[Take the first start] Shenzhen with the sun, taste the summer with taste buds (Shenzhen weekend tour)

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The Shenzhen I contacted is a big city with rapid pace, developed economy and high housing prices. Behind the downtown area, can you find a happy land, get rid of troubles and ambiguity, feel elegance and romance, please follow my lens and enjoy it together. The same Shenzhen.
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    Travel date: July 2017
     Picture preview
     Happy coast
     Happy coast
     Happy coast
     Happy coast
     Shenzhen Bay Park
     Shenzhen Dunhill International Hotel
     Shenzhen Dunhill International Hotel
     Shenzhen Dunhill International Hotel
     Shenzhen Dunhill International Hotel
     Shenzhen Dunhill International Hotel
    [Day1] Guangzhou – Joy Restaurant (Lunch) – Shenzhen Happy Coast – Dunhill International Hotel – Burton Restaurant (Buffet Dinner);
    [Day2] Burton Restaurant (Buffet Breakfast) – Hotel Holiday – Joy Restaurant (Lunch) – Afternoon Tea – Baoan Library – Guangzhou.
     Preparation before the trip
    Most of the fun activities on the Happy Coast are mainly outdoors. It is recommended to take sunscreen measures. Parents with children are advised to bring a set of replacement clothes. There are shoals and fountains. Many children are soaked in the whole body. . In the hotel holiday, of course, there is no need to take a swim, in addition to the need to bring a swimsuit, you also need to wear a swimming cap to launch.
     Happy coast
     Happy coast
     As the new holy place of Shenzhen trend, Happy Coast is located in the core position of Shenzhen Bay Business Circle. It is located between Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Theme Park Group and Binhai Avenue. It has a construction area of ​​1.25 million square meters.It combines various elements such as seaside tourism, leisure and entertainment, and cultural creativity to realize a new business model integrating theme business, fashion entertainment and healthy living. The Happy Coast is built by the sea and is mainly composed of five areas: Happy Coast Shopping Center, Qushui Bay, Coconut Beach, Holiday Apartment and OCT Wetland Park. There are also cinemas, exhibition halls, water show theaters, etc. , clear bar, etc., from the architectural style to the layout of the road, like the modern Xiaolijiang.
    Ticket fee:
    The Happy Coast is open to the public free of charge, but individual tours are subject to additional charges, such as cruise ships, water show theaters, and occasional exhibitions.
    1 Happy Coast Water Show Theater “Deep Blue Secrets”:
    First-class ticket area: 200 yuan; second-class ticket area: 140 yuan; vip ticket area: 300 yuan;
    Performance time: 20:00 every night from Tuesday to Sunday, and about 30 minutes of performance time.
    2 Ocean Wonder House:
    Located on the west side of the second floor of Happy Coast Shopping Center, the ticket price is 60 yuan;
    Business hours: 10:00-18:00 on weekdays, closed at 19:00 on holidays, closed at 13:30 on Monday mornings;
    Sea Lion Theatre performance time: 11:00 on weekdays (except Monday) / 14:00 / 16:00, holidays 11:00/13:00 / 15:00 / 17:00.
    3 Mailu Small Town – Children’s Professional Experience Park:
    Located on the second floor of the Happy Coast Shopping Center, the adult ticket is 50 yuan and the children’s ticket is 180 yuan.
    Business hours: weekdays, 10:00–14:00, Saturdays and holidays: 10:00–14:00, 14:30-18:30.
    4 China Film International Studios: Of course, you have to buy movie tickets for movies, and different fares for different movies.
    5 cruises: the fare is 58 yuan / person, children under 1.2 meters are free.
    6teamLab “Dancing Art Exhibition & Future Amusement Park”:
    Located in the OCT Creative Exhibition Center and Chuangzhan Square, it is regarded as one of the top ten must-see exhibitions in the world. It finally came to Shenzhen. The exhibition time is from 2017.07.08 to 2017.11.30, and the friends who want to see it are hurrying.
    Business hours: 10:00-22:00, the latest admission time is 21:00, the visit time is about 1 hour; the last week of the month is closed on Monday.
    Student ticket/child ticket: 160 yuan; working day ticket: 199; exhibition period ticket: 229.
     Map Description: Simply make a happy coast map, click to view the big picture.
