Take my dad to see the love of Lijiang

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Lijiang ancient love Raiders
    Whether you are a Lijiang person or a tourist from all over the country, as long as you are in Lijiang, as long as you come to Lijiang, there is a place to go, that is Song City, and then there to watch a wonderful performance. Lijiang has a thousand love.
    The Lijiang Qiangu Scenic Area is 6 kilometers away from the ancient city of Lijiang, adjacent to the natural landscape of Wenbihai. It echoes with the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The geographical environment is superior. With the theme of Lijiang ethnic regional culture, the large-scale song and dance “Lijiang Qianguqing” is the core content, showing the Lijiang Millennium Culture. And historical style. The scenic spots mainly include a variety of theme areas such as Chama Ancient Street, Nachohai, Snow Mountain Beach, Ethnic Villages, Eternal Love Square, and large indoor science and technology amusement complex. Lijiang is known as a must-see performance for many generations. Many people only go to the show. I came back after watching a show. In fact, there are a lot of things to play with.
    Dad and I have seen Guilin’s ancient love and Sanya’s ancient feelings before. Of course, in the Lijiang itinerary planning, the key points of Lijiang’s journey are marked. It is beyond expectation, and it is touched by surprise. If you really want to understand this nation, you should really look at the love of Lijiang.
    First of all, the scenic spot is beautiful because my father and I chose the night scene, so it was just the sunset when we went. We photographed the most beautiful sunset in Lijiang.
    There is absolutely no boring in the scenic spot, because there are too many programs to watch and watch, and there are a variety of flash shows appearing around you, and there will be a street performance every few minutes. Here you can learn about many local ethnic customs in Yunnan. The Naxi, Yi and Yi villages have different customs and customs. They are most suitable for girls who love beauty to wear national costumes. And renting clothes is free. And there are many, many foods in the scenic area, satisfying my father and my hungry stomach.
    In the age-old park, you can also buy some handicrafts with local characteristics, such as various scarves, headwear, earrings, etc. that have been broken in recent years. I like a lot of ethnic minority bags, ornaments, etc., with a lot of back. There are also some shops selling ethnic costumes, and sisters who like exotic styles can choose to buy some. Personally think that if Lijiang is a day trip, the ancient love is one of the must-see attractions, and will never regret it.
    This year’s rainy season in Lijiang came a bit early. It started in September, and it was raining every three days. The same was true in the past few days. The rain has been going on, but even if the rain is big, it still cannot stop many people from watching the performances of Lijiang. My father and I came to Songcheng, just to watch a “show that must be seen in life.”
    When I entered the theater, I was really scared by the black crowd. So many people gathered together and looked forward to an unknown performance. I started thinking, is this performance really exciting? The result is amazing. Whether it’s lighting, stage, costumes, or performances that incorporate cultural factors, it’s awesome.
    Lijiang is a place where ethnic minorities live inhabited. There are many Naxi people. There are a group of lovely people here. What kind of life has people here for thousands of years? What is their culture? Through the performance of several scenes, we are more aware of the chest. It is said that the human and material resources have already surpassed our imagination of the large Dongba culture theme theater, 360 degree full landscape shadow, 400 cast members went to the ground, tens of thousands of mechanical props flew around, 1000 canopy nozzles, 3000 tons The flood poured down in an instant, anti-gravity walking the moon, difficult acrobatics shoulder ballet, each one is not a visual feast, the soul is shocked.
    The whole performance is divided into five parts, Naxi Genesis, 泸沽 daughter country, caravan legend, shogunate glory, Yulong Didan country, these five parts constitute the soul of Lijiang culture, leading us through the millennium, in the primitive wilderness area of ​​Suiyuan, in The Mosuo Flower House on the shores of Lake Biwa, in the wind and rain of the ancient tea-horse road, in the splendid Mufu, in the romantic Yuqing third country, in the outdoor Taoyuan-like Shangri-La, meet a glimpse of the wind and snow, enjoy the shock and touch This cultural legend is full of spirit and flesh, blood and tears, life and death, love and love. The scene of the scene is full of long scrolls, which condenses the representative folk symbols and cultural elements of Lijiang.
    In just 60 minutes, the audience was given a thousand years of dust, feeling the spirit and flesh of Lijiang, life and death, love and affection. The audience applauded and screamed spontaneously, and I also sincerely praised the show. It is really worth seeing. During the performance, the audience took out their mobile phones and took pictures of the wonderful moments.
    In addition to the “Lijiang Eternal Love”, there are many small programs in the scenic spot. The unique Naxi culture makes people memorable. The traditional characteristic streets make me forget to go back. Some small activities also make me feel very surprised, like Mufu recruiting, Flashing, afraid of the flower building, etc., and the more distinctive feature is “Lijiang Love Song”. This performance is free. The performance is about the love story of the Tibetan boy Abu Da and the Naxi girl, Jimmy. Fall in love, to the last love story, love is really the best thing in the world, but my father and I are watching the night scene, missed the show. However, after the end of the night, we lit a bonfire, sang and danced, and integrated into the atmosphere of joy, and also photographed the beautiful night scene.
     Practical information
    1. About the scenic spot tickets:
    The ticket price for the Lijiang Songcheng Tourist Area is 280 yuan, the online price is 260 yuan, the VIP seat price is 340 yuan, and the online pre-sale price is 270 yuan. This ticket is included in the cost of the Lijiang ancient performances.
    2. Opening hours of the scenic spot:
    The park will be opened from 14:00 in the afternoon and will be closed at 21:30 in the evening, but people in the scenic area can continue to play, but not more than 21:30. The performance time of Lijiang’s ancient love is divided into two games: 16:30 and 17:30.
    3, the best play season:
    As a performance, there is no such thing as the best season for play, and it is available all year round. However, according to Yamano, the best season to come to Lijiang, of course, is from mid-September to the end of November.
    4, recommended play time:
    Lijiang has no recommended time to play, it is a fixed one hour. People who like to take pictures can take pictures with a telephoto lens. However, Yamano is here to remind you not to play the flash or turn on the SLR camera’s metering lamp, because it will seriously affect the photoelectric effect on the stage, which may interfere with the normal operation of the relevant radio equipment.
    5. About catering and accommodation:
    There are many snack bars and specialty restaurants in the Lijiang Songcheng Scenic Spot where Lijiang has a long history. The restaurants, restaurants and snack bars here can be said to be everywhere and very selective. The price is slightly more expensive than the outside, but it is basically an acceptable price.
    6. About transportation:
    Lijiang has public buses such as airport buses and tourist lines to the scenic spots, and Lisong City has opened a free bus from Lijiang Old Town to Lijiang Songcheng and Lijiang Shuhe Ancient Town to Lijiang Songcheng. The last bus is at 21:45 in the evening. Minute. That is the last bus after 15 minutes of Lijiang Songcheng closed park.
     about me
    I am your travel lady, a new media practitioner who loves to travel and love photography. Born on the road, died on the street, has always been my motto, the ideal is to be a photojournalist in the field, and after the ideals, I just want to show you the world in my eyes. If you are interested in my article, you can leave me a message, thank you for your support.

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