Xiamen memories, taste the authentic food that is treasured in the heart

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Xiamen memory
    Xiamen is a city with a romantic atmosphere, blue sky, white clouds, waves… all year round like spring. Xiamen is not big, but it has a lot of fun places to play.
    Gulangyu, which has many past events, is now one of the world’s cultural heritages. The island’s architectural exhibitions are fascinating, and the traces of the years are full of charm.
    Xiamen University is also the highest institution in Fujian, with mountains and seas, and has an invincible view. Xiamen University is also known as the most beautiful university. The campus has the longest literary graffiti tunnel in the country, and the Furong Lake with clear water.
    In addition to Xiamen University, Jimei School Village in Jimei District is also a chic landscape. Jimei School does not independently refer to a university. It is an educational institution that integrates universities, middle schools, technical secondary schools, technical schools, middle schools, primary schools, and kindergartens in Jimei District. Its appearance is in the style of Minnan architecture. More comfortable. There are many places to visit in the vicinity of Jimei School Village, such as Dragon Boat Pool, Gion Garden, and Chen Jiageng Memorial Hall!
     The picturesque Xiamen University!
     The Nantong Tuo Temple in Xiamen is located next to Xiamen University and is very popular!
     Nanputuo Temple is also the only temple in China that does not accept incense money. One person can receive a fragrance, and the heart is sincere.
     Jimei School Village Gate
     Walk into Jimei School and feel the cultural style of Xiamen!
     In the dragon boat pool next to Jimei School, every year before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, there will be a dragon boat race on both sides of the strait.
     The dragon boat pool is also very suitable for walking, and the breeze is blowing.
     About transportation
    The traffic in Xiamen is relatively convenient. The way to come from abroad is by plane, high-speed rail/motor train, ordinary train and long-distance bus. The local modes of travel in Xiamen include ordinary buses, rapid transit (BRT), subways, taxis, and network buses.
    1 Airport: Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport is located in the Huli District of Xiamen City (and the same area within the Siming District). It is a rare airport in the city center.
    2 Xiamen North Railway Station: Xiamen North Railway Station is located in Jimei District (outside the island) of Xiamen City. The high-speed railway and motor train are mainly located at this station. Although it is not in the downtown area, there are many ways to transfer. The ordinary bus, express bus and subway can be directly connected.
    3 Long-distance bus station: Long-distance cattle bus station in Xiamen urban area (Siming District) mainly includes Hubin South Road Bus Station and Yucun Bus Station (both stations are close to Xiamen Railway Station), Jimei Long-distance Bus in Jimei District The station is next to the Jimei University headquarters and Jimei Wanda Plaza.
    4 Subway: Xiamen currently has Metro Line 1 and other routes are under construction. Metro Line 1 passes through important sections of Siming District, Huli District and Jimei District. Xiamen Metro is also the first sea-view subway in the country. You can enjoy the invincible sea view when passing the Xiamen Bridge!
    5BRT (BRT): BRT mainly comes from the urban area to Jimei District, Tong’an District, etc. It is also one of the fast routes to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, Xiamen North Railway Station and Xiamen Railway Station.
    6 Others: ordinary bus, ordinary taxi, net car, etc.
    Xiamen to Gulangyu: by boat
    Many people come to Xiamen to travel and will definitely want to go to Gulangyu. GulangyuHowever, it belongs to Siming District, but it can only be taken by boat! The fare is 35 yuan or 50 yuan, and one ticket is round-trip. It is convenient to board the ship from the cruise terminal center of Dongdu in Huli District. If it is after 18:00, it will be convenient to reach the ferry terminal in Siming District and go to Zhongshan Road, Xiamen University, Nanputuo, Huandao Road and other places.
     About the trip
    As I said before, angels have lived in Xiamen for more than ten years. If you want to say that you know about Xiamen, you may have more than my hometown Hunan. This trip is a friend from a foreign country who came to Xiamen to play. It is also a coincidence that everyone is very obsessed with food. Therefore, when I arrange the route, I will focus on food and the scenery will be supplemented! Xiamen is a small city, so it is normal to have a good three-day tour.
