[The beginning of the way cattle] flowers open Liyang, looking for the hidden Utopia town at the foot of the Huangshan Mountain.

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When mentioning Huangshan in Anhui, most people’s first impressions originated from the “Huangshan”, the world’s first mountain, which is known as the magnificent mountain river and splendid cultural representative.
    As everyone knows, there is a poetic inhabited oriental courtyard and a maple forest wetland at the foot of Huangshan Mountain.
    It coincides with the opening of the flowers in April, carrying three or five friends, walking into the spring of Huangshan, enjoying the Huizhou’s feelings in the courtyard of Liyang in the lane, and feeling the posture of the pedestrians in the Xin’an Landscape Gallery. It’s not as good as your pastoral life in the Xixi Nancun.
    Itinerary: day1: departure place – Huangshan Liyang in Xiang
    Day2: Xin’an River Landscape Gallery – Xixi South
    Day2: return
    “A lifetime of infatuation, no dream to Huizhou”, since ancient times, Huizhou is the hometown of many humanities and literary dreams. The beauty here has brought out many famous poems that have been passed down through the ages. The beauty of Huizhou is misunderstood. “The pure land of one side.” It is a picture of ink and wash that is clear and vivid, vivid and lively.
    In Huizhou, the birthplace of Huizhou culture comes from Liyang at the foot of Huangshan Mountain. Liyang has occupied a unique position in the long history of the development of Huizhou merchants. Since ancient times, there has been the reputation of Liyang in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and the reputation of Tunxi in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It used to be the center of humanities and economy in Huizhou. It has a history of more than 1800 years. Now it is old and old, and it is also integrated with the elements of Western architecture. It has become a Huizhou architectural town with a combination of Chinese and Western.
    Liyang in the entire Huizhou architectural group, compared to Hongcun and Xidi, it is more like an old man who has passed through the wind and frost, quietly and peacefully guarding this quiet pure land, one water, one lane, one wooden A house is slowly absorbed from the essence of the years.
    Walking within the town is like a constant shuttle between the ancient times of Huizhou and the fashionable Liyang. It reflects the rich history and culture of the ancient town, and can also feel the characteristics of the modern Tudor. On one side is the antique Huizhou architecture, and on the other side is a new style building with stylish and beautiful appearance. It is visually switched at any time, and the noisy and quiet interspersed alternately.
    Shuttle through the old streets of Xinjie, a piece of bluestone slabs, covered with the entire ancient street, and each lane has a small stream connected, now there are still many well-preserved ancient buildings, like The old houses such as “Shijia Courtyard”, “Jia Family Courtyard”, “hanging pot recognition” are standing on the edge of the stream, especially with artistic style.
    Among them, the deep house compound, the ancestral hall and the archway are the most classic. All kinds of stone carvings, wood carvings and brick carvings are integrated into one. The blue brick gray tiles and the yellow wooden walls show the simplest simplicity. Touching a wall that has been weathered by the wind and rain, like a deep dialogue with the ancient Huizhou.
    The town is not big, but it has a strong sense of life. The snack street, the hand workshop street, the folk theme street, the bar culture street are everywhere. Look for a corner cafe and watch the warm sunshine through the alley. Projected on the ancient house, let the slow time of the heartbeat sound, one afternoon, listening to a moving song, reading an interesting book, quietly taste the old time of Li Yang in the fragrance of flowers.
    Slowly strolling in the alleys, you can find a lot of intangible cultural heritage. The master-level studios on the street sell the exquisite works such as enamel and Huimo. It is quite meaningful and the price is not expensive. It is worthwhile to stop and pick a few to take home to watch.
    The ancient stage of Huizhou is an indispensable culture in the emblem building. An ancient stage carries the evolution of the development of opera for thousands of years. In Liyang In Lane, the ancient stage of the town has become famous. The cultural relics can still hear the sounds of the drums and the magnificent performances during the festival. The most exciting performance is the performance of the adult ceremony. The tradition of the ancient Chinese adult ceremony has continued from the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty. When a man reaches the age of 20, he will be crowned, that is, he will be crowned, indicating that he is an adult, recognized by the ethnic group, and then can marry his wife. The woman is married after she is 15 years old, and she can marry after she is married.
