Taimen Yingchan Ming

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Taimen Yingchan Ming,
State rhyme Haiyixing.
Taste the East China Sea,
The road is free.
Taizhou has prospered since ancient times and is a state of culture. The people are well-off and the society is stable. The mountains and seas are beautiful, and there are many places of interest.
After tasting the taste of Taizhou, this is one of the Tibetan poems I made for this trip to Taizhou.

First of all, I would like to thank the Taizhou Tourism Bureau and the Zhejiang Daily Media Group for hosting the “Taizhou Taste·Three Thousand Miles of Mountains and Seas” hosted by the Zhejiang Media Tourism Media Center. In this beautiful summer, we feel unforgettable and profound with Taizhou. Collision.
Write this travel note for three days. The pictures are all real shots. I hope to use my perspective to bring you a different taste of Taizhou.
(with preview)

The travel notes mainly tell the taste of seven classic attractions in Taizhou, including the taste of the mountains, the taste of the sea, the taste of food, and the taste of Zen.
Feel the feelings all the way through the journey and record with the camera. Therefore, the introduction of the attraction is more detailed. Especially the part of Dachen Island and Shenxianju.
Although the experience was a short three days, I was full of attachment to this warm city.
Recalling the trip to Taizhou, it is like the beginning of the beginning. But this end is just the beginning for me.
————————————————– ————————————————– ——–
I remember when I was young, I was always looking forward to the bustling crowds, the bustling and bustling urban night scenes, and the colorful amusement parks.
Perhaps because I have been in a place for a long time, I always look forward to seeing the quietest blue sky, the most pure and innocent white clouds, the deepest mountain on the stalwart, and the most clear and clean island and sea. When we have a yearning for the future, the impetuousness and embarrassment in our hearts will follow.
I like the feeling of being on the road because I can have my own world and look for the taste I really like. ‍‍‍
As stated in Paradise Cinema, if you don’t go out, you will think that this is the world. ‍‍
Then, let’s start together.
————————————————– ————————————————– ——–
[About Taizhou]
Taizhou (tāi zhōu), located in the central coastal area of ​​Zhejiang Province, the terrain is inclined from west to east, with Yandang Mountain as the screen in the south, including the main peaks such as Cangshan, Daleishan and Tiantai Mountain. The eastern coast of Taizhou is mainly Taizhou Islands and Dongji Islands. Wait.
Li Bai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, praised the words “Long Lou Feng Yu refused to live, and flew straight to the roof.” Du Fu has a poem saying “Taizhou’s vast seas, long clouds and islands” praise Taizhou. Taizhou is in the mountains and faces the plains, forming a pattern of “seven mountains, one water and two fields”. Since ancient times, it has been known as “the famous mountain on the sea.”
Taizhou was named the 2013 China Advanced Science and Technology Progressive City and was listed as the first batch of innovative pilot cities in Zhejiang Province.
❤Best travel time: best in May-July or September-November
❤Local climate: subtropical monsoon climate
❤Recommended to carry equipment: umbrellas, hats, sunscreen, seasickness, sports shoes, etc.
❤Recommended tourist attractions: Xianju, Guoqing Temple, Shiliangfei Waterfall, Jigong Hometown, Huangshi Cave, Dachen Island, etc.
————————————————– ————————————————– ————————
[Specific itinerary]‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
Day1 (July 5)
6:00 Departure from Hangzhou to Taizhou
9:00 arrive at the rooftop
10:00 Tour Shiliang Fei Waterfall Scenic Area13:00 Chinese
14:30 Youguoqing Temple
16:00 The hometown of You Jigong
16:50 dinner
20:30 Arrive at Jiaojiang End the trip back to the hotel
Day2 (July 6)
7:58 Departure to Dachen Island
8:30 ferry
10:00 to reach the island
11:48 Dachen Island Red Memory Experience Area
12:40 lunch
14:00 Ferry return
16:00 Visiting the Revolutionary Base
17:30 dinner
19:00 End the trip back to the hotel
Day3 (July 7)
8:15 Tour Yellow Rock Cave
11:10 lunch
12:30 Four teams gather Xianju
13:15 游神仙居
18:00 dinner
19:30 End the trip back to the hotel
Day4 (July 8)
8:00 Return to Hangzhou
————————————————– ————————————————– ————-
[Travel Notes]
Shiliang Fei Waterfall – Guoqing Temple – Jigong Hometown

At 6 o’clock, the Zhejiang Daily newspaper set off at the entrance.
Everyone is here.
The friends of this time are all unsuccessful and have not met each other.
When I saw that they were full of vigor and enthusiasm, I had another expectation for this trip to Taizhou.
Stepping into the early summer of Zhejiang, the weather is a bit stuffy.
Wearing short sleeves still seems to be hot.
Ok. But these are not important.
A camera, a backpack, my “Taizhou taste” can begin to smash.
Because they got up early, the little friends who got on the bus began to feel sleepy.
I looked at the window with my sleepy eyes.
The houses of different sizes are patchwork, and the walls of the cement are also unique.
I don’t know the scenery along the way, but it is also very beautiful.

A piece of green grass grows around the green hills.
The morning sun slowly came in,
And my dream preparations have already started sailing, carrying hope and going to the distance.

