vast Xinjiang, niche gameplay (including Kala Jun, Jiang Brake, Yining Tex)

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    When many people hear about Xinjiang, they are the words “unsafe”. I don’t know when Xinjiang became synonymous with danger. In the eyes of the parents, Xinjiang is still not safe, but in the eyes of our young people, there is no safety and insecurity. His beautiful scenery has always attracted me. Alpine snowy prairie desert… I love the vastness and I am attracted.
    This time, there was an opportunity. In the middle of May, I came to Xinjiang. What Xinjiang is most impressed with is the safety that people in Xinjiang say. There is a public security station in the city within 500 meters. Each hotel has four security personnel, no matter the size. The bigger the hotel, the more security, the safety inspection of each scenic spot, no matter the size, the aircraft is strictly not.
    So, ask, how safe is this in Xinjiang? And every staff member in the Kala Jun Scenic Area is very friendly and will say hello when you meet. It was only after I came here that the snow-capped mountains and prairies here are vast, and every eye is a favorite. The shutter does not stop. The photos are not enough for the computer memory. The small partners in Xinjiang say that they are staying in a fake Xinjiang…
    Not much to say, open my journey to Xinjiang~!
    The trailer is a mountain snowy prairie, with a photo of Miss Sister.
    It’s the vastness that I like, the vastness that I can’t give up with a few eyes.
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     [About the author]
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     [Preparation before the trip]
    1. Cards: ID cards, bank cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses (if you have them) are brought well, and other special certificates are included. But also pay attention to bring some cash on the body. Although the Internet is very developed now, not all places can be swiped or WeChat and Alipay are paid, so Ma Dad still needs to continue to work hard.
    2, ticket map class: determine the travel time, choose the travel vehicle in advance, the plane or the train, it is best to download an app, you can check at any time, then the map, the drop of the city’s traffic routes and ride routes .
    3, digital categories: including mobile phones, charging treasure, patch panels (especially photographers, a variety of messy devices), a variety of chargers, photographic equipment), USB data cable, if the photographer wants to film the same day If you send it, you can bring a computer. It is best to bring a thin and light book, otherwise it will be a little heavy.
    4, clothes: according to the local weather with clothes, hats and other small accessories can also be considered.
    I have long heard about the climate in Xinjiang: I wore the skin and wore the yarn in the morning, and I was eating watermelon around the stove. My sweet potato is really innocent. It is not very cold in summer. Yes, I brought a short-sleeved skirt and a long coat. Because it is a mountain, it is a bit cold… so I must bring a few long sleeves and coats. The pants can be worn. Sunscreen should be done! The passing friend was sunburned, the sun was shining, then the cold wind blew. For the weather, the only gratification is that although the UV money is strong, it is not hot, because there is a cold wind blowing, it is not too moist in the summer.
    5, cosmetics: lotion, facial cleanser, spray and other large things are recommended to pack, spray is recommended to give up, the aircraft can also be checked, but the train may have a place to be checked (local melon personal experience). The girl prepares sunglasses, umbrellas, sunscreen (small only) and so on in advance. Sunscreen lotion, repair after sun can not be less! ! ! Be sure to have more! ! !
    6, drugs: with heat, detoxification drugs or granules, band-aid and so on. The weather is easy to catch a cold, pay more attention to it.
    Ps: Although it is rather embarrassing, it still varies from person to person. It is not very suitable for those who say that they are leaving. Everyone still considers Kazakhstan as appropriate.
     [Practical information]
    [about traffic]
    Big traffic:
    There are currently more than a dozen airports in Urumqi Diwobao Airport, Altay Airport, Hotan Airport, Hami Airport, Kashi Airport, Karamay Airport and Yining Airport, but the Xinjiang area is mainly Urumqi Diwopu Airport. Urumqi International Airport is located in the northwest of Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is 16 kilometers away from the urban area and is one of the five gateway airports in China.
    I am starting from Hangzhou, because I want to arrive during the day, so I bought the stopped ticket, Hangzhou to Urumqi, after stopping Shijiazhuang, I arrived at around 5 pm, and I don’t have to fly too long. I can take a break in the middle, I will say I am a little airsick…
    When I came back, it was a direct flight. It took four or five hours to fly. It was a little dizzy…
    Small traffic:
    Xinjiang is too big, so it is recommended that if you want to stay for many days, go to many cities, or chartered or rent a car by car is more convenient, we landed Urumqi, then sat for four hours to Jiang Brake, and then fried rice cake Urumqi fly Yining, three Hours to the Turks.
    Because it is a niche game, the scenic spots that Tianchi and Turpan often say are not gone.
    [About attractions]
    1. Kala Jun
    The world’s natural heritage – Xinjiang Kala Jun, the total area of ​​the Kala Jun scenic area is 2,848 square kilometers, and the “Kala Jun” Kazakh language is translated as “black fertile and vast original.”
    Kalajun is a typical alpine and five-flowered meadow. In addition to the unique grassland scenery, the snow-capped peaks, forests, canyons, glaciers, rivers, lakes and other natural landscapes of Kalajun and the ancient Wusun historical culture and primitives The Kazakh residence and living production methods focus on the landscape value of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang.
    The tourist area consists of five scenic spots, namely the Kekesu Grand Canyon Scenic Area, the West Kara Mountain Scenic Area, the East Kara Mountain Scenic Area, the Zhongtian Mountain Snow Peak Scenic Area and the Tianzhu Forest Scenic Area. Currently, the Zhongtian Mountain Xuefeng Scenic Area and the Tianzhu Forest The scenic area has not yet opened to receive tourists.
