[The beginning of the way cattle] The covenant of the mountains and seas, the tour of Taizhou, the ancient city of Millennium, the drunken sea

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[Our itinerary]
    Day 1
    Come to the hometown of Wendan, China, pick the first Chinese pomelo
    Day 2
    You Changyu, the only rock concert in Asia
    Wenling’s most beautiful greenway, Guantao listens to the sea
    The first ancient street in Zhejiang, the epitome of the thousand-year-old city
    Day 3
    Jiangnan also has the ancient Great Wall, which has been around for more than 1,600 years.
    Yongquan citrus goes to the world, the world’s citrus counts spring
    Return in the afternoon
     [Travel Tips]
    1. Cards: ID cards, bank cards, driver’s licenses (if you have them) are brought well, and other special documents are included.
    2, ticket class: determine the travel time, choose the travel vehicle in advance, the plane or the train, it is best to download an app.
    3, digital categories: mobile phones, SLR cameras, chargers, mobile power, plug-in board is best to bring.
    4. Clothes: Check the weather forecast in advance and carry appropriate clothes according to the actual situation.
    5, other categories: prepare sunglasses, sunscreen and umbrella in advance.
    6, drugs: with heat, detoxification drugs or granules, band-aid and so on.
     [about traffic]
    Taizhou traffic is very convenient. Airplanes, trains, and highways are very convenient, and you can choose to travel by means of convenient transportation.
    The airports near Taizhou are Taizhou Huangyan Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and Wenzhou Longwan International Airport. Some airports have direct buses to the rooftops, and you can choose to take them.
    Trains, trains:
    The station near Taizhou is Sanmen Station and Linhai Station. After arrival, you can choose to take the bus to go or drop by.
    All localities can choose to take the bus to the Taizhou Passenger Transport Center Station, but the place is different, the time is different, and the number of trains is different. The bus to Hangzhou has the most trains, and the time is about 4 hours, which is very convenient.
     first day
     [To the hometown of Wendan, China, picking the first Chinese pomelo]
    Yuhuan is the hometown of Chinese Wendan. Wendan has been planted for hundreds of years. The famous economist Yu Guangyuan specially wrote “Chinese First Pomelo”.
    Wendan is an evergreen tree of Rutaceae. The tree is not high and the leaves are evergreen. Each leaf consists of two large and one small leaves, which resemble a gourd. The flowering period is from May to May, and the flowers are numerous and white.
    Wendan fruit is large, flat or pear-shaped, the heaviest can reach 3 kg, the skin is smooth, green or light yellow.
    We drove to the Xuanmen Bay National Wetland Park in the rain. The main purpose here is to experience the Wendan.
    A small Wendan tree, which is covered with mature Wendan, has a bag on the mature Wendan. It is said to be used to prevent insects.
    The little friend got the Wendan he picked, and he opened his mouth with flowers. Because we usually eat grapefruit, there is still a certain difference between Wendan and Wendan. It rains and can’t stop the friends from taking pictures.
    Wendan’s taste is similar to grapefruit, and the farmers have come out to Wendan for us to taste. The fruit is huge, the juice is sweet and the taste is great. It feels better than the grapefruit and has more water than the grapefruit.
    The fruit farmer looked at the harvest of Wendan and smiled happily.
    Wendan is much bigger than grapefruit, and one hand can’t hold it. A Wendan is much better than the face of Xiaoliu’s little fairy. Oh…
    This is the Wendan harvested by the fruit farmers. When we left, we bought a relatively large Wendan and prepared to stay in the car.
     the next day
     [You Changyu, the only rock concert in Asia]
    Changyuyutian was originally a volcano. After the volcanic eruption, it accumulated as a volcanic stone. Because of its soft texture and easy cutting, it has been artificially mined since 1500 years, forming one cave after another. These caves are often small and big, you can imagine it becomes a big belly of Maitreya, or a buns that have been hollowed out. In short, inadvertently, it becomes a rare one. landscape.
