there is a city called Huai’an

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On the coast of the East China Sea, there is a city called Huai’an. This city has a long history. It was born with military strategist Han Xin, Han Fu, and the hero of Liang Xiu, the hero of the Journey to the West, Wu Chengen, the national hero Guan Tianpei, and the travel of Lao Can. Author Liu Wei and other characters.
In addition, in ancient times, Huai’an was once an important transportation hub and a salt transporter along the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal. The Governor’s Office of the Qing Dynasty was stationed here. Therefore, Huai’an has the reputation of “the capital of China’s canal”.
Next, please see the officials in the vision of resigning the king into Huai’an, to see the beautiful scenery of the city. I believe that after reading this travel note, everyone will definitely feel refreshed~
1Hexia Ancient Town
As a historically important cultural town, the most lacking nature is the ancient town. The ancient town of Hexia, located in the northwest of Huai’an District, Huai’an City, and the ancient end of the ancient gully into the Huaihe River, is considered to be a top-level in the ancient town of the Huaihe River.

Friends who are familiar with history know that since ancient times, the defending of the river must be guarded by Huai. For the Jiangnan dynasty in history, the Huaihe River is the forefront of defending the powerful enemy of the north, and the ancient town of Hexia came into being under such circumstances. It is.

Walking into the ancient town of Hexia, a vicissitude of life will come to the surface, and the blue brick green tiles are not piled up, but the scars left by the time. A few thousand years ago, Wu Wangfu succeeded to the throne, determined to continue to carry forward Wu Guo’s hegemony, and then cut the trenches that communicated the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River, and indirectly opened the starting point of the ancient town of Hexia.

Hundreds of years passed by, the Spring and Autumn, the Warring States, the Qin and Han Dynasties, the two Jin and the Southern and Northern Dynasties, in 605 AD, the establishment of the Sui Dynasty, the ambitious Emperor Yang Guang opened the Grand Canal, with the intention of further strengthening the communication and connection between the North and the South. The ancient town of Hexia, through this opportunity, has become more and more prosperous.

The good scenery is not long, and it is difficult to win the scene. With the war in the Sui and Tang Dynasties and the endless stream of the towns and cities since the Tang Dynasty, the ancient town of Hexia once again annihilated in the long river of history.
During the Five Dynasties period, the latter week was established. One generation of Ming master Zhou Shizong Chai Rong succeeded his father and went south to attack the Nantang. As a hub for communication between the Jianghuai waterway, the ancient town of Hexia was once again brilliant.

On the occasion of the change of the Southern and Northern Songs, it became the front line of Han Shizhong and Liang Hongyu against the Jinjun. Thousands of years of glory have vanished, leaving behind an ancient city full of heritage – the ancient town of Hexia.

2 Former Residence of Wu Chengen
Not far from the ancient town of Hexia, there is a simple and elegant blue brick courtyard, which is a former residence of Huai’an celebrities. Here and allow the resignation to sell a pass, do not tell everyone the name of the celebrity.

This celebrity has created a very visual novel. Perhaps when it comes to this, many people will suddenly realize that it is Wu Chengen? Well, yes, it is indeed him.

Compared with many celebrities’ former residences, Wu Cheng’s former residence is not very large, but the culture and heritage contained in it are indeed not available to many celebrities’ former residences.

As a generation of novelists, Wu Chengen’s most successful creation is Sun Wukong, so Wu Chengen’s former residence is more of an element of Sun Wukong. Inside the former residence of Wu Chengen, there are various sculptures of the image of Sun Wukong, all of which are vivid and vivid.

In the former residence of Wu Chengen, there is a place called “Monkey Wang Family Art Museum”. This should be considered one of the most important components of the former residence. In the art gallery, there are six exhibition halls, such as the Shijiakan, the Art Collection, the Monkey Theatre Art Museum, the Exhibition Hall, the Performance Hall and the Westbound Road Historical Materials Exhibition Hall.

A large number of art collections about the Monkey King in the pavilion—faces, props, audiovisuals, and Chinese and foreign celebrity paintings and other exhibits are long-term exhibitions of the honorary director of Wu Chengen’s former residence, Mr. Liu Xiaoling Tong, who provided the art gallery free of charge. use.

3 Dragon Palace Great White Whale Water World
After enjoying the culture and heritage of Huai’an, it is better to choose to relax and have fun in the Dragon Palace Whale World. As the largest water world in Huai’an, the Dragon Palace whale is still very interesting.

The water world is based on the Dragon Palace of the East China Sea Dragon King, and it has built a huge water world. The polar sea animals, such as the white whales and penguins, which are hard to see, can be seen here.

In fact, the resignation of the king feels that the Dragon Palace Whale Whale World is more suitable for bringing children to play, because it can be called a paradise for children. Whether it is for the purpose of letting children open their eyes or play, they can get some benefits.

4 nights tour canal
After eating a sumptuous dinner, it is natural to go to the canal for a walk, because the night view here is the most beautiful night view of Huai’an. Many small partners may be curious, what is the Canal? In fact, the Li Canal refers to the earliest section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. It is between the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River. It is connected to the Central Canal in the north and the Jiangnan Canal in the south. It is more than 170 kilometers long.

Sitting on a cruise ship, the scenery on both sides of the canal is like a scroll to the resignation and other tourists. It has to be praised. The houses along the canal are scattered, and the banks of the canal are planted with lush trees. There is actually a kind of Jiangnan charm that flows through a small bridge.

