That winter, the snow is floating

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    How many winters
    How many nights
    I walked aimlessly on the streets of no one, and I forgot where I was going.
    Looking up at the misty moon, I was so sad that I looked down at the moonlit figure alone so beautiful.
    How many nights how many winters?
    I have grinded the memories into pieces and the wind drifted in this silent night. The snow flakes on the branches and melted into the palms.
    How many winters and how many nights?
    – “Winter · Night”
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    It has been a week since I returned to Shenzhen. The photos have been lying in the camera and are innocent. It may be a state of mine. Every end of the journey is not too eager to organize the photos. It will always precipitate, precipitate, precipitate, precipitate, and precipitate. When you look at the photos again in a few days, you may have a little more different feelings. At that time, I was writing down my feelings, that was my inner monologue.
    Every time I write a travel note, I choose to go to my favorite coffee shop, listen to my favorite light music, look at that beautiful picture, read the familiar faces, everything seems to be floating. The mind, the text is also flowing all my emotions at this moment.
    [planned accident]
    Speaking of this trip to the Northeast, perhaps it is an accident in the plan. I originally planned to go to the northeast to experience the taste of the North in New Year’s Day or next year’s New Year. It happened to be invited. I can travel with a group of friends in early December. Play China Snow Country. Unexpectedly, the trip to the Northeast began so unexpectedly…
    I never thought that this fate allowed us 8 friends from different places to leave this winter, the most memorable memories…
    Hey, do you remember? That winter, the snow was flying, we made a promise…
    Hereby explain: The event is provided by the Xuexiang International Outdoor Club, which is a full-time cameraman and records the 8 people in our trip!
    [Busy before departure]
    Although my hometown is northeast, I grew up in the south and is also an authentic southern girl. In the face of the upcoming northeastern life, there is always some excitement and overwhelming. The weather forecast says that it is minus ten degrees, but I have no idea about this temperature, so I brought my thickest clothes, pants and shoes. There are also a variety of photographic equipment must have enough batteries, otherwise in such a cold place, the battery can not take a few photos.
    In order to give some more intuitive feelings to a southern girl like me, I will list the travels as follows:
    Personal thermal underwear*3 (but only 2 sets are worn)
    Underwear (sports underwear)*2
    Plus velvet leggings *1
    Down jacket*1
    Fleece sweater*1
    Fleece pants*1
    Gore-Tex Pants*1 (I don’t buy it because of the organizer, but it’s a must, especially for outdoor activities)
    Jackets*1 (waterproof, windproof, more advantageous in snowy days)
    Outdoor snow boots *1 (Dika’s, but according to outdoor sports enthusiasts, Decathlon’s quality is not good, but this trip is still coming over)
    Other outdoor sports shoes*1 (for replacement)
    Medicine (gastrointestinalMedicine, cold medicine, Hong Kong purchase of Hong Kong Ying ointment antifreeze)
    Various chargers
    mobile power
    SLR Nikon D7000 (18-105+35 1.8G)
    SLR battery *2 (the deputy battery in the cold place directly no power, please use the original battery)
    Plastic bag (covering the camera from the outside into the room with a plastic bag to avoid frost damage to the machine)
    Small book + pen
    These things were stuffed and stuffed, and I packed my 80L mountaineering. Before I left, I was still busy with my job. I was still anxiously handling all kinds of emails and issues. In order to catch the plane, I could only leave the post! (This way, it seems that I am very dedicated)
    [Photo Tips]
    I want to take beautiful photos in the snow, remember to wear some gorgeous clothes. Everyone will see our photos, and the gorgeous clothes are the most beautiful.
    [comic than 8 people group]
    It’s time to ask us eight times in this line!
    sea ​​breeze
    All the way to take care of our 6 girls, warm man No. 1! Help me carry the 80L bag! When you speak excitedly, you will find the “Dalian dialect”. The thief is very interesting!
    Wang Wenshan
    Warm man 2! The southern man of Sven always takes care of us with care and consideration. The favorite thing for our girls is to listen to Wenshan’s past things…
    just so so
    Very cute girl, with a mouthful of Fujian Mandarin, said: “Even ordinary hair is very standard zun (three sounds) of the la ~” … all kinds of lost three fall, stay cute sister!
