[Take the first start] plug in the south of the Yangtze River, flowers in the summer, Gansu Linxia City, six days of deep travel Raiders

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    The northwest of the motherland is a barren land, but the film has moved from here to the world. A classic “Westward Journey” cited how many Chinese and foreign travellers went to Ningxia, looking for “Zixia” in their hearts, and immersed in the local life of the largest Hui Autonomous Region. However, how many people know that in the same latitude and west, there is a Hui Autonomous Prefecture called “Linxia”. The scenery is far better than Ningxia Province, and it has a reputation of “plateau small Jiangnan”, but it is little known.
    Day1: Yellow River Flower Dyke – Liujiaxia Dinosaur National Geological Park – Bingling Lake – Bingling Temple Grotto – Bingling Stone Forest
    Day2: Yellow River Self-driving Tour Base – Taiji Lake Greenway Park – Liujiaxia International Paragliding Base – Liujiaxia Hydropower Station Museum
    Day3: Liujiaxia Bridge – Tangwang Town, Shangshang Xinghua First Village – Dongxiang Hongta Temple
    Day4: Linxia Red Garden – Donggongguan – Bafang 13th Lane – Equestrian Playground – Dongjiao Park
    Day5: Shihai Seaview Area – Dashixia Scenic Spot of Jishishan – Baoan Forging Craft of Baoan People – Linxia Night Market
    Day6: Hezhen Ancient Animal Fossil Museum – Buddhism Ancient Fossil Site Site – Songmingyan Scenic Area
     Yellow River flower embankment, stuffed with fairy tale world
    The Yellow River Flower Embankment is located on the promenade of the Yellow River Flower Embankment in Nanbinhe Road, Liujiaxia, Yongjing County, Linxia. There are many kinds of flowers and plants such as tulips, lavender, gladiolus and verbena. Thousands of acres of flower embankments bloom in the spring, summer and autumn, and the flowers are full of fragrance. The butterfly and phoenix dance is the holy place for local people to enjoy the flowers and relax. In the late autumn season, the Yellow River is embankment, and the flowers are still open. There are flowers under the tree, and there are butterflies on the flowers and flowers. A change of the ridiculous and desolate landscape of the northwest, the Yellow River flower embankment at this moment is like a fairy tale painting in the late autumn.
     Liujiaxia Dinosaur Geological Park, the hometown of “Lanzhou Dragon”
    Liujiaxia Dinosaur Geological Park is located in the Yanguoxia Reservoir Area of ​​Yongjing County, 34 kilometers away from Yongjing County and 54 kilometers away from Lanzhou City. The entire geological park covers an area of ​​15 square kilometers. Here, the rare Cretaceous dinosaur footprint fossils, dinosaur trails, tail trails, faeces and late Cretaceous stratigraphic profiles are found in the world, which is of great scientific value. And here is the largest dinosaur in the world’s largest herbivorous dinosaur, named “Lanzhou Dragon.” The appearance of the dinosaur footprint confirmed that tens of millions of years ago, the area of ​​the Liujiaxia Geopark was a beautiful and warm and humid beast. Nowadays, the barren hills are steep, the land is poor and the grass is sparse. Only the Danxia landform of the red and red brown has added a bit of lively color to this loess. Can not help but sigh the crustal movement, the destruction of the ecological environment, also forced away a creature, buried a eternal life of tens of thousands of biological life.
    Liujiaxia Dinosaur National Geological Park
    Address: Yongjing County, Linxia City, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province
    Tickets: full price 40 yuan / person
    Half price: 20 yuan / person (6 to 18 years old underage, full-time undergraduate and below, under 60 to 70 years old, active duty)
    Opening hours: 08:00~18:00
     Bingling Lake, the gems in the blue yellow river
    Speaking of Bingling Lake, everyone may feel very unfamiliar. In fact, this lake is for most people, it can be said that it has not seen its shape, first heard its name. It is actually the “Liu Jiaxia” that appeared in our textbooks. After the successful interception of the Liujiaxia Water Conservancy Project of the Yellow River, a Liujiaxia Reservoir with an area of ​​more than 130 square kilometers was formed. The blue waters of the lake and the rich fish of the lake became a tourist attraction. Pan-Bing Ling Lake, the vast lake like the endless green silk ripples in the mountains. There was a burst of laughter in the painting, and the white sail fluttered and the fisherman sang late. The scenery here is a combination of Jiangnan beauty and plateau. It is beautiful and beautiful.