    Xiamen must play recommended: Xiamen University, Nanputuo Temple, Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street, Huandao Road, Gulangyu Island, Jimei School Village, Chen Jiageng’s former residence
    Xiamen must eat recommended: Shapo tail to eat Fort, Xiangxiang Bali Indy restaurant, Yajian food stalls, drunken seafood stalls, the second city of the city
    Xiamen Companion Gift Recommendation: Sanwei Crisp House
    Recommended accommodation in Xiamen: Pick up hotel
     Xiamen hand-to-hand recommendation
    If you want to buy a gift, Xiamen’s pie must not be missed. In Xiamen, the pie is a traditional snack with a hundred years of history. It is made of high-quality flour, simply mixed with lard, and then added with sweet and delicious fillings. The pie pie is crispy and oily, and the inside is also cold and clear. Sweet.
    The fillings in Xiamen are divided into two categories in terms of taste: cookies and salt cakes:
    1 sweet cake with green bean paste as the stuffing, the most famous is the cake of Nanputuo Temple, there are many choices in taste.
    2 salty cakes are stuffed with diced meat. The brands that can be selected include Gulangyu pie and Sunyan rock pie.
     Sanwei Crisp House
    The above mentioned is the more traditional pie brand in the Xiamen market, and here you can find many characteristic pie shops! For example, this three-flavored house is an angel that feels quite good, mainly because of its ingredients and quality. The taste is very good, and the packaging is also very characteristic!
    The pie box of Sanwei Crisp House is presented in the form of a book. When I walk into the store, I think I went to a bookstore! It is also very special in the decoration of the environment, “a book that can be eaten”, The book refers to the “crim”, the store’s pie is made by their own.
     Live production process!
     Looking at the store environment is not very interesting? This new book refers to the “baked cake”. The signboard is the 黑 of the black pineapple stuffing, and it has the artistic concept of “like you”.
     Each box of shortbread is a book, and each type of packaging is the taste of their own design.
     Sanwei Crisp House and Xiamen’s exclusive suit!
     Shortbread on the theme of the roundabout!
     Shapowei, Gulangyu theme shortbread!
     Each box is the original design of the Sanwei Crisp House!
     In addition to the theme of Huandao Road, Shapowei, Gulangyu, etc., there is also the 厦门 of Xiamen University! In addition, there is also the packaging of the handwritten diary, such as beef orchard.
     Since I came to Xiamen, I will bring a few “short cakes” with Xiamen style to go home! After the cakes are finished, the boxes can still be left to commemorate and be placed.
    Sanwei Crispy House Address:
    [Zhongshan Road Store] No. 57 Zhongshan Road, Siming District, Xiamen City
    [Gulangyu Store] No. 87, Longtou Road, Gulangyu, Xiamen
     Xiamen food recommendation
    Many people come to Xiamen to travel, one is to see the beautiful scenery, and the other is to taste the food.
    Xiamen cuisine belongs to the clam cuisine. Among them, the food stalls are made with local flavors. For example, soy sauce refers to a cooking method, which is mainly used for cooking small seafood, soy sauce fish, soy sauce and small abalone. Soy sauce and water buds… can be used to enhance the taste. Simple soy sauce with the right amount of water, the taste is refreshing, so the small seafood must be fresh, so the taste will be good! Xiamen has many food stalls, the price of small seafood is affordable, Yajian food stalls, drunken seafood The food stalls are also better local reputation!
    Xiamen is an international city, and its reform and opening up is early. Therefore, in the early days, many people went to Southeast Asian countries to work hard, and they also extended the flavor of food. For example, the sand tea noodles in Xiamen are particularly exotic. Nowadays, there are also many Southeast Asian restaurants in Xiamen. For example, the Balinese Indian Restaurant is the oldest Southeast Asian restaurant in Xiamen.
    There are many varieties of snacks in Xiamen. According to incomplete statistics, there are certainly more than 200 kinds. Among them, sand tea noodles, shrimp noodles, frozen bamboo shoots, sea bream, peanut soup, glutinous rice, spring rolls, etc. are the most representative ones! Of course, if there is a place where everyone can taste a variety of snacks and can also eat Weinan snacks in Zhangzhou and Quanzhou at the same time, then the angels will definitely recommend Shapo to the fortune!
