That piece of rape blossoms

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    The winter is slowly fading away, and the spring is slowly coming. Every spring, everyone seems to be eager to pursue the breath of spring, and Wuyuan is also known as “the most beautiful country in China”, which naturally becomes a major pursuit for many travel enthusiasts. At the same time, it is also a paradise for photographers. Every year, March and April, it is the season of rape blossoms. It is different from the local rapeseed, and there is a piece of film. Maybe, you will say Rapeseed flowers have not been seen before, but when you see them in pieces, how can you express your joy and surprise?
    The source of March and April, especially in March, is still a bit cold for the parents who are going to go out early and late. If the weather is raining, the chill will be more obvious, so it is best to bring one. Two warm clothes, a chestnut, can bring a coat, without losing temperature and grace. If you want to take a photo of Meimei’s photo, you can bring some brightly colored costumes, such as red, and then leave your own eternal memories in the rapeseed sea. You must know that there is a place that is easy to make a big movie.
    The specialties of Wuyuan include: red packets of lotus, steamed pork, wine trough, steam cake, dried bamboo shoots, etc. I haven’t been to the restaurant outside the village. I have never said it. Some people say it is good. Some people say it is not good. This is still to look at everyone’s preferences. I would like to recommend to everyone who I have tasted good. One is the pickled fish restaurant on my side. This is recommended by the owner of the inn. The chef who cooks is an authentic Jiangxiese who has been cooking for decades. The taste is really good. The family is a red-fired old soup noodle. It is a snack bar. There are several branches, which are affordable and delicious. Many locals also go there. Also, the local steam cakes, the dried bamboo shoots in the spring, are particularly tender, you must try it, go to a place, you must eat local characteristics, so you can not afford this trip.
    I live in a youth travel, called Huatian Town Youth Hostel, just opposite the Maternal and Child Health Hospital. It is easy to find, just on the roadside, there is a bus stop at the entrance of the hostel. In the past, it was the peak season of Wuyuan, so you can’t use group purchase, order directly online, ordinary four-person room, stayed for four nights, not expensive. The house was transformed by the boss’s own house, and it was very warm and comfortable. The boss and the boss are also very good and will give you a lot of advice. There, you can play along with the dormitory or other dorms, or you can have a chartered car. I also played with the Guangxi sister in the dormitory for three days. I am so happy to say that maybe this is the fun of traveling alone.
    Airport: There is no airport in Wuyuan. Recently, you need to go to Jingdezhen to transfer, take the train and bus.
    Railway station: Wuyuan has a train station, newly opened, so it is convenient to go to Wuyuan all over the place.
    Station: There is a bus station (between the cities), there is also a North Station (in the county), the bus to all the attractions need to be sent from the North Station, the price is 6-20
    Mo: There are also a lot of customers in the county, as long as you talk about the price in advance.
    Rental: I feel that renting is not very good, maybe it is the peak season.
    Chartered: Because the attractions of Wuyuan are scattered, it is very convenient to chartered, but also pay attention to the price, it is still expensive in the peak season, you can fight with your friends.