     About transportation
     Shenzhen Bay
    1 Subway: Take Metro Line 9 to Shenzhen Bay Park Station and the Happy Coast is at Exit E.
    2 Bus routes: 80, 339, m347, m453, m463, coastal leisure holiday line, b610, b603, 45, 49, b603, b706
    3 self-driving route:
    A: Dongguan. Guangzhou-Shenzhen direction: Guangzhou Huancheng Expressway – Shenhai Expressway – Shenhai Expressway – Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway (South Head of Nantou Exit) – Nanhai Avenue – Binhai Avenue; B: Zhuhai – Zhongshan – Shenzhen Direction: Guang’ao Expressway – Dongfo Expressway – Shenhai High – Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway – Nanhai Avenue – Binhai Avenue;
    C: Dongguan-Shenzhen direction: Guanshen Expressway-Meiguan Expressway-Huanggang Road-East Coast Road East;
    D: Shantou – Shanwei – Shenzhen direction: Shenhai Expressway – Changshen Expressway – Shuiguan Expressway – Nanping Express – Fulong Road – Xiangmihu Road – westbound Binhai Avenue;
    E: Zhanjiang-Maoming-Yangjiang-Jiangmen-Zhongshan-Shenzhen Direction: Shenhai Expressway-Shenluo Expressway-Pearl River Delta Ring Expressway-Shenluo Expressway-Guangzhou Expressway-Dongfo Expressway-Shenhai Expressway-Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway-Nanhai Avenue – Binhai Avenue;
    F: Meizhou—Heyuan—Huizhou—Shenzhen direction: Changshen Expressway—Shenhai Expressway—Changshen Expressway—Shuiguan Expressway—Nanping Express—Fulong Road—Xiangmihu Road—Westbound Binhai Avenue.
     Accommodation recommendation
    It is recommended to stay at Dunhill International Hotel, which is only 19 kilometers away from Happy Coast. It is located at the intersection of Baoan District Commercial Center, Qianjin 2nd Road and Baotian 1st Road. It is close to 107 National Highway and Guangshen Expressway Baoan Exit, adjacent to Shenzhen Baoan International Airport (about 10 Minutes by car), there are large-scale integrated shopping malls such as Rainbow Shopping Mall and Ganglong City. The transportation and facilities are very convenient. In addition to Western restaurants, Chinese restaurants, spas, luxury KTV, gymnasiums, chess and card rooms, etc., it is even more pleasing to see the sky pool garden on the 4th floor of the hotel, blue swimming pool, green lawn, just like being in Europe. In general, you can enjoy the leisure time in the downtown area without leaving your home.
     Catering recommendation
    1: Joy Restaurant
    Joy Restaurant, located on the third floor of the hotel, provides customers with morning tea, lunch and dinner. The main restaurant is the new Cantonese cuisine. All ingredients refuse to add MSG chicken and focus on the original nutrition. As an indispensable part of Cantonese culture, the morning tea is a great place for us to bring this tradition to us. For example, the horseshoe cake here has crispy skin, which not only has a good taste, but also makes it easier for guests. Before being caught in the bowl, it avoids the “breaking back” on the table. For example, the dish of “His homing” is actually composed of a variety of snacks such as siu mai, crystal dumplings and thin meals. On the two bamboo baskets, it creates a literary atmosphere for the food. In terms of dinner, joy also gave me a different surprise, such as the iron plate black pepper prawns, cooked by the chef on-site, to ensure that the ingredients are presented to the customer with the best taste, in addition, the master chef should take the season to Inspired by fruits and vegetables, it is creatively paired with a variety of dishes to add a special flavor to the hot summer.
    2: Burton Restaurant
    Burton Restaurant, located on the first floor of the hotel, on the right hand side of the lobby, has a unique horizontal design, offering customers a buffet-style international cuisine, such as hot and sour side dishes full of Southeast Asian style, Spanish-style cured ham, French foie gras European desserts and authentic spicy crayfish in Hunan, etc., are not limited to a wide variety of seafood, such as Arctic shellfish, tape, prawns, three-pointed crab, Alaskan long-legged crab, white shrimp, New Zealand green mouth, abalone and so on. Summer vacation is coming, the restaurant launches a food summer camp – “Gourmet Summer Camp Little Chef Growth”, all children who go to the restaurant can personally make hamburgers, pasta, melon rolls, sushi, pizza, etc. A variety of food.
