Shuttle through the tropical rain forest, lost in the hometown of tenderness – the magic of Xishuangbanna

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    Moonlight shaking tree shadow
    Shuttle in the rainforest
    The reason you left
    Never stated
    In the same year, “Tropical Rainforest” was popular in the north and south of the Yangtze River. In the MV, SHE dressed in pajamas, such as the elves in the forest, lost in the dreamy mood of the rainforest, has been lingering in my heart. It is also the song that makes young people have a sincere yearning for the rainforest.
    From forgetting to personally embarking on this hot land
    Just a determined distance
    When the wind of 21 degrees north latitude comes forward
    When the mysterious rainforest is gradually unveiled
    When hundreds of peacocks fly together
    When the splashing water ignites the carnival
    When the magical animal and plant kingdom refreshes cognition
    When the thick and sinister elephant roll nose sprays
    When Miao Man’s Yi girl smiles tenderly
    When the night market of the Canru Star River lights up the night of Banna
    You will understand that Xishuangbanna is not only a tropical rain forest, but also more than 5,000 tropical rare plants, the largest national gene pool, and a collection of “plant kingdom, drug kingdom, animal kingdom”, and unique Baye culture and Buddhism. Culture, song and dance culture, food culture, etc., such as a bright pearl inlaid in the southwestern side of the motherland.
    Years of water, fleeting, I lifted the SLR, and fixed the novelty and moving moments one after another. After many years, when I revisit these photos, these words, I will remember that night: in the intoxicating warm wind In the starry sky, I slowly walked into Xishuangbanna and walked into the “ideal and magical land”…
     [First knowledge]
    Shuangzhuang Xishuangjing, translated into Chinese by the “Nine Towers and Twelve Villages”, aims to reproduce the ancient scenery and create a prosperous “City of Jinghong City”, which is also the most prosperous place in Xishuangbanna night scene. There is a magnificent Golden Pagoda and Banna and even the largest night market in the country.
    Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden is the largest botanical garden in China with the largest collection of species and the largest number of plant special parks. I don’t have much interest in botanical gardens, but there are various exotic flowers and plants such as dancing grass and strangling eucalyptus. It is quite interesting. Botanical garden.
    In the Yi Nationality Park, there are five well-preserved natural villages in China, and the water-splashing activities here are the first and the most grand.
    Wild Elephant Valley is mainly a splendid elephant show and a place to watch all kinds of exotic animals. It is a very interesting area. △
    The original forest park, there are virgin forest landscapes and Xishuangbanna features peacocks flying, as well as gully rainforest, peacock flying, folk songs and dances, splashing water and other projects, comprehensive and strong scenic spots. △
    The Great Buddha Temple was restored and rebuilt on the site of the ancient dynasty royal temple “Jingfu Buddha Temple”. There are more than 500 Buddhist temples and more than 200 Buddhist temples in the Yi village of Xishuangbanna. The Big Buddha Temple is the largest of all the Buddhist temples, and its status is supreme. It is the holy place in the eyes of the family. The summit can show the infinite scenery of Jinghong. △
    Man Ting Park, with a history of more than 1,300 years, combines the three cultures of “King of royal culture, Buddhist culture, and folk culture”. In the past, it was the royal garden of Xishuangbanna Yuwang. There are many fresh and exquisite buildings, which are very Southeast Asian. △
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    Go around and hover around, hope that when you return, you are still a teenager. △
    First look at the location of Xishuangbanna in Yunnan, you can see that Lijiang is in two different directions, the Banna is more than 500 kilometers away from Kunming, driving more than 8 hours, it is recommended to fly directly, otherwise the distance is still pretty, I am Sitting on the windmill from Kunming, an 8-hour drive (about 250 yuan), it took 2 hours to load people in Kunming city. This will be explained in detail in the post-transport section, which will not be explained here. △
    The distribution map of Xishuangbanna’s various attractions, if you live, it is strongly recommended to live in the double landscape of the village, no need for tickets, the night scene is superb, every night I went out to watch the night scene and visit the night market. In addition, the various scenic spots in Xishuangbanna are far away from Gaozhuang, and there is no means of transportation to the scenic spot. The chartered car can be said to be the best choice. △
    Hey, this one is me on the left side, the right side is the master who accompanied me for 3 days, the friend introduced it, really good, Xishuangbanna’s pit is still quite a lot, it is not easy to meet a conscience master, the first two days and the aunt uncle carpool Their photos will not be released. On the last day, they will pack a car. It feels like a heroic haha, and a photo will be kept. Far away attractions cost 200 yuan a day, the city’s near attractions are 100 yuan a day, do not hurry, you can play slowly, because I take pictures is more time-consuming, sometimes let the master wait for a long time and blame.
