[Take the first start] Walk around the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, experience the Miao customs, see the lights of the family ~

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When I talked about Guizhou in the past, everyone would think of Huangguoshu Waterfall first. But for my big Sichuan, Huangguoshu is very beautiful, but it is not the special one. If there is a different style, it must be located in the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village in southeastern Yunnan, one of the largest Miao inhabited villages in China and the world. Wandering in the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, the taste of the Miao people’s humanities and customs, the food here makes me linger, and fortunate enough to see a visit to the party.
     D1 Chengdu~Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village
    Take a flight to Kaili, then take a bus to Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village. When I arrived in the middle of the night, I went to the hotel to rest directly.
     D2 Langde Shangzhai
    When I got up in the morning, I went to the balcony and instantly surprised my eyes. My room is an excellent viewing platform. I haven’t started to experience the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, I have already seen its beauty.
    After breakfast, go to Langde Shangzhai, a more simple and more original Miao Village, tickets for 60 yuan. There are only a hundred people here, and the Olympic torch has been passed here. It is more able to experience the original Miaozhai life.
     Barrier wine
    Entering Langde Shangzhai, there will be “12 channels of wine.” This is an ancient welcome custom, and it is also the most grand and best performance of Miao. There are 12 links along the path of entering the village. There are two or three Miao women in each section holding a horn cup. When guests pass, they must drink a few mouthfuls.
    Near the village, more than a dozen elderly Miao Village men played the reed welcome song.
     Dragon Festival performance
    Going up the stone road to the big reed field in the center of Langde Shangzhai, the daily costume show is here, we watched a grand performance of the Dragon Festival.
    The Dragon Festival is a unique folk activity in the Miao area. It is once in 13 years, just like the Chastity Festival. The Miao compatriots regard the dragon as the god of the wind and rain, as a disaster relief, prayerIn the coming year, good luck, good weather, good harvest, good health, and wealth.
     Catch the fish
    After lunch, Langde’s rice fields in Shangzhai launched a fierce competition for catching fish in the fields, which is a farming culture with a very southeastern characteristic. Two people are a group, and the caught fish can be used to make a hundred-pot dinner at night.
    This gesture is also spelled!
    Full of a basket of fish posing, it seems that there is something to eat at night.
     Making a hundred pots
    In the evening, everyone came to the river and started a “hundred pot banquet” using the fish that they had caught. Wash pots, kill fish, wash vegetables, cut meat, and chop firewood. . . Everyone did their job and completed a big meal together.
    Langde Shangzhai is not big, but it is very original. If you are not in a hurry, you can stay in the stockade for one night and feel the most simple and natural life of Miao. In this fast-paced life, it is so simple to enjoy the meticulous life that is slowed down, simple and beautiful.
     D3 Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village
    When I opened the curtains in the morning, I saw a rainbow at the bedside. The good mood of the day began.
    This day is a leisure day, staying in the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village all day, and feel the ancient Miao Village. The main streets are very prosperous, and it is very convenient to eat, drink, play and enjoy.
    Several elderly people are embroidering, which is said to be spontaneously organized every day.
    I really like these small things with ethnic characteristics.
     Xijiang Miao Museum
    The Xijiang Miao Museum is a branch of the Chinese National Museum. There are 11 halls in history, life, religion, medicine, costumes, song and dance, and farming. If you are interested, you can browse for free. It is an important window to understand the history and culture of the Miao people.
    The museum encountered a little girl painting, the style of this painting is also very cartoon!
     Observation deck
    You can see the panoramic view of Miao Village on the viewing platform, you can take the battery car. However, I didn’t know that the viewing platform’s vision was occluded, not the best, and there was no good location for the hotel we stayed in.
     Yingge Ancient Lane
    Yingge is the meaning of a small alley in Miao language. It came to the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village. If you don’t come to the ancient alley, you will be white. It includes the culture and characteristics of the Miao people, and it can feel the passing of time.
    【Batik Workshop】
    Batik can experience the batik tie dye in person. Tie-dye is a traditional and unique dyeing process in which the fabric is partially ligated during dyeing so that it cannot be colored. Batik is a wax knife, wax, wax on the cloth, and then dipped in blue enamel, the cloth surface shows a variety of blue-white or white-blue flowers.In the dip dyeing, the wax naturally cracks, giving the cloth a special “ice pattern”.
