Pursuing the Sun and Moon in the Heart – Yunnan Shangri-La (with super detailed guide)

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    The heart of man is a universe
    The watch of the soul is like Shangri-La
    I don’t know where I’m, I saw this sentence.
    I don’t know where I am, I fell in love with Shangri-La.
    Perhaps because of a magical story
    In the 1920s and 1930s, several British people were forced to land in a mysterious place in Tibetan areas due to aircraft failure.
    There are snow-capped mountains, quiet lakes, sacred monasteries, vast grasslands, flocks of cattle and horses, and simple people. They find that time seems to have lost meaning. Everything here seems to be isolated, peaceful, quiet, and eternal. It is like the Garden of Eden in a fairy tale.
    After many twists and turns, they returned to their hometowns, but they could no longer find the hideaway hidden in the mountains. This is an ideal situation described in the famous British writer James Hilton’s famous novel “The Lost Horizon” in 1933.
    And this ideal situation
    It is the “Shangri-La” that the world wants
    Since then, countless explorers have been searching for the mystery of the century left by Hilton in Tibetan areas of China, India, Nepal, etc. The world is eager to witness the fairyland in the novel, and where is Shangri-La in the heart?
    In September 1997, after a detailed inspection, the Yunnan Provincial Government announced to the outside world that people had been searching for “Shangri-La” for half a century, and the Shambhala Kingdom in the Tibetan Buddhism was in Diqing! When the news came out, it sensationalized the world, and the followers from all over the world flocked to each other to compete for Shangri-La’s ideal world of humanity.
    In 2001, Diqing Zhongdian County was renamed Shangri-La County. The first appearance of “Shangri-La” in British novels is the Tibetan language of Diqing Zhongdian, which means “the sun and the moon in the heart”. It is the ideal living environment and the supreme realm in the minds of Tibetans.
    Shangri-La has the reputation of “alpine garden”, “animal and animal kingdom” and “non-ferrous metal kingdom”. Shangri-La not only has a deep and deep canyon, a vast Inner Mongolia prairie, but also a virgin forest and dotted mountain lakes, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and paradise on earth.
    This is the story of Shangri-La.
    A story behind a name is more fascinating than the scenery
    Not so much Shangri-La is a place
    It is better to say that she is the belief that people pursue a happy and happy life.
    Pursue the sun and the moon in the heart, looking for the disappearing horizon – Shangri-La
     [First knowledge]
    The ancient city of Dukezong, also known as the City of Moonlight, is located in Shangri-La County, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It has a history of more than 1,300 years and is the best preserved and largest Tibetan population in China. It is also the hub of the ancient tea-horse road.
    Napahai, the largest grassland in Zhongdian County, seasonal lakes in the plateau, swamp meadows, black-necked cranes waiting for birds to live in winter, suitable for riding electric cars around the lake.
    Balagzon is a combination of snow-capped mountains, canyons, glaciers, rivers, plateau lakes and virgin forests. There is the first peak of Shangri-La County (5545 meters), one mountain divided into four seasons, there are thousands of linden trees and the highest glass path in China.
    The Dandan Songzanlin Temple, the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Yunnan Province, the Shangri-La landmark, is known as the “Little Potala Palace” and is also known as the “Tibetan Art Museum”.
    Shika Snow Mountain, about 7 kilometers away from the county seat, has the longest pulsating closed sightseeing cableway in Asia, and is the only snowy peak that can see the Eight Great Mountains.
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    Go around and hover around, hope that when you return, you are still a teenager. △
    This time it was from Shantou to Shangri-La, because Shantou did not have a direct ticket to Shangri-La, so it was only possible to transfer in Kunming. Tickets were booked one week in advance. The price was around 1,200 yuan. Shangri-La has its own airport. The cities that can fly directly have Kunming and Mang. City, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lancang, Xi’an, Guilin, Baise, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Changsha, Dalian, Changzhi, Zhangjiakou, Lhasa, etc. The transit flight should pay attention to the time of the intermediate transfer. Try not to be too short, because if the pre-order flight is delayed, it is not the same airline, and it will not be paid for the next flight.
    This is the map of Shangri-La’s attractions. The Meili Snow Mountain is 200 km from the ancient city of Shangri-La and takes nearly five hours. Shangri-La’s Grand Canyon Balaguezong Scenic Area is 82 kilometers from the ancient city. It takes about one and a half hours to drive, but it can test the driving skills. Since Pudaco closed the two areas, the visibility was reduced, so the Pudaco was not considered for this trip.
