Winter to see snow, Xuexiang, Jingbo Lake, Phoenix Mountain, Hengdaohezi 4 days self-driving tour

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    I should go to see snow in winter.
    Winter does not look at snow, what is the meaning of life?
    If you don’t go to the north in winter, you have to wait a year.
    Since the photo of Xuexiang has spread throughout the network
    That touch of red deeply attracted me.
    Even the Internet is full of all sorts of public opinion about Xuexiang.
    But it can’t stop my yearning for it.
    The good news is that I found the right travel agency this time.
    Snow travels outdoors, not in the snow town
    This road is also a smooth choice for self-driving
    Xuecheng’s big brother gave us a driver.
    Whether it is a journey or a process along the way
    All of this made my trip to Xuexiang get a successful conclusion.
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     about me
    Hi~ I am Hao Digua Cynthia. After 90s travellers, travel writers, travel experiencers, hotel sleep testers.Record all this with your camera and words, and measure the world with your footsteps.
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     Preparation before the trip
    1. Cards: ID cards, bank cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses (if you have them) are brought well, and other special certificates are included. But also pay attention to bring some cash on the body. Although the Internet is very developed now, not all places can be swiped or WeChat pay, so Ma Dad still needs to continue to work hard.
    2, ticket map class: determine the travel time, choose the travel vehicle in advance, the plane or the train, it is best to download an app, you can check at any time, then the map, the drop of the city’s traffic routes and ride routes . This time I am entering the mountain, so I have to check the time to arrive at the scenic spot.
    3, digital categories: including mobile phones, charging treasure, patch panels (especially photographers, a variety of messy devices), a variety of chargers, photographic equipment), USB data cable, if the photographer wants to film the same day If you send it, you can bring a computer. It is best to bring a thin and light book, otherwise it will be a little heavy.
    4, clothes: all said that the northeast of the winter is cold, he is windy, blowing cold on the face, staying outside for half an hour or so has been frozen, I have worn a sweater and a piece on the upper body. To the down jacket, wearing a pair of velvet sweatpants on the lower body, the shoes are waterproof shoes bought by Decathlon, not cold at all… The passing partner wears three trousers, and I am one, this is to praise me. Down jacket, cover the wind, face masks need to wear a mask, frozen pain will.
    5, cosmetics: lotion, facial cleanser, spray and other large things are recommended to pack, spray is recommended to give up, the aircraft can also be checked, but the train may have a place to be checked (local melon personal experience). The girl prepares sunglasses (windproof), umbrellas, etc. in advance.
    6, drugs: with heat, detoxification drugs or granules, band-aid and so on. Multi-purpose cold granules, may be caught cold, warm baby can also bring more, although I feel no use, may be hot body.
    Ps: Although it is rather embarrassing, it still varies from person to person. It is not very suitable for the little friends who say that they are leaving, and everyone still considers Kazakhstan as appropriate.
     Practical information
    [about traffic]
    Harbin Taiping International Airport is located in Taiping Town, 30 kilometers southwest of Harbin City. It is jointly known as Dalian Airport and Shenyang Airport as the “Three Gateways” Airport in the Northeast, and is also the airport with the largest number of routes in Russia.
    There are currently three major railway stations in Harbin: Harbin Station, Harbin West Railway Station and Harbin East Railway Station. Locals call it “Ha Station”, “Haxi Station” and “Hadong Station”. You can take the No. 6 bus at Harbin Station and Harbin East Station. Round trip between the two train stations.
    There are many Harbin long-distance bus passenger stations, among which Nangang Highway Passenger Station is located near Harbin Railway Station. It is a large-scale road passenger station in Harbin. Other main road stations, Daqiao Station, Anfa Bridge Station and Sanshu Station are mainly sent to Provincial and suburban counties.
    This time I chose the plane. Most of the people who come here are flying, and most of the nearby buses and trains.
    Since December, the ticket has been back and forth less than 600. Qingdao flies, it is very cheap, choose a cheap time, hahahaha.
    [About attractions]
    The sights are limited to some places I went to this time. If you want to see more attractions, you can consult the lady.
    Xuexiang is located in the southwest mountainous area of ​​Hailin City. This area has frequent snowfall and there is a snowy period of seven months per year. The best time to see snow in Xuexiang is from December to March, and the amount of snow is large. The snow is thick and there are quite a lot of tourists. Xuexiang is a small village. Xueyun Street is the most lively place in the village. This street is nearly 500 meters long and there are various shops and hotels on both sides. The red lanterns in front of the store at night are very festive.
