[The beginning of the way cattle] Inner Mongolia, the most true of the acquaintance – remember the cold and warm

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     Ulan Buh and Desert
    Some people go on a trip, in order to feel the clouds and clouds there; some people go to travel, in order to marry their own love; some people travel, in order to heal their own scars; some people travel, in order to choose forgotten and forgotten.
    I am fortunate that I and the cold and cold can be selected into the Inner Mongolia Winter Experience Officer. I spent the past 100 days in this way. In this way, I kissed Inner Mongolia to kiss the desert and meet the truest self. Thirteen people, not far from the distance, just right.
    I am cold and cold this trip to Inner Mongolia for a ceremonial feeling, in order to go to a convention. What happened to the affair is a cloud, and the one that comes with it is the king.
     DAY1 The beginning of Aventure Stay: Wuhai Grand Skylight Hotel
    Wuhai, the name I have never heard before, is the starting point of our adventure. There is a direct flight from Shanghai to Wuhai every day. It takes off from Pudong at 6:50 in the morning. Because we were too early to catch up with the plane, we chose to transfer from Xi’an. It is said that Wuhai is a dream, a dream that is closest to heaven, a dream that is looming and unreal. Dreaming of a relationship, dreaming of a love, such as going to a flower, sweet and fragrant, gently bulging at the tip of the nose into the warmth of the years.
    Just arrived in Wuhai, although there is strong sunshine, I can still feel the deep coolness of the north, a cotton jacket is not enough to keep warm. Wuhai is not big, and the price is very cheap. It takes ten minutes from the airport to the hotel, but it is only a dozen yuan. Along the way, the deserted loess seen on the plane has now become a undulating hillside, a city with underdeveloped industrialization, and less of the haze that should be in the north, allowing me to greedily breathe the loess that has long been against the blue sky. breath.
    In the evening, stay at the best Gran Yuntian hotel in the local area. It should be called the best hotel in Wuhai. We invited professional outdoor sports experts to explain the various precautions of desert walking and check the equipment on foot (a pair of comforts). Hiking shoes are especially important!). After the explanation, everyone came to the restaurant of the copper pot and meat, ate the meat, drank the big bowl, tasted the freshest mutton flavor, and tasted the sweetest Mongolian wine. Everyone talked about the land and was uncomfortable. Take the wind and wash the dusty feast, let’s be together.
     DAY2 Out of this desert, we will never separate. Accommodation: Herdsmen’s house (sleeping bag)
     Ulan Buh and Desert
    Ulan Buh and the desert, the first stop of our trip, is located in the Bayannaoer League and Alashan League in the western part of the autonomous region. North to Langshan, northeast and Hetao Plain. It is near the Yellow River in the east, to the north of Helan Mountain in the south, and to the Jilantai Salt Lake in the west. An undeveloped desert sacred place has become a paradise for hikers.
    At five o’clock in the morning, I got up and armed myself, quick-drying clothes, light down jackets, jackets, multi-functional face towels, hats, gloves, and wrapped myself tightly. Starting at six o’clock, I used breakfast in the car and did some small games, which made our relationship closer. After driving for nearly four hours, I went to a restaurant near the starting point to have a desert meal. Said to be a simple meal, a sheep’s head meat let us feel the authenticity of the Inner Mongolian people.
    According to legend, a long time ago, there was a camel team of sixty peak camels. When the salt passes through this place, the weather suddenly changes and the snow flies. The camel team lost its way into the cold lake and never came out. From then on, it became a salt lake. Jilantai is the meaning of the sixty words of Mongolian. Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty married the Princess of the Goose to Alashan Wang Abao. Because the age is not good, the people are suffering, the princess is very sad. Kangxi Emperor knows that the Jilantai Salt Lake will be given to the princess. Since then, Alashan has the right to sell and sell the salt lake. . The Jilantai Salt Lake has also become the starting point for our desert crossing.