    [about itinerary]
    D1: Guling – Jiangwan – Wangkou – Moon Bay
    D2: Jiangling – Xiaoqi – Likeng
    D3: Wolong Valley – Rainbow Bridge – Sixi Yancun
    [about fees]
    Tickets: 270 (篁岭和江岭通票)
    Accommodation: 200
    Fares: 280
    Eating: 200
    Total: 950 (three days and four nights)
    [About the suggestion]
    1. The source of the March and April is still cold and rainy, so everyone remembers to bring warm clothes and rain gear;
    2, rapeseed has a flowering period, each year is different, roughly before and after the Qingming, the specific needs everyone to advance in the better, so as not to miss the most beautiful source;
    3, Wuyuan attractions are scattered, divided into the east line, the west line and the north line, the east line goes more, the other line of cars is a little less than the east line, the east line can take the bus, the north line suggests chartered;
    4, choose transportation can take the bus, you can call the motorcycle, of course, you can also charter, but be sure to talk about the price first, no matter at any time, remember to counter-offer;
    5, all the attractions of the car must be sent from the North Station, there are cars at 6 o’clock in the morning, the bus, some people sell tickets, the fare is 6-20, the county bus 1-2 yuan, not expensive;
    6. Regarding the scenic spots, it is recommended that: Lingling, Jiangling, Moon Bay, Wolong Valley, Rainbow Bridge, Wangkou and Xiaoqi are still OK, Likeng and Jiangwan are not interesting. It is said that Likeng and Shicheng are good;
    7, on the route, the East Line of the play, you can first the main attractions, the next secondary attractions, it is recommended to play from far and near, three attractions a day, Jiangling and Fuling need half a day, other attractions two or three hours on the line, The attractions on one line are placed on the same day, and the east line takes at least two days;8, the scenic pass is available within five days, so if the itinerary is not too fast, you can play slowly;
    9. In the spring, there are a lot of bamboo shoots. There are a lot of fresh bamboo shoots sold there. You can buy some homes. It’s a big one, not expensive. The spring bamboo shoots are really tender;
    First day (3.28)
    I got up early, and I bought breakfast with the girl in the dormitory at the shop next to the hostel. There are many snack bars, which are affordable and delicious. I bought local steam cakes and waited for the bus while waiting for the road. There is a bus stop, take the 3 bus, the third stop to the Laobei station, a piece of money, from where it is to the CMB in various scenic spots, you can see the scenic signs in the car. We will set the pass for the 12 major attractions such as the Lingling (including the upper and lower ropeways) and Jiangling, 270, a lot of cost, tickets are recommended to book in advance, after all, is the peak season, or queued up will make you very depressed.
    Today’s itinerary, according to the Qiling-Jiangwan-Wangkou-Moon Bay, so far, near and near, focus on the general. From the North Station to the Lingling, it takes about 1 hour to drive, 16 blocks, and some people sell tickets. When I arrived at the scenic spot, I saw that many people queued up to buy tickets. I don’t know why the self-service machines in the scenic spot couldn’t get tickets. Fortunately, the staff of other windows quickly solved the ticket. Going to Wuyuan, I have to go to Guling. Maybe the name of Jiangling is bigger than that of Guling, but it is true that Guling is quite worthwhile. Many locals strongly recommend it. If it is sold alone, the ticket will be 150. Most of them will choose the cableway up and down, and watching the rapeseed in the sky is also a good experience. Don’t be reluctant to make money, since you have gone, you must see the most beautiful spring is not. Luling is a combination of cableway rides, village visits to the ancient days, terraced flowers and seas, and folk customs. You can take a tour of it and recommend it to several famous attractions. Sunshine is a special feature. The so-called autumn season is to put some crops in the big raft, put them on the outside of the truss, colorful and distinct, plus black and white houses, look at it at a glance, it is very beautiful, and there are locals in the set house. Work, sell some local snacks, the room is very farmhouse. . .
    There are two bridges over there, connecting the mountains on both sides. The bridge surface is sometimes solid and sometimes transparent. The bottom of the bridge is the rape blossoms. Looking at it and properly satisfying it, then I will feel that spring is really So. Breathing the air in the mountains, watching the beauty of the mountains, the whole body will feel happy, the mountains are quite big, it takes half a day to play, the rape blossoms in the mountains and the helicopters continue to hover back and forth in the sky. . .
    Over there, there are celebrity memorial halls, characteristic streets, some mixed-wind shops, flowers and decorations in front of the door, all seem to tell the story of this store. When I met a grandfather who played the flute, I wouldn’t be afraid of the tourists’ eyes, immersed in my own world, and sometimes blew in front of the store to the tourists who came from afar, sometimes facing the mountains, facing the rapeseeds everywhere, the flute Very melodious and pleasant. . .