    Flower round classmate
    The atypical 90-year-old girl, who claims to be unlike the 90s, has mature personality and personality. Young people have walked through many places alone, designing professional, photography concept and composition are great! Looking for your own direction, I believe that you are so good, you will have your own day!
    Straight northeastern girl, smile is also very beautiful! Singing songs is gentle and watery! Hot personality, virtuous home small woman!
    Milk tea
    As the name suggests, sweet ~ gentle and pleasant ~ very emotional girl ~ when they are the most pitiful crying ~
    Ren Ziyu
    I also participated in the travel experience before, and it is also a Leo girl, so we can understand each other without saying anything! Hearty “hahahahahahaha…” Laughter, I love it! Feeling that she is around, I am very at ease!
    [Southern girl “courageous” big northeast]
    On the evening of December 2, 2014, 18:35, Shenzhen – Harbin
    The plane took off on time and it was really tired after flying for more than four hours. It finally arrived in Harbin. At 10:45 in the evening, at this time, other small friends have already lived in the hotel in Harbin. I heard the airplane broadcast, the outdoor temperature is minus 18 degrees, so cool! I really want to feel how cold it is!
    I was full of anticipation and a timid mood to get off the plane. I only wore a pair of trousers when I left Shenzhen. I swayed for a while in the place of minus ten degrees. The summary is: cold is too cool for TMD! ! !I was sitting in the taxi car, looking at the dim street lights outside the window, and asked the driver about the location of the “Sophia Cathedral”. It was just near the hotel where I was going to stay. Unfortunately, the arrival time was 12 o’clock in the evening, second. It is about to set off on the early morning of the day. In Harbin, this “Oriental Little Paris” is only a short “stay” for one night.
    Every trip always has some regrets, right? Harbin stayed in my heart, I foreboded that the next time I saw Harbin, it would not be a person…
    December 3, 2014 Harbin – Dongsheng Snow Valley
    I got up at 6 o’clock in the morning, packed my bags and simply ate the breakfast at the hotel (it wasn’t really delicious) and I was ready to set off. I went out and saw a little snow covered on both sides of the street. I was so excited when I saw the snow. I really felt that this picture was very beautiful, but I also know that the next five days, I will feel the snow more closely. The beauty of the township!
    Staggering, the car traveled in the snow and ice, the window was a piece of birch forest, I sang over and over again…
    Quiet village with white snow
    Pigeons flying under the haze of the sky
    The birch tree is engraved with the two names
    They vowed to love each other and use this life
    One day, the fire broke out in my hometown.
    The young man took the gun and went to the frontier.
    I don’t want to worry about my sweetheart.
    Waiting for me to come back in the birch forest
    The sky is still cloudy and there are still pigeons flying.
    Who will prove the love and life without gravestones?
    The snow is still peaceful in the village below.
    Young people disappear in the birch forest
    In this way, we 8 people followed the tour group bus to the Dongsheng Snow Valley, this time is 2:30 in the afternoon, we have no food. Once you have settled in your home, you will rush into the restaurant to solve the problem of food and clothing! A few hungry wolves! Also have to grab a meal with the tour group! # Such VIP level treatment is really drunk #
    Connaught ~ This is the first lunch to receive us, enjoy it at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, not hungry. Standard group meal, when you are hungry, what you eat is fragrant, but on this cold day, the food is not cold for a while, the rice is not hot, and the food is not very happy, but it is finally full!
    Ok! It’s rare that I wrap myself in this way, and I have to come and commemorate it! Oh, yes, my mobile phone was broken by me on the day before I left, and I temporarily got a very poor pixel mobile phone. This photo was taken with that mobile phone. In addition, the phone’s memory is limited. I basically don’t even bother to take photos with the phone after the next trip…
    However, it also allows me to feel more about the people and scenery around me. Is this perhaps some sort of arrangement in the dark?
    After lunch, I simply packed up a down capsule. Our photographer Zhao Ge took us to the snow valley and the shooting task officially started!
    The left purple jade hat is so cute! How to wear so much or so slim? ! The pants worn by Tingting are too big. The pants are the trousers provided by the club. Although they are not very good-looking, they are at least warm!
    Feel free to swim in the Dongsheng Snow Valley and see this small village covered with snow, full of poetry and painting!
    Come on a snowball! Otherwise, how can you afford this rare trip to the Northeast? How can you afford this snow?
    Dog sledges are common in snow valleys, giving visitors a more fun experience and fun. It is also a way to make money.