    Entering Ulan Buh and the desert from the entrance of Jilantai Salt Lake, we really entered the desert we are going to cross this time. Since it has not been developed, everything is very empty. The coach said: “The only one team that can guarantee to see today is our team.” Of course, in order to ensure our safety, the outdoor team also sent two off-road vehicles as safety. The support car followed us closely, and it became our shooting props.
    Just entering the desert, cold and cold touched the real sand for the first time, so soft, so long, everything seems so fresh. I didn’t take long to walk. I was very fortunate to see the hare in the desert. The healthy posture disappeared in a short while, and I have disappeared into the desert before I even took out the camera.
    The straight line distance we are going to walk today is 17 kilometers.It may take about 22 kilometers to actually go. In order to keep up with the leader’s pace, in order to prevent disorientation, it is difficult to take out the camera to take pictures on foot, carrying more than 20 kilograms of photographic equipment and living materials, really made me a little breathless. Cold and cold encourage me around, and the two help each other and work hard. Only when I was at rest, I took out the camera and took a few photos for the cold, and I couldn’t help but smile at the coldness in the camera.
    I have not remembered how many sand dunes I have turned over. I have no idea how many roads I have traveled. I and the cold and cold encourage each other, and always take the lead as our team leader.
    Crossing the world’s largest wild Haloxylon, I finally saw the true body of the tree we planted in the energy of a certain treasure. The Halsuolin is 30 kilometers wide and 60 kilometers long from east to west. It has already passed through the Haloxylon forest. At seven o’clock in the evening, we were finally able to see our campsite with the naked eye. The sunset stretched our height behind us and insisted that the last is the strongest king.
     Owen is the warm English name
    On behalf of the distinguished Hada, representing the warm Mongolian wine, with desert goat meat, the herdsmen greet us in the most simple way.
    Arrived at the herdsmen’s homeWhen the water bottle in the bag was ready to drink water, it was found that the bottle was covered with thin ice slag. The hospitable herders prepared hot milk tea for us, salty, although not very used to this taste, But it can also warm the whole body. After that, it was the hard dish tonight – the stewed lamb in the wok, the cold and cold that didn’t eat the lamb in the past was not avoided at this moment, exposed the true color of the woman, the big cockroach, even the fat that I usually don’t eat. The meat is also swallowed up. Everyone talked and laughed, talking about the tiredness of today, talking about the experience on the road today, has long since eliminated the shame that just started to meet, and became a brother of life and death.
    After dinner, with a cold walk outside looking at the galaxy above the sky, the Big Dipper is on the horizon. Yan, from this moment on; from the second. Kissing and kissing under the stars, and making promises to you on the meteor, this is the hundred-day ritual we are looking for. In order to leave us a different 100-day commemoration, we also specially photographed the photo of us for us. . . Let’s take a look at our one-day kiss of the Milky Way.
     DAY3 Civilization in the Desert Stay: Grand Skylight Hotel Wuhai
    In the morning, facing the first dawn of the horizon, we started a new day.
    The first stop, Kent bag. A Mongolian totem that has stood for centuries is the belief of the Mongols. According to legend, after the death of Genghis Khan in 1227, the servants of the servants carried their spirits with a Lele car pulled by a five-color horse, marching toward the Kent Mountain on the banks of the river, passing through the Haru Nai Mountain. “Mongolian Sources” records: “The Great Khan Ling is contained in the Lele car, all the way to mourn the prayers through the land of the Cooper of the Yinshan Mountains, the Lele wheel is deep in the ground, and the five-color horses are struggling and cannot move forward. Sorrowful, sighing in front of the Holy Spirit, praying for the road, the blue sky of the longevity of the people, the glory of the glory of the heavens… Halu Naishan is your warm suffocation…”” At this time, the Lele car suddenly started, everyone Nothing is joyous, continue on the road, and deliver the spirit to the destination.
    Take three rounds clockwise, make your wishes under the bag with the most sincere heart, hands together, secretly glanced at the coldness next to me, I may not have so much faith in the bag, I just want me to be cold and cold. All right, just keep going.
