Through a wind and snow, meet the south of Caiyun (Kunming, Lijiang, Dali)

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Travel break
    I would like to have a year of recruitment, join hands with my lover, and go to the south of a colorful cloud;
    Walk through the “land of seagulls” in Dianchi, Kunming, and see the colorful lakes in Cuihu;
    Listening to the lectures of the University of Yunnan University, recalling the campus time;
    When you have been to the top of the Bohai Sea, you will see at the glance of the sea;
    Crossing the Lijiang River in a snowy month, the capital of Yan Yan;
    You are sitting, I am on the right, just at the southern end of the world.
    ————Dedicated to the south of Caiyun
    About the author
    After graduating, I always wanted to travel a long distance, but because the work was too busy, I often ignored people around me and let myself fall into a confused state. Or the heart is not strong enough, or because he is alone and can’t really be with me, so this trip has not arrived.
    Some people say that people should not go too fast in their lifetimes. If they go too fast, they will fall. Slightly slow down so that others will have the chance to come to your side with a surprise. So for some days, I started to slow down my pace, go to the coffee shop to have a quiet, write a story about myself; go to exercise and let the body sweat! Go to the cities and meet with friends and colleagues. And also to meet new people.
    However, life is often full of surprises. In the past, the girl who was still confused, now has one more person. And this time, they went hand in hand to Yunnan, they are going to find the unique South of the colorful clouds.
    I have seen the beautiful scenery of Dianchi Lake and came to the scene with the red-billed gull.
    Inadvertently became the mouth of the red-billed gull, but it was confused by the beauty of Green Lake.
    Relive the campus time and listen to the slang of the students.
    Walking through the ancient city of Dali, I saw the Fanghua of the “Pearl Gege”.
    I have been to the top of the Bohai Sea, and I am both at the glance.
    I heard that the “City of Aventure” added a quiet, I will take a look.[Transportation]:
    I traveled from Haikou on this trip and the destination went directly to Kunming, Yunnan.
    Kunming: Haikou Meilan Airport – Kunming Changshui Airport – Dianchi
    Among them, go to the Dianchi route [1, take the subway line 6, after 3 stations, to the east bus station. 2. Transfer to Metro Line 3, after 10 stops, arrive at Liangjiahe Depot (Xiyuan Road) Station. 3. Arrive in Kunming Mumu Xi Inn by the drop (The hotel is very close to Dianchi, Yunnan University and Cuihu Park.)
    Dali: Kunming West Bus Terminal (about 8.2Km from the hotel) – Dali Express Bus Terminal – Hotel special car arrives at Dali Ancient Town Qingqingzi Inn.
    Lijiang: Dali Express Bus Terminal – Lijiang Bus Terminal – Hotel Special Car to Lijiang Yuxue Qingjing Boutique Inn
    It is recommended that if you are on this route, it is best to use a scenic spot to set up a hotel. Many hotels recommended by the sleeper must pick up the service, which is very convenient.
    Tickets and tickets:
    Haikou-Kunming round-trip ticket: about 1400 yuan
    Kunming West Bus Terminal – Dali Express Bus Terminal: 79 yuan.
    Dali Express Bus Terminal – Lijiang Bus Terminal: 80 yuan
    Other expenses can be calculated according to the actual situation.
    Tickets for various attractions:
    Round trip to the Dianchi cableway: 65 yuan.
    No tickets are required for Cuihu Park, Yunnan University and Dali Ancient City.
    Bohai: 140 yuan
    Lijiang Ancient City (Bao Qian Gu Qing): 360 yuan
    Hotel fee:
    Kunming Mu Mu Xi Inn (two days): 536 yuan
    Dali Ancient City Qingqingzi Inn (two days): 312 yuan
    Lijiang Yuxue Qingjing Boutique Inn (two days): 280 yuan
    other fee:
    According to the individual’s decision, I spent about 1000 or so.
    In my opinion, I like Yunnan cuisine across the bridge and the baked potatoes that are everywhere in the street. The fragrant streets are the most unforgettable.
    In fact, Yunnan people also like to eat spicy, green peppers, soup will be sprinkled with some peppers, the paprika that is spread over there is fragrant and spicy, with a little baked potatoes, it is perfect!
    Of course, except for the ones I mentioned, the foods from all over Yunnan are brought together by everyone.
    A delicious wave of authentic snacks:
    The other is fried artichokes. In fact, artichokes are potatoes, and there are places called potatoes.
    If the bridge rice noodle is the first feature of Yunnan, then the fried artichoke is the second.
    Fried artichokes can be seen everywhere. It is a street-top snack, including Lijiang, Dali and Kunming.
    The taste of fried artichokes is completely different from other places. The potatoes are tender and tender, and they bite down and become crispy. Some of the hot-skinned artichokes are very tasty.
    But for me, fried artichokes are not my ace, and the baked potatoes are the most delicious in the local chili noodles in Yunnan.
    The other is fried artichokes. In fact, artichokes are potatoes, and there are places called potatoes.
    If the bridge rice noodle is the first feature of Yunnan, then the fried artichoke is the second.
