[The beginning of the way cattle] ancient rhyme Huizhou, listening to the sound of history in the spring time

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    Written in front
    Ancient rhyme Huizhou, eight points and a half of the mountain, one water, half of the farmland and manor
    Although it has been divided and ruled, it still feels the cultural heritage of the past.
    From traditional architecture to landscape culture to authentic cuisine
    If there are a hundred reasons for people to travel to Anhui, then at least 90 of them come from Huizhou.
    Now, along the way I once, I came to the south of Huangshan again.
    Entering the Liyang Ancient Street, which experienced the 1800-year history of vicissitudes
    Watching the spring sun shine on the earth
    Listen to the songs of the birds stretching
    Day Tour Huangshan, night parking Liyang
    If Huangshan is right or wrong, then Liyang can’t miss it.
    You can feel the blend of old and new cultures, the combination of classic and fashion.
    Listen to the most authentic voice of history in an ageless time
    About Liyang In Lane
    Spring blossoms, horse head wall with Du Fu, I can think of the most beautiful appearance of Weinan
    The tofu recommended by China on the tip of the tongue has become the most famous food here.
    Hundreds of years old, still retaining the most original look
    Liyang, a combination of classic and fashion, is beautiful everywhere.
    A literary shop that can stand in the same sun as Lijiang
    See an adult ceremony and learn about the Chinese culture of origin
    If there is time, I would like to hear from you about the story of Huizhou.
    Not every biscuit can be called Huangshan biscuit
    Liyang at night, washed away the complicated day
    Maybe only living in Liyang for one night can you feel the heavyness of history.
    D1 [First time to see Li Yang, feel an adult ceremony]
    Not the same as others, we went from Hefei to Huangshan, and then took a taxi to reach Liyang Old Street, almost at 1 pm.
    Of course, it takes only 2 hours from Hefei, and about 30 minutes from Huangshan North Station to Liyang (45 yuan).
    But the departure is relatively late, so the first thing to arrive in Liyang is to have lunch.
    When I haven’t come yet, I heard that there is a Handu carbon roasting famous here, so I am running directly here.
    Handu Carbon Grill is located in the old street of Liyang. There are three floors. When you go, it is basically full of people, especially customers.
    I feel that the taste is a bit sweet, and it tastes good. Of course, people who don’t like to eat this may not accept it.
    Overall, it’s still good, except for Huizhou cuisine, these more popular shops should also try
    In Liyang Old Street, there are many big and small events every year.
    Among them, in April, the popular adult ceremony is one of the traditional etiquettes in China.
    This tradition has continued from the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty. It has a history of several hundred years before and after.
    In the rites of ancient China, when men were 20 years old, they needed a crown, that is, crowning
    This etiquette represents that it is an adult, recognized by the ethnic group, and then can marry his wife and become a family.
    The woman is married after the age of 15, and can marry after
    The participants in the adult ceremony here not only have domestic students, but also many international students.
    They also participated in the activities of this adult ceremony and deeply felt the ancient culture of China in Liyang.
    Why do you want to be an adult?
    In fact, in ancient times, the original intention of the rite was to ban marriage with minors.
    The crown ceremony is a high-level and representative form of adult rites. It can also be said to be a form of moral examination for adult marriage qualifications.
    Of course, in addition to the adult ceremony, there are also Baihua Festival, Huachao Garden Party, etc.
    In fact, the most lively in Liyang should be the Oktoberfest during the summer vacation. If this time comes to Huangshan, don’t miss it.
    In addition to adult participation, some elementary school students also came to participate in this event to cultivate their perception of Chinese culture.
    The entire Liyang is also crowded with tourists, because it is a festival and event day, so the popularity is still very prosperous.
    The duration of the activity is not long. After the end, because there are more tourists in the scenic area, simply find a place to sit and drink coffee.
    The café was originally a centuries-old building, the lower floor was a coffee shop, and the upper floor was changed to a home.
    Compared to the street outside, the cafe is still very quiet, especially suitable for afternoon tea.
