Yangshuo, this is the place where travel begins~ (Guilin Attractions Food Raiders)

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This is where the trip begins.
    I forgot which book I saw from it. I remember that it describes Yangshuo in the same way. It is the best tourist destination in China. Yangshuo used to be the place where his travel started (in fact, he didn’t forget it, just didn’t want to say it). Well, I believe that many people who love to travel know which book I am talking about.) From that time on, Yangshuo took root in deep heart.
    Coincidentally, Yangshuo became the place where my travel began. I still remember that year, my first outbound tour, my first long-distance backpacking tour, my first real travel trip~ Coincidentally, in order to save money from the road to cross the border Vietnam, the original plan is to start from Nanning, just Shanghai Feiguilin has a special ticket, the heart of Yangshuo is there, decisively decided to go to Yangshuo first lap, remember that I am in Lijiang The scenery above the immersed Guilin is picturesque. I still remember that I was riding around in the Shili Gallery and I remembered the smoke that I lit in the bar in West Street~
    In the past, the time of two years seems to have passed for a long time. In the past two years, I have traveled a lot of places, looking forward to the sunrise in the easternmost part of the motherland, waiting for the sunset at the westernmost tip of Kashgar, eating in Chengdu. The hot pot climbs the wall in Xi’an, looks up to the millennium in the night sky of Dunhuang, watches the sea in the desert in Sanya, and listens to the story of the wind on the shore of Qinghai Lake~~~
    Although I have seen a lot of scenery, Yangshuo is also in my heart, I will never forget it, then I will set off again and go to the place where I first started to find a memory!
     About Yangshuo
    Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world. I think everyone knows it. It has absolute influence in the hearts of the people in the country. I don’t know who wrote this advertisement. The influence is really far-reaching. It is a full influence. Generations, and our generation is probably familiar with the textbooks. This credit belongs to the Education Bureau. Haha, if you are joking, don’t say anything. Guilin is the best in the world. When you arrive in Guilin, you will know another sentence. The landscape of Yangshuo is Guilin, and the landscape of Yangshuo is the most beautiful place in Guilin. If you don’t arrive in Yangshuo, do you mean that you have been to Guilin?
    Yangshuo belongs to the county under the jurisdiction of Guilin City. It is located in the southeast direction of Guilin City, the lower reaches of the Minjiang River. The scenery here is the most beautiful, and the karst landforms are the most widely distributed. The rivers such as the Minjiang River and the Yulong River pass through, and the comprehensive influence has created Yangshuo. Such a beautiful scenery can be said that the scenery of Yangshuo is the most representative of foreigners in China. Because you will find that it is so international in Yangshuo, foreigners of different colors can be seen everywhere in the scenic spots on the streets. This may be the unique charm of Yangshuo, which attracts everyone’s arrival. Even if I am not the first time, I am still impressed by the scenery of Yangshuo. I sigh and sigh, and the scenery is picturesque, which is used to describe it.
     About the trip
    Because this time is a revisiting of the old place, Guilin and Yangshuo are already very familiar. I can find the place I want to go without navigation. I don’t know how to do the Raiders, so this time I will travel more and more. Pursue a sense of travel experience and the way to find food.
    So the first time I came to Guilin, how should I play it? It’s right to look at it here. Here is the arrangement of my trip to Yangshuo. The itinerary is optimized for the trip, which is more suitable for everyone to play directly.
    DAY1: Arrive in Guilin – Zhengding Road Pedestrian Street – Two Rivers and Four Lakes – Night Lijiang River – Su Guilin;
    DAY2: Guilin – Xingping Ancient Town – Laozhai Mountain (or Lijiang River Drifting) – Su Xingping;
    DAY3: Xingping Ancient Town – Yangshuo – Guilin Ages Scenery Area – West Street – Su Yangshuo;
    DAY4: Yulong River Bamboo Rafting – West Street – Shili Gallery – Yinziyan – Yitian West Street – Su Yangshuo;
    DAY5: Yangshuo – Guilin – return trip;
     Guilin night
    Nowadays, it is very convenient to travel high-speed rail in China. It is more suitable to choose high-speed rail within five hours. This time, Guilin is the high-speed railway. From Jiangxi to Hunan to Guangxi, the scenery along the way is changing. It is the meaning of travel. At 7 o’clock, I arrived in Guilin. The sky was not completely black. I walked out of the train station and looked at these familiar buildings. I breathe the moist air. I know that this is Guilin. The memories are gradually being evoked, and I took a taxi to live in this place. It is scheduled to be near Zhengding Road Pedestrian Street, because it is only a short stay for one night, or choose the most convenient place.
    Zhengding Road Pedestrian Street, located in the most prosperous area of ​​Guilin City, whether it is tourists or locals, they all love to come here to visit, probably the majority of tourists, most of the food and beverage accommodation, food specialties There are quite a few shops, so they are all for tourists. Zhengding Road is the main street, and the tourists are very busy. Especially at night, it is very lively. There are many food streets around the main street, and the hotel next to it is also There are so many different types, there are also some bars. I think it is very convenient to live in the vicinity. Many people will say that it is a place for tourists to go there. It will be very noisy, but I was originally a tourist. Traveling is of course the most important thing for convenience. As for the noisy, it is ok to avoid the main street. There is no bar street yet, so it is not a special noisy atmosphere. I personally recommend it for accommodation. Here.
    Street performances have attracted many people to stop and watch.
    A very espresso cafe, sitting outside listening to songs, feels good.
    At the end of Zhengding Road Pedestrian Street, you will see colorful lights in front, here is the two rivers and four lakes scenic spot.
    The two rivers and four lakes refer to the Lijiang River, Taohua River, Shanhu Lake, Wuhu Lake, Guihu Lake and Mulong Lake in the downtown area of ​​Guilin. The four rivers are connected by the moat. The two rivers and four lakes were originally connected. It was an environmental protection project in the urban area of ​​Guilin, and it gradually became a tourist project. It is even the most representative tourist attraction in downtown Guilin. Now, the two rivers and four lakes and the Xiangshan Mountain area are called the two rivers and four lakes. Like the mountainous area, the night tour of the two rivers and four lakes has become a representative of Guilin’s night tourism.