     Shapo tail eats the castle: not to eat the castle, Bailailu Island!
    Shapoweiweibao is the first landmark food building in China that gathers famous places such as Fujian Xiaquan Spring. It is located near the Fisherman’s Wharf in Xiamen’s Shapowei (the local quaint fishing village), just a stone’s throw from Xiamen University. There are a total of five floors in the fort, and there are many stalls from the first floor to the fifth floor. These stalls are also the old shops in the cities of southern Anhui. They all have Chinese old brands/Chinese snacks/provincial old brands/city level. The old name plaque is so smashing, so you don’t have to go all over the place, you don’t have to go to the streets, and you can eat the burgeons at the end of the street.
    Sitting in the building of the Fort, eating a variety of Minnan snacks, you can also see the super beautiful landscape! Come here is the Yanwu Bridge, the opposite side of the sea is the three islands of Xiamen Gulangyu, Zhangzhou Port and Jinmen!
    Shapoweiweibao is built by Xiamen Light Industry Group and is integrated with the well-known local enterprise Gulong Soy Sauce. Therefore, many stalls marked with cologne can be found in the fort, such as Gulongsha tea noodle and cologne ginger. The female duck… and the most attractive of them is this cologne soy sauce ice cream, an ice cream with a soy sauce flavor, with a hint of saltiness in the sweetness. In addition, there is a mango soy sauce in the stalls here. It is said that this is the way many old Xiamen people have tried in childhood.
    The Xiaohong Siguo soup in Ganzhou, the cool taste, is the summer heat-relief artifact. Even in the cool season, it has a fresh and delicious taste!
    Steamed oysters are the most fat! New is not fresh,Just the way to cook!
    Over-hunger soup, in fact, is to add some hunger grass when stewing broth, so that the soup is very fragrant.
    Bean flower fans are also famous snacks in Zhangzhou!
    Shapowei eats the castle Address:
    Building 1, No. 58, Shapowei, Siming District, Xiamen
     Xiangyin Bali Ink Restaurant: Xiamen’s oldest Southeast Asian restaurant!
    When it comes to the local flavor of Xiamen, the sand tea noodles can be ranked first. Sand tea noodles are scattered all over Xiamen’s streets and lanes. In many communities, it can be traced to it. Zhongshan Old Town, Zhenhai Road and other old towns in Xiamen also have many old sand tea noodle shops. But as you can see, Shacha is the earliest source of Southeast Asian countries. It is one of the most exotic pastas. Since Xiamen was opened to the public earlier, many people have traveled to Nanyang, and later they will have the unique flavor of sand tea. Bring in and create a delicious dish that belongs to Xiamen – sand tea noodles! Sand tea is called “Shaying” in Southeast Asia, and later evolved into sand tea due to the custom of drinking tea in Xiamen. Satay sauce is ground with peanuts, sesame seeds, shrimps, and peppers. It can be used not only as a soup base for sand tea noodles, but also for exotic foods from some Southeast Asian countries.
    In addition to the sand tea noodles in Xiamen, the restaurant in Southeast Asia is also a unique landscape. After all, overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia also have many people here. For example, the Balinese Ink Thai Restaurant in Lianhua South Road is arguably the oldest Southeast Asian restaurant in Xiamen. Here, you can taste dishes from Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and many other countries! And the most interesting thing is that the experience of this store owner is quite telling: he was born in Hong Kong, his family is an Indonesian overseas Chinese family and he also has a well-known Southeast Asian restaurant in Hong Kong, studying in Taiwan and his career in Xiamen.
    The cuisines of Xiangyin Bali Indy Restaurant are mainly divided into three categories: authentic Southeast Asian cuisine, Hong Kong-style roast meat, and Japanese cuisine!
    Curry King Crab
    Curry King Crab is the ace of Bali’s ace, and the customers at the store will have almost a table. Its highlight is that its golden cocoa-flavored curry juice uses more than 30 authentic spices from Southeast Asia, with a hint of savory flavor and a slightly spicy taste with coconut milk. Everyone’s favorite way to eat is to have another Thai fragrant rice and pour the full curry soup into the stir! The main dish is also to choose high-quality crabs, large crab legs, cut with pliers will see the white tender crab legs, it also contains the taste of curry sauce.
