Lost in the Winter Romance of Kanas

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Written in front:
     A strange: Rain God No. 2. I think it would be a very lucky thing to know the blame. Two years ago, my heart quietly planned the longest trip in my life. I didn’t expect to meet a girl with the same plan as me. Then we walked through Tibet, Nepal, Northwest, Xinjiang, Nanning, Vietnam, Cambodia. At that time, I wouldn’t write a travel note, and I wouldn’t take pictures, so many travel notes may not be seen by you. For me, it is a time that there is no text and no forget!
     Shen fat classmates: the journey to treat incurable diseases and small talents (not to dare to take a positive photo according to his strong request). In fact, according to Shen Yuan’s classmates, he gave him the first English (curtain) of the nickname. The person of God (black) Wu (hand) is actually me. He just knew that his weight was at the beginning of the day, and then under the stimulation of this nick, he became more and more fat, and freely released himself, so it now becomes 2 at the beginning. . . I still remember that on the bus that went to Deqin in Lijiang that day, we didn’t know that everyone’s itinerary was basically the same. So we were very happy along the way. In the autumn and winter, the three-person combination finally passed together. ~
     The beast: The original literary young man is the nickname of your beast. I also took it, just because his name is the same as the sacred unicorn, and then this famous name is still used today. Almost at the same time, I knew the fat and the beast. At that time, we were lucky. We saw the Kawagbo of Shenshan, saw Nanga Bawa, and saw the Linzhi peach blossom. Every time a friend circle is absolutely a beast. The text looks the most cultural!
     Beautiful picture
     The colorful houses of Tuva New Village are dotted with a quiet winter
     On the third day of Kanas, I finally saw the legendary morning glow. Although the morning glow is beautiful, it is fleeting, I can leave it, probably just this picture.
     The most unexpected surprise was that I met an eccentric little fox on the road to Hemu. I looked at us very strangely at first, and then I was stupid there to plan the snow. At that time, it was too late to take pictures with a wide angle. Fortunately, the students of Shen Shen’s eyes quickly recorded this lovely moment~
     With the morning fog of Shenxian Bay, I don’t know if there really is a fairy here, but what is certain is that people who can stay here for a long time have already passed the fairy.
     How thick can the snow in northern Xinjiang be? Look at the picture below and you will understand it~
     In the days and nights of Kanas, it’s only the night I saw the stars, and it’s hard for me to forget.
    DAY1: Chongqing (aircraft)-Urumqi (train) – Beibei City
    DAY2: Beibei City-Kanas Sutuwa Old Village
    DAY3: Kanas-White Haba
    DAY4: Kanas Sanwan-Kanas Lake Sutuwa Old Village
    DAY5: Kanas-Hemu Village Suhemu Village
    DAY6: Hemu Village Suhemu Village
    DAY7: Hemu Village – Beibei City (Train) – Urumqi
    DAY8: Urumqi
     Xinjiang cuisine
    NO1: Large plate chicken recommended restaurant: small plum blood station large plate chicken
    Address: No. 2, Northwest Road, Shayibak District, Urumqi
    Per capita consumption: 60 When we were in Kanas, we could only eat large-scale chickens in the place where we lived. About 180, the price of Kanas was originally more expensive than the urban area. In Urumqi, there were less than 100 chickens. , almost three people can eat, the price is very high
    NO2: Recommended restaurant for hand-picked rice: Mirage
    Address: No. 176, North Lane, Karamay East Street, Shayibak District, Urumqi (opposite to the Third Middle School of Urumqi)
    Per capita consumption: 200 meters Laji is known as a local five-star restaurant. Last year’s Beijiang Travel Notes has written a detailed introduction of this restaurant. The environment of the restaurant is naturally excellent, and pomegranate juice is also recommended. The second time is the hand-legged lamb leg rice that is eaten near the Grand Bazaar. The price is cheaper than Mirage.
