There is a sea in the north and a life in the south – a leisure time in Qingdao

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[There is a sea in the north, born to the south]
    When you are young, you always like to run against the wind. The hair that is bitten off is a little frivolous. As time goes by, we will miss, forget, and even deviate from the original one. But everything is fine, you can chase after the wind, you can go where you want to go, such as the distance, such as the sea, such as a city with flowers.
    Qingdao, a small town by the sea, she is gentle and tender, she is a petty bourgeoisie, she is bold and unrestrained, and she gathers into a different kind of her. Counting the fingers counts the number of times I have been to this small town that is not far away from me, once, twice, three times… I can’t tell why I rushed to her like this when I was young, this time, Even because of a girl’s meeting, she rushed to catch a train and approached her again. In the warmth of time, she touched her temperature.
    [about wo warm]
    a literary and sometimes fascinating me
    I want to go from the south to the north, then from the east to the west.
    a memorable but loving me
    That’s it
    I want to sprinkle a little wild
    [Between red tiles and green trees, listening to an old story in Qingdao]
    Qingdao is a blue sky and a blue sky, and we are walking along the street. All kinds of buildings are surrounded by green trees. The crossroads are pedestrians waiting for the green light. Going back and forth around the old buildings around the trestle, quietly savoring the time of the old Qingdao.
    Standing on the balcony of the hotel, overlooking the sea outside the window, overlooking the trestle at the southern end of Zhongshan Road, the waves are stirring in the wind, the bridge is full of tourists coming from afar, they are going or staying, I want to go out for a moment, the beauty will be Zoom in a lot.
    Zhongshan Road in Qingdao, a time-honored street, the most unforgettable is the foreign building under the green trees. The Catholic Church, the Governor’s Office… Precipitating the European style of historical texture, you can always cross in the gap between your mind and wandering, like you are in other places. Layers of history open the dust of the past, looking back at the centuries-old Zhongshan Road, the vicissitudes of the years, only to show the different feelings of today and today.
    We are swaying on the side of the road, throwing away the navigation, relying only on the eyes, seeing where,Then I went there. Therefore, the scene of the street haircut was taken into my sight. For me, such a scene is not the first time I met. On that day, it was under the bright daylight, and I was born with emotions. The softness of my heart was touched. At that moment, I was grateful that I could follow my heart like this and meet. Unfamiliar city, stranger.
    Going to the end of Zhongshan Road, passing through the crowds, we smirk at the trestle. Time went by and I met the girl in a long-planned trip. At that time, we didn’t know that the fate could be extended to the present. It seems that we have become the best travel partner. Yes, the reason why you are so beautiful, I think it is thanks to me outside the shutter.
    Stepping on the shadow of time, we have been moving forward, shaking hands with the ignorant self of the past, the waves are big, the reef will always give it the greatest tolerance, in order to bloom the magnificent waves. Everything is wonderful and interesting between heaven and earth. Just as we met, we have not lost.
    Qingdao Trestle Bridge has a history of more than 100 years. We are now carefully climbing the reef and looking at the sea in the distance. I don’t know if the reef here is so quiet and far away.
    Walking and walking, staying on the road in Zhejiang, at a glance is the holy place of wedding photos – Catholic Church.
    In fact, every time I go to Qingdao, the Catholic Church will always go there. I don’t know if it is a smooth road, or what? Only this time, we met a tree blossom next to the church. We are young girls, no matter what kind of difficulties they are experiencing, the corners of their eyes must be bent into crescents and laugh at everything. Just as this tree blossoms, we can make it dangling, taking pictures for a long time, without him, just because I like it.
    The Catholic Church of Zhejiang Road is the largest Gothic building in Qingdao, also known as the “St. Michael’s Cathedral”. The church is in the shape of a Latin “Ten” with two symmetrical and towering bell towers on both sides. There are 4 huge bronze bells hanging in the upper part, and the bells are melodious and harmonious. There is a huge rose window above the gate, with crosses on each side. The church stands between the thousand buildings of Wanyu, and the lush green leaves are so busy that it cannot hide the solemnity and solemnity.