    Among the two rivers and four lakes, the most distinctive place is the Mulong Lake where we can all walk. There are twin towers by the lake. The reflection of the night is very beautiful. You can see the Zhengding Road Walking Street.
    Walking around the Mulong Lake for half a lap, crossing the road is the Lijiang River style belt, and the landscape lights on the riverside are really great.
    The Lancang River is the most important river in the urban area of ​​Guilin. It is also the most important place for all of us to travel to Guilin. It is basically surrounded by the Lijiang River, and then it is exposed to the Lijiang River every day during the time of Yangshuo. Night Lijiang Although I can’t see the beauty of the scenery, the style on both sides of the river is also very beautiful. After dinner, it is very comfortable to walk on the shore.
     Agan Restaurant
    As a restaurant that Guilin must check in, the Forrest Gump Restaurant has entered my sight. I went to the store on Zhengding Road Pedestrian Street. It is very easy to find. It is located at the iconic bell tower intersection of the pedestrian street. The big red signboard is very attractive. The decoration style should be the old name of Guangdong and Hong Kong. It was originally the same in Guangxi. It gives people the feeling that this shop is very good.
    Nearly nine o’clock, there are still quite a few people in the restaurant. I am very convenient, the small table is enough, the big red decoration, the traditional Chinese red color, the golden big signboard, very conspicuous, enter the restaurant. The quaint old-fashioned feeling, the wooden square table and the bench chair with the big red flower tablecloth, the traditional feeling.
    The Babao tea in the restaurant was very delicious. I thought it was a paid drink.
    The steamed sword-bone fish, the fish is very tender and delicious. Although it is called the sword-bone fish, there is no fine thorn on the body. For those who are afraid of eating fish, it is a gospel. You must remember to taste it. The quality of the fish is Lijiang River, these fish are grown up in the Lijiang River, the restaurant’s sauce is also very good, the sauce is wrapped in fish, this whole fish was finally eaten by me alone.
    Lawei Taro, which is a very famous Zhapu Shantou in Guangxi, has also been featured in CCTV for many times. Zhapu County belongs to Guilin City, so it is very easy to see him in Guilin, and there are all in the airport. The sale of the taro, this popularity is also very good, the taro is really delicious, sweet and savory, the role of the sausage, is the perfect integration of fat and steamed bread, not to dry the hoe, like the most famous hoe buckle Meat, also needs to be paired with oil and meat, together to more highlight the flavor of steamed bread.
     Guilin cuisine
    Guilin’s food is also very much, the most famous should be rice noodles, breakfast rice noodles Chinese rice noodles to eat rice noodles to eat rice noodles, what time to eat rice noodles are right, each place is a representative food, there are also kinds Rich variety of food, of course, Guilin is no exception, rice noodles, taro, beer fish, camellia, roast goose, etc., including a lot of Guangxi cuisine can also be tasted in Guilin, snail powder, bamboo rice, etc., travel will There are a lot of food temptations, everyone is ready for paper towels.
    There is a lot of food in Zhengding Road Pedestrian Street in Guilin City. It really should be described in a large amount. Shangshui Food Street, delicious street, snacks inside, delicious food, rich variety and attractive flavor. There are also a large number of restaurants in the surrounding area. It can be said that it is coming to Zhengding Road. It is impossible for you to go back empty stomach.
    Today’s tea shop is really a variety of brands, I am a person without principles, generally want to drink milk tea, which recently, which store to choose, this is located in Zhengding Road, Afu ice room, The decoration style is rich in old Hong Kong and very fascinating.
    I ordered a cup of recently over-fired dirty tea, which is actually black sugar pearl milk tea. Matcha is also my favorite. The fusion taste is also very good. The pearl is cooked just right, and the soft one also carries the taste of some Q bombs. Reduced sweetness and comfortable to drink.
    On the streets of Guilin, you can see the rice noodle shop everywhere. This Chongshan rice noodle is located next door to the A-Gump restaurant. At night, it looks very busy, but I came to eat breakfast the next morning. There are not many people in the store. But at first glance, it is the kind of old diners. Put a bowl of rice noodles on it and find a position. The movement is very natural and comfortable.
    I ordered a bowl of specialty rice noodles, full of pork roast, and the ingredients were really conscience. The waiter did not ask me to give me a bowl of powder. In fact, I wanted to eat soup powder in the morning, and then I ate half of it.There is a cooking table next to it, there are some side dishes, sour radish, capers, millet peppers, chopped green onions, etc. There is also a large bucket, which is the soup of boiled powder. The original soup can be added by yourself. Powder, later I learned that every family is like this. In fact, this is also convenient, uniform mixing powder, ordering a single dish is a lot of simplification, the soup powder you want to eat can add soup, you can also eat two, first Eat mixed powder and then eat soup powder, more real.
    The rice noodles in their homes are still very good, with enough ingredients and soft rice noodles.
    Snail powder, this is what I highly recommend. Last time I came to Guilin to eat a bowl of snail powder, I fell in love with it. I really miss the taste. There is a special snail powder on the opposite side of Chongshan Rice Noodle Shop. The snail powder is from Liuzhou. The main feature is stinky, many people can’t accept it, but it’s really super delicious. This bowl of ten dollars of snail powder is really a surprise. This is actually the price of walking the street. The bowl full of materials is really full. There is a screw, a conscience merchant. The powder of snail powder is different from the rice noodles. This powder is more powerful. The soup cooked with snails is delicious, and there are sour bamboo shoots that cannot be separated. The smell of stinky smell comes from him. This is the one that people remember. The taste, I have not been to Liuzhou, but I have fallen in love with the snail powder there.
     Meet Xingping Ancient Town
    Xingping Ancient Town is located between Guilin City and Yangshuo. The Lancang River also flows through it. The scenery in the territory is very beautiful. Now it attracts more and more people to visit Xingping. The most beautiful section of the Lijiang River is Jiu Ma Painting Mountain. It is in Xingping, and the famous Huangbu reflection is also in Xingping. What is the reflection of Huangbu, it should be seen by every Chinese, that is, the scenery pattern above the 20 yuan that is now circulating, can be seen here. The scenery is not normal.
