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    As the saying goes, “There is heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” Although Jiaxing is not in Suzhou and Hangzhou, it can also compete with Suzhou and Hangzhou. In the drizzle, the mottled old wall is dignified like ink, and the wet bluestone road stretches out into the distance. The new branch of an old willow tree dances in the warm spring breeze, on the quiet stream, the fish Chasing the petals of the peach trees on the shore…
    Since ancient times, Jiaxing has become a prosperous and prosperous place. It is known as the “land of fish and rice” and “the house of silk”. In recent years, ancient towns have been hot in China, and in Jiaxing, there are two of China’s most famous ancient towns, one is Wuzhen. The other is Xitang. Although both are Jiangnan water towns, I prefer Wuzhen’s coziness and sloppyness compared to Xitang. In fact, like a place is like having a person without any reason. Just go back to the destination of your heart, this is travel.
    I have been to Jiaxing three times, and I have been to Xitang twice. I have never been involved in Wuzhen. This is the fourth time I have been involved in Jiaxing. I finally have the opportunity to see Wuzhen style.
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    Welcome to 撩
    The first stop to come to Jiaxing was not Wuzhen, but the South Lake of Jiaxing. This was the birthplace of the Communist Party of China. The first National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully closed on a boat on the South Lake in Jiaxing. Nanhu Lake and Nanjing’s Xuanwu Lake and Hangzhou’s West Lake are also known as the three famous lakes in the south of the Yangtze River. They are known as the “light smoke, the breeze is coming”.
    There are two artificial islands on the South Lake, one is Huxin Island, and the other is Cangshengyu, which is called Xiaoyanyulou. On the island of Huxin, there are ancient garden buildings such as Yanyulou, pavilions and pavilions, Jiashan cloisters, and the same density and patchwork, like a pearl inlaid in the South Lake.
    When I came here, I heard Peng Zhen’s words in my ear: “This ship is not big, but the future is huge. With this ship, the Socialist People’s Republic of China was born.”
    I want to turn it into a cloud in the sky, occasionally projected on the South Lake, you don’t have to be surprised, no need to rejoice, this will wipe out the trail in an instant, because I have no intention of disturbing you ·· ····
    Be a quiet person, choose a quiet place, don’t listen to the glitz of the world, don’t go to anyone, don’t be used by anyone, quietly and deeply guarded, and look at the rivers and lakes…
    In the summer, the fence is far away, the lotus leaves in the lake are endlessly green, the spring is drizzling, the lake is covered with smoke and rain, and the scenery is all in the smoke.
    Yanyu Building is the main building on the island of Nanhu Lake, and it is also a must-see for the South Lake. The Yanyu Building was built in the Jin Dynasty after the Five Dynasties. It was not built on the island of Huxin. What you see now is after the reconstruction.
    Some people, some things, just think about it. May we not forget the original heart, in fact, the best scenery has been at the foot, on the road, in the heart
    In the original Jiangnan town, you can enjoy the most beautiful night in Wuzhen by taking a awning boat, watching Wuzheng water, listening to a drama, and enjoying life. Smoke and rain, hanging around the narrow alleys, the pot of green tea is in a daze.
    In Jiaxing, you can take a stroll in Wuzhen, stroll around the ancient town and feel the charm of Jiangnan. In Jiaxing, you can take a boat ride around Wuzhen Water. The unique charm is in Jiaxing. You can go through the alleys and find the happiest hidden in Jiaxing. the taste of. In Jiaxing, you can settle the most original ancient town-like wooden structure house, the simple and clean bluestone road, the women washing clothes by the river, the old man who lives in the stove…
    I touched the desolation of stone bricks in Jiayu, and also touched the exquisite door leaf of Suzhou garden and the stone wall in front of the royal palace. I believe that the power of beauty can still reach my heart through the millennium, as long as it is quiet. Go to experience.
    The beautiful architecture has its melody, its rhythm, and its tensionful vitality. The Dream of Red Mansions will include Chinese literature, painting, poetry, calligraphy, music, religion, philosophy, philosophy and so on in the chapter of Grand View Garden. Through the building, we present three words: summ, goodness, and beauty.
    The first pot in the world is located in the courtyard of Yichangyefang in Xizha Scenic Area, with a huge iron pot in the middle. This pot is 3 meters high and the children sit very spacious. The edge of the pot has long been touched, and it is the background of the tourists’ favorite pictures.
    In fact, the place where the cauldron is located is a blacksmith’s workshop, and there is a word on the wall. Here, you can not only visit the ironware manufacturing process, but also buy some hand-written letters such as pots, pans and pans.