Taizhou, Taizhou, I know that I am getting closer to you. ‍‍‍
I. Shiliang Waterfall
Located in the Tiantai Mountain, 22 km north of Futiantai County, Zhejiang Province, Shishiliang Waterfall is the essence of the “Tang Poetry Road” in eastern Zhejiang. In the Chongshan Cui Valley, a stone straddles the sky and the waterfall spurts down. The wind and thunder has made the literati of the dynasties dumped it, leaving countless magnificent poems, which is known as “the first wonder of the world.” The ancient Fangguang Temple near the waterfall is the five hundred arhats. Suizhong Fangguang Temple is a Zen sect.
Height: 30 meters
Tickets: 60 yuan
When I saw the car, I saw the flowers at the entrance of the Tiantai Mountain. Feel very surprised.

In the summer of such sunshine, the little emotions that are anxious seem to have been sweet and sweet.

Yes, the rooftop, we are here.

All the way into the scenic spot,Everything around you is full of freshness.
The plank road in front of the front stretched out, full of unknowns. ‍‍‍‍

In the grass, there are cymbals and cymbals.
They change the rhythm and the duration is short.

I saw a stone seal in the Jinxizhong in front of me. The guide sister said that this is the “first print in the world.” This side of the big print, the printed body is about 6 meters long, the printed side is 4 meters long, and the estimated weight is hundreds of tons.
The text engraved on it is “Fahua Chenguang.” ‍‍ “Fahua” refers to the “Fahua Sutra”, which is a masterpiece of the Mahayana teachings. “Dawn Light” means that it was first illuminated by the Mahayana Buddha Light and became the birthplace of Tiantai Sect and Zushan. ‍‍‍

The sound of running water on the rocks is endless.
The water flows down the layers of rock,
Every time it fell, it sparked a burst of white water, and then fell down. ‍‍

Walking with my friends, watching, laughing,
Each took a camera and recorded the scenery here.

The Guangsi Temple in the lower part of the ancient times is the Tiantai sect, the maolin cultivating bamboo, and the ruins of it. It is the place where the five hundred arhats of Buddhism should be true. There are five hundred arhat statues in the temple, which is the “five hundred arhats should be true treasures”, which preserves the Nanmu carvings of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The oldest gold-plated five hundred arhats in the country. ‍‍

The clear water of the lake reflects the colorful light of the sun, just like the mirror in mythology. ‍‍

Walk along the mountain road.
The scenery along the way is beautiful.
The hustle and bustle of the jungle is shining.
In a blink of an eye, the mountains are green.

There are countless scenic spots in the Tiantai Mountain, and waterfalls are everywhere. In the poem “Hua Ding” of the poet in the early Qing Dynasty, there was a sentence in which “the peaks were inserted into the Han, and the waterfalls were everywhere.” However, the most classic scenery on the rooftop is a waterfall. This is the famous Shiliang Waterfall. When Xu Xiake looked down from the Shiliang to the Baizhang Abyss, he recorded: “Yu from the Liang up, down the abyss, the bones are thick.”
In fact, the Shiliang Waterfall is not more spectacular than other waterfalls, but it has its own unique place.
Its beauty lies in the fact that there are thousands of sprays.
It seems like a pile of snow is like a bead, it is endless, so there is “The saying that ice and snow are three thousand feet and the wind and thunder are twelve o’clock.

The stone beam in front of you is hanging high into the cloud.
The waterfall fell for nine days,
This picture seems to have a silver-white dragon falling from the sky.

As depicted in a poem.
“The meteorite bridge is everywhere, especially in the bottom.
Before the waterfall, it was sunny and rainy, and the clouds were far away.
A curtain of poetry and paintings hangs on the empty wall.
I want to sleep on the pillow, and the third pine bed has a rattan bed. ”

Walking quietly forward, I saw the crystal clear water.
The thin blue mist floated on the lake like a dream of a blue gauze covering the lake.

The green lake is like a green emerald.

Walking along the mountain road, the woods on the side are either sparse or dense. ‍

Whenever I am tired,
I will look at the distant hills and speed up the pace.
Or look at the mountain road under your feet to cheer for yourself.

Walking for two hours,
I started to enjoy this sweating taste.
It makes me feel the effort I put into it,
Tired and happy.

‍ ‍‍
Finally, I finally climbed to the top of the mountain and felt the wind coming from the habit. There was an indescribable pleasure. ‍‍‍‍

Shiliangfei Waterfall also has a taste in the hot summer.
The majestic waterfall is hidden deep in the mountains, where the air is fresh and natural, and there are summer humming rounds in the ears.
Hide in the mountains and breathe freely, and feel the natural oxygen of nature.
You can forget the troubles at once.
Attachment: Let’s take a look at the Taizhou cuisine we tasted at noon.

Is there an appetite at first sight?
The first time I tasted Taizhou cuisine, the taste was really good.
This is mainly based on seafood.Light diet is the mainstay.
Therefore, friends who love seafood can enjoy the taste of food in Taizhou. ‍

And my next stop is still moving on. ‍‍
————————————————– —————-
2. Guoqing Temple
Guoqing Temple Guoqing Temple is located in Chengguan Town, Tiantai County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. It was built in the 18th year of Emperor Kaihuang (598). It was originally named Tiantai Temple. It was later renamed as Guoqing Temple. The temple covers an area of ​​73,000 square meters. In 2006, Guoqing Temple was approved by the State Council as the fifth batch of national key cultural relics protection units. It is also known as the “Four Musts” in Jinan Lingyan Temple, Nanjing Qixia Temple and Dangyang Yuquan Temple.
Coverage: 73,000 square meters
Tickets: 5 yuan
On the outer wall of the Guoqing Temple, the four characters of the ancient temple of the Sui Dynasty are written. The temple gate is on the right side of the wall and has a very unique layout.


