I hope to stay for a while, and you will be in Chengdu.

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[Traveling broken]
    Chengdu has a reputation as a “land of abundance” since ancient times.
    A quiet and prosperous city with deep cultural heritage, beautiful natural scenery and a soothing pace of life…
    Since ancient times, “slow” has become synonymous with Chengdu.
    In 2017, due to a famous song called Chengdu,
    Many people have listened to Chengdu and fell in love with Chengdu.
    If you look tired of the bustling city or the tall buildings,
    Then come to Chengdu and spend your time leisurely!
    Someone will ask,
    Chengdu has so much food? Chengdu has so many attractions? Going there and going there to play?
    Which of the wide and narrow alleys and Jinli choose?
    Want to go to the “Taxi” of Yulin Road sung in “Chengdu”?
    How can we not be a trip to Chengdu?
    At this moment
    You only need such an article to satisfy your purchase, drink, and play.
     壹 / Punch Chengdu Red Panda
    When you mention the national treasure panda, you will immediately think of Chengdu. The two seem to be an inseparable part. The outstanding people of Chengdu not only gave birth to the traditional Western Sichuan culture, but also the hometown of the panda. When I came to Chengdu, I wouldn’t have to look at the embarrassing giant panda. I always felt that something was missing. During this trip to Chengdu, I accidentally hit the cute panda sculpture.
    In Chengdu, the best place to watch pandas is the Chengdu Panda Breeding Base. However, it is not known that this embarrassing national treasure has appeared in Chengdu IFS International Financial Center, attracting travelers from all over the country.
    Located in Chunxi Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, IFS is located in the core central business district. It is a comprehensive building integrating business, entertainment, office buildings, five-star hotels and residential buildings. The total investment is over 16 billion yuan. The highest-grade, largest and most influential landmark in China’s central and western regions.
    However, the travellers who come here do not seem to be eager to entertain, but are attracted by this giant panda. As the hometown of the panda, no city other than Chengdu is more qualified to speak for the pandas. When you come to the international financial center, you will be greeted by a cute panda sculpture. Compared with the pandas in the animal world, the sculpture here is even more Huge, fascinating reveals a trace of beauty.
    The giant panda is 15 meters tall and weighs 13 tons. It climbs over the mountains and rivers, passes through the steel jungle, and comes to people. It breaks the serious commercial atmosphere and humanity, and injects freshness and vitality into the bustling urban life.
    Named after “I Am Here”, the giant panda announces that it is “just here” and “just in IFS” “just in Chengdu”. While proclaiming to people that they are here, it reminds people to pay attention to development while paying attention to ecology. The environment calls for everyone to protect nature and its profound meaning.
    Looking far away, the giant panda’s pretending posture is really cute. The angular polygons are black and white, which contrasts sharply with the tall buildings behind them. In front of the sculpture is a pool, the pool is crystal clear, like a mirror, the reflection of the giant panda is clearly visible. For a time, I feel that the giant panda is alive and well, and I feel that it has the urge to jump into the pool, the attitude of eager to try, plus one The innocent expression of the face makes people can’t help but laugh.
    There are a large number of tourists gathered in front of the sculpture. Everyone is scrambling to take photos with this lovely big guy. The pedestrians on the side took out the mobile phone and captured the cute guy who was so eye-catching. In order to take a panoramic view of the giant panda, I came to the building in the distance and took the panda’s cuteness.
     贰 / Such a seafood dinner, is there any temptation to you?
    Since ancient times, Chengdu has the title of “the land of abundance”, but in such a city known for its tradition, it hides a unique seafood restaurant – a feast. This restaurant, which has few bad reviews in many travel software, fell in love with it when I saw it.
    The banquet is located at No. 169, Xiadong Street, East Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu. The transportation is convenient. In the car, there is nothing to do, and occasionally chat with the driver. I didn’t expect this restaurant to be famous far and near. It is better to hit the sun on the day of the election, and I am determined to go to a product.
    When I first arrived at the entrance of the restaurant, I was attracted by the high-end, atmospheric appearance. The signboards on the ancient wooden walls hang high. The words “上宴” are dazzling in the light, and become the brightest in the night sky. star. As a cafeteria, this kind of decoration is top-notch.