    Jiangwan and Yuling are on the line. There is a returning car from the entrance of the Lingling Scenic Area. Going to Jiangwan, 6 yuan, but personally feel that Jiangwan is not interesting, just with the great people, so some famous, here I will not introduce more. At the entrance of Jiangwan Scenic Spot, there are buses coming and going, stopping at the bus and going to Wangkou, 5 yuan. To be precise, Wangkou is an ancient village. It has a history of more than 1,100 years. Because it is located at the junction of Shuanghe River and has a clear water, it is named “Wangkou”. It is indeed like a big dam, and the water flows through the whole. The village, quiet, cool, tickets 60, the tour time is 2-3 hours. Maybe summer and autumn, it is more suitable to sit on the bamboo poles, enjoy the river flowing down the river, feel the wind blowing in the face, feel the water in the lake, not comfortable. In other words, the water in the lake is really clean, crystal clear, full of green, from time to time there will be local people washing clothes by the lake. . .
    Over there, the Guangxi sister said that her friend has always recommended a good restaurant. Specifically, the name is forgotten. It is the reconstruction of the house. It is a combination of accommodation and eating. Then we will follow the map for a long time. Not very good to find the feeling, the business seems to be good, we started this early dinner at four o’clock, the poached squid, the fish is very tender, delicious, dried bamboo shoots, do not know whether it is the season or the end of the unique The bamboo shoots are really tender and tender. The bacon is more flavorful than the home. The Yaojia bacon that is eaten in the Longji terraces tastes like a lot. . .
    Moon Bay:
    Moon Bay is a small attraction on the halfway of the Wuyuan East Line. It is just like the shape of the moon, the elegance of the houses in the Huizhou Huizhou, and the beautiful scenery around the mountains. The mountains are accompanied by water, the water is calm as a mirror, free of charge, not in the pass. There are a lot of cars from Wuyuan Laobei Station to the East Line, and Moon Bay is an attraction that can be reached in about ten minutes. If you need it, you can get off, but take the bus from there. It is not particularly convenient to go to other attractions. If you are not going to special photography, you can get off at the time of return trip. Before I went, I’ve already taken the lead, sayingIt is a very worthwhile trip to Moon Bay, and there is a recommendation from a small partner who has been there, so I am looking forward to it, not to mention that I have a strong interest in photography. It turns out that it is really beautiful, I am On the way back, I got off the bus, that is, in the evening, although the scenery I took was beautiful, but I didn’t take the moon bay in the sunset. It’s also a pity. Interested parents can go in the morning, in the mist. The Moon Bay under the cover is also particularly beautiful, fisherman or netting, or sitting idle, the place where photography can’t be missed. . .
    I was shooting on the side of the road. I couldn’t take a picture of the Moon Bay. In fact, I can shoot it there, but I need to go to the mountain behind me. I need to climb up. I saw some madness at that time. People are standing on the mountain to shoot, all kinds of professional equipment, but it was a little late at that time, I did not go up, failed to capture the full shape of the moon shape, it is a pity. There are also a lot of bamboo rafts for tourists to visit the lake. At that time, it is said that it is 100 筏. The specific thing is to see the ability of the shovel and the bargaining power of each person. Of course, you can also find someone to fight, and finally I If you haven’t found it, you won’t be seated. Otherwise, taking a photo of the lake is also a good experience. In general, I think it is necessary to look at this attraction, especially for photography enthusiasts. . .
    In the four nights of Wuyuan, I lived in this home, Huatian Town Youth Hostel, bed room, about 50 nights, very clean, the boss wife cleaned every day, where I met people from different places, there, and Like-minded friends to play together, where I packed up my daily journey. . .
    The next day (3.29)
    Today’s itinerary is still far and near, first major and then secondary, Jiangling – Xiaoqi – Likeng. From the North Station to the CMB in Jiangling, 20 people, about an hour’s drive, Jiangling is a representative of Wuyuan, famous, starting from the river, the road always hovering in the mountains, we get off at the top, then Starting to walk down the mountain, looking down from the river ridge, layers of terraces, winding lines, small rivers in the valley basin, three or four villages gathered by the river, surrounded by green hills, constitute a beautiful Wuyuan rural scenery Picture. When you stand on the top of the hill overlooking the terraced fields under the mountain, the terraces are like chains, and they are coiled from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. The heights are scattered, the magnificent and magnificent, the water and the blue sky complement each other, and the paintings are dotted with a small picture.撮 黛 黛 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . .
    Walking along the mountain road, there are pieces of gratifying yellow everywhere. In the mountains and fields, there will be some cartoon scarecrows from time to time. In this field of rapeseed fields, it is particularly eye-catching, and many tourists will take photos. There are scenic spots 1, 2 and 3 in the scenic spot. From the Jiangling No. 1 viewing platform, Jiangling Chunxiao walks down to the No. 2 viewing platform. This is the best location for viewing rapeseed, which is very visually impactful. You can find the road, there are signs on the roadside, and you can take pictures on the observation deck. It is a great visual angle. You can see the panoramic view of the river and the proper satisfaction. The tour time of Jiangling also takes half a day. On the roadside downhill, there will be many vendors selling local specialties and snacks. The banyan trees there are more famous, but many are fakes, and they have bought the coffin. Comb, smelling on the spot is still fragrant, there is no smell when you buy it. Ok, I am cheap. . .
    From the Jiangling scenic spot, take a bus to get off, 8 yuan a person. “The ancient trees are high and low, the mountains are close to the mountains, the forests are like smoke, and the water outside the village is like a ring.” If Wuyuan is a big green park, then Xiaoqi Village is a wonderful scenery. Simple and elegant Ming and Qing Dwellings, twists and turns of quiet streets, bluestone paved rafts, wild blue and clear natural environment, ancient trees covering the sky, the combination of heaven and man can be called China’s unique charm Cultural and ecological villages, there are not many commercializations, quiet, simple, not humble, but also a lot of famous trees, more than a thousand ancient scorpions and the rare red-leaved red saplings in the country and the national first-class tree yew yew, right, Xiaoqi is also rich in chrysanthemums, quite famous. . .
    Li Hang:
    From Xiaoxiao to Likeng’s CMB, 10 yuan a person, Li Hang, is an ancient village with Li’s residence. In addition to Moon Bay, it is the closest scenic spot to the county.The building is typical. In fact, before I went, my friends who had listened to it said that they would not recommend it. Because it was too commercialized, we also had a lot of time, just on the way back, simply went. When the scenic spot went in, there were not many people. Some people sketched there and saw the bamboo poles docked on the shore. . .
    The more you go, the more commercial, there are many local people selling local snacks, not expensive, interested parents can try. When we walked to the core of the scenic spot, there were not too many people, and there was a situation in which people were crowded. It should be known that even after the whole trip, even the popular Qiling and Jiangling did not appear. It may not be a coincidence, and there are several teachers with a large number of primary school students over there. Shops with scales and quarters, one family is not a restaurant or a shop. The river runs through the village and raises the squid that can be put into the pot at any time. The store’s voice, the voice of the tourists, breaks the quiet and detailed village. When a scenic spot is too commercial and crowded, it loses its original taste. Telling the truth, Li Hang, is not recommended. . .
    On the same day’s dinner, I went to a snack bar. There are several branches in the local area. I call the old fire-breeding old noodle soup. Many local people will also go there. They can buy a group, and the economy is full of a bowl, and the food is full. The money is enough. I believe that many people go to a place to find the most local cuisine and find the most local flavor. . .
    The third day (3.30)
    Wolong Valley:
    The two-day eastbound journey ends, and the last day of the Northern Line is started. Wolong Valley-Rainbow Bridge-Sixiyan Village. However, since the attractions of the Northern Line are not on one line, the traffic is not particularly convenient. Simply, the car is packed with other small partners of the hostel, a group of 5 people, 80 yuan per person. The car is about an hour or so. I heard that Wolong Valley is the home of Mr. Jin Yong, so there is a big stone on the entrance of the scenic spot with the words of Mr. Jin Yong.
    Wolong Valley is a bit more, the environment is really good, like climbing, outdoor people can not miss, summer is better, you can play with water. Tickets for the scenic spot 60, up and down the ropeway 100, according to the time we climbed down, the whole journey took two and a half hours, I can not stick to the mountain, I believe you can. When I went there, there was rain, but it was not big. When I first entered the scenic spot, I was stunned by the misty scene. Just like the fairyland, I stayed beautiful.
