The king told me to come to the mountain to sneak a beautiful view and return to the world. Zhangjiajie 3rd tour of the mountain

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    It is only appropriate to use the “narrowed fairyland, magnified bonsai” to describe the strange peaks of Zhangjiajie. Every year from September to November is the best time to travel in Zhangjiajie. The autumn is high and cool, and it is also the ripening season of fruits such as kiwi and tangerine. Here, there are not only unique sandstone peaks and forests, but also world wonders, Tianmen Cave, and the world’s most beautiful aerial garden. It is beautifully placed in the wonderland of the mountains.
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    Zhangjiajie is a pure natural scenery. Every season has different characteristics. For the average tourist, the summer is too hot and the winter is too cold. The best time for Zhangjiajie tourism is from April to October every year. At this time, the natural scenery of Zhangjiajie is the most beautiful. Spring is full of spring, everything is revived, and all flowers are blooming. It is a good time for spring tour, but it still has chill in the early spring. Autumn is the harvest season. The mountains and the mountains are full of fruits and fruits. The red leaves are like fire. The fragrance of fruits is everywhere, it is a good time for autumn tour. . The climate of Zhangjiajie scenic area is subtropical monsoon humid climate. The climate here is mild throughout the year, with an average annual temperature of 12 to 15 degrees Celsius. The altitude of the area below 500 meters, the annual average temperature is about 17 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature is about 12 degrees Celsius in the middle and high mountains above 800 meters above sea level. During the year, the coldest is February, and the monthly average temperature is between 1.6 and 2 degrees Celsius. The hottest month is July, with an average monthly temperature of 29 to 35 degrees Celsius. The must-see attractions of Zhangjiajie Tourism are [Zhangjiajie National Forest Park] [Jinhuaxi Scenic Area] [Yuanjiajie Scenic Area] [Yangjiajie Scenic Area] [Tianzi Mountain Scenic Area] [Daguantai Scenic Area] [Shili Gallery Scenic Area]. Followed by the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area in the urban area, the main attractions [Tianmen Cave] [Glass Plank Road] [Tianmen Mountain Cableway] [Tianmenshan Temple].
    From September 15th to September 18th, the itinerary is planned to be free for 4 days and 3 nights in Zhangjiajie. From Shanghai, it takes about three hours by plane to Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport. Since the first day is already late at night, the actual playing time is also 3 days, but in fact, if you don’t go to Phoenix, Zhangjiajie will be enough for 3 days. The specific arrangements are as follows: DAY1: Shanghai – Zhangjiajie DAY2: Wulingyuan Scenic Area (Zhangjiajie – Yuanjiajie) DAY3: Yangjiajie – Tianzishan – Shili Gallery – Xibu Old Street – Charm Xiangxi (performance) DAY4: Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area – Shanghai
    [About the big traffic] Zhangjiajie is a famous tourist city with convenient transportation. Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport has opened flights to Zhangjiajie in more than 20 cities. Zhangjiajie Railway Station also has trains to and from all parts of the country. Although it is not a big station, there are trains in more than 10 major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xi’an, Kunming, Zhengzhou, Wuchang and Changsha. The Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station has long-distance buses arriving from some large and medium-sized cities inside and outside the province, as well as short-distance buses to the surrounding scenic spots of Zhangjiajie City and nearby counties and cities. This time our time is relatively fast, so we chose to fly directly from Shanghai to Zhangjiajie. Because Shanghai has direct flights to Zhangjiajie, it is recommended to book early. Usually, one-way trips are three or four hundred, which is very cost-effective. However, because it is a mid-autumn trip, it is relatively late, soIt’s relatively expensive to go back and forth. This time we are going to book a ticket for 2,900 yuan for two people. [About internal traffic] Taxi: The brothers basically play the watch, and the phenomenon of slaughtering is small, starting at 5 yuan. However, the airport, the railway station and the bus station have formed unwritten rules, and the basic drivers do not play the watch. Entering the city from the airport is generally 30 yuan. Since we have a special car throughout the journey, we have not experienced the transportation in the urban area of ​​Zhangjiajie. There are more mountain roads here. It is indeed more suitable for our own car.
    In general, Zhangjiajie accommodation is mainly divided into three areas, namely Zhangjiajie City, Wulingyuan Town and the Tianguan Mountain Daguantai in the scenic area. It is recommended that the parents should decide the place to stay according to their own itinerary. Two hotels, one in the convenient transportation area of ​​Zhangjiajie City, and one in the Yuanjiajie scenic spot. Here to explain is that there is only a place to stay on the top of the mountain in the scenic area, such as the Golden Whip Creek, the water around the four doors, the Shili Gallery, and so on. It is convenient to play on the top of the mountain in the scenic area. You don’t need to go back and go up and down the mountain. (Of course, if you only want to arrange a day in the mountains, it’s a different matter.) However, due to limited mountain conditions, the government
    In 2001, all the star-rated hotels in the scenic area were demolished. Now there is only a farmhouse hotel on the top of the mountain. There is no problem for the most basic clean, sanitary, color TV, WIFI, and private showers, but if you want to live in luxury and luxury,
    The top of the mountain may not be able to meet the needs, and can only live in the town of Wulingyuan at the entrance of the scenic spot. The accommodation conditions on the mountain in Zhangjiajie Forest Park are much better than those in the mountains. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large (approximately 10 °C). It is recommended to live in the cloves when you want to see the sunrise. It is the closest to Daguantai (the eco-car sits at [Sancha intersection]). DAY1 (September 15th, 17th): [Zhangjiajie Wetland Hotel
    】Two nights Deluxe King Room. The location is very good, just opposite the Tianmenshan cableway, you can walk directly to the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area. The cableway line is directly above the hotel. It is very convenient to travel. It is also close to the Lotus Airport, and there is a bus opposite the entrance and the road. At the station, the bus No. 4 goes directly to the airport station. After the next station, go straight and turn left to see the airport terminal. It is convenient to come and go. There is a “train station–Wulingyuan” minibus directly across the road. The whole journey is 12 yuan. Wulingyuan Bus Station is 2 kilometers away from the gate of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It is not happy to walk. Wulingyuan Bus Station can also take bus No.1 and directly to the door. Choosing Weidi Hotel saves a lot of tolls on the way to and from the transportation, and does not waste time. Disadvantages: Breakfast is slightly monotonous. However, there is a small street next to the hotel and there are many small restaurants. There are many foods to eat, especially at night, there are many barbecue snacks and they are very lively. The overall overall feeling is definitely worthy of this price, feeling great value, very satisfied. Address: No. 9, Dayong Middle Road, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie, near Yingbin Road. DAY2 (September 16th): [Pandora Inn Zhangjiajie] one night tatami bed room. The inn is located in the Tianzishan Nature Reserve in Zhangjiajie Scenic Area, on the top of the mountain at an altitude of over 1,200 meters. It is also the center of the four scenic spots of Tianzi Mountain, Suoxi Valley, Forest Park Yuanjiajie and Zhangjiajie Forest Park. If you want to watch the sunrise, it is recommended on the mountain. Stayed for one night and there was a very farmhouse inn. But in the mountains, the requirements of accommodation conditions can not be too harsh, it must be a little wet, the equipment is not complete, the room is small, in general, it is quite satisfactory, the luggage can be checked, the province’s back to the back There is no worries. Address: Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie Forest Park Wulingyuan District, Tianzi Mountain, Lizi Village, next to Daguantai.
    In addition to spicy, Zhangjiajie’s Tujia cuisine is especially fond of wax, sour, and pickled vegetables. Tujia Lawei dishes include bacon and mutton; sour and spicy dishes include sour wild ass, sour greens, etc.; Tujia home often has slag, pumpkin soup, etc.; pickles include bacon, kippers, pickled peppers, etc.; Wild vegetables such as rice, wild peony and other Zhangjiajie streets can be seen everywhere. The so-called three-pot is actually a very convenient dry pot. It is made of three kinds of main ingredients and stewed with hot pot. It is recommended to mix three kinds of dried intestines, dried walnuts and Xiangxi bacon. When you eat, you can also order a sour radish, which is crisp and sour. Come to Xiangxi, Tujia bacon must taste. Although there is a place for bacon, each place has its own unique taste. This is the must-have food for the Tujia New Year in the western Hunan region. It has been passed down for thousands of years. The lean meat of the glutinous taste, the translucent fat, the greasy fat and even the skin of the skin have a taste and taste, which makes people want to stop.
    Zhangjiajie’s specialties are Sambo (Guigen powder, fern root powder, rock ear) and Yiquan (Duzhong tea). The kiwi, bluestone emerald tea, lobster flower tea and pine fungus are famous here, as well as mulberry salt and dried bean curd. Maoping Maojian tea, small food processed from bacon, etc., are very good specialties. Souvenirs include turtle stone, Tujia paste, Tujia brocade and so on. Zhangjiajie is a large and complete shopping mall, including Guanghe Shopping Center and Meni Supermarket.
