The third trip | Raising an autumn at 51° north latitude (travel tips)

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     About Accommodation
    [First night]: Living room in Wulgagar Manor (with breakfast)
    Features: The wooden structure of the room, very Russian woodcut features, breakfast is delicious, star standard, the bed is very soft and comfortable, in the morning you can see the sunrise in the room, super beautiful!
    [Second Night]: Staying at Ergun Tianyuan Hotel (with breakfast)
    Features: It is in the center of the city, but it is not noisy at night. It is convenient to the People’s Square not far from the opposite side. The key is that the room is really spacious! The facilities are very new and the rest is very good
    [Third Night]: Live in Manchuria (with breakfast)
    Features: The location is very advantageous, very close to the China-Russia Square and the Matryoshka Square! Standard 4 star hotel, good service
    [Fourth Night]: Living in Hailar (with breakfast)
    Features: This is a Mongolian-style hotel. In the hotel, you can meet many Mongolian people. When you speak Mongolian, you can taste the most authentic Mongolian food at the hotel!
     About Attractions
    [First day]: Hailar Railway Station – Erguna – Baihualin Scenic Area – Haul River Scenic Area (Master of Laodaoshu Road recommended to watch the sunset, too surprised!) – Enhe Nationality Township – —Shi Wei
    [The second day]: Shiwei-Mordao Yulin District (the master will stop to see the beautiful scenery, wake up and we stop to see ~so so sweet!) – Xing’an Shenlu Park (very pleasant surprise, In addition to reindeer, there are sika deer, silly scorpion, more interesting than 敖古古雅!) – Ergun
    [Day 3]: Erguna – Montenegro (this is the only horse riding insurance, security; there is a cool riding suit) – border defense road (simply beautiful, okay!) – Manzhouli (the master recommended us to go to the glittering Sino-Russian Square at night)
    [Day 4]: Manzhouli – Mammoth Park (there are green leather trains inside, you can go to take pictures!) – Hailar
    ▶ Attractions worth visiting
    1. Baihualin Scenic Spot: A large piece of birch forest, which is essentially different from the birch forest on the road.
    2. Haul River Scenic Area: Be sure to go there to watch the sunset, beautiful to cry. 20 yuan tickets, not many people
    3. Xing’an Shenlu Park: There are reindeer, sika deer, and stupid scorpion. The key is to have a large larch forest. Tickets are 30 yuan, which is more than the 60 yuan discount to the quaint.
    4. Hulun Lake: Look at the situation, the weather is good, go, if the weather is not good, don’t blow the cold wind.
    5. Mammoth Park: Where the girl’s heart is flooding, what is the Mori’s literary fan, we’ve been here for more than two hours.
    TIPS: All of you pay attention to it, there are students half-price concessions ~ ~ remember to bring a student card!
    1. Baihualin Scenic Spot: A large piece of birch forest, which is essentially different from the birch forest on the road.
    2. Haul River Scenic Area: Be sure to go there to watch the sunset, beautiful to cry. 20 yuan tickets, not many people
    3. Xing’an Shenlu Park: There are reindeer, sika deer, and stupid scorpion. The key is to have a large larch forest. Tickets are 30 yuan, which is more than the 60 yuan discount to the quaint.
    4. Hulun Lake: Look at the situation, the weather is good, go, if the weather is not good, don’t blow the cold wind.
    TIPS: All of you pay attention to it, there are students half-price concessions ~ ~ remember to bring a student card!
     About Weather & Baggage
    Weather – Hulunbeier in October didn’t have the coldness of the imagination, because I have adapted to the frozen dog in the south, to say that the temperature is absolutely acceptable ~, a sweater, a coat, a pair of long pants, enough The
    This item is nothing more than preparation for clothes and daily necessities. After all, at this point, women are troubles.
    At the beginning of October, Hulunbeier was minus ten degrees, but after all, it did not officially enter the winter. Therefore, the grassland and the forest are mainly yellow-green. Therefore, it is best to bring the clothes to the color. The important thing is the scarf. ! Warm + concave shape, both correct!
    The deep autumn in the north is dry, and the hydrating must be carried. The wet wipes are a life-saving magic weapon.
