The sea is like a mother, always by your side

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    The sea, the sea
    Just like mom
    Going all over the world
    Always by your side
    When I was a child, my mother told me that the sea is my hometown.
    Almost all of this song is familiar to everyone.
    But unfortunately, the sea is not the hometown of my baby, even the sea is not my hometown, nor is my mother’s hometown.
    But since childhood, my mother sang this song to me. I also sang this song to my son from an early age.
    Although we were born not at the seaside, our lives have never left the sea.
    In fact, who can say that the sea is not our hometown?
    Children are also born to love the sea, all the children come to the beach, without exception from full of curiosity, awe, to slowly understand, and finally will like it.
    Stepping on the soft sand, watching the waves and the calm and gentle sea, every child will think, the outside of the beach is the sea, what is the end of the sea?
    How big is the sea and how deep is it? What is the deep sea bottom?
    Children are always curious about a wave of turbulent waves, a little scared, but want to explore.
    At this time, they may regard the sea as a living behemoth.
    They have not seen the scene when the sea is angry, so the warning of the mother has no effect.
    But because they don’t understand, they instinctively have a little fear, but they can’t help but want to go close and want to explore.
    On the beach, you will see a lot of children chasing the waves, the waves are coming, scared to run back, the waves are gone, and they are brave enough to chase.
    The waves never stop, and the children seem to have endless efforts. They can play all day in this very simple game.
    In addition to Sanya, the small city sunshine on the shore of the Yellow Sea is our favorite place. It has plenty of sunshine, clear water and beautiful scenery.
    Especially before the summer has arrived, there are not many tourists here.
    With a child, a family of three went to the fishing house on the Rizhao seashore for a few days. The cost was not high, and they could have the closest contact with the sea. It was a pleasant thing.
    Special considerations for taking a child to the beach
    With the children to travel, the Raiders will do more than they go out. In fact, I have done a lot of preparatory work, and it is not the first time to take the children out, but to tell the truth, there are still some lost, there will always be omissions, this time. Take a look at these precautions by writing a travel note, including all aspects, for going to the beach, especially for friends who take their children to the beach for reference.
    1. The air at the beach is damp, the wet clothes are not easy to dry. Playing sand in the beach is easy to soil the clothes. It is necessary to bring a few sets of clothes for the baby. The clothes should be as bright as possible and the style is simple. It is also very convenient.
    2, all kinds of drugs are ready, cold, diarrhea, allergies, motion sickness, seasickness, trauma and so on. Toilet water, cool oil or wind oil, waterproof band-aid, cotton swab, etc. can not be taken without fear of 10,000, just in case.
    3, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, umbrellas and other sunscreen products. The child’s skin is more delicate and more likely to be sunburned than adults. Although the child recovers faster, it should be protected as much as possible. Be sure to wear a hat on your child and apply sunscreen to your bare skin. Baby-specific sunscreens fall into two categories, physical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens. The former absorbs light and the latter absorbs light. For children, physical sunscreens containing zinc oxide are safer. It is best not to use sunscreen for babies under the age of two, which is very bad for the skin. It is not that the higher the sun protection index, the better, the higher the sun protection index will be more irritating to the skin. If you are more sophisticated, you can prepare a few more, depending on the location of the play, choose a different index of sunscreen. For example, SPF15 sunscreen can be selected when the light is not strong in the evening; SPF25 sunscreen can be selected when climbing or going to the beach; if it is strong at noon and it is exposed to the sun for a long time, it is better to choose the duration. Long SPF30 sunscreen.
    4, the fisherman has electric mosquito coils, there is no mosquitoes in the beach during the day, but before going out for a walk at night, especially in places where there are plants, you must spray the children with mosquitoes and insecticides, and those mosquitoes are easy to bite. Allergic babies should pay special attention.
    Since it is to look at the sea, try to live close to the sea, so that adults and babies can change their swimsuits in the room, and they can go to sea without a long time. When swimming back, the baby will be tired, especially the little baby will ask the adults to hug, close to the beach, the adults will save a lot of effort.
    There are quite a few economic chain hotels in Rizhao, but they are basically in the urban area and not close to the beach. There are many star-rated hotels on the beach, but the price is higher. It will be promoted in the off-season. The price is cheap. You must stay at the hotel to pay attention. There are many booking websites.
    I recommend living in Yujiale in Rizhao. There are many fishing houses here. Basically, the villages with dozens of kilometers along the coast are folk tourist resorts. Especially in Wujiatai Village, where the conditions are relatively mature and the geographical position is superior, we went to the sunshine several times. It is here to live. Nowadays, the accommodation conditions of Yujiale are getting better and better, not only close to the sea, but also cheap, and it is especially convenient to eat. Accommodation, eating cheap, and easy to play upstream, greatly reducing travel costs.
