Hyatt is like a window, carrying the dream of people taking off.

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Hyatt | Art and luxury in one
    Shenzhen is a city full of vitality and rapid development. When I came to Shenzhen with my parents, I felt that the city was full of surprises. How could the small steps not catch up with the development of the city? How can the short legs not reach the modern building, and the big elves I can’t see the city with my eyes.
    One is more than 10 years. When you meet again, it is already time to move. On weekdays, it is mostly passing by. To the gate or the airport, it is only used as a transit station. I don’t have a good look at you. This time, I change my identity and act as a supporting role. I stop to see people coming and see the plane take off. Hyatt Regency has a lazy weekend.
    In 1957, the Pritzker family founded the first Hyatt hotel near the Los Angeles airport, bringing comfort and convenience to the guests. This spirit of excellence has not changed for 60 years. Today, the Hyatt Hotel came into being in Shenzhen.
    The Hyatt Hotel welcomes and treats the global guests who travel through Shenzhen Airport, creating an efficient, convenient and rejuvenating place for busy business travellers.
    Step into the hotel lobby and see the extraordinary art. The theme of these artistic concepts is “the starting point of dreams.” It combines the aviation concept of the city.
    Shenzhen Airport is one of the busiest airports in China. It is the first modern international airport in China that realizes sea, land and air transport and transit transport. It is like a window for people who arrive or take off. It carries many people. The dream takes off.
    These works of art are linked by the intentions of clouds, floating, and mirages, depicting or constructing a scene floating on the clouds, such as “the mirage”.
    The check in position in the hotel lobby has a work of hanging equipment. Starting from a simple grid, through a large number of repeated stacking, forming an irregular shape, at first glance, it is a bit like a 1/3 heart shape, sometimes seemingly regular, sometimes seemingly complex, cloth migration Move, change infinitely.
    When I came to the conference area on the second floor, there was a red wall that was very attractive. The middle one was a mirrored wooden box. Actually, I wanted to use different slopes, angles and heights to illuminate the sound and shadow of people coming and going.
    At the end of the conference area, this piece of work is the theme of the extension of the “mirage”.
    The hotel is located on the west side of Shenzhen Baoan Airport Terminal, just a stone’s throw from the departure and arrival halls.
    The charm of the hotel is that there is also a large sky garden, on the fifth floor of the hotel, where you can enjoy the blue sky and white clouds.
    After the rain, the snails must come out to breathe fresh air.
    In the sky garden, you can also see the floor of the hotel with more than 5 floors, which is the best place to see the panoramic view of the hotel as much as possible. And really want to see the panoramic view of the hotel, only on the highway, so the Hyatt seen when driving over is quite stylish.
     Enjoy Chinese Restaurant|Guangzhou Delicious
    After check-in, I can’t wait to go to the Chinese restaurant for dinner. The Enjoy Chinese Restaurant is located on the third floor of the hotel. Once the elevator is out, it is the charm of Guangfu culture and the style of the fishing village. The modern decoration style.
    The restaurant has Cantonese, Northern and Szechuan dishes, mainly Cantonese cuisine, carefully matched with a drink list. There are 10 private rooms and butler service, suitable for business dinners and social dinners.
    There are quite a lot of dishes, and every dish is a delicacies. It’s just like trying to look at the names of the dishes. Unfortunately, the appetite of both of us is limited.
    The first dish of cold dishes is Haiyantou. The jellyfish head refers to the tentacles of the jellyfish. The meat is thick and nutritious. The jellyfish head is the finest in the jellyfish, and the taste and nutritional value are further improved. It is usually served with cold salad, and the restaurant is served with a cool-colored plate.
    Kung Pao Chicken, when the dish was ordered, the waiter repeatedly groaned. The practice here is a little different from the outside. It will have a sour feeling, and we are afraid that we will not get used to it. When we ate the first bite, we found that our insistence was not wrong.
