My Huangshan Travels – did not go to climb Huangshan, went to see the golden flower sea

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     This journey
    In the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai shipping areas, I said that I have not been to Huangshan until now. Some people say that Huangshan is to test whether a couple is true love. Others say that it has only been to Huangshan to climb the mountains of China, only to understand China’s mountains and rivers, but in addition to the clouds in the Huangshan Scenic Area, there are still beautiful scenery that cannot be ignored. of. such as. . . . .
    What I want to introduce in this travelogue today is the Huangshan scenic spot except for the Huangshan Scenic Area, which may make your trip to Huangshan more colorful. I will tell you what foods you must eat, where you live, and Some travel tips, I hope to help you plan to travel.
     Huangshan International Hotel
    From Shanghai, there is no direct high-speed rail. Now you need to sit in Shangrao, Jiangxi, and then change to a high-speed train to continue to Huangshan North Station. You can buy a ticket without going to the train twice a day. If you miss it, you need to buy it at Shangrao. The transfer ticket, the travel time is about 4 and a half hours, the peers of the same family have been from Fuzhou, I thought that Fuzhou should be farther away than me. I did not expect that they have already opened a direct, 2 hours to reach Huangshan North, I It’s a sad heart. Of course, the small partners in Hangzhou are also on the same route as Shanghai. However, the good news is that direct flights will be opened in October this year, which will greatly shorten the time for Shanghai and Hangzhou to Huangshan. Shanghai’s high-speed rail ticket price to and from Huangshan North is a total of 600.
     Day 1: Shanghai-Huangshan-Huashan Mystery Cave-Huangshan International Hotel
    I took the first high-speed train that didn’t need to get off the train to go directly to Huangshan. I arrived at 1:15 in the afternoon. On the morning of the boat, I didn’t want to run the scenic spot directly. I went directly to the hotel to prepare for a short time.
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
    Huangshan International Hotel is a branded hotel of Huangshan Tourism National Brand. The local reputation is very good. The location is also close to Tunxi Old Street in the city center. If you have time, you can walk 5-10 minutes. It takes only ten to twenty minutes to drive from the high-speed railway station. The appearance of the hotel is very ordinary and very state-owned. However, there will be different feelings when you walk in, especially the ivy of the large patio exterior wall of the hotel. I feel that summer may be more beautiful, green, and the layout of the bridge in this space is also very distinctive.
     Huangshan International Hotel
    The lobby is also filled with decorative features and soft features with local cultural features. Therefore, when visiting a place, in addition to understanding the local culture from eating, there are local hotels.
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
    My hotel room is a big bed room, with a semi-isolated desk, perfect separation work and bedroom; the bathroom is also designed according to the current international standard three separate, bathtub, shower, wash basin, toilet are separate spaces. The overall decoration style is Chinese with some Huizhou charm, and also spends a little thought on the pillowcase, using the embroidery of Huizhou architecture!
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
     Huangshan International Hotel
    Speaking of the scenic spot in Huangshan City, I mainly went to a Huashan Mysterious Grotto. The scenic spot is located in the eastern suburb of Huangshan City, the junction of Tunxi and Jixian. This scenic spot is only 10 kilometers away from the central city. It is a green hill. Water, idyllic viewThe Millennium Mystery Cave, the Cliff Stone Carvings, the Qifeng Rocks and other natural and cultural landscapes are integrated into the tourism and leisure sightseeing area.
    The biggest highlights in the scenic area are the caves of “three noes”. The so-called three nos are no murals, no words, no history books, but the reasons for the formation of these grottoes, the direction of stone materials, the age of formation, and so far, are still inconclusive. Therefore, it has been praised by the world as “the ninth wonder of the world” and “the wonder of the ages.”
    There are 36 grottoes in the plan, but there are three main open doors, 24, 2, and 35.
    This grotto will also have a variety of play planning routes. I am going this time:
    West Gate entrance: First visit the No. 24 Grottoes, then go to Swan Lake and take a boat to the No. 2 Grottoes. Finally, take the No. 2 Grotto to the No. 35 Grotto, and finally take the Huanxi Cable Bridge to the North Gate Exit.