    Stepping into the hall, the fresh wind rushes to the front, the vibrant hall, the magnificent standard room, the marine-inspired walls, and the dazzling array of meals, together create an extremely comfortable dining environment, all of which convey the restaurant. The concept of making a fine seafood pose.
    As the top foodie who has eaten all kinds of seafood buffet, I thought that the dinner will not give me more surprises, but the result is strength. The most important thing about eating seafood is the freshness. The abalone swimming crabs here are all alive. The abalone’s meat wall is swaying under the light. It is juicy and juicy, just like the freshly picked up from the sea and the people’s table.
    Boston lobster, half a table, the shrimp is tight, the entrance is instant, the unique lobster flavor of the lobster overflows in the mouth, the light sweetness is surrounded by the tip of the tongue, making people intoxicated.
    Although the lobster is not very large, the variety of seafood on the banquet is sufficient to make up for this unsatisfactory defect. Sea urchin is also one of my favorite seafood. The seafood in Thailand, Australia, Japan and other countries is full of dazzling flowers. A rough count, there are as many as 100 kinds of seafood, not only seafood, but also western style meals such as lamb chops and foie gras. There are also authentic mutton mutton, which combines Chinese and Western to satisfy different people’s hobbies. When you are having a good time, open a bottle of mountain map and taste it, and feel that life has reached its peak!
    There are two dining hours at the banquet, which are divided into 12 noon to 2 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm. Seeing that the waiter started to clean up the restaurant and prepare for the meal, I moved around with reluctance. Although there are still many meals I have not tasted, my stomach is no longer able to continue to be willful, and the lights in the restaurant are bright and without loss. Soft, I seem to have become the captain of the canopy to participate in the Peach Club, but because of too much food was rushed out, so people can not help but can not help.
    It is really impossible to think of Chengdu, which is inland in the depths, and there is actually such a seafood store. Do tourists and friends feel that they can’t keep up with the development of Chengdu cuisine?
     叁 / The slow life of Chengdu in the hearts of netizens comes from here
    “Life is short, and you are happy in time.” The society is in the process of rapid development, and the fast pace of life will inevitably bring people a depressive state of life. Travel is probably the best way to relieve stress. When you are fully committed to the local local culture, you will find that life can be more lovely.
    When you come to Chengdu, the indispensable place to punch is the Wenshu Monastery. Wenshu Monastery is located in the center of the city, with a rich cultural heritage. The courtyard is decorated with nearly 300 statues of Buddha, one of which is a precious Buddha from Myanmar. Here, there is no strong and noisy commercial atmosphere, and the incense smell spreads in every corner, attracting many Buddhist lovers.
    Walking through the archway of Wenshuyuan, a red wall stands quietly on the outside, which isolates all the complicated, brick-red walls with beautiful totems, and the ancient black tiles are discharged in order, neat and orderly. Surrounded by the red wall, everyone rushed to take pictures and became a veritable red land.
    When I entered Wenshuyuan, I found that such a temple in the downtown area not only did not accept tickets, but also freely fragrant, which is very intimate and generous.
    Into the Wenshu Monastery, an ancient incense burner stands quietly, and is in harmony with the ancient courtyard. In front of the incense burner, visitors have stopped to make a wish to burn incense, and pin their good feelings. Around the green pines, the green and vigorous, adding a little green to the ancient temple.
    Passing through the incense burner, the courtyard in front of it is antique, the columns on both sides are hung with bright red couplets, and the red gold characters on the sides make people look awe. Exquisite flower pots are placed in front of the hall to create a thriving scene.
    Looking at it, the buildings in the courtyard are mostly made of cornices, and the ancient doors and windows are inlaid with exquisite carvings, which tells the story of Wenshuyuan.
    Along the central axis of the temple, the halls of Tianwang Hall, Daxiong Hall, Huayu Mitian, and Jianzheng Fa Building are in turn. The palace was pulled up, and the red pillars were full of momentum. Under the baptism of the wind and rain, they gave off a different charm.
    After careful exploration, the buildings here are all facing south. The bell towers, the zhai hall and the gallery houses on both sides are combined into one, which is merged into a closed big courtyard. It seems to pass through the old Beijing.