    Kala Jun is the largest nomadic country in the western region of China – the seat of Wusun State; it is the largest racetrack in ancient China – the location of the “Khan Prairie”; it is the westernmost place of Chinese Taoist culture; it is the ancient Chinese nomadic people who established the Gyeonggi The place with the most accounts; it is the only place in the world where the Chinese Yijing culture blends with the grassland nomadic culture.
    Kala Jun panoramic tour 345 yuan / person, (including things Karachi, Kuksusu Grand Canyon scenic area traffic + tickets)
    Kala Junqi travels 170 yuan / person, (including the Kuokesu Grand Canyon with scenic traffic + tickets)
    Kala Jun Zhuangmei Tour 170 yuan / person, (including traffic + tickets in the Karaoke Scenic Area)
    You can fly in Urumqi by plane, or you can get off at Yining. The former needs to fly to Yining again or take the passenger bus to Tex County. The latter can take the shuttle bus to Tex County.
    After arriving in Urumqi, you can take the train to Yining at the South Railway Station. Usually, the train departs at night, arrives in Yining the next morning, and then takes the shuttle bus to Tex County.
    2, Turks
    In 1937, people used the “I Ching” to design the city with the meaning of “the world is connected with everything, and it is the same as the other.” The city of Turks covers an area of ​​960 hectares. The whole city is in the shape of a gossip. The city is centered on the garden and there are 8 streets radiating outwards, intersecting the 4 loops. Turks County is the only city in China that does not have traffic lights. The city was built in 1937 and was inspected and designed by the then Ili ambassador and garrison commander Qiu Zongyi.
    The city of Bagua is unique to the world. The entire county town of Turks is designed according to the “After the Day” map of the “Book of Changes”, and the center of the city radiates “dry”, “redemption”, “off”, “shock”, “巽”, “Kang”, “艮” and “Kun” eight streets are connected by four loops from the inside to the outside. The county is in the direction of “Kang” north, “away from” south, “shock” east, “red” west, and the nerves of Yijing The orientation theory is reproduced in a tangible manner. The 30-meter-high “Viewing Tower” in the center of the city can provide a panoramic view of the city.
    3. Yining Kazan
    The Kazanqi Folk Customs Area in Yining City, Xinjiang is the only large-scale original ecology in northern Xinjiang to reflect the Uyghur customs. It is the window of Yili city image and a vivid portrayal of ethnic customs. She covers the thick Uyghur culture in southern Xinjiang, and it does not lose the unique folk customs of the Uygur people in the northern Xinjiang. It is cheerful, bright but not dignified.
    Opening hours: 10:00-21:00
    Carriage price: 150, 200, you can buy a joint ticket and watch the show.
    Our price is 200, there is ice cream to eat, there are performances to watch.
    4, Jiang Brake
    Jiangbulak, located in the southern mountainous area of ​​Banchogou Town, Qitai County, Xinjiang, 45 kilometers from the county. The unique location gives her a beautiful and natural scenery. “Jiangbulak” Kazakh means “the source of holy water.” The scenic spot is located in Banzhanggou Town, Qitai County, Xinjiang, with a total area of ​​48 square kilometers. It is one of the important scenic spots in the ancient Silk North Road. It consists of Tianshan strange slope, Wanmu wheat field, Han Shule City, Muzhang Road and Heiwa Dam. Eight scenes constitute. The scenic spot was identified by the Chinese Academy of Sciences as one of the earliest oasis cultures with the most complete national protection. In 2003, it was approved as a national forest park.
    Ticket price: 48 yuan
    Opening hours: 8:00-22:00 in the summer and 9:30-19:30 in the winter
    Recommended time to play: 0.5-1 days
     [About equipment]
    Camera: Canon EOS M5
    Lens: EF-M EF 50mm f/1.8 STM+ Sigma Canon 18-135+ Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8
    Late: PS+lr
    Mobile: Huawei V9+ LeTV pro3+ Zhiyun stabilizer 4+ Yueye panoramic vr camera
    Other equipment: portable tripod, mobile phone delay bracket, video capture stabilizer, Apple notebook, mobile hard drive, card reader, SD card, charger, etc.
     [About accommodation]
    first day:
    Jiangbulak on the first day, staying in the resort of the scenic spot, there are many resorts here, so everyone can be optimistic about choosing ~!The second three days: Tianzhu Hotel
    The hotel is located in the southeast of the city of Tex, the national historical and cultural city of Tex, in the position of the fourth ring. It is the urban supporting hotel of the natural beauty and earth art tourism destination of China’s peaks and natural world.
    The location of the hotel is very good, building along the Turks River in order, the hotel stands quietly in the mountains and waters. Looking into the distance, you can see the white snow accumulated in the sky all year round, surrounded by exotic customs.
    In the daytime, soaring in the grassland forest canyon, the night accompanied by the taste of the exotic, fell asleep in the 16th century style pastoral.
    The overall color of the room is warm, the biggest highlight is the row of partition screens, although the room is not big, but very warm.
    When I got off the bus, the hotel staff prepared the special cakes and drinks waiting for us. It was still respected and respected. After arriving at the room, there are still prepared fruits waiting for us.
    In the Turks, the exhaustion of the day will let the sky come to a point.
