[Take the first start] Seven days and six nights to drive through northern Shaanxi, find the secrets contained in the yellow land

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    I chose to go to Shaanxi in the winter, only because I saw photos of the wave valley on the Internet, and I was attracted by the rolling hills. Xiamen Fei Xi’an, Xi’an car rental began a six-day and six-night Xia Xi self-driving tour, this trip is really a walk away, no hesitation.
    First, the itinerary:
    Day 1: Xiamen – Xi’an (HU7576 19:10—22:05) Live: Xianyang Airport Space Hotel
    Day 2: 8:00 Pick up the car at Xianyang Airport Store, live: Two-room apartment of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda South Gate Ocean Pavilion
    Big Wild Goose Pagoda – Shaanxi Museum – Xi’an Ancient City Wall – Bell Tower – Huimin Street Snacks – Big Wild Goose Pagoda
    Day 3: Morning Qin Shihuang Mausoleum Terracotta Warriors, afternoon Xi’an – Ganquan (3 hours 34 minutes, 304.5 km) Live: Shangkeyou Chain Hotel Ganquan
    Day 4: Ganquan County – Yulu Grand Canyon (1 hour, 6 minutes, 48 ​​kilometers), Yulu Grand Canyon – Yan’an (1 hour 38 minutes, 71.1 kilometers) Live: Yan’an Meilian Hotel
    Day 5: Yan’an – Wave Valley (2 hours 18 minutes, 154.7 kilometers), Wave Valley – Jingbian (44 minutes, 29.4 kilometers), live: Jinjiang Inn Jingbian Renmin Road Bus Station
    Day 6: Jingbian – Hukou Waterfall (5 hours 29 minutes, 380.7 kilometers), Hukou Waterfall – Yichuan (1 hour 55 minutes, 74.8 kilometers) Live: Yichuan Delin Hotel
    Day 7: Yichuan – Yuanjia Village (3 hours 59 minutes, 309.3 kilometers), Yuanjia Village – Xianyang Airport (41 minutes, 38.8 kilometers), Xi’an – Xiamen ZH9269 16:25-19:20
    Second, preparation matters:
    The west of the gorge is cold in January. The weather in northern Shaanxi is sunny to cloudy and the temperature is -13-8 degrees with good warmth.
    Documents: ID card, driver’s license, bank card, credit card, student ID, retirement certificate, cash, etc.
    Daily necessities: trolley case, thermos cup, umbrella clothing, fleece, down jacket or cotton clothing, plus trousers, warm shoes, wool hat, warm gloves, warm underwear, wash underwear, a pair of portable slippers.
    Hygiene products: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, towel, facial cleanser, shampoo, shower gel, lipstick, skin cream, wet tissue, paper, etc.
    Equipment supplies: necessary camera, mobile phone, charging treasure, data cable, memory card, camera backup battery, etc.
    Third, the cost details (accommodation for the network fixed room)
    Day 1: Xiamen to Xi’an ticket 480, Xianyang Airport Space Hotel, 84/room
    The next day: China car rental 1007/4, breakfast 40/4, taxi 9/4, lunch 221/4, Shaanxi Bo explanation 40/4, subway 8/4 (赛博到钟楼), Huimin Street 76/4, subway 8/4 (clock tower to Big Wild Goose Pagoda), the first side 90/4, the subway 8/4 (Big Wild Goose Pagoda to Beichitou), the two-bedroom apartment: 197/4
    The third day: breakfast 19.5/4, terracotta warriors pass 20/4, terracotta warriors tickets 120/person, terracotta warriors explain 90 (5 people), explainers 8 yuan / person. Lunch 84/4, Terracotta Warrior parking fee 20/4, high speed fee 175/4, dinner 96/4, Ganquan Shangkeyou Chain Hotel 2 rooms: 128/room
    Day 4: Hotel parking fee 17/4, breakfast 30/4, rain shower ticket 200/4, rain parking fee 10/4, lunch 46/4, Yanan Meilian Hotel two rooms: 220/room, dinner 15抿Festival / person
    Day 5: Yangjialing parking fee 10/4, refueling 330/4, high speed fee 50/4, lunch 114/4, wave valley parking fee 10/4, dinner 148/4, Jinjiang Inn Jingbian Renmin Road Bus Station :119/room
    Day 6: Breakfast 22/4, high speed fee 150/4, lunch 118/4, parking fee 10/4, high speed fee 15/4, Shanxi Hukou Waterfall 120/person, Hukou Waterfall ride fee 20/person, Dinner 52/4, Yichuan Delin Hotel: 108/room
    Day 7: Breakfast 23.5/4, high speed fee 130/4, national road toll fee 5/4, twist 2 yuan/root, cake 10 yuan four, rice skin 8 yuan/bowl, meat folder 10 yuan/piece, parking Fee 9/4, refueling 320/4, airport high speed 10/4, Xi’an to Xiamen 497
    Departure DAY1: Xiamen – Xi’an
    Choosing a late flight is a day off, 17:30Go straight to the airport after work, you can check-in and choose seats on your mobile phone. Of course, if you want to choose a route that is not blocked, BRT is still very convenient, and you don’t have to worry about it.
    The trip was arranged by a small partner, which is a relatively easy and comfortable route. Good luck, our flight was not delayed, arrived on time, there was dinner on the plane, you can take a nap after eating, and arrive in Xi’an almost three hours.
    Arriving in Xi’an later, so the airport hotel near the airport is fixed, cheap, and there is a car transfer. After arriving, call the hotel for a short while there will be a small van to pick up, can sit five or six people, turn to two bends, but the day is not clear.
    The room is small, the bed is not big, but it is very clean and very warm. It is really comfortable to go to the north in winter. Wash and sleep early.
    DAY2: Big Wild Goose Pagoda – Shaanxi Museum – Xi’an Ancient City Wall – Bell Tower – Huimin Street Snacks – Big Wild Goose Pagoda
    The first day of official travel today, unfortunately, the weather in Xi’an is really bad, the smog is very heavy, and it is gray everywhere. After getting up at 7:30, I walked out of the hotel. I found out that the hotel was all the same in the morning. I found a place nearby, and I ate burritos 5, soy milk 3, meat folder 馍8. The weather is cold, the breakfast shop has no heating, the food is cold and the taste is no special, it is the same taste as the ordinary market, and the meat is rarely mixed.