    There are several ways to go from Guilin to Xingping Ancient Town. 1. The half-day group that has signed up for Yangdi rafting in Guilin will depart from Guilin City in the morning, arrive at Yangdi Wharf and then drift to Xingping Wharf. Walk from the pier to the ancient town. I will pass the yellow cloth reflection, stay in the ancient town and continue to Yangshuo. This is a very mature route. I can rest assured that this is the route I came to Guilin two years ago. It is very convenient. 2, take the high-speed rail to Yangshuo Station, here you need to pay attention, although it is Yangshuo Station, but the high-speed rail station is located in Xingping, so choose to come to Xingping to play, it is convenient to take the high-speed rail directly, there will be many cars coming to the ancient town. side. 3. From Guilin to the Xingping by bus, this is not recommended, because the bus is first opened to Yangshuo, and then returned from Yangshuo to Xingping, instead of directly from Guilin to Xingping, so it is a detour. Not recommended. 4, you can directly chartered from Guilin to Xingping, the distance between the two places is tens of kilometers, the cost is still acceptable.
    I suggest that everyone is Guilin – Xingping – Yangshuo, such a sequence of play routes.
    The appearance of the ancient town was first in the Three Kingdoms period. At present, the ancient towns are still preserved, and the quaint buildings are still intact. The commercial atmosphere is also thicker than that of two years ago, but compared with other ancient towns in China, it is also “backward”.
    The ancient town is not big, it is a horizontal and vertical two main street, the shops on the street are not many, scattered and distributed, looking very comfortable, there is no such feeling of crowding, there are many local residents living in the ancient streets. The strong sense of life is the taste of the ancient town.
    I still remember that the last time I came to Xingping was raining. It seems that the rainy days are the best match with the ancient town. The feeling of smoke and rain is a kind of illusion.
    The bus that followed the tour group went directly to Yangshuo. Unfortunately, I didn’t spend more time in Xingping. This time I finally had the opportunity to come back to Xingping, and chose to stay in the ancient town for one night and slowly feel the taste of this ancient town.
    The supporting facilities in the ancient town are still perfect. At present, the accommodation is very abundant. It is mainly based on inn residences and youth travel. In general, there are houses.
    Walking on the bluestone road in the ancient town, it is drizzling. At this moment, there is no quiet person on the street. It is just a good time for a walk in the ancient town. Relax your mood, and the small shops on both sides will walk around and grow out in the house. The plants are very gratifying.
    There are not many people in the ancient town at night. After eating dinner on the way back to the inn, the lights in the distance are a tranquility that the ancient town does not want to disturb!
     The smoke of the river, the feeling of Dengzhai Mountain
    Laozhai Mountain is now a famous wild spot in Xingping Ancient Town. Many people who came to Xingping for a night are running in Laozhai Mountain. Laozhai Mountain is located on the banks of the Lancang River in Xingping Ancient Town, at an altitude of more than 300 meters. It is a very good view point nearby. I still remember seeing a photo long ago. The scenery of the Minjiang River bend is just the setting sun. The afterglow dazzles the sky. That angle is located on the Laozhai Mountain. It was such a photo that reminded me of the Xingping Ancient Town. Laozhai Mountain, the last time I came to Xingping was only a short time, because the schedule did not stop, this regret has always been recorded in my heart, so I will visit Guilin this time, the first task is to rush to Xingping. In the ancient town, you must climb and climb the Laozhai Mountain and wait for a stunning sunset on the mountain.
    However, time is such a coincidence. I just arrived at Xingping in the afternoon and went into the inn. It started to rain outside. It seems that there is no way to climb in Laozhai Mountain today, let alone the sunset of the Lijiang River, sitting in front of the inn’s hall. Looking at the endless rain, the couple in front of the door are painting with a brush, watching quietly, time passes by, so it’s good time for them. At about 4:30, the rain stopped. I had already given up the idea of ​​climbing the old Zhaizhai Mountain. I just sat at the entrance of the inn without thinking. I was in a daze. The magical mist suddenly filled the surrounding mountains and disappeared in a while. I didn’t see it. Looking at the scenery like this, I immediately picked up the camera and I started exploring Laozhai Mountain.
    Laozhai Mountain is almost no secret in Xingping. People in the town should know where it is from the mountain. If you don’t know, then when you arrive at Xingping, you will directly ask the owner of the inn, they must know. The road to Laozhai Mountain is located on the side of the pier near the end of the pier. You will see the sign in front of the inn. The old Zhaishan Mountain will enter, so it is right. Follow the signs and go right. After going up the mountain. There is no fork, and it is right to climb up the mountain road.
    In fact, I know that Laozhai Mountain is dangerous, but I didn’t think it was such a danger. It’s completely mountain roads. I thought that the most difficult and paved steps, nothing, is the most primitive. On the mountain road, the rainy mountain road is more slippery, and it is still going to climb up. If you accidentally fall, there are many warning signs on the roadside. They tell us the danger ahead and the passage is prohibited. In fact, people come here every day. Today is because it has just rained, so there are not so many people. I have met five people on the road and climbed to the top of the mountain. There are three people on the top of the mountain. The usual people will definitely be more. The mountain road is dangerous. The rear part can even be used up and down, but the scenery that is seen from the upper angle is also more beautiful. It took twenty minutes to climb to the top of the mountain. It was sweating and still breathing, really I haven’t exercised for a long time.
    The scenery on the top of the mountain is really beautiful. This is the scenery of the Lijiang River that has been hard to climb the mountain. It is worth it.
    Only the panorama can show the spectacularness here.
    The water in the Lijiang River is beautiful, twists and turns, clear and transparent, and tenderness is like a fairy incarnation.
    Above the Lijiang River, blue waves and rafting, even small cruise ships can be navigable. It seems that tourists are really very much.
    The scenery of Laozhai Mountain is very beautiful. It is still necessary to remind everyone of the safety. There is only one small pavilion on the top of Laozhai Mountain. Next to it is a rock block without any protective measures. The better shooting angle is actually in the stone. On the block, standing on the stone can directly look at the Lijiang River in the bottom. It is no exaggeration to say that it is 90 degrees. Here is the cliff. When watching the scenery, we must pay attention to safety. It is said that N people have fallen from here. Life is precious, you must pay attention to safety.
    Overlooking Xingping Ancient Town, the lights of the old street are still very obvious.
    When I went down the mountain, I was left alone. The sky was dark. I walked in the forest with a flashlight. It was a little scary at the time, and the road down the mountain was slippery. I still fell a bit, and there is still nothing. I have to remember to find my companion.