    [Body] nikon D810, [Lens] nikkor 80-200mm F/2.8, 24-70mm f2.8E, [Storage] Sandisc 64G CF, Ttoshiba 32G CF, Transcend 16G CF, Sandisc 32G SD, Transcend 8GB SD [Other Accessories 】Si Rui tripod, wireless shooting timer, Manfrotto camera bag. [Late] Lightroom+Photoshop helped Nikon to make an advertisement: it was shocked by the tolerance of 810! Almost all the way to shoot with ISO64, close to the all black film pulled back without pressure. The raw+jpg format, although the file is large, but the original film can be adjusted in the later film when the space is more adjustable. In addition, some photos were taken with Fuji XA2, and some food, hotels are iphone6s plus, and some mobile phone filters are used later. The watermark design is made with AI.
    [About play] Zhangjiajie has two forest parks, namely Tianmenshan National Forest Park and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (Wulingyuan Scenic Area). These two places are particularly confusing. Tianmenshan Forest Park is in the urban area and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is out of the city. The area is 50 minutes away and tickets are purchased separately. To put it simply: Tianmen Mountain is going to the glass road and Tianmen Cave. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is the place to go to “Avatar”. [About tickets] The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is very big. It can’t be played for a day, at least two days. Tickets are valid for three days. No need to buy tickets after entering. However, the cableway, the train and other expenses need to be purchased separately. [about transportation] Zhangjiajie National Forest ParkThe traffic inside is an eco-friendly car. There is no additional charge for the eco-car. As long as there is a place, it is convenient to stop on the call. From Yuanjiajie–Wangqiaotai–Yangjiajie–Tianchi–Daguantai–Shentang Bay–Tianzi Mountain gradually upwards. In the morning, there are usually more cars from Tianzi Mountain to Yuanjiajie Scenic Spot, and it is better to take a bus. Small eco-cars are located between the various attractions. The large eco-cars (buses) are specially connected between the scenic spots and the cable cars. In which car, you must first understand the rear-end and wait for the car to avoid wasting time. . [About eating] During the peak season of the scenic spot, the time of eating often is not properly grasped. There are not many hotels with limited conditions, so it takes 1-2 hours to go to the restaurant for dinner. However, there are many local specialties in the scenic area and the taste is good. [About accommodation] accommodation, Zhangjiajie Forest Park is recommended to live on the top of the mountain for more than 2 days. This saves a lot of time for queuing up the mountain, and also saves the cost of the ropeway and the physical strength of climbing the mountain! [About baggage] It is very hard to play with luggage and you can check it up the mountain. Any inn in Zhangjiajie City can be checked in to the hotel on the mountain for a fee of 20/piece. In addition, there is a consignment point next to the train station. [About dressing] The temperature difference between day and night in the scenic spot is large, and the jacket with good cold resistance is the best. The mountain top is about 6-10 degrees lower than the urban area! If you are going to watch the sunrise, be sure to bring a long sleeve to go; the mountain at 5 am is really cold. [Special Tips] Now the scenic area vigorously promotes Huangshizhai and Shili Gallery. In fact, it is for you to take the ropeway of Huangshizhai and the small train of Shili Gallery. These are not included in the tickets. Of course, these two scenic spots can also be hike. Shili Gallery, the scenery is general, the distance is also very short, if you go, there is no need to take a small train. However, the words of Huangshizhai are very steep. If you don’t climb the ropeway, it is still very tired. There has always been a saying that “not to Huangshizhai, but to Zhangjiajie”, Huangshizhai used to be a must-see for Zhangjiajie, but now many people give up, not just because they don’t want to spend money on the ropeway, but because they can Seeing the same mountain view in the back garden of Yuanjiajie and the Ecstasy (opposite Huangshizhai) is a change of direction. Moreover, in the Yuanjiajie side, the scenery is more beautiful. From the physical point of view, there is no need to take a lot of mountain roads in Yuanjiajie. If you have time, you can also use Huangshizhai as an alternative.
    Zhangjiajie was developed only in the 80s of the last century. After years of hard work, Zhangjiajie has gradually become a famous tourist attraction and has been listed by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage List. Next, follow our footsteps to experience the beauty of Zhangjiajie!
    DAY1: Wulingyuan Scenic Area (Zhangjiajie – Yuanjiajie)
    Zhangjiajie, which was famous because of a 3D movie “Avatar”, attracted us to always look at it. Finally I have to dream, a little excited, looking forward to the next 3 days.
    It was only in Zhangjiajie that there were Yangjiajie and Yuanjiajie. These large scenic spots merged into the core scenic spot of Wulingyuan. It takes at least 2 days to complete the tour. Today we start from Zhangjiajie.
    [Zhangjiajie National Forest Park] This is China’s first national-level forest park. The main landscapes include seven tourist routes including Jinbianxi, Huangshizhai, Yaozhai, Tunxi, Shadaogou, Hou Garden and Chaotianguan. Thousands of pinnacles have different shapes and perfect shapes. A scenic spot in Wulingyuan includes six scenic spots including Jinbianxi (Zhangjiajie National Forest Park), Huangshizhai, Tianzishan, Yuanjiajie, Yangjiajie and Suoxiyu (Shili Gallery). In addition to these mature scenic spots, there are still no developments. Or many hidden sights that are just beginning to be noticed. [Tickets]: 245 yuan + insurance premium 3 yuan (multiple in and out within 3 days, including environmentally friendly car fares); weekly ticket: 298 yuan (multiple in and out within a week is valid). If you need to increase the number of days to visit, you can refer to the weekly ticket price to pay the difference; discount ticket: 165Yuan + insurance premium 3 yuan (including green car fare), full-time students under the age of 24 can be voucher and ID card purchase discount ticket. Tickets are issued in the pass system, which is a fingerprint ticket card, and a fingerprint is required to enter the ticket gate. [Opening time]: 8:00-17:00 [playing suggestions]: 1~2 days
    Zhang Jiajie was discovered by Wu Guanzhong, a famous contemporary painter. When he came to Xiangxi to sketch, he listened to the local people and introduced it very well. He painted several sketches here and wrote the essay “Protection in the Deep and Unknown”. After a thunder, the city has shaken the tourism industry, causing intense concern from all walks of life, and has produced a strong response. Many artists have come here, and after the tour, they have praised the beauty of Zhangjiajie.
    The bathroom at the entrance of the scenic spot is also designed with great artistic conception.
    Tickets for Zhangjiajie and Wuyuan tickets are a bit like a magnetic card. It is also very convenient to carry. You need to swipe your card into the door. The whole scenic spot may or may not be checked. It is all luck, so you must bring it with you at any time.
    The entire Zhangjiajie scenic spot is about 8 kilometers in length. It takes about two hours to complete the whole journey, or you can not finish it, because the main attractions are concentrated in the first half, but I and Yu Xiansen think that since they have come, they must not miss it. Good scenery everywhere.
    Jinbianxi is known as “one of the most beautiful canyons in the world”. The Golden Whip Creek is still so beautiful, and the landscape of Zhangjiajie has been brought to the fullest. “The millennium has been flowing continuously, and it has been raining for thousands of years.” Shen Congwen praised it. “The girl in Zhangjiajie”, Wu Guanzhong also praised it as “a fairytale world”, and it is indeed a name.
    Speaking ofDad, there may be friends who are a bit strange, but when it comes to baby fish, I believe you must be familiar. Right, here is the protection base for baby fish, but it is difficult to see the baby fish now.
    The stream is crystal clear, and I see a lot of small fish swimming in the water. This is the unique Golden Whip Creek fish in Jinbianxi. They will make unique Xiangxi special snacks according to the practice here.
    As soon as the warm sunshine sprinkles into the lush woods, the autumn is a good time to travel. I heard that people around Hunan often drive themselves to the summer during the summer weekend. The mountains are not only cool but also good in air, which is very suitable for family travel.
    After a while, I couldn’t help but start playing with water.
    The line along the Golden Whip Creek is the most beautiful boundary of Wulingyuan. It runs through the peaks and valleys, and the stream is clear and sloppy. The small fish swims among them. The flowers and plants on the banks of the river are delicious, the birds are singing, and the people along the Qingxi line are better than the middle of the painting. Known as “one of the most beautiful canyons in the world.”
    Haha, there are also plum blossom piles here. It is said that this is the only way for the former bandits. Ok, let me feel it.
    Unconsciously, we entered the wild monkey area, here we need to say a few things to note: 1. Do not take the initiative to hook up, tease them, give it when feeding, do not reach their mouth and retract their hands, be careful to be caught by them It took a face. 2. Don’t provoke the mothers who embrace the monkeys to prevent them from making a big feat. 3. Feed the monkeys to the monkeys first, and don’t feed the candies with the core to avoid dying the monkeys. 4. Do not chew on your mouth while passing through the monkey area. 5. When you pass the monkey area, the backpack is fastened, the straps are tight, don’t hit the phone, play the mirror, phaseTake the machine steady. 6. Don’t look at the monkey eyebrows, monkeys have a lot of love, the more you like them, the more they entangle you. 7. In case of emergency, ask for help from human beings, there is a monkey district administrator, don’t try to fight with the monkeys. 8. Girls in skirts are best not to go to the monkey area, monkeys also have luscious monkeys, see you wear beautiful, he estimated that you have to open your skirt, then it is inevitable. 9. Don’t think that the monkey is cute. When you see the monkey, you will rush to hug him and touch him. When he will push you away, a group of monkeys will come back to you and the consequences will be serious. 10. If something falls on the ground near the monkey, you must pick it up with the protection of the monkey, otherwise the monkey will think that you are robbing him.