    Ticket: 60 yuan / personSpeedboat: 100 yuan / person
    Food: Fish
     Visiting the world famous Bingling Temple Grottoes
    The Bingling Temple Grottoes is the “Silk Road” of the Three Kingdoms Joint Application. It has a high ornamental value. It is a cultural treasure and a combination of natural and natural landscapes. You can visit the Bingling Temple Grottoes and enjoy the murals. Buddhism culture in various periods of ancient times, studying the customs and customs of the dynasty at that time; you can also appreciate the Bingling Stone Forest of various shapes and enjoy the blue waters of the Bingling Lake. The high gorge steep autumn is thick, and the distant mountain grottoes are reflected. The steamboat breaks through the lake. Zhongtian, stuffed with the atmosphere and recalled the Qin Han. The hanging Buddha Buddha Jietong, Cirong does not leave more affectionate. The breeze sent the sound of wooden fish, the fishing boat sang the evening glow. Leisurely in such a Bingling Temple grotto, fun and fun, it is endless.
    The dreamy Liujiaxia has a spectacular Bingling Stone Forest. The beauty of the landscape, natural crystallization. Bingling Stone Forest is a Danxia landform formed by the Cretaceous purple-red fine sandstone in the early Cenozoic. Bingling Stone Forest is unique in the Bingling Gorge and has the reputation of “the first spectacle in the world”. Bingling Stone Forest is an imposing natural sculpture museum. There are thousands of peaks, thousands of miles, peaks and peaks, and rock formations. Looking up at the foothills, the height of the kilometer, the stone path is looming, like a ladder. Wanfoting is floating in the air, and it is connected to Yuntian. It is surrounded by strange rocks, volcanic cliffs, and the peaks are guarded by stones. Everyone who has traveled to this place is attracted by the magical landscape of Bingling Stone Forest. It sighs the creation of nature and is shocked by the Danxia victory in the Loess Plateau.
    Bingling Temple Grottoes
    Address: Yongjing County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu Province
    Tickets: 1. Ordinary tickets: full price 50 yuan / person, half price 25 yuan / person
    2. Special cave tickets: A.169 Cave, 172 Cave: 300 yuan / person
    B.126 Cave: 80 yuan / person
    C.128 Cave: 60 yuan / person
    D.132 Cave: 90 yuan / person
    (6-18 years old undergraduate, full-time undergraduate and below, under 60-70 years old, active duty)
    Opening hours: open all day
     Yellow River Self-driving Tour Base, Kidney of the Loess Plateau
    The Yellow River self-driving wetland covers an area of ​​19,500 hectares. There are large and small artificial lakes, swamps and shoals, as well as stone arch bridges with round curves and beautiful shapes. The low-rise cabins are arranged in a circular arc on the wet side, guarding the oasis on the Loess Plateau. It is not only a camp for self-driving tour, but also a holy place for local residents to wash their lungs. Young couples liked to spend the night in the cabin, enjoying the quiet wetland time under the stars. Older people loved the Yellow River Pearl Hotel, which is more than 400 meters away from the wetland, for a night. Check out the ancient and elegant hotel full of Han Tang style, and enjoy the comfortable service and exquisite meals.
     Plateau Xiaojiangnan, Taiji Island Wetland Paradise
    A river of water passes through the gorge, and it slams westward. Miraculously, an “S”-shaped big turn has been stored in the lake before the Yanguoxia dam. The lake is like Taiji, so it is famous for its Taiji Lake. There are a total of nine large and small islands in the lake, and the scenery is the most beautiful. The most beautiful scenery is the 4,000-acre Taiji Island. Beautiful Taiji Island, the mountain is surrounded by water, the reeds are clustered; the sand gulls gather, Yuyu is quiet; Yongjing flowers, melodious. The mountains reflect the water and the water lining the mountains. Drunk to swim in, into the country, not like Jiangnan, better than Jiangnan.