     Xingping Ancient Town Food Record
    The few meals in Xingping Ancient Town were recommended by the innkeeper. I also saved the production of the food guide, but also avoided the thunder.
    There are also many restaurants in the ancient town, which are located in the old streets and towns. The restaurants on the old streets are better decorated and the atmosphere is better. The town is quite simple, very common roadside restaurants, and local specialties are mostly The taste is almost the same, anyway, the two flavors I eat are not bad.
    Camellia, this is a minority snack, tea is fried with oil and then boiled, and the taste is very heavy. Drinking the first bite will not be used. It feels bitter, a bit like the taste of chewing tea directly, plus Some fried rice, oil fruit, peanuts, the taste will be much better, this way of eating is also called eating bean tea, drink a few bowls, and the taste is still quite good after the back, although a bit bitter, but also has a aftertaste. Camellia oleifera is a unique ethnic snack in the Yunguiguang area. It is mainly a humid climate here. Drinking some oil tea can soothe the spleen and it is very good for the body.
    Camellia chicken is to use oil tea to cook chicken, just like the practice of coconut chicken, so the chicken is very tender, and the tea soup becomes more delicious, remember to drink a few bowls.
    The steamed pork ribs must be made by Zhangpu. The glutinous rice is very delicious. This dish is not cooked now. It is hot in the pot. Although it is not very good, the taste is still good.
    Rice noodles, this is a must for daily breakfast after coming to Guilin. There is no deliberate choice of which one, because the taste of the family is quite good.
    This is a popular restaurant on the old street. When I went, the store was full of people. The boss was a young man. He was the front desk, he cooked the food himself, and he did the cashier himself. One person arranged all the restaurants and restaurants. The decoration is simple and literary, and the decoration in Xingping is already very good. There are not many dishes in his family, but it is hard work, because I only have one person, so I only ordered one dish with a bowl of rice, and there was no place in the store. I simply sat on the bar and the boss Sex, jokingly, you are the first guest to sit at my bar.
    Stir-fry, speciality in Guangxi, brewing is a special practice, put the meat into the “container”, and then stew, this “container” can be any dish, or like a screw, first The snail meat is taken out and mixed with the meat and stuffed back into the snail shell. The “China on the tip of the tongue” introduces the stuffed vegetables in Guangxi. I still remember that it was introduced, no food, no brew, no wine.
    His family’s snails are still very much, and there are a lot of snails. There are more than twenty snails. Let’s talk about the taste. In addition to snail meat and pork stuffing, the boss has added some mint, and I am very familiar but I don’t think about it. The taste should be the spice that is often used in Thai food. The taste is very unique and delicious. This dish is a private secret. The boss said that he will prepare a few copies a day.
    Pepper and bean curd are local characteristics, the boss proudly recommend this is Xingping Sambo, a large can of a large can, placed on the bar, guests can use it themselves, this thing is still very good.
     The scenery of the Lijiang River is hard to find
    In the early morning, I lived in Xingping Ancient Town last night. I didn’t expect that it was a noisy tourist group at the 9 o’clock in the morning. I got up and rented a battery car. It is now more and more convenient. The ancient town is full of renting battery cars. Riding a battery car along the highway can go up the Lijiang River. The scenery on both sides of the river is very beautiful. It is not the same angle as sitting and drifting. From the ancient town to the Yangdi drifting pier, it is also more than ten kilometers. Very close, the middle will pass yellow. Cloth reflection, nine horses painted mountains.
    However, today’s weather is also so touching, foggy, but it is the mood that affects the scenery. I remember that the last time I came to Xingping was such a weather. I didn’t see the most beautiful Lijiang River. I regret it. The Lijiang River is like a girl. It is often covered with veil, so mysterious, it seems to come again next time.
    Nine horses draw mountains, which is one of the most beautiful scenery in the Lancang section. The black and white rocks are spaced in turn, and the white shape is like a horse galloping. It is very vivid.
    The reflection of the yellow cloth, here is the background pattern of the 20 yuan RMB. There are many attractions on the road. It is said that this is the location of the shooting. In fact, it is difficult to find the angle of shooting. Only one direction can be found. A lot of people punched the cards to take pictures.
    The battery car did not go far, and it was still raining heavily. The trip to Xingping ended in a hurry.
     See also West Street
    From Xingping Ancient Town to Yangshuo is also very convenient. Xingping Bus Terminal is located at the end of Guzhen Old Street. The shuttle bus to Yangshuo is rolling. The interval is very short. It is basically the state of going around, the fare is Ten dollars, it takes about 40 minutes to drive, and the scenery on the road is beautiful.
    Back to Yangshuo, everything is still familiar, taking a taxi from the passenger station to the West Street, this time is the inn located opposite the West Street, it is said that you can see the scenery of the West Street, so decisively booked here.
    The boss is very good to arrange my room on the fifth floor. The door is the balcony. The edge of the balcony is the viewing bar. I can really see the scenery of the West Street. I like to sit here at night and watch the West Street light.
    The inn is still very good, fresh and literary style, the decoration style is very comfortable, simple and stylish, the only bad thing is that the building is too individual, the inn is not big, the stairs are winding, leading to different directions, the first few trips I actually lost myself.
     Guilin’s ancient feelings are shocked
    Once again, I came to Yangshuo, and the familiar scenic spots have already been visited. I heard that the newly opened Guilin Qiangu scene area is in Yangshuo. As a Zhejiangese, I have already praised the Songcheng Performing Arts Group brand in Hangzhou. The feelings are greatly praised, and they have caused great repercussions in the scenic spots. I have seen a few past experiences in the past, and every performance of “Songcheng Eternal Love” and “Sanya Eternal Love” is so shocking. This time, Yangshuo is naturally not to be missed. Before the departure, the tickets for the scenic spots will be booked in advance. The first thing to reach Yangshuo is to go to the Guilin Ages Scenic Area. The scenic spot is very close to Yangshuo County, and it is also used by the West Street. About 5 to 10 minutes, the scenic spot is open at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The performances of the ages are at 3:30 and 8 o’clock. Since there is no time for Xingping to Yangshuo, the card arrives at Yangshuo and the baggage is left at the inn. As soon as I rushed to the Guilin Ages Scenic Area, we just arrived at the scenic spot in the afternoon, but we still caught up with the show.