    Changyu Haotian is located in Wenling Mountain, facing the sea in three faces, Yueqing Bay in the west and Taizhou City in the north. Since the Northern and Southern Dynasties, a total of 28 scorpions and 1314 scorpions have been formed. The largest and most magnificent group is Guan Xi, which contains 348 carcasses with an area of ​​53,800 square meters and a volume of 1,312,100 cubic meters.
    The nickname “Xianxi Cave” of the eve of the eve is from the famous sculptor Qian Shaowu. Since ancient times, the nobles have had a lot of troubles. I didn’t expect to see this eve as a valuable person. Under the cloud, the smog in the rain and rain adds a bit of celestial sensation. The clouds float in the rain outside the cave, and the drip in the cave is like a fairy.
    On the two sides of the road that enters the night, there are many koi carp swimming in the clear water. Koi is a kind of high-grade ornamental fish. It has the reputation of “live gems in the water” and “artworks that can swim”. Didn’t you see that Koi has good luck? Hahaha
    Speaking of this Maitreya Buddha, it is 5 meters high and 7 meters wide. It is seated in the cave. It absorbs the sun and moonlight day and night, and you will have aura. The Maitreya Buddha can tolerate the world.
    Inside the cave, cliffs, steps, a huge “world’s most Guinness” stone bowl, the bowl has a diameter of 2.53 meters, an outer diameter of 2.71 meters, a height of 1.01 meters, a volume of 2.39 cubic meters, the bowl end A black stone turtle, as if walking on the ground against the sky, enjoy the wind and light, the years of romance.
    There is a stone bridge in the cave, the name of the Guanxin Bridge, in contrast to a large copper coin, and the wall book on one side has the word “Huangdu Shiyun” inscribed by Ye Ping. The most amazing thing is that a dozens of high-top caves have a thin clear spring that falls freely, condenses into beads, and is unbiased to just drop on the square money of copper coins, making a squeaky sound. Many people here pick up the dripping springs by hand. Locals say that washing hands with this spring can make a fortune, oh, really fake? I did not go to wash.
    There is a stone bridge in the cave, the name of the Guanxin Bridge, in contrast to a large copper coin, and the wall book on one side has the word “Huangdu Shiyun” inscribed by Ye Ping. The most amazing thing is that a dozens of high-top caves have a thin clear spring that falls freely, condenses into beads, and is unbiased to just drop on the square money of copper coins, making a squeaky sound. Many people here pick up the dripping springs by hand. Locals say that washing hands with this spring can make a fortune, oh, really fake? I did not go to wash.
    Step along the stone stepsOutside the hole, the view becomes wider, as if you are in a fairyland. There are various images of Guanyin Bodhisattva, these stone statues are directly engraved on the top of the rock, lifelike, vivid.
    Changyuyutian is composed of the four scenic spots of Baxianyan, Shuangmenyu, Chongguo Temple and Yeshan. Among them, Baxianyan and Shuangmenyu are mainly composed of the sacred group. Due to time, we only chose one attraction for a stroll.
    Watching tickets for 40 yuan
    The schedule of the performance of the Longyanyu Tianyan Concert Hall:
    The first game 10:00-10:30
    The second game 13:30-13:50
    The third game 14:30-14:50
    The fourth game 15:30-15:50
    Traffic travel:
    Wenling Railway Station – Changyu Haotian
    plan 1
    Wenling Railway Station – Binhai (7:00-17:45)
    About 22-23 shifts every day for about 30 minutes
    Wenling Railway Station, Hengfeng, Shijiao, Xiqiao, Iron Field, Loutun to Changyu, walk about 15 minutes after getting off the bus
    About 25-30 minutes, the fare is 6 yuan
    Scenario 2
    Wenling Railway Station–箬横(7:20-18:50)
    About 30 minutes
    Wenling Railway Station, Hengfeng, Shijiao to Changyu, walk about 15 minutes after getting off the bus
    About 25-30 minutes, the fare is 7 yuan
     [The most beautiful green road in Wenling, Guantao listens to the sea]
    The beautiful scenery of the waves, the beach and the Shitang Peninsula makes people linger. The newly built coastal greenway is like a long chain of links that connects all the views of the stone pond.
