Visit the ancient town of Guanzhai, enjoy the colorful Guizhou

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    Recently in Chongqing, it is the summer sun is too bright, almost out of the room will be steamed adult,
    Which cool and fun place does this ghost weather go to?
    The diversity of Guizhou, the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural culture of Guizhou has always been very attractive.
    Plus Guizhou is very close, plus Guizhou is very cool,
    So this time, we came to the colorful Guizhou.
    It is very convenient for Chongqing to go to Guizhou. The high-speed train will arrive in about 2 hours. Apart from the departure point, Chongqing West Railway Station is too remote, and everything else is fine.
     Historic Qingyan Ancient Town
    China’s vast land and vast resources, the long history of culture has precipitated a lot of places for future generations to remember, Guiyang Qingyan Ancient Town is one of them.
    Qingyan Ancient Town is a famous historical and cultural town in Guizhou Province. It was formed in the Ming Dynasty and the Hong Dynasty. It has been in the Ming and Qing Dynasties for more than 600 years. It is named after the many cyan rock peaks in the vicinity. It is the place where the troops were stationed in Putian. After the vicissitudes of life, there is also a wall that resembles the Great Wall. Since ancient times, Qingyan has been a major town for military strategists, and it is also a battleground for military strategists. There are many reasons. The most common reason is that the feng shui of Qingyan Ancient Town is extremely good and rich, and it is an excellent place for the soldiers to fight for food. The previous Taiping Heavenly Kingdom has played six times. Fortunately, this old city wall has never been broken.
    Although the ancient town of Qingyan has survived for hundreds of years, it does not see many ancient towns. It is also a tourist town that has been built. It is also a tourist attraction promoted by the local government, but the ancient town of Qingyan gives a different place. .
    Step into the ancient town of Qingyan, you will feel that the wind is very slow. Although there are shops on both sides of the street, there is no such thing as screaming, and the shops are also busy with their own hands. If you stop at the front, it is at most a whisper, if you want or don’t, you will follow the wishes of the tourists, even Visitors do not buy just to ask for directions, and the store will be very enthusiastic.
    The ancient town of Qingyan is also called Stone City. Not only the city gate and the city wall are built by huge stones. The houses and other buildings in the city are also built with stones. These stones are green gray rocks, so they are named.Qingyan Town. Some people say that walking into the ancient town of Qingyan is like walking into a “stone art world.”
    The bluestone slabs paved in the streets here, due to the tempering of the ages, the slabs in some places have become rough and rough, but the slate in some places has become smooth and warm, which is amazing.
    The houses and walls on both sides of the back street are all built with stones and stone blocks. It is said that the adhesive used in the building is mortar and glutinous rice pulp, so it is very durable.
    The houses that are hidden in the back streets of the ancient town are the most interesting. The door paintings, the couplets and the copper locks almost continue the ancient inheritance.
    Although some houses have been changed to homestays today, they still retain peace and elegance.
    Let’s talk about the traditional snacks in Qingyan Ancient Town. I think that for a tourist, taste of local food is definitely a must-have for travel. The traditional features of the ancient town include braised pork feet, glutinous rice porridge, rice tofu, rose ice powder, tofu rice balls, ice radish, bayberry juice, etc. These delicious snacks have not tasted it all the time, but they strolled along the street and saw Seven seven eight eight eight, tasted a three three four four.
    The braised pork feet here have a very nice name: the champion hoof, why is it called the hoof hoof? Because there is a Zhao dynasty in the Yuan Dynasty, so it is a hoof. First of all, from the outside, the steaming oil bright red sauce, the scent of the halogen is very tempting, the price is fairly fair, 28 yuan a catty, buy a taste, the entrance is soft and soft, the halogen is extremely “Hey,” the locals turned soft and bad into “squats.”
    This taste is not only suitable for young people but also for the elderly and children. In addition, these old shops have a pot of old halogen, and the trotters that are cooked out are mostly delicious, so the business is almost good at home. It is said that the recipe of this braised pork leg is Spread in the hands of a court royal chef.