    It is very rare to be able to observe these macaques at such a close distance. Wild macaques are different from captivity, beautiful and lovely, clean and tidy. This shows that the natural ecological protection of Zhangjiajie should be very good.
    They are just quietly eating the food that tourists give them.
    This family of three is too harmonious, and the little monkey riding on the mother is really cute.
    See the unique sedan chair in Zhangjiajie’s scenic spot. If the tired friends on the mountain road can try it, remember to bargain!
    The mountain road of the money coin ingot shape must go a bit, and it is a blessing. The new year must make a fortune, haha!
    Here is the 86th edition of the Journey to the West, “three dozen white bones” framing.
    The special thing about Zhangjiajie is that its mountain is not a seat, nor is it rolling, but a root, standing like a pillar, its main component is silica.
    The mother monkey came to eat a mandarin from the hands of the tourists and did not know how to give it to her children. I couldn’t bear it.
    There are many main attractions in Jinbianxi, such as: Qimen Rock, Guanyin Sending Son, Pig Bajie Back Daughter, Drunk Luohan, Condor Whiplash, Golden Whip Rock, Condor Whiplash, Candle Peak, Changshouquan, Wenxingyan, Lithospermum Tan, thousands of miles meet, Nanmu Ping, Camel Peak, and so on. For example, this one is said to be one of the top ten attractions in Zhangjiajie.
    After saying goodbye to the macaque, follow the stream and the stream will gradually widen, and the mountain next to it will be more beautiful.
    Along the mountain road, we continue to move forward. At this time, there are fewer and fewer tourists, which is only a quarter of the way.
    More than half of the journey has finally seen the route signs in the scenic spot. Our current location is near Changshou Spring. Our destination is to reach Yuanjiajie where the Bailong ladder is located.
    Zhangjiajie is not a forest park. You can always see some strange creatures along the way. Such a beautiful butterfly has only seen specimens that have been seen live today.
    Super big caterpillar, there are wood to see the creeps, haha!
    No one on the road, let Yu Xiansen take a photo of me, haha, love the smell of beauty does not change.
    Haha, when I sent this photo to a circle of friends, a friend asked if the monkey face is inflamed? So red, in fact, people are this variety.
    Haha, this little monkey hides in the bushes and eats the waves, which is one of my favorite snacks.
    Walking around, I saw a big resting platform. I smelled the fragrance from far away, so we went to buy a few special snacks here.
    This is a Gegen cake, made from Pueraria powder, which is sweet and sweet. In Zhangjiajie, it can be described as “the roots of nowhere”, whether it is a big supermarket or a small shop, a specialty store or a street roadside stall, there are traces everywhere.
    Hunan flavor fried tofu.
    This small fish is the small fish we saw in the Golden Whip Creek. It is called the Golden Whip Creek Fish. It is also unique to Zhangjiajie. Of course, it is also a Hunan-style practice. It is very delicious.
    Ah, my favorite gold potato, no one, must eat.
    When I was ready to leave, I caught a beautiful butterfly.
    Walking out of the boundary of Zhangjiajie, you will see water around four doors. It is also the east gate of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and the west gate of Suoxiyu Scenic Area. The four streams of Jinbianxi, Suoxi, Tunxi and Longweixi are converging and converging in this valley of less than 200m2. Surrounded by peaks and rocks, the streams are meandering, the bamboo trees are full of trees, the flowers are fragrant, and there is an oasis of grass and grass between the Qifeng stone walls. Several mountain streams cut out the four mountain gates in the southeast and northwest, and they are called “water around four doors”. I am in it, but see “water flowing in the mountains, people like swimming in the water”, can be called the world.
    From here, we need to take the Bailong ladder. When we wait for the bus, we have seen some graphic explanations about the Zhangjiajie Geopark.
    From Zhangjiajie to Yuanjiajie, you can take the world’s most Bailong ladder, suggesting that everyone must experience it, very spectacular. Need to buy a ticket here and go up again.
    The construction of Bailong Elevator lasted for three years and cost RMB 180 million. It was completed and put into operation in April 2002. It was included in the world of Kinis because it is “the world’s highest, fastest moving and most loaded sightseeing elevator”. Record. The elevator has a vertical height difference of 335 meters and a running height of 326 meters. It consists of a 154-meter mountain body shaft and a 172-meter mountain steel structure derrick. It uses three double-layer fully exposed sightseeing elevators to run side by side. The whole process takes only 118 seconds. For the “world’s first ladder.” It’s very comfortable to take the roller coaster down the mountain and tell the truth that you don’t have the feeling of riding a roller coaster.
    Yuanjiajie is in danger because of the terrain, and the surrounding traffic is extremely inconvenient, so it has long been little known. With the completion of the world’s first ladder, the Bailong ladder, the problem of traffic bottlenecks that have plagued the scenic spot for many years has been solved. The Yuanjiajie scenic spot has been developed in depth, and many places that have been inaccessible have become popular tourist attractions, with Zhangjiajie. The beautiful scenery of Yuanjiajie, also known as the back garden, was able to walk from behind the scenes to the stage.
    When you take the Bailong ladder, you can also enjoy another party, one of the top ten scenes in Zhangjiajie. The Shen Bing party is located directly opposite the Bailong ladder. It consists of forty-eight relatively independent pinnacles. It was the place where the Tujia uprising leader led the army to Wang Tianzi, so he was called the 48th General. On the top of the gathering of the soldiers, there are scattered small houses, where the local Tujia residents live. They have been farming in the mountains for generations, and they have the reputation of “sky garden”.
    When the elevator slowly rose, suddenly an open landscape appeared in front of us. The two of us were holding the camera and it was really spectacular.
    I finally reached the top, so fast that I didn’t respond until I arrived. The feeling of instant is not the same as the feeling of looking at the mountains of Zhangjiajie.
    I feel that I must look down on a little shot to make it magnificent.
    It turned out that here was a vast ocean a long time ago, and later through the crustal movement to form the unique landscape of the present. This flat mountain line is said to have been the coastline. Imagine how spectacular the underwater world was at the time.
    I rarely hold a tourist photo this time, I can’t hold it anymore, haha!
    Yuanjiajie covers an area of ​​about 1,200 hectares with an average elevation of 1,074 meters. It is adjacent to Jinbianxi and Yuanzizizhai in the east; Huangshizhai in the south, connecting Tianbofu; Tiantong Mountain in Xitong; and Suoxiyu in the north. Located in the northern part of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, it is a jewel inlaid in the core scenic spot of Wulingyuan. Yuanjiajie is located in the northern foot of Shandaogou. It is a large and relatively gentle mountain composed of quartzite and is another scenic spot in Zhangjiajie Park.
    The entire Yuanjiajie is very large, but the attractions are also very concentrated. I think it is the most beautiful place in the Wulingyuan scenic spot, and the floating mountain in the movie “Avatar” is also famous for its location.
    There are also a lot of snacks in this scenic spot. Bacon, Golden Whip Creek and Mao Lizi are all specialty snacks in Zhangjiajie.
    At noon, we went to a restaurant and ordered a few dishes. The most impressive thing is this steaming chicken pot, which is very tender and delicious.
    Standing on the observation deck of the Yuanjiajie scenic spot, Sanqian Qifeng has a panoramic view, and it is a wild and beautiful show with different looks. Deep in the canyon, thousands of stone peaks and pillars stand out. The steep stone, such as Yingwu commander; Yan Zhifeng, like a brave and strong man. There are sounds and sounds, if you are still moving, the image is realistic and you want to come out.
    In the Yuanjiajie scenic spot, the air is extremely fresh due to the dense water and dense forests. The latest measurements show that the forest coverage rate in Yuanjiajie scenic spot is over 98%, the dust content and bacteria content in the air are particularly small, and the oxygen content is very high. The number of negative oxygen ions per cubic meter of air in some areas is near. 100,000, about 500 times higher than the usual environment, it is a huge “natural oxygen bar”, very suitable for leisure and health.
    Photographing here is basically a big picture, haha!
    Each attraction has a small platform for viewing, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery more closely.
    It is about 800 meters east of Yuanjiajie, and there is a small road extending from the south to the top of the platform. Look around the platform and enjoy the sights. The pillars of the rock peaks are like tables, such as chairs, such as buildings and cabinets. Their shapes are strange and wonderful. Whenever the first eye after the rain, there are light clouds and light fog floating in the peaks, lingering, but see the mountain shifting peaks, like Qionglou Yuge, when the time is hidden. At this point, the visitors are obsessed with each other, and they don’t know where they are, so they have the reputation of the fascinating platform.
    This iron bridge is not too short to be scary. At the foot is a small square that is hollowed out. Then there is a deep abyss underneath. I almost dared to sneak down the past and scare the baby.
    Soon after, I came to Changshoutan. Changshoutan is also called Shenguitan, and next to it is the god turtle asking Tianshifeng. In the pool, there are not only sculptures of stone tortoises, but also a lot of turtles. Zhangjiajie can be said to be the hometown of the tortoise. There are foggy sea golden tortoises in Huangshizhai, and there are double tortoises in Jinbianxi, and there are god turtles in Yuanjiajie. This god turtle pool is the magic of the sacred mountain, and it is made by the fairy tales.
    I actually saw a real turtle.
