That year [Xia] Day ____ [four days and three nights in Xiamen]

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    Welcome attention
    The first time I wrote a travel note, nothing else, just to commemorate our trip. I really like this way of recollection. If necessary, I will also move the previous trip to Hangzhou.
    Before I wrote this travel note, I have been thinking about how to write in a different way. First of all, I am not a young artist. I am not young enough to be a fresh girl. I just love an ordinary girl who lives in life. Secondly, there are a lot of tips on Xiamen. I am not authoritative or professional enough. . . Therefore, this travel note and all the travel notes of the future are only to commemorate the scenery we walked together. There are no Raiders and tips here. It is more like a small blog post with a flowing account and a sour and literary atmosphere. Forgive the landlord for a limited level.
    In fact, many friends gave us a “valuable” advice before departure: Xiamen? Too hot. . Gulangyu? There are many people. .
    But Xiamen is for me, maybe a dream of adolescence, maybe a hope in growth, seeing and seeing, good or bad, it is there, never been far away.
    Some people say that the significance of travel is that at this time we can misunderstand life, and be a happy onlooker, look at the lives of others, and the things that are not related to them. For me, travel is not necessarily a process that requires a good time and a good balance. The most important thing is that we carefully read the life in this encounter, and observe the world, even if we have conditions that we cannot predict or Difficulties, we can also make ourselves stronger, and later, after we have been there, there will be no regrets.
    I am very grateful to Mr. Lin for his willingness to accompany me on this journey. This meeting with Xiamen is also very successful. Our feelings are also deeper. This is enough.
     D1天__ Beijing——Xiamen——Gulangyu
    Self-timer at the time of departure, after sending it to Weibo, someone even questioned that we dared to do the plane of the United Bank. . . . In fact, we have been so bold
    Why don’t you have a cheap ticket?
    After arriving in Xiamen, I directly chose the airport’s Airport Express to sit at the ferry terminal. According to the tips of the netizens, I set the electronic round-trip ticket in the powerful TB in advance, and swiped the ID card directly on board. After 10 minutes, I finally arrived at Gulangyu, which I missed.
    Here I really want to remind everyone that if you choose to go to Gulangyu in the peak season or weekend, you must book the hotel and ticket in advance. Although I don’t want to admit it, there is no way, too many people. . .
    This gallery hotel was chosen by me and Mr. Lin. The price was not cheap, but Mr. Lin, who was looking at the photos on the computer screen, said to me, just choose this one. When you really like it, I’ll be slow. I’m planning to move quickly. .
    Its location is very good, avoiding the most prosperous leading road, walking to the beach is also very close, quiet, away from the noise.
    Most of the paintings here are oil paintings by the boss Linyi. When I left, I received a set of postcards for 5 stars. I am very happy.
    Gallery Hotel (Xiamen Gulangyu Renaissance Hall)
    Gallery Hotel (Xiamen Gulangyu Renaissance)Pavilion)
    Gallery Hotel (Xiamen Gulangyu Renaissance Hall)
    Gallery Hotel (Xiamen Gulangyu Renaissance Hall)
    We finally chose the Monet Room and looked at “Sunrise · Impression”. I thought, it turns out that this hotel really fits my temperament.
    Gallery Hotel (Xiamen Gulangyu Renaissance Hall)
    May I meet the best of you in my most beautiful time.
    Gallery Hotel (Xiamen Gulangyu Renaissance Hall)
    The first smile and the last good night every day, for you.
    Gulangyu has no cars on this small island, no bicycles, only the most primitive trolleys. We are wearing flip-flops all the way to go shopping, the summer weather is really hot, the weekend visitors are indeed quite a lot, but holding each other’s hands, while eating and talking while walking is also very pleasant.
    The cup in my hand can be seen everywhere in Gulangyu, as long as there is basically a place to buy juice. . Just arrived at the drumLangyu asked Mr. Lin to buy one for me. If the juice was not finished, I lost it.
    I have two enough. .