    NO3: Baked buns
    Recommended restaurant: Ma Muti special grilled buns
    Address: No. 952, Northwest Road, Shayibak District, Urumqi
    Per capita consumption: 20 yuan baked buns (called “Samosa” in Uyghur) is one of the Uighur favorite foods. This kind of food is sold in restaurants and food stalls in urban and rural Bazaar. Baked buns are mainly baked in the pit. The bun skin is thin with a dead face, and the four sides are folded into a square shape. Stuffed mutton, lamb tail oil, onion, cumin powder, salt and huRaw materials such as pepper powder, add a small amount of water, and mix well. Put the wrapped bun in the pit, it can be cooked in ten minutes, the skin color is yellow, the entrance skin is crisp and tender, and the taste is fresh and oily.
    NO4: Most of the mutton skewers in Xinjiang are still good. Compared to ours in the city, the lamb here is more pure. Prices range from 4-10 yuan to a string of prices, mainly in the Kanas scenic area will be more expensive, the city is generally around 5 yuan a string. It is recommended that everyone can be around 4 strings. Every time we have small eyes and small eyes, we will waste a lot of them.
    NO5: Grilled 馕 recommended restaurant: Abra’s 馕
    Address: No. 104, Northwest Road, Urumqi (outside of Northwest Road and Jindu Building)
    Per capita consumption: 15 yuan roast clam is one of the more common staple foods in Xinjiang. I will see people singing in a roast shop every time. Roasted oysters are also divided into several types, not so single, can be freely matched
    NO6: Forty-nine ball soup
    Per capita consumption: 20 This restaurant is recommended by our chartered drivers. In Burqin, the meatball soup tastes really good, and it also has an oil tower. However, the service of this restaurant is really flattering. You can find other branches on your own.
    NO7: Xinjiang old yogurt
    Per capita consumption: 5 yuan Xinjiang yogurt is more I love to drink, and a small bowl is enough for two people. If you are afraid of acid, put more sugar and mix evenly, taste and taste is good ~ many roadside meals Small stores have sold
    NO8: Recommended restaurant of pepper and chicken: red-crowned pepper chicken
    Address: Back Gate of Hongshan Market, Northwest Road, Shayibake District, Urumqi (opposite Shihezi Building)
    Per capita consumption: 65 yuan personally think that pepper chicken is more suitable for our taste than the big chicken. The best one to eat is next to the bus station in Qingshuihe Town. It is delicious and spicy, and the chicken is refreshing and chewy. And the food in this store is also close to Sichuan cuisine, the price is still high
    NO9: shelf meat recommended restaurant: Erli shelf meat
    Address: Pingdingshan 1st Road, Shayibake District
    Per capita consumption: 60 yuan The shelf meat here is relatively fresh, and there are many varieties of barbecues. The restaurant location is not particularly conspicuous.
     Of course, there are many foods belonging to Xinjiang that I have not had time to try, such as pulling a sliver, cutting a cake, etc. If there is a chance, I hope that spring can taste it again.
     About transportation
    External transportation: Chongqing-Urumqi 220RMB/person Yes, you are not mistaken, from Chongqing to Lhasa in winterTickets in Xinjiang are particularly cheap, probably because there are very few people going there. The prices from other cities such as Taiyuan, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen are all within 800, which is basically cost-effective. Therefore, a group of people from all over the world decided to brush a hot pot in Chongqing and then set off together in Urumqi. Internal traffic: Urumqi-Kanas
    1. From Urumqi to Kanas, you can choose Urumqi-Altay. The flight time is about 1 hour and the price is around 300. The advantage is quick and convenient. The disadvantage is that the winter weather is bad and the flight is delayed or even cancelled.
    2, the bus Urumqi to Kanas, the most convenient to take the bus is to sit in Burqin County. The Nianzigou Passenger Transport Station has three shuttle buses to Burqin every day. It is recommended to pay attention to the WeChat public number of Xinjiang Passenger Station: xjkeyun. It is more efficient to buy tickets in advance on WeChat. The advantage is that the night bus can save one night. The disadvantage is that the bus tastes really bad. It is also dangerous to sit in the snow in winter.
    3. If the train chooses a train, remember to buy a train from Urumqi-Beibei City. Don’t choose Beibei from the destination. Urumqi opened a new railway station in 16 years. All the trains were originally from Urumqi South Station. This new station is close to the airport (about 28 yuan for taxis) and is far from the city (about 40 yuan for taxis). Moreover, the security check in Xinjiang is particularly strict. Remember to go to the train station for insurance at least 1 hour in advance. The price of trains in Urumqi-Beipiao is about 163, only one shift per day. The advantage is that it is safer than the car, the disadvantage is that it takes a long time, and Beibei City is farther away from Kanas than Burqin.