    The Yujiale is now a standard room, basically in accordance with the standard room configuration of the hotel. Although it is not up to the level of the hotel, most of it is clean and comfortable, and the layout is basically a big bed with a small bed. It is best for children to live here.
    Choosing Yujiale, the most important thing is that it is very convenient to eat here. The price is much more than the outside stalls and restaurants. Every meal can be prepared in advance according to the needs.
    The fishing nets in Wujiatai are basically opened by the local fishermen in the village during the fishing moratorium. They only operate for a few months a year, mainly for repeat customers, so they are enthusiastic and the price is real. Although the price is slightly higher during the peak season, it is also due to the high seafood prices during the fishing season and the high cost of all aspects of the tourist season.
    If you come to Yujiale in the most prosperous season, you can feel the simplicity and enthusiasm of the local fishermen in Shandong. The tourism environment here is better than many coastal cities. Of course, there are pit people and smugglers everywhere. This is unavoidable. Any place is full of fish and dragons. They often walk by the river. If you can’t wet your shoes, you still have to pay more attention to yourself.
    Rizhao seafood locals are basically cooked in white water, but there are many seafood dishes, such as crabs, prawns, conch or oysters. It tastes delicious when boiled. However, boiled water is meager after all. If you eat it every day, it will not work for people who are not used to this taste. Especially the baby’s mouth is rather embarrassing, so it is also important to choose a fisherman who is good at cooking.
    You can order food directly at the fisherman’s house, or you can let the fisherman owner take you to the street to buy seafood. Of course, you can go to the seafood market or buy it by the sea. The processing method can be specified according to your needs.
    It is also a good idea to do it yourself or not.
    Playing in the water
    Some children who are more courageous will go down to the sea without the waist. Parents should bring a lifebuoy or life jacket to their children. Parents should not leave the child too far. It is best to control the parents to the extent that they can, and advise parents. Standing on the side of the child’s sea, facing the child, because the surface of the sea is calm, there are actually many undercurrents underneath. Some undercurrents will take people away. Parents will stand in deeper places. If something happens, they can pick up the child in time.
    For some younger and more timid children, they may just play in the shallows or on the shore. Although parents can stay a little farther, they should not leave the child for a moment. Sometimes the child’s hand is loose, the toy is taken away by the waves, and the child wants to get the toy, maybe it will take a step forward. The sand under the sea is sometimes steep, maybe it is only one step, and it has never been to the foot. When it is not at the waist, if the waves are a little bigger, the child will stand still and fall, and there may be drowning or more serious consequences.
    With the children, the free beachside bath next to Wujiatai Village or the nearby beach in the forest park is the best choice. This is the fourth beach in Rizhao. It is the best beach in Rizhao. The sand is soft and soft without any impurities. Children are not afraid of scratching when they play barefoot. The most important thing is that the slope of the beach here is very gentle, and the seawater is not too deep from the shore. It is especially suitable for swimming, especially with children.
    If you are playing in the water, remember to bring a bath towel. It will feel cooler when you come out of the water, and it will be warmer when you put on the bath towel.
    Playing with sand
    When children are sitting on the beach, they should put a large bed sheet and try not to pad a blanket or towel. Sheet ratioIt’s cooler, it’s easy to shake off with sand, and it’s easy to carry. It’s hard to clean the towel with sand.
    When you go to the beach, there are a lot of things to carry. For example, towels, clothes and some toys for children, be sure to bring a net bag or a basket for washing clothes, so that you can shake the sand as much as you can when you go, and wash it very well. Convenience.
    If you are going to the beach during the tourist season, remember to make a mark on your beach toys, because there are so many similar toys on the beach, especially the swimming rings bought from the beach, almost exactly the same, red nail polish It is very good.
    The babies like to play with sand, but the sand sometimes hurts. Some children have allergies to rash after playing in the sand. There is a shower room at the beach, but the half-size baby is more troublesome if you live in the sand. It is more convenient to go to the nearby fishing house or to go back to the nearby fishing house. You can prepare a bottle of tap water, wash your feet and legs from the beach, and don’t let the sand stick to your legs for a long time. Smaller children’s arms and legs are sometimes difficult to remove with sand. It is not convenient to wash. You can give him a little talcum powder and then remove the sand and talcum powder together.
    Some toys, items, and parts of the body are not easy to clean with water. You can use a clean brushed wide brush to remove the sand that sticks to the trousers, kegs, shovel, and each person’s feet.
    Catch the sea
    There are many reefs along the coastline with dozens of kilometers of sunshine. It will be exposed after the ebb tide. Large beaches and reefs are especially suitable for catching the sea. This is also a favorite activity for children coming to the beach.
    It is safe to catch the sea at the beach, the sand is soft, and it is not afraid to fall. Just pay attention to the high tide time. Here you can pick up the shells and dig small crabs, but it is suitable for smaller children.