    There are unexpected events in the sky. This summer, there is a rare flood in the Yellow River, the reeds are sluggish, the plank road is distorted, and there are still the mountains and pines. Although it is not as beautiful as it used to be, it has a bit more “mature” charm after the robbery. The breath of the water town. Even if the autumn is depressed, the northwest reeds of this rich waters of the countryside are also attracting the most beautiful time for the newly-married Yaner. The autumn wind is bleak, and the depression is unrelenting. It does not reduce people’s love for Taiji Lake. The plateau Xiaojiangnan is worthy of its name.
    Taiji Island
    Tickets: None; Tourist car: 20 yuan / person
    Opening hours: 8:30 – 17:30
    Accommodation: Huanghe Pearl Hotel / Fumen Kaiyuan Hotel
     Blue Yellow River from God’s Perspective
    (Liujiaxia International Paragliding Base)
    The take-off point of Liujiaxia International Paragliding is on the Huangjia Mountain in Zhaoshan Village, Yangta Township, Yongjing, 2300 meters above sea level. The landing point is at Weijiapo Reservoir of Liujiaxia Reservoir at an altitude of 1720 meters. Indulge in the beauty of the mountains and rivers of the blue and yellow rivers from the perspective of God, and enjoy the freedom and excitement of gliding “away from” the gravity of the earth. Before taking off, accepting the baptism of loess sand, after the volley, feel the vast charm of the blue yellow river, soaring in the valley like an eagle, so the thrilling high-altitude gliding experience is deeply favored by the adventurers. The domestic high-altitude gliding community called this “China’s Pokhara, the world’s Liujiaxia”, so many adventurers came to accept the gliding challenge.
     Liujiaxia Hydropower Station Museum
    Many people’s memories of Liujiaxia originated from the text “Visit Liujiaxia Hydropower Station”. Today, the Liujiaxia Hydropower Station Museum is here, visiting the museum’s hydropower station principle, the Yellow River water control, the Yellow River culture, and the Yellow River scenery. The entire museum is built on a hill and is four stories high. On the first floor, the theme of “Dahe Soul·Zhonghuayuan” was told about the Yellow River civilization. On the second floor, the theme of “salvation and success” is the theme of the ancient and modern Yellow River governance. On the third floor, the theme of “Jiqu Anzhen·Hydropower Cradle” is the principle of Liujiaxia Hydropower Station and the advantages and disadvantages of water treatment. On the fourth floor, the theme of “China Dream, Yellow River Range Rover” talked about the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Yellow River. Only one Liujiaxia Hydropower Station Museum will give us an in-depth understanding of this famous Liujiaxia Hydropower Station.
     Tangwang Town, Shangshang Xinghua First Village
    Drive from Yongjing County to Linxia City, and take the magnificent Liujiaxia Bridge. After a morning rush, you will arrive at Tangwang Town in Danxia Wonderland. It is a pity that Tang Wangzhen in the late autumn has long been full of apricot flowers and fruitful apricots. Only the rolling yellow river flows quietly, the turbid low peaks of the sky, such as the “Guilin scenery” on the plateau. A few farmhouses across the river bank smouldering smoke, and the scene of the Battle of the Waterway seems to have flashed from the front. I found a farmhouse, sunbathing in the warm sun, drinking tea and making three teas, waiting for a delicious Dongxiang meal.
