[Take the first start] Walk through the Zengcheng Greenway Let the children experience the rural wilderness.

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    Cycling, fruit picking, play and play… This fall, the Zengcheng Greenway parent-child tour has become a new way for parents to take their children over the weekend.
    Itinerary details
    DAY1: Xiaolou Renjia Scenic Area – Liantang Spring Scenic Area – He Xiangu Scenic Area – Baishuizhai Scenic Area – Live: Liantang Impression Park, with a total length of 45 kilometers;
    DAY2: Liantang? Impression Park, return
    Route 1: (1.5 hours)? Guangzhou District → Guangzhou North Ring Expressway → Guanghe River Expressway → Lashio Exit.
    Xiaolou Town to Baishui Village can take the high speed, the time is 38 minutes, the cost is 11 yuan.
    [Photographic equipment]
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     Stroll through the Zengcheng Greenway and let the children experience the rural wilderness
    Zengcheng Greenway is known as the “most beautiful greenway” and is well-placed for riverside, forest and field trips. The whole journey is 513 kilometers. There are different routes such as suburban ecological greenway, natural oxygen bar greenway and hot spring health greenway. It is full of pastoral scenery and is very suitable for autumn riding.
    On Sunday, with the baby participated in the Guangzhou Zengcheng Tourism Development Center and Shenzhen Shanxin Culture Co., Ltd. co-sponsored to launch the “Zengcheng Greenway to enjoy the tour” 2018 Zengcheng Greenway parent-child interactive hiking activities, the harvest is quite a lot, the children also enjoy Happy time, the following details…….
    There are three ways to visit the greenway: self-driving, cycling and hiking. Yesterday we experienced all three ways in one day. I found that riding is most loved by my baby.
    Puppy of the angler next to the greenway
    Greenway riding, a new way for parents and children to spend the weekend
    Zengcheng is the pioneer of the national greenway construction. The greenway has been built to account for a quarter of the total length of the Pearl River Delta Greenway. The bicycle greenway is 250 kilometers long, from the urban area to the Baishuizhai Scenic Area in the northern suburbs of Zengcheng and the Huxin Island Scenic Area. In 2008, the bicycle greenway was rated as the “Best Leisure Discovery” by the China Leisure Care Awards Jury. Grand prize.”
    The riding greenway is divided into four sections, each of which has its own characteristics. The southern section of the Yangtze River has a panoramic view of the river, the middle section of the small building, the poetic garden, the northern section to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the eastern section to feel the European style.
    Greenway riding, which relies on Greenway Network, has become a fashionable and low-carbon fitness and leisure method. It is a new way for many parents in Guangzhou to take their children over the weekend. It also attracts many tourists from the Pearl River Delta to visit Zengcheng Village for sightseeing.
    Tips: Bicycle Rental: There are several car rental stations in Baishuizhai, Qiaotou and Liantang along the Zengcheng Greenway. Leisure station rental bicycles, single, double, triple, and four-person bicycles, you can choose according to your preferences.
    Best play advice: Almost every farmhouse here offers a free bike ride for dinner. Self-driving friends can first determine the noon dining place, park in the restaurant, and then their bikes are the most cost-effective way to travel the greenway.
    Of course, parent-child strolling is also a good way to travel on the green road. Walking on the winding road, enjoying the fresh air brought by nature, the eyes are all green, carefully washing the lungs and feeling comfortable. Some tourists are famous: natural oxygen!
    This hydrophilic greenway, because the greenway is close to Zengjiang, the bamboo forest green river is accompanied by it, whether it is sitting or strolling, the trees on both sides are lush, and it is not hot or dry in the forest. It is summer vacation in summer and autumn. Ground.
    Metasequoia next to the greenway
    Country-style food, fun-loving parent-child picking
    The green road occasionally passes through the villages and towns. The children are hungry fast. You can try the local villagers to make the spring water tofu flowers. There are two kinds of soybeans and black beans. The tofu is smooth, sweet and delicious, and the honey taste is better.
    In the fields, you can also see rows of neatly arranged sugar cane gardens. Today’s official sugar cane market is a good time. The sweetness of sugar cane is determined by the intensity of light. It is said that the light here is suitable for the growth of crops and cash crops. Different crops can be planted every season, and the yield is very high.