    Consumption profile:
    1 Package 1: 988 yuan / set
    Includes 1 deluxe room + 2 Burton restaurant buffet breakfast + 2 Burton restaurant seafood buffet dinner;
    2 Package 2: 888 yuan / set
    Includes 1 deluxe room + 2 Burton restaurant buffet breakfast + 2 Burton restaurant seafood buffet lunch.
     [DAY 1]
    From Guangzhou, it takes about 1.5 hours to reach the Dunhill International Hotel, first put down your luggage, settle the lunch at the hotel, take a break and then set off on the Happy Coast.
     Today, the weather is fine, and the long-lost blue sky is reappearing. The Dunhill International Hotel is so spectacular and intimate. I love this kind of weather and I love this kind of vacation.
     The hotel’s main door is designed with floor-to-ceiling windows, which are atmospheric and make the interior very light.
     During the day, the hotel lobby basically does not need to turn on the lights. The indoor light is basically provided by natural light. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also creates the most comfortable and eye-catching environment for customers.
     In the evening, thousands of lights illuminate, dazzling crystal chandeliers hang from the roof, and the luxurious marble staircase extends to the second floor with the most graceful gesture, as if walking into the imposing royal palace.
     The front desk checked in for me as quickly as possible. The Indian doorman was already waiting for the baggage handling service, which was very considerate.
     The elevator has a control system, and the floors above the 5th floor need to be swiped to start, making the stay safer and more comfortable.
     Fruits are available free of charge next to the elevator and are guaranteed to be fresh.
     The hotel has a 16-storey building with a total gross floor area of ​​approximately 60,000 square meters. It has 333 luxurious and comfortable guest rooms and suites. This time it is a luxurious suite on the 10th floor. The entire room is carpeted to minimize the external The impact of noise on the room.
    【Luxury Suite】
     Entering the room, the style of Nice from Europe comes to the fore, with white as the keynote, through the soft lines and simple color matching, it is full of romance and warmth, the whole pattern is simple but not simple.
     The suite is generally rectangular in shape, and the division between the functional areas is very clear. The hall has a tea table, digital TV, office desk, and Kung Fu tea is also available to customers.
     The view from the window is good and the outdoor pool is right now.
     The bedroom is still well lit, with comfortable sofas, and the room control system allows you to experience the ubiquitous smart life, in addition to one-button lights and automatic curtains, as well as room air conditioners that automatically turn on when we check in.
     I have always had a high demand for bedding, and Dunhill has adopted a thick mattress that meets the needs of the human body for mechanics, aesthetics, and health, and with soft quilts to create the most comfortable sleeping space.
     There is a safe and thick disposable slippers in the closet.
     The semi-open bathroom greatly enhances the visual space of the room and lets you watch TV on the tub.
     The hotel provides disposable toiletries, the packaging is generous and the quality is satisfactory, while the face towels and bath towels are very clean and stain-free, so it is very safe to use.
     The shower and the smart toilet are separated by wet and dry, the shower has sufficient water pressure, the water temperature is stable, and the shower gel and shampoo have a moderate aroma.
     [Happy Restaurant]
     Come to the joy restaurant on the third floor of the hotel. There are many people who come to drink morning tea on weekends. When you are close to the afternoon market, you need to queue up. If you need a quiet environment, you can choose a private room.
     Joy is very particular about the table manners, and the placement of the tableware is also very professional.
     The crispy horseshoe cake, as I said before, inherits the tradition and breaks through the tradition. After putting on the gorgeous clothes of “crisp skin”, the taste of the horseshoe cake is better.
     Coconut milk bean cake, dessert made from kidney beans, coconut milk, sugar, white jelly, personally think that the taste after refrigeration is better.
     The tidal spring fruit, the first time I tried this snack, is different from the dumplings, and its inset is thicker.
     Sauce Emperor steamed chicken feet, one of the most common snacks in Guangdong morning tea, do not eat chicken feet, come to drink tea, because it is a common and indispensable snack, we use it as a standard to evaluate a restaurant production The good and the bad, the steamed chicken feet here are delicious and juicy, bite down, and the bones and flesh are separated from each other.
     The singular spring rolls, like the fritters in the distance, are actually spring rolls that are invaginated with fresh shrimps. They are eaten with cucumbers and are more chewy.