    On January 25, 2010, Zhangjiajie “Nantianyizhu” (also known as Qiankunzhu) was officially renamed “Avatar” “Hallelujah Mountain”. On that day, hundreds of indigenous people and tourists from home and abroad witnessed the renaming ceremony. “Nantianyizhu” is one of the “Three Thousands of Qifeng” in Zhangjiajie. It is located at the southern end of Yuanjiajie Scenic Spot, Wulingyuan Scenic Spot, World Natural Heritage. It has an altitude of 1074 meters and a vertical height of about 150 meters. The top vegetation is lush and the peak shape is peculiar. Vertical The joint cutting is obvious, like a knife and axe, standing in Zhangjiajie, there is a tendency to stand on the ground, so it is also known as Qiankunzhu. In December 2008, Hollywood photographer Hansen conducted a four-day location filming in Zhangjiajie. A large number of landscape images later became the prototype of the various elements of Pandora Planet in the American sci-fi blockbuster Avatar. It became the prototype of the “Hallelujah Mountain”, the suspended mountain.
    Listening to the locals said that touching the roots of this old tree will make a slap in the face, so I will go up and touch it without saying anything, haha!
    “The First Bridge in the World” is one of the “Top Ten Places” in Zhangjiajie. It is also a landmark attraction of Yuanjiajie. It is a natural stone bridge formed between the two mountains. The two mountains are one and the bridge is a key part of the two mountains. However, due to the weak middle stone, it is weathered and collapsed. The effect of the action, after sun and rain, washing water, mountain floods, over time, finally formed this special wonder today… From Yuanjiajie on the Shandaogou, along the edge of the top of the cliff, as for the Zhongping “View Bridge”
    Looking away from the distance of kilometers, I saw a natural stone bridge volley flying two peaks, magnificent and wonderful, known as the “first bridge in the world.” The stone bridge is only 3 meters wide, 5 meters thick, spans about 50 meters, and has a relative height of nearly 400 meters. It is the world’s natural stone bridge that has been found to have the highest drop so far.
    The entire bridge is covered with a red ribbon with a blessing, which is especially spectacular.
    A row of red in the green cluster is more spectacular from a distance.
    Before coming here, I saw in the CCTV variety show “The Great Challenge” that Zhangjiajie has a special occupation called “The Spider-Man”. They tied a rope around their waists and went down with their hands to take charge of the rubbish in the mountains. Very dangerous, it was also a frightening battle. I see it now, but it is purely performance. He will also fight in the cliffs. I can see that we are scared and scared to death!
    A rare set of photobooks here, and the travel styles of the past are not very similar. I don’t know if you like me like this?
    Haha, you found it with a beauty camera self-portrait.
    The sky is getting darker and there is no perfect sunset. We are going to go to the Pandora Inn tonight, and have a good night’s sleep and look forward to seeing the sunrise tomorrow.
    The hotels on the top of the mountain are basically concentrated in the Yuanjiajie area. The conditions are similar. The price is more than 100 degrees a night. The mountains are damp and the conditions are very limited, so parents should be mentally prepared.
    Pandora Inn is located five minutes from the Grand View Terrace. Daguantai is the only place in the entire scenic spot where you can watch the sunrise. It is convenient for visitors to watch the sunrise. It is also a good condition here, the price is very high, in addition, the inn is a 30-pack dinner and the next day breakfast, dinner one-on-one soup, a lot of meat is very affordable.
    DAY: 2: Yangjiajie – Shili Gallery – Charm Xiangxi
    Less than five in the morning, we are going to set off to see the sunrise. This is the first time we both watched the sunrise in the mountains, or a little excited. There are a lot of business cars parked at the entrance of the inn, and you can go carpooling for six or seven people. So we worked together with several other visitors to the hotel.
    The location of the sunrise is on a mountain road. We are all holding cameras and machines waiting for the sunrise.
    After waiting for about ten minutes, the sun suddenly appeared from the mountain at around 6:20.
    After a while, the sun rose completely and the sky was dyed red. Next we drove to the next attraction – the sky pastoral.
    I heard that this is an aerial pastoral created by the old gentleman. It is very difficult. It is still expanding. The visit requires 2 yuan to enter. Anyway, it is not expensive. Basically, everyone will come here after watching the sunrise. Take a look, the air in the early morning is particularly fresh.
    This is a place that has been forgotten by the world. Everyone is watching the grandeur of Zhangjiajie Mountain, the exquisite and clear water of Zhangjiajie, the beautiful story of Zhangjiajie, but forgetting this small pastoral. There are countless tour guides that won’t bring you, but they are considered by many countless friends to be a rare “sky pastoral” in the world. The idyllic air is fresh, the idyllic sky is blue, the idyllic scenery is unique, and the pastoral will be your nostalgia.
    There is a pond in the distance, I heard that there is a place to go, and there is a better viewing platform.
    Also saw this high-bay photography platform.
    The green near is the sky pastoral, and the distance is the Bailong ladder we took yesterday.
    Although the horizontal composition looks normal, the object will not be magnified a lot. Usually, the photo is basically more horizontally, but when it comes to Zhangjiajie, it feels that only the vertical composition can reflect the strange and arrogant feeling of Zhangjiajie Mountain. The above two figures are the same angle. Different composition,Everyone feels it, haha!
    It’s too early to get out of the way. I don’t have time to make up my makeup. I need to take the hill road to the pond. It’s not very far, but the whole journey is downhill, so it’s fine when I go, and I’m half dead when I return.
    When I saw the Bailong ladder, I felt that the world was really amazing. I really only felt it when I was there.
    Here you can see the texture of different forms of mountains closer.
    It is said that when the sea was still a thousand years ago, this flat mountain line was the coastline at that time, and then the crustal movement formed the now peculiar and dangerous Zhangjiajie.
    After returning to the inn, we will take a bus to the Tianzi Mountain Scenic Spot in Yangjiajie.
    The butterfly in the mountain is beautiful, as seen in the painting.
    After more than 20 minutes of winding roads, the mountain road finally reached the Yangjiajie scenic spot. It is located in the northwest of Zhangjiajie Forest Park. It is connected to the Yuanjiajie scenic spot in the east. It is mainly based on the original scenery and natural beauty. It is characterized by a “risk” word. The road is narrow, so it is also one of the most ideal destinations for backpackers and friends who like to explore.
    Lu Yu, an old mage, is working on a mobile phone.
    The first attraction is the Natural Great Wall.
    Seven years ago, the famous American journalist Simon Winchester praised Zhangjiajie in the “New York Times” as “great as the Great Wall.” The people who have come to Zhangjiajie say that the landscape form of Zhangjiajie is most like the Great Wall, and it belongs to the Yangjiajie scenic spot.
    The Yangjiajie Natural Great Wall is a typical peak wall shaped like a naturally formed Great Wall.
    Everyone feels free to feel the people who traveled during the Mid-Autumn Festival. In fact, the truth is better than I thought. Maybe it is because each viewing platform here is very small, so the crowd will look like a lot of people.
    Many scenic spots in the scenic area experience the Miao costumes, it seems to cut the price, 5 yuan can experience a set including accessories. So we saw a funny scene, maybe they were betting on what they said, and one of the boys was introduced by them to wear Miao women’s clothing. It is also such a charming shape, it is a beautiful landscape, attracting the attention of countless tourists, and praises his courage.
    Haha, I saw this suddenly and then I laughed and couldn’t stop. Why did I feel that I was playing?
    Like most scenic spots, there are also many commercial vendors selling local souvenirs. It is recommended that you don’t buy them here. It’s expensive and not fidelity. The key is that the bosses here are still very fierce. You don’t buy them. If you don’t have a good face, it’s not good to listen to, because it used to be a bandit, and the temperament of people from generation to generation is relatively stubborn, so it will be very fluent in speaking, so people with bad attitudes should not provoke them.
    Ten years ago, Yangjiajie was still a corner forgotten by tourists. Then 10 years later, as a sister mountain of Zhangjiajie and Tianzishan, she has already stepped out of the Wulingyuan and has left many friends from all corners of the country. Her beauty. Yangjiajie, a place that you can’t forget when you go, the scenery is like “the paradise on earth”, and the magical work of nature is also reflected in it.
    Yangjiajie Qifeng is listed, strange stone scorpion, like jade bamboo shoots, like a pagoda, like Tsui Ping, like a horse, like a castle… each has its own form and scenes. Nearly on the cliff, on the cliff, a strain of Qisong was squeezed out from the crack of the rock, and the leaves were lush and vigorous. They are in danger, but they are not dry for a long time, and the wind does not fall, showing a strong vitality, giving people the strength to work hard.
    From Yangjiajie, take a bus to Tianzi Mountain. There will be a point on the way. Many people will not get off the bus here. The tour group will not, but before I came to check the Raiders, I heard that the scenery here is particularly good. The Tianzi Mountain to the distance is very spectacular, so we decided to go and see it. As expected, the scenery here is really magnificent. Although it is still the same mountain peak, the mountain here shows more layers. It looks more artistic.
    Point to the platform – located in the deep valley of the white mist, the strange stone scorpion seems to be dozens of people, the “emperor” is in the middle of the center, the “transfer officer” in front is reading the sacred decree, “left and right” is standing on the bow, “the soldiers “Put it out.” Legend has it that Wang Tianzi once visited the military.
    Because there is no tourist specialThe door is here, so there are not many photography platforms, and some old wizards with long guns and cannons come here to take pictures.