    The building can be heated, it can be quiet, and people who are immersed in it will be infected. If you understand it, you can keep the same or long, or high-spirited breathing rhythm, such as the magnificent Yueyang Tower. For example, the quaint and leisurely drunken pavilion is all because of the beautiful architecture, the beautiful emotions that are stimulated, and the conduction of architecture, which gives the world a natural praise for life.
    You must not miss the night view of Wuzhen Xizha. When the sky is getting darker and the red lanterns are lit up, whether it is standing on a small bridge or walking through a gallery, immersed in the night of Wuzhen, forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city and integrating into a leisurely and dreamy world. There are a few lanterns on the riverside inn and the awning boat. The lights on the boat and the shore are reflected on the quiet river. The Xitang in the sound of the paddles makes people forget to return.
    A family shop, end to end, is full of dazzling, varied, men and women in the shops of the old threshold, crowded, bustling, slate paved road, high walls on both sides, more and more narrow streets. Flavor snacks, hand workshops, writing and painting, local indigenous products, nostalgic books, real and fake antiques… all kinds of old objects will unconsciously awaken the past. In this old street, there are also several monuments and museums, such as the Button Museum, West Park, Wang Zhai, Shi Pi Nong, etc. I have seen them one by one, and it is quite unique.
    People at night
    Always drowning in the dim light, in the water
    day to day
    The appearance has not gone old, the heart is already ridiculous
    Do you dare to come to a trip that says you are leaving?
    May our encounters be like the first love, waiting for the autumn rain of the night, still in the morning light, pushing the morning window, through a curtain of light rain
    With a glance
    Sitting on a bench in the river, watching the people moving slowly on the promenade, watching the awning boat passing by in the river, it is a vivid picture, and the unique name of the riverside inn: Xiaoqiao Flowing water, water garden, Diaoyutai, Mengshuilou… are even more poetic. No feminine, no “new as old”, everything is so real.
    People walked over the bridge, and the boat passed under the bridge. It was as described in the bridge side couplet: the boat passed through the jasper ring, and the rainbow stepped up. In the water town, boat trips are a good experience: people sitting in the boat, idling, walking through the water, like roaming in the gallery of Jiangnan Water Village!
    Life, there is always the warmth of unexpected encounters, and the hope of endless life
    We are drowning in the rapids of the city, day after day, burying our heads in small lattices, the appearance is not old, and the heart is already ridiculous.
    The modern revolutionary writer Mao Dun was born in Wuzhen on July 4, 1896, and spent his childhood. Today, Mr. Mao Dun’s residence is still preserved here for people to visit. Today, this scene is still preserved as alive, attracting visitors from all over the world.
    Xicao’s grass-dyed dyeing room, this is a large-scale workshop for hand-painted environmental protection printing and dyeing. The drying site is paved with blue bricks, and the dense poles and stepped cloth racks are erected. The scale is very large. In addition to the blue print fabric dyed by bluegrass as a raw material, the grass-colored color dyeing workshop also has a unique color baking process. The colors are rich in color and are extracted from the local grass materials. Tea leaves, mulberry bark and black eucalyptus leaves are the raw materials for extracting color. This is also the origin of the color of the grass dyeing house.
    The blue-bricked cloth drying yard is erected with dense linen cloth racks, which are covered with printed fabrics. It is also floating and windy. It is also spectacular and beautiful, and the tourists are photographed in various poses.
    At the entrance of Xizha, you will pass through Yuanbao Lake. When you get off the boat, you will find Andufang, and the opposite side is the dyeing house. I came here early in the morning, there are no tourists in the drying field, and the cloth that is “drying” on the high wooden frame is still a very good landscape. Because it is a landscape rather than a real drying, the lower end of the cloth is tied, and the feeling of the display and the fluttering of the cloth is reduced. Of course you have to pat it. I feel that I have shot less, and I went there again. There are tourists, but there are not many people. The store next to it sells goods made from printed fabrics.
    Wuzhen is one of the four famous towns in the south of the Yangtze River. It is an ancient town with a history of more than 6,000 years. White walls, silk tiles, small bridges, flowing water, carrying the breath of Chinese ink paintings, carved beams, paintings, stone alleys, old houses, witnessed the historical vicissitudes of the scenes.
    Some people say that after the unified creation of Wuzhen, it seems that it is too refined, but a sense of historical vicissitudes and life. It is undeniable that the local culture belonging to the ancient town of Wuyue has been preserved intact.
