I want to go to Yangshuo with you to listen to the love of the ages.

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    For Guilin, my memory still stays in elementary school. My mother took me to Guilin because of the travel organized by the unit. At that time, the family was not rich. For the trip to Guilin, I thought about my mother again and again and decided to take me there. It can be said that the trip of three or four thousand at that time basically cost the family one month’s savings. I am very grateful that when I was a child, my mother was able to take me to travel around the country and visit the mountains and rivers of the motherland. I had an inexplicable hobby for travel and made me a self today.
    Although my memory still stays in the big mangoes in Guilin, this time the sudden invitation of Guilin gave me the heart to say and go. With my thoughts on Guilin, I will embark on this journey without saying anything. I wanted to go back to our Guilin memory with my mother, but my mother couldn’t get away because of work, it’s only me. Going alone, come back into this travel note to tell me about the new Guilin.
     [Come to this mango castle, take a group of sweethearts]
    When I came to Guilin’s first stop, the place I went first was of course the booked hotel in advance. The B&B booked in Guilin is Mango Meishu, a distinctive B&B on the Longyue Road in Yangshuo. Generally, the B&Bs in Guilin are very cheap. Basically, you can live in a good home for about two hundred, but the price of Mango Meishu is more than 400, and it is necessary to book at least one week in advance. Your favorite room. What is this homestay worthy of being sought after? Then follow me to explore this well-deserved net red shop in Guilin.
    Yangshuo is the soul that carries the mountains and water. This magical land carries the magical work of nature, and it also entrusts the customs of many ethnic minorities. Here, if you are booking a hotel, no matter how luxurious, you can’t really feel the fireworks, the human taste, the luxurious architecture, and the thoughtful service can’t make up for the lack of human feelings. It is natural to come to Yangshuo to book a homestay. The homestay is the most direct communication medium between Yangshuo and tourists, and it is also a famous brand for Yangshuo. So this time, without exception, I chose this hotel as my foothold.
    The appearance of Mango Meishu is very recognizable. From a distance, you can see the dark green buildings with INS style, you can catch your eyeballs. If you look at it, it’s right. This is Mango Meishu. Who else in the building will not have more eyes? The fresh and refined architectural style makes you feel like you are walking into a fairy tale world about mangoes.
    Entering the hall is like entering a fairytale castle, a fairy tale dream of weaving mangoes and princesses. The only thing I have about Guilin’s impression is the mango of Guilin. The big green mango is peeled off and you can see the juicy and juicy mango meat. When you hear the name, you can see the decoration in front of you. Kind of intimacy. The layout of the hotel lobby is very novel and unique. The first thing that attracts my attention when I walk into the hall is the front desk of the hotel. A mango tree grows from behind and is covered with a large mango. It is like a slave. The general out of the comics.
    At the same time, the decoration of the hall also attaches great importance to the combination of modern and nostalgic, not only to find the modern sugar water, but also to find the retro nostalgic style. European retro chandeliers, retro old cameras, black and white TV sets, and old black cards are everywhere in the hall. Combining modern aesthetics with classical charm, you can find an exclusive memory of your own age, whether you are young or middle-aged. Maybe not just a mango princess, but also a lovely old king.
    The fresh and refined details of the mango are soaked into every detail here, with exquisite furnishings and just the right touches. There is no elevator from the lobby to the room. The classical attic, the kind of sound that is stepped on and sent out, suddenly has the feeling of returning to the old house where the grandmother lived in childhood, but it is extraordinarily brisk and pleasant. The white wooden handrails and the red-based tiles on the ground are elegant and revealing a lively, noble and revealing delicate. If it is a little princess, don’t worry that it will be inconvenient to bring too much luggage to the building. The mango brother will help you bring your luggage to your room. This kind of service can be said to be very intimate in the hotel.