    Later, we walked another two or three kilometers to another herder’s home. The coach immediately said that our hiking trip ended here! Everyone took a sigh of relief and looked at the friends around. Everyone walked through so many roads together, maybe for each other we were a life encounter.
    Of course, although the trek is over, our itinerary continues. Resting in the house for a while, we were called by the coach to the outdoor tent building competition. Because I had too many outdoor camping experiences before, this is really familiar to me. When the coach said: “The first completed group has a gift!” Cold and turned to look at me, I can understand the meaning in her eyes “Can we get the first?” I responded with a firm look to the cold. . With a whistle, I worked with the cold and cold simulation, one unfolded the internal account, one put on the fixed rod, and soon completed the construction. It was a very tacit understanding. It took 6 minutes to complete the “pick-disassemble-install” “All the tent’s challenge projects succeeded in winning a small gift for the cold.”
    Due to the tight time of our entire journey, we will take the off-road vehicle for 100 kilometers on foot. We will take the off-road vehicle to complete the “Camel Salt Road”. The ancient camel salt originated from the Han Dynasty and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is responsible for the important mission of transporting salt!
    Alxa is located in the Gobi Desert, with drought and little rain, and the extreme natural environment provides the camel with favorable conditions for survival. From the ancient Silk Road to the camel transport to support Tibet in the early days of liberation, this ancient and unique mode of transport has facilitated the people of this region. At the beginning of the Republic of China in the late Qing Dynasty, the salt produced by Jilantai was mainly sold to Ningxia in the south to Gansu and southern Shaanxi. In the east, it was mainly sold to Hetao, Baotou, Suiyuan, Shanxi and Shaanxi. This road was made by camels to salt. The old Dengkou (Bayin Muren Ferry) on the west bank of the Yellow River is loaded down the river.
    Later, with the opening of the road, the ancient camel transport salt road gradually disappeared, and soon it was submerged in the vast Wulanbu and Shahai!
    You must wear a seat belt in the desert because you don’t know when your ass is empty, your head hits the roof. Along the way, our team shouted at each other with a walkie-talkie. Our team leader also told us about the legends of this desert, let us imagine the camel team and the crowd during the prosperous period of the “Camel Salt Road”. We saw the true owner of this desert, the Bactrian camel. Run by the side of our team. I used to ride a camel in the scenic spot. I always disliked them as ugly. It may be because of the domestication and lost the vitality of the past. The camels here are different. The parts of the body are like the zodiac. They are: rat ear, cow ridge, tiger claw, rabbit mouth, dragon neck, snake eye, horse owl, sheep nose, monkey hair, chicken phoenix, dog.踵, pigtails, shiny hair, eyes stunned, galloping in this desert is uncomfortable.
    With this group of camels, we came to the next destination, “Camel Springs.” I also knew that there was still groundwater in the desert. Under the Ulan Buh and the Great Desert, there is a large confined water gravity basin with an area of ​​more than 5,300 square kilometers, which is an oasis in this desert. And it does not freeze all the year round, and the clear spring emerges from the source, feeding the desolate land.
    After seeing Camel Spring, we came to the front of the tree of God here. The god tree is located in the hinterland of Ulan Buh and the desert. I don’t know how many years of trees have survived and it is very vicissitudes. Since the time we came is winter, there are no green leaves, but there are many Hada and prayer flags. It is said that local people will come to the tree to pray, and the tree will have magic to protect the local people. Mr. Zhou Guoping said that people always have a little faith in their lives, and those without faith are sad. In this desolate desert that can no longer be desolate, the thought culture is barren, and there is such a god tree in the desert, which can indeed be called the god of faith. In accordance with local customs, we circled the tree three times and silently made our own wishes. My wish is very simple. It is the promise of staying with my cold life for the day of our 100th anniversary. God tree, can you hear it? If you hear it, please be sure to bless us.
