[Take the first start] Come to the Happy Coast Marriott Apartment for a holiday, one-time punch card Shenzhen best attractions

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    If you want me to recommend a place to relax in Shenzhen, then it must be a happy coast. There are a lot of shops and food, and the night view will be intoxicating. Staying at the Happy Coast Marriott Executive Apartment is a very comfortable experience. Do you want to think about this weekend?
    The large area of ​​the hotel is designed with glass and simple lines. It is a design that can see the sun everywhere and enjoy the natural wind. Backed by the environment of the mangrove forest, the simple and generous design is full of modernity, allowing guests to fully experience the beauty of nature and modernity.
    What is commendable is that in the place where the Happy Coast is so rich, the 3rd floor of the apartment actually has such a beautiful outdoor swimming pool surrounded by green trees, which makes people feel very relaxed.
    Shenzhen Happy Coast Marriott Executive Apartment is also very convenient for transportation. It is located at the core of Shenzhen Bay Business Circle. You can also directly see Binhai Mangrove Wetland, integrating natural landscape and financial business. The business circle network here is accessible to the whole city. It is convenient and fast to travel. It is about 10 minutes drive from Shenzhen Bay Port and 35 minutes drive from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport.
    At the same time, it is also the first Marriott Executive Apartment in South China, with a total construction area of ​​27,000 square meters. It has four types of single room, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom rooms, with a total of 155 apartments.
    The first moment I walked into the room was shocked. It was very spacious and bright, with a sense of space.
    Large floor to ceiling window
    The large area of ​​the hotel is designed with glass and simple lines. It is a design that can see the sun everywhere and enjoy the natural wind. Backed by the mangroves and facing the beautiful environment of the Happy Coast, the simple and generous design is full of modernity, allowing guests to fully experience the beauty of the Happy Coast.
    Cork-coloured furniture and flooring create a very relaxing environment, with oversized comfort sofas that give you a feeling of returning home. The holiday is to completely relax, let go of the troubles of work, and feel the comfortable rooms surrounded by the sea!
    Each room features a fully equipped kitchen, separate bedroom and work area, warm and elegant, understated luxury and spacious floor plan. The apartment also offers conveniences such as a restaurant, meeting room, gym, swimming pool and children’s playroom, giving you and your family a home-friendly environment, the most recent natural atmosphere and the most unique “home”. All the furnishings and services of the hotel are to make you feel that you are not just living here, but also let you find a sense of belonging.
    [alarm clock]
    In the hotel’s window, the original coconut palm beach and the mangrove forest with ostriches will be in sight, as well as those luxury shopping malls, beautifully decorated restaurants and romantic romances. Breathable Coast Lounge.
    【Office Area 1】
    Take a shower in the apartment and take a drink from the fridge to enjoy this wonderful evening.
    It wasn’t until I opened the refrigerator door that I knew there were so many drinks inside. So I started to explore more. The original washing machine, dryer, etc. are all stored in the cabinet, and there are many more kitchen utensils. It is really convenient, and the top of the induction cooker is alsoThere is a range hood, everything is stored in the space of several square meters, it is very compact, it is the gospel of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
    I heard that some guests will stay in the apartment for a few months or half a year, presumably because of the super convenient environment and facilities.
    In the afternoon, the hotel also sent juice and fruit plate, which was so intimate.
    After reading the room, let’s take a look at the hotel’s other facilities.
    In the busy work, you may wish to take a look at the smart scenery outside the window, or choose to go to the third floor gym to sweat, to harvest the joy brought by the sport.
    [Coast Restaurant]
    It is worth mentioning that the Happy Coast Marriott Executive Apartments also have a children’s playground, just beside the coast restaurant, friends with baby don’t miss it.
    Before going to play, of course, I have to treat my stomach well, the chef’s little bit of heart, and the conviction also needs to be taken orally, and the big meal takes turns to make my Chinese stomach greatly satisfied~
    The chef at Happy Coast Restaurant is from Hubei. Here you can enjoy the slightly changed Hubei cuisine, which has the taste of Cantonese cuisine, but it has a bit of refreshing taste.
    The breakfast buffet the next morning was also very rich. Looking at the beautiful scenery of the city’s high-rise buildings, you must be happy to indulge in it.
    For me in Guangzhou, there seems to be no place for people to remember in Shenzhen, but after coming to Happy Coast I think this is definitely an unforgettable landmark.
    Happy Coast Water Show Theater is the world’s largest large-scale multimedia modern water show theater built by OCT Urban Entertainment Investment Co., Ltd. and the prestigious French ECA2 company. Located on the bank of the beautiful heart of the lake, the Happy Coast Water Show Theatre is a super-large water stage with a futuristic and sea-like atmosphere.
    The Happy Coast Water Show Theater is held every night. The Marriott Executive Apartments on the other side can see fireworks and flames. The entire Happy Coast is covered with a layer of brilliance at night.
    During the performance, the sea water poured directly into the dance floor, blending with the images to create an amazing 3D audiovisual effect. The cute and varied mangrove elves interacted with the audience and unconsciously took up the series of plots and characters.Messenger. The core theme of “Protecting the Mangroves” has left a deep impression on the audience through the stunning performances.
    [You can see the apartment in the theater]
    [Blasting fireworks and water curtains]
    “Deep Blue Secrets” is a super-large-scale multimedia laser theme show in Shenzhen that combines nature, art and humanities with the “Human Mangroves of Life”. The story is based on the heroic heroine and the mangrove elf proboscis monkey Taotao to find the difficult journey of the song of salvation. The theater uses water curtains, fountains, lasers, projections, flames, music, fireworks and other international latest multimedia art and technology, even Also used the display of the Dajiang UAV.
