[The way to the start of the cattle] New card in Sanya, the future of Haitang Bay can also play the beauty of the night!

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Sanya has always been a place that everyone dreams of. How can you miss such a beautiful resort?
    Starting today, Haitang Bay is no longer lonely! There are also a lot of fun projects in the evening, the more beautiful the night.
    I came and went on the day of the opening of Haichang Dream Ocean Not Sleeping City. The fireworks of that night were super beautiful, the scene was very lively, and the scene of the parade was like the New Year. Friends who come to Sanya must not miss it.
    When I came to Haitang Bay, there was a new landmark in Sanya. I had to come to the card. It is the famous eye of Sanya.
    We can see the Ferris wheel at the entrance, it is very dreamy, it suddenly caught my eye.
    Before coming to Haichang Dream Ocean Not Sleeping City, I thought it was a closed paradise for a fee. Later, I realized that Everbright City is a place for everyone to walk and entertain at night. If you enter the park, you will not receive tickets! If you want to experience the game, the tickets are also very favorable.
    Sanya Haichang Dream Ocean Night City combines Sanya International, Tropical and Coastal Elements to plan an immersive marine-themed cultural complex integrating cultural tourism, leisure and holiday, entertainment experience and innovative business.
    Haichang Dream Ocean Night City provides a one-stop all-round holiday service around the development concept of “Perfect Vacation” in Sanya all-day and all-season. The whole project is built on the theme of “Maritime Silk Road”: Haitang Bay and the African Sea. Theme areas such as Persian Gulf, Bay of Bengal, Java Sea, South China, Waterfront Promenade, and Dream Ocean Theater.
    Haichang Dream Ocean Night City features marine culture, 13 major entertainment projects, more than 30 global style performances, 8 theme restaurants, more than 50 specialty restaurants and more than 30 theme stores. See these figures, are you not? Also heartbeat? Let me take you there and go shopping~
    First of all, we are coming to the Haitang Bay area. At the entrance pier, you can see the story about Hainan and create a special experience of Hainan Island. Through the colorful fountain square, we came to the ecological hall of more than 3,000 square meters. The interior is full of various tropical shrubs in Hainan, and the blooming bougainvillea and other flowers spread, which constitutes the main passage for tourists to arrive. It is also the perfect journey. First stop. Through the mottled sunlight in the ecological hall, you can feel the strong tropical island atmosphere.
    The flower orchard is a very nice fruit and flower shop near the entrance. These tropical animals belonging to Sanya are very suitable for taking away~
    Going straight along the main entrance, we passed through the Haitang Bay area. The first thing you will see in Haitang Bay is Adventure Island, which has a lot of children’s play facilities. I can’t wait for myself to be young, and then I can get in and jump up and down.
    [Great interior space]
    【small theater】
    The area of ​​Adventure Island is still very large. The indoor and outdoor three-story venues are combined with more than 30 domestic and international advanced children’s play equipment. The single-family entertainment center with the theme of “Pirate Ship Treasure Quest” can accommodate at the same time. 1600 people experience the science complex of parent-child interaction.
    After coming out of Adventure Island, we can interact with the lovely marine life at the Joy Theater.
    A happy theater for parents and children, the marine theme “Happy Theater”, which is played 5 times a day, 30 minutes each, can accommodate 1055 people at the same time, not only can see sea lions, seals and other cute marine animals more scenes The interactive performance is wonderful.
    Hainan customs and exotic passions collide, you can see in the Haitang Bay area, the region’s specialty stores are the most, you may wish to take a look.
    [Featured honey, some small cans are very suitable for gift giving]
    [If you are thirsty, you can also drink local specialties to make up the cool]
    [There are also shops selling Sanya specialties here]
    Of course, the most popular is the seven cute boutiques that kids love.
    At the entrance of the store, a polar bear named “Bob” is awkward and welcomes everyone. The products in the Qimeng Youpin store are all produced by Haichang Ocean Park’s own IP-Qi Meng Group. Cute pet dolls, polar marine animal accessories and toys, featured marine souvenirs, commemorative photos, and stationery are available in a variety of styles.
    Go ahead and you can see the Flying Theater, an immersive experience theater that combines high-tech elements and is a popular entertainment project on the campus.
    The immersive flying theater has a total area of ​​nearly 3,500 square meters and contains 90 suspended and dynamic seats. It uses the Maritime Silk Road as the main line of the film, borderless dome theater, high-definition and super-sized screens. The six-channel stereo sound surround is like being in the scene of a movie. When we walk in, we will see a globe suspended in the air. Although the shape is very simple, it is full of technology.