The first thing I saw at the entrance to the mountain gate was the temple of the door that was hidden in the bamboo of Maolin.
On the threshold of the temple, there are three large characters in the name of “Guo Qing Temple”, and the book is written in the “Twelve Years of Yongzheng”.

In the center of the temple, the statue of Maitreya Buddha in the belly of the belly is shown. According to the Buddhist scriptures, Maitreya Buddha is also known as the Cixi Bodhisattva or the Ayutthaya Bodhisattva. It is the fifth Buddha in the sacred buddha, and is later honored as the Buddha of the future. He believes that he will succeed as the Buddha (Sakyamuni). Buddha.
Walking forward, that is, in the middle of the two floors of the bell and drum, there is another hall, and the word “Yuhua Temple” is often written. This name is rare to see in other Buddhist temples. According to legend, the master of the celestial ancestors of the Tiantai ancestors once described the “Flame of the Lotus”, which was so sincere and moved to heaven, and the sky was up and down, so it was named. The temple is dedicated to the “four great kings”. ‍‍‍‍

Candlelight on the candlestick. Purdue all beings.


The wall pattern of the temple is solemn and solemn.

Arrangement in front of the main hall
I believe that everything is the best arrangement.

Walking forward, I saw the shining tower in the sun. It is said that this building was built by a Japanese donor who donated 10 million yen. ‍‍

The reason why this pagoda was built in the Tianqingshan Guoqing Temple is that Tiantai Mountain is the most prosperous spiritual site ever studied by the master of missions (the most famous master of the Japanese). The Japanese lotus people admire the Master of Heaven (the master of the wise) and firmly believe in it as the Fa-rectification The source of the Fahua Sutra is the Tianqing Guoqing Temple, in order to express the profound meaning of “respecting grace and grace”.

The tower was built in the Sui Dynasty, which was built 300 years ago. It was built by Emperor Sima Wang, the master of the wise man. The tower is yellow-brown and has a height of 59 meters. It is six-sided and nine-level. Brick wall, hollow inside. Later generations strengthened the tower base and paved the steps around it. They have been refurbished and have been listed as provincial-level cultural protection units. The tower is built with chic, except for the carved brick statue on the brick wall. There is no usual pointed tower on the top of the tower. Standing in the tower, you can directly see the blue sky.
According to the legend: for the five hundred arhats in the Guoqing Temple, to build a temple, to create a tower together, when busy moving bricks and stones, it happened that Nanhai Guanyin Yunyou had to go through this, and wanted to build a stone bridge in front of the temple by Luohan. Refused, deliberately made a difficult, will firmly hold the tip of the tower in Jindiling until the golden rooster reported, when the sky turned, the five hundred arhats could not move, from the top of the tower there was a lack of pointed, and on the Jindi Ridge But there is a Tatou Temple, and there is a pointed tower at the top of the tower! There is another one in the local area. One legend: Guanyin borrowed the bricks from the five hundred arhats and then burned the rice to Luohan. Knocked the iron pot into a hole. Guanyin smiled and burned a pot of fragrant rice with a broken pot. When Lohan saw it, he was shocked. When he saw this broken iron pot, the hole would only leak sand and not leak rice. From then on, this broken iron pot was called “slipping casserole”. Later generations wrote a couplet in the doorway of this large iron pot: the ancient temple still has a cold stove stone, and the cloud kitchen still has a casserole.
Go to the right side of the Daxiong Hall and see a plum. The above records are hand-planted by the masters of the ancestors of the ancestors of the ancestors of the Sui Dynasty.

According to research, Yumei has a history of more than 1,300 years and is one of the three oldest plum trees in China. Regarding its legend, the modern poet Deng Tuo wrote the poem “My Plum” written by Yu Mei, the most vivid: cut the first branch of Dongfeng, and the half-curtain is a poem. Do not need grease powder green color, the most recalled when the roof meets. ‍‍
Going in the direction of the exit, the wall reads “Nan Wu Guan Yin Bodhisattva”.
Oh Amitabha, I am compassionate.
At this moment, the heart is more stable.

After I came out, I saw the gate of Guoqing Temple. So I took a photo with my friends while I was waiting for the car.
Oh, it’s good to know you. ‍‍

Third, the former residence of Jigong
Jigong (1130 – 1209), formerly known as Li Xiuyuan, Gao Song of the Southern Song Dynasty, and Yongning Village of Taishan. He broke his hat and broke his shoes and smocked clothes. It looked like crazy. He first became a monk at Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou. He lived in Jingci Temple and was not bound by the precepts. He was addicted to alcohol and temptation. He was a scholar of knowledge and deeds. Dao Gao, was listed as the 50th ancestor of Zen, and the sixth ancestor of Yang Yu. Knowing the medical skills, he has cured many intractable diseases for the people. He is good at fighting, the net of interest, and the life of saving people. His virtues of helping the poor, eliminating violence, and showing good deeds and evils have left a unique and beautiful impression in people’s minds.
Opening hours: 9:00-17
Tickets: 30 yuan

I first learned about Jigong’s former residence.Here, I always thought it was a legend.
After the reconstruction, the former residence of Jigong was very stylish and very antique. I heard that the basics are to restore the original appearance as much as possible, so it is worth going. ‍‍‍

On the wall of the Lifu Gate, there are four words “Compassionate and Merciful”.
Mercy and love, love; compassion is compassion; benevolence, benevolence, loyalty; wisdom, wisdom and wisdom.
It is compassionate treatment, and Renhui is doing things.
Everyone sees: “The word “heart” is at the bottom of the words “ci, compassion, and wisdom”, which means that people should not be too “heart” and have a normal heart.
On the side of the door, “Wuyuan” means the source of Jigong’s way.
On the other side, “Cingjing” means entering a clean environment.