    [Ancient papermaking experience]
    Papermaking is one of the four great inventions in ancient China. Here, there is still an ancient papermaking technique that uses bark as raw material.
    The experience is relatively simple, just a few minutes. Stir the pulp with a small spoon, then insert the bamboo board obliquely into the pulp water, rock it back and forth and then flat it out. Place the decorations such as leaves on the filtered pulp and gently pour the pulp water with a small spoon. It takes about two days to dry, and it will be sent after drying.
    Some finished products
    The Miao ancient songs are very rich in content, involving all aspects of the Miao life, and most of the singers are elderly.
    [Yuan Xijiang]
    There is a pond in the middle of the alley, with a sculpture in the middle, representing the early Miao ancestors who arrived in the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village.
    Very special name, the meaning of the girl’s wardrobe, a shop that rents a nursery. The price is slightly more expensive than the outside. It costs 20 yuan and half an hour, and it costs 30 yuan and a half hours, but the clothes are more beautiful and the style is more unique.
    There are still rehearsals outside the door, maybe the next version will be available next time.
    The Miao nationality is a nationality living in the mountains. The history of planting tea and drinking tea has a long history. The Leigong mountain tea produced by the company uses one bud and one leaf, one bud and two leaves to show fresh leaves as raw materials, and is made by combining mechanical and manual.
    Leigongshan tea mainly includes three types of Qingming tea, silver ball tea and Kuding tea, among which silver ball tea is the most famous.
    Silver ball tea is a sphere, one cup per drink, brewed with boiling water, the sphere is slowly stretched in the cup, and the fragrance is long after drinking.
    There are also Miao embroidery shop, Miaojia Sanbao shop, Laoyinzhuang, Miaojiatun shop, wine shop, Leishan fish sauce shop, Miaojia bawei shop, etc. If you have time, you can feel it slowly.
     Pastoral sightseeing area
    The Miao nationality is a nation that grows rice. The area of ​​this idyllic area is more than 400 acres. The Xijiang Miao family has been farming here for generations.
    The simple love of “male farming and weaving” is experienced here.
     Afternoon tea
    After a day of strolling, I was a little tired. Finally I had time to calm down for a cup of tea and a little watermelon. Have to have Amway about the cloud. Fengling Night Resort Hotel, the location is simply a good bar, here is opposite Miao Village, seeing the panorama more than the viewing platform.
     night view
    The night of the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village is lively. As the sky becomes darker and darker, Miao Village becomes the ocean of lights, and the lights are brilliant and unforgettable.
     D4 Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village ~ Chengdu
     Miao people’s parade
    The tour party, that is, “find the object”, commonly known as “shake horse”, is the young Miao nationality men and women gathered in the field, the creek and other quiet environments to communicate, love songs, mutual gifts, etc., make friends Choose the custom of a life partner. This is an ancient and romantic festival that can be used for pure love.
    Every year, Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village will hold a tour party event, and the selected whole course will be free to receive. Single men and women from all over the country gather in Xijiang to find their own love. This year is already the sixth year, and I am fortunate to have seen a large-scale costume parade.
    On the way, there will be candy, everyone will be snapped up, and even upstairs is no exception.
    Look at me and grab a lot.
    If you meet a child, you will hang a red egg around his neck.
     Renting clothes
    The parade ended in about 40 minutes. Before leaving Xijiang, I rented a set of seedlings to wear. The main street of the tour passes through the wind and rain bridge to the National Arts and Crafts Street. There are a row of various Miao costumes for renting photos, 10 yuan / 30~40 minutes.
     Return to Chengdu
     About eating
    [Country Farmhouse Noodle Restaurant]
    The original “Zhou Xiaomei” family, his family can be said to be well known, to queue up to have a position. Qingshuiyuan soup is a soup base stewed with fresh and high quality beef and mutton. The soup is fragrant and not oily.
    Address: Xijiang Qianhu Miaozhai Ancient Street, Lujiekou Health Center, Credit Union, Post Office
    [Five-colored glutinous rice]
    Commonly known as the five-color rice. Choose high-quality glutinous rice, pick purple vine, yellow flower, maple leaf, red and blue (red silk thread), soak the liquid, mix with glutinous rice, and then steam and steam, the color is colorful, symbolizing the beautiful life.
