The fog of Guangling, and the zen of winter

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[Foreword] Talk about this trip
    Said that the fireworks will go down in Yangzhou in March.
    It’s mostly because of the spring in the south of the Yangtze River.
    The flowers are full of flowers, and there is a beautiful scene in which all things are revived.
    However, I don’t like me who travels during the peak season.
    It seems that there are few people who are rushing and squeezing in a lively travel arrangement.
    Always favoring niche attractions and travel destinations
    You can embrace the perception of freedom and the original ecology of those worlds.
    Soon in 2018,
    Maybe it’s because of the story and the unexpected
    The 12-month period is obviously not enough to chew those memories.
    This year, the little question was finally 4 years old.
    I have said that sentence many years ago:
    “I always feel that
    Whether it is getting married or being a mother,
    It is not an excuse to hinder a person’s travels.”
    A sentence that seems to be loose and usually a bit too ideal,
    But finally, in the short time from the beginning to the present,
    By practicing it, it fulfills its true possibility.
    At this age,
    Many people are beginning to fear the passage of time and the old age.
    Fortunately, it is still able to maintain the normality of “age is just a count”.
    Have the courage and metamorphosis of energy that is not afraid of the unknown.
    It is full of expectations for the year 2019.
    Although in fact, what I am doing after a month is unknown.
    What is important is that you can clearly understand what you think when you don’t panic.
    Because of this,
    Wonderful it has more possibilities.
    It is a southerner born on the Yangtze River and growing up there.
    But I have always loved freedom, and I like the absurdity of the desert.
    Also love to drink spirits, often with the pride of the northerners.
    But Jiangnan has also left a lingering feeling and concern.
    That is,
    Its grace, heritage and style.
    So at the beginning of this new year,
    A plan to “go to the soup”
    We accidentally caught up in Yangzhou in the deep winter.
    I experienced the daily fireworks outside a city.
     [First day] Shanghai ~ Yangzhou
    Shanghai does not have a direct train to Yangzhou.
    So we are still bright, and we are wearing a sleepy face.
    Driving on the car at high speed.
    My friend knows that I just finished the last stage of my work.
    So I asked me to drink until the early hours of the morning.
    It’s always drinking now, nowadays drunk,
    How can I manage so many hot springs in the United States and the United States the next day?
    As a result, Mr. Tao was abandoning my hangover and drunk driving.
    Ok, then I am lying in the back row and continue to make up.
    Navigation one-click positioning directly to Yangzhou Yizheng,
    Because here is the famous Tianle Lake Hot Spring.
    There is also Garden Expo Park and Lushan Geological Park.
    It’s enough to take a leisurely time to spend a whole day.
     Yangzhou Garden Expo Park
    It’s still early to arrive in Yangzhou.
    So we decided to go to the Garden Expo Park and go to the afternoon to go to the bath.
    Before coming to the Garden Expo Park, I thought it was just a garden of floral exhibitions.
    When I came in, I found out that there was no hole in the sky.
    It is also the main venue for the 2021 World Horticultural Exposition.
    I don’t know if it’s because of the opening soon,
    Temporarily no tickets are charged at the door.
    And there are almost no tourists,
    But the construction of the park is very complete.
    Therefore, secretly stealing has the feeling of a contractor.
    Don’t think that only when the spring blossoms, the natural scenery will be there.
    Evergreen trees are still shining in the colors of the past.
    And those seasons will have a distinct view,
    In this special season, there is another beauty of silence that leaves the leaves and the yellow.
    Instead, I like this kind of look and see yellow more than green,
    Simple but not messy picture.
    The Garden Expo has many venues featuring the characteristics of various cities in Jiangsu.
    Each venue will have a representative element of the city and a historical allusion.
    Into the building and landscape design.
    Let the visitors be in such a concentrated area,
    The most intuitive and fastest way to appreciate the horticultural style and charm of a city.
    Probably the reason why he grew up in Weinan.
    I am familiar with many Huizhou architecture and pavilions.
    Today, the city life in Shanghai has been around for a long time.
    I am used to getting busy and tall buildings.
    On the contrary, even if these are known to be artificially carved,
    There is no loss of nostalgia and intimacy.
     Tianle Lake Hot Spring
    The last time I was in the bath should still be in Zhuhai.
    Compact work and travel,
    There are really few leisure time to slow down and enjoy a short vacation time.
    In my world, it seems that I always have to leave the world.
    Either in the small nest of the house, there is a pot of spirits to write those distant stories.
    Always afraid of the cold,
    When you choose your travel destination, you always subconsciously lock in warm and hot places.
    But hot springs are different.