    In addition to the braised pork feet, there is also a cake porridge, which is one of the foods that have to be tasted here. First, use glutinous rice to mix the rice and grind it. When it is steamed, it will become a cake. When you need to eat it, first bring out a bowl, then pour the powder or glutinous powder into boiling water with boiling water, then mix it with the cake. Eat ingredients such as melon seeds, sesame seeds, raisins, etc. The sweetness is very smooth and soft, and perhaps it will remind people of the sweet first love.
    Speaking of it, cake porridge is still a court dish. It is said that there is a royal chef who escaped from the Qing Palace and fell to Qingyan because of the huge gambling debt. Xie Jia extended a helping hand to him and let him hide in the ancient town of Qingyan for a long time. The royal chef thanked him for his help. And the production technique of porridge was passed to Xie, and the Xie family ancestors combined the two desserts into one, and now they have the rice cake porridge.
    Tofu balls are made of tofu and rolled into a ball, and then wrapped in flour. Slightly fried in the oil pan, when the pan is yellow. It is hot and unique in Guizhou, and then put it all in your mouth. It is crispy and soft inside. It is also a good taste.
    It’s really memorable to say this bayberry juice. On the hot days, I was thirsty, and I saw that the streets were full of ice beads, and the brave juice was braved. The red color was fascinating. I had to drink a cup. Sweet and delicious is really a good summer recipe!
     Wenfan Zhuangyuan Courtyard, the fragrance of the book and the delicious place
    Every time I go to the ancient town, I always feel that there are many different places. Perhaps the tourists coming and going, perhaps the shops that open and close, or just the mood of the ups and downs of the day, people always have a lot of moods, thousands of styles. This time we stayed in the ancient town of Qingyan, Wenfanzhuang Yuanyuan, gave us a different kind of experience.
    When I first stayed in Wenfan Zhuangyuan, I was very surprised by the name. Why did the word “Zhongyuan” be added? After understanding, it turned out that this place is named after the closely adjacent champion house, next to Zhao Yizheng Yuanfu, Zhao Yizhen is the first person to win the millennium. The old Zhuangyuan government has now become a place to visit, the glory of the past, the hustle and bustle of today, and the time is always the time. It is the time to stay here forever.
    After all, it is a luxury boutique hotel that has won the Golden Orchid Award. When you check in, there will be a special butler to introduce the hotel. From the origin of the hotel to the present day, the hotel will introduce the guests to the hotel and will present the Qingyan. Map of the ancient town, explain the tour route in detail, of course, the hotel logo – bracelet is also essential.
    Under the leadership of the butler, I came to the room, and at the moment I opened the door, I fell in love with it and could not extricate myself.
    Fresh and elegant rooms, high-quality log roofs, and the smell of books everywhere, as well as celadon teacups, actually saw a brush and an ancient book on the desk, it is a big surprise! It is really a luxury boutique hotel with the theme of the book.
    The bathroom accessories and SPA products use the L’Occitane brand, which is a brand I love very much. L’Occitane’s elegant and light fragrance is very suitable for this light luxury boutique hotel style.
    In Wenfan Zhuangyuan Courtyard, there are indoor swimming pool, spa room, bar, children’s entertainment room, and full-time restaurant. Whether you are a sportsman, a foodie, or a enjoyment, you can find your place here. Everything you want!
    As a gourmet hacker, you must mention the food of Wenfan Zhuangyuan. This is a full-time restaurant that offers both Chinese and Western fusion dishes. The environment is stylish and elegant, and the dishes are rich and delicious.praise. Of course, you can add meals outside the meal time, and the dining area is in another rest area.
    Let’s first talk about the desserts here. The shape is chic and cute. It has sprouted my girl’s heart. The entrance is soft and soft, and the authentic Western-style dessert, but it is definitely not the kind of sweet and greasy taste, but the real sweetness. The reason is that these dessert materials are extremely elegant, the milk is fresh every day, and the other ingredients used are also high-end, no wonder so delicious.