    Under the testimony of the ancient stage, with the sound of ancient music, the men and women wearing Chinese clothes will perform a solemn and solemn Chinese-style adult ceremony, and visitors can participate in it. If time is enough, it is not to be missed. An interactive performance.
    Within the Liyang In Lane, there are many famous Huizhou cuisines. Trying authentic Huizhou cuisine is one of the most natural things in Liyang in the lane. The Huizhou cuisine is very special, that is, “the thick oil red sauce is heavy. work”. Huizhou cuisine is good at cooking, stewing, steaming and steaming. This trip chose a Huizhou shop called Old Chef, which is a reputation for hairy tofu and squid.
    The tofu is made by artificial fermentation to grow a layer of white hair on the surface of the tofu. When served at the table, it is served with chili sauce, fresh and refreshing, fragrant and attractive, and has an appetizing effect. The squid, the name of this dish appears on the menus of almost any restaurant and restaurant. The famous dish, the first smell is slightly stinky, and the first test is fragrant. Try again mellow, three try fresh and tender, fermented squid meat is like a delicious garlic clove, white tender and smooth, warm and jade, tight and flexible.
    Some of the old houses on the street have been transformed into museums, and some have been converted into homestays. Each has a different style and story. If you want to enjoy the night view of Liyang In Lane, you may wish to stay at a special hotel for one night. The Chunshu Xiangju Boutique Inn is located within the main road. The owner of Hechun B&B tries to keep the original house as original. The tables and chairs of the Chinese and Western mixes and the bookcases on the wall have a small fresh style and the surrounding walls. The poems hanging on the paintings have a strong artistic atmosphere.The coziness of the share can only be experienced in person, in order to fully feel.
    The room is more chic, the room is “small but fine, small and beautiful”, the dome-shaped roof design, the retro bedside lamp, the old wooden table top, the wooden decoration looks warm and intimate, the bedding is fitted with a soft bed. Product. The bed that is buried in the aroma of the woods sleeps peacefully, even if it is sleeping in a foreign land.
    Xin’anjiang is known as the “Oriental Danube River” and is the mother river of Huangshan. Xin’an Jiangshui Gallery is the most representative natural scenery in Huizhou. It is more than 100 miles away. Because of the rolling terrain, the hills are rolling. Therefore, Xin’anjiang is like a jade belt, like a silver dragonfly walking through the mountains.
    The scenery here is very different all year round. Take a boat tour in the scenic area of ​​Xin’anjiang Shanshui Gallery. More than three hours away, the village is a painting, step by step is like a scene, just like being in an endless charm. Between the ink paintings.
    Since ancient times, there has been a saying that “there is no mountain and no water to live in Anhui”, so the residential houses here combine the essence of nature and the essence of landscape and aura. You can see the ancient villages on both sides hidden in the city, the rape blossoms in the mountains and the mountains. The pear flower is in full bloom, and the powder wall of the ancient dwellings is beautiful. In the ancient village, there is a rotten pastoral, green brick ancient alley, where the villagers planted rapeseed, raised river fish, and glowed.It is alive and quiet, and it is peaceful and peaceful.
    In the course of the shipwreck tour, you can enjoy the large-scale live performance of “Heavenly Life and the Winds of the Ancients”. The performance is based on the ancient “Nine Surname Fishing”, which shows the wonderful experience of the nine surnames fishing in the traditional way and fishing gear. In the picture, the fishermen of the nine surnames perform small scenes such as fishing in the basin, fishing in the net, squid fishing, osprey fishing, and giant net fishing.
    The main squad is served by the elders who are still engaged in fisheries in Miantan, with real-time commentary, supplemented by cymbals and background music, combined with a strong sense of ritual and sense of sight. The atmosphere is magnificent and shocking. This nine-person performance is the most rewarding performance in Xin’an Jiangshui Gallery. In the past, the fishermen used this wisdom and hard work to support their families. Today, this fun brings beautiful laughter and applause to Xin’anjiang.