    Here you can also enjoy the various goods on the Silk Road, and you will feel as if you have come to this magical road.
    Moving along the avenue of Haitang Bay, we can go under the eyes of Sanya’s eyes. Looking up, it looks so beautiful~
    We all know that there are the London Eye and the Tianjin Eye. Now the eyes of Sanya are also exceptionally beautiful. Its highest point is 88 meters from the ground, about 30 stories high, with a total of 48 cars.
    Take the Ferris wheel and not onlyThe scenery of the city without a night, the beautiful sea view of Haitang Bay, and 360° view of the coastline of China’s beautiful coastline, taste the special theme food at high altitude. Imagine watching it at dusk, sitting on the Ferris wheel, watching the sunset, admiring the boundless seascape, and accommodating the most beautiful beauty of nature. This is a romantic thing.
    At high altitude, indulge in the most beautiful coastline of the United States, and enjoy the panoramic view of the city without a night. The romantic journey of “City of the Sky” is opened without any effort. It is too easy to be intoxicated by the blue sky, white clouds and the sea.
    Walking along Haitang Bay, I suddenly heard the joyful drumming sound. It turned out to be in the African Sea. It turned out to be a performance near the African horse. I was attracted to this time.
    The theme of the “African Prairie Wild Animals” is a carousel. The fairy tale world we see is different. This African-style carousel is also very interesting. It is made with the theme of zebra, gorilla, elephant, lion and cheetah. The seat is like being in the African grassland and running freely.
    The African region has dense and lush tropical rain forests and simple and rustic folk customs. The architectural style alone shows regional characteristics, and combined with African regional plants, it conveys the wild original ecology of Africa. The more unique carousel and original African music make you feel like you have entered the African tribes, so you can’t help but dance and dance.
    Here, we also saw cute turtles, they swim in the clear water, very elegant.
    Then we came to the Persian Gulf area. The Persian Gulf pirate ship is also very fun. The whole project can be played for 3 minutes. It is absolutely enough to surprise and stimulate. After the start, it will swing from slow to rapid swing, just like sailing to the sea and encountering wind and waves. A thrilling feeling.
    The Persian Gulf is historically connected to the East and West civilizations, revealing mysterious and desolate areas. Bright architectural colors and complex geometric patterns tell the story of its ancients. The distinctive regional domes and spires of the Persian Gulf region reflect a strong exotic atmosphere.
    The Persian Gulf area is arguably the most attractive area, and the exotic atmosphere here is very rich.
    We finally arrived in the Bay of Bengal area, where the style is also very high, and you can see the mermaid show~
    The Bay of Bengal is famous for its fabrics, spices and food. The Bay of Bengal area of ​​Sanya Haichang Dream Ocean City is also unique. In this theme area, you can experience the high-tech marine science interaction, unlock the mystery of the ocean; you can enjoy the biggest fish when you enjoy the food – whale shark, you can also swim with one of them in the vast waters, feel magical and romantic Deep into the sea world.
    Now you see the parachute tower, which has 6 cars and 18 seats. You can feel the weightlessness of the ups and downs. If there are too many people in the Ferris wheel, you can come here. It can be up to the maximum. At a height of 25 meters, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Sanya Haichang Dream Ocean Night City.
    After playing so many exciting projects, let’s enjoy the elegant appearance of the mermaid.
    Remember the mermaid in the Stars movie?
    Her eyes are like mung beans, her nose is like garlic, and her teeth are very cute.
    At the Thousand Island Lake Aquarium, you will see the mermaid dancing with a variety of precious fish underwater. Their posture is light and beautiful.
    The beautiful and beautiful mermaid is performing underwater dances in the hall, and the oceanic fish and mermaid perform together!
    Watching the mermaid’s beautiful underwater dance is staged here.
    There is also a whale shark diving project in the Bay of Bengal. It is a Sanya deep diving interactive experience and a PADI diving qualification training base. With professional diving instructors, comprehensive comprehensive support, and super-dive diving experience.
    In the shark baby viewing pool, you can have a chance to watch the maritime overlord’s cute and cute, and they will sway in this crystal clear sea pool, which will subvert your impression of sharks.
    After playing for so long, let’s go back to the African Sea. I will take you to the MR. Hippo’s baking workshop for afternoon tea.