    Fresh seafood will be served at dinner time. Different seafood will be served every day. The dishes are so delicate, the utensils are so fresh, just look at the appetite, and it’s really very, very, very fresh and delicious. The important thing must be I have to say it three times.
    By the way, there is a steak here, you have to have a copy, and remember, as long as 7 mature, you will definitely be overwhelmed. Pure snowflake beef, juicy and delicious, the taste can be comparable to a few hundred dollars a steak outside, but here is free to eat free to eat free, do you think it is not cost-effective?
    It is also important to mention that the sushi here is delicious and very good. It is almost the best sushi I have ever eaten. I must praise it!
    There are also those drinks, white wine, red wine, beer, rice wine, cola, seven-up juice, you want to have it here.
    Remember to remember that although the food is delicious, the weight needs to be controlled. Although we have completely forgotten the temperance and cover up. . .
    Since eating so full, the companion suggested going to the night to visit the ancient town of Qingyan, digesting and digesting.
     Night tour of Qingyan Ancient Town, feel different beauty
    After the night, the ancient towns of Qingyan, most of the shops on both sides have been closed, and only a few of them are still open, and even the best-selling pig-foot shop is also preparing for the business. The blue slate on the street reflects the reflection of the neon lanterns, and the shadow of the people is also very long.
    There are no crowds of tourists, there is no crowded street, the Qingyan ancient town at night reveals another kind, quietly and silently walking here, can be closer to it, more able to feel its ancient charm. At this time, the ancient town of Qingyan is like a quiet picture, but it is beautiful.
    In the ancient town of Qingyan in the night, there are two or three neighbors who talk about the shortness of the parents. There are old people who enjoy the happiness of the grandchildren, and the open doors of the houses that are not seen in the daytime are open. The favorite TV series is played inside. The big dog is like a sculpture, and it doesn’t move there. This situation actually gives people a moment of emotion.
    Perhaps it is the tranquility at this time, perhaps it is Enron at this time, maybe other emotions that are unclear and unclear, actually touched the softest place in the deepest part of the heart, and could not help but feel awkward. . .
    Carrying the lanterns of Wenfan Zhuangyuan’s hospital, walking here, it’s not a bad thing to have a performance through history. The girl in a white dress is like a fairy who walks in the painting, and walks lightly through the ancient town filled with the stories of the present and the present.
    Another girl dressed in a jacket wearing a baseball cap carrying a lantern, but it looks very handsome, as if a fierce female tycoon is performing a shopping mall without smoke, it is really a slap in the face!
    This walled city tower, this pleasant tourist, is no longer the real thing in the real world, but it seems to be an irrelevant and detached elf at the other end of the space-time tunnel. It is in the vast world of its own feelings. Free suspension.
    At this time, this kind of realm, let the thoughts gallop in the quiet, closed, ethereal paradise, and there will be no more love and hate and enthusiasm.
     Captivated by the delicious breakfast at Wenfan Zhuangyuan
    A good night’s dream, the first thing to do is to go to the buffet restaurant of Wenfan Zhuangyuanyuan to drink a bowl of porridge. Yesterday I heard that there are all kinds of Cantonese-style porridge spots every day. I certainly can’t miss it when I used to eat a few years.
    For breakfast, there are Cantonese-style refreshments and Western-style desserts. Not only do you have the favorite porridge of the Chinese people, but also the fresh fruits and desserts that beautiful women love. I like the porridge in the morning. The fragrant rice porridge is always heated on the side. The front table is the porridge material for the guests to choose from, including preserved eggs, minced meat, bullfrogs, fish fillets, eggs, etc. You want to eat nest egg beef porridge, ginger fish fillet porridge, preserved egg lean meat porridge, you can choose according to your own preferences, this is much better than a lot of high-end hotels, for daily In the morning, people who love porridge are definitely a big gospel.
