See the most beautiful scenery in the most beautiful season – I have a date with Colorful Yunnan

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First trailer
    One or two trips are a must-do every year.
    It must also be a trip that says to go.
    This is a purification of the soul for me.
    Or can you say travel, just like from a familiar place
    Experience a local life in a strange placeLive way.
    The first stop in 2017 chose the country of colorful clouds – Yunnan
    Because Yunnan in April is the most beautiful for me, this season
    Feel free to stroll around Kunming in Huacheng and see the flowers.
    Experience the local exotic atmosphere and the lively atmosphere of Songkran Festival in Banna.
    Experience this ancient city with a long history in the ancient city of Lijiang.
    There is also my favorite Dali, I like the white walls of the building tiles here.
    Like Dali and the general scenery, I like Dali’s Cangshan Erhai.
    Ps: This is a late travel note. After the Qingming period, it was dragged to June to start typing on the keyboard, and it was finished after the interruption.
     about me
    Northern girl,
    Sina food blogger,
    I can find me here. Weibo: Hani 22
     About people
    If you say one or two trips a year, then make sure that one of them is with her.
    So this trip to Yunnan is only for me and my mother.
     About equipment + late
    SLR: D750 Lens: 24-120 Mobile: iphone 7plus
    Most of the first 6 days were taken with a camera. At the end of the day, I took a picture with my mobile phone, because it’s too tired to take pictures with a single-reverse.
    The camera photo was later used with the LR repair map, and the mobile phone photo was repaired with a super-literary butter camera software~
     Mandatory list
    1, SLR: Nikon D750 lens: 24-120
    2, clothes: (because there is a Banna, so the clothes are prepared for summer and spring)
    3, sunscreen: sunscreen clothing, sunscreen
    4, rain gear: really is not necessarily when will come to the rain ~
    5, charging: charger and charging treasure
    6, sunglasses: (the sunshine of the plateau is really glaring)
    7, sun hat: strong sun is also a must
    8, toiletries: towels, toothpaste toothbrushes, shampoo, facial cleanser, skin care products, etc.
    9, cash
     Travel route
     Keywords: Kunming, Sakura, Yuanxi Street snacks, food
    On April 13th, take the MU5327 from Jinan Yaoqiang Airport to Kunming Changshui.
    Because there is a transfer station on this flight, it is already more than 2 pm when I arrive in Kunming.
    When I go to the city to clean up, I will spend time with my mother and go out for a walk.
    In Kunming in April, you can see the flowers that are seen all over the city.
    Especially those pink cherry blossoms are very beautiful, and the place to live is very close to Cuihu Park.
    I’m going to have a look, actually it’s a bit disappointing to the place, the park is empty,
    There is no scenery to see, just take a walk and walk around at will.
    Stay until the evening until dinner, then go to the nearby Yuanxi Road snack street to solve the dinner.
    This snack street is on the edge of Yunnan University, and it is quite lively at night~
     Hu Jiu snack is a snack bar with Yunnan characteristics~
     I like the environment of Hu Jiu snack. The warm yellow tone is lined with green leaves, which makes people feel warm.
     The small pot rice noodles, the risotto rice and the rose brown sugar cake, which are stinky tofu, are local specialties~
     The risotto rice is lighter, there is no surprise at all, it’s okay~
     The stinky bean curd in the small pot rice noodles is really the first time since the beginning of the entrance.
     In fact, I can’t accept this unique taste, but after a few tries, I still feel good, but it is also a taste.
     Rose brown sugar cake with a strong rose flavor,
     It is also awkward to eat, not very sweet, quite suitable for eating at night~
     On the way back, I saw the pig’s trotters, but I couldn’t help but buy one as a day and night~
     Keywords: Xishuangbanna, Songkran Festival, Wild Elephant Valley, Manting Royal Park, special cuisine
    This trip is more relaxed and not too fast.
    In the morning, take the 8L9916 flight from Kunming Changshui to Xishuangbanna.
    It’s been an hour, or it’s pretty fast, just go off the plane,
    The first feeling was that it was so hot, and quickly changed the upper body of the thin clothes.
    If you really want to collapse, just listen to the local people,
    We are lucky, because the locals have just had a heavy rain.
    If the temperature is around 38°, I think we are at this time.
    Still very lucky, did not meet the hottest weather.
    This time, Banna is actually the most lively in the year.
    It’s also the most crazy season, because it’s the day of the Songkran Festival.
    You will definitely “wet” on the street!
    When we arrived, it was the day before the Songkran Festival.