     [about itinerary]
    DAY 1 :
    DAY 2 :
    Jiang Brak
    DAY 3 :
    Kala Jun – Turks
    DAY 4 :
    Kala Jun – Yining Kazan
    DAY 5:
     [Photo Guide]
    Many photographers have taken gold awards in the international photo, so many photographers came to Karachi to shoot. Here, I would like to recommend the photography guide here. Everyone can learn from it.
    In March 2015, China National Geographic magazine in the March issue of the “Redefined Grassland Landscape” theme of Xinjiang Kala Jun, brought a major contribution to the world: it subverted the general grassland to bring people The aesthetic “fatigue” of monotonous color and single landscape shows the aesthetics of mountain grassland represented by Kala Jun, thus defining a new grassland landscape – combining different time and space and color, and easy to watch.
    Day 1:
    8:30//From the county town by car or at the county tourist distribution center, take the shuttle bus to the Kala Jun Visitor Center and enter the scenic spot after purchasing the ticket.
    9:30// Take a boat at the Kushtay Marina to enter the Kuksu Canyon to take a reflection of the lake.
    11:00 // The yacht returns from the canyon to the Kurta Pier. After landing, you can go to Guanhutai to view the location and pre-select the location of the camera shooting point, then go to the parking lot and take the shuttle bus to the crocodile bend, the Kuksu Grand Canyon, the Jiuqu 18 bend and other attractions to play and pre-select the aircraft. Shooting point location.
    14:30 / / to the Kurdish River customs garden lunch and book accommodation accommodation, after lunch, rest in the felt room.
    16:30//Through the shuttle bus to the Kuldu River to experience the original, exciting, adventure and quiet of the “Tianshan First Drift”.
    19:00//From the Fengqingyuan, take the shuttle bus to the crocodile bend point of view shooting, take the time to ride after the filming is completed, don’t miss the shooting opportunity, and arrive at the Jiuqu 18th Bend Viewpoint before 20:00// First shot the evening sun, nine songs and eighteen bends.
    20:30//Photograph the beautiful curves of the human grassland in the sunset. After the sun sets, return to the Kurdish River style garden to taste the national specialties, sleep in the quiet yurt, listen to the insects and frogs quietly sleep, experience The unique charm of the grassland Kazakh felt room.
    7:30// Arrive at Guanhutai to photograph the Kalajun Lake and the grassland people; after lunch, take the cableway to enter the West Kara Mountain Scenic Area, and between noon and evening, you can take the flower station and Falcon Terrace in the East and West Karawang Scenic Areas. The Kurdish Forest Grand Canyon, Wusun Xiadu, Shiquan and other scenic spots are photographed in Wuhua Meadow, and you can enjoy the beauty and vastness of the Kala Jun Prairie.
    At 20:00//, I photographed the Dianlang Valley at the Karachi Cableway Station. The layers of green and green valleys shone like waves in the sunset. Then I went to Wusunxia to shoot the smoky felt room, and I spent the night in Wusunxia. Su.
    Day 3:
    6:00//Go to the flower station, Falcon, Kurdish Forest Grand Canyon, third-order plane and other scenic spots. The rest of the time can be taken in Wuhua Meadow; at noon, take the cableway to Kuokesu Scenic Area, after lunch Go to the Dream Slope and Poisonous Valley in the Xuefeng Scenic Spot of Zhongtian Mountain, and take a photo of the National Historic and Cultural Village and eat and stay in Qiongkushai.
    Day 4:
    Returning in the morning and morning after shooting in Joan Kush, taking pictures along the way, lunch in the animal husbandry camp, going to the forest of the Tianzhu in the afternoon, hiking or taking a horse to Assou, shooting the scenery of the forest park along the way, night in Assusa .
    Day 5:
    6:00//Photographing Assisi Sunrise, returning on foot or taking a horse, taking photos of the forest park along the way, lunch at the animal husbandry camp, entering the Kekesu scenic spot in the afternoon, taking a boat to the Kala Jun Visitor Center, ending the shooting trip, late Accommodation in the county of Turks.
     DAY 1 : One day is flying in the sky
    At 10 o’clock in the morning, the plane was flying. When it arrived in Urumqi, it was around 6 pm, and then chartered to Jiangbulak. It was about 4 or 5 hours. It was almost 12 o’clock at the hotel. It was washed and slept. After all, Xinjiang is so big, the scenic spot is also very big, rest and good physical strength.
     DAY 2: I saw the snow mountain at first, I saw the grassland at first, and I had a lot of flowers.
    When I got up in the morning, I saw this snow mountain at first sight. This is my first impression of Xinjiang. My favorite snow mountain, the snow-capped mountains hidden in the clouds, white, wide and wide.
    After eating, take a dip in the resort and go down the boardwalk. The air around the air is too good for oxygen ions. Take a breath in the morning, away from the smog of the city, and become fresh and fresh.
    When I came to the observation deck of the scenic spot and looked at the large grassland, it was the first grassland to be seen in Xinjiang. It may be this day, and the vast grassland in the distance is cloudy.
    Here, you can also see the shadow of the strange slopes of the Tianshan Mountains, and see the 10,000-acre wheat fields intertwined.
    The woods at the foot, the small houses in the distance, not many gathered together.
    The occasional scatter of light onto the grassland is the clearest appearance.
    From another angle, you can see the snowy mountains in the distance, blocked by a piece of woods.
    Jiang Brak is the first prairie I came to see in Xinjiang, and the distant Tianshan is also the first snowy mountain I saw in Xinjiang. In the next few days, they accompanied me through the time in Xinjiang. And I love the mountains and rivers, the vast grasslands.
