We met you in warm winter in the winter of Changchun.

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Roaming Changchun in the silver winter day, meet you
    For me, the warmth of summer is a touch of daylight; in winter, it is the snow that falls on the earth.
    However, the time has been a short time, waiting year after year, but always waiting for the childhood to remember the snow in the goose feathers.
    So, decided to go north, go to a city north of my hometown, step on a creaking snow, stand under the blue sky, and make a clear dream.
    Whose nose is red, who’s eyelashes are stuck with snowflakes, who’s mouth is laughing and opening the whole face…
    – The first trip in 2018, meet you in Changchun
    [Changchun·Jingyuetan National Forest Park]
    In the north, in Changchun, around New Year’s Day, along with the arrival of the New Year, the China Changchun Ice and Snow Tourism Festival arrived as scheduled, and the Vasa International Ski Race was also unveiled. On one side, there are snow sculptures with various appearances and postures. On the other hand, skiers who are heroic and struggling to move forward, half of the snow and ice, half hot, are melting your shivering heart little by little. If your city is not snowing, come to Changchun to step on the snow and watch the snow!
    [Changchun·World Sculpture Park]
    In Changchun, a few degrees below zero, stealing a trace of daylight on the streets, sculptures of different shapes and dynamic fashion will enter your sight without warning. The Changchun World Sculpture Park, located in the south of the city, has become a veritable world sculpture art grand view garden. How, you have not yet understood the unique cultural taste of Changchun, you still do not know how to enter the city, may wish to take your curiosity, come to Changchun to see all kinds of sculptures!
    [Changchun·Long Shadow Site Museum]
    We live and look like a frame of images flashing and separating, so we will have fun, such as a daze, such as watching a movie… New China’s movie cradle is the Changchun film studio. On top of the ruins, the first film base in New China was set up, creating many “firsts” in the history of new Chinese films. Therefore, the flow of time has turned to the present, we only have a long shadow, only museums, and the long history of the long river, the culture and realism of life.
    [Changchun Puppet Manchurian Palace Museum]
    Walking on the streets of the city, you can always find some clues in the corners and corners, the lively and beautiful scars covered by snow, a little bit telling people in the future, what kind of hardship they have experienced before. Helpless. And after we deeply sigh, it is to cherish the beauty of the moment at this moment. The Palace of the Puppet Manchurian Palace, built by the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, when Ai Xinjue Luo Puyi was the emperor of Manchuria, was able to truly witness the various events that happened once and for all…
    Changchun is an immigrant city that brings together cuisines from various places. So, as long as you come, you will be sure to find something that suits your taste.
    [I am in Changchun] I met snow and ice and met a snow owl.
    After a snow, Changchun was a silver-white Changchun.
    High mountains, deep snow, warmth, long dreams, a magical castle in a fairy tale world.
    It is a long-lasting reunion with you, and it is a long-term retreat. Therefore, you will not be separated when you meet.
    Drive to the Jingyuetan Ski Resort and arrive early in the morning, at the opening ceremony of the Changchun Ice and Snow Tourism Festival and the Jingyuetan Vasa International Ski Festival. Relevant people at home and abroad have already arrived at the scene. When we got off the bus, the oncoming is the world of white clouds under the blue sky. Every time we walk, we will meet different snow sculptures. It seems to hook out the inner childlike interest.
    At the main venue of the opening ceremony, the already-prepared gongs and drums, the red and hot clothes under the huge snow sculptures behind them, were even more enthusiastic, and accidentally brought people into a fierce atmosphere. China Changchun Ice and Snow Tourism Festival was founded in 1998. It is a snow and ice tourism festival that Changchun City has been using for its unique natural resources, climate, environment and location advantages.
    Changchun Jingyuetan Ski Resort is located in the Jingyuetan National Scenic Area on the southeast side of Changchun City. It is 18 kilometers away from the city center, with an area of ​​18 square kilometers. It is surrounded by forest on three sides and faces water. It has unique geographical advantages and tourism resources. Different from many ski resorts, it is “the ski resort in the city”. Unlike the city, the lake is bright and the air is fresh. The snow is soft and suitable for all types of skiers. It has a high-altitude ropeway and the world’s first 1314-meter pipe-rail slide.
