The whole family mobilized, happy Qingdao line

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Red tile green trees, blue sea and blue sky, old buildings of European and Asian style, golden beaches, refreshing sea breeze, beautiful architecture, maze-like streets, ramps up and down, this is Qingdao, today with Dabao Xiao Bao rushed to you.
    Aircraft: Qingdao Liuting International Airport is located in the north of North Bus Station of Chengyang District, 32 kilometers away from the city center. It now has 82 domestic routes and 12 international (regional) routes, reaching 50 cities across the country and Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc. 8 International (regional) cities. There are basically three roads from the airport to the city. The 308 national highway is relatively close, but the speed limit is severe and crowded. Qingyin Expressway is the first choice to go to the eastern part of the city; the best way to go to the Midwest is through the Jiaozhou Bay Expressway. The taxi is about 100 yuan, the time is about 50 minutes, the city bus 302, 305, 373 road to the airport, the airport bus from 20 yuan -60 yuan, depending on the specific line conditions.
    Train: Qingdao Railway Station
    Located near the trestle bridge, the Gothic style, you can see the sea from the train station, and walk 8 minutes from the train station to the trestle. There are many hotel hotels around the train station, as well as many attractions, and it is convenient to travel.
    There are 24 pairs of trains in Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jinan, Taishan, Heze, Yantai, Weihai, Wuchang, Nanchang, Xuzhou, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Lanzhou, Xining, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Dandong and Tonghua. . In addition to the direction of Zibo, Yantai and Weihai, the rest of the time has been stopped in Jinan.
    There are two ticket offices in Qingdao Railway Station, the East Ticket Office and the West Ticket Office. The East Ticket Office has 24 hours of non-stop ticket sales, and the West Ticket Office operates from 7:00-19:00 daily.
    Address: 2 Tai’an Road near the Trestle Bridge
    Transportation: The buses that drive to the railway station in Qingdao are: 2, 5, 8, 26, 218, 220, 223, 301, 303, 304, 305, 307, 311, 312, 316, 320, 321, 501. 801 road. In addition, the train station in Qingdao Railway Station does not hit the table, and the basic price is 12 yuan, so you can take a taxi in the square outside the train station.
    Long-distance bus: Qingdao highway traffic is very developed. So far, Qingdao has built seven expressways including Jiqing, Jiaozhou Bay, Xiliu, Shuangliu, Qilai, Qilai and Qingyin. There are 8 long-distance bus stations in Qingdao (including Chengyang), the most important of which is Qingdao Long-distance Bus Station (Sifang Station). The other stations are mainly based on the cities and counties around Qingdao, and a small number of them are sent to other provinces. Shuttle bus.
    Qingdao Long-distance Bus Station (Sifang Station)
    Sifang Bus Station has more than 200 lines leading to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Henan, Anhui, Guizhou, Hubei, Chongqing, Shanxi, Guizhou and various cities in Shandong Province. The number of daily dispatches is nearly 2,000, which is Qingdao. The central station of each long-distance bus station is Qingdao’s largest bus station, which is commonly known as Qingdao Long-distance Bus Station (Qingdao Long-distance Station refers to the Qingdao Sifang Coach Station.
    Address: No. 2, Wenzhou Road, Sifang District, Qingdao.
    Qingdao Guantao Road Bus Station
    It is mainly sent to Qingdao City and County, and a small amount is sent to Wenzhou and Ningbo in Zhejiang.
    Address: No. 46, Guantao Road, Qingdao City (Guangdong Road). Qingdao East Bus Station
    The operation of the East Bus Station mainly serves the main urban area of ​​Qingdao. The citizens of Lushan, Fushan and Licun can take the bus here, in addition to Sichuan and Inner Mongolia.
    Address: No. 163, Shenzhen Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao. Qingdao Railway Station Bus Station (Qingdao Tourism Bus Station)
    The bus station in the railway station square has Iveco CMB to Weihai, Yantai and Penglai. It runs for more than 3 hours and costs more than 30 yuan to Yantai. It takes only 4 hours to Weihai and Penglai, and the fare is 93 yuan. The road is very good, take the highway. To Jinan, you can take the No. 5 bus to the Sifang Coach Station. There is a Jiqing Expressway bus. It takes only 4.5 hours to Jinan and the fare is 120 yuan.
    Address: No. 1, Shanxian Branch Road, Shinan District, Qingdao City.