    Play time: April 2, 2018 – April 5, 2018
    DAY1: Jieyang Airport – Kunming Airport – Xishuangbanna, Shizhuang, Xishuangjing
    DAY2: Tropical Botanical Garden – Dai Nationality Garden – Weizhuang Xishuangjing Night Market
    DAY3: Wild Elephant Valley – Primitive Forest Park – Saizhuang Xishuangjing Night Market
    DAY4: Shuangzhuang West Double View – Big Buddha Temple – Manting Park – Manting Park Song and Dance Party
    DAY5: Shuangzhuang West Double View – Return
    In order to avoidThe boring large section of text appeared, I put the detailed traffic, accommodation, tickets, food and other Raiders to the end of the travel notes. △
     [Sweeping exhausted, the night of the original Banna is so charming]
    The imaginary Banna should be primitive and quaint, because Banna is located in the southwestern border of Yunnan, but the night when I first met Xishuangbanna, I swept away my exhaustion from Kunming’s 10-hour windmill to Banna, the night in Xishuangbanna. It turned out to be so charming. △
    A turn, the majestic Shwedagon Tower suddenly appeared in front of you, and the whole tower seemed to flash a sacred light, lighting up the night of the entire Banna. △
    I used to be familiar with Chinese Buddhist architecture. When a unique Buddhist temple appeared in front of my eyes, I almost couldn’t restrain my inner joy, and my voice was screaming. The tens of thousands of styles of Xishuangbanna were spreading quietly in this noisy night market. △
    When you climb the top of the Golden Pagoda and look back, you don’t want to go to the world. You can see the two oval buildings on the left. There is no sense of both the Burj Khalifa, the intertwining of tradition and modernity, the collision of classical and fashion, and the gathering. In this splendid night. △
    The tower is towering into the sky, the tower is golden, and the reflection is on the colorful water surface. It is dazzling and dazzling. It seems to step into another magical world and bathe under the sacred aura of the temple. △
    When traveling to Xishuangbanna, you must definitely live in the double scenery of Zhuangzhuang. Otherwise, you will regret it. After watching the night scenes of many cities in the country, the night of Banna has made me feel like tears and tears. It is different from the antique night of ancient town. It is also different from the night of the metropolis, where the night is filled with a unique exotic atmosphere. The four-faced Buddha Golden Pagoda, which is full of Southeast Asian characteristics, is the original star-shaped night market with the original Yi people. Under the golden aura, it is no longer the same. High-rise buildings, but the night market culture of grounded gas. △
    If the Shwedagon Pagoda is so amazing, then the starlight night market behind the Shwedagon Pagoda can be described as shocking. One turn and the illuminating lights, such as the stars in the vast universe, are so exciting. △
    When night falls, the stall owners will move out and carry their goods to the booth. There are clothes selling, grilling, selling fruits, selling African tambourines, and the products are dazzling, the crowds are rolling, so lively. △
    The bright lights, through the round tent umbrellas neatly arranged in the square, glow with colorful colors, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, and various colors complement each other to create a colorful The picture, looking at the country, I am afraid I can not find a second night market of such a large size. △
    About a few friends, choose a step, condescending, the night of the Range Rover, seeing it, listening to it without worry, many stray singers will sing here at night, they will contract all your hearing enjoyment, no need to say more, no more I want to, daze to vent, quietly, and gently listen to the unique heartbeat of Zhuangxi’s unique scenery. △
    On the moon, the willow branches, after the evening, after a meal, you can sue the streets and walk around the streets. You may be mistaken into the fairy-tale street like me, and the golden roof is nothing to say. But the pink, green, and yellow walls are quite eye-catching, just as the moon hangs in the treetops, coupled with the distant star-studded Shwedagon Pagoda, adding a bit to this fairy-tale streetscape. Elegant feelings. △
     [Starlight Night Market – a paradise for food]
    In addition to buying a variety of clothing accessories, here also sell a variety of tropical fruits, astringent barbecue, if you are eating goods, then congratulations, come to the right place, here can contract all your taste enjoyment, but the goods are also uneven, remember Keep your eyes open. △
    Xishuangbanna’s astringent barbecue can be said to be very famous in the country. It is said to be divided into three types, namely, combination, nest, and elegant. Three different baking methods can obtain three kinds of foods with different colors, fragrances and tastes. Its unique sauce is also a magic weapon to conquer the taste buds of tourists. △
    This is handmade soap, ah no, handmade soap, so beautiful soap is still the first time to see, one flower and one world, small soap can also become a world. △
    Yunnan’s characteristic tambourine, Lijiang is very common. I didn’t expect to see it in the Banna. The brainwashing melody of “My Little Baby” instantly sounded in my head, and the body swayed unconsciously. (Sorry, give yourself a play) △
    There are also some local specialties that I have eaten in Xishuangbanna in the past few days. The pineapple rice is not very sticky. Other roast chicken and tofu are very delicious. You can try it. △
