The flower sea in June is opening to the extravagant [starting]

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    The summer in memory is the ice cola that comes from the street. The air is carbonated; it is the wind that comes when heavy rain is coming, and you open your hand and want to embrace the wind. We have heard the humming, thinking about hiding. In the summer night, I used to sweat like a rain, waiting for a rain in the afternoon, but also full of joy, for the lover to cross the mountains, every place that I walked hand in hand is engraved in the memory….
    At the beginning of June, the breeze came with a variety of plants, with floral fragrance and the fragrance of grass and leaves. The green of the stars became lush and green everywhere.
    Every summer, the long days are empty, the temperature and the people are living in the micro-small every day, touching the soft time in the heart, the sunshine is just right, the breeze is not noise, the flowers are not finished, the world is not so Crowded, we came to Jurong, and said that the short two-day light, a temperature travel experience, is enough to make you feel the heart, see the bigger world, find a big heart, meet The most beautiful of yourself on the road.
    Many people may not be familiar with Jurong. Let me come to you for science. It is located in the southern part of Jiangsu Province, the Yangtze River Basin Economic Development Zone, east to Zhenjiang, west to Nanjing, northeast to the Yangtze River and Yangzhou across the river. It can be said that it occupies a perfect geographical position. So, what are the small ones that are really worthy of our winds coming from? And listen to me slowly…
    [About the author]
    Hello, everyone, I am your old friend, Shen Xiaoyu, who likes to walk around with his own footsteps. If there is something worthy of my persistence, it is travel.
    There are some roads that can’t be worn by high-heeled shoes, some air that can’t be smelled by perfumes, some people who can’t be seen in the office forever, those who are independent and lonely, those wonderful and charming, you have never been to I will never know that there are different kinds of beautiful scenery on this planet…
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    [Preparation before the trip]
    1, ID card: This must not be lacking, it is inseparable from wherever it goes. Including buying train tickets, booking tickets online, staying at hotels, renting bicycles, etc., all use ID cards.
    2, wallet: exact should be enough money! The wallet should include the necessary cash, credit card, savings card and other financial cards.
    3, change clothes: winter is mainly underwear, summer is mainly to change underwear and short-sleeved clothing.
    4. Toiletries: How can I get rid of travel toiletries? Especially personal facial skin care products, must be carried!
    5, camera: Nikon D800, lens 17-35mm, 24-70mm, 50mm fixed focus
    [小小幸 NO.1 丨伏热花海庄园]
    The name of Fuhuahuahai is taken from the nickname of Van Gogh. Van Gogh’s oil paintings are rich in color and have a rural atmosphere. In the hot flowers, there are four different flowers in the sea, pure rural scenery, and four seasons. The sea of ​​flowers gives the summer a romance.
    A gust of wind, a touch of sunshine, a slap, a color, may become our protagonists, and what do you want to do most in late spring and early summer? If you see a very bright word, I want to share it with you. You are holding a flower and waiting for someone to take you to wander.
    No longer have to travel long distances to Turkey to take a hot air balloon. There is a hot air balloon in the Huahai Manor to experience, the hot air balloon fluttering, the soft sunshine, and the first squatting, the excitement that will make you jump will make Everyone is lost in the cool picture of water.
    What is not to be missed here is to take a horse-drawn carriage tour of the scenic spot. The dangling bell ringing in my mind for a while, the beautiful romantic picture, passing through the sea of ​​flowers, against the distant mountains and seas, just like sailing The wilderness of another country.
    Come to the warm sunshine of the early summer, let yourself into the embrace of the setting sun, come to an early summer date, take a deep breath, happily like a child, run freely in the embrace of nature, of course, don’t Forget to record this wonderful moment with the camera, take a photo of art and then smash the circle of friends.
    This magical flower world is far away from the dust, the flowers are neighbors, the flowers are for food, and it is like a fairyland in the world. Perhaps, walking on the flower path, you can also encounter a flower fairy who comes from a flower…
    A large piece of Gesang flower blooms in the sun, sways with the wind, makes a happy flower idiot, and lives up to the time…
    The woven verbena is woven into a sea of ​​dreamy flowers, beautiful like a painting, so that the air is filled with the love of love.
    In addition to verbena, sunflower, gemsang, cosmos… a dozen herbs and flowers, whether it is visual, auditory, smell, taste or touch, will make me feel very romantic, there is a kind of standing in the flowers The feeling of coming to the European town.
    Color-interlaced color paintings, seriously doubted whether aliens accidentally knocked over the paint bottle of God here?
    This place is too beautiful, beautiful to my own selfishness, I am reluctant to recommend, afraid of tourists like weaving, afraid to break the silence, fear of destruction, but also because it is too beautiful, I do not want to be alone.
    Flowers have a magical power, always create a comfortable and beautiful atmosphere, bring people sunshine and happiness, all year round in reinforced concrete, lack of temperature and happiness, with family members who rarely accompany them on weekdays, to live full of vitality The world may be able to find deep love from this world and even our own hearts.
    [小小幸 NO.2 丨 Maoshan Scenic Area]
    When you come to Jurong, if you don’t go to Maoshan, it will be white. When we talk about Maoshan, it is estimated that many people will think of the TV series or the Maoshan Taoist in the movie. The impression of Taoist priests in the mind is in our minds. Fantasy, the Maoshan of Jurong is the rumored Maoshan!
    The first stop is the Jiufu Wanfu Palace, the first peak of Maoshan, and the Wanfu Palace is built on the mountain. If you are in the mist, you can feel the fairy tales and witness the master’s bones.
    You can take the scenic traffic car up the mountain, or you can take the cableway up the mountain and feel the different scenery.