     About chartered
    Kanas in winter, it is not recommended to travel by car. First of all, it is often because of heavy snow closure or road closure. If you are not familiar with the road conditions, it is more practical for safety or chartered. Because the winter season is off-season, the shuttle bus in the scenic area also stopped. There are two types of chartered cars. The friend introduced a very experienced local driver and opened a land cruiser. The master is a well-known old brand, the price is 1500 per day, but also with photography, more suitable for people with a clear time and compact purpose. Because considering that I and A blame are the premise of Rain God, I specially consulted whether I need a full chartered car. In this case, we plan to stay at Hemu for a few days, even if we don’t need a car, we need to pay 1500 per day, so we chose a more affordable one. The second way. The second way is the ordinary off-road vehicle, but the driver is also a local resident. It was when we came to Kanas last autumn. He himself opened an inn in the old village of Tuva, and the price was 800 per day. Because we are a master of understanding, we are also more reassured, still living in his home, and he also gives us the privilege to let us cook in the kitchen! No matter which method is chosen, it is recommended to be safe first, find familiar or have Experienced master.
     About accommodation
    1. Urumqi: Jinjiang Inn Address: Century Mingbiao Building, No. 93 Hongqi Road, Tianshan District, Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
    Price: 200 / night, the price of this Jinjiang Star is still very high, relatively clean, convenient location, eating and watching movies and shopping are nearby
    2. Kanas Tuwa Old Village: Kanas Villa Address: Kanas Lake, Burqin County, Altay City, Xinjiang Province
    Price: 680 / night We live in Kanas is a local inn, the price is 80 people / bed. However, Kanas Mountain Villa is the best place to live in the Kanas area. At that time, Xue Zhiqian happened to record the program there. Because the temperature in winter is too low, the water pipes in Kanas are basically frozen, and only Kanas Mountain Villa can take a bath. If you choose a homestay like us, you can only bring your own washbasin and then boil water~
    3, Hemu: Hemu Mountain Villa Address: Altay Burqin County Kanas Kanas Hemu Scenic Area (near Hemu Animal Husbandry Team) Price: 662 / night Hemu situation and Kanas is similar, but we are in Wo The wooden house is a bathing house. If you are more picky, it is recommended to choose a better accommodation.
     Other considerations
    Kanas at the end of December does not seem to be as cold as the legend. The lowest temperature in this whole journey is minus 20 degrees, basically at around minus 9 degrees. So the imaginary splash of water into ice was not made. Warm equipment: wool hat, gloves, mask, plus velvet Qiuyi Qiuku, down pants, down jacket, thick sweater, warm treasure stickers, warm foot stickers, vacuum cups, snow boots, wool socks, sunglasses, snow sets, sealed bags The personal feeling of the backup battery is that the above equipment will not be cold at minus 20 degrees. Especially the warm foot patch is especially effective.
    1, gloves recommended to choose finger gloves (or half gloves), otherwise it is especially inconvenient to take pictures and change lenses.
    2, the mask should choose a small hole in the mouth and nose, if the belt is full, the gas will be turned into water vapor in the mask.
    3, if the pants are not waterproof, snow boots to buy high-barrels, the snow of Hemu is very deep and often over the knees, or it is necessary to bring a waterproof snow cover, so as to prevent the snow from pouring into the shoes.
    4, hats should choose to have ear protection, otherwise you will feel the ears are frozen
    5, sunglasses are to prevent the sun from passingStrong snow watching time will cause snow blindness
    6. Under this temperature, the ordinary SLR camera basically has no pressure, and it can be used with a spare battery. After taking pictures in a very cold outdoor, remember to put the SLR into the sealed bag and then enter the room. Otherwise, the lens is easy to cause damage to the camera due to excessive temperature difference.