    My traffic, go to: Wuxi Shuofang Airport – Qingdao, return: high-speed rail return.
    [First day] On August 9th, at 11:20 pm, the flight was delayed for 2 hours. When the airline is going to work as attendance, it will be fine for one minute late.
    Sitting in the window, I didn’t expect the sky at night to be as beautiful as a fairyland.
    Going to Qingdao at 2:30 in the morning, I took a taxi directly to the hotel and refused to play the table for 150 yuan. The hotel is located opposite the first bathing beach and through the underground tunnel. This location is in the middle of many attractions, it will be much more convenient to visit. These days, taxis are basically starting prices.
    Tatami style, 300 yuan a night
    Qingdao is a very mature tourist city, from super five-star luxury hotels to cheap and affordable budget hotels, as well as youth hostels and seaside fishing villages, as well as family hotels of various forms and specifications.
    The Qingdao urban area is divided into three parts, the old city in the west, the modern city in the east, and the Laoshan area. Most people who come to Qingdao will choose to live in the Old Town of the West or Badaguan. The transportation is convenient and very close to the main attractions, some of which can even be reached on foot. Most of the high-end hotels are in the southern part of the city, and they are blessed with sea bathing during the summer. Some hotels also have a saltwater swimming pool to enjoy the blue sea, blue sky, sunshine and beach. Of course, there are also many popular hotels in the urban area of ​​Qingdao, mainly concentrated in the railway station area.
    If you come to experience the Tsingtao Beer Festival, or those who like to enjoy more nightlife, it is more convenient to live in the eastern part of the city, and closer to Beer City, Bar Street and Dengzhou Road.
    There are a variety of farmhouses and family hotels in the Lushan Scenic Area. The Laoshan Liuqing Tourist Area is mainly based on farmhouse music. The Shanhai Renjia Resort is located in the Liuqing Scenic Area of ​​Lushan Scenic Area. It is a combination of family-style hotels built by the villagers in Ximaiyao Village. The hotels in Yangshan Yangkou Tourist Area are mainly concentrated in Yangkou Bay. The accommodation is very convenient. You can visit the scenic spots of Yangkou Scenic Spot the next day.
    The Shilaoren Scenic Area belongs to the new urban area of ​​Qingdao. Compared with the old and yellow-red old houses in the old district, the new area is a piece of high-end residential. However, the cost of accommodation here is much less than that in Qingdao, suitable for long-term vacations. The beaches in the Shiren Old Scenic Area are much cleaner than the first bathing beaches.
    [Travel route] Day 1: Wuxi to Qingdao
    The next day: Golden Beach in the afternoon, night tour of the Olympic Sailing Base, May Fourth Square, the first bathing place.
    Day 3: Badaguan, Tianmu City, Zhanqiao, Catholic Church, Weichai Courtyard.
    Day 4: Polar Ocean World, Go Home
    A hand-painted map of Qingdao attractions, I hope to give a reference to the basin friends.
    [Day 2] I woke up and waking up at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I just ate two dishes next to the hotel and did not recommend it. Lima Golden Beach walks up, take the bus 6 to the North Boat Workers Apartment and get off, 2 yuan. After getting off the train, there will be a black car 2 yuan to go to the golden beach (is a carpool)
    [Golden Beach] is a signboard for tourism in Huangdao District. The Golden Beach Cultural Tourism Festival is held every summer and many stars are invited to participate. Jinsha Beach is located in the southeast of the development zone and in the south of the Yellow Sea. It is a crescent-shaped east-west stretch with a total length of more than 3,500 meters and a width of 300 meters. The water clears the beach, the sand is as fine as the powder, and the sand is golden yellow. Jinsha Beach is one of the finest, the largest and most beautiful beaches in China. It is known as “the first beach in Asia”. Golden beach blue sea and blue sky water and sky, watching the vast beach, the soft, thin sand, barefoot on it, do not have a taste, step on the sturdy wood plank, look at the rough sea Enjoy the uniqueness of nature. After arriving at Golden Beach, the long coastline is dominated by your feet.
    Didn’t see the blue sky, the gray misty sky, the muddy water, and now the golden sand beach has become dumplings.