    Tom Yum Kung Seafood Soup
    Southeast Asian cuisine is good at using a variety of spices, the classic one is curry sauce, the second is sand sauce, and the third is Tom Yum Kung soup!
    Thai frozen raw marinated shrimp
    This dish has both a Japanese sashimi and a Thai flavor. Fresh prawns are treated with open edges and can be sterilized and preserved in an ice tray. The shrimps are crystal clear and the inlet is cool and Q-sensing.Full! The top is covered with some sweet and sour Thai peppers, which are sweet and sour.
    Ming furnace lime osmanthus fish
    Unlike some restaurants that use low-priced fish, the Ayurvedic Balinese Indian Restaurant uses high-quality and high-cost osmanthus fish (but the price is not expensive)! Paired with sweet and sour Thai peppers and fresh lime slices from Thailand, the hot steam in the stalls of the open fire, the fish slowly absorb the taste of the soup, slightly sour!
    Indonesian Satay Meat Skewers
    At the beginning, there was a sand tea noodle in Xiamen. In fact, the Satay kebab is also a popular snack in Xiamen. You can taste it in the fragrant Bali!
    Indonesian Satay Meat Skewers
    Marathon spinach
    Hong Kong-style roast meat platter
    Japanese sashimi platter
    Thai dessert platter
    Fragrance Bali Address:
    1st Floor, Xinzhonglin Hotel, No. 18 Lianhua South Road, Siming District, Xiamen
     Yajian food stalls: local food stalls founded in 1993!
    In Xiamen, to say the most local style of restaurant, it must be the food stalls that best reflect the market. The food stalls in Xiamen are generally relatively simple, but there are a variety of seafood choices. The cooking method of dishes is also popular in Xiamen. What the angels want to recommend to everyone today is the Asian food stalls that opened in 1993. The Yajian food stalls currently have two branches in Xiamen, from the early top Wagner, University Road… to Zengyi and Huli stores. Zengyi store faces the sea, especially suitable for foreign friends to come for food. Huli shop is located in Nanshan Road, Huli District, which is a good place for local diners.
    Astringent boiled three fresh
    Although the local taste of Xiamen is light, Sichuan cuisine is the most popular foreign cuisine. From the early years ago, boiled live fish, boiled three fresh, grilled fish… all have the taste of spicy and spicy, these are some of the dishes that must be ordered in Xiamen’s food stalls. At the Hujian store, there is a boiled three-fresh, fresh shrimp, flower buds, and meat slices. The soup is not like the Sichuan-style red, but has a fragrant taste.
    Ancient fried crab
    Fried crab is one of the specialties in Tongan District of Xiamen City. The fried crabs on the market generally use high quality cream crab (red cream orYellow cream), if you want more affordable, it is a vegetable crab. The ancient method of frying crabs in the Asian-style food stalls follows the practice of authentic Tongan fried crabs. The ginger silk covered on the cream crabs is also fried and delicious.
    Ginger duck
    Ginger duck is an authentic Minnan cuisine, popular in Xiamen, Quanzhou and other regions. Ginger ducks generally use high quality Muscovy ducks and paste them with sesame oil, cooking wine, salt, sugar, etc. The main excipients are mainly fresh ginger, which is boiled, fried, roasted, smoked and roasted in a casserole. A series of cooking processes such as 焖, the hot ginger ginger duck tastes more salty!
    Seaweed dumplings
    Seaweed dumplings are the signature snacks of the Asian food stalls, almost 1-2 copies per table. Seaweed dumplings are a hand-made dish, the fillings are fresh pork, seafood, etc., the outer layer is seaweed, and then fried in a frying pan, so the taste is very crisp.
    Boiled small octopus
    Soy sauce
    In the food stalls in Xiamen, the most not missed is the soy sauce series. All kinds of small seafood can be easily made with soy sauce and water, and the sweetness of small seafood can be well preserved.
    In the Asian food stalls, there is also a cuttlefish pill that is highly recommended. Their squid pill is hand-made by the store. In fact, there are many old customers who come to buy it. Eating in the store, paired with oysters such as satay can also enhance the taste of the soup.