    Along the greenway, there will be many crops planted by the villagers, such as papaya, hazelnuts, grapes, sweet potatoes, black mulberry, dragon fruit, etc., as well as various seasonal vegetables.
    Sweet potato field
    Einstein said that nature is the best teacher. He can seize the opportunity to teach children more about crops, to be entertaining and entertaining during his travels. Children have great interests and deep memories, which can bring more inspiration to children.
    Being close to nature and experiencing farming fun is the theme of this weekend’s parent-child tour; the current grape is a good time to mature, so it is best to bring your baby into the vineyard experience picking project.
    The picking area is very large, and various fruits such as dragon fruit are planted. The seedlings are sliced, the fruits are fragrant, and the grape growing area is in the innermost part of the picking garden.
    Tips: At the entrance, the children will receive their own plastic basket and scissors. After the harvest, the grapes are weighed and weighed.
    Parent-child travel is a very good way for children and parents to promote parent-child relationships. Occasionally attending a group parent-child trip can make our children feel the joy of group activities and the joy of their parents.
     Can Qiu Qiu meat also bring a baby? Autumn tour like this!
    Autumn is the time to grow up, it can not only pick up meat but also a good place to take the baby. Let’s recommend the most beautiful green road in the suburbs, and ride to Qiuqiu!
    This is known as the most beautiful “Zengcheng Greenway” in the Pearl River Delta, which integrates the scenery along the Yangtze River, farm scenery, rural scenery and mountain scenery;
    By taking the bicycle fitness greenway as the “line”, the core scenic spots along the Baishuizhai, Liantang Spring, Xiaolou Renjia, Liantang Spring and Zengjiang Gallery will be connected together. A tourist station will be set up along the way, with many people and toilets. Line instructions, catering and bicycle services are available.
    The autumn is getting stronger and the weather is cool, it is a season suitable for outings. At this time, Baishui Village has a different meaning in the autumn.
    As one of the core landscapes on Zengcheng Greenway, Baishui Village is the best place for family fun. Whether it is “walking” on the boardwalk or taking a walk by the lake, the lake reflects the mountains and the mountains cover the blue sky. The feelings during the period are suitable for all ages and elegance.
    Along the mountain stream, there are many strange and cute cartoon paintings along the stream.
    Baishui Village Scenic Area is known as the magnificent emerald on the Tropic of Cancer. It is a mountain-like scenic spot. The mountains in the scenic area are steep and the peaks are tall and straight, especially the burdocks in which the mountains are steep, the mountains are in danger and the dangers are in one.
    Video to experience the beauty of Baishuizhai and Zengcheng Greenway!
    The most eye-catching Baishuixian Waterfall is the largest waterfall in China, which is a drop of more than 400 meters. According to legend, it was formed by the hand of the Eight Immortals crossing the sea and the handcuffs thrown by He Xiangu in the sky.
    And Baishuizhai Qifeng Xiuqi, also known as “Tiannan First Ladder”, a total of 9999 climbing steps, followed by “Xunxian”, “Yi Jing”, “Knowledge”, “Range”, “Warrior”, “Dengfeng” Paragraph, it can be said that climbing Baishui Village is definitely one of the best places to exercise your willpower and cultivate your child’s strong character.
    Zengcheng Hang Green, Xiang Gu’s hometown has made Zengcheng widely known as the world, and Baishuixian Waterfall has experienced another original beauty of Zengcheng. The scenic area has rare natural ecological resources such as virgin forests and canyons. After climbing the summit, you can get a panoramic view of the mountains and more than 100,000 mu of natural forests.
    The newly built parent-child plankwalk is a wonderful place for family and children to explore the wildness of the mountains. The log path stretches along the streams and waterfalls, and is close to nature and away from the noise.
    During the mountaineering process, you can feel the waterfalls lingering at a close distance, and the powerful water vapor impacts the refreshing pleasure brought by the face.
    The flowing water, the hustle and bustle of the mountains, all the scenery changes with the changes of footsteps, relax and body.
    Hungry, you can go down the mountain to taste the local specialties, and enjoy the tip of the tongue.
    There are a lot of orchards at the foot of the mountain to provide farmhouse services. In a lychee forest orchard, we tasted a very authentic “papaya stew orchard walking chicken soup”. This is a chicken and two chickens, chicken and chicken racks and freshly picked papaya soup. Very sweet! I even drank five bowls that night.