    Stepping on the vicissitudes of the stone road, caressing the bricks and tiles here, the complicated heart is washed and cleaned, and it is full of meaning. At the corner, the wall with the wishing card on one side attracted all my attention. The bright red hanging plate and the dilapidated wall surface formed a dramatic visual impact. It was refreshing and swept away. Most of them were blessings to parents and relatives. It makes people feel warmer.
     肆 / Red star attraction with photographers
    “You stand upstairs to see the scenery, people who look at the scenery look at you upstairs”, this is the most profound look left by the tower. Not yet in Chengdu, it has been frequently screened by the towers. Compared to the famous taverns and wide and narrow alleys, the tower is a rising star, and its unique charm is reflected in the depths of time.
    The tower is located at No. 18 Hongwasi Street. It was once the faculty and staff building of the 1970s. The world has changed and it has now fallen into a dilapidated rental house. The tower is composed of two buildings facing each other. Each building has six floors. Each floor is filled with scattered tenants. If you don’t see it, it’s hard to imagine that the most lively part of Chengdu is towering into the sky. Behind the commercial building, there is such a disastrous residential building.
    When I first saw the tower, it seemed to be back in time. The old Hong Kong scene in the movie is vivid, making it difficult to distinguish between true and false. The residential building in front of the building consists of two houses in close proximity. There are two intersecting “Zi” stairs between the two floors, so it is called “the tower”.
    Stepping up the stairs, the handrails next to the stairs have already been filled with rust, and the air is filled with the smell of rust. This originally uninhabited residential building has become a sacred place for the sorrowful sorrows. Many Wen Qing came here.
    The exterior of the tower was ruined, and the old corridor was lined with wooden railings. Under the baptism of the wind and rain, the railings were already mottled. Through the red push-pull wooden frame glass window, I glimpsed another world. The narrow staircase aisle was covered with clothes drying. The wire-made hangers were already rusted. There were various things in the corridors. A strong sense of time came. A few pots of lush greenery on the balcony add a touch of green to the vicissitudes of the building.
    Slowly paced along the corridor, I found that each family’s kitchen is designed on the balcony, pots and pans, gas stoves. All the time, the dilapidated sheets hanging on the railings, the sensational high-rise cabinets are placed at random, and the bamboo panda’s printed curtains are hung in front of the door. The thick life is full of affection, as if passing through Stephen Chow’s movie. Old Hong Kong scene.
    Standing on the top floor, looking at the broken houses on the opposite side, the crowded corridors are devastated, showing traces of history. There are a lot of tourists here every day, and the people coming and going are cautious, for fear of breaking the scenery here.
    In such a literary land, how can I get a camera, squinting at the time, picking up the camera and setting the time between the squares. The corner of the stairs, the stairwell of light and shadow, the concave shape, no need for the modification of the filter, do not have any special effects, and it is a large temperament.
     Wu / Go to the end of Yulin Road, sitting at the door of the tavern…
    “Go to the end of Yulin Road and sit at the door of the tavern…” In the winter of 2017, a “Chengdu” resounded through the north and south of the country. A singer named Zhao Lei became a hit and became known. . The tavern in the lyrics has become a veritable net red, and a large number of Wen Qing have come here. The tavern became a city card in Chengdu overnight. Is it the last night’s wine, or the gentleness of the tavern?
    This is probably the only trip that didn’t use navigation. Following the footsteps in the lyrics, I came to Yulin West Road. This street seems to have been given a unique life by Zhao Lei.
    Strolling along Yulin West Road, the graffiti on the side makes me dazzled. It is hard to imagine that in such a dilapidated residential area, there is such a unique beauty. The old brick walls are covered with exquisite graffiti, and the entire street is full of rich artistic atmosphere.
    One of the most mysterious pictures of Yulin West Road, the picture shows the style of Yulin West Road. The quaint residential buildings, the dazzling shops, the most eye-catching is the bistro, which is faintly lively. Graffiti also uses the chair on the side to portray a leisure time of sun-bathing tea, and the mind is clever and unique. There are also pictures of young artists playing guitar, which can not help but remind people of the scene of Zhao Lei playing, and the sense of substitution is extremely strong.