    After breakfast, the hotel car was sent to the airport to rent a car in China, the car was booked, the return time was three o’clock in the afternoon of the sixth day, first confirm the model, payment, check the car, a series of completed will start our self-driving journey of. (Because Xi’an has a limited line, it will ask if the guests will drive in Xi’an city, and then choose the car after the decision.)
    It’s really convenient to have navigation. This trip is all about navigation. It takes about 50 minutes from the airport to the scheduled hotel. The road is unfamiliar and the opening is slow. It will be slightly slower in the urban area. It arrives at the hotel around 10:30. It is better to say that it is a hotel. The red building in the residential building, the formalities were completed, the car was placed in the hotel, and the big wild goose pagoda was gone without unloading the luggage.
    It takes about 20-30 minutes to walk from the hotel to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. If you are not in a hurry, you can walk slowly. First walk is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Square, where there are many visitors.Said to take you around a circle as long as 5 yuan a person, you can go to a few nearby attractions, not tempted, just turned around in the square, admiring the rise and fall of the fountain.
    From the North Square to the main entrance of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda for about 10 minutes, if the people who worship Buddha are worth a visit. When we came here, my friend said that there was no special. It was enough to watch the outside outside, so I took a photo in front of the door and went there for a while. Tickets 50, Dengta 30. The Big Wild Goose Pagoda is the earliest and largest square stone tower in the Tang Dynasty. Xuanzang is the first abbot of the Da Ci’en Temple and is known as the “Three Tibetan Masters”. Look at the tower from afar. The seven-story big wild goose pagoda, like the color of the west gorge of the gorge, has a statue of Tang Xuan Zang in front of the main entrance, solemn and sacred.
    It’s already noon from the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Take a taxi to the nearest net Changan’s big stall to eat a delicious meal. About 3 kilometers away, the taxi starts at 9 yuan and arrives at SEG International Shopping Center. The popularity of Chang’an big-name files is really very strong. You need to line up at 12:30. The characteristics here should make you not in a hurry when you are in the same position. Not only have snacks to eat, but also gambling houses and fortune tellers. It’s very interesting to pass the time.
    After waiting for about forty minutes, I finally got a position. When you sit down, you will order the dishes. According to the recommendations of everyone, add some you want to try, and order a full table.
    The traditional dishes of the gourd chicken Xi’an must be tried. The production of gourd chicken is troublesome. It can be completed by first cooking, steaming, and finally frying. The freshly-broiled gourd chicken is crispy in the outer skin, fresh inside, stained with seasoning, and another delicious, really good.
    When I arrived in Xi’an, I couldn’t miss the cool skin. The cool skin here is fine and very tasty. I can see the color and it is good. The entrance is really good and delicious. Jujube porridge is also one of the characteristics of this place. It is not sweet and cautious, but it tastes good, very smooth, with a touch of jujube. Roasted jujube, is the common clams with jujube and roast, it is ordinary taste, no special. Spicy people can try the fried bean curd brain, which is the ultimate taste, super special, rich and smooth. The oil tower is like a noodle, very fine, and the sauce is very good and very unique. I also ordered other things, some things are ordinary, no special, per capita is around 50.
    The meal has been more than two o’clock, and the scheduled trip in the afternoon is to go to the Shaanxi History Museum. From SEG to Shaanxi Museum, it is not far away. I didn’t expect to be a holiday. I didn’t think it was a lot of people. I was quick to line up. Although the team is not short, the speed of the invoice is still very fast. I can get the ticket after about 30 minutes.
    Free and open free of charge “free not free tickets”, limited to 6,000 free tickets per day (limited to 3,000 before 14 o’clock in the morning, 3000 in the afternoon), until the end.
    FIT (by ID card or valid ID) to visit one person to receive a ticket, valid on the same day, expired and void. Treasure Hall costs 30 yuan / per person; Tang Dynasty murals treasure house 300 yuan / person.
    It is recommended to make an appointment online one week in advance or directly purchase tickets for the Treasure Hall, which can be directly entered.
    1. Take bus No. 5, 24, 27, Tour 8 and other buses at the “Cuihua Road (Shaanxi History Museum)” station.
    2. Subway Line 2 to Xiaozhai Station, walk to the east and walk to the east.
    Explain the cost:
    A. Manual explanation: 100 yuan for basic Chinese display, 150 yuan for English or Japanese; 50 yuan for Chinese special exhibition in Datang, and 100 yuan for English or Japanese; 50 yuan for Chinese painting in the Tang Dynasty murals. A commentator can lead up to 10 visitors. You can enter the group now.
    B. Automatic audio guide: There are Chinese, English, French, Japanese, and Korean language explanations; Chinese has a Chinese student version, which is convenient for children to listen to. Fees: The deposit is 100 yuan, the basic display rent is 30 yuan/set, and the basic display and the special exhibition of Datang’s legacy are 30 yuan/set. The disadvantage is that the general reaction speed is fast, and there are inaudible phenomena when people are noisy.
    Opening hours
    Open every Tuesday to Sunday. During the opening period, the invoice will be closed until the lunch break and the invoice will be continued after 13:00.
    Winter (November 15th – March 14th) 9:00-17:30 (16:00 stop invoice), summer (March 15 – November 14) 8:30-18:00 (16 :30 stop invoice);
    Closed on Monday. It is normally open on Mondays on legal holidays. (New Year’s Eve closed)
    You can choose to visit the museum yourself, or you can explain it. There are ten interpreters in the pavilion, but the popularity is too strong and you need to wait in line. When you wait, you can listen to it. There are ten people in a group and 100 yuan in a group. There is no extra charge for the interpreter. After waiting for about half an hour, it was finally our turn, a very friendly little boy.
    This time, I only entered the regular exhibition hall where the ticket was free. All the way to explain it all the way, not only increased the knowledge, but also made the whole visit process not boring, but it also stood for too long and felt very tired.