    Wolong Valley, accompanied by waterfalls, or waterfalls throughout the entire scenic area, one side is a mountain road, one side is not a waterfall, the water flowing down the waterfall, if you go in the summer, a few people, playing with water, is also very comfortable. The air in the wild is exceptionally fresh, especially after the rain, plus the mountains and the lush vegetation, just like the virgin forest, so even if you climb tired, it is a happy tired. There are waterfalls as the main feature, there are several famous waterfalls, even if they climb to the end, it is also a waterfall to end the whole process. If you lift the ropeway, you can’t feel the fun of climbing. In fact, it takes about an hour and a half to go up the mountain. It takes only one hour to go down the mountain. So don’t worry about physical problems. If you are tired and rest, it is recommended that you climb up and it is worth going. . .
    Rainbow bridge:
    Rainbow Bridge is the oldest covered bridge in China. It is also praised by many media as “the most beautiful bridge in China”. The name of the bridge is taken from the Tang poetry “Two Waters and the Mirror, the Double Bridge Falls Rainbow”, which is the symbol of Wuyuan and also the source of Wuyuan. The iconic building. The so-called covered bridge is a kind of bridge with a roof. This bridge is not only beautiful in shape, but the most important thing is that it can be used for pedestrians to rest in the rainy days. There are stone benches in the pavilion. It’s also a coincidence that it’s really raining that day. In the rain, holding an umbrella, watching the scenery around, the mountains are clear, the clear water is clear, or hiding in the covered bridge, see a photographer keep giving to his wife. Take pictures, sometimes guide, sometimes smile, affection, perhaps only they know, and others. The most famous scenic spot is the covered bridge, and the stone pier in the water on the other side is connected to the two sides of the shore. It can only be walked by one person. On the other side of the shore, there are photographers taking pictures to help you capture the most beautiful. In the scene, there will be a special photo place after landing, like to take it, 10 yuan a piece. . .
    Sixi Yancun:
    Sixiyan Village is actually two villages, Sixi Village and Yancun. Because the two villages are connected, the names are merged. Sixi Yancun enjoys the reputation of “the first village of Confucian Merchants”. It is embedded in the natural scenery of Jinfeng Xiu Ling and Qingxi Bihe. The village is ingeniously combined with the natural environment. Like painting, the artistic conception is beautiful, and the early morning in the rain, Sixi seems to be immersed in the water vapor, so that the village that was originally like ink painting has more beauty after finishing. Up to now, there are still 136 ancient dwellings in the village, which are mainly commercial houses and official houses. The style of Confucian merchants and Confucianism in the first generation is vividly displayed here. The ancient roads paved with blue slabs are criss-crossed, deep and long. Step by step on the Qingshiban Road, look for the deep ancient lanes, to visit the style of a generation of Confucian merchants, as if crossing a hundred years of history, right, there is also the location of Liaozhai. It’s a pity that the staggered ancient lanes made us lost our way. We didn’t go far to return, and we didn’t take much pictures in the rain. . .
    On the last night of Wuyuan, and the Guangxi sisters were eating at a pickled fish restaurant next to the hostel. The proprietress said that it was made by the authentic Jiangxi master, and ordered the pickled fish, steamed pork and dried bamboo shoots. I seem to be particularly fond of the bamboo shoots, I still want to eat after eating, and even now, I will never forget. Sauerkraut fish, indeed tastes good, is steamed pork, a little lower than expected, not as delicious as imagined, eat a few pieces of meat, the powder is left, two people, three dishes, can not support. . .
    All said, go to a place, you must go at the most beautiful time, so you can not afford this trip, especially for seasonal attractions, even though there are many tourists, although the price will rise, but the price will rise, but The reason why the peak season is the peak season, it must have its value. If you miss the period, you will miss the most beautiful time. So, in the March and April seasons, go to Wuyuan, where there are wild flowers and wildflowers, where there are simple and elegant Ancient village, where there are the most beautiful covered bridges in China, where the green hills are like the mountains, where the clear water is clear. . .

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