Step into Li Fu and feel the place where Ji Gong lived.

The pattern of the courtyard forms a characteristic cultural area

There is also a pool in the backyard. The original smooth stone has long been covered with moss. This is probably the trace of the years. ‍‍‍‍‍‍

look up,
Found a flower bone.
It’s a pity that you’re going to let it go.

Out of the big house, I saw a statue of Jigong.

There is also a super big gourd. I rushed up and hugged it. ‍‍

In fact, the scenery along the river also has a taste.

Leisurely walk, leisurely.

In the small corner of the courtyard, I found a small Jigong, the mini version is very cute.
Hey, take a photo with me? ‍‍‍‍‍‍

‍‍ “The shoes are broken, the hat is broken, and the body is broken.”
Oh, this should be the clothes that Jigong used to wear. With a fan, he still carries a gourd.
The famous actor of the Chinese Theatre, Mr. You Benchang, said in a special trip to the “hometown” of the rooftop to visit the former residence: “The former residence of Jigong is well repaired! The most important point is to let the public see how Jigong resolutely abandoned such a magnificent millionaires. It has embarked on a journey of traveling to the world, helping the poor and helping the poor, and demonstrating good and evil, and saving the people from the fire. From the experience of Jigong from person to God, from Li Xiuyuan to the change of Jigong ‘living Buddha’. ‍‍
Oh, and I think that the values ​​that the people of Jigong convey to us and the spirit of compassion and compassion that is unprofitable are worth learning. ‍‍
————————————————– ——–
Attachment: Dinner Location – Rooftop Silver Wheel Sunshine

Oh, yes, what you see in front of you is vegetarian.
The first time I tasted the dinner of Quan Su Zhai, I left a very good impression.
At least my experience of vegetarian time is really great. ‍‍
This hotel has a quiet environment with a wide variety of dishes, delicious and yet atmospheric.
It is very beneficial to eat and eat vegetarian food, so you can try it if you haven’t tried it.
After the dinner, lead the guide sister to the road to Jiaojiang.
We stayed at the Kaiyuan Hotel in Jiaojiang. Four-star listing.
The rooms and the lobby are very atmospheric, and the service here is nothing to say.
As soon as I entered the door, I saw small fruits and milk on the coffee table.
The intimate service makes the mood feel happy too.

Can’t restrain the enthusiasm of taking pictures.
I took a photo with my little sister in the room.

The POLO shirt that was worn for a day was hung in the room, and the color palette was very comfortable, which was particularly nice.

The first day of the trip is over.
Despite the rush, there is still a bit of an afterthought.
In such a quiet city,
Back against the mountain, facing the water,
No words, no thinking, I like it more and more….
Dachen Island – Jiawuyan – Dachen Island Red Memory Experience Zone ‍ 一 – Yijiangshan Island Landing War Memorial Hall

A good day starts in the morning.
The breakfast at the hotel is very rich.
The self-service model allowed me to eat a variety of breakfasts.
The attitude of the hotel waiter is also very good.
If you can score, it must be a perfect score.

I am looking forward to today’s itinerary.
Good morning Taizhou.
Let’s go together.
First, Dachen Island
Dachen Island is located on the East China Sea, 52 kilometers southeast of Jiaojiang District. From “Upper Chen Island” (area 7 square kilometers) and “Under the Great Chen Island” (area 4.It is composed of 89 square kilometers and belongs to the same Taizhou Islands. Xia Da Chen Island is the resident of Dachen Town. The island has a forest coverage rate of 50-60% and is a provincial marine forest park.
This is a famous and famous island. The island has undulating hills and undulating natural and human landscapes, suitable for vacations, leisure sightseeing and visiting historical sites. At the same time, it is a national first-class fishing port, a provincial forest park and a provincial fishing base. It is known as the “Donghai Pearl”. ‍‍

Under the leadership of the guide sister, we took the ferry.

The seat in the cabin is very comfortable. ‍

The water drops on the window glass, revealing the light, and the gray tone is very comfortable.
The misty days make the city even more charming.

Also because there is rain, there will be a rainbow. The ferry’s ships headed for the wind and the weather was unpredictable.
However, God still cares about us. When the end is coming, the sky is slowly lit up, the clouds are receding, and the sun will soon appear.

Dachen Island, we are here.
When the boat was over, the weather began to get sunny.

After getting off the cabin, I got on the bus. The driver took us to Dachen Island.

When you look at the car, you will be captivated by the scenery in front of you.