    In addition to drinking coffee, reading books, listening to songs, you can also taste authentic rose tea here.
    The taste is fresh and elegant, and it matches the rainy days in April.
    Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, here, enjoy the time as frozen
    And in the evening, when we walked out of the cafe again, there were a lot less tourists on the street.
    It’s just the rainy weather, which makes the beauty here drop a few dimensions.
    The sunny days of the second and third days proved that the weather is clear and cloudless.
    Like Chengdu Kuanzhai Alley, Beijing Nanluoguxiang and Wuhan Hubu Alley, Liyang Old Street also has its own special snacks.
    For example, China’s most popular snack, Huizhou Mao Tofu, has been on the tip of the tongue.
    Smelling smell, eating incense, can be said to be one of the snacks that must be eaten in Huangshan
    In fact, many people come to Huangshan City, only know that there is a very famous Huangshan Old Street.
    However, on the other side of the river, Liyang Old Street has a long history and has a history of more than 1,800 years.
    The folks have been rumored to be “Liyang in the Tang and Song Dynasties, Tunxi in the Ming and Qing Dynasties”That is enough to prove
    With the continuous development of history, Liyang Old Street began to be gradually forgotten by people, leaving only a few old buildings.
    However, there are always so many people who are not willing to be buried here by history.
    So in 2010, the urban transformation was initiated, and the old buildings with the traditional style of Huizhou were preserved. On the other side, a lot of new buildings were newly built, which were old and new, and merged with each other to feel the heavy sense of history. Also incorporated into the new fashion
    Therefore, today our Liyang Old Street, under the combination of old and new, seems more meaningful
    Visitors can experience history, listen to stories, and experience fashion trends in new buildings in old buildings.
    You can spend time in the bourgeois cafe, and live a leisurely life in the ancient city of Lijiang.
    You can also spend the night in the noisy bar.
    But they are more enjoyable than our usual days.
    It is said that the in in Liyang in the lane is derived from the word international, they hope that Liyang Old Street can be in line with international standards.
    From this blend of old and new cultures to the world, let the world understand the culture of Huizhou and understand the beauty here.
    Under such thinking, it attracted a lot of foreign tourists. Liyang In Lane is also taking ins and going to Facebook.
    This is an intangible cultural heritage street that displays and sells the most valuable part of it.
    Not too big in Liyang in the lane, you will soon be able to go shopping, but to feel the look of Li Yang at night
    Still decided to stay here for one night, so dinner is also the most authentic Huizhou cuisine in the old street.
    A Huizhou shop called the old cooking art, the store is not big, but the decoration is relatively simple and grounded.
    The wooden seat is very old-fashioned, and it is also full of people. Besides the skunk squid in Huizhou, I still like this pastry.
    However, for people in many places, the taste of Huizhou cuisine is still a bit heavy, and many people will feel more salty.
    Therefore, when ordering food, it is best to tell the waiter to put a little salt, usually it will be delicious.
    After dinner, just at the ancient stage, you can see the 2nd Flower God Competition.
    It can be said that basically some talent shows, of course, are very beautiful.
    From speech to playing to dance, it can be said that it is very exciting, basically attracting tourists from the ancient streets.
    In general, Huashen Dasai is also held every year, basically around the Ching Ming Festival.
    As one of the major activities of Liyang Old Street, if you come to Huangshan at this time, you must take a look.
    The old street at night is a lot cleaner, and it’s even darker than the city’s bright lights.
    However, it does not affect our play mood at all.
    On the wall of an old building, you can see the phrase “Day Tour Huangshan, Night Park Liyang”
    Indeed, it can be wrongLiyang during the day, but don’t miss the night here
    Listen to the soft music, along the street lights, through the bustling crowd
    Find a quiet shop where you can listen to the story here.
    In the evening, this art inn is located in Liyang Old Street, about 200 meters from the scenic gate, very close
    This B&B has a very good design, basically a wooden structure with lots of calligraphy and painting.