    At the point of view of the platform, you can see the distant Tianzi Pavilion. After a while, we will go there at the last stop on the mountain.
    The mountains in the distance are like a person of different ages lying there, clearly defining the contours of the five senses. Of course, it is all by your rich imagination to discover its beauty.
    Enjoy the dreamy Yangjiajie fairyland, overlooking the mountains and rivers, the mountain dance silver snake, the beautiful and beautiful “peak wall”, the infinite scenery is at the peak, dozens of imposing The stone walls, stacked in rows and rows, are relatively parallel and stand tall, and the heights are uneven. It is really beautiful and beautiful. It has to be amazed by the power of nature.
    I caught a butterfly with green light, so beautiful!
    Like a large broccoli? Haha!
    From the point of going to Tianzishan, I still need to continue to take the bus in the scenic spot. However, many passengers from Yangjiajie directly to Tianzishan will not get off the bus. There are very few seats in the car, so we can only rely on luck. We have waited. The two cars were barely on the road and had no place to sit. Fortunately, they arrived in the Tianzishan Scenic Area in less than ten minutes.
    Tianzi Mountain was named after the Tujia peasant uprising leader in the early Ming Dynasty. She is located in the northwest of Wulingyuan Scenic Area with a total area of ​​more than 5,400 hectares. Formerly known as Qingyan Mountain. It is adjacent to Suoxiyu in the east, Zhangjiajie in the south, and Sangzhi County in the north. It is one of the four major scenic spots in Wulingyuan District. She and the scenic Pearl Zhangjiajie Forest Park, Shili Gallery Suoxiyu, constitute a character-shaped scenic area. Known as the “expanded bonsai, shrinking fairyland”. There is a cloud in the old saying, and you want to go to the next level. That is to say, if you want to see the scenery well, then you will still be ascending. However, because the Tianzi Mountain is too high, there are only two shortcuts to get to the top of the mountain. One is to go up the cableway, and the other is to take the Bailong ladder.
    When you get off the bus, you will pass through a promenade. From a distance, you will see a red ribbon with a blessing.
    The promenade is mainly selling some snacks and snacks, as if it were a large-scale scenic spot. Choose from a variety of snacks, the price is between 10~30 yuan, there is a fast dining table and chairs available for dining. By noon, we decided to eat a little and then set off.
    I am going to eat potatoes wherever I am, and it is simply one of my favorites. The small potatoes in the scenic area and the special mix are very delicious. The price of 10 yuan is also very good. The full one is absolutely full.
    My family is always must eat rice, this small snack actually costs 30 yuan, it is not worthwhile, because the amount is very small, the dishes are not many, it is a single element, but the scenic spot, you can not force too much, if If you don’t have enough, you can go to the restaurant in front to eat, and there is McDonald’s.
    I also want a hot and sour powder, 10 yuan a piece, in addition to spicy is spicy, not very special. After a short break after eating, we continued to leave, the first stop – Helong Park.
    Helong Park is built to commemorate the movement of Marshal He Long to Tianzi Mountain. It is located on Tianzi Mountain in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province. In the park, the bronze statue of Helong standing on the “Yunqingyan” is integrated with nature to form a unique artistic style. This is the biggest bronze statue that China has shaped in the past 100 years. Marshal He Long was born in a peasant family in Hongjiaguan, Sangzhi County, west of Tianzi Mountain. From the beginning of the two kitchen knives, the Nanchang Uprising, the 25,000-mile long march, the Anti-Japanese War····The Cultural Revolution, outstanding achievements After the vicissitudes of life. His life is full of legends, and the marshal’s hometown is full of countless stories and legends about him. In the area of ​​Tianzi Mountain, it was once the place where General He Long, Ren Bishi, Xiao Ke, Wang Zhen and other generals had guerrilla warfare.
    “Shrinking fairyland, magnified bonsai” to describe the strange peaks of Zhangjiajie is no more suitable.
    The small viewing platform is crowded with tourists, and the legendary Chinese aunt tour group is more than the “two” gestures, wearing sunglasses and taking IPAD photos. This is the standard for the Chinese aunt group, haha.
    “Yubifeng” is one of the most landscapes that Zhangjiajie has dumped by photographers and painters. She is located in the valley on the west side of Tianzi Pavilion in Tianzi Mountain. Standing on the observation deck to the southwest, but see the dozens of patchwork peaks in the valley, the blue sky, the right peak of the Shifeng like a pen, and the left peak of the stone-like “Jiangshan.” This stylus was passed down to Wang Tianzi. He made an uprising in the past and asked for a written letter. The cylindrical pinnacle in front of Yubi Peak is his royal book. It is said that there is also a couplet left to the king on the stage.
    The scenery of Tianzi Mountain is summed up in one word, which is “the natural beauty of the original scenery.” Her landscapes and attractions are all made in heaven, with no traces of artificial carving. There are not only beautiful mountains and rivers, but also simple folk customs. The unique folk customs and unique ethnic foods are waiting for visitors.
    It is worthy of “who knows the face of the heavens, and does not return to the mountains under the heavens”, “do not swim in the mountains of Tianzi, and go to Wulingyuan.”
    Tianzi Pavilion is a famous attraction of Tianzi Mountain in Zhangjiajie. It is an artificial building. The Tianzi Pavilion can overlook the Tianzi Mountain and the scenery is very spectacular. The Tianzi Pavilion is 30 meters high; it is a six-storey, four-folded, antique-style building. Reinforced concrete independent column base, stone railings, granite floors, eucalyptus doors and windows, golden glazed tile roof. The pavilion is far away, and the three face the Yuan, and the mountains and mountains near the peaks are all in sight.
    After visiting the Tianzi Pavilion, I am going to take the cableway down the mountain.
    The Tianzishan cableway is the second sightseeing cableway after the Huangshizhai cableway in Zhangjiajie. It is also the main means of transportation for tourists entering the Tianzi Mountain Scenic Area. The completion of the Tianzishan cableway has greatly improved the tourist traffic environment of the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, enabling visitors to spend half a day on the Tianzi Mountain to see only the regrets, and become an intermittent flight to the mountains to see the Tianzi Mountain.” The bonsai of the enlarged bonsai, the fascinating scenery of the narrow fairyland. Take the Tianzishan cableway, which is both comfortable and safe. The scenery along the line is fantastic, the strange rock, the jade forest, the secluded spring water, the playful macaque, the panoramic view, it is amazing. Especially when the clouds are lingering, tourists can experience the dynamic and exciting flying of the fairy flying on the ropeway.
    Shili Gallery is an attraction at the foot of the mountain. It also needs to take a bus to the scenic spot. Here is a newly developed attraction, located in Suoxiyu Nature Reserve, about five kilometers long, with lush forests and wildflowers on both sides; strange peaks and stones, in various poses, like a huge landscape painting, hanging side by side in the Millennium Above, make the beautiful natural wondersInto the ink painting of the immortal painter. Entering the Shili Gallery, there are ten main attractions such as the transfer loft, the birthday singer, the old medicine collector, and the two-sided clock. The shape of the scene in the territory is peculiar: If the person, if the god, if the fairy, like the forest, like the bird, the quartz sandstone peak forest like the beast is hidden in the clouds, changing thousands. However, in fact, the visibility is not particularly high. It can be visited in less than half an hour, mainly by taking a scenic view of the small train. Originally, we are planning to go to the newly opened scenic glass bridge in Zhangjiajie, but it is not a coincidence that the glass bridge scenic area was closed for rectification in those days, which is very regrettable.
    Many of the scenery in the 3D movie “Catch the Demon” of the fire last year was taken from Zhangjiajie. Therefore, the scenic spot has specially set up the cartoon image of “Hu Ba” Mengwa, which will add more fun to the visitors’ trip to Zhangjiajie. Of course, visitors must leave a photo!
    Shili Gallery Small Train Preferential Policy 1. Children who are less than 1.3 meters in height, free of charge for persons with disabilities, journalists, and senior citizens over 70 years old who meet the “Practical Assessment Standard for Disabled Persons” with their ID cards or “Citizens’ Hospitality Certificate”. 2. For those students who are more than 1.2 meters tall, active military personnel, direct family members of the martyrs, and holders of the “Citizens’ Minimum Living Security Allowance Certificate” issued by the civil affairs department, they enjoy preferential prices with valid certificates.
    Two days after the storm, we decided to take the small train back and forth, and the tickets back and forth were more cost-effective. There are not many tourists here. They sit on the small trains. Each car comes with a small horn. If you don’t go to an attraction, you will report the corresponding attractions.
    As early as in the Ming Dynasty, some people wrote down “People in the mountains, like paintings” and other good sentences. The Shili Gallery sculpture master, in the country of the gods and gods, has created rare treasures in the Shili Gallery. It is the world of art, the world of fairy tales and the mysterious world.
    I am also recording this beautiful scenery in your shot.
    On the road, I came across a small train that came back.
    The sun at 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon is really glaring, and it is painful to wear on the skin. Super-admire the tourists who walked on the road. It takes about 10 minutes for a small train and 20 minutes for a walk.
    After arriving at the finish line, I got off the bus and decided to go back. The time to go back was decided by myself. There is nothing fun here. The whole scenic spot belongs to the stage of expansion. It is said that there is a monkey garden, and there are only two monkeys, and Zhangjiajie Forest. The park is far away. We decided to return after 10 minutes.