    The next place is the site of An Jiu Temple, a gathering place for desert civilization. Anjiu Temple is located in a relatively flat desert. It is a temple of Alashan North Temple. It was built in the late 19th century. There were more than 100 lamas in its heyday. At the time of the camel salt passage, it was a fork, a station, and a tax. At the level of the whole, the salt-eating team came and went, and luck was good. At the site of Anjiu Temple, you can find the coins and porcelain fragments of Qianlong, Jiaqing and Daoguang. It witnessed the rise and fall of a civilization, and it fell along with the demise of civilization, leaving only a pile of ruins.
    Although it has become a pile of ruins, it has become a paradise for photographers. If time is right, you can take the sunset and reproduce the solemnity of this ancient ruin. If you are just right, you can shoot the stars at night, and that feeling is unbeatable. When we arrived, it was three or four in the afternoon. There was no sunset or starry sky, but we were cold and cold. This little model was cold and left our footprints here.
    Of course, we also held a grand ceremony here. Da Yongge, the president of the Wuhai Mountaineering Association, awarded us a certificate of walking through, recording the sweat and hardship of our two days. It’s the best gift for our anniversary on the day of the 100th anniversary of the cold and cold.
    onlyAlthough the step desert is over, I think the impression left in our hearts is not the same. Out of the desert, everyone seems to be more like a family, a group of brothers born and died, or from time to time to talk about the night sky in the desert, the sand, the god tree, the civilization. As for me and cold, this trip to the desert has an unclear meaning for us, and it is another sublimation of our feelings.
    Crossing the Yellow River Ferry, we officially completed the entire desert crossing. The old man here said that we have a common destination in this world, that is heaven. Since the end points are the same, why are you going so fast? Why not slowly appreciate the scenery on the road? In the desert, you don’t have to worry about losing something. You don’t have to think about what to do tomorrow. Why, now, there is nothing but time. No one knows you, but the days are easy.
     DAY4 Dreamlike, dreamy encounters: Wuhai Grand Skylight Hotel
    The enthusiasm of the desert has not retreated, and we have to start a new day. Due to the desert adventures experienced in the previous two days, the subsequent trips were very easy for us. Today, we still got up early, had a breakfast at the hotel, and started our journey today.
    Our first stop today is “Human Root”, which takes almost three hours to drive from the hotel to the attraction. Due to the geographical distribution of Inner Mongolia, the distance between the attractions is relatively far, so we included a Coster CMB to our destination. In order to pass the boring time in the car, we turned the microphone on the car into a mobile KTV, and everyone sang the songs of the grassland. Usually, the warmest favorite is to listen to cold and sing. The cold and cold sound is very good, the warm singing is terrible, and the cold singing sings for money. This time, I sang a piece of Han Hong’s “Tianlu”, and I took everyone to the endless grassland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. I saw the eagle flying in the blue sky and saw the ups and downs of the dragon.
    With the singing of everyone, we quickly arrived at our destination. When you enter the scenic spot, you can see a huge stone pillar standing upright, pointing to the sky. The pillar is reddish-brown, 28 meters high. There must be ten big-shaped big men to surround this stone pillar. The shape resembles the male genitalia. Call it “human roots.”
    There are many legends about this peak. It is said that after Fuxi and Nuwa made people here, they left their genitals. After Mu Guiying passed through this horse, he gave birth to Yang Wenguang; The symbol of the gods, infertile men and women come here for a long time, and sincerely pray for God to give.
    However, what attracted me to this attraction is not the stone pillar that can be pregnant. After all, I still believe in my ability. What makes me even more happy is that there are one after another, there are also colorful prayers. Because the scenic spot is very small, I have left a photo for a long time after visiting the scenic spot. Of course, I can’t let such a good chance with cold and cold, and keep pressing the shutter to record the most beautiful moment.