    With a beautiful street art, at the end of Yulin West Road, the tavern stands quietly. The front door of the pub is full of people, and the small entrance is full of people, enough to witness the reputation of the pub. The signboard of the tavern adopts a uniform yellow on the yellow background, and the young round font is chic and cute. Under the retro yellow bottom, the literary style is full.
    The doors and windows are black and green, and the fresh mint green door frame contrasts with the surrounding creepers, adding a little life to the old pub. What made me shine the most was the design on the side. The simple chairs on the three sides showed various appearances. Two of them were placed on the white brick wall. The artistic sense was full, and the red chair was slightly faded under the baptism of wind and rain. Full of history.
    The tavern is a residential building, and the dilapidated houses are slightly mottled, showing the city’s appearance in old Chengdu. Walking into the tavern, the pub is full of people, not so much to drink, it is better to listen to the story. There are small folk songs in the pub, and the words tell the story of the exciting story. Some stories, understand, it’s a lifetime…
    The bistro during the day is very well lit and the interior is unobstructed. The pub is based on white, with exquisite chandeliers and walls. Under the precipitation of history, the wall has long been mottled, showing a little black spots, without any cover, as simple and simple as folk songs. The walls are covered with large and small photo frames, most of which are art exhibits. There are no gorgeous techniques to capture the charm of the pub.
    The bar is full of all kinds of wine glasses, colorful wines are clearly visible, people here seem to have been not interested in wine, but as a kind of spiritual sustenance, eager to collide with interesting souls. Looking for a dim light position, order a cup of authentic dark beer, accompanied by melodious melody, dim light illuminates the face, I do not know if it is drunk, or drunk…
     Lu/Chengdu travel must go to Kuanzhai Alley
    When it comes to Chengdu, in addition to the tavern that Zhao Lei is holding, there is still a leisurely slow life. As the city with the highest happiness index in the country, the old Chengdu style has become a paradise in the hearts of foreigners. Eating hot pot, playing mahjong, tea and sunning are all desirable. During this trip to Chengdu, I came to the spacious and narrow alleys of the folk customs, where I used to look at the most traditional old Chengdu.
    Kuanzhai Alley is located near Changshun Street in Chengdu. It has more than 70 courtyards. Under the baptism of time, there are only three old streets and four courtyards arranged in parallel, such as wide alleys, narrow alleys and wells. The remains and orphans, and the Daci Temple and Wenshu Monastery are also known as the three historical and cultural city protection blocks in Chengdu.
    When I first saw the wide and narrow alley, I felt like a home away from home. The words “wide and narrow” were engraved on the mottled brick wall, showing the historical details. Looking at it, the antique courtyard of the green bricks and bricks fell from the ground, as if to pull people back to the old Beijing era in memory.
    The houses here continue the style of folk houses in western Sichuan in the Qing Dynasty. The narrow northern hutongs are criss-crossed. The whole road is in the shape of “fish spine”. At the end of the street, occasionally the ordinary people are always at home, with a strong local accent, smiling. A thick, slow-lived atmosphere rushes to the front.
    Walking into the wide alley, it seems to open the moonlight treasure box and cross back to the old Beijing. The buildings here are filled with the atmosphere of old Beijing. It is said that the name of the Kuan alley in the Qing Dynasty is called Xingren Hutong. The houses here are mostly buildings in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. Under the ravages of the wind and rain, the walls have already become dark, and the windows on the second floor are covered with the sun. White, translucent, show me the most traditional style of Sichuan.
    Walking along the vicissitudes of the stone road, I came to the narrow alley without knowing it. If the wide alley vividly restored the charm of the old Chengdu, the narrow alley here is the experience zone of “slow life”, where the street shops are gathered. Large and small cafes, bars and other dazzling arrays have become the must-have place for Wenqing. The streets are full of young faces, and some of the southern girls who are accompanied by others are deeply stuck in the alleys and enjoy leisure time. At the corner, a grandfather selling old popsicles attracted all of my sight. The grandfather looked at himself and was sitting in danger, showing a worldless look.