    Unlike other grasslands in Xinjiang, Jiangbulak’s unique location has long given it its beautiful natural scenery. “Jiangbulak” means “the source of holy water” with a total area of ​​48 square kilometers. It is one of the important scenic spots in the ancient Silk Road and one of the earliest oasis cultures in the country.
    Speaking of the origin of the name of Jiang Brake, it has many beautiful legends. Only when you come here to feel the same, you can understand the beauty. Here, the mountains and the waters are close to each other, and the forests and snow peaks blend together. The flowers in the mountains and plains are good for a holy natural scenery.
    The Guinness Book of World Records “the longest strange slope in the world” is here. It was a strange phenomenon when I found this strange slope. Therefore, the Guinness Headquarters of Shanghai World has come to the site for survey. The actual distance from the bottom of the slope to the top of the slope is 290 meters. What is surprising is that no matter whether the car is a motorcycle or even a bicycle, it is strange to walk here. When going downhill (from north to south), do not raise the throttle (without force) and the car will not go forward. When the brakes are released, the car retreats until it slips to the “top of the slope”.
    In addition to the strange slopes, Jiangbulak also has 10,000 acres of wheat fields, Han Shule City, Mud Road, Black Dragon Dam and other five areas of 18 districts, and Jiangbulak Scenic Area is second only to Tianchi.
    Driving in Jiangbulak, you will see a lot of photography points, they have already built a platform, let the photographers bring the beauty of Jiang Brake to the world.
    This day is just a Chinese tourism day. There is a welcoming ceremony. Jiang Brake planted a large flower on the grassland, walking from the wooden plank road, the flowers on both sides, and the windmill, just like being in a small place in Europe. The same as the town.
    From time to time, there are flower balls and hanging chairs on both sides, which are very careful.
    On this day of the tourism day, there are also flashing activities. A group of young Xinjiang boys and girls danced and danced, listening to our familiar songs, dancing with the taste of Xinjiang, and wearing Xinjiang special clothing.
    They hold flowers in their hands and are youthful.
    As if to talk about a boy’s confession to the girl, the brain instantly filled up a picture.
    The beauty in the big red dress is the protagonist, and the boys and girls who are next to the casual clothes are dancing for them.
    The final street dance is a highlight, and the combination of Chinese classical beauty and street dance brings surprises.
     DAY 2: First see the grassland, two hours on foot
    Take the car to the customer service center, there are three languages ​​on the door, because Karako is mostly Kazakh, so one of the languages ​​is their language. Their language is the same as the ancient one, and vice versa. The customer service center is still very large, and it is necessary to go through security checks.
    The bright hall, the sun shines in.
    There are books on the sides that can rest, the sun shines in, just warm.
    Here is the station of each station, take the scenic car to arrive and get off. To the opposite side, the first stop is called the Flower Terrace.
    Walking along the boardwalk for about half an hour, it is the best viewing point for the flower station.
    On the prairie of Karachi, the flowers everywhere are open. There is a flower in such a place that is different. Here is a flower station, withThe unique “five-color meadow” of Kala Jun.
    “Five Flowers Meadow” is also a plateau, belonging to the “Alpine Five-Flower Meadow” grassland. Because the overall landscape is a high platform that is inclined to the south, looking from a distance, it is like a suspended grassland. The slope is gentle and infinite, like a A beautiful bi-coloured carpet has been laid all the way to the foot of the snow-capped Tianshan in the distance.
    The soil here is deep and fertile, the temperature is suitable, the precipitation is abundant, and the pasture grows well. Usually when tourists come here and reach the top along the boardwalk, they will not advance, but this time we have come to places where ordinary people have not been. , walked for two hours.
    In the time when large clouds are blocked, along the light, both sides are yellowish autumn grass, red bushes, gentle hills and golden stripes, showing the beauty of the five-flowered grassland. Because the pasture grows well here, on the road without the wooden plank road, the ground is cow dung, we are marching forward, and it is precisely these, the flowers here are flourishing.
    On the hillside in the distance, a large number of purple primroses and small yellow flowers are spread over the grasslands, and women in national costumes dance, and there are a few colors between the heavens and the earth. Or move forward, or kneel down, or laugh…
    Formerly known as “Gasagan”, the flower station is “repaired” in Kazakh, and it is an excellent place to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Eastern Karapa. If you come here too, maybe you can go forward like us, to see places that others have never seen before. Speaking of our on-going trip, I met such an uncle. He said that the people who passed the way did not want to come over and I came over, and I was not disappointed.
    Walking on this sparsely populated land, there is no one in front of the scenic spot, so enjoy the beautiful scenery, the houses of the herdsmen in the distance, dotted on the prairie.
    The girls’ laughter, the scenery that came along the way, did not let us down, more surprises, the love of this grassland.
    On TV, on the Internet, on books… The Kazakhs gave us the impression that they were dressed in their own costumes, riding horses, carrying heroic hounds, carrying eagle on their arms and flying on the prairie. They live in the northwestern part of China. The settlements are surrounded by mountains such as the Tianshan Mountains, the Altai Mountains and the Talbagha Mountains. In the middle are the Junggar Basin and the Ili Basin. The rivers are criss-crossed and the plateau lakes are dotted with them.between.
    Take the car to the second stop, Falcon, and after the site, you have to walk along the boardwalk for half an hour without going to the Falcon.