    Some roads that hold water-splashing ceremonies are closed.
    A variety of water guns were set up on the side of the road.
    Deliberately prepared for the Songkran Festival,
    It can be said that the Songkran Festival of Banna is about to start!
     Wild Elephant Valley
    Yexiang Valley is located in Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.
    Support the southern part of the nature reserve. It is the most concentrated and frequent place for wild elephant activities.
    Going deeper, it is said that you can see the traces of wild elephants and activities.
    It’s a pity that we didn’t see the elephant show in the wild elephant valley.
    The butterfly looks at all kinds of dancing butterflies, and the bird park looks at the unique birds and some parrots in Yunnan.
     Eat wild elephant meal in Wild Elephant Valley and watch wild elephant performances
    The first stop of Banna was Wild Elephant Valley, and by that time it was noon.
    So we imagined solving the lunch~
     Imagine a restaurant that eats like a meal~
     Seeing the colorful food on this table, is it a lot of appetite?
     There are flowers carved with carrots on the table~
     The bamboo tube cup with the wild elephant valley is filled with health soup.
     I didn’t drink anything until the end, a touch of light, some corn flavors~
     The fried rice here is also relatively light,
     It is mainly fried with eggs and carrots.
     It’s not a surprise, but it’s okay.
     The local small corn is quite embarrassing, or it is delicious!
     Pineapple purple rice is the most eye-catching dish on the table.
     Purple rice bran, with the sweet and sour taste of pineapple, still quite appetizing ~
     Fried artichokes, where the artichokes are compared to the north,
     More soft palate, more of the taste of the artichoke itself,
     It feels more suitable for eating as a small snack, not suitable for eating as a main meal.
     An old group met in the garden, surrounded by colorful shawls.
     I feel very envious of the movements of various good-looking postures. I hope that I can be so happy to them when I am old.
     Yunnan in April is the season of Bougainvillea, which can be seen everywhere.
     Blooming bougainvillea, they are so beautiful~
     The butterfly garden in the wild elephant valley, there are some artificially cultured butterflies~
     All kinds of butterflies are stuck in this small tray. Although they don’t understand the varieties of butterflies, they also feel pretty good~
     Look at the garden casually, there are butterflies dancing everywhere.
     But very few can fall on the shoulders or hands of people.
     Sometimes watching these butterflies will be thinking, if you fly them,
     What would it be like instead of being in a glass house?
     The bird park is full of rare birds that are unique to Yunnan.
     And some birds suitable for viewing, such as various species of parrots~
     The parrots here are not free, just like the parrots on this picture.
     Usually on the anklet, if you want to take a photo with it, you need to pay.
     Next is the wonderful performance of the Aviary Park Parrot.
     There will be a staff member inviting you at this stage.
     Catch the flying parrot to take pictures of you, perform
     After the end, you can choose whether to rinse the photos~
     You can watch a wild elephant performance around 2 pm.
     These well-trained, clumsy wild elephants,
     However, it is possible to welcome visitors.
     Will stand upside down and feet up, will draw,
     Use the elephant trunk to circle, wait for a lot of movements, of course, tourists
     You can also ride on the back of the elephant or sit on the elephant trunk and take a photo with the elephant~
     Look, this elephant is painting, is it incredible?
     Look, it’s playing in the circle, using its flexible nose, turning the circle around, I feel these elephants are smart~
     Man listening little knowledge
    Manting Royal Park has a profound history and culture of the Dai people.
    Every Songkran Festival and holidays are gathered here, singing and dancing, and splashing water.
    It is also the oldest park, with a history of more than 1,300 years. It used to be Xishuangbanna.
    The royal garden of the king of the king, in the history of the Yi people, once called the leader of the feudal lords and the toasts
    Visit the flower garden. Legend has it that when the king came to the park to play, the beautiful scenery of the park attracted
    Wang Hao’s soul, hence the name Chunhua Park, is a “soul garden”. Existing land in the park
    It creates a natural landscape, and there are artificially cultivated exotic flowers and garden buildings. Garden guests
    It can not only enjoy the quaint natural scenery, but also appreciate the cultural landscape with rich national characteristics.
     Man listens to the Royal Park, I am responsible for taking pictures, and my mother is beautiful and beautiful~
    Because the wild elephant stays longer, so I don’t have to look at other scenery.
    Just returned to the hotel. However, Man’s Royal Park, which was checked online before coming, is near the hotel.