    There is a small study in the hall, you can have a cup of tea here to read a book, very comfortable.
    In the evening, listening to music here and playing with mobile phones is also very comfortable.
    The boss is a very well-bred sister who can listen to her story about Huizhou.
    D2, [Close to Xin’anjiang Landscape Gallery]
    There are four well-preserved ancient cities in China, one of which is the ancient city of Jixian in Huangshan, and the Xin’an River Landscape Gallery is located here. It takes about one hour from Liyang Old Street.
    It takes only 3 hours from Hangzhou and Nanjing, except for the ancient town of Jixian, one of the four ancient towns in China.
    This Xin’an River Landscape Gallery is also very popular. As a national 4A level scenic spot, it also has the reputation of “Oriental Danube”.
    Shanshui Gallery, as its name suggests, is to look at the mountains to see the water, so it is basically a boat tour.
    Departing from Shendu Town, it takes about 3 hours to travel, and stops at 3 points in the middle.
    Including the Millennium Yushutan, Jiuxing fishing Miantan and the ice and snow Kowloon Valley, playing for a long time, it is recommended to bring some snacks
    A lot of Huizhou buildings can be seen along the way, basically built on the water, the scenery is beautiful.
    Their transportation is basically a ship, and of course there are roads passing through the mountains.
    The first point is some performances, you can see them on the shore, and when you finish reading, you will return to the boat and move on.
    The most worthwhile thing in the second point is this millennium ancient banyan tree, and there are many stalls selling specialty products.
    Basically, it is placed along the roadside. You can buy some small eucalyptus boards and look pretty cute.
    Because along the river, the roadside food, in addition to the most popular stinky tofu, there are many fried fish
    The price is not expensive, 10 yuan can buy a few, the taste is average, but some people like it very much.
    Because it was the Ching Ming Festival, the first two days just had a heavy rain, so the river was muddy, compared with the previous online pictures.
    The scenery is a lot worse, I haven’t seen the rape blossoms, all of them have been hit by the rain.
    The last point of ice and snow, Kowloon Valley, can be regarded as a project here, basically the mini version of Harbin Ice and Snow World
    Because the temperature difference is too big, the lens will fog when I go in, so I have not taken pictures.
    For the southerners, it is still worth experiencing. After all, many people have never seen snow.
    From the Xinanjiang Landscape Gallery, drive directly from Shendu Town, Jixian County to an ancient village near Huangshan North Station. Compared with the famous Xidi, Hongcun, Chengkan and Lu Village, these places are higher than the fare ( Hongcun 104 yuan), a lot of tourists.
    Here, only in the suburbs of Huangshan City, only 4 kilometers from Huangshan North Station and only 1 hour from Huangshan Scenic Area, Xixi South is a hidden century-old village, compared to other villages in southern Anhui. The reputation here is too small, so no tickets have been charged so far.
    Here is a typical Huizhou architecture, powder wall tiles, bluestone streets, and the most representative horse head wall, here the development brigadeThe game industry is late, there is almost no commercial atmosphere, very simple and grounded.
    From the urban area, before entering Xixi South, there will be a big river, the trees on both sides are lush, the scenery is beautiful, away from the city, only the sound of the insects can be heard.
    The whole village is built almost by the river, and the trees on both sides are covered by the river. Although it has not yet reached the early summer, it can already feel the cool atmosphere. If it is a summer tour, it must be too suitable.
    If the paradise is general, the life here is as simple as it was hundreds of years ago. The smoke is smoky, the water is flowing, the sun shines through the woods, and it is scattered on the river. After school, the children stop by the river and play fishing.
    In April, the world is full of Fangfei, although it is not deep in the mountains, the April is still full of flowers in the village, at the entrance of the village, there are one or two authentic farmhouses, in addition to play, you can also drink tea and sun, then Try authentic Huizhou cuisine.
    If you are coming to Huangshan, don’t miss this unknown ancient village. Hundreds of years of history, ancient buildings, and clear rivers, ordinary small villages, are what we want most.