    Finally came to my room, this time to say hello to the boss in advance, I finally booked the Star Loft. Located on the top floor of the inn, it is very bright when you enter. The sun shines through the windows of the attic, and the whole room is warm. The configuration of the room is my favorite loft structure, the single floor area is not large, but the height space is very reasonable. On the first floor is the living room, the comfortable leather sofa makes people lie down and don’t want to sit up again. There are also two “social pig brothers, pigs and peeks sent to the community”. It’s really even this network of red pigs. Moved here, gathered all the red elements of the network, how can such a store not red?
    The first floor is mainly the living room and bathroom. There is a European-style bathtub in the living room, which is a perfect place to take pictures. The English sofa is also very suitable for shooting candy tablets. The second floor is a large, ultra-comfortable bed, and all bedding is very clean. The biggest bright spot here is the skylight. Lying here at night, if the weather is good, you can see a very beautiful starry sky. It is also very romantic and happy.
    Let’s talk about eating here, not to say that the food here is for enjoyment, it is better to say that the food here is an art. There will be free afternoon tea and breakfast to eat, but it is not because it is a free inn, but it has been played. Breakfast is served in the net red, that is, floating water breakfast, wearing a swimsuit in the pool to enjoy the first morning sunshine, enjoying a fresh breakfast, taking a few beautiful photos, is also very comfortable. In the afternoon, there will be free ice powder and white fungus soup, a lovely little bowl and a delicate spoon, which will make the afternoon full of cool.
    The high value of this inn is definitely an indispensable living card for Yangshuo, and it has become a place for many photographers and tourists. Since one of the bosses here is a photographer and a dessert chef, the details that can be noticed are absolutely sloppy. There are also regular photography events here. When I went downstairs, there was a group of photographers who were doing photography activities, but I missed a wonderful photo shoot because of the itinerary. When I came back, I saw that the photos of the masters really regretted not staying. Let’s take a look.
    Next time I come to Yangshuo, I must take my own little princess and spend a day here to pat!
     [Yangshuo West Street, taking a photo of a group of Thai street style trips]
    It seems that every tourist city has such a commercial street, swaying heads, various foods, local characteristics of drinking and drinking this very prosperous market. There is Huimin Street in Xi’an, Nanjing Road in Shanghai, Wangfujing in Beijing, and Yangshuo West Street in Yangshuo. There is no special place name, just the name given to the street by location, not only very memorable, but also a household name in the local area.
    Generally, this historical block has a very long history and has been around for more than 1,400 years. The entire street is also very long, 1180 meters long. The houses on both sides retain the imprint of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The ancient and elegant, whitewashed walls and small blue tiles have become the standard of these ancient houses, and they are arranged along the long streets. Walking on this little bumpy bluestone road, looking up at the two sides of the cornice, the old can see the years of carved beams, this is the classic Guibei style, the southern flavor, showing an ink landscape painting The lively bazaar.
    Not only that, it is said that the heads of state and related leaders of more than 150 countries in West Street have come here to add a bit of international flavor to this ink painting, and they all lament the beauty of China’s Yangguan landscape. For example, former US President Nixon, former US Secretary of State Kissinger, British Margaret Thatcher, and Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh have all been here. Their significance here is not just for international friends. It also brings friendship between nations, symbolizing peace and friendship. Every inch of land in Yangshuo West Street has left the footprints of celebrities in the world. Every photo taken here can be called “celebrity”. This is also the unique temperament and charm of West Street, and it is the pride of China.
    West Street is very lively during the day and crowds are crowded at night. On both sides of the West Street are old small buildings, inns, restaurants, bars, cafes, each with its own charm, and each has its own characteristics. The only thing that is the same is the local tone that is not changed here, although many times it is fast. I don’t know what they are saying, but this feeling is very good, there is always a sense of illusion of returning home. It is also full of exotic customs, and West Street can be said to be a market where foreigners come from more. And many foreigners came here, not only liked the local customs, but also moved their own homes here, rented a small shop to start a business, and many foreigners became the son-in-law and daughter-in-law of Yangshuo. Because I fell in love with it here, I don’t think about returning. In this modern paradise, I breathe in the fresh air and look at the beautiful scenery like poetry.