    There are also these Cantonese Cantonese styles, which are also very authentic, sweet and salty, moderately soft, but slightly sweeter, a little acceptable. In short, such a breakfast, I can be very responsible, said that I have not eaten such authentic and delicious Cantonese breakfast for a long time.It is.
    Of course, there is also fresh fruit and a variety of Western-style dim sum, open and eat mode!
     The handsome style of Zhaoxing
    Today we are going to Zhaoxing Village and Tang’an Village. We are attending the 3D2 nights line plan of Wenfan Zhuangyuanyuan, so let’s go with the hotel’s younger brother! Guiyang took the train to the river, and the river was the location of the Zhaoxing Village, which took about 2 hours.
    Our route today:
    Itinerary: 5 Drum Tower Fun Punch
    Gourmet: speciality barbecue glutinous rice
    Experience: Learn to stir up oil tea with Auntie Auntie, hammer a cloth like a local
    For us, Zhaoxing Village is almost a strange word, a strange place, we don’t even know anything about the Yi people, so we are full of expectations and embarrassment for this trip. Imagine that there are many beautiful Yi people in Qiangzhai. The girl and the handsome Yi people, they sang clear love songs under the trees, by the lake, all kinds of flowers in front of the moon, and said the words of theft, this is really a beautiful scene.
    Our handsome younger brother told us that when we came to the village, we might see a group of beautiful Yi girls singing a welcome song at the door, carrying a road stop wine and warmly welcoming the guests.
    Ever since, I went to the village, looked at the gatehouse in the shape of the Drum Tower, and looked at the unique wooden buildings in the village. It led me to take a small plane to go to the bird’s eye view. So I didn’t have any participation in these hilarities. I just took a few Yi people at the end. The girl’s photo is taken as a souvenir.
    There are more than 920 households and more than 4,000 people in Zhaoxing Village. It is the largest Yi village in Liping County and the largest Yi village in the country. “肇” is the beginning and the first meaning in the proverb. Then Zhao Xing is the first stock of the party to survive. It is rumored that the ancestors of the villagers were warm and migrating from Jiangxi, and they have gone through all the hardships and finally settled in Zhaoxing. He then dug a well in a place called “Xi Xiu”, landed a wasteland, and lived beside the well. Later, the descendants of Lu Wenwen gradually developed and thrived, and the villages expanded accordingly. They moved to Jitang, Denglu, Luoxiang and other villages to live, and Zhaoxing became the “root of six holes”.
    There are two wonders in Zhaoxing Village, the first is the Drum Tower. Zhaoxing Village is most famous for its Gulou Group. Its Drum Tower is unique among the country’s Qiangzhai. It is included in the Guinness Book of World Records and is known as the “Hometown of Drum Tower Culture and Art”.
    The Jian Gu Lou in Qianzhai is a symbol of good fortune. The symbol of prosperity is built by the whole village. The construction of the Drum Tower is made of wood. It is magical and has to be smart for the Yi people. The talent is impressed.
    The role of the Drum Tower is: First, the sign of the village. The second is the sign of the Yi family name. The third is the leisure of the Yi The fourth is the occasion where young people socialize. The fifth is the place to receive guests. Sixth is the place where the meeting is held. Seven is a tool for transmitting information or alarms. Eight, the place of sacrifice, the first month of the first month of the first month of the temple.
    We walked around the village and found the drum tower. It was either a group of Yi people who pulled down their homes here, or a group of young people who embroidered each other. For the reception of guests and gatherings, there were sacrifices. Waiting for other effects, because we were not right when we arrived, we could not see it. There are almost a few long benches in each drum house, sitting or lying down, or chatting or sleeping. Every villager can find a comfortable place here. I feel that the Yi people are leisurely here. place.
    Even the Yi dogs here like to go to the Drum Tower to take a nap, so the lazy little look is really a tolerant.