    7, do not use the skin to directly contact the tripod outdoors, it is easy to frostbite the finger
     See also Urumqi
    The flight from Chongqing to Urumqi was delayed due to weather conditions, and the original planned museum was abandoned due to flight delays. Take a taxi from the airport to Urumqi Station to buy a train ticket to store your luggage, and took a car and went straight to the Grand Bazaar. Because I was too hungry, I found a restaurant next to the Grand Bazaar and ordered a handful of pilaf and mutton skewers. Finally, I was in the cold winter of Urumqi. I finally felt the warmth of the first thread.
     Erdaoqiao Grand Bazaar is also the largest big bazaar in the legendary world. Although the architectural style has a strong Islamic style, personally, in addition to some Ingesha knife and characteristic dried fruit, other small souvenirs are basically It is a special feature of Yiwu, and there is no particularly attractive place~
     There are also some carpet colors that are colorful, but the visual inspection is basically not handmade.
    Put some contrast pictures of Kanas in autumn and winter, a golden and a white color contrast, autumn is a splendid beauty, winter is a silent beauty
     In the winter, the Moon Bay has frozen into ice because the temperature is too low.
     This time, because of the weather, I still haven’t kept the morning fog in the sun, so it is very important to choose the right weather to the north. The weather forecast in the Altay area is basically accurate. We only have one day in this eight days. When the snowstorm occurs, the scenery will be greatly reduced, and the visibility is very low. I hope that not everyone has such a “good” luck.
     Day and night of Kanas San Francisco
    Urumqi to Beibei CityThe train arrived at 7:00 in the morning, and the cold air that just came off the train station made us wake up. However, at 7:00 in the morning, the northern part of the country was still in a state of being out of sight. The appointed master remembered our arrival time and quietly said that the restaurant at the exit of the train station was opened very early. Go there to charge breakfast, if you are cold, then it is okay to take a break there~ Master received us at 9:00 in the morning, and it took about an hour to get to Burqin, then took us to the local vegetable market. Purchased! The price of fresh beef and mutton is not expensive, because we have brought hot pot ingredients in Chongqing in advance~ I also bought some fresh vegetables by the way. Kanas and Hemu are not fresh vegetables and meat because Their ingredients are also bought from Burqin.
     Once again, passing through this town, it was a rush. Nowadays, more and more European small buildings have been built here. It is estimated that the Kanas tourist center will be built in two years. Nowadays, the tourists coming to the northern Xinjiang in winter are still very few. I am glad to be at the end of it. The tranquility comes to feel the ice and snow here.
     In the extremely cold weather, all the rivers are already frozen. You don’t have to go to the smog island. You can see a lot of smog here. The blue ice and the white smog on the lake look at the pureness, although the weather makes it The mind is silent, and enjoys such a silent state.
    In the extremely cold weather, all the rivers are already frozen. You don’t have to go to the smog island. You can see a lot of smog here. The blue ice and the white smog on the lake look at the pureness, although the weather makes it The mind is silent, and enjoys such a silent state.
    Due to the decrease in winter tourists, the original high-priced tickets are now unified into a 110 pass. You can visit the three scenic spots of Baihaba Village, Kanas and Hemu Village. Half of the student ticket, the shuttle car in the scenic spot has been stopped, so there is no other expenditure except the cost of chartered car. Compared with the peak season, it can still save a certain cost~
     From the gate of the scenic spot, the first stop we passed was Wolong Bay. The lake surface of Wolong Bay has been covered by ice and snow, leaving only the last blue lake, like a blue inlaid in this fairyland. Gems, like the door to the fairy tale world, as if walking in, there are unknown mysteries and surprises waiting for us!
     From the gate of the scenic spot, the first stop we passed was Wolong Bay. The lake surface of Wolong Bay has been covered by ice and snow, leaving only the last blue lake, like a blue inlaid in this fairyland. Gems, also like breaking into the fairy taleThe door to the world is generally ~ as if walking in, there are unknown mysteries and surprises waiting for us!
    As the highlight of Kanas Sanwan, Moon Bay has also become a bit bland in winter. The original lake with fantastic colors is also frozen in the white jade belt. This time, when coming to Kanas, it is not necessarily a colorful landscape, but a mood~
     What surprised me the most is that between this vast forest and the world, there is a family hidden in the sea. The owner is returning to the moon with the wind and snow, especially like his little house, there is always an inexplicable mystery. I think, although he does not really live in the paradise, but always can be free to ride in his small world.