    Bun’s night market can’t talk to Gaoda, but it’s very grounded, full of folk customs, and the city’s atmosphere, which makes me reluctant. △
    After visiting the night market back to the inn, I booked the Tianyige Boutique Inn in the village. I didn’t like to live in the hotel. I came to a place and wanted to feel the theme of the local inn, and I felt more about the local style. △
    This house is 300 yuan a night, but the details are really in place, the old inn, the price is very high. △
    Yes, there is a swimming pool in the inn, you can see it on the balcony, there is also a constant temperature, there is no entertainment, there are many children to play. △
    When I have nothing to do, I like to sit on the balcony, drink the Pu’er tea from the special edition, look at the scenery outside the window, daze in the air, think about ginseng, and slowly experience the leisure life of Banna. △
     [Tropical Botanical Garden – Refreshing the Plant Kingdom of Your Cognition]
    This is our car these days, rough hair! Banna Tropical Botanical Garden! △
    The first stop, the tropical botanical garden, is actually not interested in plants. I don’t understand the world of flowers and plants. Compared with the lively animals, the attraction of plants is very small, but the botanical garden in Xishuangbanna has taken me. The idea of ​​”the frog at the bottom of the well” is completely crushed. It is really like that sentence. If you don’t go out, you will think that you are seeing the whole world. In fact, the world is much more wonderful than we think. The Tropical Botanical Garden opened the door to a new world of plants. △
    The scenic area is very large, and there are many small scenic spots. The distance between the scenic spots and the scenic spots is relatively long, so you need to take a sightseeing bus. △
    Well, when we got on the bus, we set off. The straight and clean asphalt road leads to the plant kingdom, and a new and unknown plant world is coming to us. △
    The lakes and mountains reflect the lush forests. There are a little lotus leaves scattered on the lake. It is said that when they come in summer, they have the same length as the arms. It is no problem to stand up with a child. It is a palm garden and is known as the “prince of the plant kingdom”. △
    Have you heard the tree eating trees? The competition between plants is not as soft as we imagined. The survival of the fittest of nature, the survival rule of the survival of the fittest has spawned this cruel scene. The trunk inside is wrapped relentlessly by another tree, losing sunlight and being taken away. Without the basic elements of survival, the trees inside have been drained after a few years and completely replaced by the trees outside. This is the famous “strangle” phenomenon. △
    This is another tree that was cut off by the waist. The original trunk was evacuated and broken down. The strangler landed and another tree came. This magical strangulation was unique to Xishuangbanna. Landscape. △
    Another miraculous phenomenon in Xishuangbanna is that the wood grows into a forest. The length of a tree grows into a forest magically. Only the banyan tree in the plant world is so capable. △
    Mimosa should be no stranger to everyone, just touch it gently, and immediately close up, watching the children play with this mimosa with great interest, very interesting. △
    But when it comes to the grass that can dance, there may be few people who have seen or even know that this is a rare plant that is about to disappear. It is wild in the mountains. The trees are not like trees. They are called grass dances. “Home”, under the action of sound waves of a certain frequency and intensity, with the wind and the sunny day, they will dance like a butterfly, and if it is a messy music, they will “dance” and have to feel the nature. Great and amazing. △
    In addition, there is a Buddha belly tree, which is named after the belly of Maitreya Buddha, and its flower is gathered at the top of the branch. It blooms all the year round, and the peduncle branches like red coral, so it is called coral flower. △
    This is called a fake eagle claw. It is named after the flower-like eagle claw. This, you can only use your imagination. △
    The rainforest wearing red clothes is absolutely perfect. The younger sisters and big sisters on the road are basically wearing red skirts, which are particularly eye-catching in the botanical garden. △
    Sure enough, the flowers still have to be beautiful, on the shore of the lake, in front of the flowers, in the green leaves, you are dotted with flowers, flowers decorate your beauty. Here is a hundred gardens, yes, a paradise for flowers. △
    “The world is full of Fangfei in April, the peach blossoms of the mountain temple are in full bloom.” It seems to be a flower paradise. The most popular one is the bougainvillea, and the bougainvillea has three colors, and the summer is more prosperous and beautiful. △
    And all three of the Meizhong genus are not ordinary roads, the whole trunk is long, and half of them have grown into the water, colorful and dazzling. △
    Irregular ponds are scattered in the world full of flowers and green leaves. The lake is covered with lotus leaves, carrying a few flowers, and carrying a bit of leisure. △
    The railing at the top of the fence seems to be unable to stop the enthusiasm of the bougainvillea. The vigorous branches are like the graceful girl, showing their proud appearance in the air, and freely framing a corner, with a girl, there are people like big movies. foot. △