    So I went to the place with my mother and I walked. Tickets are not expensive, two talents 50 yuan,
    The most important thing is that this park is the one I feel is coming to Banna, the most worthwhile to get this tour.
    The sights, there are many palaces and some beautiful gardens, it is suitable for taking pictures.
    Place, so give my mother a big place here.People took a lot of photos beauty, home also designed
    Cheng washes out to make a photo album, and it will be a good memory when I look at it in the future.
     Into the man listening to the garden, seeing those buildings, I feel like I have entered Thailand.
     A random attraction is a good sight for taking pictures.
     I took a lot of beautiful photos here for my mother.
     Ok, this is a photo of a random mess. In fact, I don’t have many photos of this trip to Yunnan.
     Just because I still have a small steel tooth, I really don’t want to take pictures~
     On the promenade is a row of wishing notes with a transparent glass cover.
     As the wind blows, the jingle jingle makes a crisp sound, very nice~
     A row of wishing cards hung above the promenade~
     This is a small sapling to go to heaven~
     Leisurely walking in Mann Park, just watching these trees is very good~
     Primitive Forest Park Tips
    Xishuangbanna Primeval Forest Park is located to the east of Jinghong and north of Lijiang River.
    It is the closest piece of virgin forest to Jinghong City. 25,000 acres of tropical ditch
    Created on the basis of Gu Yulin, the forest coverage rate in the park is over 98%.
    Natural big oxygen bar. There are gully rainforests, peacocks flying, folk songs and dances in the park.
    Food, water and carnival projects are the largest comprehensive ecotourism in Xishuangbanna.
    One of the attractions. One of the most outstanding sights in the park is the peacock flying, large ethnic group.
    The performance of the show, there are various attractions in the park, there are battery cars to pick up and drop off and each attraction
    The performances are regular rolling performances, and the amazing performances of non-peacocks are released.
    The peacock flies from a distance to the neighborhood and interacts with the tourists. It feels good~
     Keywords: Xishuangbanna, virgin forest, peacock release, Songkran Festival
    The second day of the game was the Songkran Festival. I wanted to go to the square to participate in the scene of so many people splashing water.
    But in the end, I was afraid of getting wet, and I gave up again, but if I let me choose again, I will participate in it.
    Also come to feel the atmosphere of splashing water. In the morning we came to the virgin forest of Banna, in fact, it’s a look.
    Various tropical trees are not very interesting, and there is a small splashing ceremony at noon.
    Still quite worth seeing, this splashing water tourist can wear local national clothes and then participate in it.
    Splashing water on each other, it feels very interesting, it is a make up, I can’t go to the square to splash water~
     This is a performance before the peacock is released~
     The peacock is really open without a word, is it very beautiful?
     When it arrives, the peacock will fly from afar to the near.
     Hundreds of peacocks fly over, but it’s still quite spectacular~
     This is a suspension bridge in the forest park. I like this place very far from home.
     Just because of the colorful wishing sticks hanging outside, it is very beautiful~
     There are more ethnic minorities in Banna, so you walk inside,
     This kind of national clothes can be seen everywhere~
     The bougainvillea is all under the eaves, beautiful and beautiful~
     The girl of the minority of Banna is embroidering a unique local embroidery in the shade.
     There is no natural waterfall in this forest, and there is a waterfall of personal workers~
     Wangtianshu is one of the unique tree species in Xishuangbanna, because it grows straight and straight, up to 70 to 80 meters.
     Like a sharp sword, the blue sky has the reputation of “Linzhong Giant” and “Lin Zhongmei Prince”.
     This is a ritual before the elephant splashes water~
     The picture shows the walking Dai girl, look at this little waist, really slim~
     This is splashing water. At this time, if visitors want to participate,
     Just pay the money to rent a set of Yi clothes, hold the pot, and enjoy it.
     Splashing water in the pool, still very cheerful~
     These two girls splashed water and smashed enough~
     Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Little Knowledge
    Yulong Snow Mountain is the god mountain in the hearts of the Naxi people. Its main peak fan is 5596 meters above sea level.
    It belongs to the southern temperate plateau monsoon climate zone and has unique characteristics of mountain monsoon.
    The year is entangled in the clouds. The landscape can be roughly divided into snow, glacial landscape, original
    Forest landscape, etc. The scenic spots include Yushui Village, Glacier Park and Lanyue Valley. each
    In the morning, there will be “Impression Lijiang” on the Blue Moon Valley Square in the Xuehaizi Scenic Spot in Xueshan.
    Large live performance.