     “After the cold mountain stone path is inclined, there are people in the depths of the white clouds” Is the description in the ideal just the appearance of this?
     There has always been a small wish. I hope that I can take a Chinese costume to leave a commemorative photo in every place. I thought that there will be many people who mistakenly believe that this is a hanbok. I didn’t expect that in Kanas, I feel that the news should be relatively closed. In the small village, there is a local aunt who actually recognizes it, still very happy~
     In fact, if you don’t wind, you won’t feel very cold, but this day just blows a demon wind, and my tears come out directly. I am afraid that I will be frozen into a face, let the little friends help me to take a few pictures~
     If you are lucky, the last thing you can’t miss is the morning fog of Shenxian Bay. The last time we didn’t see it because of the weather, this time we waited for three days in Kanas, and finally let us wait! The morning fog time is relatively short. Like this season, the daylight hours are about 9:40 in the morning. If there is sunshine, it is perfect to match the morning fog.
     When the morning mist is like a layer of thin white yarn wrapped around the foothills, we are all excited to say nothing. At this time, the fairy bay, peaceful, gentle and mysterious, always makes people can’t help but want to walk into this secret. Impulse~
     The morning glow gradually dissipated, and the first golden light at sunrise was projected on the snow-capped mountains, which should be regarded as the sunshine of Jinshan!
     The golden light is softened from time to time, and the small reflection of the woods becomes an interesting picture, intertwined with cold and warm.
     On such a cold day, I don’t know what these horses are eating. The snowfall for several days has put a white coat on the horse back. I want to come to the horse and it’s not afraid of freezing.
     Look at such a house, like a gingerbread man’s hut in a fairy tale. I have always been a person who doesn’t love festivals, but I only have a soft spot for Christmas, just because this festival seems to satisfy all my imaginations about fairy tales, Santa Claus, elk and sleigh, and fireplace in wooden hut. Christmas tree full of bells. If it weren’t for the Kazakhs living here, there might be an illusion of being in Northern Europe!
     On the first night of Kanas, our lovely innkeeper and driver helped us prepare the induction cooker. Once again, we felt that we were very smart. We must know that the price in Kanas is particularly expensive. How to freshly fry vegetables to 40, beef noodles 60, leeks and hundreds of oysters, not necessarily to match their own appetite, every time we can cook on our own trip, I feel that this trip is more life-orientedIt’s not just that I have seen different scenery, it’s more like the sublimation version in ordinary life~
     Kanas Lake
    To look at Kanas Lake, of course, the most ideal state is to board the fish station. However, nowadays, because the snow is too deep and it is not managed for a long time, it is difficult to drive even the off-road vehicle unless it is sledding. Kanas Lake you saw in the fall should be like this~
     However, the current lake is not only unable to sail, but has been able to skate directly on the lake.
     Only the small river in the distance is not completely frozen, reflecting the snow-covered pine trees on the shore. This is a quiet world.
     For the first time, I feel that even if only black and white are left, there is a unique beauty that belongs to it!
     If the weather is good, when the morning sun shines on the lake, because the water temperature will rise, a thin mist will evaporate. At that time, it will be as beautiful as a fairyland.
     Snow mushrooms piled up in thick snow, blossoming on the ground, looks very cute~
     Walking on the wooden path along the lake, there are no crowds of tourists, as if there are only a few of us in this secret, we can run unscrupulously, remembering that when I was a child, my grandmother’s family also had such a forest, and here, there is no secret. ~
     HardWith a little blue sky, the scenery in front of me becomes clear. I have always been stubborn and hate the cloudy sky. I always feel that the world with light is beautiful and the scenery is the same! If it is snowy weather, the whole scenery is gray and even the woods on the other side are not clear.
     Occasionally, you can see the lake without ice. The lake is still blue and blue.
     When you are lucky, you can see the sunset reflection in the lake, the cold white on one side and the warm golden color on the other. This contrast makes the picture suddenly become agile, and we can only grasp this moment. After all, our sunshine is less pitiful on every journey. .
     The entire lake has turned golden, like a sunset.
     I also encountered the crew of the recorded program here to take a time-lapse framing. I think it is not easy for a few seconds of video to be smashed in the ice and snow for a long time.