Layers of scales on the sea rise with the wind.
With the sunshine of jumping, accompanied by my heart, chasing and playing. ‍‍‍‍

A beautiful view. I have to sigh the magic of nature. ‍‍

There are a few white clouds floating in the endless sky.
Under the blue sky, the lake is so blue, so crystal clear. ‍‍

The bright sunshine sprinkled over the sea.
Just like a small star falling into the sea, oneFlashing.
So beautiful scenery, so beautiful for you. ‍‍

The sea is boundless, until the horizon.
When we are in such a wonderful scene,
I really forget the complicated world behind me.
Second, Jiawuyan ‍‍
The Jiajiwuyan rock is located near the east side of Dachen Island. It is a dry-out rock with a strong shape. The main body consists of two rock reefs each 15 meters long and 11 meters wide. The highest point is 35 meters above sea level. It is known as the first in the East China Sea. The reputation of the big bonsai. ‍‍
The origin of the name of Jiawuyan:
Because the rock splits from it, it is divided into two pieces, like the Meridian on the ship, the flagpole stone on the land, and the literati is called the Jiawu Stone.

The sea is rushing and rushing, like an arrow from a string, such as a horse, such as a tiger. ‍‍

Two huge dry reefs, with a magnificent shape, are called “the largest bonsai in the East China Sea”. The rock wall is cut, and the vertical joints of the rock formation are developed. The entire scenic environment is quiet, imposing, and the visual and visual effects are exceptional.

The reef in the area of ​​Jiawuyan has a strange shape and rich colors.
If they change at sunrise or sunset or when the weather changes, will they become even more amazing? ‍

The sea here is like an innocent jade.
There is also a beautiful luster on the sea.

The sea breeze is getting bigger, close to the sea, and you can hear the moving waves. ‍‍

I feel the blue of the sea, the purity of the blue, the deep blue, and the blue.

————————————————– ——-
3. Dachen Island Red Memory Experience Zone‍‍
Dachen Island has a magical history and a rich and rich human landscape.
The war sites of Dachen Island, such as bunkers, water prisons, trenches, and tunnels, are historical witnesses of the ancient battlefield of the Jiangshan Battle.
War legacyThe Kuomintang had carefully managed the Dachen defense, and tens of thousands of troops were stationed on the island. A large number of trenches and bunkers were built. It was the northernmost base of the Kuomintang army assembled on the coastal islands. Most of the bunkers and tunnels still exist today. They are the most complete and complete islands in the coastal areas of Zhejiang, and they are the physical sites of the events in China’s modern history.

The spirit of the ruin of Chen Dadao is vividly reflected in the national spirit of patriotism as the core and the spirit of the times with reform and innovation as the core.
It is the unique urban spirit of Jiaojiang, an important part of the cultural heritage of Jiaojiang, the deepening and concrete manifestation of Taizhou’s humanistic spirit in Jiaojiang, and the common value recognition of the people of Jiaojiang and even the people of Taizhou. We pursue the footprints of the wilderness team members and recall the history of the wasteland, in order to vigorously inherit and carry forward the spirit of Dachen Island.
“Promoting the arduous pioneering spirit of hard work, hard work, selfless dedication, and innovation.”
——In August 2006, Xi’s then secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee encouraged the local cadres and masses to visit the Dachen Island.

Look at the other side. They said that there is Taiwan.

Time may have gradually diluted people’s memories, but history will not forget that this piece of land has left the footprints of many modern Chinese celebrities.
Dachen Island will not forget the rise and fall of history.
More than 100,000 people at home and abroad will not forget that there is a sorrow and joy that lasts for half a century.
In January 1955, the People’s Liberation Army conquered Yijiangshan Island, and Dachen lost its peripheral barrier. Taiwan’s “Defense Ministry” was forced to implement the “Da Chen Retreat” plan. On February 7, 132 troops of the US Seventh Fleet under the command of Pu Laide Taiwan’s 27 ships and a mixed fleet (including 6 aircraft carriers) arrived in the Chenhai area. On the 12th, 10,000 people from the Kuomintang regular troops and guerrillas were removed from Dachen, Zhuyu, Bishan and Yushan Islands. The team has 4,000 people and more than 17,000 residents (including 3,937 people in Shangda, 10,974 in Chenda, 1,083 in the mountains, and 518 in Yushan), as well as 40,000 tons of military materials and more than 10 temples and temples. At the same time, the remaining docks and fishing boats were destroyed.
Only one dying old man was left in the entire Dachen Island. ‍‍

Xi said, “I hope that you will learn from your grandparents, love the party, love the motherland, love the people, and strive to grow into a new generation of builders with knowledge, character and talent, and prepare for the Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Contribute.”

The tides in the East China Sea are raging.
The standing desert monument is as silent as ever.
I believe
In the future, there will be generations of “new wilderness” who will face the difficulties and move forward.
Attachment: Dinner Location – Haicheng Hotel

I have had a lot of delicious seafood for dinner.
There is also wild large yellow croaker, which is delicious and meaty.
Sea views can be seen from the upstairs of Haicheng Hotel.
If you have a chance, try sitting upstairs.
The feeling of eating the sea breeze while watching the sea view must be enjoyable.
After lunch, use the rest of the time to enjoy the island on foot.
FarmThe dried fish in the house is drooling when you look at it.

The rows of beer at the entrance of the store are displayed in rows.

When a bunch of people sit together,
Eat seafood and drink beer, talk to your neighbors about life.
It is also a great pleasure in life.

A shell wind chime is sold on the side of the road.

The small village on the island is full of simple life.
Here lived the hardworking and brave villagers and lived a simple life.

At this time, there is not much time to stay on the island. I will organize my thoughts and prepare for the return journey.
The peers of the same group described their feelings about the island, and looked at it at the seaside for a long time.
Just moving, just giving up, a kind of thoughts that have been left before leaving.

Dachen Island, let me see you more.

Looking at Dachen Island when I left,
Recalling the scenery on the way is also the most precious memory in life.