     About chartered
    It is very impressive to go to the Sino-Russian border. Shiwei is a small village in the Sino-Russian border and enters the no-man’s land of Daxing’anling. However, most of the no-man’s land is now under the control of the mountain. There are checkpoints on the way, and the relevant passes of the Forestry Bureau are required. And there is no signal in the no-man’s land, there are no road signs at the fork, no way orMaps are also easier to get lost.
    Of course, if you are chartered, there is no such worry. Because the chartered masters have a way to enter the no-man’s land, and they are familiar with the road.
    The public transportation of Hulunbeier is not very developed. There are only Hailar, Manzhouli and Zhabeinuo in the areas with buses. There are also some long-distance buses to and from various towns, but there are very few flights.
    Moreover, the biggest problem with using the shuttle to get to all parts of the country is that you can’t ask the driver to take a photo of the scenic halfway stop.
    In this way, there are only two options left in Hulunbeier:
    1. Chartered/participating in the commercial route of the travel company
    The cost of traveling by car alone is extremely high, and travel companies often provide a way for individual travellers to group, with 4 or more people in a group.
    If you are up-and-coming, you can also work with a travel company to package a guide that they provide, and even bring people to take care of you.
    The advantage of participating in the travel company route is that you can get more exposure to some local customs. After all, the guides are also locals. If you are good at communication, you can even mix in their local friends circle.
    2, self-driving tour
    Nowadays more and more people come to Hulunbeier to drive by car. You can drive your car here or rent a car in the local area.
    If you rent a car, I read Hailar’s ​​advertisement. The price of an ordinary car is about 600 yuan/day, and the SUV is definitely more expensive.
    Due to the many dirt roads in the border area, you can’t push the throttle to the end like the five-ring N-way five rings, unless you are willing to smash parts…
    Therefore, a SUV with a good performance is a must. Please note that you need a four-wheel drive SUV, not some domestic models that only have an SUV shape.
    If you want to travel by car, please be careful to rest in time. In addition to the bad road, Hulunbeier is far away from each other. It is common to have hundreds of kilometers between two points.
    In addition, the gas station is not as much as imagined.
    In summary, we decisively choose chartered! The beauty of the road stops and stops. The master will also see the snow. The straight road will wake us up and stop, stop the car to see, so so sweet!
     About ticket
    If you are flying to Hulunbuir, the destination you choose should be written in Hailar. Some websites do not display the information of Hulunbeier Airport. When you fill Hailar in the destination city, you will automatically jump out of Hailar Dongshan Airport. If you click it, it will be ok.
     About @小卢澄子の旅拍拍
     Foreword summary (I know that there is no beautiful picture, you can’t stand it)
     [First Day] Hailar – Mozhgrad River – White Birch Forest – Haul River – Shiwei
    Half past five, very punctual, hello~ Hailar!
    The sky is really beautiful. The master is not in a hurry to take the road. Instead, he takes us to the Hailar Dongshan Airport, which is most suitable for the sunrise, and waits for the sun to fall.
    The mother of Genghis Khan andWang Hao was painted with a layer of golden light.
    The sky is like a blue tiramisu, the layering of the color, plus the morning wind, very dense.
    The two of us are happy like a two-pound idiot, running and jumping.
    On the way to the grasslands, this real dream will begin…
    There is no summer green, and the autumn grassland becomes especially gentle. Of course, the wind is also very affectionate. It is to wake up the cells on the body. “What do you sleep with?”
    As if the next second, I can fly with my arms open.
    It is now the low tide period of the Mozhgrad River. The master is very skillful in judging the depth of the river. It is a posture. We have crossed the Mozhgrad River, commonly known as “cutting the road”.
    There is no road in the hinterland of the grassland, and there is a road when the car is opened more.
    Look at the winding Mozhgrad River on the highest slope. Well, at this time, I only remember the sound of the wind.
    On the road is my most comfortable state, just happened, we are on the road
    Passing Ergun, the master has a forest fire certificate, and the Ergun wetland said coolly, we came to the salt girl’s dream place!
    Tips: Baihualin scenic spot tickets (including shuttle bus) 50 yuan a person, student ticket 35 yuan a person
    Little Feifei took off the down jacket and started the autumn show time!
