The eternal sacred world, the number of “the seven best” of Balaguezong

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    Shangri-La in paradise
    Balagzon is in the world
    Heaven can’t go too far
    But I can swim Balagzon all over again.
    It used to be a place not found on the map, and now it is gradually appearing in the public’s field of vision. Even if it is developed in less than one-tenth, it is enough to make countless tourists fascinated.
    Shangri-La is too beautiful, and Balaguezong is in the center of painting, combining nature, humanity, history, and story. One place where you can understand in depth, the eternal holy place of Balaguez, today counts your “seven most”.
    This time it was from Shantou to Shangri-La, because Shantou did not have a direct ticket to Shangri-La, so it was only possible to transfer in Kunming. Tickets were booked one week in advance. The price was around 1,200 yuan. Shangri-La has its own airport. The cities that can fly directly have Kunming and Mang. City, Chengdu, Chongqing, Lancang, Xi’an, Guilin, Baise, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Changsha, Dalian, Changzhi, Zhangjiakou, Lhasa, etc. The transit flight should pay attention to the time of the intermediate transfer. Try not to be too short, because if the pre-order flight is delayed, it is not the same airline, and it will not be paid for the next flight.
    This is the map of Shangri-La’s attractions. The Shangri-La Grand Canyon Balagzon Scenic Area is 82 km from the ancient city. It takes about an hour and a half to drive, but it is relatively safe to test. There is a special line to and from the Balaguezong scenic spot in the ancient city. It will start on time at 9:15 every day. In the peak season, the situation will be delayed by about 10 minutes. It is very convenient overall and takes about one and a half hours. If it is returned that day, the special line will be used. The time is around 5 pm.
    This is a map of the scenic spots of Balagzon. Although this area looks complicated, it is very simple to play. The main attractions are Tongtian Gorge, Grand Canyon, Bala Village, Glass Road, Shambhala Pagoda, and Attractions. There are sightseeing cars in between, regular day trips are fine, but the elite route takes two days.
    The recommended route for the 2nd Essence Tour:
    DAY1: People and Horses – Millennium Bodhi Tree – Grand Canyon – Tongtian Gorge – Tibetan Song and Dance Performance – Balag Zong Tibetan Ecological Hotel
    DAY2: Shambhala Stupa – Glass Plane Road – Bala Village – Return
     [The most sacred Millennium Bodhi: the magical bergamot]
    There is nothing strange about the world, you don’t go out, you never know that there are many magical things in this world. A bodhi tree at the entrance to Balaguezong is such a miraculous existence. Not only has it survived for more than 3,000 years on the cliff, but it has also magically grown a bergamot. It is also a local Buddha tree. Every visitor will come over. Come here to worship.
    Shangri-La has an average elevation of more than 3,000 meters. This is the Bodhi tree that I have seen so far. The highest altitude is the Bodhi tree. Because of the high altitude, Shangri-La’s winter is very cold. I don’t know how this Bodhi is going year after year. .
    Not only survives at high altitudes, but also grows under the most difficult cliffs. When you first see this linden tree, you may feel that in such a harsh natural environment, you can still grow like this. Lush, thick bamboo poles, branches and leaves filled the entire rock wall, close to the rock growth, seemingly soft bodhi, but as hard as a stone, you can see the bodhi fruit under the gap How powerful is this.
    The most surprising thing is that in the trunk of Bodhi, there is actually a bergamot. This bergamot is very slender, very like a child’s five-finger hand. One end is connected to the waist of the trunk, and one end is tightly clutched. Next to the rock, the fingers reached into the cracks of the rock and were firmly fixed there. The tourists who saw it all felt the magic of nature and the Buddhahood of this millennium Bodhi.
    This millennium Bodhi is also accompanied by local villagers from small to large god trees. In the eyes of local people, this bodhi blesses their peace and tranquility, is worshipped by the locals as a tree of gods, and fences the trunks with railings, worrying tourists Go in the bergamot who accidentally destroyed it.
    Even so, the tourists who came to visit were still in a constant stream, and they were rolling their own cash on the branches and leaves, or they were the only yellow Hada on the trunk and gave the blessing to this tree. The branches of the whole linden tree lie on the rock wall, like a long-winged Bodhi, so the locals also named this Bodhi as: Phoenix Bodhi.
    “I am a bodhi tree, my heart is like a mirror, and I am always diligent, don’t make it dusty.” Perhaps the Buddha wants to convey to me such a reason, let us maintain a vigilant and reflective attitude every day, not to be tempted by the outside world. Was confused by the name and interest, not lost in the world.