    This dog is living in the door of our room and looks a bit fierce~
    [Dumplings, pickled pork]
    It is essential to come to the northeast to be “pork sauerkraut dumplings”! We do our own hands and make dumplings, and it’s fun! The southern girl of my northeastern family also learned to lick the skin and make dumplings with her mother. Therefore, these things are easy for me~!
    Look at the sea breeze face looks more professional!
    Another way to make dumplings!
    This is the dumplings of several of our bags. Is it pretty good? ! (Emma, ​​when I wrote here, it was a little faster in the early morning, starving to death!) In the northeast, eat frozen dumplings, just put it outside to become ~! The temperature is lower than the refrigerator!
    Let the dumplings freeze for a while~ Let’s go to see a “Northeast Two-person Turn” with a strong northeast flavor!
    [Two people turn]
    When Dangdang ~ ready to see the two people turn ~ VIP’s front row position ~
    It is the two videographers who took our 8 people! Zhao Ge and Liang Ge!
    Zhao Ge this tooThere are fans!
    Look at the two people turn ~ 嗑 melon seeds, drink beer! Leverage!
    I think this actor is especially like “Ling Wei Su”!
    Drink beer with a sip of breath
    Smoking the smoke, watching it is hot
    This last show, the steel bar tied the neck, it is really that I can’t bear to look straight! At first thought if there is moisture?
    Seeing such a scene, there are two other expressions.
    The host said: “It is not easy for two people to turn to actors. In order to make money, in order to make everyone happy, there are many times when they are desperately desperate…” Looking at these two expressions, I really understand that it is not fake!
    It’s not easy for all the two to turn to the actors. At this moment, everyone present is standing and applauding them, giving them the least respect and recognition!
    [Chicken stewed mushrooms + liquor a pound]
    In the northeast, it is a big mouthful of meat and drinking! Feelings deep and stuffy, feelings are shallow! Come, let’s do this! Thanks for the fate to let us meet! (Guess which hand is my drop?)
    Full of satiated food, go out and bend to go ~ Snow Valley under the night, it must be frozen, and we have to show off the 8 people!
    Wow, I have a fireworks show~
    Grilled bunches on snowy days~ I want to have a bunch of ah~
    Come, let’s take a photo with the boss~ Come here!
    This is the whole picture of the boss shop. The boss asked me and Ziyu what the exterior wall of his house is, and there is no need to improve it! Well, the boss is good, there is a pursuit! However, this street is the best watch of his family~!
    Cold skin is real ~! Go back to the enthusiasm and go to sleep! Raise your spirits and start hiking on foot tomorrow! Send a message to Xuexiang!
    [Snow Valley Play Tips]
    The accommodation in Snow Valley is limited, most of the rooms are small, and three or four people are eager. Some rooms don’t even have enthusiasm, and it’s really uncomfortable. So everyone should find a room with enthusiasm or heating in advance.
    December 4, 2014 Dongsheng Snow Valley – Xuexiang (walking through)
    [marathon sledge]
    Get up at 6 in the morning to pack up your luggage, wear the jackets, trousers, and snow jackets that Syracuse International Club has prepared for us. These equipments are very useful for continuous verification in the next few days!
    The tour group has already set off early, and we 8 people wait until the end, take the horse-drawn sledge arranged by the gold brother and feel the transportation of the northeast snow valley!
    I really want to present such a snow scene in black and white tones, and I feel more story-like.
    To be honest, sitting on the sledge is still very cold, when I can’t get cold, I jumped off the sledge and followed a few steps. After the sledge sent us to the starting point of the walk, we officially started the snow valley trekking!
    [Hiking Tips]
    1. All equipment must be waterproof and warm, otherwise the snow melts on the shoes is very uncomfortable.
    2. However, remember not to wear too much on foot. You will sweat all over the body when you walk to the back. If you wear too much, you will feel very uncomfortable.
    3. Bring a thermos bottle, drink some hot water when you are thirsty, it is very comfortable, warm to the heart.
    4. A small and lightweight backpack, with some dry food, water, essentials, etc., to minimize the load.
    [Hiking through]
    To be honest, I don’t usually like to climb a particularly high mountain. I always feel that after three or four hours of hard work, I have to spend three hours to go down the mountain. It is really tired and unloving. Therefore, this walk is also a challenge for me. Although you can choose not to hike, take the car directly to the top of the snow valley, but I finally chose to hike. Although my knee was hurt, although my body was not allowed, I chose to “challenge myself”!