    There are many species in the tropical botanical garden. Unknown flowers can be seen everywhere. Very special flowers, three white petals and three blue-volume petals dragged the weak stamen in the middle, and carefully guarded the princess of the house like a soldier. △
    This is a botanical garden contracted by exotic flowers and plants, which can renew your illusion of the plant world. This is the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. △
    11,000 hectares, more than 13,000 kinds of tropical plants, exotic flowers and flowers, birds and flowers, constitute a beautiful picture of flowers and flowers, colorful clouds between mountains and rivers. △
     [The Dai nationality garden splashes water, and every adult has a child in his heart]
    One day as an olive dam, I dreamed of returning to the Yi Garden at night. After lunch, I drove to the Dai National Park. It is one of the few oases on the Tropic of Cancer. There are green and lush forests everywhere. In Xishuangbanna, your vision will be full of eyes. Green contracting. △
    This should be the first time I saw the 3D version of the elephant (don’t laugh at me), not as big as I imagined, but in this imaginary, the nose can’t stop like a naughty child, wandering for a while, sloshing for a while. It makes people want to go close. △
    Many tourists come to the elephant to have a close contact with the elephant on the back or nose of the elephant, but remember to be safe when taking photos with the elephant. Don’t irritate the elephants, don’t pull their tails, otherwise The consequences could be disastrous. △
    I took an elephant close-up and unconsciously attracted by its deep and charming eyes. The elephants have thick skin, but their skin feels very sensitive. The folds on the skin can be pierced by small mosquitoes. The elephant division also carries out elephant domestication based on this point. △
    There are several performances every day in the Yi nationality dance and dance performance. The performance lasts for about half an hour. The performance is more general, but you can feel the local customs and customs. The Dai Garden, the biggest highlight is the splashing water performance. △
    The Songkran Festival is a must-visit program for the Yi people in the New Year. It will be held in mid-April every year. In those days, the Yi people will have a three-day holiday, and they can go to the streets and strangers for a splash of water, and the Dai Garden will also carry out two splashes of water every day. Performing, a grand splashing ceremony will be held before splashing water. △
    “There is water in the trees, there are people in the water.” The nationality pays more attention to water than our imagination. “The bubble follows the waves, and the family follows the water.” “Water creates the world, the world depends on water.” “There must be a thousand rivers in Jian’ou,” and the peoples live in the water. They are peoples who have a relationship with water and are called “water nationals.” △
    Water has nurtured all things in the world, and it is the origin of life. The Yi people realize that water not only has the functions of drinking, washing, shipping, irrigation, driving waterwheels, but also has the role of raising all things in the world. The Yi people and the water have a deep affection. △
    With one order, the splashing water battle can be staged, “splashing through, happy life”, like to splash him, hot summer, bursts of cool, but the fun of splashing water is far more than just cool. △
    A few pictures of the movement of the water droplets solidified in the air, the condensation is more than water droplets, and the joy from the heart. △
    The longer we grow up, the more sophisticated we may be. We are used to living with masks. We treat people around with masks. Sometimes they are very tired, but they are tired and tired. They say that I am fine. Splashing water seems to me to be a dismantling. The process of the mask, from the basin, a burst of madness, as if to return to childhood, back to the time of carefree and worry-free. △
    Perhaps, in the hearts of every adult, there is a child, only the Songkran Festival, in order to release their childlike side of the child, in order to be so heartless, play without fear. Between the crystal clear, childhood memories, vivid in sight. △
    In addition to splashing water, there are five well-preserved natural villages in China, which are the best preserved in China. Because there is something to go back, it is also a great regret for the Dai Garden. △
     [Wild Elephant Valley – more than funny and funny elephant show]
    The next day, I went to the Wild Elephant Valley. The elephants in the Wild Elephant Valley were elephants and various animals. For the elephant show, I was very interesting at first. Later, I knew that some of the elephant’s training process was cruel, and I was a bit disgusted. Later, I checked some questions about how to treat elephant performances. It seems that there is a new collision of ideas. I don’t elaborate here. You can check the information on the Internet. Sometimes the truth is not what we imagined, but there is one point. It is the consensus of all opinions and opposes training elephants in a cruel and ruthless way. △