    The climate of Zhaoxing Village is pleasant. The annual average temperature is around 17 degrees. In addition, there is a stream flowing through the village. This makes the products rich and the people’s lives stable. It also attracts the Yi people from all over the country. And because everyone is surnamed Lu, in order to distinguish, and in the family to determine the “inner name.” A person with a surname is living in a village, and the village is also called a “group.” Zhaoxing has successively developed into five regiments. According to the “five permanents” pursued by the people at that time, they were divided into benevolence groups, righteous groups, ceremonies, intellectual groups and letters. Each group, that is, each house family, builds its own drum tower, so that there is a spectacle of five Drum Towers in Yizhai. This is what people often say about the Dingxing Drum Tower Group.
    Let’s talk about the Huaqiao here, that is, the wind and rain bridge that the Miao people call it. It is also not necessary to nail a hole. Only count the eyes on the pillars and connect them with wooden rafts. Do not look at these Drum Towers and Flower Bridges through the storms, but still stand here without collapse, the wisdom of the ancients is indeed worthy of praise and learning. However, this kind of bridge has to be renovated once in 30 years, so the flower bridges built in the later period are mostly changed into a mixed structure of cement and wood, which is more durable. In the summer, the local Yi people are more willing to sit and chat on the flower bridge, because there is a river wind blowing more cool, it is a good place to cool.
    The Yi women here are very strange, their hair is very black and shiny, and they are all long. With a comb, a simple hairpin is on the head. This hair can be said to be invariable. They are all slightly squatting on the heads of the Yi women, and they are all on the head. Of course, most of these hairpins are middle-aged and old Yi women, and young Yi girls are rarely held so much.
    I have carefully observed several aunts and grandmothers. I feel that although their ages have been over the ages, but the hair has not been much white, it is quite confusing, so I asked my colleague to lead Wu Xiaoge. Wu Xiaoge is not old but knowledgeable. He told us that the Yi women here are washing their hair from a small plant with a pure plant. After washing things, they will always be black and bright and not easy to whiten. Strong cleaning ability and growth-promoting ability, so these Dai women’s hair can grow long except for black hair, and will not lose hair. Everyone here has come to the interest, asking what is pure plant shampoo? At this time, Wu Xiaoge laughed and said nothing, taking us at random to approach a Yi people’s dwelling house.
    The pure Yi people’s dwellings, the halls that are almost close to the street are all open, so that neighbors in the neighborhood can come to chat and there are several Yi people who are pulling home.
    These grandmothers can hardly speak Mandarin, only the language of their own family, and a big sister who is present will speak some Mandarin, so we asked for a question, what pure women wash the hair of the Yi women? The big sister of the Yi nationality pointed to a few large round things in the ground and said to us: “This is this, this is the tea cake, we use this to wash the hair.”
    Camellia cake, the original tea is fried into oil, the remaining tea slag, dried tea cake, each time you wash your hair, squat a piece, rinse with water and wash your hair. Asked whether they used other shampoos or the like before or after, the big sister of the Yi family immediately said loudly: “Of course, no chemical shampoo will be used. We used to wash our hair with tea cakes, and we are used to it. It’s cheap and good, and it’s clean and it’s black and shiny!”
    Here, we finally got the truth, teacakes wash their hair, this is indeed the wisdom of the ancient Yi people discovered through the production of labor!
    The Yi people play oil tea, which is an indispensable custom in the life of the Yi people. It can be made at any time, day and night. Camellia hospitality is an important etiquette of the Yi people. The oil tea of ​​the Yi nationality and the oil tea of ​​the Han nationality are at least very different from the Sichuan-Yunnan region. The first is the difference of raw materials. The main raw materials of the Yi nationality oil tea: tea, tea oil, glutinous rice, pig water, etc., and the oil tea we eat from childhood is rice bran. Add the ingredients and oil tweezers.
    We went to a tea shop and experienced fried tea. I saw that the Yi nationality first ignited the firewood, and started to set fire to the pot in the fire pit of the tower. This fire pit was seen once in the Dulong River in Yunnan, but it was late autumn so I didn’t feel hot. This time the temperature makes people feel that the heat wave is too strong, it is really unbearable.