Time is fast, we got on the return ferry.
Through this visit to Dachen Island, I understand the spirit of Dachen Island’s wilderness, which is “hard work, hard work, selfless dedication, pioneering and innovative”.
It has always been calling on the Taizhou people to move forward.
I believe that as long as the belief is unwavering, the spiritual drive will not be exhausted. ‍‍
Goodbye, Dachen Island.
Next time, I will definitely come back.
Fourth, a Jiangshan Island Landing War Memorial Hall
The Yijiangshan Island Landing War Memorial Hall was officially opened on January 18, 2005. It covers an area of ​​2,600 square meters and has a total investment of 15 million yuan. The main exhibition hall is divided into upper and lower floors, mainly displaying pictures and works on the battle of Yijiangshan Island. And other information.
Thank you, Hu, for taking us to visit this memorial, so that we can understand the revolutionary tradition and educate ourselves on patriotism. ‍‍

The function layout of the Memorial Hall is basically divided into three parts, including the exhibition hall, the demonstration theater, and some reception, conference and librarian office. The exhibition hall is divided into two floors, with a building area of ​​5,138 square meters, of which the exhibition area is 2,800 square meters. The entire exhibition is designed by the Shenyang Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and the construction of the Cultural Artillery of the Second Artillery Corps of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. At the north end of the exhibition hall, there is a two-storey exhibition space to display the sandstone model of a river.
The exhibition hall on the first floor mainly displays the background, planning and preparation of the battle. The exhibition hall on the second floor mainly displays the battle through a large number of pictures and texts. The liberation and war of Dachen IslandPost-reconstruction work. There are also a number of showcases in the exhibition hall, which display a large number of items used in the Battle of Jiangshan Island, relics of martyrs and items donated by veteran comrades.
The demonstration hall widely uses modern demonstration methods such as sound, light, electricity and shape to integrate video images, sound effects, automatic commentary system, stage lighting, background image and dynamic sand table. For the first time, the sea and air squadrons joined forces to cross the sea to land operations, and in one fell swoop captured the scene of the fierce battle on Yijiangshan Island. ‍‍
Because of the involvement of state secrets. So here is not to show the specific content.
Attached: Dinner – Fisherman’s Wharf

Another feast of seafood.
Every dish is especially delicious.
Every little friend here is enjoying the taste.
Here I also strongly recommend everyone to come here to eat. If you have the chance, be sure to try this store.
After dinner, I was pleasantly surprised at the pier to see the “sunset in the east side of the sunset”.
This also made me forget the tiredness of the day.
Pick up the camera and go to the corridor to shoot the sunset, full of strength.

I remembered Liu Yuxi’s Zhu Zhi Ci. ‍‍
“Yangliuqing Qingjiang level, rumored on the rumored Langjiang.
日出 The east side of the sunrise is raining in the west. The road is clear but sunny. ”
I did not expect to see the scene depicted in the poems.
Taizhou is really a magical city.
Afterwards, he and his friends wandered around and accidentally came to the fishing port.

Listen, there is the sound of the waves. I am excited to run to the beach.

Looking into the distance, listening to the sound of the sea. Everything is so wonderful.

We shouted at the waves together: “The sea, we are here.”
I was lucky, and I met an uncle who was very friendly and helped us take a picture of my hands.

The comfortable sea breeze blew in my ear, and the voice in my heart was telling me that I was nostalgic.
The fishing boat docked at the dock and we were still standing by the sea.
Don’t leave, let this moment stay at the beach forever.

The night is full of color, and the breeze sends the wine.Recalling this day is really a rewarding and surprising.
I have seen a passage, only the world you see is the interesting existence for you. ‍‍
Thanks to everything I have touched today, I will slowly relish the “sea taste” of Taizhou.
Yellow Rock Cave – Shenxianju

First, the Yellow Rock Cave
The tourist area of ​​Huanghuang Grottoes is located in Huangyan City, Taizhou City, the “Hometown of Chinese Tangerine”. It is a quarrying landscape that has been formed for thousands of years. It is only a 10-minute drive from Huangyan Expressway. In the empty mountains, the waters are connected, the caves are connected, the mountains are rafting, and there is no intention; the natural and magical rock paintings on the stone walls are scattered, such as Jinxiu embroidery. The scenic area combines landscapes, emperor sculptures, quarrying culture, and local townships, so that you can learn about history and experience the scenery in a relaxing and enjoyable tour. ‍‍‍‍
Opening hours: 8:30 – 6:00
Tickets: 60 yuan

As soon as you enter the scenic spot, you will see a very detailed introduction to the attraction on the sign.

Novice village

I felt very ordinary when I first entered the cave, but the rock paintings inside made me very surprised.

The main color of the schist rock painting is yellow, and there are many colors such as red, orange and blue in the middle. The most amazing thing is that the yellow periphery is mostly wrapped around the black ring. If there is official certification, I think most of it. Visitors will think that it is artificially painted, because it is really amazing. Still the same sentence: Sometimes you have to admire the wonders of nature.

Entering the cave hall, I feel very empty, very tall, and the height is about four floors.

A small butterfly was found on the ground, swinging with light wings, so cute.

There is a ship dock next to the hall, floating three-leaf boating. The river here is thoroughly seen. After the boat sails, it will first pass through the triangular stone gate. If you want to visit, you must go to the ticket office to buy tickets first.

I saw another cave. Illuminated with orange light, I walked forward cautiously, wondering what it was like.