    Opening hours: 7:00-22:00
    Ticket information: Tickets are 90 yuan, you can purchase a scenic tour ticket for 5 yuan.
    Jingbo Lake:
    Jingbo Lake is a famous summer resort. It is located in Ning’an City, which is under the jurisdiction of Mudanjiang. It is about two hours drive from Mudanjiang. It is the best tourist season here from June to September every year. Jingbo Lake Scenic Area is currently divided into three major scenic spots: Jingbo Lake Main Scenic Area, Jingbo Canyon and Crater Underground Forest. The main scenic spot of Jingbo Lake includes two parts: Hangshuilou Waterfall and Baili Changhu. The whole tour takes about 4-5 hours. After purchasing the ticket for the scenic spot, you need to register by fingerprint, and you can enter and leave the scenic spot twice within 48 hours.
    Opening hours: opening hours 8:00–17:00;
    Tickets: 100/person Ticket exchange time 08:00-16:00
    Phoenix Mountains:
    With a total area of ​​50,000 hectares, Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park is an eco-friendly park that integrates tourism, health care, summer vacation, vacation, scientific research and exploration. It has 89 peaks with an altitude of over 1000 meters. The main peak is 1690 meters above sea level. It is the first of Zhang Guangcai Ling and the highest peak in Heilongjiang Province. Phoenix Mountain is known as the “first mountain in the Northeast”, “the first odd garden in the east of the country” and “the first grand canyon in the north” with its grand and high momentum.
    Opening hours: 9:00-16:00Ticket information: Retail price: 160.0 yuan
    Hengdao Hezi:
    Hengdaohezi Russian Town Scenic Area is a national AAAA-level scenic spot. The town was founded in 1897. It is a key work area during the construction of the Middle East Railway. It is currently a famous historical and cultural town and a famous scenic tourist town. There are many historical relics in the town, beautiful scenery, organic garage, Orthodox church, railway station, oil painting village and other attractions.
    Opening hours: 8:30-17:30
    Tickets: Free
    [about food]
    Food and beauty can’t be disappointing.
    Harbin cuisine is mainly influenced by the traditional Russian and northeastern tastes of neighboring countries, so you can not only enjoy authentic Russian meals, but also taste authentic Northeastern dishes and specialties like Di San, Chicken Stew, Pork stewed noodles, sautéed pork, Martell ice lolly, red sausage and other local delicacies.
    Harbin’s cuisine is widely distributed, and it can be eaten locally in Central Street and Hongbo Business District. Eat Western food can go to the central street, eat local snacks can go to the old road, eat barbecue to go to Pinggang Street in Nangang District, in addition, Nangang District, Wenchang Street, Huanghe Road, there are also many food stores.
    [about camera]
    Camera: Canon EOS M5
    Lens: EF-M EF 50mm f/1.8 STM+ Sigma Canon 18-135+ Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8
    Late: PS+lr
    Other equipment: portable tripod, mobile phone delay bracket, video capture stabilizer, Apple notebook, mobile hard drive, card reader, SD card, charger, etc.
    The camera party suggested that Canon can be equipped with a few batteries. Sony Nikon, who is a friend of mine, has no power for a while, and friends have posted it with a warm baby, but I feel like an egg. My camera doesn’t have a warm baby. The battery lasted for a day and it was too strong.
    In addition, when you go out from the house to the house, you can not go in, it is easy to let the camera fog, and the house should be placed in a low temperature place.
    Day1 Qingdao Airport – Harbin Airport – Phoenix Mountain
    Accommodation: Lu Yue Boutique Hotel
    Day2 Phoenix Mountain
    Day3 Jingbo Lake
    Day4 Hengdao Hezi – Return
     Accommodation recommendation
    Recommended reason:
    In terms of hotels that live on this road, the hotels near the scenic spots are still very simple, and it is worth recommending that this hotel is located in Harbin at night – Luyue Boutique Hotel.
    Many people say that the hotels in Xuexiang are expensive, but they can give you a small suggestion~ We are going to Xuexiang in the evening, when we took pictures of the day and night, and then we rushed overnight. Back to the hotel in Hailin, the road is not very long, almost an hour or so.
    The location of the hotel is very good and is also close to Sofitel Cathedral. Especially the decoration of the lobby is very good, a wall of books, many in-house guests are taking pictures here.
    The hotel is just a new renovation, all kinds of hardware facilities are new, and the heating in the room is very good.