    Curious, ask my grandmother, is this the place where the Yi people cook and cook on weekdays? Is there a kitchen stove or something? Ama wiped her sweat and said yes, she saw her mother doing this meal since she was a child. The Yi people would not have been cooking stoves before, let alone have a kitchen, and then licking her mother’s fatigue, saying that her family’s previous The days are very bitter, and there are many mouths to eat. Unlike now, the tourism in the village is developed, and everyone can live in a new house to eat.
    Although her grandmother didn’t stop, she didn’t stop her hand. After seeing the pot heat, the grandmother poured tea oil. The mother said that the tea oil should cost 60 yuan a pound. It is the wild tea picked from the mountain. Made of tea oil. After the tea oil splashed, it began to pour in the dried glutinous rice prepared in advance. After the oil was drained, it was drained and drained. It was placed aside, and the grandmother said that it would be more fragrant. Then put a bitter tea leaves into the fry, add water to boil, and finally pour the cooked bitter tea into the rice bowl that was fried before. This bowl of fried oil tea must be added with fried soybeans, pig water, chopped green onion and salt before adding tea. This bowl of fried oil tea is an indispensable daily food for the Yi people. It is also the highest etiquette for the Yi people. The fried tea has a healthy effect on the human body. According to the mother, the old Yi people must drink a few bowls of fried tea every day, if two days. If you don’t drink, you will feel uncomfortable.
    This is where we experience the cooking of oil tea. If you feel good, you can share it. If you want to know what the flavor of fried tea is, then everyone has the opportunity to try it out.
    The glutinous rice is also a special food of the Dai people. The cooking method: firstly immerse the glutinous rice in the bucket, and then take out the scouring and draining water the next day, then put it into the raft and steam it, then you can eat it. The Yi people have the custom of three meals a day, usually in the morning, work in the mountains, do the whole day’s meals, after breakfast, use rice cookers or baskets to prepare glutinous rice, plus kippans, meat, vegetables, etc. Going to the mountains, taking a break at noon, you can eat at the edge of the field, which is convenient and affordable, economical and saves time. The use of glutinous rice as a recipe for various dishes is a major feature of the food. In addition, glutinous rice is also used to make medlar, glutinous rice, and oil tea.
    The glutinous rice that is sold in the village, it costs 8 yuan for such a bowl, the taste is not bad, sour and spicy is very appetizing.
    The Yi people’s tie-dye, the Yi people mostly wear self-woven, self-woven, self-dyed crepe all handmade traditional costumes. In the village, almost every family has its own printing and dyeing workshop. This ancient craft is mainly done by Yi women. Planting blue dragonfly, spinning, weaving and dyeing cloth has spent a lot of time for women of Yi nationality. The most important life skills in our lives.
    Tie-dye is to wrap the textile burlap, wrap your own ideas into a group, then put them into the dye tank, wait for a while and then remove and dry. The pattern is determined according to the shape of the previous wrap. Of course, our time is limited, so we will fish out after ten minutes, so the color of the dye is also relatively shallow.
    The Yi people who did not have their own words, through the words and deeds, made this ancient and traditional blue dyeing process preserved in the repetition and reincarnation of the years, and it has been circulating for thousands of years.
    There is also a hammer cloth, which is also the custom of the Yi people. It is said that the cloth is more and more durable and more durable, but the hammer of this hammer cloth is quite heavy.
    There are some meanings in Zhaoxing Village. I have eaten fried tea and glutinous rice here. I also experienced tie-dye and hammer cloth. What is more important is to understand the customs and habits of the Yi people!
     Tang Anzhai, a beautiful terraced rice field
    Tang’an is located on the mountainside 7 kilometers east of Zhaoxing. It is a village with more than 160 households and more than 800 people. It is the only Yi nationality ecological museum established in China and Norway. According to the local Yi people’s oral dictation, Tangan has a history of more than 700 years. We took the chartered car and it took about half an hour.