    At the beginning of the walk, we stopped and stopped along the way, because the cameramen Zhao Ge and Liang Ge were going to shoot us, so they walked slowly. Therefore, you can enjoy more scenery along the way, a white birch tree, stretching his teeth to the sky, a beautiful picture. Just because the weather was too cold, I didn’t even want to take pictures to take pictures.
    Therefore, the following photos are taken by Haifeng Ge.
    I heard that snow can be eaten directly, I grabbed a handful of snow and cautiously stuffed it into my mouth, looking forward to what it would be like! Oh~ It turned out to be a bandit taste… not so delicious~? !
    Finally, I can’t hold the view, and I have to take out the camera to take a few shots!
    We are going all the way, I don’t think about how long the road ahead is, how long it will take, just head down. It’s also an encouragement to sing yourself, sing a variety of songs and boring. Meditating in my heart: When you reach the top of the mountain, you have to eat! When you reach the top of the mountain, you can take a snowmobile and go down the mountain! When I reached the top of the mountain, I was liberated!
    Although, the feeling is not particularly tired, but long-term outdoor climbing, still test my perseverance and endurance.
    The weather was not very good along the way, and finally reached the top of the mountain! I finally saw the faint sun! I feel relieved soon, but I still have to calm down and walk slowly to the lounge on the top of the mountain. Gold brother waited there early. After rushing us into the gate, I didn’t know where I went. . .
    What are the good instant noodles? Say good to rest? Say good snowmobiles?
    Let’s stop, let’s move on, look at the light that shines down this day, maybe, is that hope? Finally, we slowly walked into the big army, they were clamoring for a group photo, I was unable to run over, and I could only continue to approach them at the pace of my own pace.
    When I saw the purple jade (the purple jade did not walk with us, there were a total of 7 people + 2 videographers on foot), I realized my inner helplessness and loneliness! When I saw the purple jade, I really felt like I saw my loved one, and hugged her in the past, and finally arrived! I finally saw my loved ones!
    Eight of us gathered at the top of the mountain and rushed to take a big photo. The result was a photo taken. The people of the big team had just set off in the car.
    We looked at the gold brother, thinking in my heart: What about a good snowmobile? Say our privilege? result. . . . We can only go down the mountain. . . There are thousands of grass mud horses in the heart! Followed by the gold brother, down the mountain, the result did not take a few steps, the gold brother sat on the snowmobile and went away, leaving no words, at this moment, we are all silent…
    Especially the purple jade, she did not plan to walk at all, the result is so erroneous, we continue to hike down the mountain, the snow cover is not worn… Hey, don’t say anything, quickly adjust the state, think about happy things, It’s hard to think about this hiking experience. Think about eating hot steamed buns after going down the mountain! Maybe there is some motivation!
    Look at this little flower, the mood is better, right?
    Look at this painting, the feeling of landscape painting, the mood is better?
    Far away, is that our destination? It’s almost fast, it’s almost here…
    The road has slowed down, indicating that we are coming soon! However, we also had more time to chat on this road. I listened to Wenshan’s many travel stories and I really admire him. He went to many places! Ziyu and Wenshan also have a lot of friends who know each other. Let’s see, this travel circle is also very small~
    Well, things usually have two sides. Although we can’t take the snowmobile down the mountain, this long time gives us the opportunity to get to know each other.
    Talking and laughing, chatting and singing, finally saw people, some people have warmth! This 6-hour snow valley trek is finally finished with a perfect ending. What is waiting for us in front? But in any case, can’t live up to the beauty?
    [First seen snow town]
    You must have thought that when I first saw Xuexiang, I would describe Xuexiang as beautiful, sorry, let you down. I had no time to enjoy the snow town, with the coldness of the body, dragging my 80L backpack toward the “home” that I was about to stay in, and finally entered the room, quickly took off my jacket and replaced the shoes. Beside the hot stove, desperately warm. Yes, although the northeast is beautiful, it is also really cold. Especially walking outdoors for 6 hours…
    After taking a break, I finally came back warm, and I was ready to open the meal. It was a lunch like a wolf, and it was delicious!
