Take the child’s heart to Hongyang, find the old days of childhood, explore the future

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Are you often troubled by the trivialities of life? Are you mourning for the work of the computer as a mountain? Do you work hard every day to play the rigorous and serious self in the world? Life is not just for the responsibility of the body. You have to allow yourself to occasionally I will do something to make myself feel happy and happy like a “little child” laughing “to find the child’s heart, meet the future”
    Taking advantage of the warm and gentle wind, all the life is full of vitality, and the time is infinitely good. About three or five friends go to the world of the Nanjing theme park, the future of the aircraft, Hongyang! Eat, drink, and have all throw away everyday troubles, and find the most sincere and pure happiness when you are a child~
    The future of Nanjing Hongyang, which is thrilling, eating, drinking and playing, gives you a new understanding of the theme park.
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    About Hongyang Future World
    The predecessor of [Hongyang Future World] – [Hongyang Happy World] was completed in 2011, and the successful operation of 5 years has brought countless joys to countless families. After the suspension of business in 2016, the butterfly has been upgraded, and together with the United States PF consultants, the United States Corningham Group and the Australian New Road Group to create a fantasy space-themed paradise. The new future world indoor and outdoor covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters, and indoor and outdoor theme parks, with 34 indoor equipment, 14 outdoor equipment, extracting the essence of the global theme park, gathering dynamic rides, high-tech VR, indoor real-life show, A comprehensive entertainment experience such as a large theater show will make you look good!
    Attraction Address: No. 48, North Bridge Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
    Start the adventure of the future world tour
    When I was a child, I was often curious about myself when I grew up, and I was looking forward to a little higher and higher every day. I even hope that I have a Doraemon, let it take a look at the future. Unexpectedly, many years later, I found my childhood in this future world with the theme of fantasy space.
    Suspension Mountain – the main entrance theme of the future world theme park, do you feel full of technology? In addition to the technology-savvy vending machines, the manual ticket office and the gates at the entrance. There are also a lot of highlights inside the playground, so you can feel through the outer space in minutes!
    This indoor and outdoor theme park covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters. It creatively combines the virtual world with the real space. All kinds of amusement facilities, high-tech VR, indoor real-life show, etc. have opened my eyes and I can’t wait for it. Heaven is soaking here to have fun!
    What makes me most interesting is that everyone who comes here will have an energy bracelet, and through the sensor on the bracelet, you can start the journey of exploration. One second into the future world, Black Technology let us play the fun, cool!
    Indoor play project
    Come to the future world, whether you are an adult or a child, you can play here and find the “favorites” in all projects. Even many projects are accompanied by adults to play with children.
    When I first entered the room, I was attracted by the facilities on the top and the street view. There are more than a floating mountain in Avatar in the room, and there is also a Star Trek street full of technology!
    This huge tree of life is full of brilliance, with a dome full of stars, feeling like you are swimming in outer space. It is also a big slide, with streamers under the leaves, and when the lights are on, it seems to be under the meteor shower.
    From environmental equipment to lighting effects, full of technology is the wind, at first glance, there is a sense of illusion that has passed through to the future world! It’s no wonder why everyone is having fun here!
    On the second floor of the future world, there is a VR experience pavilion, and everyone is recommended to go once. Three screen cars, VR glasses, zombies, and high-altitude bicycles cover almost all popular VR games.
    If you look at the people who are playing, you will know that the game is very realistic and each one is like being there. However, playing VR games must have excellent psychological qualities. After all, when you are immersed in the challenges of the game, maybe your companion is laughing at the side because of your exaggerated actions. Don’t ask me how I know, make friends badly!
    It is estimated that many people have never experienced the fun of trampoline. In the future world, this simple happiness can be re-finished. Adult large slides, trampoline basketball, trampoline dodgeball. Don’t stop me, I have to play for a day!
    Today, I am not an adult wearing a pair of shoes, just a big kid who is addicted to playing. No one should say who is childish, let us fall together in this ball pool, let us be self-willed to do it yourself!
    Introduced during the same periodThe Zhiyong Da Chongguan mini version has once again led the climax of the entertainment industry. The familiar game items have once again been reproduced one by one. If you have already been eager to try out the game items on TV, then Hongyang will be your show. The best place.
    In addition to the fun rides, there are many high-tech in the future of Hongyang.
    Hongyang Li also introduced the Future World Korea Pavilion, which was created by the Korean design team! Here is a children’s puzzle interactive experience game from Korea. Children can experience magical forests, fantastic oceans, fantasy shootings, and magical blocks in AR.
    In addition, why not see the bird uncle to go to Seoul, the future world LIVE360 takes you to a happy fantasy trip with the bird uncle.
    In the midst of the coming summer, Hongyang’s future world is really a good place to visit. There are more than 30 popular amusement projects. Whether it is a sunny day or a thunderstorm, you can bring old people, children and partners together.
    Hurricane flying chairs, pirate ships, speed windmills, challenger trips, whirlwind knights, jumping clouds, all kinds of projects greatly satisfy the desire to play!
    The Dutch indoor motorbike roller coaster is nearly one kilometer in length and has a speed of over 100 km/h, which is the highest in the country. Let you become a real racer, gallop on the track, swinging from side to side.
    Many times we accompany our children to the amusement park. There are not many projects that can really let adults experience, but here you can maximize your forgotten identity and become a “big child.” Play happily and cheer for the addiction of playing too much.