    Woman paper in Gulangyu, where are you?
    Fried chicken likes the color of this store.
    Cat Island wants to meet cats. I did it, I called it cow,
    The animals that feel that Gulangyu is the most are not cats or dogs. . . .
    In order to comfort my injured soul, Mr. Lin bought me a dumb bottle again, and I still brought it back to Beijing.
    As we approached the evening, we went directly to Sunlight Rock. At present, Sunlight Rock is still not changed after half a 6:00, we came out a little early, did not catch up, and did not want to wait to feel too hot, so I bought the full price ticket to climb the mountain. .
    The body and the soul must have one on the road.
    My royal photographer
    Hello, far away.
    Gulangyu Sunlight Rock
    Gulangyu Sunlight Rock
    We laughed together, sad together, woke up together, and traveled together.
    Fine sniffing rose
    Keke. . . It is a pity that it is not a rose. .
    Foraging in Gulangyu in the evening.
    Sand tea noodles can be used but not a bit to eat, Haishu fried really good, go to the netizens recommended 189, fish balls, did not find Lin remember to eat Lin. . The taste is actually ok, but it is not too special, Ye’s numbness really recommended, anyway, I like it very much, Moon Shrimp Cake, Huang Shengji, everywhere, I like Zhang San crazy milk tea taste, it is too expensive, sweetheart Kate’s big Mango ice and Marathon juice are good and worth a try.
    This thing is also everywhere, not eating. . It’s beautiful when it comes out.
    At the beginning of the Hua Deng, I am waiting for you.
    On the summer night of Gulangyu Island, the people retreat from the crowd and put on the cool breeze. People in twos and threes walked on the streets. From time to time, they ran a puppy that was not afraid of people. We stood here quietly. The most authentic look of this island is satisfying.
     D2天__ Gulangyu Island – Zeng Yi – Huandao Road
    Wake up early the next day and we took the camera to take photos. I like the quietness of this island, but because it is a touristIn the season, there are really many people. We can only avoid the places where the tour groups often go. What gardens and organ museums have not gone, the two hold hands and slowly enjoy the beautiful morning of the island, how good.
    Bougainvillea, Xiamen City, has not seen much in the summer season.
    Lin’s house, which I saw by chance, was a luxury hotel. I didn’t dare to go inside, and I didn’t dare to pretend that the residents took pictures. . .
    Xiamen Gulangyu Linshifu Mansion Hotel
    Life is a grand encounter. If you know it, please cherish it.
    No matter how time changes, I will always stand here, as long as you look back, you will definitely see me.
    When you want to leave from Gulangyu, send a postcard to yourself in the distance, and reluctantly.
    We packed up our bags and we took the ferry back to Xiamen Island.
    Here, friends who can see this sentence, the passengers who return the ID card e-ticket must go to Sanqiutian Pier for a boat ride. The organ dock is only allowed to brush the local ID card. Remember not to walk the road like us. what
    Back to Xiamen, we took a taxi directly to the Zengyi’s Mann II Inn. The environment is actually ok, very quiet, but the facilities are more general. If you can choose not to recommend everyone to live.
    Every time you go to a place, you can’t avoid the self-portrait snake skin disease paper.
    Man walk Inn (Xiamen Second Branch)
    After we put the baggage, we looked for it in Zeng, and chose the more popular three-year class. The taste is OK, the price is normal, you can try.
    Three-year second-class seafood small fried head office (Zengyi shop)
    Three-year second-class seafood small fried head office (Zengyi shop)
    The weather in the days when I came to Xiamen was really good. Every afternoon, the sun was too big to see, and I couldn’t open my eyes. . . .
    The place we lived was very close to the beach. We didn’t take the bus to Baicheng Beach for 20 minutes. We experienced the summer beach atmosphere. People really have a lot of heart. If you don’t plan to go to the sea, you are not recommended to play there.
    Draw a circle to curse you, always with me
    Xiamen University Baicheng Beach
    Thank you, you will always be my most beautiful.