    The No. 24 Grotto is a water grotto. It is a boutique project developed in the second phase of Huashan Mystery Cave. It was opened for trial operation on July 15, 2006. The area of ​​the grotto after the expansion of the water surface is about three times larger. The hole is flat and rectangular. 50 meters high, about 30 meters high, the surface of the boat is wide and tall, and the momentum is magnificent. Six square large stone columns support the top of the cave in two rows. So four layers, spread into the ground, so there is the “24 pillars”. The cave is full of oceans, deep into the bottom, and enters by boat. The blue walls of the caves are very close to the water and need to be completely in the boat to pass.
    Huashan Lake, located between No. 2 Grottoes and No. 24 Grottoes in the scenic spot, is a major achievement in the second phase of the development of Huashan Mystery Cave. The lake covers an area of ​​about 50 mu, with a lake depth of about 3-8 meters and a length of about 1000 meters. The light boat is rippling, the scenery is beautiful, the rare birds play in the water, the fisherman’s boss is swaying on the sparkling lake, the tour guide sings the beautiful folk songs, and the water bikes come from the laughter and the lakes and mountains, the pastoral scenery. The Millennium Grottoes are perfectly combined and beautiful.
    No. 2 Grotto, with a small hole in the mouth, walked to the entrance of the cave, and it was suddenly open. Approximately 4,000 square meters consisted of 26 shaped stone pillars with a circumference of more than ten meters. The surrounding area was surrounded by 36 stone houses around the main hall. Closed, on the side of the hall, there is a fan-shaped door opening that allows only one person to enter and exit.
    The No. 35 Grottoes, with a depth of 170 meters and a total area of ​​12,000 square meters, are the largest caves in the caves that have been proven, and are magnificent. Each of the three grottoes has its own characteristics. There are water caves on the 24th, and there are also caves on the 2nd, which are stone houses. There are also 35 caves that are as spacious as underground palaces. The specific details and the peculiarities of the grottoes are only I can still experience it.
    It is worth mentioning that after visiting the scenic spots, we went back to the hotel for dinner. In fact, I don’t know much about Anhui cuisine!
    But today I understand, many people are not used to the stinky mandarin fish, I think it is super delicious, the first time I eat the tofu, I feel like the taste of the non-salted fermented bean curd, the spicy sauce is a perfect match; the bacon and bacon It’s delicious, and there’s a ham-baked bamboo shoot that falls from the eyebrows. The local bamboo shoots are much more tender than the ones we eat in the city. It may be fresher. The noodles made are made of drinks! Looking at these food pictures, I will ask you guys?
     Day 2: Shitan Village – Tangmo Scenic Area – Tang Mo French Family Hotel
    If you are a photography enthusiast, you must know that Shitan Village is located in the south of the famous historical and cultural city of China. It is located on the shore of the beautiful Changyuan River. It has more than 800 years of history and is one of the Huangshan Baijia Photography Bases.
    The poetic and picturesque landscape of the village’s edge, the elegant and bright architectural color, the Jiangnan scenery of the small bridge and the water, the rapeseed and pear blossoms in the mountains and the wild, the fire is in full bloom. There is no need for the current limit like the Wuyuan flower, knowing that people here are not many. Let us first use a set of landscapes I took to find out why there is such a privilege here.
    Shitan Village’s quiet and deep street and street format (18th Street), poetic and picturesque village-side faucet landscape, elegant and bright architectural color, Jiangnan scenery of Xiaoqiao Liushui people, exquisite and gorgeous decoration style, all leave a deep impression . From Shitan Village to the inside, the better the scenery, the more interesting it is. The village and the village are connected by only one small intestine path. When the spring comes, the rapeseed and pear blossoms in the mountains and plains are in full bloom, and that is the real paradise! Moreover, because of the inconvenient traffic, visitors are rare, and it is a good place for photography and sketching. Now is a good time to enjoy the rape and pear flowers, because there is no entrance fee for this place, but the road to the mountain is relatively narrow, so you need to take the local circular minibus up the mountain, pay per click, in fact, I saw several older Good bones and muscles are all climbing up the mountain, but I don’t think there is enough 1-2 hours to climb. There are 3 flower viewing points, the main one is the middle one, so if you have good physical strength, it is recommended to climb directly to the first one. And the second point, then take the minibus down the mountain.