    Yes, here is the impression I saw when I first saw Snow Country. Look at this place after eating, what? There are frozen persimmons and frozen pears to sell ~ 5 yuan a frozen pear, but we only need 3, the boss is not willing to take, so, did not eat frozen pears.
    It is said that the frozen pears are placed in the snow. I think the outdoor temperature is colder than the refrigerator used in the home. It feels so good!
    [Fantasy Home]
    Dream Home is a manor house that combines accommodation, dining, entertainment and two-person transfer. It can take photos and play free slides. It features a hill overlooking Xuexiang. There are all kinds of beautiful snow mushrooms, which are naturally formed snow-shaped models. It is the iconic landscape of Xuexiang. In the dream home, you can see a large number of snow mushrooms. The snow mushrooms that you usually see through the media are here. taking pictures.
    However, since the snow was not thick enough in early December, no beautiful snow mushrooms were formed, and it was very beautiful at the end of December.
    In the northeast, the night falls at 4:30 every day. At 6 o’clock in the evening, our group of people came out to pat the snowy night in the night. The location of this scene was the highest point of the whole snow town. Located in the dream home.
    Because the weather is too cold, the wind is also very big, I went out to wear less, I couldn’t freeze it, and I took a few shots and then retraced. The night in the Northeast is really cold. It is estimated that there are more than 20 degrees below zero? !
    It is estimated that today’s walking physical exertion is a bit large, the wind is also very cold, and the whole person feels particularly uncomfortable. Headache, sore throat, drank a little bit of the “Tongrentang” cold granules brought by the purple jade, after sleeping, I fell asleep, I hope to return to the next day!
    Zhao Ge aerial picture, early morning snow township
    December 5, 2014 Xuexiang – Yabuli Ski Resort – Daolin Hope Primary School – Hailin City
    [Experience snowmobile]
    Early in the morning, we left the snow town in a hurry. I didn’t have time to take a good look at her. I didn’t have time to leave a few photos to commemorate. I couldn’t wait to see where the house where Dad went. . . The cost of the trip is borne by the organizer, so the consumption of Xuexiang cannot be used as a reference. However, it is said that the consumption of Xuexiang is high, and there are hundreds of houses in the house. Chickens stewed mushrooms for more than 30 yuan. According to some photographers, there are still many places than Xuexiang. Xuexiang is just because “Where is Dad?” “Become famous, there are more tourists, and businesses have begun to take the opportunity to make money.”
    Of course, if you are still looking forward to Xuexiang, remember to go back after the end of December, you can see the classic “snow mushroom” in Xuexiang~
    After leaving from Xuexiang, you will drive to the “Big Mountain in China” called “Mount Fuji” and experience the excitement of snowmobiles!
    Sitting on a snowmobile is very fast, so the wind is particularly large, and you should use a scarf or a mask to protect your face. In addition, all the items are placed in the backpack, don’t put them in the side of the bag, many of the small partners’ glasses are bumped out on the road. The things in the pockets of the clothes are almost pushed out, so hey, pay attention to the personal items!
    Big bald scenery
    Here, I finally realized another wish “to lie in the snow”!
    【Yabuli Ski Resort】
    After leaving the big bald, I will continue to the next destination, which is one of the most anticipated spots! “Yabuli Ski Resort”
    The ski resort was founded in 1980 and is part of the Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Committee. It consists of five competitive and training venues, including an alpine ski resort, a freestyle ski resort, a ski jumping ski, a cross-country ski resort and a biathlon ski resort. The composition of the tourist ski resort. The ski center is divided into two major ski areas: one is the Yabuli Sports Ski Resort, which is mainly used for international and domestic competitions. It can also be used by skiers of middle and advanced ski levels. The other area is the Windmill Mountain Ski Resort, which is mainly for different. Horizontal skiers are engaged in skiing and general competition skiing.
    This time, we are experiencing the primary ski trails.
    I am really the first skier, starting from scratch. How to wear ski boots, how to stand, how to brake, how to walk with skis. It began to slam and fell down, and it fell instantly. Although my heart is meditation on the beauty coach’s emphasis, the body leans forward. . . .
    In this way, I fell back and forth two or three times and started to find a little skiing feeling! The result is not to be shouted to leave in an hour. . . This may be the tragedy with the group tour. . . It’s just an experience. . .
    Dangdang, this is my beauty coach, handsome POSE, purple jade to shoot ~
    I have to do something good, and decide to ski down next time! Skiing is really fun! Finally, take a photo of all the students and coaches! Hey!