    Time is quiet and Jun language, prosperous and complete.
    There will be fewer and fewer people leaving the road, and there are really few seaside people near Zeng. It is a pity that the boardwalk is being repaired and it is regrettable to see it. . We rented a tandem bicycle near Pearl Bay. The online order is still relatively cheap. It is not enough to get tired from the Pearl Bay ride to the Coconut Valley Village. . However, the beauty of the road is very attractive, stop and go, and the time is over.
    In the evening, go to the famous ‘small glasses’ to eat seafood, so be sure to go early! When we finished eating, people had already lined up. . The seafood is really good, I want to eat it.
    Small glasses stalls (Wanjia Oriental store)
     D3天__ Nanputuo Temple – Xiamen University – Railway Culture Park – Zhongshan Road
    According to the Raiders, we will be South Putuo. Xiamen University and Zhongshan Road arranged for a day of play. I want to remind you that Xiamen University has not implemented any policy of 12 to 2 points due to the large number of tourists. When we went there, it was not until 12 o’clock. The tourists had already arranged for the brigade to successively swipe the ID card to enter, Nanputuo Temple. And Xiamen University is the door-to-door relationship, so it doesn’t matter which one to go first. Because there are many people in Xiamen, we have advanced Putuo Temple, but it turns out that there are many people in Putuo Temple. .
    Nanputuo Temple
    Nanputuo Temple
    Because people are tooSo we didn’t go out to the temple and came out, the vegetarian cake was delicious.
    There are still a lot of people in Xiamen University. There is no way we can only line up. When we come in, we should try to go to places where there are few people.
    The antique school building and dormitory building seem to tell us the story.
    Xiamen University
    In fact, dreams are like love, you don’t have to listen, you don’t have to say, you can feel it.
    Xiamen University
    The legendary Furong restaurant, see what it looks like. . . . . . . .
    Xiamen University
    Waiting for Mr. Lin to buy a noodle is waiting for half an hour. . . . . . . . . . .
    After a hard meal, I went to the same legendary Furong Tunnel. I can only say that it is very Wenqing.
    The path leading to the Valley of Lovers is very quiet.
    I heard that this is the place where Xiamen students talk about love.
    Saying goodbye to Xiamen University, we found a less popular attraction ______ Railway Culture Park. The mosquitoes here are really a lot, but they are very suitable for taking pictures. Mr. Lin is so happy that it is such a good place. Because the camera is not adjusted, I did not give me a good film. In fact, I am very satisfied.
    Railway Culture Park
    Railway Culture Park
    Have you waiting, have your protection, never be alone.
    Railway Culture Park
    Railway Culture Park
    Zhongshan Road. Is there a feeling of strolling through the streets of Europe?
    Just because I saw you more in the crowd.
    In fact, life is like this. We met the person we met, made the dream of doing it, then left, then woke up, and then looked forward to the next time, and the life will never leave, and will accompany you to meet and dream. That person, it should be the most worth cherishing.
    The last one was in Xiamen at night, we chose Taiwanese Snack Street on Zhongshan Road.
    Taking advantage of this opportunity also summed up the food map for a few days.
    This is called grilled seafood shell, vomiting blood recommended ~~
    In the middle of the picture is Zeng Yu’s eight thick toast, which is worth tasting.
     D4 days __ Xiamen – Beijing
    The first thing I said to Mr. Lin when I woke up the last morning was that I am going back today, I am reluctant. . .
    After washing, we took the camera and went to the beach. This is the sea opposite Zeng. There aren’t a lot of tourists in the quiet morning, and some are just the rumble of the waves and the warm sunshine.
    Falling in love with a city is sometimes just a matter of moments, because there is you in this city.
    Every trip we have together has made me grow a little, and it has deepened our love. After each trip, I always love to say that leaving is not the end, but another beginning. Indeed, because I have expectations, look forward to each of you next time, and look forward to our wonderful future. I love every city we meet, as long as I hold hands with you, I am satisfied.
    The End____________

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