    In addition, the ancient city has a special line to and from the Balaguezong scenic spot, starting at 9:15 every day, and the situation in the peak season will be delayed by about 10 minutes. Overall, it is very convenient and takes about one and a half hours. If it returns on the same day, The line time is around 5 pm.
    This is the map of the surrounding attractions of Shangri-La Dukezong Ancient City. The airport and passenger station are very close to the ancient city, so the big traffic in Shangri-La is very convenient, and many inns have free shuttle service.
    This picture is the road map of the ancient city of Dukezong and the surrounding area. Remember the “Brunn Village” on the far left of this picture. Search for “Bulun Village” on the mobile map software and drive the electric car according to the route. There is no charge, and if the season is right, you can circle the lake.
    This is a map of the scenic spots of Balagzon. Although this area looks complicated, it is very simple to play. The main attractions are Tongtian Gorge, Grand Canyon, Bala Village, Glass Road, Shambhala Pagoda, and Attractions. There are sightseeing cars in between, regular day trips are fine, but the elite route takes two days.
    Play time: August 31, 2018 – September 5, 2018
    DAY1: Jieyang Airport – Kunming Airport – Shangri-La Airport – Dukezong Ancient City (Living)
    DAY2: Dukezong Ancient City – Napahai – Balaguezong Scenic Area (Living)
    DAY3: The Balang Clan’s Stables – Grand Canyon – Tongtian Gorge – Tibetan Song and Dance Performance
    DAY4: Balaguen Shambhala Pagoda – Glass Plank Road – Bala Village – Dukezong Ancient City
    DAY5: Dukezong Ancient City – Songzanlin Temple – Shika Snow Mountain
    DAY6: Return
    Because Xianglali came twice, the last day of Songzanlin Temple and Shika Snow Mountain came last April, and they were placed in this one to get a complete Shangri-La Raiders.
    In order to avoid the appearance of boring large paragraphs of text, I put the detailed traffic, accommodation, tickets, food and other Raiders to the end of the travel notes. △
     [The city of moonlight across the millennium]
    One day of tossing, spanning 1,800 kilometers, finally returned to this familiar land. A year ago, the beautiful scenery of Shangri-La was still in the mind and never forgotten. At 8 o’clock in the evening, the day was not black. When I arrived at the airport, I immediately met this gorgeous sunset, which made me feel enchanted.
    The cousin put a five-day annual leave and asked me to take him to play. He said that he was going to find a place called “Quiet”. After thinking about it, he decided to go to this place that I would never forget – Shangri-La. Say good to help me back the equipment, the result of the whole trip down, when the party came in handy, there was no figure, and when it should not appear, it appeared. Then we came to the unanimous conclusion: he came to be funny (self Brain supplement facial expression)
    Remember the 14-year-old Shangri-La fire burning? At that time, it was screened by major news media. The first reaction at that time was that Shangri-La had not burned before. The place where the fire broke out was in the ancient city of Dukezong. Because the main raw materials of the houses in the ancient city were all wood, it was not possible to ignite the fire. The fire annexed 2/3 ancient cities, and after four years, in the dream. What happened to Shangri-La?
    Yes, today’s ancient city is quiet and peaceful, and there is no trace of the burning of the fire. Just after the summer vacation, there are fewer tourists in the ancient city. I have seen too many ancient towns in the ancient town, the noisy streets and lanes, and the highly commercialized copper smell, which makes people want to escape.
    The biggest feeling of Shangri-La is the tranquility and tranquility here. Many places still retain the original and original flavor. Time seems to slow down here, and people unconsciously slow down.
    This society is too impetuous, and I don’t know when it started. I gradually liked the simple and pure feeling, so we chose a Nordic-style inn in the ancient city. The name of the inn is also very interesting. The inn, later learned about it, I know that the original horizontal and vertical is the word “wood”, high-end log customization is a highlight of her home.
    The public area on the second floor is also pleasing to the eye, the round sofa, and the two hammocks, the comfort is forgotten, anyway, my cousin and I have been lying on the top for more than an hour.
    When I checked in, I chatted with my boss. They turned out to be Beijingers. Because of a Shangri-La trip five years ago, I liked it. So I decided to open an inn here. The inn was designed by myself. For three years, like Shangri-La’s natural originality, their idea of ​​being an inn is to return the inn to the building structure itself, removing all the exaggerated decorations and creating a peaceful architectural structure.