    From the first exhibition hall, “People Screening” to the final “Farewell to the Emperor”, a historical process of the Tang Dynasty was carried out by the Lantian monks and Datun people who were 1.15 million years ago. Looking at history from artifacts, each one has a story. The most preserved bronzes are basically the most exhibits in each museum. However, if you look too much, you will have aesthetic fatigue.
    The memorable queen is the Han Dynasty carved by Hetian Yangzhi white jade. Although it is a long and rare place, the color of the jade is still beautiful. This piece is the thing of the Han emperor Lu Wei.
    The gold and silver bamboo festival smoked stove was in the Western Han Dynasty. It was not only unique in style, but also the object of the Weiyang Palace. It was later awarded to the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty.
    There are also many gold coins crushed by excavators, porcelain from the Tang Dynasty, and so on. What deserves to be carefully appreciated here is that there is the most famous terracotta maids in the museum. There are several rows of repaired and complete terracotta maids in the museum, and they are very close, so you can watch them carefully and take a closer look.
    The museum is very large, listening to the commentary will stand for a long time, it feels more tired, about to give up after listening to the explanation.
    After the museum was finished, take a break and hurry to take the subway to the clock tower. Unfortunately, it was late, the city wall could not be reached, and the night view of the clock tower was spectacular.
    After enjoying the clock tower in the square, you must go to Huiming Street and take a place where visitors must go. There are meat chops and kebabs everywhere. I don’t know what to eat when I look at too many shops. The air is filled with the taste of mutton, but there is no appetite.
    Looking at a good store, it seems like a lot of people. I randomly picked up the shop and went in and ordered the kebabs and lamb. The taste of the scenic spot is really normal, not very accustomed, just leave a few mouthfuls.
    Or choose to take the subway to enjoy the largest fountain in Asia, sit back to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the fountain that started at about 9 o’clock, has been crowded with people. With the music, the fountain followed the dance, and the scenery that has never been seen is truly spectacular.
    After enjoying the fountain, I felt a little hungry. I chose the first side of the world next to me. Many people have this idea. In a blink of an eye, the people in the store are full.
    Half of the shop is relatively simple, and there is a clerk who has poured rice soup. The store name is the first side, and it is the first side of the world. It has a length of 3.8 meters. After the table is served, the service staff will explain the reason for the first side and tell how to eat, and will help to divide the food. Really good. The noodles are hot and sour soup and mushroom soup. The two flavors are also very good, and the taste is lighter.
    There is also the biangbiang noodle of Xi’an, which is as wide as the first one. It not only has its own characteristics, but also tastes very good. The added seasoning is very fragrant.
    There are also many local specialties. I was worried that I was not used to it. I didn’t expect it to be very good, especially with wild vegetables. The taste is very good.
    After the meal is satisfied, take the subway back to the place where you stayed. The two-room apartment booked online, not far from the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the check-in at night, the service staff is still very intimate, because there is no two-bedroom, it is a three-bedroom lock on a door, using the floor heating, very comfortable.
    The three-bedroom and one-bedroom rooms are not only large in size, but also can be used to make tea in the living room. The rooms are divided into standard rooms and large beds. They are quite good, clean and comfortable, and the beautiful ones sleep.
    DAY3: Xi’an – Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the First Qin Emperor – Ganquan
    I wake up in the morning and wake up naturally, refreshing. I stayed at the hotel without breakfast, so I went out to buy the buns and soy milk in the buns shop next to the hotel and just took it back to the room. The hotel with the dining table was really good. The buns here are very flavorful, 1 yuan a, soy milk 2 yuan, bean paste, meat bag taste is very good, the northern pasta is more delicious.
    After breakfast, I retired to the eighth wonder of the world’s attractions in Xi’an must-have – Qin Shi Huang soldiers and horses. Very early on, I was curious about the soldiers and horses. This time I can witness the scene with a little excitement. From the passengers to the soldiers and horses for about an hour, follow the navigation, take the urban high-speed, go to the soldiers and horses have a dedicated fast track, very convenient and very smooth to reach the destination (20). Unfortunately, the photos taken in the gray weather are really regrettable, and the car is placed in the parking lot (parking fee 20).
    When walking to the scenic spot, there will be a tour guide in the scenic spot to ask if you need a tour guide. The guide fee is 90, you can fight, but it is very inconvenient. We chose not to fight. The headset needs to be rented separately. One person is 8 yuan. This is the guide. Other people brought it, the sound quality is average. Tickets 120, queued to buy tickets, because it is winter, it is said to be less people, usually difficult to move. Waiting for the check-in to enter the queue, you need to take the road, you can also take a tour of the car, in fact, the location of the attraction is not far, about 10 minutes, chose to walk.
    The Terracotta Warriors and Horses of the First Emperor of Qin Shihuang sat west to the east, and the three pits were arranged in a shape of a character. The first to be discovered was the No. 1 crater, which was rectangular in shape. There were more than 8,000 terracotta warriors and horses in the pit and sloped doorways on all sides. On the left and right sides of the No. 1 crater, there is a terracotta crater, called the No. 2 pit and the No. 3 pit.
    First visit and discover the earliest pit No.1, which is also the biggest pit. In fact, there are quite a lot of people. After a wave of people, walk into the forefront of the scenic spots, and enjoy the soldiers and horses at the heights, althoughA lot, but it may be too spectacular from the TV, but the real scene has no shock. The No. 1 pit is the largest, and the Terracotta Warriors are more repaired. The first row is repaired, the last one is the repair area, and the other is the leader tour area. Visitors can only visit in the outer circle. From different styles and different costumes, explain the difference between soldiers and horses.