     Keywords: Lijiang, Shuhe Ancient Town, Yulong Snow Mountain, Lanyue Valley, Lijiang Ancient City, Flower Cake
    On the third afternoon, I moved from Banna to Lijiang, and it took only over an hour to get there by plane.
    In the evening, I stayed in the ancient town of Shuhe. This ancient town was newly built in recent years.
    I wandered around with my mother, I don’t know if April is not
    The off-season in Yunnan has always been the same, this ancient town is relatively quiet at night.
    The things that are sold are also local characteristics. The place to eat is concentrated in one.
    In the food street, the small restaurant is mainly rice noodles and ribs.
    On the fourth day, we got up early in the morning and rushed to Yulong Snow Mountain. Snow Mountain is not a popular attraction.
    When I arrived at the place, there were still quite a lot of people. Because the snowy mountains are high, we are wearing down jackets.
    Take the oxygen bottle to the cable car. It takes about 10 minutes from the cable car to the top of the mountain.
    I take a breath from time to time to prevent oxygen deficiency after going up. In fact, it’s okay, my family.
    Mothers have no feeling of reaching the top of the mountain. The most important thing is that the top of the mountain is not as cold as it is supposed to be.
    Warm, so that when I take pictures, I take off the ugly down jacket directly~
     The cable car is all the way up. It’s just fine to see the scenery outside.
     This picture is a lot of tourists are still moving towards the top, and my mother and I are adults.
     I just stayed below, so I didn’t continue to climb up~
     Even if it is cloudy, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain cannot be underestimated by the ultraviolet rays.
     Without sunglasses, it will be irritating, so climbing a snow mountain will bring a pair of sunglasses~
     My mother is very happy to laugh at me~
     The water in the Blue Moon Valley flows down after the snow on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain melts.
     It is a veritable glacier water, and it is said to go to the downstream of the Blue Moon Valley to wash your hands.
     You can wash away the suffocating gas and purify the mind. Speaking of God, although it sounds like
     Not very reliable, but my mother and I still go to wash with curiosity~
     The yak of the Blue Moon Valley is accompanied by the clear and beautiful water of the Blue Moon Valley.
     Really super nice ~ like a painting ~
     This yak in the water can sit on the photo, but it costs a fee~
     A scene that was inadvertently seen was beautiful, and it was photographed. The unknown flower in the picture was lined up.
     Behind the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, it gives a mysterious feeling~
     Sitting in the battery car all the way to the depths of the Blue Moon Valley, but just look at it casually,
     How do you look like a painting, the blue lake is so beautiful?
     The water in the Blue Moon Valley is changeable, and the color is presented under different light.
     It is also different, the water here is greenish~
    After Lan Yuegu went to see the performance – Impression Lijiang, directed by Zhang Yimou
    This stage was built at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. It can be said that there is a performance before, and there is snow after
    The mountain is the background, and it is still in the high-altitude place, the performer is the
    Hundreds of ethnic minorities in the land, the performance time is about 1 hour, here
    Some performances have no stage lighting, no microphones, and some have only natural sounds.
    These non-professional actors perform very hard, very shocking, very moving, real
    It is definitely worth seeing to restore the daily life and customs of a local people.
    A performance show.
     Impression Lijiang performance time: 9 am, 11 am, 14 am every day during the day
     Impression Lijiang performance venue: Yunnan Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain Ganhaizi Lanyue Valley Theater.
     Impression Lijiang ticket price: 190 yuan.
     Impression Lijiang is definitely a show worth watching~
     Little knowledge of Lijiang Old Town
    Lijiang Ancient City is located in Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, southwest of China, Lijiang Ancient City
    Also known as Dayan Town, and Sichuan, which is the second batch of national historical and cultural cities
    Langzhong, Shanxi Pingyao, and Anhui Province are also known as “the best preserved”
    The four ancient cities “Lijiang Ancient City is an ancient city without walls, smooth and clean
    Net bluestone road, hand-built wooden board houses, everywhere
    The small bridge flows. The streets in the ancient city of Lijiang are built by mountains and waters.
    Located in the center of the ancient city, Sifang Street is the center of the ancient city of Lijiang, located in the ancient city.
    The big waterwheel at the junction with the new city is the symbol of the ancient city of Lijiang, the ancient city big waterwheel
    There is a big screen next to it, and the songs that are played every day are the most popular in the ancient city.
    There are special songs, among which Naxi Pure Land is one of the more famous songs.
     In the afternoon, I came to the ancient city of Lijiang. The ancient city in April is the season of blooming flowers.