    The flight experience is good, you can play it
    [Entertainment] Qingdao, the coastal city, the most distinctive entertainment project is of course inseparable from the sea. Traditional entertainment such as swimming at the beach, picking up shells, watching the sea, and enjoying the beach are still the mainstream. In addition, it is particularly pleasant to blow the sea breeze on the boardwalk and cook seafood. In addition, go to the International Beer City to taste the special beer from all over the world; go to the open-air song field and sing along with the sea breeze; or take a walk on the seaside promenade, which is a good beachside entertainment, as well as flight experience and diving, but personally feel diving It is really unnecessary. What is the quality of this sea?
    This scene has fulfilled a sentence. If you want to destroy the beauty of an attraction, then the tide will come to a more violent moment.
    Or turn the lens to the hometown Xiaobao
    Big heel feet
    After playing for two hours, I returned to the hotel for a small break. I didn’t expect to fall asleep. I woke up at 9 o’clock in the evening, and I went to dinner and stayed up late.
    Qingdao seafood is of course the first choice for you. Qingdao is rich in sea cucumbers, scallops, abalone, conch, crab, stone crab, squid, yellow croaker, prawn (shrimp), large shrimp, and squid. Main features. Eating seafood depends on the season, spring and summer are the best seasons, and definitely let you eat no longer want to eat meat. Minced sea cucumber, raw shell abalone, oil blasting conch, prawn burning cabbage, oyster mushroom stewed chicken, yellow croaker stewed tofu, hot and sour fish balls, fried oyster yellow, crispy chicken, home-cooked squid fish are all representatives of Qingdao Dishes, there are snacks like Xiaohonglou beef soup bag, Sanxian steamed dumplings, prawn roasted wheat, Tianfu Yuanzhang, Great Wall seafood dumplings, Guxiang village ribs noodles, Qingdao big bag, Qingdao pot stickers, seafood clams, ribs casserole Rice is good. [Night Tour Olympic Sailing Center, May Fourth Square, First Bathing Beach] After eating and helping to digest, you can visit these attractions at night. First come to the Olympic Sailing Center. Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center is located in Fushan Bay, the eastern new district of Qingdao. The original site of Beihai Shipyard, adjacent to Wusi Square and Donghai Road, will be held here in the 29th Olympic Games and the 13th Paralympic Games. The Olympic Sailing Center fully embodies the concept of “Green Olympics, Science and Technology Olympics, Humanistic Olympics”, and its planning and design have reached world-class level. All the necessary facilities of the Olympic Sailing Competition are located in the venue area, including the Olympic sub-village, the athlete center, the administrative management center, the venue media center and the logistics supply and support center. The total construction area is about 138,000 square meters. In addition, there are measurement halls and land. Supporting facilities such as the domain parking area, the launch ramp, the main and secondary breakwaters, and the Olympic Memorial Wall.
    In the evening, with the support of the lights, is there a different beauty?
    what’s the situation
    In what case, is the lens garbled? It’s a good shot. A group of roller skating fans in the square knocked my tripod down at the same speed as the wind. God, my camera, the first reaction is whether the camera was sacrificed. The filming in the next two days did not move. It is vain, and I don’t know if there is any direct impact on this decline.
    Walking along the coast, you will arrive at the May Fourth Square. The night view along the way is good. The night is deep, and the iconic buildings of the May Fourth Square are also closed.
    [May 4 Square]
    Located on the southeastern coast of Qingdao, Wusi Square is the most landmark city square in Qingdao. In the summer, enjoy the sea breeze, look at the lighthouse opposite the bay and the sailboats that are filled with the Olympic Sailing Center, or enjoy the sunset at sea. Whenever night falls, the square symbolizes the fire red sculpture of the city spirit. The wind is like a giant torch igniting the city, and it is beautiful with the surrounding night scenes.
    Then I went back to the first bathing place next to the hotel. It was said that although I lived in the first bathing place, the bathing place facing the crowds of people did not stimulate the urge to press the shutter.
    [First Bathing Beach] The first bathing beach was built in 1901 and is the most famous summer resort in Qingdao. It is located in Nanhai Road in the south of Qingdao city. From July to September every year, the first bathing beach is visited by people. Take a dip in the sea, or lie on the beach to enjoy the sun and the sea breeze. You can also take a jet ski or speedboat ride to enjoy the summer.
    Day 3: Go out at 10:30 in the morning, solve breakfast and Chinese food nearby
    After eating, I came to the Eight Great Passes.