    After a cup of ginger tea in the winter,
    Jumping into the warm spring pool is just fine.
    Lose your phone and lose your job.
    Probably the kind of emptying that the earth is missing and I am still spinning.
    Let the sweat that has been soaked in the body flow down the cheeks.
    There are 26 large and small soup pools in the hot spring area.
    Milk, red wine, small fish ponds and a variety of medicinal hot spring pools are available.
    In particular, the hot spring pool along the lake line is integrated with the lake view.
    The landscape is not to be said.
    It is said that the hot spring pool is not open every morning.
    It is only open at 1pm,
    Because in order to keep the hot spring water clean,
    They clean and change water every morning.
    The resort staff is very attentive,
    This is probably the most important item I would like to add to the praise of a place.
    A lot of hardware may be exchanged for how much is invested, ‘
    But the level of detail in human care and service is the most difficult and most difficult to replicate.
    Because there are a lot of entertainments around the Tianle Lake Resort.
    We can’t experience them one by one when time is limited.
    But it is ok to visit.
    From organic vegetable sheds for self-production, organic strawberry farms and other ecological farms,
    To amusement parks, zoos, horse farms, go-karts, outdoor developments, hospitals, hotel homestays… almost all the amusements and leisure you can imagine are here.
    So don’t say it’s a short two-day weekend.
    Even if you live here for a few days, it will be enough for you to experience it.
    In addition to the outdoor open-air hot spring pool
    They also have a special children’s play area and water slides for children to play indoors.
    It is also hot spring water.
     Tianle Lake Health Meal
    The night of winter is always on the verge of falling,
    We were so hungry that we decided to solve the dinner here.
    The second floor of the hot spring hall is the restaurant of Tianle Lake.
    Health hot pot is the mainstay here.
    The small hot pot is a chicken soup made from farm-fed poultry as a soup base.
    Vegetables are also self-produced organic vegetables.
    Mushrooms, green leafy vegetables, corn, fungus, eggs…
    In order to match the theme of health,
    I have no wine and no joy, but I actually called a glass of orange juice to match.
    If you are just like me, it’s a diet.
    Don’t worry about the seemingly “light” ingredients that will affect your taste for food.
    Because they also carefully prepared a lot of flavors for customers to choose from.
    In fact, light vegetables are enough to feed us.
    But I didn’t expect the snacks and staple foods after the meal to be more amazing.
    Because it is the reason for organic cultivation,
    The hot pot of corn is waxy corn but not very sweet.
    However, the snack tortillas after the meal is slightly sweet, and is very popular among children.
    And a bowl of fried rice that looks like every restaurant,
    But it really refreshed my eyes on Yangzhou fried rice.
    I don’t even like rice,
    They can’t stop with a spoonful of scoops.
    Accommodation in the resort is also available in a variety of options.
    From ordinary rooms to villas to meet all needs,
    Although we live in a regular room,
    But I didn’t know until I got the room card and went into the room.
    Where is this common standard room, Jane?Straight is the standard of living,
    Balcony, living room, open kitchen and cooking table…
    And the guest area is in a residential building like a residential area.
    Outside the balcony is the secluded Tianle Lake.
    It’s not like a short, hasty trip.
    It is more like a quiet place to live.
     [The second day] Lushan Geological Park
    I wake up in the morning and wake up naturally, but it is still very early.
    Thinking about not going to sleep, just go up to the resort around Tianle Lake and then pat it.
    As a result, the curtains are pulled,
    Wow~ It’s enough.
    The fog is filled and almost nothing can be seen.
    Yes, it’s true that fog is not awkward,
    Suddenly, the inexplicable heart is a little bit lucky.
    Just like the winter when I was a child, I often get up in the morning to catch a fog.
    Extremely reluctant to get out of the warm bed,
    Put on warm clothing,
    Sitting in the front row of Dad’s horizontal bar bike.
    Go through the fields, through the alleys, through the fog, and through the time…
    If the winter of Yangzhou is in the off-season,
    That winter’s ceremonies really have some meaning to avoid the world.
    Lushan, not far from Tianle Lake,
    When we navigate to the gate of the scenic spot,
    I once wondered if the winter here was closed.
    If there is a feeling of contractors in Yuanbo Park,
    Then in Lushan,
    That is the feeling of contracting the entire hill. Haha.
    The staff at the ticket office enthusiastically picked up a map of the scenic spot.
    Tell me about the distribution and routes of the attractions,
    After going here, go up the mountain…”
    “Ah? Going up the mountain? How high is the mountain? How long will it take to climb…”
    I was nervous when I heard that I wanted to go up the mountain. I couldn’t help but interrupted when I didn’t listen to him.