    A little bit was the drizzle of the day before, and the smoky mountains were everywhere. On the bright and light side of the sky, Danxia Wonderland appeared in front of everyone with a light Lingbo microstep, like a group of girls dressed in light outfits. Danxia in Tangwang Town is not able to win the colorful colors, but wins with a palace-like landform. The rolling hills are like tall, high-lying palaces, standing in the mountains, red, yellow and green, like the heavenly palace. The Hongta Mountain, which is located in Chuanxin, is like a dragon. From west to east, this magical land is divided into two rivers. The Hongta Temple is cut on the rock of Baizhang Hongta, and the name of the temple comes. There are three ancient Buddhas in the temple, and there are also ancient cave paintings and ancient Buddha portraits. Hongta Temple has experienced catastrophe and has been repaired several times. It is now a holy place for Dongxiang Buddhist culture.
     A red and south-facing Jiangnan garden
    Linxia Red Garden is located in the western suburb of Linxia City. It was originally a grass tree beach on the bank of Hongshui River. It was later renovated as a Jiangnan garden with flowers and ancient buildings. The park’s architecture combines the small and elegant Jiangnan garden style with the grand and magnificent Linxia local ethnic architectural features. The pavilions and pavilions are chic, with flying horns and carved beams, which are exquisite. The seasons changed, the peony disappeared, the autumn leaves were yellow, and the old people came to the Red Garden. There are only bustling people, such as the old man of meditation, the old woman of fitness, the girl who was attracted by the red leaves, and the yellow hair living on the side of the park. Children… The whole garden seems to be “empty.” However, this is a quiet, dilapidated, so that the entire paradise has a bit more bleak, a different kind of beauty, to be savoured.
    Red park
    Address: No. 2, Hongyuan Road, Linxia City, Gansu Province
    Tickets: None
    Opening hours: 9:00 – 17:00
     Brick Carving Art Holy Land East Residence
    The Donggong Pavilion is a “Tian”-shaped courtyard with a unique layout. The main entrance is a Western-style building with different styles of doorways and courts. The main courtyard is a three-storey five-storey building with a corner building on both sides. This is the Qingma family built to live in its family, but inadvertently became a valuable grand view garden of China’s brick carving art. The realistic “Double Peony Door” and “Hundred Pies” symbolize many interesting historical events. In today’s East Mansion, the original premises have become museums. It is not only a sacred place to visit the art of brick carving, but also a good place to listen to the old folk rap of Linxia.
    East Residence
    Address: No. 35, Huancheng East Road, Southeast of Linxia City, Gansu Province
    Tickets: Free; explanation: 50 yuan / time
    Opening hours: 9:00 – 17:00
    Accommodation: Hezhou Hongrui International Hotel
     Eight squares and thirteen lanes
    Every city has an old street, as is the city of Linxia. Eight Squares and 13th Lane is the oldest street in Linxia. It forms eight churches and thirteen streets and lanes around eight mosques. It is called “eight squares and thirteen lanes”. There are Hui brick carvings, Han wood carvings, and Tibetan paintings. It is a national architectural art “Grand View Garden”. The gray-white Bafang 13th Lane under the white scorpion looks pale and colorless, and the scenery is mediocre. It is far less beautiful than many Jiangnan ancient towns. As night falls, the colorful lights illuminate the entire street. Here, for example, returning to the bustling night market in ancient times, the crowds coming and going, the vendors selling them, one street and one scene, just like crossing.
    Tips :
    Eight squares and thirteen lanes
    Address: Bafang Street, Linxia City, Gansu Province
    Tickets: None
    Opening hours: all day
    Specialty: Beef, vinegar, beef, and three-bubble
     Equestrian playground turning waste into treasure
    In the past, it was a stinking junkyard. This is a horse-riding playground for laughter and laughter. Majiazhuang Village, Nanlong Town, where the equestrian playground is located, is a poverty-stricken town with a per capita cultivated area of ​​not only 0.11 mu. For a livelihood, most of the locals left their homes and went to work in the foreign land. As the local government lifted out the poverty work, the original garbage dump was converted into an equestrian playground, attracting a large number of tourists to watch the performance. The Tibetans on the equestrian playground are mostly Tibetans in Gannan. This group of well-versed entertainers, spinning and jumping on the galloping horseback, thrilling action, attracted a call of praise.