    Returning from Xixi South to Huangshan City, staying at Parkview Holiday Hotel, it is also very close to Liyang Old Street. It is less than 1 km away and it takes 10 minutes to walk. It is because you want to experience the star hotel of Huangshan.
    The size of the executive room is still very large, at least 50 square meters or more, the room is very soundproof, the hygiene is very clean, and the door opens to give a very comfortable feeling. The floor-to-ceiling windows face the hotel’s garden and the scenery is good.
    There are fruits and tea on the table. After a day of play, I saw that the pile of food was really relieved of fatigue.
    There is also a special welcome message, and the service is everywhere, making people feel at home.
    Even the bathroom vanity is very elegant and looks very artistic.
    The only small regret is that there is no bathtub in the hotel room, after all, I want to relax after the tired journey.
    However, the best thing to say is to say the dinner here, although it is also Huizhou cuisine.
    But I obviously feel that the dishes here are a lot better from the hue.
    The color is full of flavor and decoration, and the decoration is also very good. For many foodies, this is an explosive welfare.
    Compared with the Huizhou cuisine in the restaurant outside, the chef probably knows that the guests are from the field, so it is obvious that they have put a lot of salt.
    D3, [Li Yang’s first sunshine]
    On the last day of the holiday, I wake up to wake up naturally, then go to the hotel for a breakfast. I have to say that the breakfast of Baijing is the best one of the three times I came to Huangshan. The dishes are also very rich and the taste is very good.
    The restaurant is still relatively large, but at 7 or 8 o’clock, there are more people, so some dishes are not replenished in time.
    In general, everything from drinks to hot dishes, and then fruits are quite complete.
    Because I bought the 11-point high-speed iron back to the fertilizer, I will return to Liyang Old Street after breakfast.
    It’s not about coming from Baijing Holiday Hotel, it’s about 10 minutes, it’s still relatively close.
    Compared to the rainy weather, the old streets on sunny days are a lot better. The towering horse head wall and the long red lanterns are against each other.
    With a touch of celebration in an old building
    The first rays of the morning sun shone on the ancient street, and everything here became full of anger.
    There are not many tourists, you can have more time to touch this history.
    As the best place to take pictures in Huangshan City, except for ancient stage, ancient buildings and some fashion trends.
    There is also a landmark church and bell tower, which is also the place where many people like to take wedding photos.
    Of course, if you want to take a beautiful photo here, you still need to get up early. The morning sun is softer and the tourists are less.
    And there are more places where you can take pictures, so Liyang in the early, middle and late days are different.
    I came to Huangshan for the third time, and came to Liyang for the second time. Everything here is better than I expected.
    If you come to Huangshan, you can not go to Hongcun or you can go to Xidi.
    But be sure to feel it once, the charm of this ancient street, in the bright sunshine, listen to the most authentic voice of history.
    [practical guide]
    About transportation:
    1. Hefei, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing and Fuzhou can all be reached by high-speed rail. From Huangshan North Station, there is a bus to Liyang Old Street. It takes about 30 minutes by taxi and about 45 yuan.
    2, from Huangshan Scenic Area to Liyang Old Street, about 1 hour, carpooling 25-30 yuan / person, the same to Tunxi Old Street.
    3. There is only one river between Tunxi Old Street and Liyang Old Street. It is only a few hundred meters walk, no need to take a bus.
    4, Liyang Old Street to Huangshan Railway Station is very close, the taxi starting price, about 10 minutes will be able to arrive.
    1. No tickets for Liyang Old Street. There are many interesting homestays. Have time to experience it.
    2. Liyang, which has activities on holidays, is more fun than usual, but there are more tourists.
    3. The photo taken by the drone is great, but the old street in Liyang is too close to the airport. It is a flight-limited area and cannot fly.
    4. Liyang Old Street can store luggage for free. This is very good. At the scenic spot tourist center at the gate, it must be taken at 5 o’clock at the latest.

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