    “Haha, not very high, it is more than 100 meters above sea level”
    The full name of this scenic spot is “Lushan Geological Park”.
    More than 5 million years ago,
    Here is the crater formed by the new generation of volcanic eruptions.
    So there are not only spectacular stone pillar forests, but also complete volcanic geological structures.
    And rare wood and bone fossil groups at home and abroad.
    Therefore, it can be imagined that there are many geological relics with spectacular scenery.
    Since the year before, he went to Hampi, India.
    After seeing the fallen dynasty and various natural mountain boulder,
    II began to have a lot of interest and affection for the magnificent, naturally formed geological landscape.
    Lushan really gave us an unexpected surprise.
    I did not expect such a secret in Jiangnan.
    And the park’s plank road and stone road are very good.
    When I went to New Zealand last time, I was worried that the little question would not move.
    So many of the hiking routes we gave up,
    But in Lushan, the 4-year-old kid actually went through the whole journey.
    I am used to the lush rainforest and the vast forests of large greenery.
    This leaves the branches of the leaves, which line the bright sky of the winter.
    There is no desolate mood,
    It has no decoration, no gorgeous dressing,
    It is more beautiful and quiet.
     Daming Temple
    The Lushan Geological Park is about two hours walk from the entrance to the exit.
    We took the photo with the child for more than three hours.
    This is almost the end of the journey in Yizheng.
    In Daming Temple and Slender West Lake in Yangzhou City,
    It is also the sight that Yangzhou will definitely visit.
    As the Daming Temple with the reputation of “the first view of Huaidong”,
    It is not just a simple Buddhist temple.
    It is composed of five parts: temple monument, Qiling Tower, Jianzhen Memorial Hall, Xianren Old Hall and Xiyuan Fangyu.
    It is a rare tourist attraction in the country that integrates garden scenery, cultural relics and religious buildings.
    The reason why Daming Temple is famous at home and abroad,
    Not only because of its long history.
    Moreover, because there was a great virtue in this place, the Jianzhen monk of the Tang Dynasty.
    Jianzheng monk once preached the law in the Daming Temple and had lofty prestige.
    Later, in order to promote Buddhism and promote Dongfa, he accepted the invitation of the Japanese monks.
    I am pleased to lead the public to the east to Fusang.
    Therefore, the messenger Gao Song is the greatest glory and pride of Daming Temple.
    We arrived at the Daming Temple a little late for the closing ceremony.
    Didn’t come and go to the Jianzhen Memorial Hall to see the statue of Master Jianzhen.
    I also couldn’t go to the bell tower to pray for the blessing of the bell, and ascend to the beauty of the old city of Yangzhou.
    Interested friends, remember to reserve a good time to visit in advance.
     Yangzhou Slender West Lake Tangzicheng Homestay
    It’s almost dark from the Daming Temple.
    Slender West Lake, we can only go tomorrow.
    Take a mobile phone to search the surrounding accommodation.
    A homestay called “Tang Zicheng” is quite rustic in the name of many hotels.
    Simply flipped the photo,
    I feel that the decoration of the hotel is very ancient and Tang style.
    Then I drove directly to navigate past.
    The surrounding area is not very busy,
    Therefore, I can see the warm light that has already been lit up in the courtyard of the hotel.
    Once inside,
    Those thatched cottages, fences and low walls suddenly give the impression of returning to the countryside.
    The Tang-style roof of the flying rafter is more prominent in the ancient charm.
    When checking in at the front desk,
    Just happened to meet the courier to send the parcel to the store manager.
    It turned out to be a barbecue pit.”I will give you a meal this evening.”
    The manager said to the little girl dressed up as a waiter.
    This tall, tall man with glasses,
    At first glance, there is still some seriousness. When I talked, I found it quite enthusiastic.
    At the end, I still told me:
    “Please barbecue at night…”
    No, people haven’t stayed yet,
    I already feel the home atmosphere here.
    This is one of the reasons why I like to stay at the hotel more than I travel.
    The waitress in the costume of Tang suit took my suitcase with enthusiasm.
    Send us to the room in the backyard.
    There is still a little distance from the front desk.
    I can’t see it outside,
    When I walked in, I realized that there was no hole in the sky.
    Especially in the evening, the lights in the corridors and corners are brighter and more artistic.
    And careful observation will reveal,
    Most of the buildings here are made of wood.
    Can not lose the beauty of the line,
    The details are ingenious.
    If you have never stayed and just look outside,
    That may really miss the details of the more experience.
    And these details are the embodiment of the real ingenuity of a hotel.
    Our room is on the second floor and there is no elevator.