    The roadside, the big sister who sells the dumplings, and the dog who is sitting on the floor. This may be the most leisurely time for Qingdao people, busy and leisurely.
    Walking aimlessly, it seems that every street here is a good place to framing, you can kick in, or you can go crazy, you and me are the most crazy you. Who knows how long we will wait for the next meeting.
    All the way, all the way, waiting for a shuttle bus to the future, with the past parting, with strange acquaintance, until the end of life, sigh, okay, there is you on the road. Girl, girl who wants to be happy, we say good, the next time we meet, it is each with their loved ones wandering around the world.
    [We are sitting at the beach, waiting for the wind to wait for someone]
    Qingdao, for me, is a city with many colors.
    She is close, sometimes far away; sometimes strange, sometimes familiar.
    The sea breeze sweeps across the skin, and some people and things are less important.
    At a lazy pace, I walked to the Eight Great Passes and shaded the poems. The Badaguan is actually a combination of a park and a courtyard. There are lush trees everywhere, flowers blooming in all seasons, and the variety of street trees in ten roads.
    The peach blossoms of Shaoguan Road, flowering in spring, pink as the belt; Ziwei of Zhengyangguan Road, blooming in summer; Wujiao Maple of Juyongguan Road, autumn frost-dyed maple red, adding beauty, Zijingguan Road is lined with cedars, four seasons Changqing Ning Wuguan Road is a sea otter… From the beginning of spring to the end of autumn, the flowers bloom continuously.
    Time is really a thief, stealing memories worthy of recollection.
    Fortunately, always leave a trace of colorful colors for people to laugh.
    Yes, fortunately, someone is accompanying, but fortunately, there are hospitality;
    Fortunately, you can do what you want to do.
    The May Fourth Square was named after Qingdao for the great May Fourth Movement in China’s modern history. The plant arrangement of the May Fourth Square is dominated by the cold-season lawns of evergreen seasons. The maps of small dragons, golden leaf nymphs, turtle early winter greens, purple leaves and small flowers, and rose flowers are used to form large color blocks, pines and cypresses. Acacia and other flowers and trees embellish it, blending with the main sculpture and the natural environment of Haitian, it has become the landmark of Qingdao in the new century.
    Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center is located on the bank of Fushan Bay in the Eastern New District of Qingdao. The original site of Beihai Shipyard is adjacent to Wusi Square and Donghai Road. The famous scenic spot “Yandao Qiuchao” is located in the southeast corner of Yan’er Island Mountain in the base. The 29th Olympic Games and the 13th Paralympic Sailing Competition were held here.
    Standing on the shore, watching the galloping sailboats on the water, some are full of tourists, and some are empty and floating on the water. Everything goes with the flow and everything is free. I always think that human beings are reincarnation, but we can’t do what we will do in the next life. If we are not adults, we should be a bird or a voyage boat. We can go far. Where to go from there.
    Qingdao, the more times it is going, the more strange it is. It is like a long-time old friend who can’t tell the unclear relationship. I thought we had a thorough understanding, but we walked in. The more you read, the wind and the sun.
    [Walk through the tunnel, and enjoy a beautiful sleep in Huangdao]
    Established in the early 20th century, the Qingdao Railway Station is a classic Gothic building that still retains its original features. Sneak into the train station, take a tunnel bus to Huangdao, go to Golden Beach, and sleep beautifully in Shangke.
    Getting off at Jinshatan, a backpack and a camera is the standard for me to go out. What’s more, Qingdao is just the next door to my city. I only want to come out. The warm daylight shines on the beach, shining with golden light, and the warmth of autumn is spread from the surrounding to the whole body. Young people and children looking at the beach are immersed in selfIt’s a happy thing to think about it in my own world. I’m staring at them and seeing me, a little bit lonely. However, this is nothing terrible, just because I am happy inside.