    At the entrance of the Shili Gallery, you can return to the gate when you take the scenic bus for ten minutes.
    Visit the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, enter from the Forest Park, and exit from Wuling, without going back. So far, our two-day and one-night trip in Wulingyuan Scenic Spot has come to an end. I used to listen to the teacher’s unique geomorphology here. Now I really see the charm of Zhangjiajie. It’s like a fairyland. I don’t want to return.
    Since we decided to watch the performance of “Charming Xiangxi” in the evening, it started at 7 o’clock, so we decided to go shopping nearby.
    When I sent this photo to a circle of friends, many friends asked me if I was in Phoenix. In fact, I always wanted to go to Phoenix. But this time is not enough, there is no arrangement. It is also beautiful here. There is a kind of phoenix. Look at it.
    There are a lot of bars here, and listening to A Zhong said that the night lights are very beautiful and very lively.
    Give my family, you must also come to a blockbuster movie.
    More than half an hour’s walk from Wulingyuan Scenic Spot to Xibu Old Street, which is a newly developed attraction in Zhangjiajie. It is the only composite tourism commercial pedestrian street in China that integrates water bar street, Chinese famous snack street, Xiangxi folk shopping boutique street, leisure inn and creative workshop.
    The architectural style of Xibu Street is based on Xiangxi Tufeng Miaoyun, which is based on traditional Tujia folk houses. It creates a grand market with a courtyard, a courtyard and a full-fledged atmosphere. It combines the fashion and leisure elements that conform to the aesthetics of the times, and carries out the planning and construction with the development concept of “the most original, most natural, and most harmonious”. The natural landscape is characterized by the “unpretentious” quality of the original.
    Guiguzi, surnamed Wang Mingqi (or Li), also known as Wang Zen, No. Xuan Weizi, at the beginning of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Ancestral home in Wangzhuang Village, Yunmeng Mountain, Qimen County, Hebi City, Henan Province (famous Wangzhuang Longshan Cultural Site). “Wang Chan’s ancestors” is the name of the descendants of Guiguzi, one of the pre-Qin philosophers. Guiguzi is the originator of the family (in fact, one of the famous representatives of the military), Su Qin and Zhang Yi are their two outstanding disciples (see “Warring States Policy”). In addition, Sun Hao and Pang Wei are also their disciples (see “Sun Pang Romance”).
    He is thorough in the world, taking into account several studies, and people can’t. For everyone, what kind of people are the ghosts, and when you go, Ghost Valley is not open.
    The entire Zhangjiajie scenic spot has a small monkey that can be seen everywhere.
    At this time, there are not many old street tourists. Listening to A Zhong said that the lights will be lit up at night, and the bar drinking and singing is very lively. Most tourists will come online to play.
    Xibu Street – a street full of creeks, full of happy places.
    All kinds of spicy pickles are the characteristics of Xiangxi, and friends who like them should not miss it.
    My small micro single Fuji XA2’s beauty self-timer effect is really good, grin, snicker, hey!
    There are many creative little houses and chicken soups on the bar street.
    As we had to rush to see the show at night, we hurriedly strolled through the old street and we hurriedly settled for dinner at a popular hotel on the doorstep of the old street.
    Xiang Wei back to the pot of meat, color and flavor.
    Cold cabbage, very clear mouth.
    Xiangxi characteristicsDish – double pepper head.
    This is also one of their specialties in Xiangxi – sweet potato powder, a bit like hot and sour powder, QQ, not bad.
    “Zhangjiajie·Charming Xiangxi” is an epic performance of large-scale national song and dance. The two performances were packed every night and were well received by the audience. He once represented Hunan in the “2010 Shanghai World Expo” and “2012, 2013 Shenzhen Cultural Fair”. On behalf of the Ministry of Culture, he went to Europe to participate in the 2014 and 2015 “Happy Chinese New Year” performances. The original program “Catch Up” was honored in 2012 CCTV Year of the Dragon. Through the exquisite artistic expression, the national culture of the big Xiangxi is displayed to the audience around the world.
    [Performance fare] 1-8 rows of VIP tickets in the middle of the ¥ 308 / Zhang, 8-18 rows of VIP tickets in the middle of the ¥ 268 / Zhang, the other is the ordinary ticket ¥ 228 / Zhang. [Performance time] The whole journey takes about 120 minutes, including about 100 minutes in the venue and 20 minutes off the court. The selection is the peak season, two games a day, the first is 19:00-21:00, the second is 21:23. point.
    [Xiangxi Miao inspiration] This is the most unique dance art in the Miao area of ​​China. It is circulated in Jishou City, Fenghuang County, Tunxi County, Baojing County, Huayuan County, Guzhang County, etc. in the Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan Province. In April 2004, the Ministry of Culture announced the second batch of pilot projects for the protection of Chinese folk cultural heritage. The Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture was included in its protection pilot area. The Miao inspiration is a key protection project in the pilot area. At the beginning of the game, I was shocked to see you. I saw a similar song and dance performance of “Dream Back to the Tang Dynasty” in the Tang Dynasty Furong Garden in Xi’an. So I didn’t report much hope. The guide A Zhong said that it is really worth seeing. I highly recommend it. We must look at it, but it turns out that thanks to A Zhong’s recommendation, the evening party level is no less than the Spring Festival Evening. Whether it is an actor or a stage, the lighting is really shocking, and I am looking forward to the next show.
    【border town】
    The border town is the masterpiece of Shen Congwen’s novels. This scene depicts the unique customs and customs of the western Hunan region. The love tragedy of the boat house girl Cuicui highlights the goodness and beauty of human nature and the purity and purity of the soul. The whole scene beautifully reflects the feelings of Xiangxi children. The front of the stage creates a layer of fog, adding a dreamy and beautiful love atmosphere. The entire stage is clearly layered with just the right background music, and there is really a naked-eye 3D effect.
    [Climbing the building to chase love] I heard that this program became the only “exemption-free” program and national song and dance in the Spring Festival Evening of the year. It was also the 30th anniversary of CCTV Spring Festival Evening. The original ecological program of Hunan native ethnicity was the first stage to be staged on CCTV Spring Festival Gala. .
    [Out-of-court bonfire performance] Tujia hard qigong performance, the three major sorcerer performances in Xiangxi (including the upper knife ladder, the iron pear, the fire under the sea), large-scale Tujia swing dance performance.
    DAY3: Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area – Shanghai
    Because I had to sleep early in the day before, the two of us couldn’t get up this morning. I slept until 10 o’clock. Fortunately, there is only one Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area today. It’s not too fast, so I have to mix and match together. There are many small restaurants in the downstairs of Weiwei Hotel. We just found a small dish to eat. It is worth mentioning that it is to visit Zhangjiajie. The bacon must be tasted. It tastes very good.
    Opposite the hotel is the Tianmen Mountain Cableway Station. It is very convenient. It is very recommended that everyone live here. The transportation is very convenient.
    What I want to see most here is the Tianmen Cave, which was once the plane that passed through, known as the wonders of the world.
    My mother, the ropeway station of an attraction is like a station. The doorway is a self-service ticket for the ID card, even on the ticket.It also shows the time period of the play.
    Here to explain is that Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area has a total of three ways to play, you must choose one of them, most people generally do not choose the A line is the B line, because the 99-bend winding road and the drop of Tianmen Mountain is 1000 meters high. The ropeway is very distinctive. It must be experienced, but I heard that when there are many people in the peak season, some tourists can only choose the C line, because the tickets for the A and B lines are sold out, so you can’t experience the world’s highest The drop cableway is still a bit regrettable.
    Today we chose the B line. First, take the car up the mountain. At noon, many tourists have already returned, so there are no tourists, no queues, and they will go on the train.
    Probably first sit in the car and arrive at the scenic spot from the city just ten minutes. After checking the ticket here, you need to take the bus in the scenic spot up the mountain.
    Today’s weather is so good, the sun is particularly poisonous, and the Zhangjiajie, which has long been heard by the clouds, is the most beautiful. I haven’t seen it for the past two days. Today, there is no hope.
    Far away, I have seen a little Tianmen Cave.
    After checking in the ticket from here, take the bus in the scenic spot and go up the mountain.
    The experience of taking the bus on the Panshan Highway is wonderful. I have never experienced it. I have experienced all the 180-degree and 360-degree turns. I held the camera in one hand and pulled the first hand in the first place. I was scared to death, but it was fine. After twenty minutes, I arrived at the foot of Tianmen Mountain.
    Tianmen Mountain is the highest mountain in Yongding District of Zhangjiajie. The Tongtian Avenue is in danger of stagnation and stagnation, and it is also called the world’s first highway spectacle. It is 10.77 kilometers in length and extends directly from the sign gate to the foot of Tianmen Cave. The altitude rises from 200 meters to 1300 meters. There are ninety-nine bends. The two sides of the avenue are thousands of miles. The empty valley is deep and the 180-degree sharp bend disappears. The layers are stacked, and the Tongtian Avenue has a total of ninety-nine bends. The avenue is swaying up the mountain, such as the giant dragon swells, like a jade belt slanting, 180-degree sharp bend back and forth, through this Tongtian Avenue, you can directly reach the sky ladder, the spectacular heavenly weather is close at hand.