    Travel the greenway, live in the stone house, watch the sea and listen to the sea, bring the wine to the wind, face the sea, spring blossoms, the left hand side is the endless sea, the island and the fishing boat looming on the sea.
    The sea breeze is undulating, the waves are jumping and stirring, and the waves are followed by waves.
    The coastal greenway is built on the mountain and travels around the sea. It is about 8 kilometers long from Jinsha Beach to fishing port. Walking along the greenway, in addition to the endless sea, there is a strong mountain and sea style. On the sea, islands and fishing boats are looming, and the mountains are constantly being explored. With the help of the east wind of the peninsula tourism, along the greenway, local villagers have used the Shiwu Development B&B, and now they have formed a large-scale cluster.
    Walking in the green lane of the sea breeze, the mood is flying and pleasant. The entire greenway is about 8 kilometers long and 4.5 meters wide. There are viewing platforms, hydrophilic plank roads, bicycle rental points, etc. along the way. The scenic spots on the coastline of the fishing port are formed into unique coastal sightseeing belts with a total investment of 32.6 million yuan.
    The stone pond stone house is unique in that its buildings are built on the hills and the sea, built with blocks of stone, high and low, and it has become the base of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. About 20 stone houses on the coastal greenway have been built into a homestay.
    On the shore of the coastal greenway, I met a sentimental B&B, the butterfly came to Sanshe Sunrise, the Nordic Japanese style decoration, with the warm yellow warm light, the floor-to-ceiling window, is the blue sky and the sea, if you meet with three friends, hold a cup Is it particularly comfortable to sit with a small coffee?
    The common area of ​​Butterfly House is a leisure area where you can drink, listen to music, play pool, and chat with friends. It is a great place for a relaxing holiday with family and friends.
    Listening to the staff of the hotel, Sanshe represents more than just a homestay, but a brand with a cultural charm and a sense of affection. At the same time, it also represents an open-minded attitude to life: “The name of the relics is flamboyant, and the mind is wise.” In the minimalist decoration, give people unlimited thinking.
    The interior decoration of the homestay is also very good, very feeling, Nordic Japanese style, staying here, feeling that I live in my own home, in the morning, I can see the sunrise, walking on the beach, really comfortable.
     [Zhejiang First Ancient Street, the epitome of the Millennium Ancient City]
    Linhai Ziyang Ancient Street is the longest and most preserved historical ancient street area in China. It is named after the first ancestor of Taoism, Ziyang Zhenren Zhang Boduan.
    Ziyang Ancient Street, 4-5 meters wide, is different from the Xitang of the river, different from the sound colorThe Wuzhen Town is different from the Nanxun of Wuhua Tianbao…
    In Ziyang Ancient Street, you will often smell a scent, which is actually the scent of seaweed cake. Seaweed cake is a special product of Linhai. The “Jiujiu”, a century-old shop, was produced on the spot. It is said that it has been on CCTV, and some people are waiting in line to buy it.
    The staff who took the ninety-nine seaweed cakes carefully made the cake, step by step, to the final savory finished product.
    There are many intact buildings in Ziyang Ancient Street with a length of more than 1,000 meters. Houses and street shops retain the legacy of the Song Dynasty and the pattern of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The houses are generally two-storey and partially three-story.
    There is a very old People’s Bank of China on Ziyang Street, which is the first bank in the backstage state of New China. The tables and chairs inside are well preserved, and the portraits made are very realistic. There is really a feeling of being there!
    He is an ancient street with a thousand-year history. It records the rise and fall of the development history of Taizhou Millennium City. It was once the most prosperous commercial street in the history of Taizhou Prefecture. It can be said to be a microcosm of Taizhou Millennium City. There are many shops along the street, and the 100-year-old shops such as pharmacies, dyeing workshops, teahouses and restaurants have been row upon row. They have been bustling and prosperous, recording the historical changes of Taizhou Prefecture.
    Walking in the ancient streets of peace and tranquility, it seems as if you are crossing a dream of no heart, as if you are spending the best days of the world.