    Larger children will like the reef area. It is more fun to play here. There are many reefs and rocks. It will form a lot of ponds. The sea can’t completely recede. There will be small fish and larger crabs. Here adults must be optimistic about children, because the reef has a lot of oyster shells attached to it, especially sharp, the seaweed is also particularly slippery, no matter how slippery shoes are placed on it, it is easy to slip. Even the adults playing here are dangerous, let alone the children, and they will forget to pay attention to the dangers around them, so adults must be vigilant at all times.
    From the south to the north, there are 60 kilometers of golden sand beaches, all the way, the lively baths, the quiet beaches, the strange reefs, the exciting water projects, the quaint and tranquil fishing village fishing port.
    Living in the simple fishing house, you can get close to the sea from a distance, get close to the sea, the beach is delicate and soft, walk on the soft beach, let the children play in the sand, the soft beach cares for the delicate feet of the child, and falls Silver bell-like laughter. There are also reefs along the beach. After the ebb tide, the sea breeze is refreshing and comfortable. In the reef, the conch, catching fish and catching crabs can satisfy the children’s desire to explore and enjoy the harvest.
    In addition to playing in the water, playing in the sand, and catching the sea, you can take your children to the sea for fishing, and experience the pleasure of fishing for fish and shrimp in the sea on the horizon. You can also take your children on the retired warships. Exploring, as if you are really on the sea, feel the might of the navy; you can take your child to Wanpingkou, and now the scenic area is more beautifully built. This is the landmark of the beautiful coastal town of Rizhao, and the children’s entertainment facilities are very complete.
    In addition, there are mountains, forests, bamboo forests, flower seas, tea gardens, and sunshine with children. In just a few days, it is really not enough. It will definitely make you and your children linger.
    The Zhenglun fisherman who lived in the house had a big room in the sun on his home. I was afraid that it would be different from the picture. I didn’t expect the actual effect to be better. All rooms are large windows, but there is only one room in such a large double bed. If there is no increase in the amount of sunlight, it must be booked in advance.
    It was late last night, but the child is different from the adult. No matter what the environment, as long as the father and mother are around, they always sleep very well.
    a good dayStart with the baby’s bed photo, this is really the sun to get out of the butt only to get up, the weather is so good, it is a pity to not hurry up to see the sea.
    My baby belongs to the type of clothing that has meat and is undressed.
    This is showing me his muscles.
    Usually, the baby has a waking up, but today is not the same. When I think of the sea, I immediately become happy, even the clothes are worn by myself.
    The trampoline project has entered the Olympics. My baby seems to have this talent. This bed is as soft as my family. This is one of the most commonly used expressions of his mood.
    The living room is clean and tidy, and the most worrying thing about living in a fisherman’s house is the health problem, especially with the baby, the requirement will be higher. However, I can rest assured that the accommodation and dining environment are very clean and I feel very comfortable. The hotel is of course more sanitary, but there is no convenience here, and of course the consumption is not a grade.
    The breakfast of the fisherman is very simple, but you can eat and eat well, pancakes, fritters, buns or whatever, you can choose in advance and the boss, you will be ready.
    After eating and going to the beach, the weather is really good today, the blue sky and white clouds, people feel that the mood is particularly comfortable.
    The free bathing beach next to Wujiatai is not very popular in the peak season, but because of the beautiful scenery, there are many people who come here to watch the sea, take pictures and catch the sea. Although there are not many stalls selling things, there are already some.
    The child scratched his head here and put on various shapes. Others thought that he was thinking. In fact, he thought about it carefully.
    Sure enough, he didn’t guess wrong. In fact, he just wanted to put a water gun. Because there are already a few in the house, they all play again and never play, but every time they come.
    This is Wujiatai’s free beach. It is called Dashayu Bathing Beach. It is also called the fourth bathing beach. The beach is wide and clean, and the sand is delicate and soft. This is why we come to Rizhao every year and come to Wujiatai every time.
    There are many fishing boats on the beach. They are fishing boats for fishermen in Wujiatai Village. They were all wooden boats when they came last year. They all changed to speedboats this year.
    This boat is really small, it can only be used by one person to go fishing. I don’t know what it feels like to be sitting in such a small fishing boat alone and in the sea where only the sky and the water can be seen.
    This clean and tidy beach is awesome. In the distance is the isolation fence. On the other side is the beach of the waterfront forest park, which is the same as the one here, but with more service facilities.
    Now is the time for the tide, which may be the farthest time for the sea to recede, especially far from the shore.
    The baby stepped on the soft sand and ran to the sea, leaving a small footprint.
    On this smooth and smooth beach, the baby said that he had to walk along and stamp the seal. This may be a sign that he and the sea can understand.
    Finally touchedWhen you get to the water, you don’t have to go to the sea to fill the water. This big water gun is not suitable for children to play. Although it has a large amount of water, it is particularly heavy after being filled with water, and it is very difficult to play. But the baby likes this, probably because it has more water.