    The Terracotta Warriors and Horses No. 3 pit is located on the north side of the west end of No. 1 pit. It is opposite to the No. 2 pit. It is 25 meters south from the No. 1 pit and 120 meters from the No. 2 pit in the east. The area is about 520 square meters. The whole is concave, from north to south. It consists of a wing room and a carriage room. There is a Hummer chariot and four terracotta warriors in the chariot room. There are 68 terracotta warriors and horses unearthed in the third pit. From the internal layout of the No. 3 pit, it should be the headquarters of the No. 1 and No. 2 pits. The No. 3 pit is the only one of the three pits that has not been burned by the fire. Therefore, when the clay pot was unearthed, the paintings on the pottery body were more and more vivid. The Terracotta Warriors and Horses Pit is an underground tunnel-style civil structure, that is, a large pit about 5 meters deep is dug from the ground, and a parallel soil partition wall is built in the middle of the pit. The wooden pillars are arranged on both sides of the wall, the crossbars are placed on the pillars, and the slats are densely covered on the crossbars and the soil partition walls. The sheds are covered with a layer of banquets, and then the loess is covered to form the top of the pit. The top of the pit is higher than the surface at that time. Meter. The bottom of the crater is covered with blue bricks. The height of the space from the top of the pit to the bottom of the pit is 3.2 meters. After the pottery and pottery horses were put into the crater, the doorways around them were blocked with standing timber, and the doorway was filled with bauxite, thus forming a closed underground building.
    The No. 1 pit and the No. 2 pit have traces of burning, and the color of the excavated soldiers and horses is not obvious. Qin Shihuang No. 2 crater is curved and is located on the northeast side of No. 1 pit and on the east side of No. 3 pit. It is 96 meters long from east to west and 84 meters wide from north to south, with a total area of ​​about 6,000 square meters. The building in the pit is the same as the No. 1 pit, but the layout is more complicated and the arms are more complete. It is the most spectacular military array of the three pits. It is a multi-arm special force consisting of cavalry, chariots and infantry (including squadrons). In the second pit, there are more than 1,300 pottery pottery horses, more than 80 chariots, and tens of thousands of bronze weapons. Among them, the generals, the pommel horses, and the kneelings were first discovered. There are 4 slope doorways at the east and west ends of the No. 2 pit, and 2 slope doorways at the north. The pit is on the west side and the main entrance is on the east side.
    The layout inside the pit is divided into 4 units. The first unit, located at the eastern end of the crater, has 60 vertical squadrons on the promenade, and the formation consists of 160 scorpion scorpions from the east of the road. The squadron took the arrangement of the array of squadrons, and set up and swayed and took turns to shoot.
    The No. 3 pit can be visited by a close-up visitor, and the map of Shaanxi is seen from the side. It is also the only unearthed soldier. Lie maids, samurai maids, military servants, cavalry servants, etc., although the glass can still clearly observe the difference between the soldiers and horses.
    After visiting the pits 1, 2, and 3, there is also a bronze horse and horse showroom, where two bronze horses and horses are unearthed. No. 1 copper horse, named the car; the second copper horse, named An car. The former is the guide car, the latter is the royal car for the Qin Shihuang. The copper carriage inside was crushed when it was unearthed. After 8 years of repairing, it was reduced by one-half of the number 1 copper horse and horse. The main parts were made of tin bronze.
    The explanation is over here, and there is a tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang on the other side, which needs to be taken by car, and finally give up because I can’t wait for the tour guide. After the scenic spot, it was already a little over, and I picked a restaurant to fill my stomach.
    Although it is a scenic spot, but the price is still fair, the Meridian Road Zhang Ji meat folder is a chain, and the signature meat folder, meatball soup, and so on. Every snack is pretty good and clean and fresh. I like pasta like the North.
    After eating the meal, I went to Ganquan. The road was a little far away and there was no other scene. Driving on the high-speed, still listening to navigation, about three hours to reach Ganquan, stay at the Shangkeyou Chain Hotel in Ganquan (online booking). On the road, I ate the characteristic dried persimmons in the soldiers and horses. I chatted all the way, and the time passed by, and I didn’t feel too tired.
    At the front desk, I will finish the formalities of entering the house and take a break in the room to prepare dinner. The room is the standard room of an ordinary chain hotel. The mineral water to be placed needs to be charged 1 yuan a bottle is not expensive, the room is clean, the heating is normal, you can take a good rest.
    Ganquan is not big, there are many restaurants next to the hotel, picking a special restaurant – Luohechuan cured meat. The facade is like a cave dwelling. It has very local characteristics, wooden chairs and wooden stools, a simple environment, and an introduction to the cured meat on the wall.
    The main product is bacon, which is a must, choose fried fried bacon, cabbage stewed artichoke, chives scrambled eggs, Ganquan tofu. There is rice soup in the store, so there is no soup, although only four dishes, but the weight is very large, there are still many left. The cup of the rice soup is very cute like the one used to hold the rice. And the hot drink is very warm. The cured meat here should be bacon. It is very fragrant and has a lot of flavor. The meat is more fragrant and very chewy. Cabbage stewed with artichokes is super-loving. Potatoes and greens are cooked together. Potatoes have been mixed with greens and vegetables. It is very delicious, and the taste is light. It can also be used as a staple food. The farmer’s eggs are really good, and the fried leeks are perfect. Although there is nothing special about the taste, it is the taste of the farmhouse. I like it very much. Ganquan tofu is one of the local characteristics, and the taste is quite satisfactory. The unique thing to say is that there is more bean flavor. Rice is added with millet, more fragrant, compare Q, and 2 yuan can eat enough. When I saw a lot of people in the restaurant, I ordered a dish and two people and added a bowl of rice.
    Such a small shop is still quite personal, simple and simple.
    I wanted to go shopping and found that the night was basically closed, and I went back to the room to rest.
    DAY4: Ganquan County – Yulu Grand Canyon – Yan’an
    Asked the front desk in advance, the number of people coming to travel in winter is not too much, but it is recommended that we go early, so as not to encounter traffic jams, the road is not too big, so get up early, check out the local breakfast at the breakfast shop next to the hotel. .
    Going out early in the morning, there are not many shops. When I saw a Chenji Hula soup, the steam of the steamed buns was taking off, so it was tempting. Although it is a small shop, it is neat and tidy. Ordered buns, steamed dumplings, as well as Hu spicy soup, tofu brain and so on. The breakfast dumplings here are noodles, 8 cages, steamed dumplings, tofu brain is salty, plus salty soup on top, southerners can not eat too salty, please the boss made a sweet. The buns are small, two in one, and then served with some soup. It’s really good. The steamed dumplings are S-side, the fillings are delicious, all are meat stuffing, and one person can eat a cage. Hu spicy soup, small soup, tofu and salty are really salty, not eating habits, and finally change to drink sweet tofu brain.