    Although the appearance of the inn is relatively general, the internal hardware facilities are really nothing to say. Few inns have made me have such a high comfort experience, and have surpassed the supporting facilities of many high-star hotels in China.
    At the time of check-in, I also sent a lot of small gifts, a disposable raincoat, and a neck pillow that can be used when flying and bus. It is very intimate.
    The bathroom space of the inn is also very spacious, but the biggest highlight is the smart toilet, um, the toilet with temperature, the details are also in place.
    The breakfast at the inn has three choices: Chinese, Western, and Tibetan. The front desk will call you in advance to determine the time of the next day’s meal, as well as the espresso and cake desserts. Anyway, we have breakfast for lunch. In addition, the proprietress also helped us customize the itinerary for free. Many interesting attractions were also thanks to the guidance of the proprietress.
    After dinner, you can visit the ancient city of Dukezong, “Dunkezong”, Tibetan pronunciation, two meanings, one is “castle built on stone”, and the second is white stone city, meaning “moonlight city”. The ancient city was built on the mountain, and the pavement was made of old stone. It still has a deep horseshoe print on the stone road. Perhaps the caravan that passed through the ancient tea-horse road left the token of time.
    Shangri-La is more than 3,000 meters above sea level, so the flowers bloom in May and June, and the ancient city under the flowers is charming and moving. The place where you have to punch in the ancient city, the non-Kameyama Park is none other. At the top of the Kameyama Park, you can see the whole look of the ancient city of Dukezong.
    The top of Kameyama Park is not high, you can climb up in ten minutes, but given the altitude of more than 3,000 Shangri-La, it is recommended to go slowly. After the summit, the visual field suddenly became bright and clear, and you can see the whole picture of the entire ancient city. This is the ancient city of Dukezong, which has been burned for 14 years. Now it is stable in the world, and the years are quiet. Shangri-La is surrounded by mountains, and it is extraordinarily peaceful. .
    Another highlight on the top of Guishan Park is undoubtedly the world’s second largest prayer wheel called “Auspicious Victory Building”, 21 meters high and weighing 65 tons. It is the top of the big turtle in Shangri-La Dukezong Ancient City. On the top, there are 1.24 million mantras and mantras in the tube. Four strong men can turn the prayer wheel. Every revolution, the number of Buddhas is 1.24 million. Generally, people who come here will turn clockwise three times. Pray for happiness and peace.
    Under the guidance of the innkeeper, we came to another more mysterious place. It is estimated that only locals can know that it is higher than Guishan Park, on the one hand, the densely landscaped ancient city architecture, and on the other side is the mountainous field. Natural scenery, the airport is on this side, in the case of good luck, you can also see the plane shuttle in the mountains and white clouds. This is the reason why I started to hook up with the boss. When chatting with the locals, there will always be some unexpected discoveries. The boss is also a local senior traveler. She said that Shangri-La can play for a month.
    This place is called Baiji Temple. It is a place that few tourists know. It is very close to the ancient city, but the premise is not to follow the navigation. The navigation will take you around the road. Ask the inn person, go up the path, ten minutes away. You can take away this natural and original scenery filled with the light of God.
    Send a cousin to take a picture of my mobile phone, but if I take it back, he will have a little role in addition to being funny.
    On the other side is the architectural landscape of the ancient city, the whole picture of the ancient city, and the entire Guishan Park, all of which can be wiped out.
    This is the yogurt that I eat in the ancient city. How can I say it? It’s so cool, I saw people for the first time.The family put sugar directly in the yogurt. Then I found another magical thing in the supermarket. I just wanted to ask, can I eat this dog? Haha…
     [Napa Sea]
    If you want to see the plateau lakes, Napa Sea is still a good choice. A magical place that changes with the seasons. When there is no water in winter, it is a grassland. When the summer rainy season comes, it becomes a lake. It was originally a lake. I can play happily. I didn’t expect this year’s rainfall to pass, and some of the roads around the lake were flooded, but even so, the scenery is very beautiful, not much nonsense, riding on an electric car. Renting a car for 60 yuan a day, a circle around the lake (2-3 hours) is basically no big problem.
    The white pagoda passing by is not very common in Lijiang, Lijiang, but it can be seen everywhere in Shangri-La. Because there are more Tibetans here, these are all sacred and inviolable for Tibetans.