    Carefully looked down at the road when I came, there is a feeling of scaring urine, I am afraid after thinking about it.
    Finally, I saw the famous Tianmen Cave. It was really spectacular, especially the 999-step ladder in front. I thought we would climb from it and the legs would start to soften.
    [Tianmen Mountain] Tianmen Mountain, located 8 kilometers south of Zhangjiajie City, is a magical mountain. Tianmen Mountain is a karst landform. It is a platform-type lonely mountain surrounded by cliffs.The main peak is 1517.9 meters above sea level. There is a natural cave in the north and south of Tianmen. The cave is 131 meters high, 37 meters wide and 25 meters deep. It is called Tianmen Eye. Tianmen Mountain is named after it. Tianmen Mountain not only has a magnificent natural scenery, but also condenses the crystal of human wisdom: the 99-bend Panshan Highway surrounding the mountain, the 999-step ladder in front of Tianmen Cave, and the escalator with a height of 340 meters in the mountain tunnel. What is even more impressive is the glass path along the cliffs of the top of the mountain and the Ghost Valley. Come to Zhangjiajie, it is recommended to spend a day to go to Tianmenshan to see [ticket] peak season (March 1 ~ November 30): 258.00 yuan (including round-trip ropeway, eco-car), off-season (December 1 ~ February) 28th): 225.00 yuan (including round-trip cableway) [opening time] peak season (March 1st to November 30th): 08:00~16:00 Low season (December 1st~February 28th): 08: 00~16:30 [Precautions] The entrance fee includes the cost of the cable car and bus from the upper/lower mountain. When you walk the glass road, you need to rent a shoe cover for 5 yuan. There is also a cable car on the mountain for an additional charge. [Sights] Ghost Valley Plank Road, Tianmen Cave, Sky Temple, Glass Board Road, Cableway 7500 meters, Panshan Highway.
    The natural wonders of Tianmenshan made their locals feel incredible. They felt that the gods of the heavens had sheltered Zhangjiajie for generations, so they can be described as their spiritual mountains, so most of them come here every year to burn incense and pray.
    In the left side of the Tianmen Cave, even if it is after heavy rain, there will be no water hangs. However, in the dry season, sometimes a flood will burst into the air and rush down from the cliff. The whistling sound is thunderous and extremely spectacular. This is the spectacle of “Tianmen Turning Water”. However, such a spectacle takes place only once in a few decades and decades, and each time lasts only 15 to 45 minutes. There are three strange places in the Tianmen water: one is that the waterfall that can be turned over in Tianmen can’t find the source. Every time the water is turned over, a water emerges from the ground. Second, the flood occurs in the rainy season, but the Tianmen turn over every time. In the dry season; the third, and the most difficult place to explain, is that some major historical events will occur after each day. For example, in 1965, it was the largest one. In the second year, the “Cultural Revolution” began. In 1976, the Tangshan earthquake occurred.
    That is to say, in the year when Tianmen turned over, there will be major incidents in China, which has cast a mysterious color on Tianmen Mountain and become a mystery of the local people.
    I am particularly interested in what China’s unsolved mystery and the world’s unsolved mystery. Here are five other unsolved mysteries about Tianmen Cave. [Ghost Valley Development] Ghost Valley is a famous figure in the history of our country. One of the “Families of the Family” is the originator of the strategist and an accomplished educator. Su Qin, Zhang Yi, Sun Yi, and Pang Wei, all of whom we all know, are his students. Ghost Valley has both the politicians’ six-and-three syllabus, and is good at the diplomat’s vertical and horizontal techniques. It also has the ancestral ancestors of the Yin and Yang family, and the prophet’s rivers and lakes, so the world is called a ghost and a genius. He is the author of “Gui Guzi”, also known as “The Policy.” This marvellous ghost valley master once lived in the ghost valley of Tianmen Mountain. “Yongding County” and “Yongding County Local History” have detailed and magical descriptions. From the period of 1991 to 2004, Tianmen Mountain had a cave to hang down the cliff from the top of the cliff seven times, and had a “close contact” with the ghost valley. In these fewIn the process of the second cave, the cave warriors encountered various magical phenomena that were difficult to explain. Especially for the fourth time, some people accidentally used a camera to take a picture of an ancient old man on the stone wall. The face is clear, the head is high, the chin is slightly tilted, the facial features are clear, and the ghost guzi with the world is widely circulated. The same is true. After the cave, I took a photo here, but it was blank. This time, “Ghost Valley Development” is accidental or coincidental, or God’s intentional arrangement has become one of the six mysteries of Tianmen Mountain. [野拂藏宝] The wild donkey is the general of Li Zicheng, the leader of the peasant uprising army in the late Ming Dynasty, and he was born after the monk. He once followed Li Zicheng to the north to discuss the North. It is said that after the failure of the Qing Dynasty, Li Zicheng and the wild donkey retired in the Jiashan Temple in Shimen, Hunan. After Li Zicheng’s death, Ye Hao led more than 100 people and hired nine large wooden boats. He secretly sneaked into Dayong (that is, our Zhangjiajie city today) and quietly boarded Tianmen Mountain. After going up the mountain, the wild donkey went out at Tianmenshan Temple. However, his monk is not a “place to become a Buddha”, but a pillow to stay, always ready to wait for an opportunity to resume the Central Plains. During his time as a monk at Tianmenshan Temple, the Qing government repeatedly sent local officials to conduct secret investigations. In order to improve his martial arts, the wilderness nights to explore the ghost valley, he traces the traces from the stone walls inside the cave, and the description of the ghost and the misty squats, and comprehend a set of hard qigong. With this effort, he defeated many times. The court sent him to chase his martial arts master. As time went by, the wild donkey discovered that the situation was in the middle of the river, and finally he was worried about illness and illness. Everyone knows that when Li Zicheng was defeated in the capital, he once plundered the gold and silver treasures in the national treasury, with the intention of reviving in the future. The wild donkey always followed Li Zicheng until he was gone to Tianmenshan Temple, and used nine large ships to transfer his family. It is conceivable that he was secretly transported to Tianmenshan, which must be a large amount of gold emptied in the national treasury. Silver treasure. Seeing that the plan for the resurgence of Dongshan was lost, the wild donkeys scattered the treasures in several hidden places on Tianmen Mountain before they died. For hundreds of years, under the temptation of huge interests, I do not know how many people went to the mountains to hunt for treasure, but they all returned empty-handed. Where these treasures are hidden, it becomes a mystery of Tianmen Mountain. [Tianmen Rui Beast] According to records, some people accidentally saw unicorns in the virgin forests of Tianmen Mountain. This animal grows very close to the image of the beasts that was handed down from ancient China. The figure is similar to the tiger, with red dragonfly. The color has a curved one-corner in the middle of the head. The unicorn was very alert and found that someone saw it and immediately turned his body and went deep into the woods. The person who discovered it did not take the camera, and did not dare to chase the forest search trail, so this unsuccessful adventure became a mystery of Tianmen Mountain. It is rumored that Tianmenrui beast is one of the beasts of the beast. It is strong and powerful, extremely powerful, and stands tall. It seems to be empty-minded, and it is a blessing to the world. It has a curved corner and a horn. Main physical features. It is circulated in the Yongding area of ​​Wuling, and is the guardian of the Wuling people. [Tianmen Cave Open] Tianmen Mountain was called the Liangshan Mountain, and the Three Kingdoms Wu Yongan was in the sixth year (AD 263). The mountain suddenly opened its cliffs and became a mysterious world wonder, Tianmen Cave. Wu Di Sun Hsu thinks this is a sign of good fortune, so Yiliang Liangshan is Tianmen Mountain. The Tianmen Cave is 131.5 meters high, 57 meters wide and 60 meters deep. The north and south are opposite to the Qianxun wall. It is shaken and the sky is changing. The weather changes thousands of times. It seems that the mirror is like a Tianmen inlaid on the sky curtain. Spit purple fog, rendering a mysterious atmosphere and more revealing the dust, is the so-called quest for the creation of the heavens and the earth, hiding the gods of heaven and earth. As for its formation, geologists judge and reason from its geographical location, climate change, etc., but so far there is no convincing conclusion, “Tianmen Cave” has become a fascinating fan of Tianmen Mountain. Therefore, for more than 1,700 years, this wonderful scenery has attracted countless visitors. [Tianmen Turn] One of the six ancient fans associated with “Tianmen Cave” is “Tianmen Turn”. According to the local old man, seven or eighty years ago, the South Pier, standing on the banks of the river in the urban area of ​​Zhangjiajie, can clearly see the magnificent Tianmen Cave. Today, in the field of view, you can only see the mountains and see the caves. Looking at this scenic spot, you will have to go to Dayong Bridge, which is four kilometers away. Is the Tianmen Cave quietly turning the angle in the dark? What is even more incredible is that the position of Tianmen Cave is always suitable for Feng Shui, and it is prosperous. The South Pier in 70 or 80 years is like Nanjing Road in Shanghai. It was once the most prosperous area in Zhangjiajie, but today Tianmen Cave is The Dayong Bridge is also the golden treasure of a business. It is no wonder that some people say that “Tianmen Cave” is also an interpretation of the fascination of nature.
    I started climbing the 999-step ladder, which is another new challenge for me who are afraid of high blood.