    Have you seen the red-roofed house, and where are you going to eat later?
    This is the group meal at noon today, um, forever chicken stewed with mushrooms, fried onions with meat, fried pork, sauerkraut stewed tofu (to say that this tofu is really delicious, although it is old tofu, but tastes good Especially tender, is the so-called drowning tofu)!
    Outside the doorNot a horse in the distance, these horses are pulling sledges.
    Feeling a little sadness in my eyes. . . .
    [Dowlin Hope Primary School Donation Site]
    After leaving the Yabuli Ski Resort, I drove for more than two hours to arrive at the “Dawlin Hope Primary School”. I still have to support the matter of doing good things!
    There was an episode on the way to Daolin Hope Primary School. When passing through a bridge hole, our bus exceeded the height limit and other cars passed. Finally, we were dispersed in several other cars and went to Hope Primary School. I always feel that passing on love, everyone’s heart is particularly consistent and positive.
    This little girl, sixth grade primary school, only one of her class
    This little boy is very embarrassed
    These children are waiting for us to come and have not gone home to eat.
    Can have such a warm classroom, I hope they can complete their dreams one day!
    [Northeast kill pig dish]
    The pig-baked dish was originally a kind of stew that was eaten in the northeastern rural areas when it was close to the annual killing of pigs. In many places in the Northeast, pigs are opened all year round, forming a major feature of the Northeast diet. In the past, people did not have the conditions to pay attention to what ingredients and seasonings. They just smashed the freshly-killed pig blood into large pieces and cut them into large pieces and put them into the pot. Then they boiled and put the sauerkraut into it, adding water and seasoning.
    Although I am a southern girl, my parents are all northerners. Therefore, I am no stranger to the dishes in the north. Every winter, my mother will pickle the sauerkraut. Sauerkraut can be used to fry meat, stew, and dumpling stuffing… but sauerkraut has a special taste, which may not be enjoyed by everyone. When I was a child, I didn’t particularly like to eat sauerkraut stuffed dumplings, and grew up. I don’t know when it started, I think the dumplings with pickled vegetables are especially delicious! Probably because I like to eat sour things, right?
    Today’s dish is the most abundant meal in the past few days. Come, let us see how many Northeast features!
    Standard kill pig dish!
    This blood sausage is also a major feature of the Northeastern cuisine. Before I came, my friend yelled at me and took some bloody intestines. I can’t help but bring it back. . .
    The cake is soaked in fish soup. Of course, everyone eats differently. I like to eat soup. Some friends like to eat separately. The most authentic way to eat in the Northeast is to soak the cake in the fish soup and soak it. . .
    Chinese people know that Northeast rice is the most fragrant! Looking at the sparkling crystal, the taste is particularly good, and it is especially fragrant!
    Wow, birthday cake! That’s right, very clever, Tingting just happened to have a birthday on this day! Gold brother prepared the cake very intimately. The whole audience sang a birthday song for her and watched her move. . .
    The gold brother gave everyone the rice, one person and one bag. . .
    Eh? What happened to these two people? Are you crying?
    What happened to my little friends? shocked!
    Wow, it turned out to be. . . These three days of feelings quickly warmed up in the wine glass! Hey, Wenshan is ashamed! So cute!
    But who knows, the next second, Wenshan broke out the feelings hidden in his heart! Underage children should not watch!
    Everyone is very embarrassed tonight, everyone has a little drink, saying that they have been thankful for the three days, and the two men of Wenshan and Haifeng have taken care of it! Everyone’s feelings are also heating up instantly. . .
    [A long time hot bath]
    The first two days were in difficult conditions, so there was no hot water bathing, and everyone was already uncomfortable. Finally, staying at the Samsung Hotel in Hailin tonight, you can take a hot bath!
    After the shower, everyone went to the KTV yangko opposite! After each shower, the hair finally became very elegant! This situation also reminds me of the trip to Lijiang in high school. Three days are between the train and the car, everyone has been oily!
    I am used to taking pictures of beauty, food, and accommodation when I travel, and I can write more about the travel notes.
    December 6, 2014 Hailin City – Erdaobaihe – Changbai Mountain Lanjing Hot Spring – Overnight Erdaobaihe
    [Yang Zirong Memorial Hall]
    Depart from Hailin City in the morning, go through the Yang Zirong Memorial Hall and visit here!