    The biggest feature of the alley is the 500-meter-long brick culture wall and the 500-meter-long folk wall. The old drill wall is inlaid with 90s old objects, sewing machine, teapot, stove, phonograph, old-fashioned The telephones and other objects are dizzying, and they are timeless under the baptism of the years, and the three-dimensionality of the bumps makes people look inconspicuous. At the folklore wall, two smashing bronze statues were full of people, and everyone rushed to take a group photo, and set a quiet time at this moment.
    I also remembered that I had told my friends that I could find the taste of old Beijing in Chengdu. He also laughed at me. I immediately apologized to me after I came here. I don’t know what friends I have been to have any thoughts on this place?
     柒 / Chengdu in addition to hot pot, Sichuan dishes do not miss
    Every visitor to Chengdu will taste the hot pot here. It seems to be far more than delicious, but an emotion. But I want to say that the food in Chengdu is everywhere, but it can’t just be hanged on the hot pot. A long time ago, I was friends with Amway Xiangji Kitchen 1999. This trip to Chengdu really brought me a different taste bud experience.
    Xiangji Kitchen has a large number of branches in Chengdu in 1999. I am going to the Kuanxiangzi store. After enjoying the simple old Chengdu style, I will taste the authentic western Sichuan flavor. It is really excellent.
    At first sight, Xiangji Kitchen 1999 was attracted by the quaint appearance. The high door was made of blue bricks. A delicate archway was born and independent. The three characters of “Xiangji Kitchen” came into view. In 1999, the story of the restaurant was sung. There are two pine trees standing in front of the door, which are lush and green, showing a thriving scene. The doors and windows of the restaurant are open-plan, standing outside the store, and you can see the guests dining through the exquisite wooden windows.
    Walking into the restaurant, the vast courtyard widened my view. The old bluestone slabs were neat and orderly, as if walking into a big family. There are antique tables and chairs in the courtyard, and the large sun umbrellas are marked with wide and narrow alleys, which show the traditional western Sichuan style. A few bonsais are placed next to the table and chairs to release oxygen and provide a refreshing environment for the meal.
    The restaurant is full of dishes, except for the spicy and tempting Sichuan cuisine. The Huizhou cuisine is also a special feature. We ordered a lot of dishes such as Mapo tofu, chicken wings, fried fat sausage, pumpkin soup, gold medal garlic fish, and almost tasted the specialties here.
    I have to mention that the Mapo tofu taste is refreshing, the spicy taste is numb, and the entrance is instant. After eating, the mouth is filled with the aroma of pepper, which makes people feel good. The health soup here is divided into men and women, divided into health woman soup and health man soup, all small costumes, small and chic, all stimulate your taste buds.
    What surprised me the most is the little rabbit pudding here, the cute jade rabbit is lifelike, the white skin is spotless, and people can’t bear to watch the chopsticks. With a bite, the rich mango fragrance is surrounded by the tip of the tongue.
    Here, I have to praise the store’s intentions, the exquisite set of discs reflects the temperature of the restaurant. The fresh chicken is decorated with vintage bird cages, and it is full of artistic sense and refreshing. The most recommended is the gold medal garlic fish here. The whole piece is wrapped in powder and fried golden. The taste is crispy. After sour and delicious sauce, it is delicious.
    After dinner, sit in the garden and soak up the sun, and sip with your friends, feel the sun filled every inch of skin, and count the leisure time.
     捌 / When you are tired of traveling in Chengdu, choose Jiayi Water Township
    The journey is always tiring, and I have been playing around for a few days in Chengdu, tired but happy. I dragged my heavy body back to the hotel. Although I took a hot bath, I still couldn’t eliminate my inner fatigue. I decided to go online to find a better place to relax. Open the public comment and you will see Jiayi Water Town. What kind of experience can this excellent bathing center bring? I went with the mentality of trying.
    Jiayi Water Town is located on the 3rd floor of Jixiangyuan, No. 51 Yushu Street, Chengdu. It is located in a prosperous area with convenient transportation and arrives at the destination without any effort. At first sight, Jiayi Water Town, the traditional signature font, simple and low-key, makes people feel more intimate, the big tree on the side is covered with yellow leaves, falling with the wind, slightly bleak.