    Elephants are the “architects” of the grasslands and the “pruners” of the great forests. Their average life span is very long, between the ages of 60 and 80. The most amazing thing is their nose, which is made up of 40,000 muscles. More than a car has all the parts, so the nose is their artifact, you can use the nose to turn the hula hoop, play the ball and so on. △
    Elephants in the wild elephant valley have programs such as playing football and painting, accompanied by a humorous commentary by the commentator, and the atmosphere of the scene is laughter. △
    Elephants are the largest animals and the most gentle animals. Playing mud is their favorite. They interact and play, and they get along with each other. They help the elephants caught in the mud and pull the other elephants injured or dying with their noses. In a safe zone, you can even use the nose to gently touch each other to comfort other individuals in pain. The elephant is a group of super cute people in my eyes. △
    After the elephant show, tourists rush to feed the elephants, tourists, and trainers, they should protect and cherish them. After all, we all live under the same blue sky. △
    In addition to elephants, Wild Elephant Valley also has many unexpected animal species. Xishuangbanna has more than 2,000 species of animals, accounting for 1/4 of the country, and is also known as the animal kingdom. △
    In addition to a wide variety of animals, Wild Elephant Valley has a natural scenery, providing a good growing soil for Xishuangbanna, which is known as the “plant kingdom, drug kingdom, animal kingdom”. △
    You can also see a variety of snakes, I really admire the courage of this young lady, holding a python in her hand and not changing color. △
    All kinds of flower fairy dressed in make-up are in the green leaves of safflower. You may not recognize their names, but they will be impressed by their beautiful and moving dances. △
    Legend has it that the slub that sleeps more than 20 hours a day, no matter how the tourists are squatting under the tree, these three sloths still can’t move, suddenly remembered the sentence: “You can be lazy like a sloth, but you can’t be like them. Lazy heart is safe,” but it is also a skill to sleep so much. △
    I don’t know if it’s a duck or a bird. It’s so cool. I can’t help but give it a few close-ups. I’ll even lick my neck and give you a compliment. △
    There are also a variety of uncommon birds, active in this magical hot land, the mysterious Xishuangbanna, all the way to encounter surprises. △
    There is also a bird show here. The parrot will fly to everyone’s hand under the instruction of the trainer. You can take a picture with the parrot. Someone will take pictures for you. You can take the photo you like, but you have to take it. toll. △
    Everyone’s attention is on the big parrot. On the contrary, the bird performance below seems to be no one to watch. It may be because the parrot on the stage is too small. These pictures are taken by me in a telephoto. In fact, there are some interesting things. △
    There is a big picture of intensive phobia, this is the legendary guinea fowl, extremely ugly, listening to the guide said that this chicken has greater activity, because of the frequent drilling and causing death, this is the legendary ” Do you die, haha. △
    The cable car can see the real wild elephant, but it is said that it is not good to meet. The wild elephant needs some luck. I feel that the real encounter may be dangerous. I heard that driving the wild elephant does not dare to move, nose. You can fly your car at a glance and don’t go up for security reasons. △
     [Original Forest Park – Peacock will fly)
    The original peacock really flies, another feature of Xishuangbanna – Peacock is flying, this is the Xishuangbanna virgin forest scenic spot, the running men’s group once came here to look for “Peacock Princess.” △
    The most unsightly thing in the peacock is the female peacock. The male peacock attracts the female peacock, so it needs to have a certain value. The white peacock is the best in the peacock family. The white and slender feathers are like the princess wearing a wedding dress. It is noble and elegant. . △
    Hey, a duck (goose) is mixed in the peacock group, and it is desperately flapping its wings on the sand. Can you fly? △
    There are several peacocks flying every day. There are timetables in the scenic area. You can arrange your own trip according to your own time. We can see that it is a little and a half. When the time is up, the melodious music sounds, and I see a few Yi girls. The oil-paper umbrella came slowly from the other side of the lake. There were several peacocks on the boat. The posture was beautiful. It seems that only in the costume dramas, I will see such a plot. △
    Summoning peacocks requires a ritual, sometimes seeing them dance on the boat, and sometimes seeing them sing under the oil-paper umbrella. After ten minutes of performance, a long whistle, hundreds of peacocks flew across the lake. △
    Groups of peacocks greeted the breeze, swept through the Golden Lake, and docked at the lake. Spectacular scenes attracted cheers from tourists. △
    A Yi girl took a paper umbrella and carried a bamboo basket from the peacock group. At this time, it took about 8 minutes to get in touch with the peacocks. The big and small friends also came forward to feed the peacock. I saw so many peacocks for the first time. △
    The blue peacock that opened the screen can be described as colorful, like thousands of eyes sticking to the wings, each pair is so beautiful and charming. △