    From here, the beach after the ebb tide can be seen. Why is the best beach in the whole sun here? The slope here is particularly gentle. The beach is still like this. There is no steep slope, no undercurrent, baby is playing here. Should be most at ease.
    It looks quiet and beautiful now, because it is not yet in the peak season. In the peak season, it is also full of people, and all kinds of entertainment facilities will also cover the entire beach. Therefore, the peak season should also try to avoid Saturday and Sunday. Otherwise, it will be too crowded. Adults and children will not have fun.
    A few hundred meters away from the gentle sandy beach, there will be a large reef, which is the junction of Wujiatai and Renjiatai. Although the reef part belongs to Renjiatai, it is also a free resource for everyone to play and play.
    There are a lot of slippery plants on the reef, so be careful here, no matter how slippery the shoes are, it is easy to slip.
    Even the adults walking here are dangerous, and the children should pay special attention.
    People look really small in front of the seaBut humans have never lost the courage to explore the sea, even the children are full of curiosity about everything in the sea.
    After the ebb tide here, a large piece of reef will be exposed, which is especially suitable for catching the sea. Compared with the gentle beach, the reef area can pick up more things. For children, the strange reef area is more mysterious and more fun.
    However, adults here must be optimistic about children, because there are many oyster shells attached to the reef, especially sharp, even if the adults fall, it is not a joke, let alone a child.
    The terrain of the reef area is very complicated, and many ponds will be formed. The sea water cannot be completely receded. There will be small fish and relatively large crabs.
    You can catch a lot of small crabs and small fish by holding a small net.
    Every time I pick up a small crab, the baby has to say a few words with the little crab, and then let go of it. I don’t want to talk too much about it. The little crab doesn’t matter, so much, the little fish must die.
    Every time I find something, I have to show it to me quickly, let me shoot it and send it to his kindergarten teacher.
    In fact, you don’t have to envy the children who live by the sea. Nature also gives your child such a good gift. It depends on whether you take the child to accept it and enjoy it.
    Today, catching the sea is mainly to accompany the children, so there is noWhat to harvest. At noon, I went back to the fisherman’s house to eat. I ordered a few dishes in the morning and bought them. The boss Xiao Li’s couple is really simple, because we are living in his home for the first time, afraid that we don’t understand, all the seafood is still not killed, in order to let us see At first glance, it is alive and can also be called a component. In fact, living here is completely for the fisherman’s boss to buy seafood, to ensure that it is cheaper than the one you buy, and to buy fresh and weighty than yourself, to buy it yourself unless it is particularly knowledgeable, otherwise it is fresh or weighty. There are discounts.
    Children are very interested in every seafood, they have to look up every time, exchange ideas with them, and add some feelings.
    I thought he was going to release it. As a result, he said that Uncle Li soon made them into rice, and I was starving to death.
    So the dishes are made by Xiao Li boss, the craft is really good, especially the fish is very delicious, the fresh sea fish are very fresh, but to be delicious, you can not waste such good materials.
    Fresh seafood is delicious and the baby loves it.
    This shrimp is the legendary sea catching prawns in Qingdao. There is no 38 yuan here, as long as 38 yuan a pound.
    The baby has a strong ability to work, because the old shrimp, so it is very skilled.
    Don’t think that this is to peel yourself, this is to strip the mother.
    This scallop, is it my turn to be a father?
    This expression shows everything, no father’s share, want to eat yourself.
    In the afternoon, I went to the National Defense Education Base next to Renjiatai. It is also a place that attracts children. There is a 619 hunting submarine retired from the North Sea Fleet.
    This is a private attraction, and the charges are very casual. The grandfather may be in Renjiatai Village. He said that he can offer a lot of discounts. I don’t know if the original price is 30 yuan or 15 yuan. It is estimated that bringing a pack of cigarettes will give you a free ticket.
    This warship is not too far away, but it is not too small to come close. The child is very curious. How did the big guy in the sea come to land?
    There is also a silver 歼5 fighter, also a retired aircraft, like the submarine, the body is also rusty, telling people their past achievements.
    It doesn’t make much sense to go there, but it’s not the same for kids, especially boys who like cars and ships. For them, this is a very novel experience and a good opportunity for field trips.
    I don’t quite understand it. Is this a ship-to-ship missile? It looks very powerful.
    The cabin above this ship has three floors, although not high, but because of the groundThe wooden boards are loose, so children should be especially careful when they climb up and down.
    The highest level is the driving and commanding platform of the ship. It is open-air, but the ceiling has shelves and should be able to lay shelter.
    Children like this place most, every active turntable, handle, button must be played with it. Fortunately, this is an abandoned model. If it is a real ship, it is estimated that he has been scrapped.