    After breakfast, head to today’s attraction – Rainy Grand Canyon. (I don’t have rain boots for winter icing. I need to rent rain boots for ice. I have water in it. I need to prepare a long bag to cover my feet.) It takes about one and a half hours to reach the scenic spot, which is actually not perfect. The gate of the scenic spot is still under construction. You can choose to drive in by car, the ticket is 50 for one person, and the car for the scenic spot is 70. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It takes about half an hour to enter the scenic spot. No matter which ditch is parked by the driver, there will be farmers paying for it. One car is 10 yuan. If it is parked five times, it is 50. The car in the scenic spot is not needed.
    The Ganquan Yulu Grand Canyon is located in the canyon of Yujing Village, Ganquan County, Yan’an City, Shaanxi Province. A few hundred million years ago, there was a strong earthquake in northern Shaanxi, which separated a loess mountain from a large crack and after several hundred years of rain. Slowly forming such a canyon, this is the Ganquan Canyon we see today, which is said to be very similar to the American Antelope Canyon.
    The Grand Canyon has five ditches, Longbagou Canyon, Huabaogou Canyon, and Nanhegou Canyon (also known as Peony).Ditch), Birch Valley Canyon, consulted the ticket office when purchasing tickets, suggesting that we go to three more distinctive ditch, the other ditch is similar, these three ditch have been developed, it will be much safer, so the trip went away. Bagou, Nanhegou (Ceony Valley), and two valleys of Huashugou.
    We are driving into the scenic area, just entering the scenic spot is not far away, it is attracted by the ice waterfall on the side of the mountain. The convenience of self-driving is that you can stop at random and take random shots. The southerners are full of curiosity about such an ice waterfall, standing on the ice. Next to the waterfall, I used the sense of the screen to think that it was in which glaciers, and it was very artistic. Unfortunately, I was a little bit watery, and I accidentally stepped on the ice water, but I was very happy.
    I took a lot of shots next to the icefall before I continued to rush to the sights. Both sides are loess high slopes, dusty, and the roads that are not easy to walk have opened a lot. There is no clear road sign. When I asked about the road, I finally found it.
    We walked from the back, first arrived at Longbagou, and also the longest ditch. There is still a little distance from the parking lot to the Mizoguchi. Follow the signs and the people in the ditch for about ten minutes to reach the Mizoguchi. There is no front. More shocking, the more beautiful the interior, the magical work of nature is in front of you, the beautiful scenery can not be expressed in words, the only regret is that there is fog when going, the sun did not shine into the ditch. This valley is very long, the latter section has not been developed, the service staff suggested not to go in, went ten meters inside, found that there is no one, and it is cold and slippery, worried about the security relationship, gave up and continued to move forward.
    Going to the Peony Gully before returning by car, the first line of the Peony Gully is first to the sky, the sky is cold, and you choose to enter the Peony Gully directly. There are fewer people in the Peony Ditch, and the car can drive directly to the Mizoguchi. This ditch is the smallest, but it is also very beautiful, unique scenery, and it is also fascinating.
    Out of the Peony Gully is the most beautiful birch ditch. It was only when I found out that there were many people in the scenic spot. The ditch is large and wide, and the ice on the ground can be seen to be very thick, but this ditch is also particularly cold. After going down the mountain, go through the ice water to the ditch.
    Many photographers in the ditch are shooting in various kinds. The little rookie quickly makes the position. The left and right shots continue to move forward. There are wide and narrow roads. Because there are many people, you need to give way. This is still a low season. If the peak season is difficult, it will be difficult. La. Sure enough, this is the most beautiful ditch. From the beginning to the end, when you go to the end, you can choose to go back and go back. After all, there is no scenery outside. The person who is in harmony with the scenery does not know that he still has himself in the painting, and enters the lens of each person at will, leaving the beautiful picture.
    Most reluctantly, out of the mouth, I feel a little hungry, do not know what to eat, decided to open the scenic area and then forage.
    When I passed through Xiawanwan Town, Ganquan County, I was already very hungry. North Shaanxi in the winter is still relatively deserted, just saw a Shaanxi-style restaurant, so he went into the stomach, and I did not expect the result to be very surprising. There are small dishes in the restaurants in northern Shaanxi, some are a plate, some are two plates, here is actually five plates, the small dishes are so rich, originally thought very expensive, in fact not. Know the weight of the northern dishes, this time pay attention to order, ordered a chicken noodles 16 yuan, a table was shocked. There is a lot of chicken, braised, and you know how much it is compared with the side dish, at least twice the amount in the south, and people who eat small amounts can’t really eat half. Handmade dumplings, a pound of 30, the original thought is not too much, the store said that four people point two pounds, we thought for a long time, first point a pound, not enough to add, the result is also scared, it is a basin what. The hand-made dumplings in the north are really delicious. The skin Q, the meat is fresh, and the mouthful of dumplings is a bite. The dumplings here are not very big, and the taste is very good.
    The chicken noodles are salty, and those who eat light can only dilute with water. But the taste is good, I did not expect the small shop here is so great.
    After eating about three o’clock, there are no other attractions, go directly to Yan’an rest, full of dust, you should clean it up. About two hours, arrived in Yan’an, past the Pagoda Hill at about five o’clock, I wanted to go around and watch the online evaluation. Only the Pagoda Mountain can be seen. The ticket is 60 yuan. It is too late to go, and no The place was parked, and the last two shots were taken.
    From Baota Mountain to the scheduled hotel about ten minutes, this time is the Meilian Hotel with good reputation in Yan’an, and it is also the best night for this trip.
    Meilian Hotel’s Anbaota District Shuangyong Avenue Unicom Street, a highly recommended hotel. Although it is booked online, it is worth five stars from service to room. At the time of check-in, the sister at the front desk said that Yan’an had a smog, one person sent a mask, and the old man gave a solemn color. I saw that the outerwear of everyone’s ID card was broken and replaced with a brand new one. And tell the fruit and jujube in the room is a gift, remember to taste, the five-star hotel service may not be so intimate.
