going to the city to eat Xiding sea urchin dumplings, waiting in line for an hour and a half, just for a fresh mouth. His dumplings are now packaged every day, and the console is semi-open and transparent. Sea urchin dumplings are really fresh, the atmosphere of the materials, the tight sea urchin and the delicious soup inlet are full of satisfaction, and the eyebrows are already fresh without vinegar. Kelp pork dumplings can also be a bit dry compared to sea urchins, all of which are twelve. The casserole and the chicken feet are almost detached but not scattered. The soft scorpion has a little bit of sweetness, which is similar to the chicken feet of Cantonese style morning tea. Shrimp paste broccoli is also unexpectedly delicious, the shrimp sauce is delicious, the broccoli is crisp, and the taste and taste are especially good. If it is not because the equipotence is too longI really want to give a perfect score.
     Who said that only children can enjoy the underwater world?
    Coastal cities have Ocean World Parks, and Dalian is no exception. The most famous in Dalian is the Tiger Beach Ocean World and the Shengya Ocean World. The overall scenic area of ​​Shengya Ocean World connects Xinghai Park and Xinghai Square, and passes through the Xinghai Bathing Beach. The venue is more romantic.
    Dalian Shengya Ocean World was originally scheduled to go at 10.2 pm. The result was a crowd of people. The queue at the entrance had already turned two bays and decided to return to the hotel. The advantage of the e-ticket is that the date can be arbitrarily chosen. It turns out that the tail of the Sea World on the National Day holiday is really right! There are very few people on the 5th afternoon, so it is necessary to pay attention to the arrangement of the itinerary. There will be fewer and fewer people in this venue. The online evaluation of Shengya Ocean World is generally better than Tiger Beach Ocean Park, including five venues, Sea World, Polar World, Coral World and Sea Legend, Dinosaur Legend. The venue is built in a new building, and I personally feel that it is ok to choose one of the two ocean worlds. The dreamy ethereal beluga legend is a must-see performance.
    First went to the Polar Pavilion, the snow wolf was thin and like a dog, the polar bear looks like a furry, I want to lick a penguin ~ the penguin is the most cute! ! ! ! After watching it for ten minutes in front of the window, I was reluctant to walk away. There are many male penguins who are hiding eggs. Other penguins are watching the performances of the sea lions next to them. I can’t imagine how clever the small heads are.
    The aquarium, the overall venue design is like a scrapped submarine shipwreck, steampunk feels very strong, compared to the traditional aquarium style is very new! I feel that people with deep sea phobia come to fear more obvious. 2333 is the most attractive jellyfish. With the change of light, the beautiful and beautiful, I want to eat cold sea bream (๑`灬 ́๑)
    The biggest advantage of people is that when they pass the longest 114-meter undersea tunnel in Asia, they basically avoid the time of people and seas. They can walk quietly in the submarine tunnel without being urged by the venue administrators. You can stop and watch the underwater world.
     The last meal, Dalian snacks eat it all over
    The last meal in Dalian, snacks in the street. The tribe of the culprits, the custard is judged to be burnt, the heat is really make people want to stop, the stuffing close to the liquid is very sweet. The second road station Xiaowanzi, everyone who has been in Dalian will recommend it, and order the octopus balls, the octopus is really full (ˊˋ). Baked cold noodles, although many places have it, but Dalian seems to be better to eat, to add a ten-yuan luxury version of the fleshy pine mushroom ham sausage eggs. The old tofu skewers seem to be also local specialties. Tofu skewers are cooked and poured with sesame sauce. It is not good for the northerners who often eat sesame sauce. Dalian Mengge scorpion, scorpion is a famous snack in Dalian, with starch, fried and cooked with sesame sauce, garlic sauce and so on. The place where the dumplings are sold in Dalian is everywhere, the taste should be similar, and the individual feels like fried rice noodles. Stir-fried yogurt strawberry flesh fried chicken! Zhongyuan Street fried stinky tofu skewers, and other stinky tofu seems not the same, this is fried and then brushed, without any extra seasoning, you can also ~ corner chicken skewers! highly recommended! ! ! Chicken chicken, sirloin, quail egg, fried egg, especially tender, you can choose sweet chili sauce or tomato sauce, and it is completely different from all the fried skewers you have eaten! ! The meat is tender to the sky, if it is not half eaten, the boyfriend found that the phone is lost. The atmosphere is heavy. I really want to order another twenty-string 『 『 Dalian fine point taste of the fine point toast, signature bread. At 6 o’clock on the first day, I was told to sell it. I went to the next day and finally got orz.
     [Day6] Departure, go home
    On the morning of the 6th, the early morning flight back to Beijing~Dalian is a very comfortable city. The coastal cities are uniquely moist and clean, and there are many delicious foods. The Northeastern cuisine is high and the Northeasters are very enthusiastic. Basically, I have been playing these days, and I can’t find the place and the road. I will ask the passers-by to find it with enthusiasm! When a friend gets married, he should be back for the second time.

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