    The chicken meat used by Kung Pao Chicken is different from the imported meat. The meat is crispy and has a little crispy feeling. It is cooked with peanuts, cucumbers and peppers. Red, not hot, spicy but not fierce, spicy and strong, moderately sweet and sour. The entrance is spicy, the chicken is tender and the peanuts are crispy, praise!
    Crab steamed patties
    The patties are often eaten. Usually, they eat at the restaurant. The price is good for the people. And the price of this patties is three digits. Is it so worth it?
    When the dish came up, it was a cage. It looked very heavy. It opened with a fragrant smell. It was steamed with lotus leaves, which increased the flavor of the meat. The patties are covered with crab yellow, which is a protein-rich dish with crab meat in it. Don’t mention how delicious it is.
    Dalian abalone
    Shangguan stewed bird’s nest
    End with a fine dessert after dinner, the bird’s nest is delicate and rich, and the sweetness of papaya is perfect.
     Spa|Enjoy from the inside out
    I feel that I have not satisfied after dinner. What do I have to do? Then you can go directly to the spa room next to the restaurant. It can satisfy your vision, taste, touch, smell and thinking at the same time to achieve a kind of enjoyment.
    The spa is warm and inviting, with soothing music, warm colours and enchanting aromas, so you can feel relaxed when you come in.
     Room|Feeling the liberty of “slow life and steal half a day”
    After the meal is over, it is convenient for Mr. Liang to return to the room to rest. The room to stay is located on the 6th floor of the hotel, just above the sky garden, so the scenery can be seen during the day.
    Designed to decorate the natural honey-colored logs with a touch of orange, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere, suitable for our busy people, stopping in the journey and soothing.
    The deluxe king room has an area of ​​about 70 square meters, the room and bathroom are partially open, and there is also a separate cloakroom, which is spacious and comfortable.
    Fruits and snacks are welcome to be placed on the table, and my favorite is the water-blue hydrangea. The flower of the blue hydrangea is romantic, happy, and right at this time.
    The rooms are equipped with high-speed wireless and broadband internet, and the spacious work area enhances guest productivity. The 55-inch flat-panel TV and Bluetooth stereo are enough for our entertainment needs.
    The cloakroom is very large, enough for 2-3 children to play in it, like a small world. Safes, irons, scales, bathrobes, drying racks and daily necessities are not lacking.
    The wall behind the room is a large space in the bathroom, washroom and make-up room. The light is as bright and radiant as the room, and the hygiene is done in a clean and dirty way.
    The lighting and color are full of luxury, the vanity and the dressing table are separated, and the makeup is correct.
    Separate shower room.
    Next to the bathtub is a large floor-to-ceiling glass window. The curtains are designed for smart homes and can be used to control the curtains and screens with one button.
    The view during the day is superb, overlooking the spectacular views of the airport’s airport and the sky garden downstairs.
    Before I went to bed, I found that there was still an app ordering service. Although the dinner was already full, I still couldn’t hold back the service. So, within ~30 minutes, the waiter pushed the dining car on the tall. Come in.
     Morning | Sunshine and food companionship
    The Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport has 4 distinctive restaurants and bars. The hotel’s breakfast is served on the second floor cafe and the evening buffet dinner is also served here.
    Inspired by the traditional Lingnan market, the café combines the diverse cultural elements of Shenzhen and brings together a variety of seasonal cuisines from the East and the West. Looking at the foreigner holding a large plate of bread, I know that the product compatibility here is very strong.
    The design of the café is very transparent. The chefs are cooking in the restaurant. The place where the oily smoke is set up is the glass. The rest are open kitchens. After dinner, you can enjoy the chef’s live cooking performance.
    The breakfast is rich in variety, freshly cooked noodles, two pieces of teahouse snacks, Western-style bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly squeezed juice, and breakfast is also a treat.
    Since lunch was also eaten here, it was spoiled in advance. There are business packages for lunch in the café, and there are also some on-the-spot. I have to say that the business package is really affordable. From 88 to 188, the taste is authentic, with old soup, dessert and fruit.