    “Yang Zirong Martyrs Memorial Hall” displays the relics and deeds of the martyrs. In 1983, a 160-square-meter museum was built to display cultural relics and specimens unearthed in Hailin City. There are animals, flowers, etc., and visitors are constantly changing. Continue to go forward and board a long series of stairs, the tomb of Yang Zirong and other martyrs. Standing in front of the tomb of Yang Zirong, a stone monument was engraved with the tomb of Yang Zirong Martyrs. The height of the monument is 3.1 meters, which is 31 years old when the hero is sacrificed.
    Zhao Ge work photos in aerial preparation
    Hey~ How are you~
    Found a long road, the FEEL~ of the road in Los Angeles!
    [Jingbo Lake]
    Jingbo Lake is China’s largest and the world’s second largest mountain lake, famous tourist, summer resort and health resort, national civilized scenic tourist area demonstration site, national key scenic spots, international eco-tourism resort summer resort, and world geopark. The overall planned area is 1726 square kilometers. It is dominated by lakes and mountains, with geological wonders such as crater underground virgin forests and underground lava tunnels, and historical and cultural landscapes represented by the Bohai State ruins in the Tang Dynasty. It is available for scientific research, summer vacation, sightseeing, sightseeing, holiday and cultural exchange activities. Comprehensive scenic spot. Jingbo Lake was first approved by the State Council as a national key scenic spot in 1982. In 2006, it was awarded the World Geopark by the World UNESCO (the planned area of ​​the park is 1,400 square kilometers). In 2008, it was rated as one of China’s top ten leisure tourist destinations by the International Leisure Industry Association, the United Nations International Ecological Security Cooperation Organization and the China International Famous Brand Association. In 2010, it was rated as a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration.
    From a broader perspective, Mudanjiang-Jingbo Lake is at the center of the Northeast Asian tourism circle. The southeast is the famous Russian port city Vladivostok, and the south and southwest is the famous Jilin Province Changbai Mountain Tianchi Tourist Area. And Songhua River source area – Songhua Lake tourist area, west to the first road through the sea forest China Snow Town, Yabuli Ski Resort, Yuquan Hunting Ground, Harbin, Wudalianchi and other famous scenic spots and cities, these constitute the unique location environment of Jingbo Lake. Jingbo Lake is on the main stream of Mudanjiang River and is more than 80 kilometers north of Mudanjiang City.
    Today, the sun is particularly beautiful. I washed my hair very beautiful last night. Look, milk tea sister~
    After going down this long staircase, I came to another world, without having to take photos with the big men, and I could see different scenery. From different angles, you can feel the beauty of “Jingbo Lake” in the mist, and it is more mysterious under the sunlight!
    I don’t know why, I especially like this one, I feel so quiet~ The lake is squatting, everyone is beautiful under the sun
    [Yanbian·Korean cuisine]
    The car continues to move forward, I don’t know where he will take me, I just enjoy the scenery along the way~
    When you come to Yanbian, you have to eat Korean food.
    This Arirang, the price of food is still very close to the people.
    The hot red, the fried rice cake instant CD, I only ate one. . . .
    The final disc action was solved as usual~! Look, how happy she is! Look at the tables around, it is the cleanest we eat! Clean taste is OK~
    Zhao Ge bought the hot and sour yellow noodles at the stall outside the door. The first time I saw it, I tasted it. It tasted like Chongqing hot and sour powder. It is very strong~ delicious! recommend!
    Everyone is very good, we got on the bus and found that Tingting and Zhao Ge bought the candied haws and the old popsicles. The sugar gourd is especially sour. I love the people who are sour, and I can’t hold it! But delicious! The old popsicles belong to the more delicious and delicious, there is a faint milk fragrance~
    Well, yes, it was a few hours in the car and arrived at the hotel.
    After the meal, it is another project that is most anticipated in this trip: “Snow Spa”! I experienced it once in Hailuogou last year. This time, I’m going to experience the Great Northeast in minus 20 degrees.
    [Changbai Mountain Lanjing Hot Spring]
    Lanjing Hot Spring is still quite tall. The waiter’s attitude is also very good. Before entering the locker room, the slippers should be changed first, and the shoes staff will be kept at the front desk.