    Fried artichokes can be seen everywhere. It is a street-top snack, including Lijiang, Dali and Kunming.
    The taste of fried artichokes is completely different from other places. The potatoes are tender and tender, and they bite down and become crispy. Some of the hot-skinned artichokes are very tasty.
    But for me, fried artichokes are not my ace, and the baked potatoes are the most delicious in the local chili noodles in Yunnan.
    I don’t have much to say about Dali raw hides. I personally are not used to eating.
    You can go there and taste it. It is estimated that many foreigners are not used to eating.
    Of course, the bait block is stillIt fits my taste!
    When the bait block was just taken out, it was a hard piece. After a slight roasting, a big bubble was raised from the middle, and it was turned over and baked for a few seconds. Apply peanut butter or spicy bean curd sauce to the middle of the baked bait. Roll on the potato, ham, fritters and omelet to eat!
    This kind of street food is everywhere. When it comes to the fact that it is not authentic, I don’t care about it.
     In Lijiang, meet the most interesting street drink shop:
    In addition to all kinds of local snacks in Yunnan, I am afraid that I most want to stop at a street drink shop in Lijiang.
    So in the food section, I want to introduce it in a big space. After all, in a good street shop in Lijiang Old Town, it is quite rare. When you meet a favorite, you always want to introduce it to everyone. Good things must be shared with everyone!
    The sky was very blue that day, and I accidentally encountered the Lijiang UFO cloud.
    I am still eager to have a long-lost tea in the ancient city of Lijiang, so this “叁仟二” street drink shop appeared in front of me. I have walked through so many teas. I think this should be the most distinctive street drink shop I have ever seen in Lijiang. I have more care and exquisiteness than other street drinks shops. I have more than a noisy bar. A special clean and warm.
    Most of the furnishings in the store have a classic style. What impressed me the most is the tea box with the words “3200” printed on the front floor and on the second floor stair, almost on the wall side by side. Girls can take pictures. Come as a background wall.
    Of course, this typeface also has a special meaning.
    “3200” represents a period of 3,200 years, and a tree on the word is an ancient tea tree named “Jianxiu Tea Zu” in Fengqing County, Yunnan Province. It is said that this ancient tea tree survived 3,200 years, so every The person who went to the store, who had a cup of black tea, drank a 3,200-year history.
    I believe that many people especially like nostalgic decorations, and of course I am no exception.
    Especially this ancient ornament is simply addictive.
    Dried flowers are placed everywhere in the store, plus these seemingly “old” counters and decorations. The old plane hangs on the ceiling, along with other furnishings, as if to perform a “battle” ready to go.
    The tea is not much to say, and it is very thoughtful. My little girl’s heart has been motivated.
    After walking to the second floor, I suddenly found that “叁仟二” has risen a grade in my heart.
    The faint sunlight penetrated into the sofa and covered the entire room with a light temperature.
    Listening to the melodious singing on the first floor, I drank a warm black tea, and the afternoon tea time was long and boring.
    Half of the tea was drunk, and the waiter’s sister told me to visit the products in their store.
    I didn’t have any interest in drinking tea. I refused at first, but when I arrived at the destination, it was really a packaging for the “叁仟二” product. I was full of praise.
    The product range is divided into four categories: Panda, Flying Tigers Commemorative Edition, Love Diary, Hell Angel, Adam and Eve. Listening to the name is not very interesting. These models include the type of hump selection, flower tea, and fruit tea. The taste is not heavy, and it is fine for one week.
    But the most satisfying girl’s heart is the tapered bubble bag! As a veteran value control, I saw it at the first sight and bought it. It’s really awesome, and it’s packed with 7 different flavors. It’s not too good.
    Also ordered a cup of 3200 original tea latte, plus ice. For me who have always had high requirements for the milk cap, I was surprised by this. The sweet but not greasy milk cover gently covers the top of the latte and prints the words “3200”, which is always unbearable to destroy its appearance. While drinking milk tea, the coffee also enters the throat, and the cold taste is melted into the throat, which is enough to make people feel good.
    The two cups are called: “Mrs. Chennard” and “Summer Air Training”.
    “Mrs. Chennard” is slightly sweet, adding fresh and delicious orange, mixed with the taste of sweet-scented osmanthus and passion fruit, and wandering in the mouth, you can taste the sweet-scented osmanthus, and can be conquered by the sweet and delicious orange.
    However, I still prefer “summer air training”, because this summer, the taste of lemon can both quench thirst and rejuvenate beauty.
    When I came to Lijiang, I bought a lot of gifts, and I was destined to have a “叁仟二” gift box.
    So I chose the Conical Teabag and the Flying Tigers Commemorative Edition, and I plan to take it home.
    Like this kind of teabag, it is most suitable to buy and give away people, and the light appearance can capture people’s hearts.
    There are not only tea bags of all tastes, but also very cute little spoons.
    Secretly tell you that this street drink shop is located at 13-15 East Street, Licheng Old Town (No. 85, Jishan Lane, Xinyi Street). You can’t miss it when you come back.
