Take you to visit the island of Red Island to take pictures!

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    This is a simple one-day tour of Xiamen. Although it may not bring you too much to know, I hope this travel book can bring you a little ease and pleasure. Let us simply walk around Xiamen and visit the heron together. The net red on the island took pictures and enjoyed the beauty of the island.
     Walking through the road to happiness
    Come to Xiamen to play, maybe you only know a famous Zhongshan Road, but you may not know that there is such an ordinary road, but there is a road with an uncommon name, it is called “Happy Road”!
    The signpost at the intersection clearly indicates that here is the road to happiness. Please ignore the advertisement of a certain plastic surgery hospital under the signboard, hahahaha, ruthlessly erased! !
    As you can see from the picture above, the road to the left of that huge stadium is the legendary road to happiness. I heard that the two people who love each other walked through the road of happiness, and they can live happily forever! Oh, this is actually my own compilation! As for the road to happiness, it is called the road to happiness. I am not very clear about this source. However, compared with the road to happiness, the Xiamen People’s Stadium on this side is the memory of Xiamen people.
    Xiamen People’s Stadium is not only the memory of several generations in Xiamen, but also a generation that is passed down from generation to generation. Every night, many residents living nearby will come to run and do sports. In the past, a “Crazy Racing” was shot here, and the People’s Stadium was also featured in the movie. Nowadays, the stadium has been renovated, from a late old man to a young adult, a new rubber track, attracting more sports enthusiasts.
    There are a lot of posters on the wall of the stadium. Among them, the famous table tennis player Guo Yuehua of Xiamen is also in the introduction. The pride of Xiamen people! Others include many old maps of Xiamen, old Xiamen historic buildings, and old Xiamen commercial miniatures. Although the road to happiness is not long, it is only a short five or six hundred meters, but the side of the road is full of old shops with the taste of Xiamen. There are many kinds of special restaurants, and those who are interested can explore and discover them!
     Huaxin Road, Xiamen Old Villa Cluster Area
    Holding the wife’s hand to the end of happiness, happiness will not end, happiness has just begun! At the end of the turn, I entered another famous road in Xiamen. The once poetic old street is now Huaxin Road, which has been “occupied” by various wedding photography.
    Huaxin Road can actually be regarded as a villa gathering area. There are dozens of independent villas on both sides of the road. Think about the current housing prices in Xiamen, then look at these villas, God, an estimated tens of millions BillionI can’t afford to live in this life.
    Many of the villas on both sides of Huaxin Road are self-occupied, so try not to disturb people. Some villas have also been transformed into various commercial places, including restaurants, cafes, bookstores and so on. One of the most famous is the bookstore located at No. 13 Huaxin Road, which is known as “the most beautiful independent bookstore in China”.
    Of course, the name of this bookstore is really so big, I am not quite sure. Because I have been passing so many times, I have only entered the first floor of the bookstore once. It seems that it is still possible to read the book and install it. After all, it is full of petty bourgeoisie. However, in fact, I don’t like to do all kinds of catering business in the bookstore. I feel that it is relatively incomprehensible. It is said that there is a minimum consumption on the second floor, so I have never been to it. Interested partners can consider it. And the wife found a place where there was no sorrow on the road on the side, took a few beautiful photos, and went on.
    A few years ago, Huaxin Road was still a quiet road, with trees and trees, and leisurely walks under it, not to mention how comfortable it is. Nowadays, it has become a veritable wedding photography street. After less than two hundred meters, I have seen no fewer than five new couples in wedding dresses, haha. Of course, making a wedding dress is a happy thing, as long as you don’t disturb the residents here, don’t affect the traffic, I am still very welcome.
    Since all of them have come to such a photo of “Net Red Spots”, it is natural to help my wife take a few beautiful photos! Wife has entered a wireless Bluetooth headset of the Aspiri S60, and she can’t put it down. She can wear her favorite music when she walks out. Two headsets wirelessConnected, powerful, we both wear one side, share music, cool! Walking around on the road will not lose the signal, great! At the request of the wife, she took a group of “image spokesperson” photos, and everyone said that my wife is beautiful! Hahahaha~
    Within the courtyard on both sides of the Huaxin Road, the most visible is the pineapple fruit tree. The pineapple tree is full of fruit, and it seems to be so tempting, haha. Occasionally you can see one or two orange trees and Sakyamuni trees, which is really great!