    The golden color on the top of the head was also beautiful because a snow fell on the ground. I am used to the green of the year, and I can’t stop the temperament of this desolate.
    We are excited to hold the birch leaves on the ground pretending to be falling leaves, haha, who makes us women in autumn~
    A leaf is a happy appearance
    I have seen a movie “Ballet in the War of Fire”. Although it is a bit of the main theme, from the perspective of the common people, the heroine in the birch forest is suffocating, and I have satisfied myself here today. Be careful.
    I spent nearly two hours in the Baihualin Scenic Area, still unfinished.
    When we left, the sun began to fall, and through the dense woods, the light began to soften, the best time, the best of us.
    Before leaving, I always thought that Enhe and Shiwei were very close to the village.
    The master took us a lap into Enhe, a small village, passing by a cow who was calm and looking for water.
    Our accompanying master knows the point we want to experience. The Haul River Scenic Area, which is not in the plan, is the best mountain to watch the sunset.
    There are many animals in the captivity, sika deer, black bear, wild boar, sen wolf… trees are also mostly birch forest, but with a little wild beauty.
    We also tried various capacity development projects, hahaha, Xiaofeifei feared that she was too heavy, the suspension bridge could not support
    There are more larchs here. When the birch forest is closed, the larch is still shining in the autumn sun.
    Looking at the village on the hill, it is very peaceful. It seems that the home of the people should live with nature.
    Travel is not chasing, but parking. Everyone remembers to stop and stop!
    Crossing the hills, the beginning of the day is not over, it doesn’t feel like just 12 hours, it seems like a long and long time.
    Once you crossed the mountains and rivers and crossed the mountains and seas, you will find that every step counts.
     [The second day] Shiwei – Moerdao 嘎 – Shenlu Park – Ergun
    In the morning, the temperature plummeted, and the ice on the window glass condensed. I couldn’t help feeling that China was so big that it was enough to let me cross the autumn, winter, spring and summer at the same time.
    Yesterday was the Mid-Autumn Festival. There was nothing special about a Mid-Autumn Festival in the border between China and Russia, the Weiwei Port. It was just a smile, and my heart was warm. Otherwise, I couldn’t know how to look at the village in Russia. cold.
    “Welcome to the People’s Republic
    Will you look at the people passing by while traveling and imagine the daily routine of the locals?
    I would think that people who travel between the two countries every day must be lenient and carry a lot of troubles. They may be extremely simple people, who know how to live with their heart…
    Leaving Room Wei, the car drove out a long prelude, and it just happened to break the plain prelude when we were almost sleepy.
    “There is Xishuangbanna in the south and Moerdao in the north”
    The scenery in the eyes has gradually become autumn. Master said, “This summer is a green one.” I think there should be a feeling of a twilight city, but I prefer the autumn forest area, not to mention its warm color, even the saturation of the sun is inferior to it.
    This road is really suitable for self-driving.
    Halfway through, I went to the Moerdaoyu National Forest Park and made a stop, but I personally felt that it was not worth to go in. Most of them were tour groups. The scenery on the road was definitely better than the scenery. We both bought the packaged cranberry. Just left.
    Ok, there is a random scene on the road.
    To the east of the road is a forest of larch trees, and to the west is a birch forest with snow.
    All the way, two scenes, the United States has become two seasons
    The small yellow sweater worn by Xiao Feifei jumped out in a white scorpion, and the proper Korean drama woman did not run.
    Compared to Xiao Feifei’s Han Faner temperament, I seem to be more “cold” and always like the movie “Love Letter”.
    Did you hear it?
    Although it was only a few days ago, it was a gift for me who did not have the first snow of 2017.
    We did not go to Lulu to see the reindeer. In fact, when planning the itinerary, I have been entangled in the end to go to Lulu Quaint, or Xing’an Shenlu Park? Lulu Quaint is based on the history of reindeer husbandry, and Xing’an Shenlu Park is more like a paradise for all kinds of deer.
    In the midst of it, the master took us to the Xing’an Shenlu Park.