    From the beginning of college, the place that I want to go most is Yunnan.
    I heard that the four seasons are like spring, the sun is shining on the top of the head, and even the breeze is always in the ancient city.In fact, I went there once in the early years, but I went to the small county town and walked around for a day in the ancient city of Kunming. I went home and went home. This time, not only with the unfinished dreams of the year, but also for the initial love of tourism.
    After walking out of the hotel early in the morning, I went to Dianchi Lake.
    That was the first time I saw Dianchi, and it was the first time I saw a red-billed gull.
    In the morning, the red-billed gulls flew overhead, and they could easily intersect with humans, even if it was only one side.
    The red mouth, the feet, the gray wings, the end always does not reduce the dark color. Flying free and happy, when flying alone, it becomes a beautiful scenery. When you are in groups, the scene is spectacular and amazing.
    In the past, the connection between the pigeons and the pigeons was “disgusted”, but now the red-billed gull has fulfilled the gentleness of my closeness to the animals.
    The sun that just rises, revealing the white belly.
    On the undulating surface of the lake, there are layers of ripples that reflect another water world.
    People walked on the path and the camera was fixed at this moment.
    At dusk, red-billed gulls flew over and they flew to which side.
    The wonders of the sky are unique in Kunming.
    I rushed to the Cuihu Park with the bus, and just happened to meet the dance. Everyone walked hand in hand and laughed long.
    The lake is still picturesque, and the lush trees are reflected on the lake, just like another country built on the lake.
    Capture the picture of the red-billed gull eating, they are really beautiful.
    The sun was shining in the house, the flowers in the yard opened, and the green trees were bright.
    My heart is clear, too.
    The red-billed gull’s wings crossed the water, and there was a high level of water. The boat sailed with the waves, quiet and beautiful.
    The first time I came to Yunnan University, I was shocked by the color and style of the building here.
    The all-in-one red-red tone seems to be able to complement the sky, which may be the unique style of Yunnan University.
    Passing through the green grassland, picking a wildflower after the afternoon.
    The most amazing thing is the Fanghua of the library. Looking up is a glance.
    Yunnan University to the public hall, hiding in the depths of the campus classical.
    I hope to have someone like you,
    Such as the refreshing wind in the mountains, such as the warm light of the ancient city,
    From early morning to night, from the mountain to the study
    As long as it is you, it will be fine.
    Here is Dali, an ancient city that is always in the breeze.
    I have come to Dali for countless times, and of course I was a childhood dream.
    I always feel that it is beautiful and beautiful, and the United States has a lot of scenery in the world.
    It wasn’t until I came here that I found everything really as I thought. Here, I was really amazing.
    The lake of the ancient city can be seen clearly, and the pointed corner of the tower seems to pass through the clouds.
    Every time you breathe a breath, you can feel the ultimate purity.
    The small garden is unique, but this time it is no longer one person.
    I put on national earrings and put on national shawls. I am the one here.
    I heard that the night view of Dali Ancient City is beautiful, then I will use the camera to set this time.
    On the second day of Dali, I went to the rumored Bohai Sea.
    From the first sunshine in the morning to the embellishment after dusk, I stopped here.
    The morning sun rose slightly and looked at the blue and cloudy.
    Look at the blue sky and hold up a white cloud on the sea.
    Listen to the endless depths of the ear.
    A gentle battle between me and the sea.
    Never thought that Bohai was so wonderful.
    On the other side of the sea, one eye is both a sea and a sea.
    Bougainvillea has become a “fresh color” on the sea, and it also adds a different kind of tranquility to the heart.
    It is the tree of the Bohai Sea, standing in the middle of the sea, writing miracles with life.
    The bicycle in the cape has left the time, but I don’t know who is here to love it.
    I accidentally bumped into the UFO cloud and reached out to touch it.
    Wait, wait, finally wait until dusk, the fishing boat of the double corridor is still driving on the sea, but like a dreamlike scenery.
    And my distance from the Bohai Sea is close at hand.
    The second time I came to the ancient city of Lijiang, it was still the blue sky and white clouds of the year, but it was a bit more quiet.
    Just hit the locals wearing national costumes and immediately took pictures of this beautiful scenery.
    Every step is a scene, the red lanterns that have been hanging have not disappeared, they are all the same year.
    The most favorite is still the work of the grandmother, bought a few sisters who plan to go back to their own.
    Carry a wish, write a blessing, and send it a thousand miles.
    Light the river lantern by hand and send it a ride, let it take my wishes to the distance.
    The most beautiful thing is the flowers and trees of Lijiang, and the ancient city culture that has not disappeared.
     [Travel Inspiration]:
    This trip to Yunnan gave me a journey away from an industrialized city.
    Whether it is the scenery of the lake garden in Kunming, the Haitian line in the Bohai Sea, or the gentleness of the ancient city of Lijiang, I feel full peace and comfort in my heart. Here, I can abandon those troubles, sorrows, and unhappiness, just to be myself.
    For those who love the scenery, I will go to the world in the future to find unique scenery around the world.
    In the south of Caiyun, I have a chance to see you again.

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