    There are large supermarkets and shopping malls around the hotel. Whether it’s eating or shopping or going to attractions, the conditions in the urban area are already great.
     Day1: The person chasing the stars, I can chase behind you.
    After arriving in Harbin on the first day of the afternoon, it was nearly late. After a night at the hotel, I went to the supermarket to buy food supplies the next day. At the same time, I waited for the arrival of friends. I got friends from the train station after four or five. Then drive to Phoenix Mountain.
    This time is a bit long, almost five hours, it was almost 10 o’clock in the hotel, and dinner was found on the road to find a restaurant.
    When I arrived at the Phoenix Mountain Hotel, it was very late, but I looked up and saw the stars in the sky. I couldn’t stand it and took a few pictures with my camera.
     Day 2: Going to the countryside, snow in the snow
    Arrive at the entrance of Phoenix Mountain, buy a ticket, take a Baidu car, but this is still the top. It is only halfway up the mountain. As the first mountain in Heilongjiang, it was famous for its “UFO” incident in 1994. Nowadays, she is waiting for her acquaintance in the form of mountains and rivers.
    Arriving at the half-mountain cabin, there are a lot of snowmobiles parked at the door. It is the main tool for us to go up the mountain. One handsome little brother drives a motorboat from above, and a float stops in front of us. I sit in the middle, friends. Be my back. Because I didn’t bring my gloves, I put my hand in my brother’s pocket. On the way, the motorboat was flying fast. When it was in a bumpy place, it was about to pick us up. If it wasn’t hard, we might It will also be reversed.
    About a quarter of an hour, I reached the top of the mountain, and the legs were already soft. The snow was thick and clean on the way, thick and pure, because no one trampled, it was extraordinarily neat, and there was no collision. It is integrated into the weather. One here, one on the other, it is extraordinarily cute.
    After we reached the top of the mountain, there were some motorboats that didn’t carry guests. The snowboards that were brought up were foggy, and all the way with snow, it was spectacular.
    When I went down, I made one myself. When I felt like I didn’t come up, it was very bumpy. When I was alone, there was no two people who were bumpy. Sometimes I met the motorboats that would go up and stopped to give them. Give way, harmony and mutual help, hahahaha.
    The snow on the top of the mountain is naturally a lot behind, and one foot is going down, and the calf is about to be worn.
    Walking in the snow that is about to reach the height of the calf, every road is difficult and you will fall if you don’t pay attention.
    Looking out at the top of the mountain, the distance is also the rolling hills and the white mountains.
    In addition to riding a motorboat up the mountain, you can also choose a horse-drawn carriage, the horse twisted the front of the butt belt, and the person who drove the car, a whip down, looks a bit cruel, peers are trying to persuade the horse not to be pitiful. .
    The horse took us to the ski resort. Many adults are here to teach children to ski. Some babies need dad to slide, and some are bold, and they slide directly. They are also modeled. Dad protects the safety underneath. Probably also a kind of fatherly love.
    After coming out of the ski resort, we did not continue to follow the big forces, because we had to go to Xuexiang.
    Driving from Fenghuangshan for more than two hours, the hit of “Daddy Where Go” in 2013, the release of the 2014 Christmas New Year movie “Watching Weihushan”, one of the stamps of “Beautiful China (II)” in 2016 , the location of the National Ski Training Base Bayi Ski Team… all this,Many tourists who love the beauty of nature in the motherland are eager to flock to the snowy town of Mudanjiang in the northeast of the long-awaited “dream land” from all directions. What has come up recently is that the pits in Xuexiang are spread all over the network, and there are many pits in the scenic spot.
    Xuexiang is in Shuangfeng Forest Farm, with an altitude of over 1000 meters. The snow period is up to 7 months and the thickness is 2 meters. There is a saying that there is no good weather in the sky. The snow is good and the viscosity is high. The amount of snow is called China. The most, so there is the reputation of “China Snow Township”.
    Under the sun shining, there is a white roof with crystal clear light, and the snow-white “carpet” that creaks on the creaking, the red lanterns that the locals hang in their own homes, and the red light of the white snow turns into a wonderful “mirror in the painting”. .
    The Xuexiang Cultural Exhibition Hall shows the cultural characteristics, geographical characteristics and historical development of Xuexiang. The real-life model truly reproduces the scenes of the life of the former Xuexiang people, although the poverty of life is a warm and inviting picture. The striking Chinese snow town in the exhibition hall, the film and television love section, tells the glory of Xuexiang Film City to the end of each visitor.