    Hereby note: Since I went to the hot springs without a camera and mobile phone, the pictures of the following hot springs were taken by @老聂摄影
    After changing clothes, it is an indoor hot spring.
    Whose back is this?
    The process of going indoors from the room was tangled, and it took courage, “Ah, ah,” a brainstorming in the nearest pool! moment! Warm from the outside to the inside, coolNow!
    There were too many people in the first pool, and we went a little further. Only me, Hualun, Haifeng, Wenshan, four people, I and Hualun, the mask began to wear a mask, soaked in hot springs, surrounded by snow and ice. From time to time, there are foxes running through the jungle, and the moonlight in the sky is particularly bright. At this time, this scene is really another paradise!
    This pool is a small fish pond. A lot of small fish come to eat dead skin, but the water is not very hot, so it will be cold for a long time. Look at our hair is frosting~
    After soaking for an hour, we rushed into the locker room and soaked up the hot springs. I felt that the tiredness of these days was soothing and I could sleep well tonight~!
    The picture above is the work photo taken by Zhao Ge~
    December 7, 2014 Changbai Mountain – Wusong Island
    [Changbai Mountain·Tianchi]
    Changbai Mountain, located in the southeast of Jilin Province, is the birthplace of Songhua River, Tumen River and Yalu River. Songhua River originates from Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountain. The Changbai Mountain in history has always been a place for people in the Northeast to work hard. In 1961, 215,000 hectares of Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve was established.
    It is also necessary to see the Changbai Mountain Tianchi. Fortunately, our character is excellent. It is said that it was still cloudy yesterday, but today it is a big sunny day! Tianchi, I definitely can see it! look forward to!
    Tickets require an ID card to purchase, so remember to prepare your ID card in advance. A total of two tickets, one gate over the gate, one ticket for the car, must be kept!
    First of all, I used this kind of off-road vehicle. I got 6 tourists and sent it directly to the top of Tianchi.
    View to Tianchi Road
    A piece of forest, it is said that it is a piece of green in summer.
    The main peak of Tianchi, but the winter is not open, fearing the danger of slippery roads
    I feel that this has a feeling of “Ordinary Road”~
    The weather is particularly good, the sun is showing up~
    It’s also quite a fight with the photographer.
    [Changbai Mountain·Lvyuantan]
    From the Changbai Mountain Tianchi, take the JEEP car and arrive at Lvyuantan. The birch forest along the way is so strong and powerful under the sunlight, just like a man’s powerful arms, in the cold wind!
    Walk to Lvyuan Lake
    Hua Lun and the general look like this is thinking about it? Maybe it will be separated tomorrow? Always remember each other’s faces hard, I don’t know when the next meeting is…
    [Changbai Mountain Waterfall]
    The Changbai Mountain Waterfall is a gap between the astronomical peak and the Longmen Peak on the north side of the Changbai Mountain Tianchi. This gap is the outlet of the Tianchi Lake and is known as the “Tuen Mun”. The water in Tianchi flows out of Tuen Mun.
    The cockroach in the distance is the hot spring.
    It’s not an easy task to go to see the Changbai Mountain Waterfall. Wait until you climb this long road.
    Exhausted, looking at the signs, it is quite love~ Come on!
    To say that the waterfalls in winter are not so shocking, they are all ice, but it is another scene.
    Hot spring eggs are also worth a try. Look, the staff is carrying two baskets of eggs to the hot spring to boil the eggs~
    Changbai Mountain – Wusong Island
    This is dinner tonight, and the Northeast cuisine comes standard. Red bean bag I also like to eat ~~
    Today, eight of us have slept in this Northeastern Datong shop~~commonly known as “炕”
    December 8, 2014 Haze Island – Changchun Airport – Shenzhen
    [Smog Island]
    Today is the last day of the Northeast trip. At five o’clock, I got up in the struggle, in order to take a look.Sunrise on the smog island. This is the night before sunrise~~ Only me and Hualun have climbed up like this. We don’t know where to watch the sunrise, so we follow several photographers~
    As a result, I don’t know how, the photographer was lost by us, and it’s almost gone. Plus, I wear less and I can’t get frozen. This cold northeast is really unimaginable to me as a southern girl. . . The last and final thing was that I had a big morning with Hualun and I didn’t see the sunrise. . . .
    This is before sunrise. . . . . Only one
    In the winter, the snow is floating, please remember our agreement…

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