    After lunch, I will set off for our main event today, the Western Dream Grand Canyon. It is located in the Yinshan Mountain in the town of Braun, Alxa Zuoqi. It is praised by the herdsmen as “Qingshen Mountain”. It is not far from the sights of the morning. The whole is composed of yellow, red, gray and white. Against the backdrop of the colorful, like a seven-color Hatha, dreamlike.
    As soon as we entered the valley, the magnificent Yadan landform and the glacier symbiosis made us all shocked. The gorge has experienced tens of years of wind and rain erosion, and the flood has washed away. In the meantime, the peaks and turns, one step and one scene, ten steps different days, as if stepping into the dream world. Here, everyone actively plays their own brains, imagines, and dreams. No wonder it is called the Dream Grand Canyon. It turned out to give everyone a chance to dream. No one cares what you say, no one cares about what it is, as long as you have imagination, it becomes your dream.
    This stone I feel like the statue of Mao Zedong in the head of the orange continent, 100% in shape, is there wood? !
    Cold and cold, I don’t know where to get a few grass spikes. I always asked me in front of me: “Is it good?” My cold and cold powdered girl’s heart, but these rice spikes became our next success. Shooting props. Walking all the way, I quickly released myself in the cold, and staged a cold fantasy drifting in this fantasy valley.
    In such a pure and transparent environment, everyone encounters their own pure soul, and the cleansing is the ethereal heart. We may wish to let go of ourselves, and the whole world seems to be quiet. It seems that there is full of hope and faith, and it seems that I found the true self there and found the long-lost feelings.
     DAY5, horses and horses, sleek, slumbers: Ordos yurt
    This morning I thought about being able to wander around Wuhai City and paying tribute to their ancestors, Genghis Khan. It is a pity that today’s Wuhai suddenly fogged. We stood by the Wuhai Lake and overlooked the Genghis Khan on the Gandel Mountain in the distance. It seems to be a bit more magical and quiet.
    The temperature this morning was really too low. Every ten minutes, everyone rushed back to the car to get warm. We also drove to our next destination, the Ordos Prairie.
    I haven’t been to the grassland before I was cold, so I have been asking me in the car: “Is there a lot of grass on the prairie?” “Is there a flock on the grassland?” “Can we ride horses when we arrive? To tell the truth, although I have been to the grassland, it is also the summer time. The cattle and sheep are in groups, and the green grass is also spectacular. I am also the first time in the winter grassland. So these cold and cold problems have really stumped me.
    In the car, Chen Hao from Inner Mongolia explained to everyone the customs of the Mongolian people. In the edification of the ideological culture, we also unwittingly arrived at our destination.
    Earlier, I heard that there will be a bonfire party in the savannah of the prairie in our trip. I am very cold and cold and look forward to today’s itinerary. The yurt is also a luxury that subverts everyone’s expectations. Everyone was prepared to go through this page. After that, they discovered that the yurt was not the same as before. It is a hotel with a yurt rind, air conditioning, toilets, and no need to solve it in the desert.
    However, the grasslands in winter are no longer green in summer, and there is no sight of the wind and the grass, but the snow on the ground makes us realize for the first time that we are in an environment of minus ten degrees.
    Come to the yurt, of course, try the Mongolian costume. I replaced the Mongolian costume with cold and cold, but I was a little bit smug, and it seemed to be the master who came out of this yurt.
    It’s indispensable to go to the grassland for archery and archery. Although the grassland in winter is less enthusiasm for summer, everyone is still excited to start the winter grassland project, in addition to retaining the traditional grassland project, and adding a small Trains, karting and other exciting projects. This started a battle between me and the cold PK.
    The first project: grassland archery. Each person has a total of five arrows, Zhang bow and arrow, this would like to be “will pull the bow like a full moon” Guo Jing, how can I think the first arrow hit the ground straight. Looking at the coldness next to me, the thin arms pulled up the bows and it seemed a little hard, but I shot the target and jumped up happily. It seems that she has the “Huang Rong” atmosphere. The next few arrows, cold and continuous target, but I missed the target. The first game was cold and stubborn.