    Compared to Xizha, Dongzha is more like a place where people have always lived.In the early morning, you can see the aunts who wash clothes and mops in Linhe, but because of the cheaper price of Dongzha, the tour group has been in the air since the beginning, and the voice is full of corners. Especially near noon, everyone will squeeze into the bridge to take pictures.
    Dongzha is much smaller than Xizha. It takes about one hour to turn around in a circle. There are several points. For example, a boxing boat will have a performance at a fixed time. You can go and see. In addition, the wine shop must go to see, very taste.
    Jiaxing Xunzi
    It is a traditional name of the Han nationality in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province and has a long history. Jiaxing scorpion is famous for its sputum and not paste, fat but not greasy, delicious and delicious, salty and sweet. Especially famous for its fresh meat, it is known as the “King of the Scorpion”. Because of its delicious taste, easy to carry and eat, Jiaxing Scorpion has won the favor of the majority of tourists and is known as the “Oriental Fast Food”.
    Xitang Bazhen Cake
    It is a traditional specialty of Xitang Ancient Town in Zhejiang Province. It is a medicine and a pastry. It has a long history and is well-known. It is a unique cake. As early as 1920, Xitang old Chinese medicine Zhongdaosheng was first created according to the “surgical authenticity” ancient and his own clinical experience. Before 1956, it was produced and sold in Zhongjie Futang Chinese Medicine Store. After the public-private partnership, the cake makers and the original formula were transferred to Xitang Food Factory. Since then, the output has increased significantly.
    Steamed double smell
    It is a special snack in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. It combines two of the most stinky things in the local stinky tofu and stinky sea bream, adding a small amount of oil, sugar, ginger and other condiments, and then put it on the steaming water. After ten minutes, sprinkle with chopped green onion and pepper. Just a click. This dish is fragrant and delicious on the palate. Good and bad, incense and smell are comparable, just like this stinky tofu, after being corrupted, not only has the shape of ice and jade been lost, but its taste has also undergone a qualitative change. But the role of this thing between stinky and incense is extremely uncertain. There is a smell in the smell, the smell is fragrant, the more stinky the more fragrant, and the Xitang people even make this kind of smelly dish.
    Two brocade stuffing
    During the Republic of China, it was one of the traditional specialties of Jia Zhenwu in Jiaxing. Use meat gluten gluten, five tofu skin, a mushroom, placed in a clay pot, add chicken soup, ham slices, winter bamboo shoots, sugar, wine and other condiments, sealed with cotton paper, steamed in a steamer. The dishes can be served, and the soup can be served. It is rumored that this dish was popular in Beijing Jingxing, Beijing, in the late Qing Dynasty. In the 1980s, it tried to recover, and the flavor did not reach the historical level.
    Wenhu sauce duck
    It is a local special product of Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. It uses unique cooking techniques, advanced technology, unique materials and unique taste. It is sold well throughout the country with its “brown color, delicious taste, oil but not greasy, crisp and not bad”. All localities are favored by consumers and are the best products for home, travel and banquet.
    Milk carrion
    It is a traditional Han dish in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. The raw meat of the carrion is mainly composed of rock sugar, milk rotten, red yeast rice and rice wine. First cook in a large pot, then put the bowl into the steamer and continue to steam with a slow fire. The meat is crispy and full of flavour. But the North-South approach is slightly different. The finished product is red and bright, fat but not greasy. It is a seasonal dish in spring and summer.
    There are three types of accommodation in Wuzhen: Modern Hotel, Linshui Inn and Ming and Qing Dynasties. Most of the modern hotels are outside the scenic spot, and the most beautiful time in Wuzhen is in the morning and evening. Only when you live in Wuzhen Scenic Area can you enjoy this beautiful scenery. The Linshui Inn and the Ming and Qing Dynasties in the scenic area are the best. select. In short, there are many places to stay in Xiwu Town, about 400 homes, so you must compare them repeatedly when choosing accommodation.Wuzhen accommodation price
    Non-holiday with carved bed price: Wuzhenli’s inn is basically a carved wooden bed, with independent bathroom and air conditioning. Non-holiday (1-4) prices are basically at 130 (not in the river) – 200 yuan (Linhe), other homes are almost the same price. The river room is usually between 200-350 yuan, and the conditions are different. On large holidays, prices generally double, and double and triple are normal. (The car is small and a lot of it is provided together)
    The price of a non-carved bed is not in the river: accommodation in Wuzhen, if it is cheap from Monday to Friday, the lowest average 120-150 / night, Saturday and weekend average 180-200 / night, if the inn is in good condition, go up 100-150 yuan.