    Red onion steamed orchard chicken Because the chicken is usually stocked in the orchard, usually you will find some cockroaches and small worms to supplement the nutrition, so the meat is very good, without adding any ingredients, it will be delicious when cooked, the chicken taste is strong, good eat!
    Wanjia Hostel is a rural tourism that develops green, green and oasis in Zengcheng, and promotes the project of increasing farmers’ income. This orchard also took out idle houses to make a homestay and became a part of Wanjia Hostel. The landscape of his house is the biggest feature. Outside the window is the invincible lychee forest. There is a hidden feeling in the living.
    If you come to live in Lishichi in June and July, you will be able to eat freshly and simmered in the garden. Think about how cool it will be.
    There is a water green road in Zengjiang Gallery along Zengjiang. The Zengjiang Gallery is composed of the east and west sides. Along with the flowers of the four sides of the Yangtze River all year round, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scene of “One River Spring Water Drunken Tourists, Cross-Strait Baihua Wangxiang Township”. The Zengjiang Gallery has a beautiful scenery, with blue waves during the day and neon reflections at night. It is really a real feeling that “the ship is in the water and people are in the middle of the painting.”
    A green road, like a scenic line, connects Zengcheng’s modern urban customs with natural landscapes, farmhouse customs, special foods, historical humanities, pastoral scenery, orchard red dragonflies, bamboo forest trails, and other special elements. Colorful urban style.
     Refuse to change lazy cats in autumn and winter? Deep ecological village tour
    Entering the fall, there is no heat, the weather is pleasant, it is a very suitable season for travel. On weekends, if you don’t want to go too far, you can try out the outskirts of Guangzhou. Zengcheng experiences the rural life of the village, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and slowly spend two days of leisurely days…
    Zengcheng Greenway is the longest, most beautiful and safest greenway network in China. Taking advantage of the landscape and beautiful ecological resources, it has built a 200-km self-driving tour, a 335-kilometer bicycle leisure fitness tour, and a 50-km Zengjiang Gallery water upstream greenway network.
    On the weekend, after the fun test, I will send you a guide to the route of the Zengcheng Greenway Essence section. The line will connect the Xiaolou People’s Scenic Spot, Liantang Impression, Hexiangu Scenic Spot and Baishuizhai Scenic Spot once in a row. The friends who like it are rushing under MARK.
     The episode of the essence of the ancient architecture art of Lingnan
    The historical site is located in Labu Village, Xiaolou Town, Zengcheng. It is the only building of three religions in Guangdong, representing Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.
    It was the 18th year of Ming Hongwu (1385), and the local villagers built the emperor’s imperial decree to enshrine the village’s military commander Lai Yuqing as a national martial art.
    The stone carvings, gray carvings, wood carvings, murals and eaves in the temple are engraved with various patterns and characters, reflecting the Lingnan artistic attainments and its rich religious colors.
    The whole ancient temple is divided into three parts: the newspaper Deyi, the Cangju Temple and the Jingxing Tower. Supported by wooden beams to the top of the temple, it is amazing that the entire ancient temple did not use a nail. Can not help but sigh the ancient architecture of the advanced skills.
    It is part of the Xiaolou people’s scenic spot. It is free to visit. The small building is a combination of Lingnan pastoral scenery and Guangfu rural customs. The cultural heritage is profound and worth visiting.
     One of the eight scenic spots in Zengcheng: Xiaolou Xianyuan
    He Xiangu Tourism Scenic Area, also known as Xiaolou Xianyuan, is one of the eight scenic spots in Zengcheng. Located in Xiaolou Market, Xiaolou Town, Zengcheng District. The scenic spot belongs to the religious and cultural scenic spot, with unique human resources and long cultural history. It is the hometown of the only female fairy, He Xiangu, among the Chinese Taoist “Eight Immortals”.
    The main attractions are He Xian Gu Jia Temple, He Xiangu Bell Tower, Xianren Cave, Miaoding Xiantao, He Xiangu Pagoda, and He Xiangu’s Hometown.
     Baishui Village, the largest waterfall in China
    Baishui Village has the only hydrophilic plank road built by sea boat and the longest hiking trail in Guangdong, “Tiannan First Ladder”. It has always been an ecological leisure resort favored by the Pearl River Delta citizens.