    In the West Street at night, how many beautiful stories are happening here, and how many fascinating legends are proliferating here, which cannot be portrayed in words. When the moon was hung high in the sky, the west street was covered with a silver veil, and the Lijiang River was like a poetic white hanging. In the shops along the street, there is a melodious song of singing. Do you know that it is a specially arranged performance, or is it a means of marketing? No one cares, but such a voice loves to listen. Who made a Liu Sanjie out here? Bring the mountain songs here to the world.
    Walking through a small bridge at the corner is the famous bar street. There is also an alias here, that is, Foreigners Street. It really attracts a lot of foreign tourists, stays here and stops, and many of the bars here are unique. For the environment that I don’t like this noisy environment, there is not much nostalgia, rushing away, lost in the deep night.
    I heard from my friends that the most famous cocktail in the bar is “Lost West Street”. Some tourists will order a glass of this wine before leaving West Street. After drinking, they simply don’t want to leave, so this cocktail is also defined as “Lost West Street.” It is transparent and blue, which will arouse your infinitely beautiful imagination. After drinking this glass of wine, I completely pinned my emotions here and vented my emotions without reservation. Someone was drunk when they finished drinking. Some people were drunk when they didn’t drink. What kind of magic is there in this street? It can be so tempting.
    Since the beginning of the West Street neon, I left in the darkness of the night and was completely attracted by it. I can’t help but remind me of the group of photos taken on the streets of Thailand. The atmosphere here is also suitable for this atmosphere. The characters in this landscape, these simple folk customs, have also made me forget.
     [I always have to look at it once in a lifetime – Guilin has an ancient love]
    On the plane that came to Guilin, I saw a magical building. I didn’t expect to find this building next to our inn after I stayed at Mango Meishu. It was also a 10-minute walk and there was no need to open the navigation. Looking at the position of the four-faced Buddha statue, I can always find the location of this trip. I came to the door to see that it was my heart.Read the “Guilin ancient love”. No wonder the friends said before that they don’t have to know where Guilin’s love is, and you will naturally see wherever you go. This sentence is really not fake.
    There is an automatic ticket machine at the entrance of the scenic spot. Because the tickets have been booked online before going there, there is no need to follow the crowds to buy tickets on the spot. The direct ticket admission saves a lot of queue time. At first, I thought that “Guilin’s ancient love” was just a theater performance. I didn’t expect it to be dumbfounded when I went inside. It was so big, and various entertainment performances emerged in an endless stream, which made people dazzled. We booked an eight-point performance ticket. After a while from the show, we walked together first.
    After I saw the map, I saw that the Buddha statue I just saw was called “Song Xian”. From the song fairy, it was the Gexian Square, and the inside was the Jingwangfu City Gate. Passing through the Jingwangfu City Gate Building, a pair of little couples next to me saw the wishing gallery, and they took a picture of the dog abuse in front of me. It really didn’t know how to taste it.
    The core area inside is Yangshuo Ancient Village, which can be called the CBD in the scenic spot. And here is the same as all the ancient cities, the girl playing the tambourine, the girl singing the song, it seems that my little baby has become the background music of the ancient city. But here is especially true that the name of the store here seems to be remembered, and it can also evoke the heart of homesickness. “Grandma’s Tea House”, “Grandma’s Story”, “Cousin’s Rouge”, it seems that your seven great aunts have come here to open a shop here, although it is just a store name, but always let everyone who comes here There is an inexplicable intimacy, and I want to go in and have a look.
    There is also a wonderful street, just like a small amusement park. There are haunted houses, 3D illusion photography, and various amusement facilities. It seems that in such a scenic spot, you can experience various kinds of entertainment projects, as long as you can think of it. Basically there will be. Not only can you have fun here, but of course you can take different styles of photos in every place. I really regret not bringing cold and cold, just look at the little couple next to them.