    In June, the green mountains and green waters of Maoshan, with the coolness in the wind, breathe the air with high negative oxygen content in the depths of the forest, and feel the lush greenness of the summer, which makes people feel comfortable.
    On the soaring platform of the top palace, there is a stone workshop, which is engraved with the “three-day gate”. The back is engraved with the “flying platform”. It is also the highest point of Maoshan, with an elevation of 372.5 meters. It is said that this is for the master brother Mao Yingdao. Wherever it rises, many tourists come to take a group photo.
    Passing through the aisle, the scenery behind it is suddenly open, the trees are shaded, and the distant Laozi statue stands in the mountains, hiding the immortals in the mountains, and being embraced by the mountains.
    When you come to the Xingxing Gate, you can see the four bluestone heads of the door, two of which are the original carvings of the Song Dynasty. The two are the stone carvings of the Yuan Dynasty. The eight stone walls and the first blessed land are engraved on the stone walls. The blue is full of characters, vigorous and powerful, dignified and delicate, with a high calligraphy value and stone carving art.
    Entering the archway of Maoshan Scenic Area, you can see the statue of Laozi in the top of the sky shining brightly in the sunshine, with a kind, solemn and wise.
    Seeing the rolling hills in the distance, you can see the beauty of the mountains between the mountains.
    Summer hiker springs, more is a sense of tranquility, in the depths of the mountains, shades of green, is a summer resort, it is no wonder that Prince Zhaoming will choose this place, in the nature, feel the mystery of the book.
    Maoshan, after the baptism of the vicissitudes of the years, the original nature of the unadorned taste spread, it seems that there is no Zen.
    [Small fortunate NO.3丨 Country Garden Phoenix Hotel (Nanjing)]
    Fortunately, there are countless people in life. For example, that day, I came to the Jurong Country Garden Phoenix City, blue sky and white clouds, the sun shone down, warmed everything here, every angle and picture captured my eyes in minutes, casually asked Why do the locals who want to stay here want to stay here, smiled and said to me, probably accustomed to the warm sunshine and birds and flowers of the city.
    It’s new and familiar, and I’m surprised to see it. This is the first feeling I saw when I saw it. The hotel’s facade and lobby are relatively low-key, but it’s warm when you step into it, and the roof is high enough for each first time. The visitors were very comfortable and the details were in place.
    The entire hotel, from the manager, to the concierge, to the front desk, to the room attendant, the attitude is quite good, very warm guidance, very simple greetings, very sincere smile, let me feel the true and sincere service and home Warm feeling.
    The room we stayed in was also very spacious. The sunlight outside the window was shining in the house, giving people the urge to sleep in bed immediately. We all wanted to have a bed, love it, and others fell in love, didn’t we? A comfortable room, a lingering bed, what else can I ask for?
    Sitting on the sofa in the room, drinking a cup of tea, enjoying yourself, the busy young people in the city, are bent on finding a quiet place, watching the clouds, blowing the air, enjoying the long-lost loneliness.
    By the way, the hotel’s parent-child room is also very distinctive. Pushing open the door, the child-filled color instantly captures the eye, and it can’t help but create an illusion. This is a parent-child room, which is clearly a children’s playground.
    The room is large in size, there is a large enough space for children to play, and children’s tents are placed to realize the dream of the baby to enter the fairy tale world. This is the rhythm of trying to lie to me!
    Stepping into the hotel’s gym, complete facilities, fitness is a good way of life, if you stick to your dreams, the world will make way for you.
    If travel is to add to your mind, then the hotel’s gym is to give your body a subtraction.
    The sky is getting darker, the stars are twinkling, the noisy is hidden in the dark, and the response to the night is the beginning of the Hua Deng, the lights are bleak…
    Every city, when night falls, begins to faintly reveal the style that has never been seen during the day. Night, let life slow down, long years, we become quiet visitors, see others, and see ourselves. .
    Country Garden didn’t change its mind, “Give you a five-star home.” These two days made me really feel the weight of this sentence. A good hotel should have a wonderful memory and warm experience.
    [小小幸 NO.4丨 Nostalgic food]
    Everyone has a unique cultural imprint. The favorite tip of the tongue also carries a heartfelt sustenance. Sometimes it goes too fast, so I miss a lot of scenery, and a food that goes straight to the heart can make us full. Blood resurrection, in this world, only true love and food can not be disappointed. In today’s rich material life, the role of food no longer stays in satisfying the appetite, and taste can evoke many memories.
    Country Garden’s dining has left us with wonderful memories, too much to eat, and a few simple introductions.
    Wensi tofu 羹: According to legend, this dish was used during the Qing Emperor Qianlong when the monk of the Tianbao Temple in Yangzhou was cooked by five kinds of materials. When Qianlong went down to Yangzhou, he also tasted it specially. How can you miss such a dish?
    Wonderful mustard shrimp ball: I can’t help but bite a bite when I look at this value.
    Braised goose: I have to push this dish very much, which is too much in line with my appetite of Jiangnan people.
    Iced hairy belly pot: the fresh belly, the tenderness of the vegetables, perfectly blended together.
    Cordyceps stewed cowboy bone: This is a dish where fresh eyebrows can dance, and health essentials.
    Sautéed silk: the end is still ringing on the table, sandwiching one to the mouth, tender and smooth, and the taste is very delicate.
    Emu Oil River Shrimp: A dish full of flavor and flavor, is a happy memory that can be eaten.
    In just two days, I have left a lot of small and fortunate moments. If at this moment, let you describe the city where you smell, what kind of taste does it smell, and what language will you use to mark you? And the story of the city?
    The same cityEveryone has a different way of opening. As long as the memory is sweet, you will not be white in this city.

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