    You can’t imagine how long you played on this deck. After I ordered him to leave after more than an hour, he was reluctantly prepared to go downstairs with me, but······
    I turned around and ran back, saying that when I left, I had to shut down the water, electricity and gas. (⊙o⊙)…
    Just happened to come up with an old uncle, well, this time he quickly took the opportunity to explain it to others and stayed for more than ten minutes. (⊙o⊙)…
    Finally, I reluctantly went downstairs.
    In fact, it is far from over. This is just beginning, because the main ship-borne weapons of the warships are all in front, so the weapons on the bow are particularly numerous. The main fort also has two layers. Every seat he has to sit on and feel. You are not mistaken, it is every one.
    Or every turntable, handle, button and other controls must be played, but most of them are rust, savingA lot of time.
    This turret has three seats. He actually asked us to sit up and experience it with him, but the place is really small. We can’t really sit up with something.
    This main remote shooting master gun child is particularly interested, all-round careful study, do not know if it is really understand, seeing half is still happy to applaud.
    There are a total of 20 barrels in this rocket launcher. Of course, each one has to make a lot of moves, right, that is.
    I finally finished watching it and the inspection work was over. Fortunately, the hatch and the hatch on the deck are locked, otherwise it is estimated that it will be too dark to play.
    The children are tired and play late, but this is also a rare holiday.
    After breakfast, I am going to take a boat trip to the sea for fishing. This is also a project that children like very much. They have to buy 100 yuan for their own tickets and 50 yuan for children. As long as the fisherman takes the ticket at half price, so many tickets and scenic spots for the sunshine can make the fishing house owner buy it cheaper.
    The baby took a hoe and said that it was to feed the fish. This is the result of the zoo going too much.
    Passing through Lijiatai, I saw a place full of wild chrysanthemums by the seaside, especially beautiful.
    Although it is wildflowers, it is all planted by the local people. It is also very well protected. It is very rare to have such beautiful flowers in the deserted areas of the sea. It takes a lot of effort and cost.
    I hope that Wu Jiatai will be able to plant this kind of flower next year, and then beautify the environment. The best beaches with sunshine are not enough. If there are such beautiful flowers blooming around the village, it will definitely attract more tourists.
    Rizhao has many places to go fishing on the sea. The nearest to Wujiatai is the Renjiatai fishing port. However, it is not always necessary to have a boat at any time during the off-season. It is the same to go a little further to Peach Blossom Island or Zhangjiatai. .
    Peach Blossom Island is very close to the shore. It feels that the development is not very good. There is no beautiful scenery to attract people. It is said that there are some demon performances, so it is not suitable for taking children.
    However, there are fishing port terminals, where children can see the fishing demand before the fishing boat operation, the port unloading after the fishing boat returns to the port, and the fishermen repairing the fishing net. It is also very interesting.
    it is goodNow, the ticket is in hand and ready to go.
    Rizhao’s fishing on the sea is already on this big cruise ship. In fact, it is mainly for sightseeing in the sea. Fishing is also symbolic, but it is still an activity that attracts children.
    Be sure to prepare the keg before boarding the ship, because the seafood that you put in is given to the tourists themselves. If you bring a small bucket, you can divide it. If you get a few crabs, you can get the price back.
    Peach Blossom Island fishing port style, neatly arranged fishing boats docked in a quiet harbor.
    Bypassing Peach Blossom Island, heading for the depths of the sea. In fact, it has not been opened far, only about one kilometer. It is said that the season will be farther away, because there are more tourists, and there are more things to open. If there are few tourists, it will not be much longer.
    The boat is very clean and gives a very refreshing feeling.
    The child is still very excited by boat. He is even more curious about why there is such a big wave next to the boat.
    There are so many tourists, and the boat is basically concentrated on the bow when it is opened. The sea breeze blows over and is exceptionally cool.
    The baby ran into the cockpit and wanted the uncle who drove the boat to teach him to sail. The uncle ignored him. He didn’t dare to press the button on the warship, because he knew it was a real guy. If you press it, it would happen. So after reading it for a while, I walked away very boringly.
    Still standing on the bow feels good, the child’s attention shifts very quickly, and I am also very interested in everything on the ship. I ask if I ask that moment.
    This girl is really amazing, much more lively than my baby, and she can see her figure in the boat.
    Our baby is also very powerful. The boat is still very bumpy and shaking. It is very easy to get seasick, especially when walking around. We both have a little dizzy, but the baby seems to have nothing at all.
    The big ship took the child’s dream to the sea, hoping that the child’s dream can also have a mysterious but lovely sea.
    Fishing is carried out at the stern and is carried by trawling. Only such a large ship can use this method. The small wooden boats and small yachts that one person can’t use can’t use trawling.
    The fishing net has already gone to sea, and now everyone is waiting here to close the net. The child is also looking forward to wearing, saying that he hopes to hit a whale, um, that is not necessarily whoever eats.