The rocky caves and the rocks are more beautiful with the lights.

Walking along the wall all the way, I saw a luminous mouth on the top, transmitting the dazzling sunlight, such as a light column, generally shining on a certain part of the stone wall, especially beautiful. ‍

I got rid of the darkness of the darkness, came out with holes, and saw a clean and transparent lake. Especially bright in the summer sun.

Lushan is not high, but when you are in it, it is extremely small, and the rocks are made into a variety of shapes.

Under the mapping of the lake, the shape of the rock is like a light butterfly.

Shijie Tiangong

What is surprising is that there are waterfalls in the grottoes. Really want to sigh with a thumbs up and sigh this magical nature.

The rain of the leaps, like the ukulele.
It is so beautiful.


The lake is blue, like a blue-green gem embedded in it.

Rock climbing in the cave

Go ahead and you will see the Emperor Sculpture Museum.

This museum displays famous historical stories such as the ancient times and the post-shooting days. Even the sculpture is very beautiful.

Due to the large number of pictures, I chose some of them here for everyone to enjoy.

When I arrived at the exit, I saw the last attraction: Shiliang Fei.

There is also a wishing pool.
Pray with a sincere heart here, so that the wish will always be realized.

Summarize the feelings of the Yellow Rock Cave tour.
Here, the natural and magical porphyry rock paintings on the stone walls are scattered throughout. The empty mountains and clear waters, the holes are connected, and the boating on the river is not new.
The whole scenic spot combines landscape landscape, emperor sculpture, quarrying culture and local township sages. In this relaxed and pleasant tour, both history and beauty are felt. It is a nice summer resort.
Attached: Xianju Dongkui Yangmei, Chinese food

Dongkui Yangmei originated from Huangyan, Zhejiang Province and flourished in Xianju, Zhejiang. Its main characteristics: the fruit is not round, the single fruit is produced in the weight of 20 ~ 25 grams, the fruit color is purple, the meat column is thicker, its sugar content is 10.5%, the juice content is 74%, and the acid content is only 1.35%. Far superior to other bayberry, it is a late-maturing variety of large fruit.
The tree is strong, the tree stands upright, and the canopy is tall and round. Its mother tree is a live tree, which has been around for more than 100 years. Xianju Yangmei has a thousand years of history. It has the effect of beauty and beauty, blood and spleen. In the 1970s, it was named by the professor of Zhejiang Agricultural University. It was named Dongkui Yangmei and took the meaning of “the leader of the East”. It is known as the “Yangmei Wang”. In 1998, Dongkui Yangmei won the “Zhejiang Quality Agricultural Products Gold Award” and in 1999 won the (Beijing) International Agricultural Fair brand-name products.
The thick Taizhou tastes Dongkui Yangmei. Anyone who has eatenI am full of praise. This season comes to Taizhou Xianju, it is necessary to taste Yangmei.
Shown below is our lunch. Particularly delicious.

Second, the god fairy
“A deity makes a mountain, not its altitude”. Shenxianju is located in the southwest of Xianju County, including the west of Cangshan Mountain. It is the essence of Xianju scenic tourism. In the scenic area, the deep and strange rise, the Liutan waterfall, the Qifeng cliff, the cliff tiankeng, the cloud sea fog, the jungle, the collection of “odd, dangerous, male, clear, quiet” in one, sink “peak, waterfall, stream, Lin is in a place, but he can not be a kind of mountain, but he can become a self-contained, unremarkable but endless aftertaste.
Legend has it that this place is where immortals live. Few such places can be like Xianju. The dawn of human civilization was opened more than 9000 years ago. Few such places can be like Xianju, and the ancient emperors are also fascinated.
Business hours: 8:00 – 15:30
Tickets: 125 yuan
At 12 noon, three teams from Shanghai, Nanjing and Fuzhou arrived at Shenxianju at the same time. Take a group photo.

The four teams neatly organized a good formation, matched with bright clothes, and arranged in different colors and complemented the service center of Shenxianju.
Xianju, I am coming.

At the last stop, I took a group photo with my friends before entering the scenic spot.

Walking along the bushes, the woods here are particularly dense.

Listen, the summer humming.
I want to meet you.

Going to General Rock, we stopped to stop and enjoy.
The side of the rock in front is really like a general’s side face, a sharp-edged nose bridge, and a slightly open mouth, like a commanding army.

I can slowly see the scenery on the mountain, and I am looking forward to the next trip.

At the entrance of the ropeway, the cable car reaches the middle section.

It was the last group when it was my turn, and the process of waiting was full of expectations.

The ropeway track during taxiing. Together with the blue sky and white clouds, it forms a unique landscape.

The cable car sent us to the middle position, the weather was good and the sun was shining.

The corridors and slides here are beautifully coloured. Fresh and natural.

Go, let’s go.

Seeing the pavilion halfway up the mountain is a pavilion that gives me motivation.
Just like the turning point in our life journey, it is beautiful and memorable.

The winding road hovering over the mountainside is like a streamer wrapped in the green hills, becoming a beautiful landscape.

The mountains of Xianju are connected by mountains and mountains.
This is the taste of the mountains of Taizhou.

The rolling hills, the verdant trees and the vast blue sky, and the few clouds of clouds just form a landscape.

The mountain road is covered with grass, wildflowers and trees on both sides of the path, high and low, and patchwork.