    In the scenic area of ​​the Millennium Banyan Tree, I just walked into the entrance of the village, and I was able to meet the local farmer and the farmer who was carrying the burden. They all smiled at our smiles and greeted them. It seemed to go into the dream. In the Peach Blossom Spring, in front of the Huizhou architecture in the village, every household has a high gate compound, and the couplet at the entrance has its source, which has a strong Hui culture.
    The ancient banyan tree of the millennium tree age is 26.7 meters high. The four main branches are surrounded by blue sky. The tree is nearly 16 meters wide. It needs eight people to hold and the shade is 660 square meters. According to legend, Zhang Liang, the military sergeant of Han Gaozu Liu Bang, did not miss the fame and fortune, leaving the imperial court to live here and reproduce, so the majority of the villagers here are surnamed Zhang. In the legend, the ancient 樟 is also related to Zhang Liang. After Zhang Liang’s death, he was buried in the village. His old soul gave birth to this ancient banyan tree.
    From the ancient banyan tree, go to the last stop of the cruise ship, the snow and ice in the Kowloon Valley. Because the camera will fog, there is not too much photographing. The theme of the “ice and snow” in the Kowloon Valley can be used for snowballing, snow and ice, and poles. Ice sculptures with Huizhou culture features, Peacock Valley and ostrich gardens next to the Kowloon Valley. In the garden, you can enjoy the beautiful and beautiful shadow of the peacock.
    Xixi South Town is an oasis at the foot of Huangshan Mountain. It is an ancient village that has been hidden for nearly 100 years. It is rarely known, so tourists have been few and have not yet entered the ancient town. It has already presented a simple and elegant. The quiet picture, the spring water flowing down the bridge,
    At the moment of entering the village, the fascinating fresh air rushed to the surface, and the natural oxygen bar was accompanied by a tranquility. Poetic and artistic meaning of “small bridge, flowing water, people”.
    Here is the pastoral life surrounded by green mountains and green waters. The ancient town is surrounded by water. A large piece of wetland is filled with maple groves. The branches are intertwined and follow the river. It is reflected in the clear blue water, which is the impression. The land of the Wizard of Oz, even if it is almost summer, it is still the look of spring here.
    This dull and calm town is a life that the city does not have. Many children and parents chased on the grassy meadows with wildflowers. Walking along the river, the ears are full of laughter.
    The ancient town is very large, and the size of the bluestone road is criss-crossed. When you walk into the ancient town, you can feel the simplicity and kindness of the villagers. You can forget that you are a tourist and have a kind of back. The illusion of going to the hometown.
    The next day’s accommodation chose the Baijing Holiday Hotel around Liyang In Lane. The hotel is not far from Huangshan North Station and the main bus station in the city. It is convenient for the next day’s return transportation. Baijing Holiday Hotel is a luxurious type of Huangshan. Star-rated hotel, the booked girlfriends room meets the full-fledged girl’s heart, living in it feels like a little princess, the whole room is all pink design theme layout makes people feel flustered. Candy-shaped cute pillows give people the urge to hug. There are also large floor-to-ceiling windows in the room, which are super bright, suitable for sitting on the sofa with friends and sharing gossip and food.
    End the three-day and two-night trip to Huizhou to enjoy the scenery of the world, to see the ancient paradise of the city, to see the ancient lanes of the combination of Chinese and Western, to touch the ancient walls of thousands of years, the ancient dwellings of the wrong, and the people The heart is full of joy, and the troubles of the world are swept away.
    Traffic Raiders:
    Liyang in the lane:
    Huangshan North Railway Station (High-speed Railway Station): Take the high-speed railway line (urban area) and get off at Yima Road. Walk over the old bridge.
    Railway station: Take bus No. 12 to get off at Yima Road and walk over the old bridge (the taxi fare is about 10 yuan)
    Bus station: Distance 3.5km, taxi fare is about 10 yuan
    Tunxi International Airport: about 4km away, taxi fare is about 20 yuan

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