    The beginning of the net, the most exciting moment is coming. The fishermen master dressed in apron-like overalls and began to close the net. First, use the hand, then use the winch, and finally trawl, and the entire fishing net was collected.
    The fishing net looks light and fluttering. Sure enough, it is because of the proximity of the shore. It is so frequent and frequent, and there should be nothing left.
    However, it is precisely because there are few people, there is almost no one to play with, we can slowly pick and choose, but a lot of harvest, there are a few Pippi shrimp.
    Come, let the baby show off our harvest.
    This Pippi shrimp is alive and kicking, looking at the strange shape, and holding it in his hand, but in fact, there is no need to be afraid, because there is no big pliers, no people. The baby is not afraid at all, and he has been playing with his hands for a long time.
    This conch is one, and it has been taken away by others. The baby will also take it and show it as the result of his fishing trip to the sea.
    After the fishing activity is over, the fishermen have packed up the things that no one wants, cleaned the deck, and the cruise ship began to return.
    The cruise ship quickly returned to the pier at Peach Blossom Island.
    The pleasant itinerary is always short-lived, but it is also because of the shortness that it is always memorable.
    The little things sold by the locals on the dock attracted the attention of the children. The whistle made with the small conch was only one dollar, and it blew.
    Come on, small snails, dripping, seagulls listening to flying wings, small snails, dripping, and the waves are smiling.
    The child is tired. In the afternoon, he is resting at the fisherman’s house. When he wants to go out, his mother will take him to the beach and his father will have nothing to climb.
    The fisherman’s boss said that there is a nearby mountain in Longshan, only 5 kilometers away from Wujiatai. This is the nearest mountain to Rizhao city and the seaside.
    Here in April every year, thousands of acres of silk flowers bloom, bees and butterflies flying, scented flowers, sorrowful. There are not many people here, but the air is very fresh. It is also very good to come here to worship Longshan Temple.
    This is a horse face stone, but unfortunately the forest is too lush now, has blocked some outlines, but still can be seen faintly, the boulder is like a horse face, but also slightly closed eyes.
    To Wolongshan, we must first come to worship the Longshan Temple, the ancient temple of the millennium. This is the first temple on the Lunan Seashore. According to the test, the Longshan Temple was built before the Tang Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,300 years.
    The rebuilt Longshan Temple is built on the basis of the original. It is composed of Yunti, Shanmen, Bell and Drum Tower, Tianwang Hall, Guanyin Temple and Daxiong Hall. It is located in the mountains and faces the mountains and the sea. The environment is quite good. .
    The Longshan Temple used to be very popular. The pilgrims who were hundreds of miles away came to the Longshan Temple to worship. The Tang Dynasty was the most prosperous. The Tang Wang Li Shimin had worshipped here. During the Qing Emperor Qianlong period, the Qing Dynasty and the end of the Qing Dynasty, Xuantong was rebuilt and rebuilt. The original Jade Emperor Hall and other seven halls were disrepaired and collapsed before the founding of the People’s Republic. The new temple is now reconstructed on the original site.
    When the weather is good, you can see the sea here. After the heavy rain, there will be clouds in the mountains, which are very spectacular and rare sights.
    Walking alone in the ancient temple, I feel very comfortable. There is a rare quiet here. Although there is no morning bell and drum, it can quickly relax the whole body and mind.
    Legend has it that there were three dragons in the ancient world, two green dragons and one white dragon. Bai Long was so ferocious, and often ruined the people. After Qinglong learned, he decided to go down to help the world. After Qinglong met Bailong, he fought for a few days and nights and finally ran the white dragon. He feared that Bailong would return and he would become two giant mountains. He stayed in the world and was stationed in Longshan.
    Longshan is also a Wu culture tourist resort. There are Yangsheng Garden, Fengshenbang, Wusheng Temple, Taigongfu, Taigong Lake, Ziyaquan, Wudaodong and other attractions, all built around Jiangtai Gongwu Culture.
    The story of Jiang Taigong’s god is well known. The sculpture and architecture of Jiang Tai’s public martial arts here is to show the spectacular scene of the 365 gods sealed by Jiang Taigong. In the opposite forest, 365 statues are different. Folklore is a god. , bless the people of the world safe.
    Because Jiang Taigong is a native of Ganzhou, Ganzhou is now the county of Rizhao City, so Rizhao has been building the tourism culture of Jiang Taigong. The reef island on Rizhao Seashore is called Taigong Island, and the nearby Fengjiagou Village is real. In the hometown of Jiang Taigong, there is also a Jiang Taigong Cultural Park in the center of Rizhao Haibin National Forest Park. It is also called Jiang Taigong Fishing Center. Together with the Wu Culture Tourism Resort in Longshan, these are all built around the tourism culture of Jiang Taigong. . It is a pity that in the end, it is all half dead and not living, and I don’t know why.
    Wusheng Temple is the ancestral hall of the Wusheng descendants who worshiped Wu Sheng Jiang Taigong. It is now expanded into the Wusheng Temple, which is the architectural style of the Western Zhou Dynasty.