    Although the dog sled is a kind of cruelty to the dog, it is still a major feature in the northeast snow, but it is quite attractive. The difference is that the original snow tool has changed into the current viewing view. Later, someone is pushing, not a complete dog. And we have also become okay from the initial indignation.
    The beauty of Xuexiang is something you can’t imagine. The white snow is under the influence of the wind, and it can be described as a variety of things. The thick snow is like being enchanted, like a horse, like a tortoise, like a giant mushroom… like an elf falling into the mortal world. Give people a realm that can’t breathe.
    Away from the hustle and dust of the city, the whole body blends into the fairy tale world of the northern country, and it is in the sea of ​​white snow. The turbidity in the chest is gone, and a fresh breath flows through every cell in the heart. At this moment, I really want to freeze my time in this beautiful moment.
    The night is coming, in the cold and snowy Northland cold land to come to a summer exclusive – cool ice cream, and then a string of crystal clear winter specialties – candy candied fruit, standing in the middle of the snowy sea, it is really two days Feeling.
    The beautiful fairyland has finally entered the real life from the film and television. When the night falls, the stars are full of the sky, the snow town has a brilliant light, hundreds of unique wooden houses, the lights inside the house shine. The red lanterns outside the house are dotted in the middle of the white clouds like jade, which is a beautiful picture. This dreamy scene is called the world.
    Although the snow town is pit, it is undoubtedly its beauty, how many people come for its beauty. Xuexiangkeng is his price. If you can’t accept it, then the suggestion can’t stop, because Xuexiang is a place suitable for taking pictures. It is suitable for self-driving or chartered. Xuexiang is beautiful, find the right way, give yourself a happy time. The experience.
     DAY 3: Hanging foot building, walking on ice
    I was on my way in the day and arrived at Jingbo Lake at noon. For Jingbo Lake, there is a beautiful legend.
    During the 5-month icing period, the ice layer with a thickness of more than 1 meter is enough for the tourists who come here to play and play on the ice.
    We took the ice tires and came to the center of the lake to watch the winter catch.
    “Winter catch” & apos isA unique fishing method after freezing and freezing in the northern winter lakes is also a heritage of the “fishing and hunting culture” since ancient times. Jingbo Lake has a long history of fishing and hunting culture, and now it has become one of the highlights of Mudanjiang winter tourism.
    It’s a surprise surprise for outsiders to see a “winter catch” in an ice-cold environment. After the ceremony of “Awakening the Lake to wake up the net”. Pulled the big net for fishing on ice. As the big net slowly tightened, a large fish that was alive and kicking was pulled out of the ice cave, and it was reflected in the eyes of the onlookers. The exciting scene can only be experienced by people who come to the scene.
    Holding a fresh big fish, I couldn’t help but smile, and a close photo made me remember this unforgettable moment. The big fish became the &apos&apos star that people are chasing for a group photo.
    Jingbo Lake Hangshuilou Waterfall, the ice waterfall hangs in front of the Sichuan River, is the most beautiful glacier waterfall in China. The thick glaciers formed by the 18-meter-high cliffs, the crystal-clear icicles of the roots are patchwork, and the majestic spectacle of the atmosphere gives a feeling of suffocation.
    Some people say that the winter in Jingbo Lake is very beautiful, and the most beautiful one is the Jingbo Lake Hangshuilou Waterfall. The hundreds of meters of sloping waterfall icicles are suspended high in the air, making the extra-season scenery in winter more quiet. The static beauty brought people into a peaceful space. The tired body and mind have been perfectly released.
    After watching the stunning winter fishing in Jingbo Lake, you can see the gratifying scene of the fish jumping on the ice, and then come to a plate of absolutely fresh iron pot stewed fresh fish. The fresh and delicious fish does not know how many people taste the buds, beautiful food, Eyes are blessed, so that the beautiful and infinite Jingbo Lake is famous, and the tourists who come to meet every day almost collapsed the thick Jingbo Lake.
    At the time of returning at 2 or 3 o’clock, the sun was just right, sprinkled on the ice, a golden yellow. The red Luo female is the symbol of Jingbo Lake. The beautiful legend of the Red Luo women makes the Jingbo Lake have a charming and magical color. Meeting the Jingbo Lake is a long-lost fate. The most beautiful scenery is not only when the mountains are blooming, the beautiful winter scenery of Jingbo Lake is your choice.