    Tang Anzhai Village is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and there are empty terraces on one side. The peaks and peaks are stacked, and the terraces are stacked. The houses on the mountainside are on the mountain, hanging from the ground, and orderly.
    On the road from Zhaoxing to Tangan, there are mountains and plains, except for the forests, which are full of scenic terraces. In the spring, the terraces filled with spring water are like a mirror, under the illumination of sunlight,In the summer, the verdant green of the hillside is green and oily; in autumn, the golden eyes are full of rice; in winter, there is a kind of cold and thin landscape. In short, no matter which season, this “thousands of terraces” will make people forget to return.
    There is another special feature in the Tangan terraces. The terraces in other places are mostly made of clay, but here they are made of stones. Probably because the mountain shape is steep here, and there are more stones in the mountains, it is difficult to level the land, so it is only necessary to fill the soil with the stone. However, the construction of stone-built terraces is very particular. According to the old man in the stockade, it is impossible to build a field with stones. It can only be done by one person. There are many people, and the construction of the field is not good.
    “There are three treasures in the village, the drum tower, the big song, the wind and rain bridge”, and Tangan is no exception. Because of the small size, there is only one drum tower and one wind and rain bridge. The wind and rain bridge is in the terraced fields. It has experienced some wind and frost, and it has been tilted so far.
    The tall drum tower stands in the middle of the stockade and is particularly eye-catching.
    In the Yi village, the Drum Tower is not only a building, but also a favorite place for gatherings and deliberations. More often, it is a concentrated spiritual home. With the Drum Tower, there is a village, and only the old man who is “putting the ancients” under the drums has the legend of the Yi people who have been circulating for thousands of years.
    The Drum Tower in the village is the mascot of the village and can hold the soul of the family. The Drum Tower is a nine-story Mi Ping 檐 four corner spires, forming a trinity with the theater and Geping, showing the characteristics of the Yi village.
    It is said that Tang’an Village is the most abundant village in the mountain. There are 13 wells in Quanzhai, and the water network consisting of these wells covers almost every household in Tang’an Village. From the University of China, the Yi people can see the water. Attachment.
    There is a clear spring on the upper floor of the Drum Tower. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, with long flowing seasons. The scoop well is a stone bucket used to hold spring water.The stone is made up, because it has a groove on the left and right, which is named after a wooden scoop.
    It is said that it is because of this spring water that there is a Tangan. To know that living in Tangan is such a high slope of 935 meters above sea level, no water will mean anything. Moreover, the water in the well is particularly refreshing and sweet, not only the people in the stockade like to drink, but also the people of Yanxing who are 7 kilometers away often come here to pick water.
    The most profound thing that Tangan impressed me was not the terraces here, not the drum towers here, nor the water wells here, but the simplicity of the people here.
    The Yi people here treat most of us outsiders with a kind and shy smile, or do their own things, live their own days, very calm and very peaceful. This kind of indifference and tranquility is not because of the insensitivity that has been seen by too many tourists, but from the heart of peace and quiet.
    Mr. John Jesteron, Director of the Norwegian Eco-Museum, once said with emotion: “The Tang Anzhai Village is an example of humanity’s return to its true nature. From the physical taste of this stockade, it can fully confirm its long history. It has far-reaching The historical scientific price research value has the development value of the tourism resources of the Yi people and the value of human protection.”
    At this point, this trip is a perfect end. We took the train from Jiang to Guiyang and returned to the warm Wenfan Zhuangyuan. It’s perfect to think about this trip. The vivid and interesting taste of the Qiang Zhai Village, the original simplicity of Tang’an Village, the long history of Qingyan Ancient Town, and the fresh and elegant style of Wenfan’s Yuanyuan’s courtyard have impressed us. By the way, there is also a gourmet meal in Wenfan Zhuangyuan’s hospital. I can’t forget how to forget it. It’s so delicious, memories ing~~~~

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