    Finally, at the second point, I took a panoramic picture of the entire Shitan Village (in fact, the weather is gray in the morning, when we are about to leave, there is a blue sky and white clouds, it is really lucky), but this If the village wants to take the most beautiful time, it still needs to stay for one night in advance, because there will be clouds in the morning, especially beautiful, especially with celestial.
    At noon, after finding a farmer in Shitan Village to solve the lunch, I was ready to go to our next stop, Tang Mo.
    Tangmo Village is located in Qiankou Town, Huizhou District, Huangshan City, the national 5A level scenic spot, the first village of Shuikou Garden in China. Tang Mo was built in Tang and was called Tangan. In 923 AD, Wang Xili, a descendant of Wang Yue of the Tang Dynasty, was taken by his father as a wife. He moved to the village and used the principle of Feng Shui to plant a ginkgo tree to build a home. At the same time, for the first lord (the emperor of the Tang dynasty), his ancestors Wang Hua and his descendants, Long, took the loyalty and loyalty of the Lord, decided to follow the example of “post-Tang” to build a standard model village, and then changed the village name to “Tang mold”.
    On the second night of Huangshan, we arranged to stay at the Tangmo French Family Hotel. This hotel is a beautiful rural project invested by the French Tourism Bureau. In the past two years, Tangmo French Family Hotel has been rated as “China Top Ten B&B” and “National Most Popular B&B Inn” in Tangmo Village. Three, I will mainly introduce two, one is the seven-Patio store I live in, and there is an old tea factory. The feeling of walking into the Seven Patio Shop is like living in a simple and simple atmosphere in ink painting. Because there are seven independent small yards, the Huizhou style of ink painting, I can admire our ancient Chinese architectural style every time!
    The key is that every wall, every detail, is just a hundred years old, and it feels extraordinarily precious to live in a house built of cultural relics. The roofs and wood carvings are all former or later repaired craftsmen, carefully crafted to restore the true Huizhou architectural features.
    After a little settle down, walk to Tangmo Scenic Area to visit. In fact, Tangmo French Family Hotel is also considered one of the attractions, because it is within the scenic spot, the time is not too early, so visit Tanganyuan and Xiaoxihu. China’s famous gardens include Beijing Summer Palace, Suzhou Garden, etc. However, it is very rare to have both a shuikou and a garden view like Tangmo. The sandal garden is a classic of Huizhou rural shuikou garden, and now it is the key cultural relic protection in Anhui Province. unit. The size of the original Tanganyuan was very large. Later, the forest garden on the hill opposite the creek was destroyed by the war, which led to the preservation of the lower half of the sandal garden.
    Xiaoxihu is just outside the Tangan Park. It is a copy of the West Lake in Hangzhou and is reduced according to a certain proportion. It is also called Xiaozi Lake. It is said that in the early Qing Dynasty, Tang Mo had a giant merchant named Xu, who had dozens of pawn shops in Yangzhou and other places, and was called “36 Code”. He is very rich and very filial. His 70-year-old mother is always looking forward to the “paradise on earth” Hangzhou West Lake, suffering from the barriers of Guanshan, the road is difficult, and he is too old to withstand the bumps of cars and boats, so he can’t go. Therefore, the big filial son did not hesitate to spend huge sums of money and purchased ten acres of land. It took 3 years and 6 months before and after, and built a small West Lake in the village’s Shuikou Garden, which was specially reserved for his mother.
    When it comes to Huizhou, you can’t miss the custom of Huizhou Eight Bowls. It refers to a recipe specification for ancient Huizhou people to entertain guests. It represents the complete Huizhou native dishes. The eight varieties in each place may be different, but it is definitely My own housekeeping dishes, put the dishes on the Eight Immortals table, sit on eight people, each person sitting in the position is also pay attention to, the two positions in the north are the oldest two, the oldest in the South, the oldest in the West Sixth, the two positions in the East generally have to help the tea. Because it is a wooden bench, when you stand up, you must tell the other person that “sit is stable” to indicate etiquette and customs, and to prevent the neighbor from falling due to imbalance. Is it interesting? Another custom is that you can directly put your own small spoon in the dish when you eat, but I still suggest that if it is not a family, it will be cleaner.