    Need to go through the sloping wooden stairs.
    Walk through the same creaking wooden floor.
    This feeling is very special,
    It is like living in an old house with a long history.
    The room is entirely made of wood and blue-green.
    Even as small as a cabinet and door panels have the same color tone.
    Lotus mural on the bedside,
    Tang style women’s sculptures,
    Kraft paper packaging with lotus-patterned daily necessities.
    Bathing treatment of essential oil herbal formula,
    Even when you take a shower in the shower, you will sigh.
    The pure copper material of those hardware materials is really very texture and weight.
    And the lamp in the bathroom does not need to be automatically switched to the night light mode for a while.
    This greatly takes into account environmental protection and energy conservation.
    When I talked to the store manager about these details before leaving the store the next day,
    He also laughed that their things are very expensive.
    In fact, whether it is expensive or not is only an assessment of economic value.
    But those who consider the details of the customer experience,
    As well as understanding of regional culture, packaging and giving architectural design spirituality,
    Not just those flashy external beauty,
    It is an important element of an excellent homestay that deserves to be respected.
     [The third day] Ye Chun
    I have heard of Yangzhou people “in the morning, the water in the bag, the water in the evening”
    I didn’t understand what I meant at first.
    Later, I learned that this is a sentence used to summarize the leisure life of Yangzhou people.
    I have only known that Cantonese people love morning tea.
    I did not expect Yangzhou people to have the habit of drinking tea early in the morning.
    I always don’t like to get up early to have breakfast.
    Eat Brunch every morning and lunch.
    But how can you not try the morning tea here in Yangzhou?
    Feel some of the most authentic city atmosphere.
    Speaking of morning tea, the most famous should be the number of Ye Chunchun,
    Look at the door,
    I know how old the name is,
    The traditional Chinese style that has been preserved is not lost in the international arena.
    Big boiled dried silk should be a very representative Huaiyang cuisine,
    It seems to be elegant, but there is a hidden knife.
    I didn’t expect to be able to taste it on the breakfast table early in the morning.
    Then there is the most Chinese package point,
    a pot of tea, a bucket of steamed buns,
    It’s easy to get a rare leisure.
    Busy, fast-paced life and work,
    In this little Yangzhou morning tea room,
    But can appreciate the long-lost slow life.
     shouxi Lake
    Two days of going around,
    I have finally come to the Slender West Lake.
    Previously, I saw more on the Internet, the scenery of Slender West Lake in spring and summer.
    The sights of winter are rare.
    Hangzhou has West Lake, Yangzhou Slender West Lake.
    At first, I was quite curious about why Slim West Lake had a “thin” word.
    I found out after reading the allusions.
    It was originally mentioned in the poems of Qianlong during the visit to Yangzhou.
    Said that if the West Lake in Hangzhou is the beauty of the Tang Dynasty, Yang Guifei, graceful and luxurious,
    Then Yangzhou West Lake is a beautiful Han Zhaoyan Zhao Feiyan, light and slim,
    A state of mind, a petite and exquisite.
    After reading this paragraph, I was more interested in Slender West Lake.
    After all, “petty and exquisite” is more Jiangnan charm.
    If you say that the spring and summer of the thin West Lake birds and flowers, Yang Liu Yiyi, Shili Lake light, green waves.
    The slender West Lake in the winter is more like a faded whitefly, but it is easy to relax, dignified and beautiful.
    The combination of culture and landscape can be seen almost everywhere.
    And those yellow scented plums that only have aroma in winter,
    Add a touch of color to the building of the blue brick green tile.
     Yangzhou Banquet
    After tasting the morning tea,
    Our team has a good impression on Huaiyang cuisine.
    It is not as sweet as Su Gong.
    I have kept the taste of the ingredients.
    Even my hot girl who likes Sichuan cuisine always likes it very much.
    So from the Slender West Lake,
    Directly went to the nearby Yangzhou banquet to continue eating and eating.
    Don’t have to describe the taste too much,
    Just look at the photos and you can feel delicious across the screen. Haha.
    So who said that certain fireworks are best for Yangzhou in March?
    In Yangzhou in winter, there are not so many bustling tourists.
    On the contrary, it is more able to calm down and appreciate its coolness and independence.
    So when I sent a photo of a group of slim West Lake in the circle of friends,
    Immediately there were a lot of friends who were Amway in this place to have a fascination with Yangzhou.
    Yangzhou, a city that has not been here before, has already had a good impression.
    It is more liked by the heart because I have seen it now.
    There are also enthusiastic and kind people here,
    It is my longest concern for the city.
    Yangzhou, I look forward to meeting you again next time.

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