    The people in the ancient street are simple and intimate. Whether it is the old man with the brilliance of the flower, or the businessman who sells the craft, or the passerby who goes home through the ancient street, the ancient street man sitting in front of the chair, as if already I am used to being watched by tourists, being fixed by the camera, always looking at the camera and making a dream that is irrelevant to you and me.
    When I met a shop selling small books, stealing punches on the pile of books, and the gourd brothers, let us relive the story of the young time.
    Ziyang Street, after the vicissitudes of the old streets and old lanes, shows people unlimited charm.
     Third day
     [There is also the ancient Great Wall in Jiangnan, which has been around for more than 1,600 years.]
    When you mention the Great Wall, many people will think of the Great Wall at Badaling in Beijing. They don’t know that there is also the Great Wall in Jiangnan. The Jiangnan Great Wall is located in Linhai City, Zhejiang Province. It is another name for the Taizhou Fucheng Wall. It was built in the first year of Emperor Yuanxing of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. It was expanded in Tang Gaozu Wude for four years and has a history of more than 1600 years. It is 6 kilometers long and rises along the river. It is built on the mountain and overlooks the river. It has the dual functions of military defense and urban flood control. The unique structure of the building, the norm of shape, is the most preserved ancient city in Jiangnan. The Yangtze River in the south of the Yangtze River is also the ancient battlefield of the anti-terrorism of the Ming Dynasty. It is the teacher and blueprint of the Beijing Great Wall.
    On the Great Wall’s Range Rover Gate City, the city of Linhai has a panoramic view. The East Lake under the city was excavated in the Northern Song Dynasty. In the early years, it was a port of harbor. Now it has been transformed into a beautiful scenic spot for the citizens. The Huzhongzhou dyke bridge is connected and the Huguang Tower is in harmony.
    The East Lake is close to the east side of the ancient city wall of Taizhou. It was originally the confluence of the city’s north white clouds and the mountain palace. North and southIt is nearly 500 meters long and 150 meters wide from east to west. The East Lake echoes the ancient Great Wall City Building, which constitutes the unique charm of the ancient city.
    There is West Lake in Hangzhou and East Lake in Taizhou. The victory of the East Lake, Xiaoxihu also.
    The scenery of the East Lake is indeed very beautiful, and it is not called the “small West Lake”.
    Taizhou Prefecture has been in Linhai for more than 1300 years. The Yongan River from Xianju and the Tianfeng River from Tiantai merged into Lingjiang in the northwest of Linhai City. The water of the two streams in Lingjiang is directly opposite to the west gate of the ancient city of Linhai. After winding a U-shape along the city, it twists and turns to the southeast of Jiaojiang and flows into Taizhou Bay. Lingjiang is a section of the Chao River. There are two high tides and low tides every day. When the tide rises, it is struck by the upstream stream, posing a huge threat to the ancient city wall.
    Therefore, the ancient city wall of Linhai, in addition to the function of the enemy, also has a very important role, that is, the function of flood control. One-third of the length of the city wall is built along the Lingjiang River. Taizhou Fucheng is located near the Lingjiang River. The river meets the tides. When the water level rises, the city wall is like a levee. It has been fighting the flood for more than a thousand years.
    The North and South Great Walls have a lot of commonalities in terms of specifications, shape and structure. The Linhai City Wall is the teacher and blueprint of the Great Wall of the North, and it is called the “Great Wall of Jiangnan”.
    In the construction of the Linhai City Wall, special measures were taken to repair the city, and especially the one that greeted the water on the horse surface, and reduced the impact of the flood, showing the wisdom of the ancient people.
    This is a double-layered enemy platform, also known as a hollow enemy station. The history of the Ming Dynasty, the famous general of the Ming Dynasty, was in the coastal sea for eight years. During the period, Qi Jiguang and the prefect of Tan Lun renovated the ancient city wall of Linhai, creatively stamped twoThe layer is hollow and the enemy remains. Yan and Tan then transferred to Zhangzhou to build the Ming Great Wall near Beijing and applied its experience in building the city to the Ming Great Wall. Therefore, the hollow enemy platform of the Great Wall of the North is derived from the sea.