    In the glass wall outside No. 32 Huaxin Road, I took a few photos for my wife. It is worth mentioning that this 32HOW coffee shop behind it is said that his coffee is quite good. As for the good, you can try it yourself. Well, the introduction ends here, hehe.
     Xiamen People’s Park, Zhongshan Park
    Leaving Huaxin Road and moving forward, I came to the most familiar park in Xiamen, which is Zhongshan Park! If you talk about a park in Xiamen, don’t say the specific name, it definitely means this Zhongshan Park. Zhongshan Park and Huaxin Road are all the way away, after visiting the poetic and petty Huaxin Road, then come to Zhongshan Park to see the lake.
    Xiamen Zhongshan Park, built in the 16th year of the Republic of China (1927), has a long history. Since the park was built, many large political gatherings have been held in this park. The original pattern of the park is a combination of Chinese and Western literary architecture with garden art. The park is full of natural landscapes and rich cultural atmosphere. However, after many historical events, the construction of Xiamen Zhongshan Park has also experienced destruction and renewal in different periods. And the door we passed from Huaxin Road isThe West Gate of Zhongshan Park.
    Ximen came in is a large lake. The lakeside planted a lot of Xiamen city trees – Phoenix wood, but unfortunately the current season is not a phoenix flower, there is no red to embellish this green leaf. On weekends, the park seems to be more lively than usual. The nearby residents can bring their own children to play and share their family fun.
    Zhongshan Park experienced a large-scale renovation in 2017, and nowadays the children’s play area has become more neat and clean, attracting more adults and children to come and play.
    From time to time, you can see that there are many sanitation workers in the crooked river in the park who use small wooden boats to clean up the garbage on the river. It is really hard for them. Without their hard work, how can we have such a beautiful Zhongshan Park?
    Going to the east gate of the park, you can see a monument of “the world is the public” up to ten floors. The left side of the monument crossed the bridge and came to the Zhongshan Park Zoo on the east gate.
    It’s a pity that the time is not right. When the park is closed, there is no blessing to visit inside. If there are no animals to watch, then we will go to see the plants. There are two flower exhibition halls in Zhongshan Park. They are open free of charge every day and afternoon. If you are interested, you can transfer them by the way.
    Out of the flower exhibition hall, came to the small square in front of the lake, where Sun Yat-Sen sculpture is located. Continue to go south, you will come to the sculpture of the lion’s ball, next door is the south gate of Zhongshan Park.
     Zhongshan Road facing the sea in spring
    From the south gate of Zhongshan Park, continue to go south, and you will come to one of the most famous pedestrian streets in Xiamen. Zhongshan Road is also! Zhongshan Road has now become a landmark road in Xiamen. Anyone who has been to Xiamen is almost sure to have been to Zhongshan Road!
    Zhongshan Road (English: AmoiYatSenRoad) is the oldest commercial street in Xiamen. It has a lot of people, many goods, and a big name. No matter the past or the present, when people mention Xiamen, they will say Zhongshan Road, like Manhattan in New York, Ginza in Tokyo, Hong Kong. Central. To Xiamen, Zhongshan Road is a must, because it represents the prosperity, wealth and time rhythm of Xiamen. Come here to enjoy the rich material world and enjoy the modern style. Zhongshan Road is the pride of Xiamen people!
    Zhongshan Road is an old city block that has been preserved in Xiamen to show the modern history. It has many cultural relics such as the small road, the former residence of Chen Huacheng and the First Church of China. The Nanyang arcade building, the illuminating LED night scene, the dazzling array of specialty snacks and the ancient Nanyin echoing in the alleys of the alleys constitute a distinctive style. Zhongshan Road has 3 provincial-level cultural relics protection units, 5 municipal-level cultural relics protection units, 1 municipal-level cultural relics and historic sites, more than 10 historical sites and historic sites, and intangible cultural heritage such as Nanyin. In June 2012, Xiamen Zhongshan Road was awarded the title of “Chinese Historical and Cultural Street”.