    Most parents prefer a deep experience of travel, and they want to bring their children to experience fun and education;
    In the Jinshan Geological Museum in Baishuizhai, a variety of fossils of animals and plants are displayed, including dinosaur skeletons, small shells, and trilobites, which can enrich children’s vision;
     Impression of Liantang–The largest self-driving camp in South China
    Liantang Impression is China’s first comprehensive scenic spot with car self-driving as the core. In Guangzhou, this one only offers luxury car experience B&B.
    Each RV has 3040 square meters of private lawn, and the RV is fully available. From the bar to the bathroom to the bed, there is no need to worry about living and eating. A car can accommodate up to 6 people.
    This type of RV leisure holiday is very popular in foreign countries. I used to go to Australia for a long time. For various reasons, I have never had the opportunity to experience it. Now come here to experience it, it is really fun.
    The Liantang Spring Scenic Spot, where the RV Camp is located, is located at the center of Zengcheng Greenway. It is the first place for Zengcheng to open greenway tourism. It is surrounded by natural resources and is connected to the artificial beach scenic spot of Zengjiang Gallery and the Baitanzhai Scenic Spot. There are two main roads in the green lane of Liantang Village, one is along the Zengjiang River and the other is through the Wulan Garden. It is distributed in the lotus ponds, cherry blossom gardens, vineyards, olive groves, bamboo forests and lychee forests of Liantang Village. Connected together, everywhere.
    Liancheng Liantang Village uses the greenway as a carrier to develop the farmhouse industry, transform its own idle housing, operate Wanjia Hostel, and promote the development of rural tourism. In addition, the green road of Liantang Village is also integrated with the surrounding villages to create a greenway sightseeing eco-tourism resort with waterfront leisure sightseeing, farmhouse experience and fitness walking. It will take greenway tour to help Zengcheng rural revitalization.
     RV interior
     RV interior
    In Zengcheng, visitors can taste silk rice and a variety of specialties from the township; breathe in the fresh air and enjoyTo the beautiful natural scenery and the ever-changing urban and rural style; realize the hospitality of the people of the township. Whether it is a leisure vacation or sightseeing, you can feel the harmony, coordination and elegance of a modern civilization and natural ecology, history and culture.
     RV interior
    The whole route design is based on family short-distance travel. It is suitable for both young and old-fashioned children. By participating in the greenway riding, climbing activities to enhance the tacit understanding with the members and create more memories to gain happiness.
     RV exterior
    Recommended tour route: Xiaolou people’s scenic spot – Liantang spring scenic spot – He Xiangu scenic spot – Baishuizhai scenic spot – live: Liantang Impression Park, 45 kilometers in length; Xiaolou Town to Baishui Village can take high speed, time is 38 minute.
     Food articles:
    In Zengcheng, visitors can taste silk seedlings and a variety of specialties in the township; breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the beautiful natural ecological scenery and the ever-changing urban and rural style; realize the hospitality of the people of the township. Whether it is a leisure vacation or sightseeing, you can feel the harmony, coordination and elegance of a modern civilization and natural ecology, history and culture.
    In this boutique line, there are two kinds of foods, such as late vegetables and black skin melon, which are not to be missed.
    Chicai heart, also known as the high-footed heart, is a specialty vegetable variety that is well-known in Guangdong Zengcheng. It is known as the king of vegetables and the crown of the heart of the cuisine. From the end of November to the middle of January, the mid-January is the season when Zengcheng is late for the market. The famous Chinese cuisine is produced in Xiaolou Town, and its best taste period is only 45 days.
    Zengcheng Chicai Cabbage is fresh and tender, sweet and refreshing, and has a unique flavor. It is known as the “king of the heart of vegetables” and the “crown of dishes”.
    There are countless history and honors bearing the Zengcheng late cuisine heart, it can be said that every year the food festival will be squeezed!
    There is also a small building full of winter melon, where the black skin melon is very big, the meat is sweet and refreshing, and it can be kept for a long time. There are many types of dishes that can be made with winter melon. The locals eat much more and eat research.
    Family tourism plays a vital role in promoting emotional exchanges and improving family well-being. Zengcheng Greenway “family” and “family” are more suitable, which will make the whole tour have a perfect experience. So, take advantage of this autumn season, bring your baby, start a family trip on the autumn family!

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