    From the boardwalk to the glass path, in order to protect the environment, there are endless prairies on both sides, and occasionally grazing herdsmen. There are also tourists riding horses.
    The mountains around the basin are good summer pastures; the rivers and valleys are the winter pastures of the matter. Most Kazakhs are nomadic for generations. They live in the prairie and are the people on horseback. Instead of modern weapons, they use traditional Falcons. Therefore, the eagle is the best of the Kazakhs, and the Kazakh Falcons are also known as the world’s last eagle hunters.
    Kazakhs living on the Karachi Savannah, they live with the water, they found a highland in Karachi, as a Falcon, first taming the eagle indoors, then training it outdoors to capture prey . The Falcon is the place where the Kazakhs trained the eagle, and now it is the place to watch the Kala Jun and approach the Kala Jun.
    The sky in the distance seems to reach out and touch it. It is so close, we follow the light that is blocked by large clouds.
    This is a cliff where you can see the Grand Canyon of the Kulda Forest. The snow-covered spruce belts on the flats of the two sides of the river are intertwined with the mosaic of the green grassy grassland, forming a rich and diverse “Spotted Forest” belt. Thousands of kilometers extend from east to west, the grasslands are undulating, the flowers and grass are full of slopes, the grasslands are blended with the forests, and the snow peaks and river valleys are shining. The scenery is spectacular.
    This level-level plan is a step and observation deck. This landform belongs to the “three-level plan”. It is a special geographical landscape and is the result of the uplifting or burial of the ultimate product of long-term development of landform. We have not witnessed the development of history, but we have seen the beauty that nature has given us.
    Such a majestic view, close to the Grand Canyon of the Kurdish Forest. The Grand Canyon of the Kulde Forest is located in the middle of the Tianshan Mountains and is more than 50 kilometers long. It runs through the entire Kala Jun from the southeast to the northwest in a “several” shape. The rivers are constantly flowing, and they are inexhaustible all the year round.
    Here we walked into the Grand Canyon and came to the Falcon Terrace to see the steep cliffs on both sides, the undulating, snowy spruce. All over, look at the vast prairie of Kara, into spruce, rivers, if you don’t come, you really can’t imagine its beauty, its beauty is what I can’t say in words, how beautiful, how spectacular You still need to come in person.
    When we went back, we met a tourist riding a horse. Just in front of us, we caught this picture and walked forward with great heads.
    The journey back was not far away. I walked around and saw a large flock of sheep.
    At lunch, we chose the Kurdish River Customs Park. Kala Jun is the place where the Kazakhs gather. If you want to experience their life, you can choose the Kurdish River Customs Garden, where there is a perfect fusion of food and accommodation. .
    Located on the banks of the Kulde River, the Kulde River Customs Park is highly integrated with the typical regional culture and ecological environment of the Kazakhs. Here you can experience the original Kazakh customs, not only to taste the whole feast, but also to experience the accommodation of the Kazakh yurt.
    There are many yurts to stay here, each top is different, the decoration inside is different, you can come here with friends to experience the feeling of living in Datong shop, the room is also the living room, chat at night, tired and quilt A shop, if there are too many people, put the table on the side, everyone will lie down and sleep.
    In Xinjiang, the food that can’t be tasted is the whole lamb. When you come to the Kurdish River Customs Park, how can you roast the whole sheep? In the past, Roasted Whole Sheep was the delicacies of the distinguished guests, such as the nobles and the landlords, and the landlord Bayi; nowadays it is a food that everyone can eat.
    There is also a ceremony before eating the whole lamb. First, the chef will give a welcome introduction to everyone, then invite a guest to come up to draw a cross on the roast whole sheep, drink a local wine, and then cut the sheep. In addition to roasting whole sheep, the indispensable fruits in Xinjiang are also liked by everyone.
    Because the day is too long during the day, the fruits are very sweet. Although we have not yet reached the time of cooking, the cantaloupe we can eat can still be expected. If it is not too late, the Kazakh style is also an experience here.
    In the distance not far from the customs park is the rafting of the Kulde River. The rafting distance of the Kulde River is about 6 kilometers, with a drop of 40 meters. It takes a total of 4 shoals and takes about 35 minutes. The rafting season generally begins in mid-May and ends in mid-October for half a year.
    Before the flood season, the water level is not very high, but it is also thrilling. The water stone iceberg here, so the protective measures are quite in place, we need to wear plastic pants, and then put on clothes similar to diving, but it is more relaxed. You should wear a life jacket on your body and a helmet on your head.
    After the epithelial rafting, you need to put your feet in the jacket of the leather boat, then put the other foot on it and take the leather. The kayak can take 8 people, the tourists can take 6 seats, the coaches are in front and rear, the coaches control the direction, and we need to paddle.
    Every time I go to the shoal, the waves are coming over, so cool. Coach water, the water in the river is OKDrinking, natural spring water, after he finished, he personally demonstrated it, it is really delicious and sweet.
    Staying here for a few days may be a good choice. If you have food, live, or play, why not? Put down your phone and change your lifestyle.
    Before the plane just landed, after seeing the young lady who greeted us, I couldn’t help but look at the beautiful scenery of Kala Jun. My most profound thing is the human grassland, and in the next itinerary, through understanding It is full of curiosity here, because it is the place where the international gold medal has been won and the prairie I love.
    The human grassland is located in the Grand Canyon of Kuksu, and it takes you all the way to pass through the Crocodile Bay, as the name suggests. Crocodile Bay is named after the crocodile shaped like two crocodiles at the bottom of the valley. The valley is about 360 meters deep, about 1600 meters long from north to south, and about 1,400 meters wide from east to west.