    Outdoor play project
    Every girl had a dream about a carousel during her childhood, and her dream Prince Charming was able to pick herself up on a horse. And the carousel has a little more fairy tale in romance, which is also the reason to have to punch!
    If the girl’s favorite is a carousel, then the boy’s childhood favorite is that the car should not be too much. Every time I go to the toy store, I am arguing about all kinds of rolling and buying car toys. Is it you in front of the screen?
    Although it is now an adult, we can still throw away the mature coats that the world has given us, bring our own childishness and childlikeness, and open a car we like to play a game.
    If you are taking a sister to the amusement park alone, the first choice must be “powering forward.” Dive from the height of 30 meters, the real version of “speed and passion”, a second to experience the thrilling feeling. Of course, you can also take the opportunity to show off your man’s side and block the water from the other side.
    This is a big battle in the wet, with the splashes of water splashing on both sides, laughing all the way, screaming all the way, enjoying the excitement, not a summer!
    It should be noted that the mobile phone, glasses and other things that you carry with you must be handed over to the staff before boarding the ship to avoid water or breakage during the process.
    In all new projects, I would recommend the Space Simulator. At first glance, the shape of this project is a bit like an electric fan, but the more it sits on the edge of the blade, the more exciting it is.
    After the project is running, it will rotate clockwise while rotating itself. But to be honest, if it is really timid and fearful, this project is still not going to be. After all, it’s really exciting!
    Adjacent to the space simulator, but the strength is slightly weaker than this “big pendulum” project, which will not fly to the sky and will only rotate less than 180 degrees.
    Standing on the side of the project, watching the project start up a little bit, the air gradually heard the sound of everyone crying. But after the game was over, everyone seemed to be relaxed in the yelling, yeah, how long have you not screamed at the end of Seri?
    The Ferris wheel of Hongyang’s future world is the largest Ferris wheel in Nanjing. The diameter is as high as 116 meters. Here, love happens in the moment of electric light and flint.
    In the future world of Hongyang, the longest queue must be the Ferris wheel. The items in such a fire are all about the expression of love in the queuing area.
    The Ferris wheel takes about 25 minutes in a circle, and each car can sit 4 to 6 people. Don’t worry about being airtight or too hot, you can adjust the height of the lights and the table, and connect the wireless Bluetooth control audio to the mobile phone. It can be said that it is very modern.
    The legendary Ferris wheel is a symbol of happiness, holding the other half of the hand, when the Ferris wheel reaches its highest point, kissing with lovers, will always go on. Every box in the Ferris wheel is filled with happiness. When we look up to it, we are looking up to happiness, how high the Ferris wheel is, and how high happiness is.
    Hongyang Square
    Before I said that Hongyang Future World is a theme park that integrates eating, drinking, playing, music and online red shops. If you are tired, you can go shopping at the shopping mall with more than 550,000 square meters. It is also a good choice to buy and buy to relax.
    And don’t worry about the distance between the two, the mall is seamlessly connected next to the park.
    European style street
    The European style street has attracted the attention of our party at once, and it is not easy to be so refined. Crossing the street, it is a gathering place for food.
    Food recommendation – past events in the Republic of China
    In the past of the Republic of China, as the upgraded product of Nanjing’s ace of gourmet food “Nanjing food stalls”, the past of the Republic of ChinaThere are qualitative changes in the variety of dishes and dishes.
    It is no longer based on snacks and snacks, but presents the improved Nanjing cuisine to more diners, walks through the dimly lit streets, looks at the neon lights in front of you, and the sound of the old records is very atmospheric.
    The dishes are very delicate and delicious in the setting and taste, and it is really reluctant to let go.
    Food recommendation – Niu Kehuang beef hot pot
    Friends who like to eat hot pot must not miss this store, the beef is very fresh, using the meat of the day.
    Our group of people have a sister who can’t eat spicy food and simply order a shabu-shabu. Friends who love hot pot know that the essence of hot pot is at the bottom, one in meat and dishes. Fresh beef’s base and oil are not too greasy to eat, very refreshing.
    Even if you look at the texture and color of the meat, you can find that the beef here is very fresh.
    Food recommendation 顺风123
    If you like to eat small stir-fry, you can take a look at this downwind 123. Although the taste of the Sichuan cuisine is unique, it has a unique refinement in the south.
    And this has a lot of specialties to make a great taste, whether it is a visual or taste is a feast, enjoy it.
    Food recommendation – home of Sauce
    After eating the dinner to order dessert, this home red bakery – Sauce’s home is a good choice, the most important is also located in Hongyang Plaza
    All kinds of small snacks, bread, let us can not help but add a meal, mainly the taste is tempting, the value of the flag is also passed, it is difficult to hold back and not eat!
    Through the window, you can smell the aroma of the bread that has come out, and the food must be punched in the net red shop!
    The bread is too big, you can choose to let the staff into small pieces, put into the box, easy to carry.
    Hongyang Hotel
    After a day at the amusement park, staying at the Hongyang Hotel, the spacious environment, the warm atmosphere, the exhaustion of the body was instantly lost.
    Dry and wet separation of the bathroom, washing a fragrant hot bath, is another night of good dreams.
    Everyone has a childlike heart in their hearts. Sometimes we hide it in heavy work. Sometimes we press it at the bottom of life. It is time to bring it back and explore the future. Meet your better Hongyang future world waiting for you. Come!
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