    The Happy Coast combines the open space of the sea and the mangroves. The bright lights and the quiet ecological environment are perfectly integrated. This is the greatest charm of the Happy Coast.
    After watching the show, you can also go to the shops where there are countless happy coasts, and the interactive fountain on the square is the favorite of the children. The water sprayed from the fountain is very romantic and moving. Looking at the joy of the children’s spring water interaction, I can’t help but press the shutter to record this beautiful moment.
    Since it is called the Happy Coast, how can it be less marine elements? No, there is a very dreamy underwater world waiting for you inside the mall.
    The museum incorporates living marine life and artificial reefs to reproduce the mystery and dreams of the underwater world. Here, see shark foraging, dolphin play, jellyfish dance, sea lion performance, and feel like you have become a fish. You can swim in the underwater world infinitely and feel the bluedream……
    The Colorful Coral House shows people a real natural environment by simulating marine geology. Not only do you live in a variety of colourful corals, but there are also more than thirty colorful marine fish that together create a beautiful underwater wonder!
    The dream jellyfish world displays a variety of jellyfish in various poses, such as purple sea thorns, colored jellyfish, ghost jellyfish, white jade jellyfish, amakusa jellyfish, sea moon, black star sea thorn, egg yolk jellyfish, Pacific sea thorn, Australian spot, Papua, Chaotian More than 20 kinds of jellyfish. Some are like inverted bells, some are like floating egg yolks, in various shapes, colorful, mysterious.
    The Happy Sea Lion Theatre has daily performances of Uruguayan sea lions, and people can also get close and close photos with cute sea lions.
    The next day, we came to the OCT Wetland to further experience the ecological beauty of OCT.
    OCT Wetland Park is located in the Happy Coast of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town. The wetland can be seen in the hotel. The reason why the wetland is kept so well is that it was built by the overseas Chinese city. The former wetlands actually flowed sewage, and many urban construction wastes. They were thrown here, but after the transformation of the Happy Coast, the wetland park also carried out a lot of dredging work, which has the scenery like today.
    At the first stop in the morning, we came to an exhibition hall in the Wetland Park, where you can not only learn about the location of Shenzhen, but also learn a lot about nature and about wetlands. Bringing children to class is a great way to study.
    The current OCT wetland covers an area of ​​685,000 square meters. It is located in the hinterland of a modern metropolis. It is connected to the Shenzhen Bay water system. It has shared biological resources and is also located across the sea from the Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong. It is an important part of the Shenzhen Bay coastal wetland ecosystem. The component is a coastal wetland.
    A display card that can be seen everywhere, a comprehensive introduction to the knowledge of wetlandsknowledge.
    The OCT Wetland is open free of charge and is reserved for admission. Open every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and all public holidays. Individual appointments must be made two days in advance, group appointments must be made three days in advance, Tuesdays, Fridays and national statutory holidays can only be reserved for individuals, Thursdays for group appointments, Saturdays and Sundays for individuals and teams open days, team appointments limit 10 More than 30 people. Appointment can be consulted Sina Weibo @华侨城湿地
    At the second stop, we came to Happy Valley. Do not look at Happy Valley is not big, in fact, Happy Valley Park is divided into nine theme areas: Spain Square, Magic Castle, Adventure Mountain, Happy Hour, Gold Mine, Shangri-La Snow, Hurricane Bay, Sunshine Coast, and the unique Mayan The Water Park has more than 100 recreational projects for all ages.
    Shenzhen Happy Valley is a new generation of large-scale theme park of OCT Group. Today, it is the first time to come to OCT Happy Valley. The park looks small and the playability is quite high. Staying at the Marriott Executive Apartments on the Happy Coast, so much fun around you. After watching this guide, you shouldn’t have to go there.
    Happy Valley is worth spending a day to enjoy slowly. If your time is abundant, He Xiangning Art Museum, Window of the World, and Splendid China Folk Village, one kilometer away from Happy Valley, are worth a visit.
    These rides give a realistic and perfect theme packaging, creating a beautiful and pleasant environment with a view of the American West and the Northern Tibetan style. The thrilling journeys, the confusing stories, make visitors feel like they are entering a mysterious realm.
    [Small track between forests]
    [Children’s favorite]
    Happy Valley is best for the whole family.
    Roller coaster, big pendulum, peak moment, carousel…
    A lot of fun projects that keep you screaming constantly!
    Beautifully decorated carousel
    After visiting Happy Valley, I would recommend you to go to the nearby OCT Creative Park. You can buy a lot of interesting gadgets here. It is also a holy place for many Wenqing cards.
    In Shenzhen, there is such a place. It used to be a gathering place for processing enterprises in the 1980s. Now it has become a creative cultural card in Shenzhen. It used to be in the park of the icy old factory. Now it is full of beautiful food and prosperity. It used to be a gathering place for workers. Now it is a good place for literary youth… Today, I will take you into this mysterious zone – OCT Creative Culture Park.
    In the 1980s and 1990s, the OCT Creative Culture Park was still an old industrial area with more than 20 fields and nearly 60 industrial enterprises. By the end of the 1990s, with the transformation of urban functions in Shenzhen, the processing industry gradually withdrew, and it changed here. Become the world of fashion darlings.
    [The park full of paintings]
    [This is actually a staircase]
    There are many such factories that have not been completely renovated in the park. I believe that the next time I will be another look~
    This is the end of the super fun weekend tour. It’s hard to get a small holiday at the Shenzhen Happy Coast Marriott Hotel. I also met the blue sky and white clouds in Shenzhen. I know that in this autumn, Guangzhou is full of smog. It’s really lucky. I have to bring my family to experience it next time. !

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