    TIPS: From April to November, the stay in Wuzhen is very tight every Saturday night. The price is more expensive than usual and on Friday and Sunday. It is best to book in advance, or find the room before the evening. The rest of the time is not the weekend. It is ok to find a room in the evening, and you can bargain.
    1) External traffic A. Aircraft
    By plane, you can reach Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport first, and Xiaoshan Airport has a special bus to Wuzhen. There are many shifts.
    B. Train
    Wuzhen does not have a railway station. To Wuzhen, you can take the train to Tongxiang Station and take the bus to Wuzhen. However, Tongxiang Station is a Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway station. The main line is the high-speed railway in Shanghai-Nanjing-Hangzhou area. There are not many trains arriving in other areas. Visitors from other areas can go to Shanghai, Suzhou or Hangzhou before arriving by car.
    Tongxiang Railway Station is the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway Tongxiang station. It takes only 15 minutes to get from Hangzhou to Tongxiang by high-speed train, and only half an hour from Shanghai. Tongxiang to Wuzhen can take the bus K282 directly to Wuzhen Bus Station in Zhanqian Square.
    C. Long-distance bus
    The land transportation network around Wuzhen makes it convenient for Jiaxing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou and other places to reach Wuzhen. There is a bus station in Wuzhen, and all long-distance buses arriving in Wuzhen stop at this station.
    【Wuzhen Bus Station】
    The only bus station in Wuzhen is very close to Wuzhen Xizha and Dongzha. It can be reached by bus and manpower. Mainly engaged in major cities in Zhejiang Province and Shanghai, Suzhou and other places to Wucheng long-distance bus.
    2) Internal traffic
    A. The main scenic spot of the bus Wuzhen is not only a bus but also a free shuttle bus from Xizha to Dongzha.
    Free shuttle
    There is a free shuttle bus between Wuzhen Dongzha Scenic Area and Xizha Scenic Area.
    Ride location: scenic gate
    Operating hours: East Gate 7:40-17:35, West Gate 7:30-17:30
    Interval: 20 minutes from Monday to Thursday, 10 minutes from Friday to Sunday
    Via Wuzhen Bus Station, Xizha, Dongzha
    Ticket price: 2 yuan
    Operating hours: day: 6:00-17:30, evening: 18:10-22:00
    B. Taxi
    There is a taxi outside Wuzhen Scenic Area, the starting price is about 10 yuan, and then 1.8 yuan per kilometer.
    C. Human tricycle
    There are many manpower tricycles outside Wuzhen Scenic Area and near Wuzhen Bus Station.
    Price: about 3 yuan / km
    Reference price by car to some locations: Wuzhen Bus Station to Xizha: 10 yuan Wuzhen Bus Station to Dongzha: 5 yuan
    Both the East Gate and the West Gate of Wuzhen have boats for tourists.
    1. Dongzha Scenic Area Cruise
    The Dongzha Scenic Area Cruise is limited to 8 people per boat (including children).
    Operation route: Dongzha parking lot to Xinghuaqiao terminal
    Operating hours: every 15 minutes from 8:00-17:00
    Ticket price: 80 yuan / boat
    2. Xizha Scenic Area Cruise
    Operating hours start at 8:00 daily, and each boat is limited to 6 people (including children and babies).
    Line: 1) Visitor Service Center (Andufang) Terminal – Ruyi Bridge Pier (Wenchang Pavilion)
    2) Visitor Service Center (Andufang) Pier – Wangjinli Wharf
    1) Single charter
    Limited to 2 people, 200 yuan / boat / one way;
    3 or more, 6 or less, 360 yuan / boat / one way.
    2) Packing boat
    60 yuan / person / one way; children under 1.5 meters, 30 yuan / person / one way.
    There are bus boats available for ride in the east and west scenic spots.
    1. Dongzha bus ship
    Operation route: Fortuna Bay Pier – Guanyintang – Fortuna Bay Pier
    Operation time: between 8:00 and 17:00, if you are full, you will be on the boat (every 15 minutes when people are not full)
    Ticket price: 15 yuan / person
    2. Xizha bus ship
    Operating line:
    Nan’an Line is a tourist service center—Tongan VIP Building—Lingshuiju—Pillow Water Resort Hotel East—Pillow Water Resort Hotel West-Wu Jiangjun Temple
    North Shore Line is a tourist service center – Zhaoming College – Jintang Club – Shengting Club – Hengyi Hall
    Operating hours: 7:30-17:00
    Ticket price: 10 yuan / person / station

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