<imgsrc=”http: dive-time-cn.oss-cn-beijing.aliyuncs.com=”” f5=”” f59f7c613533dd1771517971e977e8ce.jpg”=””>
Hey, I look at the mountains,
Stop, look up, enjoy, smile.
Step by step to the front of the unknown.

The clothes soaked in sweat, glaring at the bright sunshine, lying on the railing and drying.

Beautiful Xianju, we are here.

South Sky Bridge. One of the biggest surprises in the Immortal.

The South Tianqiao, about 120 meters long, has a vertical drop of 100 meters in the valley, and the bridge body is connected by steel bars.
In addition, there is a free welfare at the bridgehead in Nantianmen.
Just take a photo next to the Nantianqiao stone monument and you can get a small pendant and a small photo as a small gift.

Here you can go after the place where the gods live.
Standing on top of the cloud,
Feel the power of becoming immortal.

Walking in the middle of the bridge
I feel that the whole person is going to start to empty.

I feel that my heart is starting to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I think this is the return of the heart. ‍‍

The South Sky Bridge in the sun is more atmospheric. Standing here to breathe the fresh air, it would be wonderful.

Unconsciously, I played with the little friends on the bridge. We performed a thousand hands Guanyin, and the face was full of smiles.

Be sure to take a few more photos on the bridge before you leave.
Nantianqiao, Nantianqiao, I am here.

The whole journey down the mountain does not go back. We walked down the mountain road.
The scenery here is still beautiful.

There is a small intimate reminder, because our team has been walking at the end, so this time in the mountains for some time accidentally dropped the team, almost lost. Therefore, I suggest that you take a map of the Shenxianju at the two toll gates, which everyone can take. I think it is very useful and should be changed.

Walking to the South Sky Cableway is the way we go back.
Sitting on the cable car slowly, once again quietly feel the scenery of the mountain.

There are clear springs flowing in the valley, and some are held in the palm of your hand. You can really drink it directly.
The taste is pure and sweet, and it is as sweet as it is.
I regret that I didn’t bring a water bottle. It would be better if I could bring some back.

This visit to the Immortal Residence makes me feel that the most fascinating part of it is that it can be self-contained in the place where it is, forming an unexpected and incredible landscape form, as if it were a bonsai designed by the gods for their own mansion.
Such a good mountain and good scenery, will definitely go in the future.

————————————————– ————-
Attached: Dinner – Xianju Defeng Manor

There are romantic and elegant windmills, dense jungles, winding halls and delicious dishes.
It is said to be the first ecological restaurant in Xianju, just like a new tourist attraction in Xianju.

The hotel lobby, which is constructed of glass houses, fell in love at first sight.

The decoration in the lobby. It is covered with thousands of paper cranes.

The decor is in harmony with the taste of the manor, fresh and clean without losing the atmosphere.
The dishes at Defeng Manor are really good, the chef is very careful, and the taste is good.
(Because a small partner’s glasses were lost, so the dinner was late, I regret that I didn’t record the food)
However, if you come to Xianju, you must come back to Defeng Manor to see it. It will not be disappointing.

It’s already half past seven when I am ready to go back to the hotel.
The sky gradually dimmed.
I looked at the city, and there was a feeling that I couldn’t tell. ‍‍

Stay in the last night in Taizhou.
Still decided to go out and take a walk. Feel the local folk customs.
Walking on the street, I bought a cup of stone lotus paste, as one of the specialties of Wenling, or a summer heat artifact.

I played with my friends in a bumper car in the street playground. Very exciting and very excited.
The dull mood was suddenly released.

The boss is very enthusiastic. I also added a game duration to us, especially moved.

Playing tired, we sat down to eat late at night.
I ordered three big dishes of barbecue. Finally, the boss also gave us the offer at the time of checkout.

What I have seen and heard from the past to the present.
The impression that the people of Taizhou have always given me has been particularly good. It is very natural to get along with each other and there is no sense of contradiction.
Walking on the way back to the hotel, watching the town at night, feeling the tranquility of Taizhou, more and more sad.
Return: Taizhou – Hangzhou

At 8 o’clock, we gathered at the entrance of the hotel. We took the bus and returned to Hangzhou.
This trip is over.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————————
Sometimes I fall in love with a city because there is a story in this city.
This journey is full of harvest.
The most memorable one is the spirit of the wilderness of Dachen Island.
The four words “hard work, hard work, selfless dedication, pioneering and innovative” are still fresh in memory.
I think we have to learn not only the spirit left by our predecessors, but also to become a new generation of young people with knowledge and morality.
After the dinner on the third day of the trip, Director Wang said to us, in fact, the taste of Taizhou refers to fruity, umami and Zen.
Fruity refers to Huangyan Tangerine, Xianju Yangmei, Yuhuan Wendan.
The umami is the seafood of Taizhou.
Zen taste refers to Guoqing Temple (the only temple approved by Premier Zhou in China) and Taoism (the country’s top ten caves, three of which are in Taizhou).
But I think there is also a taste of Taizhou, that is, the taste of humanity.
This time encounteredSome local people in Taizhou.
Whether it is a driver or a small shop owner, you are very enthusiastic and feel as comfortable as your family.
I think this simple taste is also the most precious taste of Taizhou people.
Fortunately, this time I not only tasted the taste of Taizhou, but I got a better understanding of Taizhou.
And I also met a group of lovely friends along the way.
I think that the happiness and touch that drip in my heart will stay in this memory of Taizhou’s taste forever.
— Z N X</imgsrc=”http:>

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