    The vegetation in Longshan is dense and the air is fresh, but apart from Longshan Temple, there is basically no attraction worth visiting. There are no amusement facilities inside, so it is not suitable for bringing children to play.
    After waiting for the ebb tide in the morning, come back to the reef next to the Wujiatai waterfront to catch the sea. It is still early, the sea is a bit cold, and you can’t swim in the sea. The child’s favorite is to catch the sea. You can play at the beach, you can also catch small fish and crabs, shell conch, the baby feels more interesting than swimming in the water.
    The reef here is very beautiful, attracting a lot of newcomers to take wedding photos, almost always have the bride and groom to take pictures, and catch up with the blue sky and white clouds, the scenery is indeed very beautiful.
    The day before yesterday we came by ourselves, and we didn’t find anything. The children were not very happy. Today, Xiao Li’s boss is not busy, accompanying us to catch the sea, mainly to make the baby happy.
    Sure enough, there is a professional guidance is not the same, the baby actually caught himself has been a big crab.
    itsIt’s not too big, but it’s already huge compared to the small crabs he used to fish.
    The crab’s pliers caught the glove and scared the baby, but soon he was not afraid, only the excitement.
    The baby is also very happy to play with himself. This kind of reef has less sand and is suitable for the baby to play. If it is not the tide of the sea, the child will not feel tired after playing here for a day.
    My mother also has the harvest. She is responsible for the screwing. Although it is not much, it is more rewarding than before.
    The baby played it by himself, caught a small crab, and then released it. First, he wanted to put it in the water. Later he wanted to bury it in the sand. Later he was afraid that it would be dug up and ready to put it in the water. In this, this little crab is really tenacious, so toss or toss.
    There was a small fish that looked like he was tossed to death, but in the water he suddenly jumped around.
    Xiao Li’s boss caught another small crab. He said that the sea should come at night and you can catch a crab that is much larger than this. But this is something that professionals can do. When our baby grows up, let him come to learn with Xiao Lishu.
    The harvest gradually increased, and the baby found a new way of playing. He asked to put all the caught seafood in his net pocket to show it, and took a photo to say that he was going back to show off the harvest of his catching the sea like a child.
    In fact, the large reefs are more fun in the depths, and there are more things to be found, but it is too dangerous. If there are no children, you can go to the reef nearest to the sea.
    Thank you, Xiao Li boss, the baby is having a lot of fun today, and the harvest is full. However, he also raised his expectations and then rushed to the sea. If no one helps, we can’t catch so many good things. By then, he will definitely be greatly dissatisfied.
    It’s really amazing that such a big fish is not caught, but caught.
    Look at his smug look, as if he really caught it.
    I don’t know what the inexplicable thing is, I have to put it on my mother.
    The two boys had no experience and found that the big crabs did not dare to catch because they did not wear gloves. When we leave, let the baby give them the gloves, help people to be happy, let the baby’s happiness continue to stay at the beach.
    I have a lot of harvest today and my baby is very happy.
    Back to the fisherman, the squid bought by the proprietress has not yet killed, because the child wants to see what the squid looks like. Cuttlefish is also a squid. The child has seen comics before. There is a kind of king squid that is very impressive. Although this squid is very small, he only called this king squid, and turned over and looked for a long time.
    Cuttlefish and octopus, squid are not the same, but we feel almost the same, previously silly points are not clear, this time know that the squid is like this, the body is wide, the body has a hard bone.
    Boss Li is taking out the ink sac in the squid.
    This is the ink sac in the squid body. It has dark black ink. When it encounters a enemy, it can be quickly sprayed out, blackening the surrounding seawater and covering itself to escape. Therefore, squid is also called cuttlefish and squid. In fact, like squid and octopus, it belongs to marine mollusks and does not belong to fish.
    In fact, the simplest way to identify a squid is that it has a hard bone in the body, which is a calcareous inner shell, also called cuttlefish bone. It is a kind of medicine.
    Xiao Li’s boss has a high level of cooking, and the knife looks very good.
    It’s even more stupid to make it clear that the cuttlefish is made. It looks like it’s no different from the squid, but it’s just harder, more tenacious, and delicious.
    The current price of Pippi shrimp is quite expensive, but it is not big, and there is not much meat. Fortunately, it is very fresh. Although it is troublesome to eat, it is very enjoyable.
    The baby’s favorite food is the cheapest flower pot, but it is really delicious and there is no sand.
    Going to Wanpingkou in the afternoon, the weather is getting better and better. These days, God is really awesome. However, the sunshine has been particularly dry this year, and there has been no rain. The weather for sunshine is very good for those who travel, but it is not necessarily a good thing for people living here.