    Walking on the grounds on both sides of the Jingyuetan ski trail, you can see a variety of snow sculptures. Under the snow sculptures, there will be people who are engraved on the slopes. Here, the Confucius and Laozi from the historical river will come here. Join in the field to join in the fun. Whether it is the snow sculpture of the character or the architecture, animals, etc. are very rich, shaped and legendary.
    Walking against the sun, the shady whales are also emitting a ray of light, shining like a squat in the sea. I am a girl who loves fantasy. I always think that I can fly in the sea and jump in the air. It is because of the fact that I have seen more anime.
    Snow sculpture is a form of carving art, with the beauty of simple shape. Snow sculptures and ice sculptures are often confused. The reason is that the word “carving” of snow sculpture is actually shaped. It is not the same as the meaning of carving in the “carving” of ice sculpture. It is the simplest way to make a snowman. Snow sculpture. If you are in a white snow sculpture, are you even pure and beautiful?
    The snow sculpture in the park is located in the world of ice and snow, and this snow and ice world is located in Jingyuetan National Forest Park. It is adjacent to Jingyuetan Ski Resort and is the largest experiential snow sculpture park in Jilin Province. 500,000 square meters, the amount of snow used is 400,000 square meters. In addition to embodying the European style, the entire snow world has added many Chinese elements. All kinds of entertainment elements are integrated into the snow sculpture group. It also enhances the entertainment function of the snow world, allowing children to play and enjoy the snow world here. Beautiful.
    The Vaasa Ski Festival originated in Sweden and has been in existence since 1922. It has been held for more than 80 sessions. In 2003, the Vaasa Ski Festival officially settled in the Jingyuetan National Scenic Area in Changchun. China became the fourth country to host the Vasa Ski Race after Sweden, the United States and Japan. In 2017, Changchun Vasa International Ski Festival introduced the world’s top long distance cross-country skiing competition – classic skiing, which is another breakthrough of the Vaasa Ski Festival. Today, I was fortunate enough to go to the scene to watch the cross-country skiing event.
    Before the official cross-country skiing competition, it was to create the atmosphere. Paragliders flew around the heads of everyone. They hovered and flew for a while, showing the skillful movements, which led everyone to look up and raise their hands. The equipment is photographed and shouted. The event was also brought to a climax, it seems that this is to cheer for the athletes of the next game.
    The Jingyuetan cross-country skiing track is 16.7 kilometers long, 5 meters wide and 0.3 meters thick. It was designed by the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics and the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics cross-country ski track designer. It is also the first international in China. The world-class professional cross-country ski track certified by Xuelian, of course, this series of international professional competitions will also attract the world’s top skiers such as Olympic champions and World Cup champions.
    Changchun Jingyuetan Ski Resort Address: Jingyuetan Scenic Area, Southeast of Changchun City
    Ticket price: 30 yuan Ski: (Monday to Friday 80 yuan / person) (Saturday, Sunday 100 yuan / person)
    Opening hours: mid-November-March-March 9:00-16:00
    Transportation: Public transportation: People’s Square has a ski area special line car. You can also take the No. 160 tourist bus (the fare of 2 yuan) at Changchun Railway Station or People’s Square, or take the No. 102 Jingyuetan Line to the main entrance in Sanma Road, Changchun City. . Subway: Take the rail transit line 3 and get off at Changying Century City Station and walk about 2312 meters.
    [I am in Changchun] I met the sculpture and met the soul of the claws.