    The second project: grassland riding. The horses here are all the short-legged horses on the prairie. They are strong and strong. I wore a protective gear and walked to the racecourse. I liked a white horse cold and cold, so I chose a long-haired brown horse. If you are riding a horse, you can ride alone on a horse-drawn raft. If you don’t ride a horse, the groom will walk slowly with you. Since I had some experience in riding horses before, the groom just followed me behind me, and I kept speeding up and feeling the excitement of “Peng Ma Pentium”. The cold groom was carrying the leash, and slowly enjoying the sunshine of the grassland.
    The third project: grass skiing. In the winter grasslands, there is no dense grassy grass, so the so-called grass is a landslide. There is a small car that slides from top to bottom in the track. Although the real grass has not been experienced, the stimulation of this project is enough to know its irritability from the screams of everyone. After everyone came down, they all said that they still want to sit again.
    The fourth project: Lele car. “Leler” was originally the voice of the herdsmen who sipped the animals. This time, the screaming of the uncle who drove the car really made us laugh a lot. I don’t understand what the groom is saying, but his tone of temper is added. The sense of jumping on the car was a happy time for a smile.
    The fifth project: karting. The end of the Lele car is the kart yard. The roar of the engine and the smell of gasoline, this is a contest between speed and passion. Cold and cold is a very courageous girl. She likes to pursue speed and excitement. So when she got on the bus, she flew out of the throttle and did not slow down, turn, drift, and change her image in a single day. And, because I haven’t mastered the skills, I ran slowly behind. When I got to the finish line, I was cold and cold and I was waiting for me for a long time. Cold and stubborn.
    The sixth project: the grassland maze. This is the dish we add to ourselves. On the way, the tour guide said that you should never go into the maze. The last time there was no one in the inside, the staff shouted for a long time before someone came to save her. Of course, as a young man, we naturally don’t believe in this evil. We can’t help but go in. After going in for about ten minutes, I found that I had lost my way. We underestimated the magic of this maze. We also became the beast of the beasts. Even our fellow sisters used drones to lead us in the sky. Can lead us out of the maze. In the end, our little friends climbed to the wall and it took us about half an hour to get out of the maze.
    At night, the grasslands rise and the sun rises. We roasted the whole lamb and ate the roast leg of lamb. The warm and hospitable Mongolian compatriots gave us a “Mongolian wedding” performance, which added the vividness of the narrative in the form of song and dance. Everyone raised their glasses and tasted the local kumiss. They toasted and had a bit of Mongolian pride.
    After eating and walking outside, the celebration tonight is not over yet. The “not falling sun” was finally picked up, and the bonfire party was just beginning. Everyone held hands around the campfire, danced cheerful dance together, forgot the troubles of the city, and forgot their identity, so everyone has only one name, the grassland.
     DAY6 Pilgrimage Heart Stay: Next to Yinchuan Airport
    Drink a bowl of grass tea, listen to a melodious matouqin, sing an exotic Senji Dema, facing the rising sun on the grassland, we bid farewell to Erdos and embark on our pilgrimage.
    Today, the place we are going to go to is called the Manba Temple, which is located on the mountainside of Tuhai Mountain in Lahu Temple Town, Wuhai City. “Manbara Temple” is a Mongolian language, meaning “medical Fangming Academy”. It has always been based on “Mambaralen” (cultivating Mongolian medicine). It is a rare temple that has been double-educated. It is the earliest institution of study in Mongolia in the western part of Inner Mongolia.
    It is located halfway up the mountain, the road up the mountain is very steep, our car can’t go straight up, so we took the way of hiking up the mountain. The wind on the mountain is very big, but it can’t stop our pilgrimage. We are walking towards the pure land in our hearts.