    Like other ancient scenes, the entrance totem avenue and the statue of the goddess look very far away from the distance, and Guilin’s ancient feelings, perfectly blended between the Yangshuo landscape, like a legendary story is about to be staged. Arriving at the entrance of the scenic spot, you can use the ID card to collect the tickets by yourself. It is very convenient to queue up. The tickets for the ancient performance online shopping can now be selected in advance on the official website. This is really great. You can purchase tickets according to previous experience. The position of the front row in the middle (it was later proved that this position is the best), check the ticket and enter the scenic spot, because the performance is about to start, go to the show and then go out, go through the song god square, pass through the Yangshuo ancient village, the theater is At the foot of the last mountain, the big red theater is obvious, it should not be wrong.
    The people in the original scenic spot all arrived.Inside the theater, thousands of people’s theaters are also full of sitting, I am also strange, this scene is also seen more, today is not a queue is also good luck.
    Guilin’s ancient feelings, once again shocked, a total of five chapters of the story about “Guilin Legend”, “Da Ge Fei Ge”, “Eternal Lingqu”, “Liangjiang Love Song”, “Looking for Liu Sanjie”, the new light dance beauty, ingenious The cooperation of the organs, the familiar plot of Bagui Dadi and the dedication of dedication, provoked the audience to applaud, let me once again remember the series of love of the ages, a must-see performance!
    The first chapter “The Legend of Guilin”
    For the first time in the ancient times, I saw the performance of the third person narration. The first thing I entered was the combination of the grandson and the grandson. The opening story of the tourism brought the audience into the space of the millennium. The land of Bagui is a place full of legends. Between this beautiful landscape, a touching love story is born, and the thoughts are brought into the scene by the actors. The peeks, loves, and separations of the male and female protagonists are revealed through several different dance forms. The difficult professional action combined with the stage technology of holographic projection gives the audience an incomparably wonderful visual enjoyment. The story begins with the distant ancient times, the love and hate between people and the entanglement, and finally the fairy is turned into the land of the Eight Gui The legendary landscape is always here. The original beauty of Guilin has such a story. Although everyone knows it is fake, people are always willing to believe in good things. Everyone is also very devoted, full of stories, full of dances. The perfect score of action, the actor’s intention is a perfect score, which is the reason why the ancient times have been well received.
    Chapter 2, “The Earth’s Flying Songs”
    There is never a lack of moving songs between Guilin’s beautiful landscapes. Guangxi is a place where ethnic minorities gather. Most ethnic minorities can sing and dance. Then there are many kinds of ethnic music in Guilin, and the songs are gentle and mellow. It really melts the soul. The use of music in Guilin is also the ultimate in music. It is more than the other eternal feelings I have seen before. In the moving song, the second chapter is like this. This is the shortest performance. One space.
    Chapter III “Age of the Ancients”
    This is the most touching chapter of me. This is the true restoration of history. In the early Qin Dynasty, Qin Shihuang sent the imperial guard Shilu to build the spiritual channel, and opened the border passage between Hunan and Guizhou provinces. In five years, the spiritual channel was completed, and Qin Shihuang quickly Unifying Lingnan, and Lingqu has become an important communication channel. Lingqu is also one of the oldest canals in China.
    The construction of the spiritual channel cost a lot of manpower and material resources. It is a few years for the soldiers to bid farewell to their homes. The generals are gone, the second generals are gone, and finally the spiritual canals are successfully built. The call of the three generals has been revolving around the ears. “General, two General ~~~”, true feelings, my eyes are a little moist, a great project does not know how many people are sacrificed, the generals drink two generals is only one of them.
    This noodle is also quite vivid. The Qin people, which is our current Xianyang, Shaanxi, combines regional characteristics, bringing the noodle culture into the storyline, and impressing people with a taste of hometown.
    Chapter 4, “Liangjiang Love Songs”》
    Guilin landscape, the banks of the Lancang River, moving love stories, singing and dancing, stage technology upgrades again, the hero and the hero between the real and the real, it is also true and false, we are also quite blurred, beautiful scenery on the stage to change the scene, This is exactly what we want.
    Ending “Looking for Liu Sanjie”
    Liu Sanjie is a folklore figure of Zhuang nationality and is hailed as “Song Xian”. The annual “March 3” is a festival to commemorate her. In Guangxi, Liu Sanjie is already a legendary figure. There are also many stories about her story. Then, Liu Sanjie, who is it? The final ending is told by Liu Sanjie’s main line. There are a thousand Hamlet in a thousand hearts. In fact, in everyone’s heart, there is a Liu Sanjie, a cheerful folk song and dance performance. Guangxi is a place where ethnic minorities gather. The regional culture is characterized by such songs and dances. The grandsons and grandsons of the film appeared again, so who is Liu Sanjie? In fact, Liu Sanjie is in our hearts.
    More than an hour of performances, the storyline is very touching, the whole process is no urine, the performance of the show is very exciting, the connection between the stories is also ingenious, watching an ancient love, telling a history, a piece of tenderness Don’t miss it.
     Crossing the game, more tricks
    The performance of the pots outside the theater, the crowds onlookers, and the interactivity are extremely high, everyone seems to be infected, jumping around the pot and circle, the scene is very lively.
    In the No. 4 Bay of the scenic spot, there is still an acrobatic show of “Water Flying Man”. Although such a scene is not uncommon on TV, it is really cool to see others playing like this. I really want to try it myself. Looking at it is very easy, but in fact it still needs certain skills and skills. It is said that this performer is a champion. The host introduced it. I forgot a bit. When the performance is around, the pool is full of tourists. Remember to keep it safe. Your own phone and camera, because there will be a small surprise waiting for you.
    On the other side of the 4th bay is a white sandy beach. Many children are playing here. There are mountains and waters, and then pretending that they are by the sea, is it a wonderful feeling.
    The statue of the goddess can be seen throughout the scenic area, watching everyone from four angles, guarding the tourists in the ageing scene.