    Standing in front of each sculpture, I always feel that there will be a soul of the claws and claws placed in it, will not be separated, and will not disturb the world. So, with the eyes of art and appreciation, we looked at a sculpture that we couldn’t read before…
    With the breeze in the clear winter, under the blue sky, we finally arrived at the Changchun World Sculpture Park. For all city cards in Changchun, “Sculpture City” is one of the business cards that cannot be ignored or mentioned. The sculpture park in the south of the city has raised the cultural taste of Changchun to a higher level. How, is it that you also have a different impulse to look at the sculpture group, why the city is so attached to the sculpture…
    The Changchun World Sculpture Park has natural landscapes and human landscapes. It is a large-scale modern sculpture art theme park that is based on the fusion of Eastern and Western culture and art. The park has 441 pieces of sculptures created by 397 sculptors from 212 countries and regions around the world. It is a collection of exquisite sculptures that combine various artistic genres. These works will be combined with the natural landscape features and permanently displayed in the park. For the world to appreciate.
    Take the shuttle bus in the park and first arrive at the Wei Xiaoming Art Museum. There are more than 200 sculptures created by Wei Xiaoming, including works as small as 0.1 meters and works as high as 15 meters. Photographs are not allowed in the museum, so it is a few outdoor sculptures that can be presented to everyone.
    After visiting the Wei Xiaoming Art Museum, follow the explanation guides and take the shuttle bus to the Songshan Hanrong African Art Collection Museum. This museum is located at the east gate of the entire sculpture park. From the outside, you can feel the rich and unique artistic atmosphere. As soon as I entered the museum and looked up, I saw the neatly arranged prints on the entire wall, which shocked people. And this whole face is not the most important thing in this museum. Only when you go deep into it can you discover the infinite charm that all kinds of wood carvings exude.
    The museum has three exhibition halls, “Art Africa”, “Charming Africa” and “Black Africa”, which showcase their unique African culture with different themes. Of course, in addition to the collection of 12,000 sculptures and paintings from the southeastern African countries. In the middle of it, it seems that you can feel the charm of art under the passage of time. It is also the gathering place of the art of Maconde in China. Therefore, it is an unmissable existence.
    Comte is a small ethnic group in Africa. There is a tradition of “man carving from the man”. The 4-year-old boy learns to sculpt with his father. This woodcarving is a ceremonial celebration of the family. In the place where the Maconde people live, there is a rare and rare tree that is yellow-white in the side of the tree and has a purplish red or blackish black. Its wood is extremely hard, delicate texture and anti-mite. Therefore, there is a Maconde woodcarving, and this woodcarving is mostly mahogany, wenge, ebony, etc. It is said that this wood has a role of “millennial growth, millennium does not fall, millennium does not rot”, and it is also intended for woodcarving. Let’s go.
    So many sculptures are all hand-operated, and they don’t refer to the real thing. They are all based on the artistic feelings of the craftsman for many years. After a fine process such as frustration and grinding, a piece of work can be completed. In this way, in addition to the high artistic value, these finely crafted works have a high collection value.
    The Songshan Hanrong African Art Collection Museum was named after the nearly 12,000 pieces of African sculptures and paintings based on the Maconde sculpture, which were donated by Mr. Li Songshan and Ms. Han Rong free of charge. Hometown, showcase collections at the Changchun Sculpture Art Museum. It is their life’s energy and great financial resources to study and collect the works of Maconde, and we can see such shocking works.
    There is also a sculpture art museum in the sculpture park, with a building area of ​​12,500 square meters. It is the main building of Changchun World Sculpture Park and the largest sculpture art museum in China.
    The art gallery is built on a sloping ground and has a unique design that complements the sculptures displayed in the park. The museum houses more than 100 classic works of dozens of Chinese and foreign sculptors such as Pan He, Cheng Yunxian, Wang Keqing, Cao Chunsheng, Hectoro Roman Lat, and the “Nine Songs of Mountains and Ghosts” created and donated by Mr. Ye Qishan. .
    There is a “Peng Zushu Art Museum” in the museum, which houses the precious collections of the precious collections “Meng Ji” donated by Mr. Peng Zushu and a large number of manuscripts. Walking in front of the window, you will see the dense little words jumping on the little stones. What kind of concentration and patience are there to mark the stone so much back and forth on the stone.