    Unconsciously, it will be eight o’clock soon. We have to leave the playground in a hurry to go to the Guilin Ancient Love Theater to watch today’s performance. The whole performance is divided into five acts, namely, “The Legend of Guilin”, “The Flying Song of the Earth”, “Eternal Lingqu”, “Liangjiang Love Song”, “Looking for Liu Sanjie”. Using a very splendid lighting effect, using advanced sound, light, electricity, holography and other expression techniques and advanced stage effects, I showed you a three-year-old Guilin love. Hundreds of actorsDeductive, in the three-dimensional space of water, land and air, sang the true, good and beautiful legends of the time and space of Baguio, and the Bagui culture hidden under the 800-year-old rivers and mountains is brought into the eyes of everyone.
    The first act “The Legend of Guilin”
    The cheerful melody and brisk dance show everyone the usual working environment and traditional farming methods of Baguier. People here like to enjoy the coolness in the shade of the trees, play by the water, live with the breeze and the bright moon. Everyone followed the folk songs and danced happily, and the enthusiasm for them to show their love to the landscape was shown to everyone through dance.
    The second act, “The Earth’s Flying Songs”
    The main theme of the second act is “water”, the dancer’s soft movements, the smart figure is the embodiment of the water, reminiscent of the blue water of the Lijiang River. What is pursued in the water is a balanced aesthetic, showing an angle of harmony between the arms and the waist and legs. Traveling through the Li River, swinging freely in the water.
    The third act “The Thousand Ancients”
    This scene uses a lot of modern technology, the use of sound, light, electricity, water, the integration of Chinese and Western songs and dances, acrobatics, sports, martial arts, so that the audience under the audience all clap their hands. It also makes everyone seem to return to the millennium as time and time, watching the ancient sacred canal was excavated a little bit, and felt the war of the war, the brave and fearless Qin army soldiers.
    The fourth act “Liangjiang Love Song”
    In the elegant music, the appearance of the actors and actresses makes us refreshed. The actress dances graceful ballet on the back of the actor, shoulders, palms and head, blending Western dance with oriental acrobatics. The acrobatics became beautiful, and the ballet was more powerful and tough, and the power and beauty, the softness and the softness, gave the audience a very visual impact.
    The fifth act “Looking for Liu Sanjie”
    Here is the end of the whole play, and a huge fan is opened in the middle of the stage. On the top is the scenery of the Lijiang River. Liu Sanjie came slowly on the flying carpet, waving her sleeves, and countless hydrangeas drifted away instantly, but Liu Sanjie could not marry so many Lang Jun, this is a blessing to every audience who came to the scene, whether it was received Still not received, they are all respectful.
    At the end of the performance, the audience still sat in the position for a long time and refused to leave. The applause was thunderous. This wonderful performance was indeed worthy of such applause. A folk custom ceremony in the land of Bagui, dancing the legend of true, good and beautiful under the water of 800 miles. This is the true meaning of Guilin’s ancient feelings.
     [Practical TIPS]
    1. Depart from Shanghai and take a flight to Guilin Liangjiang Airport. There will be an airport bus dedicated to Yangshuo at the airport. The fare is 50 yuan/person. (Departure time: 9:30, 11:00, 12:30, 14:00, 15:30, 16:30, 18:00, 20:00);
    2, from Yangshuo back to the airport will also have a bus, get on the bus at Yangshuo bus station, the fare is also 50 yuan / person. (Departure time: 7:00, 9:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30, 16:00, 17:30, 19:00)
    3, we must pay attention to the departure time, there will be some private cars at the station, but the price is generally higher, and the safety factor is not guaranteed;
    4, in Yangshuo can rent an electric car to travel around Yangshuo, blowing hair, look at the lake and mountains is also a good choice;
    5, Yangshuo mangoes must be eaten, recommend Mango State, mango is very sweet, but also can do a variety of beverage desserts. Of course, the street vendors can also buy them. The mangoes are very cheap and very sweet.
    6, Guilin ancient love tickets + show audience tickets Adult: ¥ 260 / person, parent-child ticket (1 big 1 small): ¥ 470, family ticket (2 big 1 small): ¥ 730

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