    Wanpingkou Scenic Area was originally very good. Now it has been re-opened and re-opened. It is much more beautiful than last year. Although it has started to charge, the environment has become more neat and beautiful, tourists are not so crowded and crowded, and there is nothing wrong with it.
    Wanpingkou Square is large and clean, and it has become the landmark of Rizhao, a beautiful coastal town. It really represents the characteristics of this place.
    The various children’s entertainment facilities here are also very complete. Of course, the baby comes here with a purpose. He is searching for fun projects here, and decide which one to play first.
    The carousel may be the child’s favorite, seemingly simple facilities, but full of love.
    The people here are simple and friendly. We only paid the money once, but the baby likes to play, refuses to come down, but let the baby sit two or three times. I don’t know how many laps I took. After I got down from the horseback, I ran into the car and tried to experience it again. People didn’t talk, and they turned for dozens of laps. Even the baby was embarrassed to play again.This is considered to be content.
    There are a lot of facilities here, but many of them are played by adults or older children. Not many are suitable for babies.
    Everything in the baby has been watched for a long time. I want to play but I don’t dare to play, so I am a little lost. It doesn’t matter, you always have to grow up, and then you will dare to play.
    Still come to the beach to see the sea, now the tide is rising, and the waves are a little bigger.
    Wanpingkou is the second beach in Rizhao. The slope is steep, there are undercurrents, the wind and waves are big, the sand is rough, it is not suitable for children to play in the water, but it is also very good to see the waves.
    The Wanpingkou Scenic Area is not just a square, including a 4km long coastline, and it goes north to Taigong Island, which is the area of ​​Wanpingkou Scenic Area. The 4km long coastline is covered with blue and white sun umbrellas and beach chairs, all of which are free for tourists. Now, how much is it to rent a sun umbrella and a beach chair by the sea?Everyone can calculate that the 60 yuan charge is not expensive.
    The child loves and fears the sea. When the waves are small, I hope that the waves can be bigger. But when the waves come, they are scared to turn back and run. Turning around, the waves are gone, and again, another row of white sprays I was chasing again.
    The huge sea is like a parent, playing with children, never stopping, over and over again.
    There are some children’s play electric toys on the Wanpingkou Square. Now there are more robots and more sightseeing trains. These are all children’s favorite projects. But to convince the baby to go to the sand sculpture first, come back and play again, or else according to my understanding, I don’t know when to play.
    Wanpingkou has added 40 entertainment projects. Nearly ten sets of sand sculptures are one of them. Although the sand sculptures are not as loose as ordinary sand, they can’t be kept in the original for a long time. The sea breeze is very big. It is said that this sand sculpture exhibition is very popular. The maximum will last until around October.
    This is the style of the sea lion, but he has misplaced the style. The sea lion is the two front teeth exposed, and he gives it to the ground.
    Unfortunately, such a good sculpture cannot be permanently preserved. Perhaps this is the characteristic of sand sculpture works.
    Although the preservation time is short, each group of sculptures is vivid and exquisite. It seems that the artists do not care about the time of preservation of the works, but recreate them with their heart.
    It is very likely that each of these works can only be seen once in a lifetime, but visitors will always remember that they have seen such beautiful sand sculptures in Wanpingkou.
    The baby has to be styling again. This time, the body posture of the shark is learned. It is a word that looks like a god.
    I finally got the most wanted robot, but the sound of his favorite green robot was broken and I had to sit in red.
    There are other electric toys, but the baby said that those are too naive, they are all played by girls, he only plays this robot.
    Leave this picture so that the baby can see when he grows up, no matter where he is, Mom always stays with him silently.
    On the last day, I was ready to leave the sunshine, and the weather was not as good as the previous days.
    Going to the Royal Bay Tea Garden next to Wujiatai, I saw that it was only open to the public in July, but with the staff.Said it, went in and strolled.
    The location of the tea garden is awesome, right next to the Dashayu beach, next to the sea, surrounded by pines and cypresses, and the air is fresh, just like a paradise.
    Many local women pick tea here. Picking tea is a kind of mechanical labor. It seems to be very easy. In fact, it is very hard for a few hours.
    Rizhao green tea is quite famous now. Although it is not a famous tea, the taste is slightly bitter. However, because of its natural growth, it does not kill pesticides. It is still very good to buy some new teas that local villagers pick and fry.
    Let’s end this pleasant sunshine trip in the green tea garden.
    When I left, the child said that I really wanted to live here all the time, and I could see the sea every day.
    Yes, the scenery here is beautiful, there is no smog here, but there are also bad weather here, there are also troubles here, but also the front of it.
    The child will grow up and will have a farther distance, but I believe that no matter where he goes, there will be a sea in his heart. No matter where he goes, his mother’s heart will be like the sea, always accompanying him. Beside me.
    I told him that we all like the sea. We come every year. You can also test the university at the seaside, work at the beach, live by the sea, and the sea is the mother of the earth. She will always be here waiting for you.

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