    There is also a magical phenomenon in Shangri-La. The Tibetan pigs here are running around the streets. They are not wild boars, they are domestic pigs. Unlike the captivity in the mainland, the pigs and yaks here are basically stocked. I heard that they I will go home by myself in the evening. You may ask, is this free-range pig unsafe? The answer is no, because the people here are very religious, stealing things is taboo for them, so they are also very reassured that the pigs run around. Oh, yes, the next one is that the person is not a pig. I accidentally put it together, although he will go home by himself.
    This piece of red is the wolfberry flower, they can adapt to the dry and cold natural environment, the vitality is very tenacious, can be medicinal, but can not be eaten, the wolfberry flower on the plateau is also a beautiful landscape.
    Inland areas such as Yunnan and Tibet do not see the sea, so when people saw these lakes a long time ago, they all thought that these were the sea. Like the Bohai Sea and the Napa Sea, they are lakes. When there is no wind, the lake reflects the blue sky and white clouds. With the mountains in the distance, it is like a fairyland.
    The vast grasslands, pure lakes, simple farmers, and leisurely yaks constitute a beautiful human painting, a ubiquitous natural element that makes people feel connected with the heavens and the earth and breathe together in the same blue sky. Under the clouds.
    I came from afar, the wind and dust, walking through the vast green grass, and plunging into the distant Napa Sea, between the world, the independence, the whole body, perhaps only the simple farmers here, with such beautiful nature. Scenery, there is no sense of violation.
    The footsteps of autumn are slowly approaching, and the straw in the distance begins to yellow. When autumn comes, what should be the beauty here?
    Driving an electric car on this country road, it seems to break into a beautiful picture, the breeze is drunk, and I want to live a lifetime in this kind of paradise.
     [Shangri-La is too beautiful, and Balaguez is fixed in the center of the painting]
    A year ago, Shangri-La’s trip came to Balaguez, but later I went to Shika Snow Mountain with my friends, leaving a regret. I didn’t expect this regret to be made up after one year, perhaps in the middle of it. It is destined to be related to Balaguezong. This pilgrimage road was restarted today after one year.
    It’s been night to come to Balaguezong. It seems that after a long journey, I entered another secret. We stayed at the Balag Zong Tibetan Ecological Hotel, which should be the best hotel in the foothills.
    There is a river in front of the window, and you can hear the sound of the river flowing through the window. It seems to be in the mountains tonight.I have a deep sleep, this kind of feeling of being close to nature is really a kind of wonderful.
    I was also fortunate to have met a couple of couples. I’ve had a trip in the past few days. The hotel’s breakfast is varied and can be buffet or ordered.
    In fact, when I arrived at the hotel last night, it was already very dark. I couldn’t see the surrounding situation. When I woke up in the morning, I found myself in the mountains. Without a little defense, Balaguez was gorgeous. A surprise.
    Because there was too much rain this summer, the mud on the mountain was also rushed to the river. It may not be very timely. The Balaguezong Grand Canyon at the time of the Qing Dynasty is like this, just like Penghu. When the weather is good, it is a fairyland on earth. When the weather is bad, it is a fake lagoon.
    The colorful prayers of Tibetan characteristics flutter in the breeze, as if they are masters, and warmly welcome guests from afar.
    The first stop is the people and the roads are relatively steep. If it is rainy and slippery, it is not recommended to take this.
    The Tibetan-style eco-hotel overlooking the heights, like a castle, stands at the foot of the mountain.
    Passing through the long tunnel, reaching the other side of the mountain, it suddenly opened up, and another picture of a paradise-like picture was gracefully spread out before our eyes.
    God is awesomeThe Shangri-La Grand Canyon was built, and the sporadic houses on the river walked by the river. You enjoyed this gift from nature quietly. Without any words, you can sit by the rock on the top of the mountain and let the time pass by.
    The people are not long. If you don’t stay, you can finish it in more than half an hour. You don’t have to go back. From the other side of the mountain, you turn around the tunnel, pass the straight road, and pass the white tower next to the rock. Came to the next attraction – the Bodhi tree that has been through for more than a thousand years.
    Yes, you are not mistaken, this millennial linden tree is rooted in the hard rock, the branches almost cover the entire rock wall, and the people of Balagzon will present their own Hada, white and yellow satin, positive It is a sincere blessing to people.
    There are also many people who roll the renminbi on the branches, hoping to bring good luck to themselves.