    There is also a spectacular city gate in the scenic area. It is actually called the Jingwangfu City Gate Building. It is copied and restored according to the first king of Guilin.From the bottom, it is quite a bit of a majestic and strong, antique architectural style, as if crossing the ancient times, you must not forget that the slogan of the ageing scene is “give me a day, still you millennium”, referring not only to the theater Inside the show, the entire scenic spot will give you a wonderful experience of crossing.
    Boarding the gate, this is the commanding height of the scenic spot. You can see the whole scenic spot. Below is the antique downtown thatched cottage design. After thousands of years, you can restore a real ancient Guilin. If you remove the light signs of the scenic spot, it is really It’s quite like the place where the costume drama was filmed, and it’s a proper way to cross the game. These houses are some shops, and the names of these shops are also very interesting. Grandpa’s wine cellar, uncle’s umbrella shop, aunt’s pickles, dad’s toys, brother’s mask, cousin’s rouge ~~~
    Yangshuo Ancient Village is the two most important markets in the scenic area. The shops on both sides are unique, satisfying your needs of eating, drinking, and playing. You can also experience very good folk culture, handmade culture, etc., such as Miaoyin, printmaking, Kite kites, embroidery, clay sculptures, blacksmiths, etc. These are the unique cultural charms of Guangxi. You may wish to experience the ghost houses and wonderful houses in the ancient village. These are the repertoires of the ageing scenes. If you are bold and curious, I must try it. Anyway, I don’t dare to go in the haunted house.
    The Temple of Wealth, the antique building, the statue inside is true, remember to worship more, I hope to make a lot of money.
    The No. 3 secret environment is an indoor comprehensive place. It is next door to the Eternal Love Theater. I don’t know why it is called this name. In short, I feel very mysterious when I first saw it. I curiously came in and squatted, green. The wilderness space is dressed like a jungle, full of natural atmosphere. There are restaurants, water bars, bookstores, coffee bars, places where children can have fun, and the living “The River on the Qing Dynasty.”
    The weather in Guilin at the end of August is still very hot. The Songkran Festival in Gexian Square has attracted a lot of people to participate. Everyone is playing very well. I have to take a photo with a camera, otherwise I can experience some wetness. fun of.
    The performances in the scenic area are really wonderful. The performances in Guilin’s ancient scenes are different from other ancient scenes. The performances here are one after another, with a seamless connection and the time spent with the performances of the ages. So you don’t have to worry about missing out on the show because of watching the show.
    The night in the scenic area is also quite charming. I personally think that the night is much better than the daytime, but the tourists at night are also much more than the daytime.
    The people watching the performance are surrounded by circles and circles. The special color of Guangxi is “A Three-playing Grandpa”. It is a very interesting place. Now I can still remember the words of Ah San and the grandfather joking. It is very funny. .
    In the style of the festival, I met the young lady wearing a special national costume.
    The appearance show of the ageing scene in the ages, through the flashing performance, each time is a sensational audience, almost able to attract all the people around to come onlookers, each time is crowded with water, in Guilin, the scenes, lively scenes let I have the feeling of being in the bar.
    Guilin is an ancient love, if you come to Yangshuo to play, don’t miss this interesting place, highly recommended!
     Yangshuo gourmet beer fish
    When I come to Yangshuo, I must eat beer fish. I have always been mourning this taste. In Yangshuo Street, there are beer fish. So which restaurant should I choose? Let’s talk to you, in fact, you don’t have to worry about it. The restaurants on the street are all Almost, the beer fish is delicious, mainly because of the good quality of the fish. It comes from the native of the Lancang River. This is determined by the geographical environment. The beer fish in the field is definitely not as good as the beer fish in the Yangshuo. This is certain, another point. It is the sauce, which is different from the recipe of each family. The carrots and vegetables have their own love. The locals definitely think that the beer on the street is not as good as their own.
    The most seen on the streets of Yangshuo is the master beer fish and the Xie Sanjie beer fish. It is more concentrated near the West Street. It is simply a crazy spread, and each family is still so many tourists, no doubt, 100% It is a tourist, as a tourist, we are also a symbol that can’t escape the tourists. It is a struggle between the two. Finally, I chose the master, because I prefer the decoration style of their home, the bright and fresh Chinese style, which is the most beautiful of Yangshuo. The landscape is quite suitable.
    A certain group of a review is a package of beer fish, and the package is similar in comparison, so it is not necessary to entangle, for the choice of obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is really convenient, have to say that Yangshuo’s price is really not high It is very affordable for the cost of eating, after all, the tourism industry has propped up the entire Yangshuo.
    The shallots are mixed with tofu, no soy sauce is added, and the yellow lanterns of Hainan are added. The taste is very good.
    漓江 Shrimp, fried shrimp after crispy crispy, no need to peel the shell, it is convenient.
    The beer fish that comes up from the end is a big one. The attractive color is called straight throat. The production of beer fish will also be divided into fish. Some restaurants will ask when the food is ordered. They have no choice but to choose Skeele, less fishbone, more convenient to eat. I have added tomatoes and beer. I like them very much. I give the beer a perfect score. It tastes very good. Naturally, their beer fish is on CCTV, but these are not important. What is important is true. Very delicious.
    Ai Ye, a specialty snack, and brown sugar and peanuts inside, I ate a few in one breath.
     Yellow Kee Corn Juice
    On the soup, the ingredients used in it are quite rich.
    Huangji corn juice in the West Street, which was accidentally passed by when I strolled. I looked very curious. I didn’t drink it and tried it. There was a signboard with a net red at the door. How can I say that I am Net red, really confident, the store is not large, the decoration is quite literary, freshly squeezed corn juice, a cup of warm, I feel that if the food is ice, the taste will be very strange It’s very strong and fragrant, it reduces the sweetness and is very tasty.
     West Street Past
    Going back to Xijie and going back to Yangshuo, West Street is still as lively as ever. Looking at the people in front of you, the ears are the noise of the bar market. It’s like a bustling two years ago. I stand in the west. The street overlooked the distance, how far is the distance, and I circled again. I returned. I went back to where the trip first started. The world is so big. I want to see it. I remember the past and the future. I will continue to move forward. , departure ~
    West Street is the most lively place in Yangshuo and the most unique representative of Yangshuo. Although it is obvious that this is a street specially set for tourists, I still strongly recommend that you walk to the West Street. You are a tourist, do you come to Yangshuo? Play, don’t you experience the West Street style?