    Address: No. 9518, Renmin Street, Changchun City, Jilin Province (850 meters south of Satellite Plaza).
    Ticket price: 30 yuan / person; Changchun Sculpture Art Museum 30 yuan / person; SongshanHan Rong African Art Collection Museum 30 yuan / person
    Opening hours: 8:00-16:00 in winter and 8:00-17:00 in summer
    Transportation: You can take bus 66, 111, 112, 130, 161, 163, 170, 240, 252, 270, 312 to get off at the Sculpture Park Station.
    [I am in Changchun] I met a movie and met the beauty that could not be hidden.
    Young, always in a leisurely afternoon, carrying a partner or a friend in twos and threes, going to the cinema to brush a recently released movie, which tells about the experiences we have seen before, or the drama that laughs out of tears, or the vigorous Spy war… No matter what the plot and the form, it seems that we don’t know about the movie in the movie theater near the home, nothing more.
    Until that cool winter day, we walked into the Long Shadow Site Museum. When we saw the scene of the scene and saw the movie stars of those parents, it still appears in our field of vision. It seems that time is stretched. Between, now and once confused.
    The Changying Site Museum is a long-term restoration of the Changchun Film Studio on the basis of the original “Full Screen” building in 1937. It is a record of the development, progress and prosperity of the Changchun Film Studio. The art palace of change. The Long Shadow Site Museum presents multiple themes such as film art, film props, film special effects, film crafts, and film production through cultural relics preservation, art exhibitions, and film interactions.
    Into the museum, in 1937, when the “Fu Ying” factory was built, the two mosaic blue dragon patterns inlaid by the Japanese were presented at the foot. In the middle of the Qinglong, there was a floor plan of the “full screen”. At the end of the colorful glass wall was the statue of the five founders. .
    Changchun Film Studio has created the “seventh first” in the history of new Chinese film and made pioneering contributions to the establishment and development of the film industry in New China. With the guidance of the instructor, a little deep into it, you will find that there is also the restoration of the old movie theater at that time, the ground is full of scattered movie ticket stubs and old posters of the theater, this is the most authentic memory of that era.
    “Five Golden Flowers” “Wind from the East” “Sisters on Ice” is a tribute to the 10th anniversary of the National Day of 1959. “Liu Sanjie” is the first color music film in New China. The placement of these old objects will cause people to be pulled and placed in the years of hard struggles.
    Walking into it, the tunnel between the hustle and bustle seems to pass through the tunnel of time. In an instant, we will return to the 80s. The strange tone there is a scene we are not familiar with after 90, but fortunately, we can Feel the feeling of the existence of all this.
    Shadow is the first film production base created by the Communist Party of China. From the very beginning, it bears the great mission of party trust and new Chinese culture. The long shadow leadership led the long shadows to bravely go forward and created a large number of outstanding films for the people to sing songs for the times and for the nation, and wrote the glory and dreams, glory and hope in the annals of the new Chinese film.
    The long filming of the opera films not only includes the national quintessence of Peking Opera, the ancient Kunqu opera, the Han opera, the Qin dynasty and the wide-ranging Pingju opera, Yu Opera, etc., but also a large number of local operas.
    There is also a corridor in the museum, which is a complete mixed recording studio and 1st, 2nd and 3rd studios that preserved the original “full screen” in 1937. Today, in this corridor, the old props used in the movies of the long shadow city, the rural theme, the military theme, and the historical theme are collected, and the film equipment and equipment of different ages used by the long shadow artists are concentrated. There are also hand-painted movie posters from different periods.
    The Long Shadow Old Site Museum is a national-level cultural landmark, a hall for demonstrating the achievements of New Chinese film art, and a pilgrimage site for filmmakers. If you have a different feeling for the movie, you must go to the Long Shadow Site Museum to take a walk.