    Recommended: Tang Ji
    Address: Booth No. 100, No. 4, Miaozhai Snack Street, Xijiang Qianhu (No. 4 Fengyuqiaokou)
    Fresh hand snoring, soft sputum, sweet and full of non-stick teeth.
    Select the soy bean refining, use acid brine to add, add organic fungi, make good sour soup tofu, after 5 days of fermentation, the fermented tofu is more nutritious than the stinky tofu.
    Recommended: Yang Ke Mao Tofu
    Address: No. 97 booth of Qianjiang Miaozhai Snack Street, Xijiang
    [long table feast]
    The Miao long table feast is the highest form and grand ceremony of the Miao banquet. Come to Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, you must experience it once.
    “Come to the first wine tasting in Miaoxiang, you like to drink, do not like to drink, do you like to drink if you like it…” There will be Miao girls singing Miao songs to toast, the atmosphere is lively This way of toasting is called “high mountain water.” Usually, a girl puts a bowl of rice wine on her hands and hands it to the guest’s mouth. The guest can’t touch the wine bowl with her hands and is fed by the Miao girl.
    【Sour soup fish, sour soup beef】
    It can be said that it is the signature of Xijiang. Usually you can make sour soup first, then fish orBeef is cooked in sour soup. Slightly sour, fragrant, refreshing and refreshing.
    [drum meat]
    Drumming meat is a dish of the most cultural taste. It is said that it takes 13 years to eat it once. The meat is fat and not greasy.
    [bamboo rice]
    In the middle of the bamboo tube rice is glutinous rice, the ends are meat, and it tastes sweet and delicious.
     About accommodation
    There are many accommodations in Xijiang, hotels, B&Bs, youth hostels, etc., which can be chosen according to your needs. The two cats that have been fattened by the cat feel pretty good, recommend it to everyone.
    [Cloud. Maple Night Hotel]
    The hotel is located on the hillside of the observation deck. The location is excellent. It is directly opposite the Miao Village. The battery car that can sit on the sightseeing platform is at the entrance of the hotel. The lobby of the hotel is also a viewing platform where you can have a tea chat. The rooms are simple and natural, and you can see the lights on the opposite side of the mountain, and the price is very high.
    Address: next to the ancient well of Miao Village in Qianjiang, Xijiang
    Tel: 0855-3332588
    The cloud is in the Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village and there is a store on the viewing platform. The name is Cloud. The Moon Pavilion is also very suitable.
    [Impression Xijiang Resort Hotel]
    The first night of the cat fat stay, the room is made of wood and has a balcony with a good view, but it takes a long walk to get there.
    It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a viewing room, every floor has a viewing platform.
    You can also see the panorama when you have breakfast. The only fly in the ointment is that breakfast is simpler.
    Address: 100 meters on the lower right side of the Xijiang Qianhu Miaozhai Observation Deck
    Tel: 0855-3345666
     About transportation
    Arrival by plane or train
    Kaili has convenient transportation and is only a 38-minute high-speed train ride from Guiyang. Kaili City is about 35km away from Xijiang. There is a passenger bus (one hour and one class) to and from Xijiang at Kaili Tama River Passenger Transport Station. Tourists who get off from Kaili Station and Kaili South Station are recommended to go carpooling or chartered. Carpool Station is about 30 yuan/person, and Kaili High-speed Railway South Station is about 40 yuan/person.
    Arriving by car
    Kailei Expressway directly to the Xijiang Scenic Area, about 10 minutes after the Xijiang Toll Station is under the high speed, arrive at the Ximen Parking Lot in the scenic spot. Take a shuttle bus or walk to the Ximen Tourist Service Center of the scenic spot to buy a ticket to enter the scenic spot from Ximen. Arrive at Ximen Parking Lot and go straight down the mountain (3KM) according to the signs. Arrive at the North Gate Parking Lot. The North Gate Parking Lot is closer to the scenic spot. Buy tickets from the North Gate to enter the scenic spot. If you take the National Road (three trees ~ Longxi Road), you will first arrive at the North Gate parking lot.

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