    Although the room is not large, but the health and the price are comparable to the star hotel, the bathroom, bedding are very comfortable, the bed is soft and hard, with a rest area, teapot and so on.
    I cleaned up the dust on my body, took a break, and went to the local specialty snacks at night – the festival.
    Not far from the hotel, there is a place where the old Shaanxi North Festival Store is located, and it takes about 10 minutes to walk. The shape of the old Shaanxi North Festival store is like a cave dwelling. The signboard of the red gold-plated, the door of the semi-arc, the curtain of the old cloth, each reveals the characteristics of the old northern Shaanxi. The shop is not big, there are a few wooden tables, and the simple menu is clearly visible. The prime time is 15 yuan, and the mutton is 20 yuan. There are also lamb and side dishes.
    A kind of 15 kinds of seasonings of staple food is the characteristic of the festival. 15 kinds of spices are leeks, scallions, scallions, Laoshanbei black sauce, ganquan diced, berry oil, sesame salt (be careful not to add more, will be salty) and so on. After finishing the seasoning, a large bowl of soup is served on the table. There are artichokes (potatoes), beans, tofu, tomatoes, etc. in the soup, light and not greasy. It can be used as a soup, or you can join it directly in the festival.
    The staple food was served on the table, with a yellowish color, like a small fish, made of three pea flour, a wheat flour, with the scent of peas. According to your favorite seasonings, you can add it as a noodle soup, or you can pour the soup into a noodle soup. I first tried to use it as a noodles. The taste was very unique and very fragrant. The ingredients I adjusted were not too salty. I added dried beans, mustard, and raspberry oil. The fragrance was very fragrant and the taste was very good. The face is not soft or hard, just right.
    The unique festival, personally like it, such a meal is also a rare experience, after eating and walking back to the hotel, and then the United States and the United States sleep, very good.
    DAY5: Yan’an – Wave Valley – Jingbian
    Breakfast is included in the hotel, and the breakfast buffet also has local characteristics, so you can eat it casually and prepare to set off today.
    Today’s main trip is to go to Jingbian Wave Valley. How can I not go to the revolutionary site in Yan’an? There are many old sites. The Yangjialing Revolutionary Site is on the same route to Jingbian. About half an hour from the hotel Yangjialing, not too many people in the morning.
    Yangjialing revolutionary site does not require tickets, but also thinks that there is no tour guide in the old site. I don’t know why, but I didn’t know which unit’s activities were in the event. A tour guide was explaining, and the commentary was very good. It’s really vivid when I sing. .
    The Yangjialing Revolutionary Site is the former site of the CPC Central Committee and is located 2 kilometers northwest of Yan’an City. From November 1938 to March 1947, Mao Zedong and other central leaders and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China lived here. During this period, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China continued to command the post-war battlefield of the Anti-Japanese War and led the Liberation War. It led the large-scale production movement and the rectification movement, and convened the party’s “Seventh National Congress” and Yan’an Literature and Art Symposium. The Central Auditorium was built here in 1942, and the 7th Congress of the Party was held in the Central Auditorium from April 23 to June 21, 1945. Not far from the gate, you can see a Chinese-Western architecture–the central auditorium. The furnishings in the auditorium still maintain the style of 66 years ago.
    There are also Chairman Mao, Zhu De and others.The cave dwellings are well preserved, the caves are deep, and the winter is very warm.
    From Yangjialing, I went to Jingbian and followed the navigation for about two and a half hours. When I arrived at noon, I watched the surrounding air and didn’t know how to eat. I didn’t expect to turn around. I just saw a farm on the roadside, but I walked. Into no one, only to see the bacon in the hospital, shouted a few times inside, and finally someone responded.
    There are also a lot of people in the peak season. There are few tourists in the off-season, and the boss is lazy. I didn’t expect anyone to come here. Fortunately, there are things to eat, and a few samples of the characteristics of the site, knowing that the north is large, and control it.
    The eight bowls in northern Shaanxi are quite famous. Unfortunately, there are few people, and they don’t dare to order such a meal. The former sea bowl, the pile of chicken, the chicken has been cooked very badly, the taste is not bad, not too salty, but a little bit of firewood.
    The best thing to eat is millet porridge, which weighed ten kilograms of millet. The boss also cooked a bowl and divided the bowl. Let us try the millet in the north of the gorge. It is really delicious, very soft. And has the original millet fragrance.
    Scallion cake, now noodles, now made, add oil, onion, and then into a thin skin, oiled out, very fragrant, but here is a bit hard, lack of a little crisp. Generally speaking, it is relatively cheap, and the average per capita is about 30.
    After eating at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, continue to the wave valley, there is no charge at the wave valley, but the car needs 10 yuan parking fee, as long as the parking is someone to charge. There are three scenic spots in the Wave Valley, which are now protected and can only be enjoyed and photographed outside the fence.
    Jingbian wave valley is located 22 kilometers southeast of Jingbian County, Yanjiazhai, Longzhou Township, commonly known as Yan Zhaizi. Starting from Jingbian County, you can reach Longzhou in half an hour’s drive. The road is all yellow loess slopes. The sand is yellow. You really walk into the loess slope to feel the different scenery.
    The wavy valley on the location is one of the most beautiful spots. After that, there is no need to go to other places. It is already surrounded by the front, and there is a viewing platform, which is very shocking. Unlike the Grand Canyon, it is one on the ground and one in the canyon.
    When I came to the wave valley, I saw that the red stone appeared like a muddy stream, and it was fascinating like a sea wave.
    Going down the fence, the amazing scenery is more, and there is no encirclement, but you need to pay attention to safety. Here you can stay quietly for a long time and admire the different waves created by nature.
    In order to wait for the sunset to go down, we sat quietly waiting for the sunset, waiting for the soft light, under the color of the sun, the wave valley brought a wonderful color, the color became red and melt, some Like a stream, some are like mature wheat waves, each one is amazing, and different angles have different views.