     Dongjiao Park
    A city has a park where people can relax and be the best travel destination to experience the city’s cultural and cultural heritage. There is no high-value free ticket, cumbersome long-distance transportation, but you can enjoy the beauty of a secret. The park in the eastern suburbs of Linxia is one of such secrets. Dongjiao Park is close to the north bank of the Daxia River. The park is full of lush vegetation and a wide variety of flowers. In the late autumn suburbs park, chrysanthemums bloom quietly, maple leaves dance in the wind, there are people who talk and laugh, and children who have voices and laughter to do activities. The autumn here does not seem to be desolate, but it is a bit more warm. Stepping into the park through the flower stand promenade is the Hu Tingzhen Martyrs Memorial Park, where the statue of the martyrs stands and is solemn. Mu Inscription burned the glorious deeds of the revolutionary activities of the Hu Tingzhen martyrs. This is an important base for the school to carry out patriotic education.
    Dongjiao Park
    Address: No.1, Limen Village, Liqiao Village, Binqiao Township, Binhe East Road, Linxia City, Gansu Province
    Tickets: None
    Opening hours: 9:00 – 17:00
     Visit Luban Stone Legend
    Shihai is located on the southwest side of Jishi Folk Village in Jishishan County. It is about 3 kilometers away from the county. It is surrounded by elliptical stones of various sizes, hence the name “Shihai”. According to relevant scholars, Shihai was formed by four movements of glaciers at the end of the Quaternary. It is a typical glacial boulder and has important scientific research value. When you come to Shihai Seaview, you must not miss Luban Stone. Known as the legend of Luban Stone, this boulder in the northwest is a long strip, about 8 meters long, about 5 meters wide and about 3 meters high. It is the largest boulder in the entire stone seascape. Standing on the Luban stone, overlooking the rocky sea, Luban stone like a giant ship floated on it. Perhaps such a scene is not surprising in the South, but it is rare in the northwest of this bleak and poor ridge.
     Dadengxia Wonderland
    Dadunxia Scenic Area, mountains and green hills, shrubs, exotic flowers and grasses filled with valleys, clear valleys at the bottom of the valley, waterfalls in the mountains, and strange ancient metamorphic rock landscapes, is a tourist attraction in Linxia. The scenic spot is located 6 kilometers west of Dahejia Town in Jishishan County. It faces the Three Gorges of the Yellow River in the east, Baozhuang Sanzhuang in the south and Mengda Tianchi in the west. The newly built volley glass suspension bridge in the scenic area is the first glass plank road in the northwest region. When the mountains are foggy, you can also feel the feeling of walking through the clouds. Spring flowers, summer heat, autumn forests, winter snow, Dadengxia all seasons, thousands of scenery. In the winter of Dadengxia, the snow is pressed against the pines, and the whole hill is dotted with icicles wrapped in silver. The rivers that flowed in the past condensed into white “Jade Belts” dancing in the mountains, and the broad giant icefalls are high. Hanging over the cliffs, the beautiful world of snow country is intoxicating.
    Dadunxia Scenic Area
    Address: 6 km west of Dahejia Town, Jishishan County, Linxia City, Gansu Province
    Tickets: 10 yuan / person, glass bridge: 30 yuan / person
    Opening hours: 10:00 – 17:00, stop at 16:00
     World peace, fossil Eden
    The uplift of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 30 million years ago caused the tragedy of the “Wan Bian Gu” in Hualin, and then humans appeared, gradually occupying the rule and becoming the master of today’s world. In the six most important fossil museums in the world, thousands of fossil collections tell stories of different eras. Ancient Linxia was once a fertile land with fertile land and warm and humid habitat. The pavilion has four ancient archaeological species, and also provides material evidence for studying the paleoclimate and the ancient environment. Among them, the political sheep in the pavilion is the pride of the politicians, because the world’s unique and political sheep was first discovered in the loess. The birch archaeological fossil burial museum, a museum built from the fossil excavation site, allows people to understand the fossils more intuitively. The burial museum is located in the canyon landform of Songmingyan, on the back of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, where the scenery is beautiful and beautiful. The birch forest “Wanwu Valley”, surrounded by mountains and green trees, is a holy place for scientific research, popular science, tourism and leisure.