    The biggest bright spot, no more than this bergamot-like branch, is said to have grown out overnight. “Being a bodhi tree, the heart is like a mirror, always diligently, don’t make it dusty.” Perhaps the Buddha wants to warn us. Keep an alert, remove distractions and temptations, and you won’t lose your clarity.
    After reading the Millennium Bodhi tree, we then entered the scenic spot and took the bus to the Shangri-La Grand Canyon. The scenic area along the direction of the canyon, built a plank road, along the plank road to enjoy the beautiful Grand Canyon scenery, and then drifted by boat. Next, this is the classic way of playing in the Grand Canyon.
    In front of this river, the name “Guangqu River”, in the long river, he was squeezed by the terrain movement at the bottom of the valley just over a thousand meters above sea level, but the peaks on both sides of the river towered into the clouds, the altitude of four or five kilometers The height is regressive.
    About half an hour later, we reached the end of the plank road and felt the stream of clear springs from Balagzon. Yes, this is the true color of the waters of the Balagzon Grand Canyon. The water of the whole river before and after the rainy season. It’s all so clear.
    In the vicinity, you can also see the Mani heap piled up by tourists. In the Tibetan area, Mani heap can be seen everywhere, with a symbol of good luck.
    This is the beautiful young lady who is walking with us. Sitting on the suspension bridge, I feel the cool wind between the canyons. I press the shutter to leave this beautiful moment.
    Going back, we chose to drift, and I remembered that Li Bai’s “boss of the two sides couldn’t hold back, the canoe had passed the Wanzhong Mountain”, and he had not recovered from the art works of nature, and he had reached the end of the rafting, the Grand Canyon. Infinite charm, only when you are there, you can feel it.
    Taking a sightseeing bus, we went to the second attraction, Tongtian Gorge, which is still a magical nature. The mountains that are straight into the sky make us stunned.
    “The first line is divided into days, the two mountain gorges are the door”, and the gap of more than 4,000 meters has created this deep canyon gallery. Looking at some angles, the canyon is like a heavenly eye, and it is extremely beautiful.
    The plank road snakes up along the cliffs. As the dragons hover between the valleys, we follow the “Dragon Ridge” and climb up to explore the mysterious power hidden in the Tongtian Gorge.
    Discovering the clear stream in the Tongtian Canyon, it must be the snow on the snow-capped mountains that melted into the deep canyon. The water hits the rocky mountain and makes a crisp sound, echoing in the canyon, like a beautiful music. hanging by a thread.
    On the way back, with the stone-built Tibetan dwellings, the Balaguezong is a place worth visiting, and the story has not stopped, and the wonderful is still being released.
    Every night, there are wonderful Tibetan song and dance performances. The table is full of yak meat and barley wine. While enjoying the food, you can also enjoy the wonderful singing and dancing performance. Who said that there is no nightlife in the canyon, and the scene is far from happy. Super you imagine.
    After three rounds of wine, it gradually became a good place, ignited a bonfire, detonated the carnival, followed the music and rhythm, and the joy rang through the Shangri-La Grand Canyon.
    After the carnival, the canyon has returned to tranquility, no lights, only the sound of flowing water, accompanied by the sound of nature’s sound of nature, sleeping in the embrace of the Grand Canyon.
    At the end of the Grand Canyon is the Balaguezong Snow Mountain. The road leading to the pilgrimage must have experienced twists and turns, rising from 2,200 meters above sea level to 4,200 meters above sea level. I don’t know how many sharp turns I have experienced. The next morning, an hour’s drive Although the twists and turns, but the beautiful scenery along the way people can not forget for a long time.
    Once was the pure land of no one involved in the world, the paradise where the gods lived in the legend, now a beautiful sky, the road to the world to pursue the dream of Shambhala, the true charm of Balaguez, also began to show in front of us step by step .
    At the moment of getting off the bus, there was a feeling of tears in my eyes. I never expected that Shangri-La would climb the 4,200-meter-high Shambhala Pagoda in this way, and everything seemed so sacred here.
    The mountain is the stupa, the stupa is the mountain, the natural stupa recorded in the Tripitaka, this is the mysterious Tibetan mystery, and the spiritual mountain shrine of dialogue between humans and gods. For thousands of years, its Spirituality attracts countless devout people to come to worship and pray for the long-cherished wish of the soul.