    Watching from a distance, the cliffs are steep and steep, and the river flows to the bottom of the valley. What is interesting is that the river here has three colors, called “three-color wonders”. Because the river water of the Kuksu Grand Canyon comes from the snowy peak of the southern slope of the Tianshan Mountains, the snow water carries a large amount of calcium carbonate rock powder to the bottom, after reaching the Crocodile Bay, it is affected by the turbulence between the river valley and the backwater of the Kalawan Lake. The flow rate is reduced, the calcium carbonate in the river water is precipitated, the water quality is clear, and the mineral water-rich water is refracted with the sky and the mountains to produce color changes. Therefore, the water of “Crocody Bay” is white, green and green. The color forms a “three-color spectacle”, forming a more pronounced water-colored boundary around the return line.
    Walking through the Crocodile Bay, along the boardwalk, I came to the human grassland where I was thinking. We happened to be here with a sneak peek. Her best shooting time is 8:00 Beijing time. Seeing the human grassland, bright green, dark just right.
    The mountains overlap, the valley between the valleys is slow, the waves are rippling, the riverside vegetation is lush, the smoke and the forest are light and foggy. The herdsmen’s felt houses are looming, and the morning and evening clouds are looming in the mountains and the soft lines, the undulating and sloping grassland landscapes are Under the light and dark shadows, it produces the beauty of the human body curve… I am leaning on the nine curved and eighteen bends, and the scenery is beautiful, like “plugging the paradise.”
    Standing at the best location in the human grassland, you can also see the nine bends and eighteen bends on the left. The so-called nine bends and eighteen bends are also confirmed because of itsLook like.
    Because the Kuksu Grand Canyon is located in the middle of the southern slope of the Tianshan Mountains, the rock formations that have been deposited for hundreds of millions of years have formed steep, tortuous, and deep ridges with the interaction of the crustal movement and the deep snow and ice erosion of the Tianshan Mountains. The Grand Canyon of the Grand Canyon. Seen from a height, the canyon in the distance is curved and curved.
    I am sure to take a boat tour of the canyon. The steep and steep cliffs on both sides can also be deeply felt. The stone walls on both sides will be like fierce eagle swaying down, and the huge splash of landscape painting between the heavens and the earth… cliff shore, rock The grass trees and the sky are reflected in the Kuksu River. During the boat trip, there is sometimes a sense of inversion.
    From Crocodile Bay to the human grassland to the nine bends and eighteen bends, this road is coming, every time I am amazed, I live in a coastal city, the yearning for the mountains and the sea has always been only a lot, love this vast Xinjiang, love this infinite prairie and awkward desert.
    At night, there are two types of scenic spots in and out of the Kala Junkuksu Grand Canyon.One method is to take the cableway and the other is to take the speedboat. And these two, I have chosen. After all, the height of Kala Jun is unimaginable. It has 2,848 square kilometers. It is in the northern foothills of Biyike Mountain in the middle of the Tianshan Mountains. It is from the Kuksu Grand Canyon, the West Kala Jun, the East Kala Jun, the Snow Peak of Zhongtian Mountain and The five scenic spots of the Tianzhu Forest.
    If you choose the speedboat to enter the scenic spot, you need to go to the Kushtay Marina. In May, you have not reached the high water period of the Kalayun Lake. Therefore, the water level is not very high. When walking to the pier, the water level on the slope is clearly marked. The water level can rise very high during the original flood season. We must walk at least ten minutes to reach the speedboat.
    The Kala Jun Lake covers an area of ​​273.6 hectares and is speedboatd on the lake. We took two speedboats, one evening at noon. The wind in the evening is a bit big, the face is a little painful, and the noon is the most suitable, cool and comfortable, arrive at the Kultai Pier, and then you can enter the Grand Canyon Scenic Area.
    The calm waters are like jade-like lakes. When the sky changes, the lakes show different colors such as dark blue, emerald green and green. The distance between the wharfs is not very far, and it takes almost ten minutes to arrive. Because the Kalayun Lake is composed of two rivers, the Kuldu River and the Kuksu River, the water content of the two rivers is different, and the sky and the mountains are mutually refraction. Therefore, the color of the river changes a lot.
    The foothills on both sides of the strait can be clearly seen. If the river is in a flood season, how high is her water line? If you come to Kala Jun, you can really try the stimulation of the speedboat.
    After returning to Turks in the evening, I caught up with the last Ferris wheel.
    Turks is the largest in the world,China’s only complete and formal gossip city, it has “one city” Bagua city, “one village” Qiong Kushtai national historical and cultural village, “one grass” Kala Jun original ecological prairie, “one mountain” Wusun Mountain, “One Water” Turks River, “One Hole” Kesang Cave National Forest Park. “One Spring” Alashan Hot Springs, “One Together” Wusun Ancient Road… Many of these ones are enough to make this in-depth tour of the daytime of the Eight Diagrams City.
    Turks did not disappoint us during the day, and its nights did not live up to us. There is the largest Ferris wheel in Xinjiang. It is currently the largest three-dimensional, dynamic Taiji diagram in the world. Has successfully declared the world’s most Guinness: “the biggest Tai Chi theme Ferris wheel – Tai Chi eyes.”
    Going to the doorway through the lampway, the music fountain in front of it, is the shape of love, behind this huge Ferris wheel. When we first went up, we just met a bunch of successful couples, and their friends were greeted. It was really happy.