     [The most dangerous mountain road: the road to life of Balaguezong]
    Balagzon, many people don’t seem to be very familiar with this name. It is true because this place was once not found on the map. It was not until the beginning of 2000 that it was discovered by photographers, but it was really accessible to ordinary tourists. To this sacred field is a Tongtian Road that allows countless highway experts to retreat.
    In the depths of this mountain, there is still a thousand-year-old village. It takes a full seven days and seven nights for the villagers to walk out of the mountains to the county. If someone is sick, they need to go to the county to see a doctor, and seven days and seven nights, how many times? The disease that may have improved has become a terminal illness. Many people have fallen out of the mountains and are already sick.
    Therefore, a teenager named “Sna Dingzhu” in the village decided to change all of this. When he was 13 years old, he left his hometown and went to the first-tier cities to work hard to accumulate tens of millions of assets. He decided to give up when he was displaced from his hometown by the villagers. Everything that I have done to build a road to my hometown has also met with opposition from everyone.
    However, regardless of his opposition, he fought alone and sold his own hot pot city and property. He borrowed money to repair this road. After only ten years of time, this road that seems impossible to be built is miraculously It was completed, and the county town to Balaguezong was shortened from the original seven days and seven nights to the present 1.5 hours.
    Since then, Balaguezong has had its own road, 1800 meters to 4,200 meters above sea level. It is connected by a winding road in the middle. It turns around and turns around. It takes an entire hour to drive to the altitude of 4,200 meters. This is my experience. The place where the continuous bending card is the most.
    All the way, all the way to the scenery, after more than an hour of bumps, reaching the plateau at an altitude of 4,200 meters, there is a feeling of tears, the Sanctuary of the Shenfeng, an unforgettable scenery forever, is in front of you, at your fingertips.
     [The most quaint village: the village of Bara that has disappeared for more than 1300 years]
    No one can think of it. In the hidden mountains here, there is still an ancient village of 1300 years, Bala Village, an ancient village that has been isolated for more than 1300 years. Until 2008, the road was repaired. Brighten your coordinates on the map.
    So how did this mysterious village come from? It is said that more than 1300 years ago, a tribal leader in the Batang area, in order to avoid the pain caused by the ruthless war, led his department to search for the Shambhala Kingdom recorded in the Tibetan scriptures. He put everything down and left himself. The Jiangshan, which was laid down, came to the foot of Gizong Snow Mountain and established his own ancient village, Bara Village. From then on, he lived a life like a world.
    Today’s Bala Village still lasts for more than 1300 years of tranquility and simplicity. Surrounded by alpine valleys, you can see snow-capped snow-capped mountains. The villagers here are hardworking and simple, and the men and women are woven. Every family has their own cattle and sheep. Self-sufficient happy life.
    Of course, Tibetan dwellings live. The buildings here are all civil structures. If you look closely, you will find that the walls are made of large stones. This architectural style is also built with the local climate. Such a building is warm in winter and cool in summer, and has good seismic performance. The roof is sloping, which can reduce the impact of rain and snow on the roof. The house is generally divided into three floors, the ground floor is for cattle and sheep, while the second floor is for own living, and the third floor is for warehouse.
    In the untouched ancient village, walk into a Tibetan dwelling, feel the centuries-old history, drink a fragrant butter tea, and enjoy some uninterrupted leisure time.
    If you are staying, you can choose to stay at the foot of the mountain or choose the village of Bala at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. However, if there is a chance, the trip does not catch up. I recommend staying in the village of Bara on the mountainside. Sunrise and sunset in the mountains, morning light, The tranquility and isolation of the world, as well as the cultural atmosphere that has settled in the time, can be deeply felt here.
    By the way, you must eat a local Tibetan small hot pot, pure yak, and Tibetan pigs walking on the road, you can taste it here.
     [The most amazing mountain, the mountain is the tower, the tower is the mountain]
    On the plateau of more than 4,000 meters, because the traffic is not very convenient, there are very few tourists who can see the tower, and few people know that there is such a mountain. In the eyes of the locals, this is the pagoda that they are familiar with, because the whole mountain is like a stupa, so the locals gave the mountain a name: “Shambhala Pagoda.”
    Many people go to Balagzon to play, only play for a day, and the day’s itinerary is not to see the Shambhala Pagoda, only two days of travel, or those outdoor deep walkers, have the opportunity to see this place. GodThe mountains of the mountains are true, so many people who go to Shangri-La do not know the mountain, but this does not prevent this mountain from being in the hearts of the people of the Bala Village, second only to the lofty status of the first Shenshan Gezong Snow Mountain.
    When I first saw this mountain, I was shocked. How could there be a mountain that looks like a stupa? The general peaks are mainly khaki, but this mountain is magical snow white because it is more than 4,000 meters above sea level. At the beginning of the plateau, I thought it was the snow on the mountain peak, but when it was clear, it was not. The color of the mountain peak was snow white, and the snow white made the mountain look more sacred.