    Tips: Tickets for one person 30 yuan, a pot of moss 20 yuan (can feed reindeer, sika deer)
    The deer park is like the back garden of the reindeer, the larch on the hillside. I heard that the reindeer is behind the hill. We both hold the moss and open the “deer search”. Because of this, we can lost in The forest
    I haven’t found the trace of the reindeer yet, we just played it, haha.
    The two of us are big, right, sometimes confused, so that you can stop and force
    Ringing the bell…
    Without waiting for us, a few reindeer came straight to the moss in our hands.
    The horn is not long, it is the deer baby. Of course, the food is also the biggest. Every time you eat it, you will always sing, then close your eyes and enjoy our food.
    Do not let go of a moss on the ground.
    One Mori and one deer, this picture is a good cure~
    There is also a white reindeer, the horns grow like a fungus flower, and together with the deer baby, grab the little Philippine moss.
    In an instant, it becomes a “group pet” of the forest.
    “Slow it slowly, I will quietly watch you eat.”
    “Hey, they just ignore me when they finish eating.”
    “Nothing, I will follow them.”
    Deer baby especially likes small Feifei, and even trots along with her, there is a picture of love and humor
    In contrast, the sika deer appears to be dignified and cold, and at first they are secretly looking at our uninvited guests.
    Sun-baked, lazy half-squinted, fortunately, there are several unsatisfactory sika deer that can’t resist the charm of Xiaofeifei, the two sides played the game “push&pull”. Hello, do you want to have such a variety?
    Along the way, I was struggling with rotten wood and rotten grass. I liked this background because there is only a heap in the south!
    After feeding the two large pots of moss, I saw a tall, cold reindeer looking at us in front of the wooden house.
    We both quietly stayed with it, it was difficult to guess its mind, but it seems that it does not hate us. (Because after we left, a couple went up to take a photo, I didn’t expect it to be ordered by the guest)
    Animals are really very aura, so a beautiful picture needs human care.
    gone. When the dog guarding the deer park saw the master and took out the mobile phone to shoot it, the posture on the floor was suddenly awe-inspiring, haha, very capable dog, the certification was completed.
    When the master on the road saw a good view, he would stop and ask if we would like to get off the bus. This is the photo that Xiaofeifei always wanted to sit in the middle of the road.
    Tips: Take photos in the middle of the road, pay attention to the vehicles, wait until they drive past and shoot again.
    Arriving in Ergun, Xiaofeifei bought the Korean cuisine package of Ergun Shopping Center with the US group. We and the driver’s master passed together. I didn’t stop at 7:00, I never stopped laughing. Very unique experience.
    Finally, I ate the meal before the store closed. The master went to start drinking nightlife. We both swayed back to the hotel. During the conversation, we talked about some emotional issues. Looking at the bright and empty streets, we seem to have opened up some more. emotion.
     [Day 3] Ergun – Montenegro – Manzhouli
    I opened the curtains, hey, it’s raining.
    I think today will be a day more than a day.
    Xiao Feifei is simply a group pet in the animal world. I didn’t expect it to be mixed with the little goat in a few minutes. No, it wants to jump in the car and go with us.
    The rain on the grassland is rhythmic and has a sense of rain.
    The wetland behind it is like the Erguna Wetland, but it is unknown and has become the background of our precious photos.
    “Hey, I finally got it. Can you hear it?”
    Feel the rain in the grasslands and feel the dripping wind
    Go, dandelion!
    The horses of Montenegro.
    Tips: We didn’t try to ride horses. It was a bit big under the rain, but it was learned by the master that horse riding in Montenegro was equipped with protective gear and insurance. There is such a formal guarantee here, so if you encounter a sunny day, be sure to come and rush!
    The road meets the group of cows who don’t care for the vehicle. The master said that they came to the road to drink water.
    Only a moment later, the sky will suddenly clear.
    Just stopped at the roadside where the grass was hit, and asked the master to shoot a “big movie” for us.
    At the time of shooting, we always imagined that we were playing in the scene of “Glory and Lonely Ghosts”, taking advantage of BGM’s self-indulgence.
    The border guard road after the rain is the T station of the salt girl.
    Running and jumping on this empty road, if not, how can such a mentality be so comfortable?
    The master thought that the weather had turned fine today, and he went to Hulun Lake.