    [Big Daguan] Badaguan is the general name for more than a dozen roads interlaced in the southern part of Qingdao. Most of them are named after the famous Guanyu in China. The environment is quiet and the streets are planted with different flowers and trees. In the spring, there are peach blossoms in the spring and purple roses in the summer. In the autumn, there are ginkgo red maples. It is a photography resort and often encounters newcomers who shoot wedding scenes.
    There are hundreds of country-style villas in Badaguan. You can visit the European-style castle-style flower stone building, climb the roof to look at the sea, or look like Peng Dehuai and other Japanese Marshals who lived in the Marshal House, which is beautiful. The Danish architectural princess house of love story, and other classic villas, make you feel like you are in a corner of Europe.
    Welcome Dabao Xiaobao to debut
    Walk the avenue
    Villa, don’t let in, can only look outside
    Tourists stop, the words that can be seen everywhere
    Going south along Ningwuguan Road, you will come to the second bathing beach.
    [Second Beach] The beaches here are reddish-brown rocks. The cliffs are as sharp as a knife, and the shore is covered with black pine. The environment is pleasant. The bathing place and the Ba Daguan set off each other to form a beautiful landscape of “red tile green trees and blue sea and blue sky” typical of Qingdao. Therefore, there are often new people shooting wedding photos here, which is a scenic spot.
    The two-bath beach is slightly smaller than a one-bath, but there are fewer visitors and the environment is better. Even if you come here and walk around and bask in the sun, it is quite pleasant. In contrast, the two-bath seawater is cleaner, the beach area is larger, and the waves are slower and slower. It is a summer swimming spot. Chairman Mao, who loves swimming, also loves this bath. He has been swimming here many times.
    The mother and the daughter are really tacit, the shape is almost the same
    Dabao Xiaobao is quite happy
    Baby, what have you seen, such a funny expression
    I spent 8 yuan to enter the flower stone floor.
    Huashilou is a European castle-style building that blends Western architecture with Gothic architecture. Huashilou is composed of a 5-storey main building and a 4-storey polygonal building. In the main building, you can observe the sea along the stairs to the top floor. Because the whole building is made of marble, it is named. Due to its unique architectural features, many newcomers will come here to take wedding photos.
    I said, do you want to see the children so much?
    Wedding photography
    Red house greenwood
    I can’t see the farther buildings in the fog.
    What are you thinking about dear?
    I said this is a bit like the feeling of the hostess carrying the baby out of the building.
    Naughty little treasure
    It’s a one-person bottle of Qingdao-specific yogurt, like jelly, worthy of tasting.
    Slow life in Qingdao
    This section of the road is a lot of wedding dresses.
    After visiting the Badaguan, I took a taxi to the Sky City.
    【Tianmu City】Tianmu City is a unique street built by Qingdao North District in 2007. It is also the only indoor pedestrian commercial street integrating tourism, catering, entertainment and leisure in the city and even the whole province. Tianmu City is located in the original Qingdao Silk Weaving Factory and Qingdao Printing and Dyeing Factory. It is parallel to Shouguang Road, adjacent to Taidong Business District and Liaoning Road. It is connected to Qingdao Beer Street, Cultural Street and Wedding Street. great accessibility. The total length of Sky City is about 460 meters, the total construction area is 100,000 square meters, the total business area is 70,000 square meters, and the sky area is 8,900 square meters.
    I want to go on stage, 2 couples have more fun.
    Xiaobao, you are too happy.
    There are also many shopping stalls in the sky city.
    [Shopping] Qingdao is a city with relatively moderate prices in the country. In addition to the products of the seaside, the products are also packaged foods with Shandong characteristics. The main commercial areas are: Taidong Commercial District, Zhongshan Road Commercial District and Li Village Commercial District. Buying souvenirs can go to these places to buy
    Going out of the sky city, I came to Beer Street.
    After eating snacks,
    Xiao Bao still has a model?
    After eating the snacks, I went to the trestle. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was not glaring.
    People are crowded with people, and all kinds of begging on the trestle are so heart-wrenching, or go to the Catholic Church first, and then look at the night scene.
    Fruit stand along the way
    Such old buildings are everywhere
    15 minutes walk from the trestle to the Catholic Church
    [Catholic Church]
    Founded in 1932 and completed in 1934, Qingdao Catholic Church is the largest Gothic building in Qingdao and the only ordination church in China. It is a masterpiece of Christian architecture. It is also a well-known place for wedding photographs in Qingdao. Maybe you can feel the sweet love atmosphere here.