     White haba
    Today seems to be another day of bad weather, we decided to drive to Baihaba to have a look~
     Baihaba is a village where the original natural ecology and ancient traditional culture are in harmony. Everything still preserves the original primitive features of centuries. It is mainly Tuva, located on the valley flats of the Altai Mountains and far from the mountains of Kazakhstan. Look at each other. The village is located in a valley, built on a narrow platform between two streams, standing by the mountains and waters. All the buildings in the village are made of logs and are marked by a quaint little wooden raft house with the characteristics of a European village.
     The weather is not good enough, the visibility is too low, and we have not made too many stops. If time is limited, we can visit Hemu Village in winter. In addition to the geographical location, people want to come to punch cards. The scenery is also better than Kanas. Slightly inferior~
     The road meets the horse carriage that haunts the hay
     Horse sledges are also a common mode of transportation in the winter in the north. Many horses are not convenient to drive in. Only horse sledges are better.
     I have not seen the cattle and flocks in the mountains, the most common animals are horses~
     Every time I see such a lonely house, I will think of whether the owner of the house is also living in the ideal life without seclusion. It has faded the bustling and noisy people in the hearts of the people, leaving nothing to them. Worried lifestyle~
     Tuva Old Village
    The accommodation in Kanas is divided into the old village of Tuva and the new village. We live in the old village of Tuva twice. The size of the old village is smaller than that of the new village, but it is closer to Kanas Sanwan and close to the visitor center. Therefore, it is recommended to live in the old village, here also opened a lot of small supermarkets, shopping is more convenient ~
     On the last day of Kanas, the sky outside the window at 9:30 was still very low visibility. I didn’t expect that the sky was quietly dyed for a few minutes, from purple to pink to orange, and everything came so suddenly. All of a sudden ignited our excitement, we exclaimed how beautiful, although the morning glow will spread away, but this memory is absolutely amazing time~
     Accompanied by smoke. Like the small village in the Arcadia, you dare not speak loudly to disturb its serenity!
     Occasionally there is a light line, and the picture in front of me is fixed forever.
     Long-lost blue sky~
     The water on the eaves also formed a long ice strip, but compared to what I saw in the snow village, it is still relatively small.
     And the blame climbed to the hillside opposite the visitor center, where the house was built like a European town.
     The temperature in winter is too low, all the water pipes are frozen and can’t get out of the water. The water in the house can only be used to pull the bucket to the water in the mouth of the village. The water used by the inn is all dragged back by the uncle~
     By the way, the river leads to the new village, and there are more snow mushrooms here. It looks soft and I really want to lie down and lie down!
     Lively and lovely Tuva children~
     There is also a bridge on the way from the old village to the new village. You can see the Kanas River, and you can look at the fish pavilion far away. This reminds me of the mysterious tribe in the wilderness hunter~
     Just happened to meet the old friend of our driver and greeted him on a horse. Under their arm, I climbed the horse and took a few photos~
     Now the streets of the old village are full of street lights, so it is still difficult to watch the stars at night, because it is too cold, and the little friends are not willing to come out. I have been walking along the road for a long time, although the light pollution is too serious. I was fascinated by such a night when I was photographed with a satisfactory starry sky! Dreamy blues and purples, warm lights in the distance, the stars are flashing in the sky, and the snow forest in the distance is intertwined, and the air suddenly becomes romantic~
     Ruthless Wonderland Hemu Village
    I don’t know how many people are coming to the morning fog of Hemu Village. Kanas looks at the water. Hemu Village is more of an idyllic scenery and humanity. Although we have not seen the luck of the morning fog twice, as long as you see it, you will definitely feel that this is really worth it.
    I remember that in the houses of Hemu last year, I saw a family with fox skins hanging in the house. The owner said that he was left when he was hunting more than ten years ago. He was chatting and wondering if there would be any kind of snow forest in the sea. Small animals, and a magical little fox appeared. The first time it saw us, it quickly ran away. When we ran and found that we didn’t catch up, it turned back and looked at us curiously.
     Maybe it’s because everyone’s awareness of protecting animals is strong now, so even if they are vigilant, they don’t run very far, just squatting there.
     This is the first sunny day in Xinjiang, so we are very happy. After all, the last time we came to Hemu, we stayed for three days and it was rainstorm and heart.