    Yajian food stall address:
    [Zengyidian] No. 181, Zengjing, Siming District, Xiamen
    [HuLidian] 35-7 Nanshan Road, Huli District, Xiamen City
     Drunken 海鲜 seafood stalls: location, taste, price, etc.
    The food stalls in Xiamen are one of the favorite types of restaurants for locals, and the drunkard seafood stalls have always been popular in this category. The main reason is that its geographical location has a great advantage. Near Zhongshan Road, Sibei BRT is nearby. In addition, it is an open way of ordering, and fresh seafood is just in front of you. The price of the dish is also open, and the plaque on the wall says it can reflect the affordable price of the drunken number.
    Sand tea lobster Sand tea is a kind of spice that is featured in Xiamen. The most famous representative snack is sand tea. Sand tea originated from Southeast Asian countries, so it tastes rich and exotic. Sand tea is called “Sand” in Southeast Asian countries, but it is gradually called Sand Tea after coming to Xiamen, where it is a custom of drinking tea. In some of the food stalls in Xiamen, there will also be classic and special dishes. For example, the drunken seafood stalls located in the fourth vegetable market in Xiamen have an original sand tea lobster that combines high-quality sand tea sauce with lobster in a bright-hearted manner.
    Pan-fried chicken
    The most popular in Xiamen is definitely the soy sauce series. This simple way of cooking all kinds of small seafood with soy sauce and water has always been the characteristic of the old Xiamen people. In the drunken seafood pool, you can see sea melon seeds, sea bream, flower buds, squid, abalone, and all kinds of fish, which can be made with soy sauce water. The savory taste and original flavor of small seafood, so fresh ingredients are really important! The soy sauce fish is the representative of this series. The concept of miscellaneous fish is that you don’t know what fish it is when you order it, but you should match it according to the store’s situation. It may be that the same species of fish may also be more Variety of fish.
    In the drunken seafood stalls, there are also a lot of hand-made dishes, such as the fried vinegar meat of Minnan, the taste is crispy and tender, and also has a slight vinegar fragrance. Salad seafood rolls are also a popular dish with a sweet taste of seafood and salad.
    Abalone sauce
    Seafood salad roll
    Fried vinegar
    Salad Longli
    Emerald bitter
    Sand porridge
    Seafood pool Ming file selection ingredients!
    Drunk at Shop No. 1-3, Fourth Market, Siming North Road, Siming District, Xiamen
     Xiamen snacks
    Xiamen has many unique advantages, so there are also many TV dramas coming here to capture the scene. Xiamen is also a tourist city, with beautiful scenery and more food. There are a lot of food stalls in Xiamen, and the dishes are mainly fresh seafood, but here is the Xiamen snacks. Xiamen snacks are said to have no less than 200 kinds of local flavors, such as sand tea noodles, shrimp noodles, frozen bamboo shoots, peanut soup, flat food, spiced rolls, leeks, glutinous rice, and glutinous rice. Hand-made noodles, duck porridge, noodle paste, roast pork, spring rolls…
     The second city of the city is frozen: nearly a hundred years of old Xiamen snacks!
    There is a Minnan song “Wow, frozen bamboo shoots” is to say that this special snack, “shrunk bamboo shoots frozen bamboo shoots, the best to eat real Hong Kong (authentic), Tianshou (bottom) cage (full) are true Rarely, I have to eat this hometown alone… Sour vinegar mustard musk, chicken, duck and fish 阮 (I) are not rare, especially love hometown native bamboo shoots frozen, wow, wow, want to do the bamboo shoots frozen!
    It is to be said that the most famous natural place in Xiamen is the frozen bamboo shoots of the second city. This is an old shop that has been passed down for generations and has a history of nearly 100 years. The environment of the flagship store of the second floor of the second floor of the city is relatively spacious. The store also has comfortable tables and chairs, eating frozen bamboo shoots and drinking bottled drinks. In addition to the frozen bamboo shoots, they also have locally produced boiled octopus, fresh octopus does not need to come over, the original taste is sweeter. Old Xiamen has a porridge, so their family’s cold dishes are also very popular! Jellyfish, jellyfish, sour radish, pickled chicken feet, small fish…All, the price is very affordable!