    The city wall was built on the mountain, around the old city, ups and downs.
    What is even more unique is that on both sides of the ancient city wall, ancient trees are towering, green all the year round, and the city walls are hidden in the green and green, adding a point of Jiangnan’s spiritual show.
    The brick walls of the city wall are covered with moss, which makes the ancient Great Wall of the millennium more chronological.
    Taizhou Fucheng Temple, located in Chenghuang Mountain, is located in the middle section of Beigu Mountain in Taizhou Fucheng City. It is also called “Fucheng Temple”. It was built in Tangwude for four years. At the same time as Taizhou’s construction, it can be known from the 1400-year-old ancient plaque and two thousand-year-old cypresses. It is the earliest and largest Chenghuang Temple in Taizhou.
    The incense here is relatively strong, and the nearby residents and tourists will come here to scent and pray for the happiness and well-being of the family.
    People hang their promised locks on the railings or chains in front of the temple, praying for their wishes to come true!
    Jiangnan Great Wall Raiders:
    Address: Jiangnan Great Wall Scenic Area, Beishan Road, Linhai City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province
    Opening hours: 6:00 – 17:00
    Adult 65 yuan, online booking 50 yuan.
    Jiangnan Great Wall, East Lake, Ziyang Ancient Street, Longxing Temple package 70 yuan, online booking 55 yuan.
    Children under 1.2 meters in height and 60 years old (including 60 years old) can enjoy 50% off the ticket price if they hold the old age certificate.
     [Yangquan citrus goes to the world, the world citrus number springs]
    “The spring citrus is going to the world, and there are a lot of citrus springs in the world.” The Linhai Yongquan Tangerine, which is eaten with orange peel, is called “Linhai One Wonder”. Linhai Yongquan, the hometown of Chinese tangerines, is famous both at home and abroad for its abundance of tangerines.
    This kind of tangerine can be said to be able to eat with skin because its sugar is enough and the skin is very thin.
    In the beautiful foggy mountains at 30 degrees north latitude, the average temperature is between 15 °C and 28 °C. Surrounded by mountains, it is exposed to nighttime dew. The water is rich, and the nutrient elements in the middle of the soil are abundant. The sandstone of quartz sandstone has good air permeability, and the bottom rock layer can effectively conserve water, and the energy source continuously meets the needs of orange growth and development.
    Every year in November, the oranges begin to mature and reach the peak season. A large number of fruit traders will gather in various villages in Yongquan Town to purchase and sell them all over the country and even abroad.
    Today we are coming to the Tangerine Demonstration Base, where the Zhengzong Zongquan Spring Tangerine.
    It’s really a party to raise water. When I was a child, the more famous one was the “Huangyan Tangerine” produced by Huangyan in Taizhou. It was small and had a kind of baby. It should be paid special attention when eating.
    In recent years, Yongquan Tangerine in the sea has become a late show. First of all, the main road of the city is hanged with the advertisement banner of “China’s nuclear-free tangerines” and “Linhai’s strange, eating oranges and skins”.
    Fortunately, I came to the place where the “springs of the springs” are coming to find out. Perhaps as others have said, those orange trees are also human. Under the careful conservation of the local people in Yongquan, it became a “cash tree” and a “rich tree”, and the orange gardens were also clean and refreshing.
    The orchard is for visitors to experience the fun of picking. You can let go of your stomach, but you can’t take it away. If you want to buy something to eat or send to friends and family, you can buy it at the sales office at the entrance of the orchard. It is really worth buying back. This is the authentic spring nectar!
    I have been in the tangerine base for more than an hour, and I have eaten three of them. It is really worthy of my name. It is much better than the one I bought in the supermarket.
    The good times are always fleeting, and the three-day Taizhou tour is coming to an end.
    During the three-day trip, I made new friends, saw the most beautiful seaside greenway, and met the fruit Wendan. I knew that the oranges could still be so sweet.
    The end of the tour is also the beginning of the next trip. I think I have the opportunity to come to Taizhou again to experience the beauty and food here!

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