    The natural stupa hidden in the mountains is echoed by the first peak of Shangri-La, the Gyeongsang Snow Mountain. It is located on a plateau with an altitude of more than 4,000 meters. It is very rare. If there is no long-distance pilgrimage, it is difficult to meet this pagoda. Even if you drive up, you have to go through countless nine turns and eighteen bends, which takes more than one hour.
    The Shambhala Pagoda has a lofty weight in the hearts of people in the village of Bala. According to legend, the old lama cultivated into a fairy here and finally turned into a mountain. However, no matter whether it is a myth or a legend, no matter whether it is the magic of nature or not, At all times, we must pay awe of nature, and people and nature can live in harmony and be sustainable.
    From wearing short sleeves to wearing large cotton jackets, it is an hour, the altitude of 4,200 meters is the pasture, the temperature is only a few degrees, the sun and the wind, the breeze is a little cold, the first time I feel that we are so close to heaven, As if you are tipping your toes, you can touch the sky. At this moment, the breathing has become a little short. I don’t know if it is caused by the high altitude here or the inner excitement.
     [China’s highest glass path]
    The glass pavement has seen a lot, but the highest glass path is the first time I saw it. The vertical height of more than 3,000 meters, the head is the sacred mountain peak, the foot is the cliff, feeling the heartbeat.
    The transparent glass reflects the purest blue sky and white clouds. It is a big film of the mirror of the sky. Let people go to the glass and start your performance.
    Underneath is a rafting river at an altitude of 1800 meters. Looking down from the heights, the entire Grand Canyon has a panoramic view. There are also zip lines under construction. Yes, it is stimulating to cross the gorge of the Grand Canyon.
    Change the telephoto and feel the shock of the vertical screen. This canyon scenery can be hike and drifting. Because there is more rain recently, the river is a bit muddy, and the rainy season is green and clear.
     [The highest mountain in Shangri-La: Gezong Snow Mountain]
    At 80,400 meters above sea level, Gezong Snow Mountain is the highest mountain in Shangri-La. It is also the first mountain in the area. There is no climbing record at present and no outsiders are allowed to climb.
    Every year, the misty and greedy Gezong Snow Mountain is presented in front of us with a mysterious veil. Occasionally, one or two winds blow through it, and you can see its majestic outline faintly. It is said that people with a relationship can see the true face of the Gezong Snow Mountain. But it is also good to keep the mysterious appearance, at least to evoke the public’s curiosity and to arouse people’s yearning for it.
    For us, this is a yearning for the local people. There are many people in Tibet who are so eager to get close to the beliefs in their hearts, to cultivate this life, to cross the world, and to be the inner world. What kind of value system is there.
    The Sanctuary of Shenfeng, Gaojie and Yongyong, I don’t know how many heavens and auras are formed to form today’s appearance. The last pure land on earth, let it continue to remain mysterious, where no one is going, or if there is a god to live.
     [The most spectacular canyon wonders]
    The peak of four or five kilometers across the Taiwan Strait, the river is squeezed over more than 1,000 meters, and the deep and deep canyons, like the works of art written by God, are lingering in people’s minds.
    Next to the river is a Tibetan-style ecological hotel. It is one of the few hotels in Balaguezong. It feels good to sleep in the embrace of Dashan. On the other side of the hotel, the people were stunned. When the people of the Bala Village walked out of the mountains, they were on such a road. They still had no railings and locks. It is conceivable that the people of the Bala Village at that time were so hard.
    Walking in the path of the canyon in person, there is a feeling that “the two sides of the snoring can not hold, the canoe has passed the Wanzhong Mountain”, the fun of Balaguezong is that it has an altitude gradient, from low to high, and From high to low, you can feel the changes of the four seasons.
    After three kilometers of the Grand Canyon, it is the end of the river. It is also the starting point of drifting. The water flowing from the source of the canyon is as clear as green, and there is spirituality in the place where there is water. The original Balaguezong also has a soft side.
    Flowing water with mountains, Tongtian Gorge is also a spectacle of Balaguezong, stepping up the stairs, walking between the cliffs, deep into the abdomen of the canyon, and feeling the beauty of the Grand Canyon from a distance.
    A clear spring is undoubtedly the crowning touch of this canyon gallery, which softens the stamina of the canyon and also makes the static canyon move.
    At this point, the “seven best” has been completed, and the wonderfulness of Balagzon is far more than this. This is a young place. It is only 10 years old since its development. This is also a potential place where we can play. It is only one-tenth of Balaguezong. What kind of surprises will Balagzon give us over time? let us wait and see!

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