    As the elevator door slowly opened, a pair of Qing court paintings appeared in front of me, the classical chandeliers hung quietly, the warm light sprinkled with the white ground, and the reception desk had retro wooden sofas, and the exquisite wood carvings were looming. The bright marble in front of the bar is full of texture, combining classical and modern.
    The facilities inside are very complete, because after taking a hot bath, I went straight to the room to experience the massage of his home. Aunt’s technique is very skillful, light or soft, which makes my tired muscles relax, massage makes me sleepy, and I seem to be an ancient person in the palace, enjoying the palace. Deep in the dream, I suddenly felt someone gently pat me. When I woke up, I found that the massage was over. Standing up and standing, only feeling in the clouds, fluttering and fluttering away.
    What surprised me is not only the ancient massage, but also the characteristic wooden barrel medicinal bath. The wooden barrel is made of pure wood. The light brown barrel is smooth and smooth. When the hot water is soaked, it will give off a light wooden fragrance. In the virgin forest. Ordinary showers are not as original as the single-use wooden barrels, but they also have a flavor in the dim light.
    After the shower, I came to the lounge, where the walls were engraved with famous paintings and calligraphy, and the ubiquitous wooden chandeliers were full of elegance. The warm yellow light sprinkled on me, making people feel comfortable. Order a pot of hot tea, the tea slowly sinks in the water, the color slowly spreads out in the water, followed by a rich fragrance, and fills it up for yourself, savoring, full of It’s all the smell of the sun, it’s intoxicating.
    Of course, the facilities here are far more than that, but it is a pity that time does not allow me to be greedy, unconsciously, it is too late, the neon flashes outside the window, now I am not a tired prodigal son, but a spirited family. Time is short, but it is warm.
    [about traffic]
    Chengdu, as the most important transportation hub in the southwest, is well-connected and has very convenient transportation.
    All localities can fly to Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. The airport is close to the city center. The expressway of the airport is connected to the city. There are long-distance buses to major cities in the province, and direct subway, bus and taxi services to the city. station.
    Tips: Chengdu is building the second airport Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, you can also choose to fly to Mianyang Nanjiao Airport, take a taxi to Mianyang Station (about 12 yuan), choose the ordinary train (about 90 minutes) intercity train (about 50 minutes, 45 yuan) ) or high-speed rail to Chengdu.
    The train stations currently operating in Chengdu mainly include Chengdu Station (also known as North Railway Station) and Chengdu East Railway Station (High Speed ​​Railway Station). You can choose trains or high-speed trains to Chengdu.
     bus station:
    There are more than ten long-distance passenger stations in Chengdu, which are sent to different directions. Among them, Xinnanmen Station (Tourist Passenger Transport Center), Chadianzi Passenger Transport Station, Zhaojue Temple Bus Station and Chengdu Bus Terminal (Wuguiqiao Bus Station) are the most commonly used.
     Metro & Bus:
    Chengdu has already opened Metro No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 7 and No. 10 lines. It has direct access to some of the city’s most popular attractions as well as train stations, airports and other places.
    The bus is also very developed, and most of the attractions have local buses. In addition, Chengdu bus is more than 1 yuan for unmanned ticket cars and 2 yuan for air-conditioned cars. Coin to own money, no change.
    Cycling: Chengdu also has a number of bicycles, there are bicycles, there are bicycles, there are bicycles, there are panda bicycles, if you are in the vicinity of the scenic area you can choose the front of the bicycle, more recommended ofo bicycle, free time is more.
    Scenic express train: Kuanzhai Alley and Jinli Scenic Spot have scenic express trains. If you want to go to Panda Base, Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan, Emei Mountain and other attractions, you can take them in these places.
     [Photographic equipment]
    Mobile: iPhone6s
    Camera: Canon 6D (Canon 16-35/2.8, Tamron 24-70/2.8, Canon 50/1.4)
    Retouching software: Photoshop, Lightroom
    Video software: Premiere, After Effects
    Other equipment: portable tripod, mobile phone delay bracket, video capture stabilizer, Apple notebook, mobile hard drive, card reader, SD card, charger, etc.
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