    Address: No. 1118, Hongqi Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun City, Jilin Province
    Tickets: 120 yuan / person
    Opening hours: Summer: 9:00-17:00, Winter: 9:00-16:30.
    [I am in Changchun] I met the cold and met the warmth.
    In winter, the most serious thing should be skiing. I think this is the point that God cares most about the northerners. It doesn’t matter how much temperature there is, and it’s going to explode in the winter to get the snow.
    Changchun Lianhuashan Ski Resort is the largest comprehensive ski resort in Changchun with international standards, China’s first-class, and the closest to the central city in China. It integrates sports and tourism.
    There are 6 junior, middle and high grade ski trails in the Lianhuashan Ski Resort, which can meet the needs of tourists of different ski levels. In summer, it can be used for grass skiing and golf practice; the newly built 2 mountain chairlifts and 3 tow ropeways. Paragliding can be carried out; in winter, various ice sports such as skating, snowmobiling, snow flying saucers, ice slides, horse sledges and dog sledges can be carried out. Fishing, swimming, beach volleyball, beach bathing and other activities can be carried out in summer. Water recreation project.
    Address: Changchun Lianhua Mountain Ecological Tourism Resort
    Opening hours: mid-November to mid-March
    Ticket price: Monday to Friday 80 yuan / person / 3 hours All day 120 yuan / person Saturday, Sunday 100 yuan / person / 3 hours All day 150 yuan / person
    [I am in Changchun] I met the remains and met the silent silence in the dust.
    In Changchun, the city was once designated as the “capital” of the Manchurian state by the Japanese aggressors, and the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Ai Xinjue Luo Puyi, lived here for nearly 14 years. Therefore, when we set foot on this land, we can borrow those historical facts and relics to face the past, know the past, and embark on a better future.
    There is a Puppet Manchurian Palace on the north side of Guangfu Road in Kuancheng District, Changchun City. It is one of the three existing court sites in China. The Puppet Palace Palace covers an area of ​​205,500 square meters, and more than 30 open attractions, including With an exhibition area of ​​47,000 square meters, it has launched more than 50 original exhibitions, basic displays and special exhibitions.
    The stone monument in front of the Xingyun Gate reads the words and introductions of the “Pseudo Manchuria Palace”.
    The winter in Changchun is clear blue, some bleak trees, walking in the courtyard of the Museum of the Puppet Manchurian Palace. It seems to be able to pull people back to the era of gloom, from the emperor to the citizen.This kind of gap can be taken up by the state of mind. Maybe this is the hardship given to the people by the times. If you are, you can’t give up.
    The main part of the Puppet Manchu Palace is 46,000 square meters, divided into two asymmetrical areas. The Western District consists of three-in-one courtyards, including the inner court and the foreign court, both of which are bounded by the Zhonghe Gate. The Puppet Manchurian Palace is mainly composed of the palace complex of the East Palace, including the Tongde Hall, the Imperial Garden, the swimming pool and the air-raid shelter. There are also the temples of the founding of the country, the Guards Barracks, Huaiyuan Building, Jiale Hall, Qinmin Building, Yuxi Building and so on.
    Qixi Building is a European-style two-story building with a blue-brick iron roof. It was originally the office building of the Jihei Transportation Bureau. It was renovated and repaired before April 3, 1932, and became the palace of Puyi and its later residence. Entering the building, picking up the stairs, we came to the second floor. The west side of the second floor is the living area of ​​Puyi, which mainly includes bedroom, study, hairdressing room, Buddhist temple, bathroom and Chinese medicine library.
    Although Puyi pays great attention to her own instruments, she hates haircuts. She only has a haircut when she meets important people and important activities. At that time, there was a Japanese named Tsuda who had a haircut for Puyi. Every time she cut her hair, she used yellow hair. Wrap it up, date it, and keep it in a safe place. To show the cherished dragon. In the late period of the pseudo-manchurian epidemic in Changchun, Puyi paid special attention to disinfection, and he also served as his disinfection room.