     Feel free to walk in the small streets and alleys to see the blooming rose flowers, before going to the ancient town of Xitang,
     If the ancient town of Xitang is a small jade-type, then Lijiang is more atmospheric, and whether it is architectural style
     Or the customs are different, in general, like the lively Lijiang old town during the day, and the beautiful Xitang ancient town at night~
     Lijiang Old Town Waterwheel is the landmark of Lijiang Old Town.
     It became the landmark of Lijiang Old Town and is a tourist tourist in Lijiang.
     Be sure to take a photo of the place~
     Ok, this is a comparison of 2 myself~
     You can see a lot of wishing bells in Yuhe Square.
     This has also become a symbol of the ancient city of Lijiang~
     Hanging on the promenade full of wind chimes, this wind chime is called Dongba wishing wind chime~
     There is a lot of red lanterns on the bar street.
     Me and my mother in the mirror~
     There are small streets and alleys everywhere in this ancient city, but fortunately, it is not too easy to make people lost~
     Yunnan in April is beautiful because this season,
     Flowers that bloom in no matter where you go~
     Walking in the old town, one of the favorite things is to pick up the camera and take it.
     Often this time can bring me surprises, as shown in the picture on the stone
     The lights on the wall, there is nothing special about it, but with the surrounding leaves, the background looks super nice~
     Here, you can turn around and feel surprised.
     Weeping willows by the riverside~
     The road in the ancient city twists and turns, although there are signs at each intersection, but the easiest way
     That is: no matter where you are, against the direction of the water, you will eventually return to Square Street.
     Sifang Street is the center of Lijiang Old Town and the most prosperous place in the ancient city~
     From the small restaurant of the Wan Gu Lou, you can see the panoramic view of the entire ancient city~
     This is another tree seedling to go to heaven~
     There are many inns in the ancient town, in order to attract tourists,
     I will decorate my own inn, this inn draws my favorite Totoro~
     Yunnan is the hometown of Pu’er tea, so there are teas selling everywhere in the small shops of the ancient town.
     Here you can see many hand-embroidered shoes, very beautiful~
     Lijiang Old Town is an ancient city without walls, with smooth and clean bluestone roads.
     Completely hand-built civil-structured houses, ubiquitous bridges.
     Local unique ethnic style costumes~
     There are handmade handbags here~
     Here you can see beautiful girls wearing national clothes and singing with a hand drum.
     Here you can buy hand-woven shawls~
     Of course, Yunnan’s unique flower cake is the most attractive to me.
     These shops will be in the glass cabinet with fresh roses on the side.
     With a baked flower cake on the side~
     Freshly baked flower cake~
     For the flower cake, I am super love, the fragrance of the rose is matched with
     Crisp skin, it will be addictive when you eat it absolutely~
     The rose flowers here are full of trees.
     The first time I saw such a rose flower, I felt quite fun~
     There are still quite a lot of musical instruments sold in the ancient town~
     See also the wish card~
     One of the best things to do in the street in the evening is
     Sitting quietly and admiring the song sung by the singer, it is very pleasant~
     At the edge of the big waterwheel is the “World Cultural Heritage Lijiang Ancient City” archway inscribed by Jiang Zemin~
     Dali Chong Temple Tower Little Knowledge
    Chongsheng Temple was first built in the south of Fengyou years (AD 824-859), the tower was built first,
    After the construction of the small tower in the north and the south, the temple is a neutral tower, so the tower is named after the temple. The spectacular temple of the temple is
    The salty years have been destroyed, and only the three towers have been preserved intact. Chongsheng Temple with Temple III
    Known as the world, the tower is also known as the “Three Towers of Dali” and is one of the famous Buddhist pagodas in China.
    The three towers are composed of one big two small three stupas, which are in a state of standing.
    Magnificence is one of the great scenery of the sky.
     Keywords: Dali, Dali Ancient City, Chongsi Tower, Dali Bai residents
    In the days before Yunnan, the weather was not blue sky and white clouds, but it was acceptable.
    But from Lijiang to Dali, the weather began to get not very good, and the whole trip
    The most anticipated are the Banna and Dali, but the day in Dali has been long since
    It’s raining, we can only rush to enjoy the Dali Chong Temple Tower and Dali Ancient City in the rain~
     The stone wall of the Chongsi Tower is covered with unknown grass, but it is quite fun~
     This is the small tower next to the main tower~
     Tourists are holding umbrellas to visit the Chong Temple Tower~
     The rain is always down, but from this perspective,
     The stupa in the distance, the lake near, seems to form an ink painting~
     Standing on a high place overlooking the scenery of the entire Chong Temple Tower~
     The white wall tiles in the distance are the unique architectural style of Dali~
     When I visited the ancient city of Dali in the afternoon, the rain continued to keep going.