    Breathlessly climbed halfway up the mountain, no one did not admire its majestic magnificence. The Mangala Temple is a Tibetan Buddhism, so its architectural style is quite similar to the Potala Palace. I remember that when I went to the Potala Palace, my heart suddenly became very calm. I could hear my heartbeat quietly. Here I heard my inner voice again. I am not a devout believer, but I am holding a very respectful heart for these religious beliefs. The cold grandmother believes in Buddha, so she also has a special feeling for Buddhism. She used to go anywhere to play with her. When she sees the Buddha statue, she will pray in earnest.
    Under the leadership of the temple’s lama, we visited this magnificent 215-year-old temple complex. There is a Daxiong Hall in the middle of the temple. The yellow glazed tiles are inlaid on the temple. The main hall is dedicated to a 21-meter-high Shakyamuni Buddha. Although it has been formally established as a scenic spot, it does not accept tickets, but it is also very quiet. Only pilgrimages are welcome here. As the last stop of this trip, our mind has been purified.
     Written at the end
    Fall in love with it on the way, forget it when you have it, and leave it when you leave.
    Scenery, encountering the city, meeting people, meeting the heart.
    I think when I left, the rest of our team left a place in their own heart that was not in the same place as Inner Mongolia. Keeping it with a special person next time, it will definitely be more than Ulan Bu and more. Deep and more yearning.
     About the trip
    DAY1 Shanghai-Wuhai Stay: Wuhai Grand Skylight Hotel
    DAY2 Wuhai–Ulanbu and Desert Accommodation: Herdsmen in the desert Haloxylon area
    6:20 Breakfast Western restaurant bar pick up, go down to the collar.
    Departure from 6:25-8:00 and arrive at the desert
    Arrival at Jilantai from 8:00 to 11:00
    11:30-12:00 Desert Light Meal
    12:30-16:00 Desert Walk
    16:00 – 17:00 arrival at the herdsmen’s home
    18:00-19:00 herdsmen dinner
    19:30-20:30 Starry Night Talk
    Accommodation: Herdsmen’s home, sleeping bags, pillowcases have been provided.
    DAY3 Camel Road – Wuhai City Stay: Wuhai Grand Skylight Hotel
    Get up at 6:30
    7:00-7:30 herders breakfast
    7:30-8:00 to clean up the room and personal items
    Departure at 8:00
    8:00-11:00 Haloxylon Kent bag
    12:30 arrived at the herds
    12: 30-1:00 dining
    13:30-14:30 to build a tent
    15:00-17:00 to go out and visit the god tree
    Return to Wuhai from 18:00 to 19:00
    Dining from 19:00 to 20:00
    DAY4: Wuhai – Rengen Peak – West Dream Grand Canyon – Wuhai Su: Grand Skylight Hotel Wuhai
    7:00 hotel called early
    7:00 – 7:30 hotel breakfast
    7:50 hotel first floor lobby collection
    8:00 – 10:00 to the scenic spot
    12:00 Scenic lunch
    13:30 – 16:00 Shooting in the Grand Canyon
    16:30 – 19:00 Return to Wuhai
    19:00 Dinner (Wuhai special meal – noodles)
    DAY5: Wuhai–Ordos Prairie Accommodation: Erdos Prairie Yurt
    6:20 called early
    7:25 Hotel Departs from Erdos
    8:00 Shooting in Gandel Mountain and Wuhai Lake
    Arrived at the Ordos Grassland at 10:30
    11:30-12:30 Prairie Lunch
    12:30-16:30 Prairie Riding, Archery, Ordos Wedding Show, Sliding Grass, Lele Car Experience
    16:30—18:30 Project Creative Sharing Session
    18:30-20:30 campfire, dinner
    DAY6: Ordos Prairie – Mangala Temple – Yinchuan Accommodation: Near Yinchuan Airport
    Breakfast at 7:00 Gu Ru Ge Restaurant
    7:30 Departure from the first floor of the hotel
    11:00 Arrive at Lahu Temple
    12: 30–13:00 Lunch
    13:00 –16:00 to Yinchuan
    17:00 dinner
    Check in at 18:00
    DAY7 Yinchuan-Shanghai Back

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