    The scriptures flutter in the wind, and the mountains are tall and straight. Except for the years, there seems to be no intrusion, quietness, harmony, sacredness, eternity, and the cleanliness of the sky. What you want is moving here.
    Then I took a sightseeing bus to the air glass path at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. I saw that there were no ropes across the Grand Canyon. After the trial operation period, it will become the highest zip line in China. The thrilling journey of the canyon is about to take place.
    This path of walking is almost built on a cliff.There is no feeling in it, but from the other side of the mountain, in the contrast of the mountains, people are like a sea of ​​millet.
    After a long walk, you can see the observation deck built in the middle, and the distant mist is the legendary sacred Gezong Snow Mountain, which is more than 5,000 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak here, and the snow is covered by the Gezong Snow Mountain all year round. No one has ever been to it, and its mystery is also incomprehensible.
    Looking down from the glass path, you can see the magnificent Grand Canyon. This is the place where you drifted yesterday. From the bottom up, you don’t feel so thrilling, but looking down from the top, the entire Grand Canyon is full. At the bottom of his eyes, he was deeply impressed by his mighty and magnificent spirit.
    Although it is the highest glass path in China, but some of the view is blocked by the sloping cliff, so it is not so horrible to walk on it, and the correct way to open the photo of the glass path is to put the camera on the glass. Create the effect of the mirror of the sky, and then let you sculpt, the cousin puts on a ecstasy posture, and never returns on the road of responsibility…
    In addition to laughter, we arrived at the next attraction, Bara Village, where we had lunch at noon. The small hot pot-style “Tibetan meal” is unique in that it comes from local ingredients such as roast sheep, beef, pine mushrooms, and tastes delicious. Unpretentious, high-altitude energy consumption is particularly fast, so it is recommended to eat more meat.
    After lunch, we walked in this ancient village of more than 1,300 years of history. It is said to be a tribal leader, tired of the war, leading the people to this place of paradise, and opening up the world.life.
    The village of Bara was built on the mountain, and it isolated the earthly hustle and bustle, until the Sinaru Dingzhu, which went out of the village, after eight years of time, created a very difficult road with a very difficult coefficient, which made this millennium legend Ancient villages, meet the world.
    The magical ancient villages are still unsatisfactory. At the same time, they have the honor to visit the toast manor in the village. The villas in the middle of the mountain pack the tranquility and tranquility of the mountains together. Stay here for one night and experience a beautiful sunrise. And sunset is a magical feeling.
    The mysterious Balaguezong always has a magical power. He lets you see the folk customs hidden in the mountains, and let you see the majestic grandeur between the heavens and the earth. Before we leave, let’s see again. Trying to try to remember the mountains and waters here, the grass and the trees, the altitude of more than 3,000 meters, the breathing does not know why it has become smooth, perhaps there is a name of “free” air, let us let go, let us relieve, also Let us marry and yearn for this beautiful and sacred kingdom of Shambhala.
     [Little Potala Palace – Kudandan Songzanlin Temple]
    Songzanlin Temple, you can take a taxi in the ancient city, tickets 108 yuan, Xiaogui. To the entrance of the scenic spot, you can take a sightseeing bus to pass, and then there will be a horn to lead the team to explain.
    Songzanlin Temple is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Yunnan Province. The Shangri-La landmark is known as the “Little Potala Palace” and is also known as the “Tibetan Art Museum”.
    The Tibetan architecture is always so solemn and gorgeous, and it is magnificent and gathers the greatness of Tibetan art. From a distance, it looks like a castle. It is magnificent.
    Looking down at the surrounding scenery at the highest point, it is still pure blue sky and white clouds, as well as the mountains in the distance. The temple is wrapped in the center of the mountains, away from the outside world. The tranquility of Shangri-La gives a wide space for thinking.
    The lake surface is refracted with a little starlight, like a golden ocean, looking at the distant white clouds and the rolling hills, thinking about this world wonderland that has been searching for half a century. Perhaps many people have come to Shangri-La, to What is not the belief in the heart, the road is still far away, the practice, never stop.
     [The only snowy peak that can see the Eight Great Mountains]
    Shika Snow Mountain came in April of 17 years. At that time, Shika, there was snow, and there was no snow in Shika Snow Mountain. It is not recommended to go. It is estimated that snow will be seen in November this year.
    Shika Snow Mountain has the longest pulsating closed sightseeing cableway in Asia. The two-segment cable car takes up to 40 minutes. The Shika Snow Mountain recommends going in the morning. Because the afternoon wind is relatively large, the wind cable car may be out of service. And in the afternoon, you can play the surrounding prairie by the way.