    The main ingredient of the frozen bamboo shoots is the star worm, which is a worm body that grows on the beach. The scientific name is the genus Corydalis, which is an edible soft worm that is rich in gum. After the sand worms are cleaned, they are put into the pot and boiled. Because they are rich in collagen, the soup water is thick and sticky after boiling, and after it is naturally cooled, solid bamboo shoots are formed. There are small, medium, and large frozen bamboo shoots on the market, and the amount of the starworms that are generally contained in different heads will be different. Moreover, the frozen bamboo shoots cannot be eaten alone, but together with sauces and ingredients, such as sauces consist of sweet chili sauce, peanut butter and heavy-flavored mustard sauce. The ingredients are combined with sour and sweet radish acid, so that the taste of the frozen bamboo shoots will be more abundant, and the solid bamboo shoots also have a delicious taste.
     Dried fish
     Sour bamboo shoots
    The second floor of the second city of the city is frozen address:
    [Hong Kong Plaza Flagship Store] No. 155, Hong Kong Plaza, 296 Xiahe Road, Siming District, Xiamen
     Other Xiamen snacks
     There is an exotic flavor of Xiamen sand tea noodles. Do you think this soup is very fragrant?
     There are many side dishes to choose from!
     The side dish of Xiamen shrimp noodles is similar to that of sand tea noodles~
     The soup of Xiamen shrimp noodles is cooked with these shrimp shells!
     Xiamen duck meat porridge ~
     Xiamen duck meat porridge ~
     Xiamen sea bream
     Xiamen sea bream
     Xiamen sea bream
     Xiamen staying up late
     Seafood Soup
     About accommodation
    Going out, it is a bit of a hassle to choose a hotel that is safe and convenient. Living in urban areas, housing prices will be too expensive; living in the suburbs, but also worried about the inconvenience of transportation; while living near the train station, it will be entangled in security issues. Xiamen North Railway Station is located in Jimei District outside the island. Although it is remote, it has all the transportation facilities in the city, including subway, BRT express bus and ordinary bus. Moreover, it is also close to Jimei School Village. You can go to Jimei University Headquarters to experience the largest campus cafeteria in Fujian. You can also stroll through the campus with the southern Fujian style. You can also go to the dragon boat pool to blow the breeze and enjoy the lights under the Xiamen Bridge. Susan…
    Having said that, the angel is actually to recommend a hotel that can live with peace of mind and is very affordable. It is the pick-up hotel under the Vanke Group. The hotel is located in the Vanke Plaza next to Xiamen North Railway Station. It takes only a few minutes walk to reach Xiamen North Railway Station (equivalent to the distance to the nearest bus stop). The hotel is a very suitable hotel for young people. Unlike other hotels, it is an upgraded apartment type hotel with very complete internal facilities. It has a lounge, a recreation room, a conference room, a kitchen…
    Price: Usually according to different types of houses, generally more than one hundred to two hundred / more / day.
    I always like to put a few books in my suitcase during my trip, and I can read it to ease my fatigue during a long drive. Although today’s mobile phones have replaced us a lot of time, but holding a real book, the mood is still different. In the lobby of the hotel, there is a separate small area “Pick up the Book” with some books in it. If you want to watch a book you have never seen before going to bed, come here and look for it!
    The Pick-up Hotel is an apartment-style hotel under the Vanke Group, which is a combination of the long-term rental apartment. At present, there are more than a dozen branches in Xiamen, and there are also big cities in the country!
     The security of the hotel is very good, the electronic locks come in and out.
    Shared laundry area with large washing machine and dryer.
    Shared kitchen with basic kitchen utensils, such as induction cookers, microwave ovens, and refrigerators!
    Pick up the hotel and have a comprehensive public area where you can play pool and have a movie! You can also chat with your friends!
    The hotel’s room types are mainly business type and standard type, and the single-bed, double-bed and three-bed rooms can meet the needs of many people. Many rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows and separate washing machines. There are also shelves for hanging clothes in the room, so you don’t have to worry about drying clothes!
    Pick up hotel address:
    2-6F, Vanke Plaza Commercial Street, next to Xiamen North Station, Jimei District, Xiamen
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