    Pu Yi was sent to the palace at the age of three and took the throne to the throne. The life after that was completely isolated from his original family. Since it is an emperor, all living and living are supervised by the eunuch in the palace, and the eunuchs and palace ladies are waiting. After the four ancestors left by Tongzhi and Guangxu, that is, the maiden of Puyi, although Puyi has four nominal mothers to take care of, the most profound feeling for childhood pipa is the lack of maternal love.
    For Pu Yi, childhood life is naturally unhappy, perhaps because Puyi is the only emperor that can be seen by today’s people. The ridiculous things of the emperor’s career can be seen, and some older emperors, the times The background is different, I am afraid that the treatment of the emperor is even more special.
    The Qinmin Hall is taken from the ‘diligence and love of the people’. This room belongs to the main part of the Qinmin Building, also known as the ‘Zheng Dian’, which is equivalent to the Taihe Temple of the Forbidden City in Beijing. It is the Puyi ‘上朝’ and officially meets the foreign envoys, promulgating the commission and honour of the pseudo-Manchurian official residence. Place.
    Why is this pseudo-Manchurian capital to be fixed in Changchun? In fact, there are important reasons. Changchun is located in the center of the northeast. Compared with Harbin, which was operated by Russia for many years, Changchun is a more ideal city. Moreover, Changchun was cheap and wide-ranging at that time, making it easier for Japanese aggressors at that time to carry out all activities. .
    In that year, Puppet Manchuria and Japan signed the table of the “Japan Protocol.” On this table, Fu Yi entrusted the Ministry of National Defense and Security of the Puppet Manchukuo to the Japanese, and the Japanese managed the railways, harbors, waterways, and empty roads. The various materials and equipment required by the Japanese army were faked. The full government is responsible for the supply. Northeast sovereignty was handed over.
    This ‘Pike’ brand sedan is the private private car of the court that the last emperor of China, Ai Xinjue Luo*, who used to be the emperor of the Manchurian state. It was dilapidated when it was collected. The repaired Parker has been completely renewed and can be driven normally. At the time of each fair, the staff members will open an exhibition at the Auto Expo, and will open after the end.
    Tongde Hall’s magnificent palace chandelier.
    Huaiyuan Building was completed in the autumn of 1934. According to the book of Rites, the singularity of the singularity of the palace is one of the main buildings of the palace. It is mainly used for the funeral ceremonies of the ancestral ancestors, and some of the offices in the palace are also here.
    On the west side of the first floor of the Qixi Building, it is the living area of ​​Pu Yi’s third wife, Tan Yuling, which mainly includes the bedroom, study, living room and bathroom.
    Tongde Hall is a palace designed and built by the Japanese for Puyi and its heirs. It is the largest building in the Puppet Manchurian Palace. It is a palace that integrates office, government, residence and entertainment.
    This is Puyi’s swimming pool, and Puyi did not swim in it, just watching the children playing in the pool quietly. The tiles are now mottled.
    Transportation: You can take the 80, 264, 225, 114, 256, 276, and 287 roads. Bus No. 38 and other buses arrive at the Puppet Palace Museum. Opening hours: May 1st – October 10th: Opening time: 8:30
    Ticket stop time: 16:20
    Closed: 17:20
    October 11th – April 30th of the following year: Opening time: 8:10
    Ticket stop time: 14:40
    Closed: 16:50
    Ticket Information: Park Pass (Pseudo Manchu Palace / Racecourse / Northeast Depression History Exhibition Hall)
    Adult: 60 yuan / person; military / large and medium students: 30 yuan / person, with officer / soldier card (active military), student card (excluding adult education, graduate students); primary school students: 20 yuan / person; 60 years old or older With valid documents, tickets are 50% discounted; group visits: 10% off for groups of 40 or more, 72 yuan/person, 20% off for groups of 80 or more, 64 yuan/person.
    Free ticket policy: children under 1.3 meters; disabled persons with disability certificates; retired cadres with valid documents; senior citizens over 70 years old with valid documents.

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