    Snow-capped snow-capped mountains and winding roads form a harmonious and beautiful picture. Shika Snow Mountain is about 7 kilometers away from the county. The “Shika” Tibetan transliteration means “the mountain with red deer”. The red deer is one of the Tibetan Buddhist auspicious animals, saying “auspicious longevity and exorcism.””, Shika Snow Mountain is praised by the public as the protector of Shangri-La.”
    Because of the high altitude, the top of Shika is still relatively cold. Pay attention to the cold. It is necessary to rent a jacket. When the weather is good, stand at the top of the mountain at 4,500 meters above sea level. You can also see the surrounding Sansei Mountain (Meri). Snow Mountain, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Daocheng Sansheng, etc.).
    Surrounded by eight snow-capped mountains, such as the eight-petal lotus, the Shika Snow Mountain is wrapped in the center of the city. Shika is at the center of the gods. It is the place where the heavens and the earth, the Quartet and the Daed wisdom gather, because of its unique geographical location in the world. Shika Snow Mountain is also known as the “World’s No. 1 Fortune Mountain”.
    Finally, I would also like to remind you that you should not be too excited to board the world’s first Fortuna Mountain. The air on the top of the mountain is thin. I heard that one person shouted happily on the top of the mountain. The result was a “stunned” form of stone. Kashen Mountain.
    As for the story of Shangri-La, I wrote here that Shangri-La has many beautiful places to be excavated. The following is a detailed guide to the information.
    1, Shangri-La Dukezong Ancient City
    2, the foot of the Balagzon scenic spot, half-mountain also has high-end accommodation.
    Green barley, yak meat, butter tea (personal sweet taste), roasted whole lamb, rice noodle, Shangri-La beer (can be tried, tastes good), etc. are all characteristics of Shangri-La, some gourmet shops in the ancient city, Barra The chefs of the Gzong Tibetan Ecological Hotel also have a level of cuisine. The dishes are full of flavors and styles. At first, I thought that Tibetan food would not be used to eating. Later, I found that it was really a concern. The food map is as follows.
    This part can be combined with several topographic maps in the travel schedule.
    1, the general aircraft Fei Lijiang and Kunming prices are relatively cheap, direct flights to Dali and Shangri-La tickets are more expensive;
    2, Dali went to Shangri-La 110 yuan, 6 or 7 hours, usually in the morning;
    3, Lijiang went to Shangri-La about 65 yuan, 3 or 4 hours. The high-speed railway is currently under construction and is expected to open in the near future;
    4, Shangri-La public transportation is not very convenient, the ancient city inn generally provides free shuttle service, if not, you can chooseIt is very convenient to take a taxi, the bus station and the airport are only 5 kilometers away.
    5, go to Songzanlin Temple and Shika Snow Mountain to take a taxi, about 7 kilometers, the ancient city inside the inn will have some concessions, you can give priority to the price of the inn to the attractions, many attractions newspapers inn are very cost-effective.
    6, Balagzon and Pudaco are far away, Pudacuo is currently closing two major regions, compared to the higher cost performance of the Balaguezong Grand Canyon, can take a day or two to go deep.
    The ancient city has a direct line to the Balagzon scenic spot, starting at 9:15 every day, and the situation in the peak season will be delayed by about 10 minutes. Overall, it is very convenient and takes about one and a half hours.
    7, Napahai can rent an electric car in the past, a car is 60 yuan a day, navigate to “Brunn Village”, no tickets, but Napahai is a seasonal lake, before the departure, I suggest that the innkeeper is not suitable for visiting. The season is wrong, there may be no water.
    1, Dukezong Ancient City, Napahai follow the route above, no tickets required
    2, Songzanlin Temple tickets for 108 yuan (online price), 5 hours after the purchase takes effect, online purchase needs to be in advance, the inn can buy on behalf of, buy now.
    3, Shika Snow Mountain tickets, ropeway, round-trip fare add up to 200 yuan, on the spot to buy 270 yuan.
    4, Balagzon tickets 210 yuan a (150 tickets +60 sightseeing car), can also be purchased in major online platforms, online shopping price is 199 yuan, of which drifting net purchase price is 90 yuan.
    5, Pudacuo closed two major areas, the ticket dropped to 130 yuan, the whole journey 3-4 hours.

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