    Huizhou cuisine is salty and spicy in my impression, but the taste of Huangshan here is quite normal, it is very suitable for the taste of Shanghai people. If you go this season, basically there will be bamboo shoots, I am still silent. When I saw the villagers selling the bamboo shoots, I bought a bag and brought it home. It was very fresh. I can ask me about the practice of bamboo shoots. I won’t introduce it here. For me to eat, there is something to eat is the most important part of travel.
     Day 3: Tang Model Experience + Wuyuan Lingshan + Return
    There are three French family hotels in Tangmo Village. I didn’t have time to visit other stores yesterday, so I will visit the old tea factory today! This is actually the most intimate, the price is good, the decoration is good, the farmhouse is small and fresh, but it is also lacking the charm of Huizhou architecture! There will be a lot of rooms like youth hostels. The total price of 6 people is 300+. Is it a surprise?
    Traveling through the ancient villages of Huizhou, most of the ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties were seen. The place where Tang Mo is different from other villages lies in the scenery of Shuikou Garden and the water town. Came to the water street of Tang Mo. A small stream passes through the village and divides the village into two. On the creek, many ancient stone bridges are set up, and the villagers on both sides of the strait are connected together. This forms a “small bridge, flowing water, and people”. The scenery of Jiangnan Water Town.
    The villagers on both sides of the creek are used to arranging the meat and vegetables in the house and basking in the doorway of their own home, letting this tourist look at the drool.
    In fact, there will be some projects suitable for our visitors in Tangmo Village. Next, I will introduce two projects that I have experienced and recommended this time.
    In the Tangmo Scenic Area, the special folk art of the ancient Huizhou rubbings is still preserved!
    The first step is to spread the wet rice paper on the stone tablet and use a brush to remove the air so that the rice paper can be recessed along the text on the tablet!
    The second step is to let the brushed rice paper dry naturally.
    The third step, after the rice paper is dried, use a cloth made of crepe cloth, apply a small amount of ink, gently beat the rice paper, and evenly spread the protruding part, it will form a black and white distinct rubbings!
    Therefore, I can’t help but want to experience this ancient skill.
    About Huipai plate painting, it is a traditional folk arts and crafts. In the middle of the Ming Dynasty, a literary genre of Huizhou was born. It was styled in a white way and was beautifully crafted. Huizhou prints have an important position in the history of Chinese culture, especially the stencil and arch flower printing, which have had a major impact on domestic and international prints. We are fortunate to have tried this project as well, which is a bit simpler than the rubbings, because we only experienced the final re-enactment. In fact, if you have time, you can engrave a unique print of your own.
    If you have enough time after the browsing experience of Tang Mo, you can suggest to go to the surrounding Wuyuan and Lingshan Scenic Areas, you can get there within 15 minutes by car, but these two are small attractions, you can filter the time. Huahai, still a little recommended, after all, such beautiful terraces, not all scenic spots can have.
    The Lingshan Huahai of Huangshan Mountain is the most beautiful rape blossom terrace in southern Anhui. Now it is a good time to enjoy the flowers. Why not take a trip to the countryside on weekends, enjoy the fertile land of God’s gift and the beautiful scenery of the industrious local farmers!
    There is no crowd crowd like Wuyuan Lingling here!
    Going to Lingshan to see the most beautiful rape blossom terraces in southern Fujian, how can you enjoy the farmhouse fun?
    There is a “Half Mountain Leisure Inn” in Wuyuan Village, which can be reached in 10 minutes by car. The standard Huipai B&B has a large glass room, a characteristic living room, and five good rooms!
    If you like my travels and hope that you can share them with more friends, you can also search for “Yaya Head” on all major platforms and pay attention to me. I will definitely share more interesting trips for everyone.

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