    The streets are filled with tourists from all over the world. The proportion of foreigners in Yangshuo is very high. It is also a restaurant with many different countries.
     Blurred night, intoxicating dreams
    West Street goes inside again, it is the bar street, the bars of various colors are decorated with lights, the blurred night will make people intoxicated, the bar is just a way to release, travel is from the place where you are tired of running to others to be tired Let’s go and see the nightColor, fake drunk, no one knows, I am happy, so I want to come, two years ago in the West Street bar, it was my first time to enter the bar, the impression is really profound.
    The outside of the bar is full of waiters, I really don’t like this way.
    The singer in the bar, this is the September bar of that year, each bar is its own style, not to judge, choose what you like, and life is also the case, do not need too much judgment.
     Blue waves, people in the middle of the painting
    This time, Yangshuo is still hesitating to go drifting. Two years ago, I took a rafting from the Yangjiang River to the Xingping section. It feels normal, and the weather is not good that day. The scenery is also general. The Raiders are more like this. I want to go anywhere, I want to play, and finally decided to go to Yulong River to play drifting. There are mainly several reasons. Yulong River is the longest tributary of the Minjiang River. It is also known as Xiaojiang River. It is the most beautiful section of Yangshuo. For another reason, Yangdi drifting uses a machine engine. There are many people on a boat. There is no such feeling. The Yulong River drifting is artificial bamboo raft, which can only sit two. People, there is more to enjoy the scenery, and the bamboo raft and Guilin landscape are more suitable, there is another reason is the weather, the last time I did not see the scenery, I hope this time.
    However, there are many choices for Yulong River rafting. It is also a headache in the Internet. In the end, I chose the most popular Jinlong Bridge to the old county. It turns out that this drift is indeed the best one, and the drifting distance is very long. And the scenery on both sides of the strait is very good, and finally I experienced what is called a person in the middle of the painting.
    Bamboo rafting is booked online in advance, Yangshuo County can be picked up by the hotel, because before the Raiders said that the bamboo rafts have to line up, so booked the first departure of a shift, starting at 7:00 in the morning from the county, 20 A few minutes to reach the Jinlongqiao Wharf, no one at all, can go directly, and because I only have one person, I need to fight with others, because a ship is two people, if a single person does not fight, it is necessary to pay for two people. Fees, I originally thought that it was very easy to fight the ship. I didn’t think that the days of Yangshuo’s tourism were the weakest days of the year, that is, the days when students started school in late August and early September, who else made me a single person. However, the first batch did not place an order, and after waiting for an hour, the second batch finally had a family of three. Just one more can fight with me, still still lined up without a queue.
    Today is a cloudy day, and the mood for taking photos is gone. After a period of time, I calm down. The original Yangshuo in the fog is the most beautiful. Floating on the Yulong River, the scenery on both sides is picturesque. Still too impetuous
    Immersed in the landscape between Yangshuo, do you think that there are not many people, then you are wrong, because our masters are drawing faster, just a few in front of them, so it seems that we are only ourselves. In fact, you will see a large number of teams behind you.
    Everyone, a lot of people, the front and the back are exactly two different scenery.
    There will be some small dams in the bamboo rafting of Yulong River. The bamboo rafts are directly washed down, which will stir up some water flowers and need to pay attention to their shoes.
    The bamboo rafting of the Yulong River is indeed more interesting than the Yangdi rafting of the Lijiang River. At least there is no roar of the engine to disturb the tranquility between the mountains and rivers. The drifting in the chair is just a kind of enjoyment. This is a A state of relaxation, more than an hour of drifting, to the second half of the comfort is simply to fall asleep.
    Kee Kee Goose is a very popular restaurant in Guilin. There are also many branches. When you are in Guilin, you want to try it. Because there is no chance in time, there is also a geese in Yangshuo. Although there is only one store, It is the largest branch in Guilin, the restaurant is located next to Yangshuo Park, behind the Yitian West Street, very good to find, the first floor is the front desk, the second floor is a dining area, the area is very large, divided into decks and tables District, the big table area is used by the tour group, the waiters are very skilled, and super intimate, as a traditional old shop, in addition to the taste of conquest, even the service is so great, it is really rare, it is better to live his business. .
    The signature roast goose, every table must be, I will have a small portion, the serving is very fast, the attractive skin of the yellow, the skin is actually very crisp, biting a bit will have a sizzling sound, goose Tasty and fragrant.
    The marinated goose is also very good.
    Pork belly lotus soup, the soup color is very delicious, the chicken is added to the soup to enhance the astringency of the pork belly.
     Leisure time in West Street
    Have lunch, comeWest Street strolls and enjoys a slow time. There are not so many tourists in the West Street during the day. Compared with the bustling West Street at night, this quiet West Street is a bit uncomfortable. Two times, two kinds of West Street, don’t know what kind of West Street you prefer.
    The next rainy West Street is exceptionally quiet.
    West Street is a comprehensive distribution center for Yangshuo tourism. Catering, accommodation, bars, shops, travel agencies, etc. are all available. You can meet all your needs in West Street. It is like a Utopia. It is no wonder that so many people like to travel to Yangshuo. Many people are trying to escape from the West Street for a few days.
    The West Street, where the Hua Deng was first, is day after day between the mountains and rivers of Yangshuo.
     Yuji sugar full house
    Yu Ji Shui, the private dessert hidden in West Street, is really a super private dessert. The location is not easy to find. Although there is a house number, it is very easy to be ignored. Fortunately, there is a sign at the door, but even if you find it, you I wonder if the address is wrong, because you are seeing a shop that buys clothes. Well, if you look carefully, you will find a narrow passage next to the store. You can see the sugar in the inside. The signboard, confirmed that there is nothing wrong with this, boldly walked in, the place to eat is in the living room of the residential home, the boss is an aunt, an amiable face, and explained to me that this is the sugar shop of my own home. Some are embarrassed.
    The refreshing make-up of the signboard, a large bowl, full of materials, are almost full, a bit like a big platter, all kinds of materials put together, the taste is still very good.
    The rounds of their family were hand-made by the aunt himself. It should be very good. I saw it with my own eyes, but I really can’t eat it. I have a chance to try it.