    Xishuangbanna is the kingdom of elephants and the hometown of peacocks. It is auspicious, happy, beautiful and kind. These are synonymous with peacocks rooted in the eyes of the family. △
    After the peacocks were fed, they also collectively flew back to the original nest. They flanked the phoenix and left behind in the hearts of every viewer. △
    This is the love of the virgin forest, loves people like to live in the mountains, this is their love wish bridge, behind a beautiful and touching love story. △
    There is nothing to look at in love, but it may be just that they have not caught up with their performances. It is also a good thing to know the customs of the locals. △
    Then take the bus to the Splashing Water Square. There is also a ceremony before the official free splashing of water. The elephants splash water while walking, giving everyone a good blessing like a mascot. △
    After the ceremony, it was a crazy water-splashing war. Xishuangbanna also had only two or three months in the winter. At other times, it was very suitable for splashing water, changing into Yi costumes, transforming into local people, and coming to a clear and wet body. Big fight! △
    There is a fierce splashing battle over there. Here is the elephant’s self-entertainment. If you have nothing to play with your nose, the stepping posture is so cute. △
    The virgin forest scenic area, of course, has a virgin forest landscape. On the way to the virgin forest, I encounter a group of playful monkeys, watching them play and tease, feeling that they are young and young. △
    Bamboo clearing, sensing the temperature between the mountains, childhood, are we coming over like this? △
    If you want to cross the jungle and make a trip to Mount Tai, then the virgin forest can fully satisfy your wishes, marching in the direction of the rope extension, facing the breeze and feeling the speed and passion of the rainforest. △
    Climb the ropes on several floors, listen to the insects in the mountains, and get in touch with the magical plants here, and feel the magical journey of body and mind. △
    Qishan Junling, ancient trees and green leaves, green plants, the plants here are strange, the air here is sweet and fresh, the original ecological rain forest, we have come out of a song of the forest. △
     [勐泐大佛寺 – the Buddhist holy land in the hearts of the Yi people]
    The last day of the trip is the Dafo Temple in the urban area. When you enter the gate, you will be attracted by the splendid temple architecture. The main entrance to the Big Buddha Temple is the statue of the bathing Buddha. The “Bath Buddha Festival” is one of the important Buddhist festivals. Remind people to always have a clean heart and see if their heart is clean. △
    Xishuangbanna is deeply influenced by the Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Myanmar. The history of the Hinayana Buddhism is prevalent, and everyone in the Banna is a child of the common family. There are magnificent building pavilions, exquisite chic towers, every corner, every detail, it is pleasing to the eye. △
    In the distance, it is a lucky Buddha, 49 meters high. This is the largest open-air standing Buddha in Southeast Asia. It is majestic and inviolable from afar. △
    According to statistics, there are still more than 500 Buddhist temples and more than 200 Buddhist temples in the Yi villages in Xishuangbanna, and the Big Buddha Temple is the largest of all Buddhist temples. It is unparalleled in the hearts of the Yi people. Status. △
    The Big Buddha Temple covers an area of ​​650 acres and has a construction area of ​​24,000 square meters. The biggest highlight of this is that the Buddha Temple has a drop of 122 meters, which is unique at home and abroad! Especially loved the monk sculptures on both sides, neat and refreshing, each face is kind and eye-catching, although the weather is hot, but here, it seems that the whole person’s heart is calm. △
    The auspicious Buddha’s right hand is up, representing the meaning of anti-magic exorcism, and the left hand is down to represent the down. The real meaning of letting go is not to let us down the ideal, let go of the burden, but let us face life in a normal and calm way. People and things, Xishuangbanna has such a sacred Buddha statue, the people’s life should be very happy. In fact, it is true. People living here are lazy, have no troubles, no complicated metropolises, and their days are simple and happy. △
    Many people have gone back here. In fact, there is still a road behind the Buddha statue of the Big Buddha Temple. Follow the steps of the stairs and climb the highest point of Xishuangbanna. There is another piece of heaven and earth in the upper part. The Buddhist temple has begun to take shape, and the golden jade and the spires tower into the sky. The day of completion will surely surprise the world. △
    Looking back, Jinghong scenery is also undoubtedly unfortunate, but unfortunately the weather is worse, the clarity is not enough, otherwise it can really be a big one. The trip is coming to an end and I am beginning to miss the trip to Banna. Xishuangbanna has always thought that this is a very good name. In fact, this is the language of the Yi people. Xishuang is the meaning of twelve. Banna is a dam, meaning that except the Han people. There are also 12 ethnic minorities in Banna, and the Yi people account for one-third of the total population. So far, the Yi people have a history of more than 1,300 years. They have their own language and writings and are an amazing minority. △