    The store specializes in handmade toast, cake desserts and parent-child DIY baking. Our aim is “hemata bread, freshly baked!” soft and hard European bread, custom fondant cake, super long net red ice cream, tempting all kinds of cakes, etc. give you more choices. Bring your child on the weekend and take part in the bread baking process, learn about baking and experience the fun of creation.
    After eating afternoon tea, we played and went to the pig pig paradise next to it.
    Walking into the paradise is like being in the “Pig Man” animation scene!
    Participate in a variety of wisdom and brave challenges, will exercise the physical strength and courage of children!
    The park is a family that enjoys children’s play, pre-school training, and interest development. It is really suitable for families with a baby.
    Friends who want to play with water should not miss the Long Beach in the Haitang Bay area, the free play area open to the public, artificial beaches and abundant water-playing facilities to enjoy the summer cool experience in the hot weather of Sanya.
    Because of the day we arrivedIt was just the opening of the business, and it was still alive for a while at the opening ceremony.
    After the celebration, the performance team set off. We were also very excited to see this small toy airplane.
    The handsome pilots drove the exquisite airplane-shaped floats, the humorous clowns on the unicycles and the happy interactions with the tourists. The dancers in gorgeous costumes accompanied the dynamic music, and the joyful atmosphere kept on!
    Super enthusiastic actors
    In a short while, the sky gradually darkened, and this is the most beautiful moment of Haichang Dream Night City.
    There is no exaggerated flash here, only gentle lighting, taste the food under the beautiful Ferris wheel.
    Give the home court here to be unique
    The atmosphere, music, wine and food are really wonderful.
    Here, every float lights up the night sky, and there are even more wonderful stories.
    Here, when several meters highThe floats come slowly, when the performance team dances forward, when the sweet soundtrack is with you, when the float parade lights up the entire night sky, you can forget everything and have fun.
    Trolltech cool night light float, unique design, interactive actor character interaction, the magical charm of Sanya Haichang Dream Ocean Night City.
    Akabella is an a cappella ensemble. It is a world-class vocal performance that combines vocal ensemble performances with theatrical performances. Five foreign actors wear casual casual wear and use different voices and high and low voices. Bring a new and refreshing experience.
    There are also a lot of meals in Beer Bay. The 1516 beer garden specializes in German brewed beer and German food. Experience the German Munich beer culture and taste the Bavarian beer specially brewed by German professional winemakers. The waiters wear Bavarian style dresses, all kinds of hot beer with different national cups, and craft beer equipment to visually watch the winemaking process. The country enjoys German cuisine and style.
    Come to Beer Bay, order some snacks, listen to the touching songs, it is very enjoyable~
    Come here, you can also bring a variety of hairpins, shiny brooch, it is extraordinarily dreamy. Then light up the glowing fireworks, it is like a little fairy.
    The performance of Haichang Dream Ocean Not Sleeping City Beer Bay can be said to be a surprise. You can see the lively performance almost anywhere you go, you can feel the charm of music in different scenes.
    This is a 24-hour all-day performance venue that never ends. From parade performances under the blue sky and white clouds to the gorgeous fireworks show under the light and shadow nights, you can immerse yourself in various music, song and dance, and street performances in the international art genre. Performing in the ocean.
    The colorful fireworks bloom in the quiet night sky, bringing every good blessing and thoughts to a farther place.
    Full length of 8 minutesThe city’s dreamy fireworks show, colorful fireworks around the Ferris wheel, the nightlife of the night city has just begun.
    When the night comes again, you can taste more than a visual feast, and it is a sweet time spent with friends and relatives.
    You can also enjoy a grand fireworks show while eating, as well as wonderful song and dance performances. Dynamic dance, charming jazz, thought-out, free to indulge in singing and dancing.
    Seeing this, are you also excited? Come to Sanya’s friends, hurry up, Haichang Dream Ocean Night City is included in the itinerary plan~
    Recommended tour route:
    [Haicang Bay Area] Family Entertainment Center “Adventure Island” – [Haicang Bay Area] Happy Theater – [Haicang Bay Area] Coconut Island Long Beach – [Haicang Bay Area] Qi Meng You Pin Shop – [Haicang Bay Area] Flying Theater – [ Haitang Bay Area] Eye of Sanya – [African Sea Area] MR. Hippo’s Baking Workshop – [African Sea Area] Africa Turning Horse – [Persian Gulf Area] Pirate Ship – [Bangladesh Bay Area] Parachute Tower
    You can play like this in the evening: [Haicang Bay Area – Bay of Bengal] Night Float Parade – [Bangladesh Bay Area] “Flame Night City” Fireworks – [Persian Gulf Area] Beer Bay

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