     Day 4: Crossing the river, a Russian flavor
    On this day, in Hengdaohezi, the first stop was the Hengdaohezi Middle East Railway hangar site. This is the historical testimony of the construction of the Middle East Railway in the same year. It is an important relic of the Middle East Railway.
    Here, it is not only one of the nine industrial relics of modern China, but also a national key cultural relics protection unit. It is of great value and significance for studying the history of the Middle East railway. And today we use it as the first chapter to start the journey of Hengdao Hezi.
    After going down, it is the tourist reception center. When we go, it is closed. I don’t know if it is used.
    Go through a section of railroad tracks and walk like a museum. The rails are covered with thick snow.
    There is a truck in front of the garage door. I heard that this car was also used at the beginning, but it was placed outside.
    These garages were completed in 1903 and cover an area of ​​10,000 square meters with an area of ​​2,160 square meters.
    Because Hengdaohezi Station is the central station of the Middle East Railway from Suifenhe to the west to Manzhouli, and it is the only way to Harbin. The geographical position is very important. Therefore, the entire building is fan-shaped, with a total of 15 garage doors juxtaposed, each of which is a unit, the garage door is arched, beautiful in appearance, brick wall and tile, unique architectural style.
    This garage is the only fully preserved fan-shaped steam engine garage in the world.
    Entering the museum, it covers the Middle East railway culture of the railway “machine, car, work, electricity, vehicle” systems.
    It has become the Middle East Railway History Experience Museum, the Middle East Railway Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall, the Steam Locomotive Exhibition Hall, the Patriotism Education Base, and the Science Popularization Base.
    Every train was used a long time ago, and now it is retired, and it is here to show people their past.
    There is a one-to-one ratio of trains, and a scaled-down model, each of which is very realistic.
    These are memories and witnesses to our historical development. This Middle East railway that has been left to this day is our eternal history.
    From the Middle East Museum to Russia, the old street, these belong to a place called Hengdaohezi, with a snowy landscape like the forest, there are more than 100 small houses left by Russians, gathered in the old streets of Russia, and that We have come over a Middle East railway that has been left to this day.
    Hengdaohezi has a hundred years of history, one year earlier than the city of Harbin. However, the long-term residence of the Russians has left the taste of life here. Although the vicissitudes of the past century have passed, the style is still here. It is called the old Russian street.
    There are more than 250 complete Russian-style buildings around the old streets. These are mostly 97-style Russian-style buildings built between 1901 and 1905. Here, the history of Russia carries the cultural context of Russia.
    A small house is located on both sides of the road. It is quiet like no one living. If it is not a pedestrian who has occasionally walked, I really think this is an uninhabited village.
    In the past, the Hengdao River was sparsely populated, but in the 1990s, people suddenly came in and built the railway. Walking on the old street, it seems that you can see life a hundred years ago, but all this beauty has been broken by the September 18th Incident.
    The town that was brought up by the train was also hurt by the train, and now he still exudes his unique charm, welcoming people from all corners of the country. It has also established its own oil painting village, becoming the most exotic, most large-scale and influential oil painting creation base in Northeast China.
    A lot of slogans have been built in the village, and each one seems to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
    You are so lonely, but it is good to say that one person is good.
    You don’t have to grow taller, I will bend over.
    When you don’t pay attention, time has passed for thousands of years, and it still glows with glory.
    Finally came to the Church of Our Lady of the East, as the last one. When we arrived, the guards did not let in, saying that they had just cleaned up the sanitation, but under the “majesty” of the big brother, they opened the door and let us in.
    Originally known as the Church of the Virgin Mary, the local residents called it Lama Terrace. It was built in 1905 and covers an area of ​​400 square meters. The building area is 179 square meters. The scale is only the word “Saint-Gunira Cathedral” in Harbin.
    The church is dominated by green, typical Russian architecture, and is the only existing wooden church in the country.
    There is another wooden bell tower on the side of the church. There are 1 big clock, 2 medium clocks and 32 small bells. I heard that the big brother said that these can be hand-drawn and can be stepped on. Their bells can be worn far and far. It was originally intended to be used for school when the church was originally built.
    The church uses an “onion-head” dome, an important symbol of the Russian Orthodox Church, and the religious atmosphere is very rich. Its uniqueness is unquestionable both in appearance and design.
    This church is not always open, and we are not fortunate enough to see it. However, he was also infected by his culture and did not come to this trip.
    At this point, this self-driving tour has come to a successful conclusion.

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