    Some interesting things about the August 18th edition, Banna is the origin of the world Pu’er tea, you may ask, isn’t it in Pu’er? In the past, because the transportation in Pu’er City is relatively convenient, all the tea leaves are processed and produced in Pu’er. The name is also called Pu’er tea. In fact, there are only one of the six major tea mountains, Pu’er, and the other five tea mountains are in the Banna! △
    Banna is home to rare animals and plants, and is the second largest rubber base in China. The Yi people still have one point. They don’t close their homes at night. Because the Yi people have faith and do wrong things, they will be punished by heaven, so they are very conscious. △
    The Big Buddha Temple also has water-splashing activities. Compared with the grand ceremony of the Dai nationality garden, it is replaced by song and dance. The graceful dance is like a butterfly dancing and catching the hearts of a large audience. △
    I also teach you two Yi people here, see the beauty called “Sao Duoli”, see the handsome guy called “Cat Dori”, yes, the simple two sentences can draw close to each other’s feelings, not doing well There is also the opportunity to have close contact with the Dai girl in the process of splashing water! △
    After the end of the blessing, it is the time of free watering. When I photographed a Yi girl, is there a feeling of tenderness and tenderness? However, the splashing performance of the Big Buddha Temple is not as intense as that of the Dai nationality park. It is a simple few, and there is no splashing atmosphere for the tourists who are ready to play. △
    After watching the splashing water show, the peacock is about to start flying. The peacocks here are not as large as the original parks, and the scenery is not as beautiful as the original park, but the atmosphere is not bad, the scene is still spectacular. △
    The dance and literature of the Yi people draw the essence from these beautiful elves, forming the unique “peacock culture” of Banna. △
    After a lap, I found that there are still many places in the Great Buddha Temple. Even the surrounding scenery is arranged with great care. A wind blows, and the windmills tied to the ropes are turned around and beautiful. △
     [Man listening to the park – the royal garden that passed through the millennium]
    Xishuangbanna is not only the original atmosphere. There are hundreds of miles of tropical rain forests, and there is also a mansion park full of fresh culture. Man’s listening to the park has a history of more than 1,300 years. In the past, it was the royal garden of Xishuangbanna’s royal family. In history, the feudal lords called the film leaders and the toasts to enjoy the flowers. As soon as you enter the gate, you can see a commemoration of Premier Zhou Enlai wearing an armor, holding the left hand on the water, and holding the olive branch on the right to participate in the bronze statue of the splashing water. △
    The buildings of Mang Park are very similar to those of Southeast Asia. The architecture is magnificent and has great differences with the domestic antique temples. The park has both natural and natural landscapes, artificially cultivated exotic flowers and garden buildings. . Visitors can enjoy the quaint natural scenery as well as the cultural landscape with rich ethnic characteristics. △
    In addition to the temple buildings on the tall, there are some beautiful cabins, and the original is mixed with a bit of literary atmosphere. △
    The lush forests can’t cover the golden temples of Manting Park. The calm lakes also sell their faces, and they look far away. They are like places where immortals live, and they don’t eat fireworks. △
    The temples with different styles give the people the colorful life of the park. The buildings of gold, red, white, orange and other colors can be seen in the garden. I prefer these exquisite garden buildings, each brick, compared to the atmospheric temples. Every watt seems to highlight the ingenuity of the workers. △
    In a short while, the rain stopped, and the sun slid out and sprinkled the radiance on the white building. The white pavilion is my favorite, perhaps the yearning for the pure white world, no flaws, very pure, I heard that there is Chiang Mai in Thailand. Many white buildings, I did not expect to be able to sneak a sneak peek at Xishuangbanna, and the joy is overwhelming. △
    Man’s listening to the park is not big, but the level of sophistication is very impressive. There are flowers and flowers here. There are poetry and painting gardens. You can enjoy a variety of charming buildings on the opposite side of the lake. The combination of nature and artificial energy is so ingenious. It can’t help but make people feel happy. △
    The small wooden boat lies quietly on the mirrored water surface. When no one is riding, it looks like a quiet time. From the original forest to the exquisite royal garden, you can feel it without publishing. The diverse Xishuangbanna always come from time to time. a surprise. △
    The path of the python line leads me to the center of the lake, moving forward, letting the lotus leaves drift slowly from the side, it seems that I can always inadvertently pull your heartstrings. △
    Water is undoubtedly the crowning touch of the park. A clear river connects the beautiful scenery on both sides of the strait, and it also brings infinite scenery on both sides of the strait. △
    After a round of laps, I discovered this white castle, and the moment I saw it, the unique style of the style attracted a group of tourists to take a group photo. △