     Durian Xuemei Niang, which uses fresh durian as a trap, is a very popular dessert for customers. It is recommended to stay at the end.
     Features 焗 combing gel, high-gravity appearance, soft and sweet taste, deeply loved by girls.
     Healthy grain walnut bag is one of the popular snacks of Joy Restaurant. The walnut sandwich inside is filled into your heart like sand.
     Hi, homing, a very literary snack, made up of a variety of snacks such as siu mai, crystal dumplings, and thin meals.
     After trying the snacks, we have a bowl of healthy health soup, green spinach juice, and a delicious chicken soup.
     Iron plate black pepper prawns, one of the most anticipated dishes in this itinerary, is cooked by a beautiful chef. The customers can watch the production process and taste the delicious food as quickly as possible.
     After using the ingredients to make a base, add the fresh shrimp to the top, and finally pour the fragrant juice, and you’re done.
     The cow is soaring, it is the name of the cow. Indeed, this beef is made from the cow’s face and the taste is very tender.
     Iced foie gras, the personal favorite dish, the foie gras returned by French air, the thickness is even, and tastes like chocolate, it really makes people want to stop.
     Braised pigeons, crispy and tender outside, must be tasted hot, and eat one is still unfinished.
     [Happy Coast]
    After lunch, we came to the Happy Coast and started a new journey. I have been to Shenzhen many times, but the Happy Coast is still the first time to go. This time I heard that one of the national must-see exhibitions, teamLab “Dancing Art Exhibition & Future Park” was held here for several months, so I came to play.
     With such a good weather, it’s time to take a look at the blue sky and sunbathe. When you come to the Happy Coast, the first thing that catches your eye is a red-red building. This is the China Film International Cinema. Because of its unique appearance, it has become one of the landmarks of the Happy Coast.
     On the two sides of the studio, there are a variety of food and beverage snacks, and the inside of the main body is a movie theater. Drinks such as cola are slightly more expensive than the outside, and a bottle of Coke is 8 yuan. Want to see what movies can buy tickets online, especially summer files, more customers, it is recommended to book tickets in advance.
     Opposite the studio is the Shenzhen Tourist Information Center, and the DJI Dajiang Innovation Counter is also inside. This diamond-like building is quietly on the square, and it is particularly eye-catching in the sunshine.
     There is a play area in the square, which is more popular with children than the coconut palm beach. The rhythmic fountain is far and near.The moving, cold waters moisturize every child, and they are prepared to put on their swimsuits and chase each other with this “water dragon”.
     What is even more rare is that, while being happy, accompanied by parents, summer needs to be moisturized, and growth is also needed.
     Happy Coast Water Show Theater, covering an area of ​​nearly 10,000 square meters, has a lakeside theater and mangrove background that can accommodate nearly 2,500 people. There is a large multimedia theme water show – “Deep Blue Secrets”, which is jointly organized by Sino-French International Team. Create and use water curtains, fountains, lasers, projections, fireworks, music and other technologies to present a spectacular audio-visual feast to the audience. Because I have to wait until 8:00 in the evening to perform, this is the most indispensable multimedia theme in Asia, but I regret to miss it.
     The cruise ship terminal is operated by Takusui Water Sports. Visitors need to pay to get on board. The price is 58 yuan per person. Children under 1.2 meters are free. Each parent can only take one on board. Visitors can take a boat around the Happy Coast. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the tour takes about 20 minutes. Extension Water Sports is located in Coconut Grove Beach on the Happy Coast. The project is the first project in China with the theme of urban water sports. It covers an area of ​​38,000 square meters and has 130,000 square meters of high-quality waters. It has a coconut capacity of 5,000 people. Forest lawn. When it comes to the extension of water sports, the most popular among young people in Shenzhen is their land surf. This surf simulator simulates the waves by artificial waves. It was originally a training for surfers and has become a popular outdoor exercise. In addition to land surfing, there are wind tunnels, underwater propellers, kayaks, water slides and other entertainment facilities.
     There are a wide variety of restaurants and shops, some of which are antique in appearance, elegant between the bridges and waters, but some are full of European flavor. When night falls, it is a place of passion.
     Happy Coast Shopping Center, since the official operation of Metro Line 9, it has become the farthest corner of the Happy Coast for the public. There are 813 milk tea, Nai Xue tea, OLE supermarket, Ocean Wonderland and Mai Lu Xiaocheng and so on, the holiday is more popular.