     When we saw rows of neat houses, we came back with the familiar Hemu~
     Actually, I accidentally licked a fat cat like a cat uncle, and squatted on the eaves to lie in the sun, even the eyes were not willing to open.
     The fat cat also has a cute little friend like it. I really want to take these two squats home!
     The grass under the blue sky and white clouds is simply the fairy tale world in my heart! Because there are few tourists visiting, the whole village is almost onlyThere are a few of us who are playing outside~
     I feel that people here are riding horses, especially chic.
     The snow of Hemu is much thicker than that of White Haba and Kanas. Sometimes the weather is not good, it is very likely that you will be trapped in the village and you can’t drive out. It almost started snowing in September every year! ~
     Thick snow is like cotton candy~
     I want to go to the B&B where I lived last year. I didn’t expect the host family to have been here for the winter. The afternoon sun shines on the river, slowly evaporating a burst of fog, like a fairyland. I only heard the sound of the flowing water. At this moment, it’s quite a bit quiet and silent.
     Taking advantage of the good weather today, we decided to take a look at the horse sledge on the Hemu Observation Deck. As it turns out, we are really sensible, because it is true that the only day after the fine weather can see the scenery. Later, when we go up the next morning, we can’t really see anything. Maybe after a few years, there is never Seeing the morning fog of Hemu should be considered a big regret!
     A horse sledge can sit two people, we talk about the price is 300 cars 2 cars. The observation deck can also climb up on its own. It has only been cleaned for a long time, so it will be slippery. It is best to wear a pair of non-slip shoes. It takes about 20 minutes to get a horse sledge. If you walk, it takes about 40 minutes.
     In fact, if you have been riding a horse sledge, you should not want to sit for the second time. First, when you look at the horse to climb the slope, you will feel a little pain, and then the focus is! ~ It will fart on the side of the slope! Occasionally, it will pull, so the taste is really sour. .
     Although the snow has been seen for several days, it is still amazing by the panorama of Hemu. This place is not tired all year round, and it is difficult to describe its beauty in a few words. Everyone has their own pastoral scenery, but Hemu should satisfy most people’s imagination.
     Don’t look at the snow on this road. It doesn’t look particularly deep. I tried to try to open a new road next to it. As a result, the whole person got stuck.
     The village under the blue sky and white clouds is so pleasant, our blame can’t wait to lie in it~
     The most lovable thing is that our horses were also frozen and their noses were frozen.
     Long eyelashes!
     It’s fun to play with water and ice. The children’s paper in the South always has a strange feeling for snow!
     From the foot of the mountain to the observation deck of the river ~
     The golden sun is shining on the river, and there is a little unreal feeling~
     The last glimmer of the sunset, the treetops are dyed in gold, and they are divided into distinct warm and cold colors~
     I want to know how thick the snow of Hemu is. Look at this picture and it will be perfectly interpreted, so remember to wear a snow cover~
     Finally saw the starry sky in Hemu. The starry sky of Hemu is so beautiful, I seem to see a whole universe. I want to say that the early morning is really cold. Fortunately, it is better to keep warm. Except for the finger that needs to adjust the camera parameters to be frostbitten, there is basically no other problem. However, it is inconvenient for a person to find a scene in the snow. The hand should be flashlight, one hand should lick the camera and the tripod, the tripod should be adjusted indoors and taken out directly, otherwise it will not be adjusted by freezing in minutes, walking on the snow, always feeling behind Someone followed me, did not dare to go too far, afraid to come back lost, basically relying on the prospect of blind shooting, several times did not pay attention to stepping on the thicker snow, the whole leg was stuck, and then the village was silent Silent, a few times I pressed the shutter and was scared by myself in the time of the air, it is estimated that the average person is not so courageous haha!
     Originally, we were planning to wait until Hemu had cleared the weather before leaving. I watched the weather forecast basically the next week was snowing. I really didn’t have the courage to wait any longer. I hope that when I brush the northern Xinjiang. You can see the dreamy morning fog!
     When the weather is bad, this color is gray, and the visibility is extremely low!
     Maybe the story is here, it is a wonderful ending! I hope that when I write the sequel, you can continue to listen to my story~

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