    After a lap, it seems that it is still unfinished, but Mann’s performances on the night of the “Lijiang River and Mekong River” will begin immediately, otherwise it will have to sway in the park for a while. △
    After watching this individual performance, I feel that it is normal. It may be that I have seen too many shows myself, and it is also a plot control. I am not very interested in singing and dancing performances. However, if you want to know the customs of Xishuangbanna, this performance brings together the characteristic cultures of the six Lijiang-Mekong River countries in China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is worth watching. The host is very funny and humorous, and it will mobilize the atmosphere. The cross-talk performance of a part of the audience is also very funny. △
    The performance also includes the folk customs performances of the Yi, Keno, Blang, Lahu, Yao, and Hani six ethnic minorities living in Xishuangbanna. The ethnic customs, exotic scenery, and the live humor of the host are also considered to be The value is back to the fare. △
    The history of more than 1,300 years has given birth to Xishuangbanna’s own unique language and words. The culture of the hustle and bustle blends in this part of the song and dance. Perhaps through these songs and dances, there is a deeper understanding of Banna. △
    Located in the border of Yunnan, Banna, isolated the influence of the culture of the Central Plains, was deeply infected by Southeast Asian countries, and looked at the costumes of Southeast Asian countries. The dress of Vietnam has won my heart. Perhaps the inclusiveness of the official performance makes me see different The integration of various cultures in different countries and different countries, feel the magnificence of different cultures. △
    After the party ended, there was a process of making a wish for the light. People took a water lantern and walked slowly to the lake. They silently made a wish and let the water lamp carry a beautiful wish to drift into the distance… △
    After releasing the wishing light and following the crowd, I went to the campfire party. There seemed to be a magical magic on the scene. Everyone cheered and cheered around the middle of the campfire. The enthusiasm and unrestrainedness of Banna melted in this exotic music. I have a happy smile on my face. I lifted up the camera and recorded the memories of this moment. Now, two months later, when I look at the old photos, I still have the feeling of joy. △
    The following are detailed transportation, tickets, accommodation, food guides.
    1, simply talk about the route from Kunming to Xishuangbanna.
    a, gray machine, 1 hour to arrive, booking in advance will not be very expensive;
    b, bus station bus, the price is about 250 yuan, one hour, one class, did not sit, but listen to the local driver said that it takes 12 hours (online 9 hours), because 50 people in the car, have to check the border, I do not know the driver If you don’t rely on it;
    c, by the windmill, it is easy to hit, because there are companies operating, about 20 or 30 cars run this line, the basic 6 people will be full, the general pick-up time is 2 to 3 hours, do 2 At the point of high-speed preparation, about 10 o’clock in the evening to the village of Shuangzhuang;
    d, walking or cycling, more bloody and brutal.
    2, the relative position of Xishuangbanna’s various attractions has been given in the map at the beginning of the travel notes. Except for the urban Manting Park and the Big Buddha Temple, other attractions are far away, and there is basically no bus route in the past, so you can only choose chartered buses in Xishuangbanna. Play or report the group, I personally still like to travel freely, the price of the chartered car is usually 200 yuan a day, a little more than 100 yuan a day, can be a carpool best, can share the cost.
    3, Wang Tianshu is too far away in this scenic spot, driving takes two and a half hours, if the charter fare is more expensive, you can choose to report a group.
     [ticket] (online purchase price)
    1, Shuangzhuang Xishuangjing, Starlight Night Market does not need tickets, the night market night, there is a stall stall, to close the collection at 11:30;
    2, Tropical Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences
    a, tickets + West Park tour bus – adult ticket, 144 yuan, you can place an order before 15:00 on the day of play
    b, tickets + full tour bus (Green Stone Forest + West Park + East Park) – adult ticket, 194 yuan, you can place an order before 15:00 on the day of play
    3, the Qiangyuan ticket is 59 yuan, which can be ordered before 3:30 pm that day;
    4, the ticket to the wild elephant valley 84 yuan, can be ordered before 4:30 in the afternoon;
    5, Xishuangbanna Raw Forest Park tickets + round-trip battery car price 105, can be ordered before 5 pm that day;
    6, 106 tickets for the Great Buddha Temple, no need to advance, can be set on the same day;
    7, Man listening to the park ticket 49 yuan, there is a campfire evening in the park:
    Mekong River night bonfire party ticket 180 yuan, VIP ticket 360 yuan
    18:50-21:40 (buffet 18:50-19:40)
    The first performance of the cabaret performance is 17:30-19:30, and the second game is 19:40-21:40.
    Accommodation can live in the city and the village of Shuangzhuang in the double view, it is a pity to go to the Bundesliga West Double View. The night view here is unique in the country.

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