    Hualin Ancient Animal Fossil Buried Hall
    Address: Chengguan Town, Hezheng County, Linxia City, Gansu Province
    Tickets: Free
    Opening hours: March to November: Open from 08:30 to 17:30, stop at 17:00;
    December to February: 09:00 to 17:00, and stop at 16:30;
    Hezhen Ancient Animal Fossil Museum
    Address: Liangjiazhuang Village, Chengguan Town, Hezheng County, Gansu Province
    Tickets: Free
    Opening hours: March to November: Open from 08:30 to 17:30, stop at 17:00;
    December to February: Open from 09:00 to 17:00, stop at 16:30
     Quest security waist knife process
    The most famous specialty of Jishi Mountain is the pepper and the security waist knife, which are the most attractive in the local store. According to the “Jishishan County Records”, the security waist knife is due to the fact that the Baoan people living in the Ganhetan Village, Meipo Village, Dadun Village and Liuji Township Gaoli Village in Dahe Township are good at the knife-making technique. Superior, the process is unique, so it is called “security waist knife.” The traditional security waist knife manufacturing process is cumbersome and complicated, such as a dozen brocade knife process has more than 40. A good security blade is sharp enough to shave and shave; tough to cut cast iron without curling. The security waist knife made by the ingenuity is the pillar industry for the local people to get rid of poverty. A small waist knife is like a sword. According to the fineness of its craft, the price ranges from tens of yuan to several tens of thousands.
     The source of the flower, Songmingyan
    The source of Linxia flowers begins at Songmingyan. According to legend, a hunter was hunting in the mountains between Songmingyan. Suddenly, the girl’s voice came from the top of the mountain. The hunter went to the top of the mountain to find it, but found that the song came from the mountain. Up and down, after several twists and turns, the hunter did not find it. To the trace of the girl. After returning home, the fellows told me about the adventures in the mountains and sang the songs of the fairies. After the word of mouth, everyone will have this fairy flower, and every year there will be a “flower” meeting. Songmingyan is one of the eight scenic spots in Hezhou. It is 2,730 meters above sea level. The pine forests in the scenic area are covered with greenery, the streams are flowing, the mountains are like mountains, the flowers are connected, and there are many rare animals and animals. It is a secret environment for relaxing and oxygenating and washing the lungs. “After the new rain in the empty mountains, the weather is coming late in the autumn”; “The road is deep and the clouds are winding around the clouds.” The Songming Rock after a rainy autumn is as beautiful as the secret in poetry.
    Songmingyan Scenic Area
    Address: Taizishan Forest Area, Kangle County, Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province
    A. Free policy: Children with a height of 1.4 meters or less are exempt from the ticket; older people over 70 years old are exempt from the old age certificate.
    B. Preferential policies: Half price for children under the age of 140 and above 1.4 meters; officers and disabled persons with half price of valid documents.
    Opening hours: 08:00 ~ 17:00
     Linxia on the tip of the tongue
    From the cattle and sheep in the northeast, to the cattle and sheep in the northwest. The first big meal in Linxia was at the Kaiyuan Grand Hotel in Fumen. Food is not limited to spicy, but rich and varied. Eat a hundred homes, know the taste. Linxia cuisine, tastes good.
    In the beautiful summer of the flower garden, in the Pinyu Square near the Lotus Ancient Ferry, a whole fish festival was opened in the northwest. Red Mountain squid, steamed Chinese squid, clear stewed squid, fish fillet mushroom, grilled Wuchang fish, salmon fillet… opened the tip of the tongue.
    Come to the Dongxiang nationality, eat a local farmer’s meal, clear the music, and appreciate the different food culture.
    Discover the local halal night market near the Eighteenth Lane of Bafang. Take a stroll [Happy], eat a local snack and experience a different nightlife.
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