    Haha, wherever there are Chinese aunts, self-timer, small team can not be bad.
    I have to sit in front of the computer for most of my time because of work. I don’t want to exercise so much. It’s going to be so tired that we have to go to the sky, we can’t stop, but because it’s steep, we both It’s just stopping and stopping, but I’ve climbed up at the end, just hope to go back and be thinner, haha. The road that looked back and looked up was really scary. The people below were like little ants. However, what I want to explain here is that if you bring an old man, you feel that it is difficult to climb here. There is also an escalator that goes straight to the top of the mountain on the left side of the mountain. So don’t worry about the problem of not climbing, but it is not so scary if you climb it. It is.
    There are also many blessings of concentric locks and red ribbons on the foot of the cave. When you climb the 999-step ladder, you can make your wishes and pray with your sincere heart. It is easier to make your dreams come true.
    Climb to the foot of the cave. Because it has been raining in July, the mountain has gravel falling down and hitting a person’s head. After the man died, it is now sealed. They are all safe passages, so they can’t shoot. The spectacle under the Tianmen Cave, but safety first, we rushed from here to prepare for the escalator to the top of the mountain.
    When I saw this escalator, I felt that it was too shocking. It would be very difficult to build this place. Every section is very long. It takes a seven-segment elevator to reach the top of the mountain. The escalator will be built in two years. It is also the best in the world. When it comes to this, I can’t help but feel that Zhangjiajie has broken several of the world’s best. It’s really worth seeing.
    The whole Tianmen Peak is not big, it’s not too small, it takes about two hours to walk around. Most of the tour groups will take the tourists to go down the glass road, Ghost Valley, and return, basically not going through the whole journey. Since we have come, we must take a look and see. Of course, what we are most looking forward to is the glass road. Although it is a bit timid, I can’t wait to go and see.
    We are on the east line of the escalator. The first step is to go to a viewing platform where you can look down to the entire Tianmen Cave.
    This is the 99-bend Panshan Highway that I just got on the bus. It is so thrilling.
    Far away, I saw the glass plank road. Here is the glass plank road. The whole journey is only 60 meters. It takes 5 yuan to buy a shoe cover.
    I started to go, but the day may be because the sun is too glaring, the two layers of glass have a little reflection, it is not particularly clear below, so I am not afraid in an instant.
    Sitting and lying down, the more you shoot, the less timid, I am usually a very timid person, but this is really not afraid, so the cowardly ghosts, come and experience it.
    Looking at the glass path, this great river is really beautiful.
    Walking out of the glass path, we continue to move forward. It is also quite thrilling. The friend who is sticking out your legs is really not afraid. I am afraid of watching, and I have been carefully walking inside.
    The weather is very good today. Although it was sunny on the first two days but not good today, today is particularly blue. Because the sun is too strong, I don’t want to pick up sunglasses!
    It’s hard to find that there is no one on this hill road. Come and come.
    It is all about the stone road built along the cliff. It can be imagined that it is not easy for the workers at the beginning. It is estimated that people who come here to build mountain roads are not afraid of heights. It is really dangerous.
    Walking and looking up, I saw this small cable car, still vacant, and I had a glimpse of it, but I thought I would come and decided to go to the small cable car that was suspended.
    In the vicinity of the small cable car is the Tianmenshan Temple. The entrance is a large square. You can also take a break here. We decided to take the cable car directly in time.
    The cable car (ropeway) at the top of Tianmen Mountain is located at the terminal station of Tianmen Shanxi Tour. Guests who do not want to walk on the Ghost Valley Boardwalk can take a round-trip open-air sightseeing cableway to Tianmen Temple. The total cost of the round-trip cableway is 38 yuan/person (promotion ticket 23) One-way cableway costs 25 yuan / person (concession ticket 14), children under 1.2 meters are free, 1.2-1.5 meters children and students enjoy half-price concessions with student ID cards, senior citizens over 70 years old with valid documents for the elderly, disabled, active servicemen Enjoy a discounted price.
    Looking up and looking far, it is very spectacular. Because it is green trees below, it is not terrible visually. The whole journey takes about 15 minutes and reaches the highest point of Yunmeng Xianding.
    Haha, just like this, we took a lot of pictures of the couple in front. If you see my travel notes, you can ask me for photos.
    About 15 minutes is finally coming to Yunmengxianding. I remind you that it is best not to mess with things when you are hanging the small cable car. It is easy to drop. Before I came, I specially prepared the mobile phone lanyard, and the whole process was more secure in my neck. He has also kept his camera on his neck all the time, otherwise one will not fall out of his mind, crying is too late!
    Standing on the top of Yunmengxian, looking at the road just coming, I felt too spectacular.
    Looking at the distant mountains and peaks, I can’t help but say, “Haha, the whole world is awkward.” If you forget it, you can barely YY. The wind on the top of the mountain is too big. This air Liu Haier is messy.
    From the top of the mountain, the elevator takes you directly to the cableway. It has been transformed into a perfect tourist attraction, a casual dining bar, and a self-service snack food vending machine. It’s still early, because we didn’t go west, so let’s go.
    Not far away, I saw a piece of red. The red ribbons filled with greetings are wrapped around the railings of the tree. It is particularly eye-catching in a large green light. The scene is very spectacular. This is the famous scenic spot of Tianmen Mountain. – Wishing Lin.
    Finally, look at the curved mountain road when we came.
    At four o’clock in the afternoon, we are going to take the cableway down the mountain. [Tianmen Mountain Cableway] is the longest tourist passenger ropeway in the world. The time interval is 28.8 seconds, the one-way traffic is 1000 people per hour, and the maximum climbing angle is 38.6.
    Degree, which is rare in the world. Because the mountain along the ropeway is extremely dangerous, the geological features are complex and changeable, the construction difficulty is far beyond the general, and the whole construction process is extremely difficult. Tianmen Mountain Cableway not only condenses the wisdom and sweat of all construction workers at home and abroad, but also integrates the most advanced scientific and technological achievements of contemporary ropeway engineering. It is a miracle in the construction of contemporary ropeway engineering, a milestone.
    A maximum of 8 people can be seated in a cableway, not sitting at the peak.
    This is the biggest section of the gap. When I was sitting on the ropeway, I didn’t dare to move. After all, there were several people sitting in a ropeway. If the whole ropeway was moving, the whole ropeway would be shaken. It was still a little scared.
    Slowly reaching a stable location, we saw the 99-bend mountain road we walked.
    Tianmenshan PanshangongThe road was built in 1998. Due to the unique geology and climate of Tianmen Mountain, it was only completed in 2005. In May 2005, the Tianshan Mountain Panshan Highway was completed and opened to traffic. The Panshan Highway, known as Tongtian Avenue, has a total of 99 bends. It is surrounded by jade belts and is tightly connected. The “First Highway Wonders of the World” was born.
    When the ropeway reached the end of the road, passing through the Zhangjiajie Railway Station, the sunset was scattered on the curved train track. It was so beautiful, and the first time, the first time, captured this beautiful moment.
    Half an hour’s journey from the Tianmenshan cableway is already in the evening. Since we are returning at 10:00 pm, we plan to fill the stomach first. The guide A Zhong took us to a place near the Weide Hotel called Fu. Zheng Yi three pots shop, and we introduced that it is a particularly famous one here, often have to line up, but fortunately we arrived earlier, the vacancy is still a lot of casual sitting.
    When you travel to Zhangjiajie, you will not miss this special dish. Zhangjiajie Sanxia Pot, also known as Tujia Sanxia Pot, is the signature dish of Zhangjiajie. Most of them are fat, intestine, pork belly, tripe, lamb belly, pig’s trotters or pig’s head meat. Two, three or more kinds are specially processed into a pot by local soil chef. The method of eating three pots is also divided into dry pot and soup pot. There is no soup in the pot, and the spicy taste is heavy. Those who can’t eat spicy must let the chef put a little less pepper. Although this dish is delicious, it is generally not found in the hotels in Zhangjiajie. It is only found in some small restaurants where locals come and go.
    We ordered the pot with pork ears, beef, bacon, as well as onions, potato strips and other side dishes. The taste is very rich and it is good.
    I also ordered a piece of this beef. The specific name was forgotten. The taste was very smooth and very recommended. I also ordered the sweet potato powder. It was super delicious. I even forgot to take pictures after two points. It’s so delicious, everyone must remember. Oh!
    The happy time is always short. After a full meal, our three-day tour of Zhangjiajie will officially end.
    In my opinion, Zhangjiajie is completely a place to treat fear of heights. When I climbed the 999-step ladder leading to the Tianmen Cave, I realized that I successfully challenged my own limit. Then take the highest mountain escalator in Asia to reach the top of the mountain, and walked over the glass path more than 400 meters above the ground with a sly mood. I took the small cable car in the forest and the ropeway in the world. I saw the spectacular 99-bend winding road. Although it was very tired, it felt very worthwhile. It really took the sentence “do not force myself.” How do you know you can’t do it?” I believe that there are more limits in my life waiting for us to challenge one by one, as long as IWe firmly believe, persist in our dreams, and go hand in hand to challenge. Nothing can stump us. Every trip is an unknown journey. We look for and enrich the experience of life. The destination itself is not important. The important thing is that it It can trigger a certain feeling in our heart, I think this is the true meaning of travel.

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