    Golden Beach is on Jinsha Road in Huangdao District, Qingdao. The South Yellow Sea, with a crescent-shaped extension, is more than 3,500 meters long and 300 meters wide. The water beach of Jinsha Beach is flat, the sand is as fine as powder, the color is like gold, the sea water is blue, and the water is full of color, so it is called “Golden Beach”. If you say that the beach of this golden beach is the sand beach with the finest sand, the largest area and the most beautiful scenery in China, it is called “the first beach in Asia”. In this way, if you have not been to Golden Beach, it is a pity. It is better to find a time to go to the golden beach to wave a wave, and by the way, go to the nearby Shangke beautiful and sleep.
    All the way to the bus, arrived at the Yunhai City of Xiangjiang Second Road, and finally arrived at the Shangkeyou Hotel according to the navigation. It is my original reason to come to the beautiful and beautiful sleep.
    From the appearance, Shangkeyou is the size of a chain hotel. Shangkeyou Express Hotel is the first in China to propose a second- and third-tier city, specializing in the market positioning of small and medium-sized chain hotel brands, and the first management system in line with the operation of China’s second- and third-tier city chain hotels. After years of development, it has become the first brand of chain hotels in China’s second and third tier cities and the top ten chain hotel brands in China. From this point of view, chain hotels of this size are certainly desirable in terms of services and facilities. Let me feel it.
    Outside the door of the Shangkeyou Chain Hotel, you can see the hotel tenet of “Shangke beautiful and beautiful sleep”. I want to come. I also slept in many different types of hotels in Nanbei, which is the signature of Shangkeyou. Let me sleep this evening, then start with the front desk staff at check-in.
    Into the lobby of Shangkeyou, the scale is not very large, but it is enough to be transparent, clean and simple is a small warmth. I sit in the chair and rest in the gap, there are many young people coming to check in, I still Imagine that the location of this hotel is not a luxury street, how can there be such a constant stream of guests coming. After the communication, I realized that there were exams in those days. It was close to the school, so the room was full.
    The service staff who looked at the front desk had been busy with work and gave me a good check-in. I then transferred to the elevator and went upstairs to rest.
    One side of the elevator is a poster of Shangkeyou, and it is really a ubiquitous “beautiful sleep”.
    Pushing in the door, you can see the window through the gauze at a glance, because the house is tense, only the twin room is left. On one side is the sink, the towel with the Shangkeyou logo is hung, and the one side is the scrubbing supplies, which are neatly arranged.
    Shangkeyou Hotel advocates synchronization with the times and fashion, combining beautiful hotels with beautiful sleep mechanisms to create a brand that is “sweet and beautiful”, creating a simple but fashionable hotel space for guests. As the most beautiful budget hotel, the hotel’s service details are lean and rescue, to meet the higher demand of the increasingly younger consumer groups.
    Simple and stylish wallpapers, orange lights, and sly window screens are all important elements of warmth. This kind of careless little warmth is still very good. Lying on a soft bed, bored over the phone, this is the most pleasant thing for time.
    The floor mats and slippers hidden under the table are very secure.
    The bathroom is small, but it is complete and comfortable to use.
    It is quite convenient to stay at the Shangkeyou Hotel in Huanghai Yunhai City. When you go out to Xiangjiang Road, you will have a bus stop to go to the city or attractions. Opposite the hotel is Yunhai City. The restaurants on the 4th floor of the mall are all kinds of restaurants. Whether it is seafood or western food, you can choose whatever you want. But it will make you feel good, and you don’t have to worry about breakfast. The bakery and coffee shop on the first floor of the mall will make you feel at home.
    Sitting on the bed, seeing myself in the opposite mirror, starting to recall, more and more travel, I have not looked at myself for a long time, is it really as they say, once they are 25 years old, girls It began to grow old. All the way, all the way, just in the hotel, forget about the busy work, in a pretending nothing to do, in a strange city hotel, thinking about the future.
    I don’t know, I am used to a person’s coming and going. In Shangkeyou, I didn’t feel lonely, but comfortable and practical. I think it may be because the work is coming to an end, or it may be the good feeling that the city brings to me. Or this hotel gives me a comfortable experience. For whatever reason, this feeling is real and comfortable.

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