    How many couples take pictures,
    Walk to the Weichai Courtyard, Qingdao and tram
    [Weichai Courtyard] Weichai Courtyard is a century-old courtyard of Qingdao, located in the commercial circle of Zhongshan Road in the southern district of Qingdao. After the German occupation of Qingdao, the road was built in 1902. In the mid-1920s, it became a pedestrian street and was renamed Weichai. There are more than 20 courtyards in Weichai Courtyard. It is a concentrated area for business, catering and entertainment. It is mostly pubs and restaurants. Apart from Yuanhuitang, Lijia Dumpling House and Zhangjiatanzi meat, most of them are small and insignificant. Rice shop, candy store, bookstore and playground. North Street sells cooked meat, including Texas pheasant, Fushan roast chicken, Nandu, and soy liver. On snacks, the pot cakes, stove bags, clams and tofu brains are the most famous and most sought-after.
    There are quite a lot of people.
    Dinner was solved here.
    Return to the original road after eating, see the night scene
    Interesting shop
    Back to the Catholic Church, there are still crews filming, the staff tried to block me by hand.Lens
    I am a compression type. If I am strong, I will take another position.
    The Catholic Church was illuminated by the crew’s lights.
    Back to the trestle, the scenery is completely different.
    The Trestle Bridge was built in the Qing Dynasty (1892) and has a history of 100 years. It is the earliest military-only artificial dock in Qingdao. At the end of the trestle, there is a triangular breakwater, and here is an octagonal pavilion with an ethnic style, named after the returning pavilion.
    There are chain guardrails and lotus street lamps on both sides of the trestle. Visitors stroll along the trestle waterfront. When the weather is calm, you can watch the seagulls flying freely here. Walking to the end of the bridge can also overlook the small Qingdao. The island is full of trees and shades, and a white lighthouse stands out. When the tide is high, the slaps of the waves beat the breakwater, causing the clusters to spray, and can stop to watch. At low tide, the twilight rock reef and the golden sand beach are out of the water, you can walk down the trestle and stroll on the beach to pick up the sea. You can also board the back to the pavilion and have a panoramic view of the sea. There is also a wordless monument in the Huiyi Pavilion. There is an exhibition of marine life on the first floor and souvenirs on the second floor.
    The small Qingdao under the night is also very charming.
    A couple of young couples sitting on the beach by the sea, really romantic
    At the seaside, there is a flashlight to pick up the sea cargo. At this time, Dabao Xiaobao is also in this crowd.
    The night view on the side of the trestle is really good.
    [Day 4] It started early on the last day of Qingdao, and when I got up at 8:00, I ran to the Polar Ocean World.
    Passing through the May Fourth Square (taken on the car)
    [Polar Sea World] Polar Ocean World (also known as Haichang Polar Ocean World) tickets 180, Ctrip 160 yuan, children to the site to buy 90 yuan (including Happy Theater) It is located in the south side of Qingdao Shilaoren Resort, is a large Polar Ocean Animal Show and Performance Hall, suitable for parents to bring children to family and children. There are more than 200 species of polar animals such as beluga whales, penguins and polar bears in the museum. There are also more than 10,000 rare marine creatures displayed in the museum.
    The design of the Polar Ocean World is based on the ground floor on the first floor, and the water surface from the land, deck and iceberg on the second floor, allowing you to reach out to marine animals from multiple angles. However, as some of the pavilions are still under construction, visitors come to watch the rare polar animals and performances in the extremely low sea animals, the fish in the underwater tunnel and the animal performances in the Happy Theatre.
    There is also a barrel for watching the aurora.
    Big turtle,
    Devil fish
    Beautiful coral,
    Seeing this scene seems to be in the Maldives
    Came to the Happy Theater to watch the show喽
    Today’s show is called If You Are the One, the middle is the female guest, and the two are the male guests.
    Male guest talent show
    Male guest show diving talent
    Selected after a round of exhibition, send a wreath
    The final clown show ended the show. From the sea world, I took a taxi to Qingdao Railway Station and went home.
    A very successful parent-child tour not only increases the feelings between husband and wife, but also cultivates emotions with children, and also gives children a lot of insights. These are things that can’t be learned from books. Life really needs Come and order some flavorings from time to time.

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