    After eating a meal in the village outside Hulun Lake, I finally bought the local milk in a small shop and scented it.
    At the sight of Hulun Lake, it really looks like Bohai.
    Tips: Tickets for one person 40 yuan, student tickets 20 yuan, local travel agency drivers free tickets
    A beautiful backlight once again makes a call for the beauty of Little Fifi
    Since it is at Hulun Lake, slow down, quietly, enjoy it.
    There are many people who pick up the flat stones by the lake, throw them at the lake, and shoot a few flowers. I am also eager to try, playing two, self-satisfaction
    I don’t know what the umbrella in the lake is. It seems to be an island in the sea, full of solitude and self-respect.
    When I was about to leave, a Shiba Inu broke into the line of sight. Did you think that its tail was super-thinking?
    On the way to Manzhouli, there are all kinds of windmills, and the landscape has changed from grassland to city in the grassland.
    The feeling of going to Manchuria in the evening is like the mirage after the exile. It is very unrealistic and dazzling. The intersection of China and Russia is evident in this border city.Finding the city from gray to black, the glory of the moment is like the Shanghai Bund.
    Finally, one person, a ternary big milk cake, was very happy to eat, completely ignoring the smile of a little brother who passed by Russia, and the happiest thing to eat ice cream in winter!
    Super day with depth and thickness
     [Day 4] Manzhouli – Mammoth Park – Hailar
    The last day, today we both don’t want to get up because we don’t want to leave.
    The Russian Matryoshka Square and the National Gate Scenic Area have a card-like existence.
    (I want to make the fat little Fifi around the scarf COS doll, but she disdain to take a photo with the trash can, okay, no chance)
    I remember that the bus station in Harbin also has such a similar style, very beautiful and very exotic.
    The photo of the country’s punch card will not be released~ there is already a pre-existing summary.
    Finally, the girl’s heart bursting mammoth park
    If it is not autumn, there will be no reeds that are so cool;
    If it is not autumn, there will be no dried flowers that can be picked everywhere;
    If it is not autumn, the paradise will not be such a temperament.
    This is probably “a disgusting style”.
    The wind blows into my dreams, you chase the wind at night.
    This gaze is familiar and strange, disturbing my soul.
    One look like a lifetime
    In the two and a half hours of Mammoth Park, be casual, be free
    Seeing the group of “red-crowned cranes”, I seem to see the object of my cos, open arms, I am a little crane! !
    Xiaofeifei actually asked me to help her take such a photo. On the inner drama, I took you.
    The two castles are like fairy tales for the children on the grassland, satisfying the true dreams of the people here.
    There is no carousel in the start, there is no sorrow that cannot be recovered in a circle, our Trojan is happy.
    There are stations, railroad tracks, and two ideas for flying.
    a two-word story
    She: I am waiting for him.
    She: He said don’t wait.
    Hulun Blue, which is integrated with the background, also has a sense of Taiwan’s small fresh film.
    The green leather train in the upper part of the open space looks like the scene in the “Nine Layers of the Demon Tower”. It feels like a monster that will grow long hair from the ground in minutes.
    I like the train very much. Of course, if I don’t get crowded, I really want to buy a ticket that I don’t know the destination. I sit down and slowly pass the scenery outside the window to start an unknown journey.
    Finally, surprise or unexpected, whatever
    The dried flowers on the ground have turned into the best props in this scene, telling the story of the train.
    Autumn is the parting season
    But don’t all of them leave for a long time?
    The twelve constellations on the square, the small Fifi research, are all the wind signs, we are the best half of the trip.
    Finally, on the way back to Hailar, it is the best blue sky and white clouds in these four days.
    What to do, I want to take a cloud home…
    Really reluctant, if there is no photo image as evidence, I and Xiaofeifei feel that they have never been there, and have never experienced the scenery like a season.
    Leave the place where you live, in order to feel the same with the world. ——by Xiao Lu Chengzi
    | Salt Travel Girls’ Sightseeing for the Third Time |
    Our Hulunbeier has no green
    Our Daxinganling is not green
    In the beginning, we have chosen the result with the answer.
    Then, who said that the grassland in October did not have a reason to travel?
    We must be different!

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