    Post a map of Xiamen Zhongshan Road during Christmas last year, this person traffic, I will ask you not afraid! The road has been submerged in the sea of ​​people, this time there is only one attraction, the name is a sea of ​​people! Of course, don’t listen to my alarmist words. In fact, although there are many tourists on Zhongshan Road in the weekdays, it is not too much to walk.
    The crossroads at the traffic lights in the middle of Zhongshan Road is a crossroad that I like very much. The buildings at the corners of the intersection are always so beautiful and so attractive to me. Everyone in Zhongshan Road is too familiar, and I don’t have to say too much. You can go shopping here, you can eat, you can play, everyone can find their own way of recreation in Zhongshan Road!
    Passing through Zhonghua City, I went to the net milk tea shop Lujiao Lane to buy his family’s deer pill fresh milk tea. It is really good to drink. When I first got it, the cup was quite small, and I held it in one hand, very cute packaging. The upper part of the quilt is cold, while the brown sugar pearls underneath are warm. When you drink, you can stir it and taste more evenly. Pearl Q soft is also delicious. No props, just took a few photos with Asilui’s wireless headphones, haha. Under the backdrop of Antler Lane, the small wireless earphones feel like two small black beans.
    After crossing the intersection, continue to the direction of the sea to the south. On the left side of the first intersection is the largest barbecue street in Zhongshan Road. It is full of people every day. Anyway, I don’t dare to go inside. Those grilled smoke smells, of course, the people who like it are naturally packed with a whole road. On the right is the bureau street, go inside, there is a mouth noodle that I like.
    Going forward, you will come to the old archway of “Ze was Ganzi”. This archway has been built for over 100 years. On the left is the “Gulang River” and the right side is “Lujiang Car Pass”. It is specially designed to commemorate the national hero Zheng Chenggong. The arcade buildings on both sides of Zhongshan Road, after the renovation of the bricks that year, have become more neat and beautiful.
     The most beautiful corner of the town of Bangbang Road
    From the town road near the entrance to Zhongshan Road, turn straight through several streets, not only can you see beautiful arcade buildings along the way, but also at the corner of the road, you can see a circular arc In the arcade building, I like to call this corner the “most beautiful corner.” The most beautiful corner rides, the night is more beautiful than the day.
    Just across the diagonal from the most beautiful corner of the building, there is an ancient dessert shop in Xiamen that I like very much, called Chen Jia Dessert. Although not all of the things in his shop are delicious, but the only difference is that every time you come, it is super delicious, that is, Western Toast and Turtle Cream.
    I have eaten the soft and bitter turtle paste, and I have eaten the sweet and soft West Toast. It is like the bitterness and sweetness with you. Regardless of the future, I will always hold your hand and walk from happiness. The end of happiness! Let us hold hands together, not separate!
    A simple one-day Xiamen tour, from Xingfu Road to Huaxin Road to Zhongshan Park to Zhongshan Road to Zhenbang Road, it is not a long and short road, but it has experienced the “most happy” road in Xiamen, where there are memories of old Xiamen people. The People’s Stadium, after the minimalist literary “female photography street” villa gathering place Huaxin Road, to the Xiamen people’s favorite leisure place Zhongshan Park, came to all the Xiamen tourists who come to Xiamen to visit the Zhongshan Road, went to me The most beautiful corner of your favorite arcade. Walked with my wife and experienced together, although ordinary, but precious enough!
     Travel TIPS
    Happiness Road:
    Traffic guide, take the bus or BRT to Douxi intersection station, get off and take a hundred meters to the ferry direction
    People’s Stadium:
    Free and open all day
    Huaxin Road:
    The road is open to everyone free and open all day
    Zhongshan Park:
    It is open to the public free of charge throughout the day, and the zoo is also free to visit (8:00-18:00).
    Traffic guide, bus to park Dongmen Station, Zhongshan Park Station, subway to Zhongshan Park Station
    Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street:
    Free all day
    Traffic guide, bus to Zhongshan Road Station, Zhonghua City Station, subway to Zhenhai Road Station
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