     It’s really a hasty rush to get around and it’s a pity.
     Foreigner Street in Dali Ancient City~
     Southern architectural style that is very different from the north~
     Compared with Lijiang, I still prefer Dali and like Dali’s architectural tiles white wall~
     The Dali Bai people’s residence, this place of no hope, brought me
     Big surprise, because I like these hand-painted patterns on the white wall.
     It is said that it is rich in style and has its own unique style. Wall under the eaves
     And on the mountain wall, painted with colorful paintings to enrich the wall.
     Looking at the Dali Bai people’s residence from a distance, the smoke is lingering, as if entering the fairyland~
     A casual scene in Dali is very worth seeing.
     I like Dali and the general scenery, I like Dali’s Cangshan Erhai~
     The lake here is crystal clear and you can see the reflection of the trees~
     A scene that I accidentally saw, like a landscape painting~
     The rusted boat on the edge of the lake~
     The bougainvillea that can be seen everywhere is blooming on the edge of the white wall~
     Keywords: Bohai
    In the afternoon, I came to the seaside, thinking that I can finally go to the double corridor I have long missed.
    However, I was told that the entire double corridor was building roads, and it was clearly on the side, but I could not appreciate it.
    This regrets the trip to Yunnan, I hope that I will have a chance to live in Shuanglang for a few days and enjoy a slow life~
     On the day of the Bohai Sea, the weather is not strong, if it is blue sky and white clouds, it will be fine~
     You can rent a bicycle in the Bohai Sea, blowing a comfortable sea breeze all the way.
     All the way to the beach, to enjoy the beauty of the Bohai Sea from different angles.
     When you are tired, stop and take a break, look at the scene or take a photo. It is quite a comfortable thing~
     I like this photo of my mother and my mother most~ Jingmei, people are more beautiful~
     A tree that looks like a heart shape~
     Shilin knowledge
    Shilin specifically refers to China’s Yunnan Shilin, located in the Shilin Yi Autonomous County of Kunming, 80 kilometers away from the urban area.
    Shilin is a submarine limestone formation more than 200 million years ago, formed by crustal movement, seawater and wind and rain erosion.
    Natural wonders. It mainly includes Da Shilin, Naigu Stone Forest, Da Dieshui Waterfall, Zhiyun Cave, Qifeng Cave,
    Seven scenic spots such as Changhu and Yuehu. In the scenic area, there are many peaks, peaks and peaks.
    Stone pillar, stone flower, stone ping, stone flow. It is like a forest that is strong and dark, and is known as “the first wonder of the world.”
    It is the first batch of national key scenic spots.
     Keywords: Kunming, Shilin
     In the 8 days in Yunnan, only the 7th day that is about to go, the weather has become a little better~
     I finally saw the blue sky and white clouds. The clouds here are very low, and the low ones seem to be able to catch them when they reach out.
     It feels quite shocking to enter Shilin.
     The magic of nature is really a miracle!
     This scenery of Shilin is super beautiful~
     In fact, I have to admire Shilin is really big, we have gone for 2 hours, but we have gone a small part~
     Yunnan food articles
     I have been eating a few rice noodles in Yunnan for a few days.
     Just because I have no resistance to the rice noodle~
     This is just the rice noodle of a small shop outside Manting Park. It can be delicious.
     A rice noodle in the ancient town, the taste is also very good ~
     Wax ribs are not as delicious as you might think, maybe you are not looking for the store?
     Miscellaneous health soup, still like to drink, relatively light, warm stomach ~
     I like the sweet and spicy pickles here, quite appetizing~
     Chuxiong’s wild mushroom hot pot, the taste is very general ~
     Some are not used to eating hot pot here without sesame sauce~
     Day8 is going home.
    After a few months, I will write a postscript, and I can still remember the various beautiful things going to Yunnan at that time~
    I miss the baked flower cake that can be scum, and I miss the folk songs I heard in the ancient town of Lijiang in the evening.
    I miss the crystal clear blue moon valley under the snowy mountains, and I miss the sea breeze riding on the seashore.
    Also miss the beautiful Xishuangbanna. I will have time later, I think I will
    Going back to Yunnan, the country of colorful clouds, after all, there are also double corridors, Shangri-La and 泸沽
    The lake is waiting for me~

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