     Due to the comfortable internal environment and sufficient air conditioning, many tourists are also attracted to the pastime.
     This space-like flying saucer building is the OCT Creative Exhibition Center.
     This artistic design is definitely related to the exhibition. Yes, it is not regularly held here. It is also known as one of the top 10 must-see exhibitions in the world. teamLab “Dancing Art Exhibition & Future Park” is also held here. The exhibition lasts for more than 4 months and will not be completed until the end of November. Friends who have more time can choose to travel on weekdays, not only the fares are cheap, but also have the opportunity to not line up. Today is Saturday, there are a lot of people coming to watch. There are several long queues outside, and the recommended time for visiting in the museum is 1 hour. Due to my urgency, I can only stop waiting for these things. On the weekends, take a walk by the sea.
     Originally planned to go to Coconut Grove Beach, I accidentally bumped into Shenzhen Bay Park. At this time, the seawater ebbs and tourists walk to the rocky beach for a walk.
     There are many seagulls flying in the distance.
     Some tourists have picnics, poker and fun on the lawn. We also took a break here and drove back to the hotel.
     [Burton Restaurant]
     Dinner is served at the Burton Restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here. It is very popular and it is recommended to make an appointment in advance. At present, the restaurant also has special promotions, buy buffet lunch and dinner coupons in advance, buy one get one free, buy five get six, buy ten get twelve (all gifts include one child coupon); if you pay with a safe bank credit card, you can enjoy The store price is 4.8 fold discount (including service charge). The following is the catering offer
     Buffet lunch: 331 yuan / person from Monday to Friday, 366 yuan / person on Saturday and Sunday;
     Buffet dinner: 446 yuan / person from Sunday to Thursday, 481 yuan / person on Friday and Saturday.
     Seafood is an indispensable part of the buffet. The seafood in the Burton restaurant is both fresh and rich, such as Arctic shellfish, tape, prawns, three-pointed crab, Alaskan long-legged crab, white shrimp, New Zealand green mouth, abalone, etc. Don’t worry There are too many customers and there is a shortage of supply. These are all in an unlimited supply. How much you want to eat, personal favorite is flower snail, wind snail and river prawn, sweet and tender.
     The restaurant features a Japanese cuisine area with a variety of hand rolls and sushi, as well as salmon, squid, and octopus.
     All kinds of cold mixed vegetables, fruits, and cold drinks.
     Spanish-style bacon and ham.
     The grilled area is one of the most popular stalls in the buffet. There are charcoal grilled oysters, fried sea fish, steak, lamb chops, etc. The only downside is that you need to wait in line.
     The summer vacation is over, the restaurant has a special DIY production area for children, children can ask the chef for cooking, and then make cakes, hamburgers and so on. This area also has Haagen-Dazs ice cream, a variety of flavors to choose from.
     The main food area is mainly powder, noodles, rice, vegetables and platters, which is in line with the public’s appetite.
     The taste of the Corrugated area is relatively heavy. It is mainly based on Sichuan and Hunan flavors. It has spicy crayfish, spicy snails, fried shrimp, soy sauce and so on.
     The desserts are also very delicate, with my favorite cheesecake, bite down, and the whole person is immersed in the silky smoothness of the cheese.
     The most surprising thing is that the restaurant specially prepared a foie gras and grilled lobster for each of our customers. This is what temptation. We have already prepared to walk the wall and continue to fight in the name of eating.
     [DAY 2]
     On Sunday, the happiest thing is to wake up to sleep naturally. Of course, proper exercise is a must. Put on Bennyny and go to the sky pool garden on the 4th floor of the hotel.
     The poolside garden covers an area of ​​2,000 square meters and can accommodate up to 100 guests. The garden lawn table has several garden tables, and the romantic arches made of flowers make you feel like you are in a European garden. It is a good place to hold various parties and is a great place to hold Western wedding banquets.
     There is a 25m long standard swimming pool and a small jacuzzi next to it, which is a good choice for both stretching and relaxation.
     The theory of vacations does vary from person to person. Some people feel that they need attractions and programs. For me, there is no time constraint and no travel restrictions to achieve a common vacation.
     At the end of the swimming session, I came to the Burton Restaurant for a buffet breakfast. The variety of dishes is still very rich. My friends let me try to eat lighter, because I have to taste a variety of delicious dishes for lunch.