     Sports|Being a healthy urbanite
    After a meal, don’t worry about fat consumption, the hotel has a 24-hour gym with state-of-the-art fitness equipment and equipment. The fitness centre has a 25-metre indoor heated pool with steam room, sauna and hot whirlpool.
    There are not many people in the gym, but they have been contracted by two of us, and the equipment is very new and complete. Here, you can enjoy the gym and enjoy the thrill of sweating.
    In the rhythm of the city, especially in the first-tier cities like Shenzhen, the work on weekdays is overwhelming, and in addition to exercising, fitness is also a way of decompression.
    Come up to the elevator next to the gym, direct access to the hotel’s indoor pool, 25-meter indoor heated pool, whether you are swimming all year round, but also a steam room, sauna and hot whirlpool.
    The pool is also designed with glass, and the light is transparent. The sky garden is outside.
     Afternoon Tea|Happy hour
    The second floor lobby lounge has afternoon tea. The hotel’s design concept is that guests can enjoy a healthy and refreshing meal before and after the take-off, or enjoy a drink with afternoon tea or cocktails.
    The lounge has a lot of space, which is completely comparable to the Chinese restaurant and cafe.In the small cubicle, all even a lot of people can have private space while enjoying afternoon tea.
    Afternoon tea has a high value, a fixed cake dessert, a drink, coffee and a variety of flower tea, Mr. Liang’s coffee, cappuccino’s pull flower is a correct word, I ordered a cup of mint tea The mint tea is drunk with honey, suitable for this lazy afternoon, awakening the senses of the person, with a fresh honey flavor.
    Afternoon tea has a high value, a fixed cake dessert, a drink, coffee and a variety of flower tea, Mr. Liang’s coffee, cappuccino’s pull flower is a correct word, I ordered a cup of mint tea The mint tea is drunk with honey, suitable for this lazy afternoon, awakening the senses of the person, with a fresh honey flavor.
    First, put a bowl of lychee, sweet and cold. The dessert plate has three layers, and the eating method is also very particular. From bottom to top, the bottom is salty. The sweeter the top, there is a good transition. The lowest layer is foie gras and salmon. In the eyes of Europeans, foie gras, caviar and truffles are listed as “the world’s three treasures”, so don’t miss it.
    The middle layer is a baked snack with mochi, chicken and pumpkin. The appearance is crispy and the inside is sweet. The top layer is my love, puffs, matcha cake rolls and mango pudding. It is recommended to make a matcha cake roll, made with imported matcha powder, with a hint of astringent taste in the sweetness, and the taste is soft.
     Dinner | Enjoy a gourmet feast
    I asked Mr. Liang how it feels to eat five meals a day.
    Before entering the restaurant, Mr. Liang asked me what night snacks I want to eat tonight, breakfast, Chinese food, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, at the Hyatt Hotel, even a meal. Every meal can give people unexpected surprises. From the production to the value, the chefs are very good, and after every meal, the waiter will come forward and ask you about the meal. You can see that the hotel is right. The importance of catering.
    Three days into the cafe, early, middle and late, it seems that there is a food show, the dishes are constantly changing from the table, the cold dishes are replaced by hot dishes and replaced with seafood, and the chefs play their own superb knife and kitchen in the kitchen. Cooking.
    The evening buffet is dominated by seafood, and the boat can be seen far away. It is full of cold seafood, like a fishing boat that is fully loaded with the sea.
    Prawns, conch, shellfish, fish, sushi… There are many varieties of seafood, and the taste is fresh. There should be few people who can resist seafood, except for cold, hot, such as oysters and grilled prawns. These two are robbed each time they come out.
    The quality of the buffet is very high, from 5:30 to 9:00, the food is almost continuous supply, it is really delicious. Finally, when I saw everyone touching my big belly and leaving with joy, I knew that my stomach and stomach were very satisfying.
    Hyatt Regency is not only a place to rest, but also a slap in the face of a sneak peek.
    Enjoy the hotel’s complete entertainment facilities, taste all kinds of authentic cuisine, and sleep in luxurious and comfortable rooms.

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