     The most beautiful ten-mile gallery
    The essence of Yangshuo scenery is in the Shili Gallery. It used to be riding a bicycle. Now it is more convenient for the battery car. The Shili Gallery two years ago can still be driven by self-driving. Now the Shili Gallery is forbidden to drive. Entering, it seems that the Shili Gallery has already been fired. The film “Liu Sanjie” has a large banyan tree, Butterfly Spring, and Moon Mountain, all in the Shili Gallery.
    The battery car team is veryIf you grow up, you must pay attention to the implementation of security. There are still many people coming and going.
    Yangshuo The magical karst landscape of the scenery is like a bamboo shoot on the ground.
    The Workers and Peasant Bridge is the best place to look at the scenery of the Yulong River. The scenery is beautiful and the landscape is the most beautiful angle. This is the most beautiful angle of Yangshuo. It is also one of the reasons why foreigners are eager for it. Now I still like it. Here, I like this quiet time in nature.
    The magical moon mountain, which is also a manifestation of karst landforms.
    The hawkers on the workers and peasants bridge sell some special gourmet snacks.
    I have long wanted to come to Shili Gallery to buy grilled fish to eat. I remember it in my memory. The grilled fish here is very delicious. I really did not disappoint.
     Quest silver rock
    Yinziyan, a typical karst landform, is recommended to visit with Shili Gallery. It is best to ride a battery car and the scenery along the way is very good. Yinziyan has actually belonged to Zhangpu County next to Yangshuo County, and Shili Gallery is on a road. If you drive from Shili Gallery, it will take about half an hour. The road is an idyllic scenery. Today’s weather is very good, driving open. The battery car, the breeze and the noodles, feels at ease, and the mood is as bright as the sun.
    At the entrance of Yinziyan, there are shops that can stop the discharge of the bottle car, parking for five dollars, charging is free, you must remember to charge, Yangshuo battery car rental is generally not high, it is best to charge.
    Tickets for Yinziyan can be purchased online, but it should be noted that it is only four hours after the ticket is purchased. I just bought it on the road. The time has not yet been used, so I re-buy the ticket at the window.
    Yinziyan is a karst cave landscape. It is also a karst landform. It has been developed and grown for a long time. It is said to be crystal clear and sparkling, so it is called silver rock. The scenic spot is very large. It is said that it runs through twelve peaks. We don’t feel anything underneath, but it is really big. I remember that it is the process of going down the stairs and going down the stairs. The internal road is like a labyrinth. It should be said. It is such a large space hidden in the ground like an ant cave.
    Entering the scenic spot, an electronic browser will be issued at the entrance. This is still very useful. The guide will automatically recognize it and automatically play the voice after walking to a place.
    The cave landscape is mainly based on imagination, combined with the art of lighting, to create a different landscape environment.
    This is a stalactite that is connected twice. It is like Optimus Prime. It is magical. Sometimes nature is magical. These unexpected things are ridiculous, but they are so real.
     First sight, beer fish
    First sight, beer fish, this restaurant I have been here twice in the past few days, no matter from the environment or taste, it is very good, first talk about the environment, located in Yitian West Street, and the noise of West Street Compared, it is really quiet here. The restaurant belongs to the net red restaurant. The interior decoration is very suitable for taking pictures. The courtyard style is simple and suitable for home decoration. The use of lighting is just right. The overall style is very comfortable. The good mood is also better. The restaurant has two floors. As for the firstI have never been to the second floor. Every night there is a singer singing. The atmosphere is very enjoyable. Besides, the dishes are mainly Thai, and the main flavor of Southeast Asia is the Thai flavor. There are also innovative dishes from Guilin. As for the taste, I come here. After a few times, you said it.
    The conquest of my family is this curry sirloin. The curry tastes very pure, very fragrant and delicious. The sirloin stew is soft and savory, with a taste of salt, served with curry, and a super-satisfying dish.
    I have eaten the snails and tasted the tofu. It should be the reason of the tofu. It is not as delicious as I expected, and the seasoning is a bit strange.
    It is also the Lijiang Shrimp. It seems that the restaurant menus in West Street like to match these dishes. Well, it is delicious anyway.
    Their beer fish, using sword-bone fish, and the addition of seafood shells, the tomatoes are a little less, the sauce is also a little lighter than the master, belonging to their innovative dishes, tastes, is still very good Just think of the name of the restaurant, first sight, giving you a new feeling.
    Tom Yum Kung soup, authentic Thai flavor, is very delicious.
    The fragrant roast chicken is served with Thai sweet chili sauce and I like this dish very much.
     Yitian West Street
    Two years later, there was another Yitian West Street next to West Street. This is a newly opened commercial center. West Street has not been able to accommodate so many tourists, but even the newly opened Yitian West Street Night Market is crowded with tourists. The shops on the side are a little more than the old West Street.
    There are more literary atmospheres on the streets here, and there are still some different styles in West Street, which can be chosen according to what you like.
     哩白de coconut milk clearing cool
    The dessert shop in Yitian West Street, the high-rated net red shop, also has a branch in Shili Gallery. The store is located on the second floor. The decoration style is literary and art, but it is said to be the shop opened by three uncles.
    Still a cool supplement, from the point of view of the sale is very gratifying and exquisite, it is also very suitable for taking pictures, if you let everyone choose will definitely choose here, taste, it is quite delicious, coconut milk is very fragrant , Yuan Yuan is very Q.
     Yangshuo cuisine
    There are still a lot of gourmet snacks on the streets of Yangshuo. How can you endure this temptation as a foodie?
    The pickled fruit is sour, sweet and salty, and the taste is very unique. You can try it.
    Yangshuo The most common rice noodles, breakfast essential.
    This is the most luxurious bowl of rice noodles eaten this time, RMB 18 yuan, located in Yitian West Street, the materials are very rich.
    In Yangshuo, I checked the net red tea shop. The smell of dirty tea is very general. The pearls are still hard. I didn’t have a good time in the Afu ice room in Guilin that day. The location is indeed the best location in Xijiekou. It is a waste.
    The fruit in Guangxi is very cheap. The box of jackfruit is ten dollars, very fresh, and the passion fruit is cheaper to no friends. The price is more than one. The ten yuan is fifteen, eighteen, and the highest is twenty. Two.
    Iron plate tofu, snacks all over the country.
    Special snacks, such a small one is very delicious, especially like the Ai Ye.
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