    [Deluxe Single Room]
     Compared with the luxury suite I live in, this room type is more square and has good lighting. Natural light can be found in the bathroom from the window.
    【Executive Suite】
     The space is very large, the hall can accommodate many people, and the bedroom is equivalent to the luxurious single room in front.
    【presidential suite】
     The Presidential Suite is located on the top floor. There is only one family out of the elevator, covering an area of ​​more than 600 square meters. There is a gym, tea room, office, deluxe hall, 3 suites, sauna room, cloakroom, etc., with a personal butler service. Whether it is horizontal or service, it shows the royal atmosphere.
    [Banquet Center]
     The international banquet center is located on the second floor of the hotel. It is 11 meters high and covers an area of ​​1,500 square meters. It can accommodate up to 1000 guests. The stage is equipped with a 60 m2 large LED display. It is very atmospheric. There are also 6 VIP rooms and boardrooms of different specifications, all equipped with advanced business facilities and audio-visual equipment.
    【Wellness Center】
     The wellness centre is located on the fourth floor of the hotel and is on the same floor as the poolside garden. There is a gym, chess room, spa and more.
    [Happy 8888 Room]
     Lunch is served in the most luxurious private dining room of the Joy Restaurant, which is equipped with a fully automatic rotating platform for a more convenient meal. Inspired by fruits and vegetables, this dish is creatively paired with a variety of dishes. We did not hesitate to order the following dishes.
     Pineapple boat chicken ball, this dish is also a test of craftsmanship, including the shape of pineapple and the painting of the big tree on the plate. When it comes to the connotation of this dish, I think it is quite in line with the theme of summer fruits and vegetables, pineapple. It is sour and sweet, and brings its essence into the chicken, which makes people feel good.
     West lime stone plaque, lemon with lemon, pine oil, eucalyptus flavor, makes the fat stone spotted meat a better entrance, eat but not greasy.
     The black rice and shrimp balls are shaped like open shells. The fried black rice is matched with the fresh prawns and the taste is different.
     Coconut green curry with steamed buns, coconut milk is the best partner for curry, with fresh shrimp, shellfish, colored peppers, etc., with sufficient weight and strong taste.
     Strawberry jade pig meat, very colorful match, delicious and summer heat.
     The new Paiqi orange bone, sweet and sour, oily but not greasy.
     Cucumber seedlings black truffle conch slices, young cucumber seedlings are sweet and crisp, with black truffles with higher nutritional value.
    【Lobby Lounge Afternoon Tea】
    After the check-out in the afternoon, we will continue to come to the lobby on the first floor to taste the English afternoon tea produced by the hotel. Speaking of afternoon tea, it is not just for eating. For us who love to send friends, it is a fine art, can see, can eat, from the visual to the taste are pleasing to the eye.
     [Baoan Library]
     When I returned to Guangzhou, I also went to the Baoan Library. I originally wanted to go to the Baoan Urban Planning Exhibition Hall on the second and third floors. The area is about 5,000 square meters. It is the largest district-level urban planning exhibition hall in the city. Unfortunately, it happened. Closed, you can only eat closed doors.
     Bao’an Library is located at No. 1, Baoxing Road, Bao’an District, opposite the Waterfront Plaza. Take Metro Line 5 (Circle Central Line) to Baohua Station, and Exit D for about 200 meters.
     Can’t enter the exhibition hall, but we walked around casually, the library is very quiet, the first floor is the reading room, the donation exchange center, the study room, the 24-hour self-service library, etc. The opening hours vary from region to region, including the study room. The opening hours are from 7:30 to 22:00 Monday to Sunday; the second floor is the book borrowing area, which is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 21:00; Baoan District Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is mainly distributed in Baoan District. The second and second mezzanine and three floors of the west wing of the pavilion will be officially opened to the public on November 11, 2016. The pavilion features design features of the coastal area, which is divided into Lingnan Ancient Temple, Spring Legend, Shanchuan Jixiu, and Mingcheng Huazhang. The five theme areas of Binhai Dreams combine a variety of modern high-tech elements to give visitors a better understanding of Baoan’s past, present and future.
     The two-day and one-night journey ended perfectly. Thank you for reading. Like I like to eat, I can follow my Sina Weibo @大翼同学.
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