    Time is flowing, and the wave valley changes with the sun. It is getting more beautiful, more and more people, all kinds of self-timers, and the scenery. Actually, I also saw the heart-shaped, nature’s ingenious work, it really makes people praise it. However, there are also people who enjoy the scenery and are immoral. In the wave valley, there are large and small ones to visit here, and some garbage is also thrown everywhere. Since it is the beauty that nature gives, you have to appreciate it without leaving marks.
    Beautiful scenery, say goodbye. On the way back, I saw a card on the road, and got off the bus and looked at the rolling hills. I could imagine the spectacular at that time.
    All the way to enjoy the natural landscape of the loess slope, with the moonlight to the hotel we want to stay inGoing forward, this night we live in Jinjiang Star in Jingbian. Jinjiang Star arrived in nearly an hour.
    The hotel chain is very similar, the room is slightly narrow, but the heating is enough, don’t worry about being cold. Focus on cheap and clean.
    Put down your luggage and go for food. The lamb here is said to be very delicious. I tried to find a hard-boiled piece of Shaanxi in the past, and I thought it was good to grab the lamb. About 700 meters away from the hotel, decided to walk to the place, by the way to enjoy the Jingbian side, watching the small city, under the neon shine, it is extraordinarily lively.
    There are three hard parts in northern Shaanxi, the facade is not big, there is no service staff, it should be the boss wife at the reception, there are two floors, the second floor is very lively, we choose to sit in the first floor of the seat. The northern Shaanxi restaurant has kimchi when it is seated. The stewed lamb has three pounds. The stew is very bad, but it is still quite big. It is a bit unfamiliar. In fact, the taste is not bad. The plain platter is cold dish, the mixture is very refreshing and the taste is not bad. The green beans are not cooked enough, and they are not too hot, and the taste is not very good. Basically, they are not eaten. The meatballs were thought to be meatballs, but the powder was too much. It was steamed and tasted good, but the taste was slightly worse. In general, we are not used to eating.
    After eating, take a walk and walk back to the hotel in the wind, and it will be time to return.
    DAY6: Jingbian – Hukou Waterfall – Yichuan
    There is only one Hukou Waterfall in today’s itinerary, but the distance is relatively far away and it starts earlier. The hotel has no breakfast. After leaving the house, it will drive out. Follow the road to start, see a breakfast shop on the side of the road, still buns and black rice porridge, sent breakfast. It seems that the breakfast here is almost the same every day. Fortunately, I always like this kind of pasta, and the food is not greasy.
    It’s been a long drive to eat breakfast. It takes nearly four hours to reach the Hukou Waterfall. The people who drive are hard.
    At about 12 o’clock, it reached the Hukou Waterfall. There are relatively few tourists in winter, but another Hukou Waterfall is worth seeing.However, it is already lunch time, of course, I still have to fill my stomach. Shaanxi, Shanxi, and a bridge, but there are more restaurants in Shanxi, along the car dealership, came to the last restaurant, watching the popularity is good, so I got together a lot of fun, I did not expect the choice is actually right.
    Mengmen Tucai Fishing Village, you must eat the Yellow River squid here, fresh and freshly cooked, a bit like braised fish, but the meat is very tender, and there is no astringency, but the weight is large, the southern food is small, four People actually didn’t finish eating, it was too weak. The huge gimmick is more than two times larger than the mobile phone, but there is no early tightening, and the original facial scent is missing, and the overall is good. The wild vegetables are super-loving, and the vegetables in the north are super delicious. When you look at the color of the eggs, you know that it is very delicious. If you eat it, you still have the kind of egg flavor that you eat when you were young. This meal is very satisfying, superb, and the boss is very interesting and intimate.
    Of course, you have to choose to go to Hukou Waterfall. Facing the Hukou Waterfall, the left is Shaanxi and the right is Shanxi. The two sides seem to be the same and different. Tickets for Shaanxi, 100, 60-year-olds and old people, half-ticket, the car can drive to the place near the scenic area to stop. Tickets for Shanxi 120, 20 fares for admission, you can choose a way, but it is not far away. Free tickets for senior citizens over 60 years old, free of charge for admission to the park over 70 years old. In the end, I chose Shanxi, and the beautiful beauty of Shaanxi’s ice hanging from Shanxi was just the combination of movement and beauty. However, the scenic area is not big, and about an hour is enough.
    There are not many people in Hukou Waterfall in winter. They can take the characteristics of northern Shaanxi to ride a small donkey and wear red clothes. It is very interesting. One person is 10 yuan. The companion’s little friends are happy to run up and take some beautiful photos.
    The seemingly small water in winter, walking to the mouth of the pot, or the momentum is like a flood, the camera is splashing with water, the sound of the waterfall is still very urgent, and the combination of ice and static has an indescribable beauty, the only regret is that The sky is too gray, and there is no blue sky to make up a lot of beauty.
    The scenic spot is not big, it is very cold for a long time, there is no place to rest, you can’t sit, it is a bit desolate in winter. If you get tired of it, go out.
    At the gate of the Hukou Waterfall returning, many fruits are sold. Apples are delicious and cheap, but they must be picked. When you return to a bag, they are basically bad and very sad. The red dates here are also very sweet, a lot, you can bargain, about 10 yuan a pound.
    From the scenic spot, I live in Yichuan at night, and the journey takes about two hours. There is still no car on the road, very fast to the Yichuan Delin Hotel, watching the hotel is quite big, but the service staff is colder, because it is frozen?
    Put down the luggage and go out to eat dinner, just eat dumplings near the hotel, the price is not high, but unfortunately I really do not get used to it, a little bit of a sandwich, but see the shop people empty the whole bowl, maybe we are really not used to it. But the service attitude is very good.
    The hotel decided to know that it was so bad at night, and it looks pretty good in Yichuan County. In fact, hardware and software will not work. The room smelled of smoke. The central air conditioner in the big winter could not be used. It was said that there was heating. In fact, it was too cold, and it was too cold to sleep at night. The room is colder than the hotel. The faucet only has hot water and no cold water. The hotel explained that it was because cold water could not be used and it was purchased at an additional cost.