    Two people in a cockpit, the Ferris wheel slowly rises, the highest point can be 140 meters high from the plane. The Ferris wheel is in the Gossip Park, on the edge of the city, to the highest point, overlooking the city, the city lights in the distance, far away The appearance of the Bagua City is outlined. Close to the light show decorated with lanterns, it looks like another perspective in the sky.
    It’s like a night market, not only the Ferris wheel, but also the pepper chicken, beer, fruit pilaf, leg pilaf, red pork barbecue, barbecue, shelf meat, kvass, grilled spicy, grilled eggplant, grilled fish , roast chicken legs… a lot of food.
     DAY 3 : Reviewing Kala Jun, first seeing Turks, lingering in Yining
    The film “Dahe” is a key film created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and “Flowers” is the Tianshan Film Studio after the “Great River” and another to meet the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China. A film that reflects the tremendous changes and historical changes after the reform and opening up of the Kazakh minority areas in Xinjiang.
    We didn’t know the film when we didn’t come to the forest of Kala Jun, but here it is well known. When we stood here, the driver was very enthusiastic to introduce to us. Here is the location of “Flowers”. At first we were very puzzled. What is this?
    The driver pointed to the big pit on the ground and introduced it to us. The original pit was a fountain dug at the time of shooting, but the extra actor I was looking for was pulled by the car, hundreds of people. We played the song, “What role did you play?” The driver smiled and smiled “a small role”, hahaha.
    Throughout the forest of the scorpio, there is a geographical location and climatic conditions different from other places. A tree grows on the cliff, the camouflage suit worn by the driver, walks over, and merges with it. The forest of the scorpio is also a refuge for many ancient and recent remnant species.
    There is a tree on the cliff, and there are also dense and dense snow-covered spruce virgin forests in the distance. It is the concentrated distribution area and source of the Tianshan Snow Ridge spruce. However, the distance here is relatively far away. You can take the scenic bus to the 18th bend to get here. Even so, it is not a waste of time, the time spent, the beauty of Xinjiang must be seen before.
    Too many horses and cattle on the prairie can be seen everywhere. After coming out of the forest of Tianzhu, they are ready to go to the fairy tale town.
    Joan Kushtai Village is a well-known village hidden deep in the mountains. It is the village with the most complete production and lifestyle of the complete Kazakh national tradition. In 2010, as the only village in the country with Kazakh folk culture as the main body, it was included in the national historical and cultural village.
    The reason why Joan Kushtai Village is so famous is because it is a “fairy town” in China. Most of the buildings in the village are wooden buildings, which maintain the imprint of architectural culture. It is a well-preserved wooden building complex in the Ili Valley.
    Joan Kushtai Village is not only a national historical and cultural village, it is also the northern road of the ancient Silk Road of China, the largest nomadic ancient country in the Western Region, the seat of Wusun State; it is the location of the “Khan Prairie”, the largest racecourse in the ancient Western Region. It is also the place where Taoist culture spreads farthest in the west of China; it is not only the place where the ancient Western nomads established the most “hiking accounts” in Beijing, but also the only place in the world where the Chinese Yijing culture and the grassland nomadic culture blend.
    Entering the village of Joan Kushtai, there is too much history. It takes 6 or 7 hours to enter the village. This time we did not go deep because of the time, but stayed on the edge of the village. There are many cabins in the prairie, where the herdsmen put their forage.
    In spring and summer, cattle and sheep have gone to higher places to graze, and here they are empty, waiting for the winter to come again. The woods in the distance seem to be a heart shape. On the way back, a friend of a friend was feeding the lamb, we gave him a snack, and he immediately opened the cold and gave the little brother in the distance.
    When he first saw us, he was embarrassed. Maybe he was afraid of everyone’s shot. When he left, he had naturally said goodbye to us. Joan Kushtai Village, perhaps for the second time, since I watched its winter photos, I can’t forget it, it’s too beautiful.
    When he was in Belas, he returned to the Turks and went to the center of the city, the Gossip City.
    In China’s Xinjiang, there is a city where “the world is connected and everything is connected, and everything is the same”. The popular point is that the city of Bagua, here is the Turks, the world’s largest gossip city in the world. , China’s only complete and formal gossip city.
    There are too many firsts, the first city in China’s history to live with the princess Princess Xijun; the first city that gave birth to the first female diplomat in our history; the first legend is “Changchun The city of Qiu’s design.
    Not only is Tex, it is a city where people of 22 nationalities have proliferated. Sai, Yue, Wusun, Huishen, Turkic, Mongolian, Kirgiz, Kazakh, Uighur, Han… They have lived here.
    There may not be a lot of understanding about Turks. I have come to know that he has given us too much information, going back and forth, too much. And now, this is a city that is now unique in our country and does not require traffic lights. The safety here is also a public security point at the intersection. It is less than 500 meters away. It can be a city where police can be dispatched in 5 minutes. For security, it is not just here, but the whole of Xinjiang.
    This is a gossip city, also known for the layout of the gossip. The streets are soon like the layout of the gossip. They are radial and round, and the roads are connected and the streets are connected. Joined the rich folk customs, heavy history and culture and beautiful natural scenery.
    Turks is the place where the ancient Wusun country of the “Tianma” was born in ancient times. According to ancient Chinese historical literature, in the early second century BC, Wusun people moved from Gansu to Xinjiang, Yili, and occupied and prospered for more than 500 years. They established Wusunguo, the largest country in the Western Region at that time, and Wusun people are today. The main source of the Kazakhs.