Resignation Jun feels that everyone said that the landscape of Guilin is the best in the world, so the night of the canal may also be in the north of the river. It’s also a kind of satisfaction to take advantage of it.

5 Hongze Lake Ancient Temple
The last stop of Huai’an’s trip is called Hongze Lake Ancient Temple, which is Hongze.The lake dam is a large scenic area. Perhaps for more people, the Hongze Lake hairy crab is more famous than the Hongze Lake levee. In fact, the Hongze Lake levee was built in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. It is a long-established building with more than 1800 years. The history is gone.

The Hongze Lake levee starts from the dock town of Huaiyin District in the north and ends in Jiangba Town of Hongze County in the south, with a total length of 70.4 kilometers. This standing levee is a patron saint for the local residents of Huai’an. It is because of its existence that local people are not exposed to the threat of flooding, so it is of great significance.

Approaching the Hongze Lake Dam, you can see a large number of stone walls composed of stone. According to the tour guide, the stone wall here is made of more than 60 thousand pieces of stone and glutinous rice lime mortar. Unification, fine construction, and water control technology reached the leading level in the world at that time, so it has the reputation of “Water Great Wall” and “Natural Oxygen Bar”.

6 Huaiyang Cuisine Culture Museum
Since coming to Huai’an, the most famous Huaiyang cuisine in the local area has to be tasted. Not because of anything else, it is the important position of Huai’an cuisine in ancient Chinese cuisine. As the saying goes, there is no vain under the prestigious name. Resignation Jun feels that the well-known cuisine is well-known, and it must be justified.

As the four traditional Chinese cuisinesFirst, Huaiyang cuisine originated between Yangzhou and Huai’an. The restaurant is full of Huai and Yang. Therefore, most of the raw materials are water-based products, most of which are mainly from Jianghu River, and have the unique concept and taste of “harmony, fine, clear and new”.

It is said that on the evening after the founding of New China, a grand state banquet was held at the Beijing Hotel. The history was called “the first feast of the founding of the country”. The cooking of the banquet was completed by the Beijing Hotel Huaiyang Cuisine Kitchen. Whether at the time or now, it is a very big honor for Huaiyang cuisine.

Ok, when it’s here, Huai’an’s itinerary is over. The little friends who like this ancient city can find a chance to play here.
Raiders section
After the introduction of the text, the resignation officer will start to introduce the Raiders, then please read the official carefully.
National transportation to and from Huai’an:
1Airplane: Huai’an Lishui Airport, which is 22 kilometers away from Huai’an city center and 10 kilometers away from Lishui County. The airport has direct flights to major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. If it is from a big city, resignation is considered to be a plane. the most convenient.
2 train: Huaian’s train is very convenient, but there is no high-speed train and train. From Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xuzhou, Jinan, Zhengzhou and other places, you can take the train. According to the resignation, Huai’an has multiple trains every day. arrival.
Small traffic in urban areas: Huai’an’s tourism resources are concentrated in urban areas, Huai’an District and Hongze Lake. These places are all public transport, so it is quite convenient. Resigning is recommended to take the bus.
Huai’an Accommodation
Yunxiaohai Homestay
Located in Jiangba Old Street, Hongze District, Huai’an
Rates: Rates are subject to change and it is recommended to contact the hotel directly
In the Jiangbei area, the B&B is not very popular, and Yunhaihai Homestay is a relatively good place in Huai’an. At least the environment is quite good, so I would like to resign.

Scenic spot
Most of Huai’an’s scenic spots are free, such as the ancient town of Hexia and the ancient village of Hongze Lake, but some are charged. The next resignation is to introduce the charging scenic spots.
1 Wu Chengen’s former residence: Tickets 40 yuan, online shopping, student tickets have discounts, the scenic area is not large, but the cultural elements related to the Journey to the West is quite a lot, the tour can be completed in about 1.5-2 hours.
2 Dragon Palace Dabai Whale Water World: Tickets are 150 yuan, including Polar Pavilion and Happy World. In many cities in Jiangbei, there is such a children’s paradise really good. The first floor is the aquarium, the second floor is the water world, suitable for bringing children to play, the package is still quite cost-effective.
3 Li Canal (boat): 40 yuan for the ticket, 40 minutes for the cruise; Line: Departure from the ancient canal wharf at the gate of the city, visible spots along the way: Zhongzhou Island, Yuexiu Bridge, Qingjiang Gate, Shidun Bridge, South Ship Beima Stone Monument, Grand Canal Cultural Square, Changying Bridge, Shuimen Bridge, Changzheng Bridge, North Gate Bridge. Return to the ancient canal dock at the gate, and land on the boat;
As one of the base camps of Huaiyang cuisine, Huai’an has to be tasted in Huai’an. This resignation has been in the previous article.After telling it, let’s talk about Hongze Lake and fresh water. Hongze Lake cuisine is the first to promote hairy crabs. The taste is naturally first-class. If you come here, it is highly recommended to eat it once.

Author’s self introduction
Resigning to travel, the original private business owner, worked hard for more than 20 years in the business sea, but the heart has always been yearning for poetry and romance in the distance.
In the middle age, I finally let go of my career in reality, and chose to go out alone. I have traveled through many places and met many interesting people. Now, I will tell you the story~
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