    The service attitude of the staff is also relatively cold. At 7:30 in the morning, there is no one at the front desk. It is called a half-day waiter to come out from the inside. It looks like a drowsy. It is a world of difference compared with the stay in other counties in the past few days. It is not recommended to travel to Hukou to stay here.
    DAY7: Yichuan – Yuanjiacun – Xianyang Airport – Xiamen
    [Yuanjiacun traffic information: 1, Xi’an Chengbei Bus Terminal, Chengnan Bus Terminal has a shuttle bus to and from Yuanjia Village every day (about 22 yuan ticket), 40 minutes, can directly reach Yuanjiacun.
    2, Xianyang South Station has a direct bus to Yuanjia Village, every 40 minutes to send a bus, about 45 minutes by car.
    3. Take the long-distance bus to the Liquan County (the ticket is about 10 yuan) at the Xianyang Long-distance Bus Station (the Seventh Factory Cross South), and change the car in the direction of Haze and Beibei in Liquan County to Yuanjiacun. 】
    On the last day of the trip, arrange to eat Shaanxi snacks in Yuanjia Village near the airport, about four hours from Yichuan to Yuanjia Village. Get up at about 7:00, and get ready to go out early.
    In the small alley near the hotel, there was a breakfast, so I chose to have breakfast here and eat the last night’s disappointment. Still ordered the dumplings and black rice porridge. This time, the black rice porridge is relatively thin, although not thick, but very refreshing, with a steamed buns is also good. The dumplings here are all made up, the taste is similar, and the five-yuan cage is also very good. I added a halogen egg today to make up, but it was not too tasty.
    After breakfast, it will take a long four-hour drive. This road is unblocked. I was worried about the rain, and the luck was not bad. Arrived at Yuanjia Village about 11:20 in advance.
    Yuanjiacun does not need tickets, only parking fees, non-weekend time is not lively, there are many shops are not open. Opposite Yuanjiacun Memorial Arch is Tang Baoning Temple. The quaint buildings can be seen for a long time. Due to the time relationship, only a few shots were taken outside.
    Parked the car, directly into the Yuanjia Village from the gate, Yuan Jiacun in the winter looked rather deserted, the red persimmon left on the tree brought some joy. After being transferred from the main entrance, you can see the simple and elegant alleys, the shops on both sides are lined up, and the workshops are row upon row.
    Walking on the antique bluestone board seems to have returned to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Going down the alley without purpose, I couldn’t help but come to Yutang Street. The corner is Shaoxing’s old pub, and the rows of Shaoxing wines are like scenting wine.
    Walking along the street, you can go to an ancient alley and seeHomemade rice noodles, as well as the existing twists, can not help but first come to the roots to taste. Houde twist, which is famous here, a 2 yuan, very large root, is fried with rapeseed, the taste of rapeseed is very heavy, people who do not like this taste may not eat, haw is different from the south, is Salty, the individual still likes it, and packs two belts.
    Along the way, I saw the theater building, the ancestral temple, and the Caishen Temple. I always liked this ancient building very much. Unfortunately, in order to eat, I still didn’t have a taste. I was worried that it was too big to turn around, and I didn’t stay too long.
    Going back to Yutang Street, you will arrive at Huiming Street. There is a shadow of Xi’an Huiming Street. It has not slowed down. However, there are not many shops opened on this road. It may not rest at home on weekends.
    After going through the vinegar and pepper shops, I was attracted by the scent and looked at the fragrant peppers I made. Of course I had to buy one. When I got here, it was also the most lively place on the food street. At this time, there were more people. It was lunch time, so be prepared to have a good time.
    First come to a bowl of hot Hanzhong hot rice, a bowl of 8 yuan, can be spicy or not spicy. When you do it now, you can see that the rice is changed from water to skin. A bowl is not too big. One person eats just right. The rice is very smooth and very light, and the individual is very popular.
    Opposite is Cao Ji meat folder, a 10 yuan, a lot of meat, now baked cake, very crisp, in order to eat more, is a food, half a person.
    Oil (food + it 砣) I really don’t know how to read this name, 10 yuan four, buy it, the outside is the flour skin, the bread is made of rapeseed oil plus various seasonings after mixing the powder, very Interesting, of course, the taste of rapeseed oil is heavy. If you don’t like this taste, don’t try it.
    Yuanjiayi cake, the special snacks here, must be tried, the upper layer is the lower layer of red dates is glutinous rice, steamed to soft and rotten like a cake, like everything, add red dates, jujube flavor, sweet, heavy, very like.
    There are also the characteristics of this hoofed noodles, pig’s feet, meatball soup, etc., seeing the popularity is also very prosperous, but unfortunately the stomach is limited, can only smell incense. I look forward to the opportunity to taste again.
    The price here is generally good, there is a little higher than the urban price, the commercial atmosphere here is already very rich, here is to try the snacks, to see the sights, it is estimated that there is nothing special.
    Going out from the snack street, after a cloth shop, the price is very high, it is OK to take a small walk, follow the road, just stroll around, close to 13 o’clock, the time is almost the same, back to the airport to return the car.
    Yuanjiacun arrived at the airport for about an hour. The road to Yuanjia Village was not particularly good. After a small village, it arrived at the airport about two o’clock, and the formalities were arranged. The car rental company arranged the car to be delivered to the airport at nearly three o’clock. Check in, take a break at the airport, and arrange the time just right.
    The plane of 16:25 is going to say goodbye in Shaanxi and look forward to the next meeting. Close to dinner time, the plane has a meal, tastes good, appreciate the clouds in the air, wait for the sunset, but this sunset is not too much amazing.
    As night falls, Xiamen arrives, and the beautiful and familiar night scene is welcoming the returnees.
    Xiamen to Shaanxi self-driving for seven days, you can be lucky, not only did not encounter the rainy days, even the snow days of the notice did not touch, all the way to safely reach the attractions, in the off-season can enjoy the beauty brought by nature. This time the schedule is more abundant, not in a hurry, slowly taking a good look at a scenic spot, taking a fun, like this leisurely and comfortable journey.

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