    Shape, the street layout is like a magical maze, the roads are connected, and the streets are connected. At the same time, Bagua City has a strong folk customs, the most representative of which is off the street, which reproduces the Wusun culture at that time.
    Walking in the street, the murals of the two plates vividly reproduce the living conditions of Wusun. Here, there is a “Saiwai Jiangnan”, which is about the beauty of the soft, the simplicity of the Western Region, the profoundness of the Central Plains culture, and the origin of the Wusun culture.
    If you want to see the appearance of the Eight Diagrams City, you can choose to come to the Temple of Heaven in the center of the city. The first floor and the second floor are about the city. The roof at the top of the building is the best place to see the panoramic view of the Eight Diagrams City. But unfortunately, only the view of the city’s second ring road can be seen on the sightseeing tower. If you have the opportunity to fly over the city, you can enjoy the whole picture of the entire Gossip City, or you can see the entire Gossip City by operating the drone.
    There is a stone bulge in the center of the rooftop. It is the center of the whole city. What is even more surprising is that there is echo in the speech. It is not surprising, but it is also amazing. On the walls around the rooftops, there are no branches of the opposite gossip. There are names on the walls. Each branch has its own name, fortune, love…
    At first, when I first came to Bagua City, I didn’t feel anything, but I just felt that I was turning. However, after climbing, you can appreciate the charm of the city. It is said that after eight streets in the Eight Diagrams City, you can have good luck.
    After the end of the Turks, I rushed to Yining, because I had to go ahead in time for the next day’s flight, so I arrived in Yining at 8 o’clock.
    Kazan is a Uighur language, meaning “people who cast pots”. Kazan is a scenic spot and not a scenic spot. It is an old town in Yining. It is also the only large-scale original ecological and cultural scenic spot in the northern Xinjiang that is dominated by the Uygur national customs. However, there are no gates and no walls. There are more than ten living here. Ten thousand people,
    Here we can experience the rich flavor of Xinjiang and the unique folk customs of the Beijing Uygur. The serious “Kazanqi” of the Uyghur people has not only been an industry noun and place name, but has spread as a cultural concept.
    The first stop here came to the Tu Dahong Ba Yi compound, which was just a theater performance time. In less than half an hour, the national dance and singing were exhibited. Their passionate dance and difficult dance. Musical instruments, singing, singing… come here to watch.
    The Tu Da Hong Ba Yi compound was built in 1931. Every room here was restored according to the original appearance of the Bayi compound in the heyday of the year. Here we can feel the luxurious life of the master. After watching the performance, we went to the Folklore Exhibition Hall and enjoyed the largest sand paintings in China, vividly recreating the original ecological scenes of the organic integration of the Kazanqi ethnic culture in the 1930s.
    From the compound, it is necessary to experience the most national characteristics of Khadakh, and the translation is “horse taxi”, sitting on Hardik, except for the roar of the car on the road, this horse taxi is crisp. The bell rang. Speaking of this Hardik, it used to be called the name, but it was called six sticks. This is because the carriage was racked up with six round wooden sticks, hence the name “six sticks”.
    And Hadick is an upgraded version of these six sticks. The past six sticks were used as means of transportation. Today, Hadick is indeed a project that everyone has come to try. People put a nice blanket on the carriage and then add the carriage to the carriage. The shed was carved with exotic style, and the Adelaide silk was hung. The carriage was instantly fashionable.
    Riding a horse taxi in the streets of Kazan, the horses are not afraid of pedestrians and not afraid of cars, they seem to recognize the road. Along the road, there are a variety of European-style buildings, Chinese and Western architecture, local folk houses and centuries-old traditional houses. The color of the houses is not monotonous and colorful in the city. It is a very suitable place for photographing. Along the way, the color of the house is relatively high in blue, making the building look refined and pure.
    The courtyard culture is also a kind of Kazan, where many residents’ homes have become full-time home visits, and visitors can be guided by the tour guide. Going to the courtyard of several households, I found that each room has a floral rug with ethnic characteristics, which is neatly arranged, and the room used for hospitality is very clean. This is their interest. Many residents’ houses are large or small with courtyards, where they grow vegetables, place flower pots, and large grape shelves. It is said that it depends on the living conditions of this family. It can be seen from the door of their home. The bigger the more luxurious, the better the life of this family, and vice versa.
    Here, the two homestays have a purchase point. We just came to one of them to sell art. Every one of them is very fine and the price is not very high. The fan here is very different from what we usually use. It is used for shaking. But it is especially interesting.
    The last stop is to taste the ice cream, “Hagendas” from Yining, which is handmade, yellow ice cream, because of the pure ingredients, no fragrance and other additives, so there will be a little bit of milk smell, this It is a taste that everyone can accept. I heard that before the machine was used, the ice cream had to be done for a long time, and the machine was greatly convenient for people.
    In Kazan, I experienced the taste of Xinjiang in the afternoon.I didn’t have time to feel it. I want to say that it’s a fresh experience to take a few days to do “local people”.
     [Food is forgotten]
    In the days of the Turks, the local dishes are served in the flower restaurant, and the Xinjiang dishes are spicy.
    Especially I have eaten something I have never eaten in my life, a bull.
    This is the head of the bull, very big, and the chef has high requirements for cutting lines.
    From the beauty to the food, everything about Xinjiang is left in this travel note.

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